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NEW GP BOOKS!       Maria #331       TS 3050       2/96
--By Maria

              1. My dear Family!--You sure are wonderful, and I'm really proud of you for staying faithful to Jesus and wanting to do all you can to get out the Words of David to the world! I'm sure that many of you have sometimes felt frustrated that you have such a powerful message and the need is so great, yet you feel that you're hardly making a dent. Our message is the best, yet it's just not getting to the people like it should! The world is starving spiritually and going to Hell, but we're reaching so very few in comparison to the numbers we could and should be reaching!
       2. Well, we have already shared part of the solution with you in a Letter some time ago. Do you remember what it was? The Lord said in the "State of the Nation '95" Letter that if we would publish paperback books, they could reach people in places where we could never go; they could reach hearts that we could never touch; they could make disciples that we would not have to personally train. (See TS GN 18, para.207-221.) We hope you are all praying for our work on these books, as it is a very, very big job and is taking much pioneering and much time and expense. But the Lord is serious! The Lord has a plan!--And He is showing it step by step as we follow and obey. There are great things in store for all of us if we're willing to move and change and be ready to try new things and pioneer new methods.
       3. Several months ago, I wrote one of our WS units about the Lord's plan for these books, including a revelation that we had just received from Him. Rather than have to write a new Letter to you about it, I hope you won't mind if I just share with you the message I sent them. So, here we go!--Hang on tight! It'll be an exciting ride!--And I think you'll like it!--I sure do!

       {\b \i Mama's Letter to WS unit:)}

Dear Precious Ones,
       4. I haven't been writing you as much recently, but you're just as close to my heart and as dear as ever! Each one of you is so important to me and such a part of me, that not a day goes by that I don't think of you! It's like you're right here! We're so pleased with how well you're all doing, both in your work and in your personal lives. You've gotten to be real fighters who don't just let the Devil walk all over you, but who steadfastly resist him with the Word and prayer and counsel. You've come through each battle victorious, and the Lord--and we--are proud of you! I just don't know where I'd be without my team! Thank God that He has given me each one of you wonderful people who play such an important part in the big job He's assigned to us!
       5. And it is big!--Monumental! And now He's asking us to do something even bigger! Who can guess what I'm going to say? I'll give you a hint: We told you about it in "State of the Nation!" Yes, you're right!--The Lord wants us to stretch ourselves, expand our horizons, enlarge our borders, and break the box and let it roll! He wants us to start letting the priceless treasure of the gold of His Words flow out more abundantly to the hungry world that is waiting for the Words of David! We've talked about it and talked about it, but now is the time! Now we're going to do it! The Lord has given the Word, and great will be the company of those that publish it!
       6. How rich we have become through all the wonderful Words the Lord has poured out upon us through the years! What a heritage! What a legacy! What awesome truths! What a storehouse of wealth we have at our fingertips! And now that we've benefited from it and know its marvelous effect, it's time for us to share it!--And we want to do so not just sparingly, but abundantly, as part of our ministry to seek and to save Jesus' dear sheep who are lost and dying in the hell hole of the System! This gift of love in the form of God's wonderful Truth about Heaven wasn't put in our hearts to stay; it's not going to help His dear sheep until we give it away!
       7. "This is all well and good," you may say. "Of course we want to share these wonderful things with the world! But how can we?--We have so much to prepare just for the Family and we are struggling to even keep up with our current commitments to them, let alone all the back projects that are stacked up and haven't even been touched yet! We can't do everything! Besides, some of our Family pubs take us months to finalize, so how long is a book for the System going to take us! Two years?--Three years?"
       8. You want to know something?--I asked myself the very same questions, and I must say, it left me feeling rather discouraged! There are so many questions: When are such books ever going to get out? Where are we going to find a publisher for them? How are we going to advertise them? Will people really want to buy books of MO quotes? Is there time, with the AC forces tightening things up so?--And on and on the questions go!
       9. Some things we do know! Number one, the Words work!--They changed our lives! We're sold on them. Number two, if we need them, how much more do the poor people of the world need them! Number three, the Lord wants us to get them out! How do we know this?--Because He said so, of course! Let's go back and review the main points of the book prophecy, which we included in the "State of the Nation '95" (TS GN 18).
       10. People the world over are searching for answers and listening to those who claim to have the power to help them, but the words they are being given only offer them the power, confidence and strength of man. The Words of David give the power, confidence and strength of God, and will motivate them to set their affections on things Above, on eternal accomplishment--which is the only true accomplishment and true success!
       11. Man's words are only false imitations, but the Words of David are the real thing! The Lord said, "If they can do it, why can't you? If they can flood the market with their imitations, then why can't you flood the market with My Truth? ... The world hungers after the Words of David! You have many, many, many Words!"
       12. As you know, dear ones, these many, many Words have given us everything! They've answered our questions, taught us about His Love, salvation and forgiveness, taught us to love Him and others, taught us how to find His will, taught us how to pray, taught us how to hear His voice and how to tap into the most powerful Source in the universe! The Lord said, "Give, give I say! Withhold not! For this is the day of the Words of David! I set before you great and effectual doors, and I open these doors to you. ... Fear not to walk through them! ... Prepare the Words, that you may give the truth of David to the nations!"
       13. He wants to send His "paper children" into all the world to woo and win His lost sheep! He says, "If I can win disciples, those who distribute My Words, those who love Me, from mere posters and a little follow-up, what do you think I can do with books of the Words of David?"
       14. The Lord concludes His plea by saying, "So put together a team of those who will do this thing and who have the vision for it, and I will anoint them. It will not be your worry, but theirs! It will not be your burden, but theirs! And I will bless them and I will anoint it!"
       15. So, folks, there's our commission! Now we just need the "landing gear"! Okay, I know there are still questions! Where do we get this "team"? How can we spare any more of our personnel to work on GP material? Read on if you want to know the answers!

Confirmation from the Lord to Set Up a GP Pubs Unit!
       16. The other day I was talking with the teamwork shepherds of our Home and we got into discussing the vision for books for the GP. We were only discussing the content of the books, but did not touch on any of the practical side of producing them. However, the next morning, one of them said he had been praying during his quiet time and the Lord had given him a message. I'd like to share it with you.

       17. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:)} Stop the presses! Stop the presses! Late news flash! Lovest thou Me? Feed My sheep! Lovest thou Me? Feed My lambs! Lovest thou Me? Scatter the seed! Now is a time of looking outward, for the ninety-and-nine are safe in the fold. The ninety-and-nine are well-fed, fat, stuffed, and have abundance! But now you must seek the one lost sheep. You must go out into the highways and hedges, into the towns, and compel them to come in! For did I not say that in the Last Days there shall be a famine in the land --not of hunger for bread nor of thirst for water, but of hearing My Words?
       18. I have created a spiritual vacuum, a vacuum for the Truth, and many wander and search and long for My Words and My Truth. They read and study, but they are not satisfied. You, My children, must print and publish the Words that will satisfy them. Even now, set up a unit that can fully concentrate on publishing the pure Words for this last, lost, dying generation. For My children are well-fed and I will care for My Own, but now you must look outward. For the harvest is plenteous but they are starving, and you have not yet seen the [EDITED: "ultimate"] fulfillment of "millions for the billions!"
       19. I will give the Words and I will supply the publishers, but My children must be My salesmen and My pushers. The need is there, the vacuum is there, the hunger and thirst for the Words of Truth is there. I have created the demand and I alone have the supply; My children are but tools and channels and deliverers of the Message and the messages.
       20. Move now! Do it now, for the time is short! My children must saturate the world with these books so that when the dark days close in, when the Enemy and the Antichrist will attempt to stamp out all Truth, My Message of Love and My Words of Truth will have already been ingrained in the hearts and minds of My sheep through the books and the pamphlets and the booklets that you shall publish. But do it now, for this is your last chance before the doors close, before the Enemy has more control through the Antichrist forces.
       21. Lovest thou Me? Feed My sheep. Lovest thou Me? Feed My lambs. For many are wandering in the desert of sin, lost, and they need the Truth of My Words.
       22. So sacrifice of your time and of your personnel. You say, "Oh, we cannot spare them, they're busy!" But I say unto you, you cannot afford to withhold My Words which I want to give, My Truth which I want to publish! Give Me My tithe of personnel who can be totally dedicated to working on this project, for this is a move of My Spirit. Do it now, for tomorrow will be too late! Why do you drag your feet? Why do you hesitate? You must set up the unit and establish the contacts and the publishers. You must do it now! Start the presses! Publish the Words! Feed My sheep! (End of prophecy.)

       23. There it is!--A confirmation of the unit we've been talking about. We can't drag our feet any longer, we've got to do it now! Did you notice how in the above message the Lord not only talks about books, but He talks about booklets and pamphlets as well? Actually, it seems that what both the Lord and Dad refer to as "booklets" in their messages means not only the small, stapled, pocket-sized items of a few dozen pages--which is the common definition of a "booklet"--but also includes thin paperback books. These paperbacks, when compared to most tomes, including our own MO Letter volumes, would certainly qualify as "booklets," which literally means "little books." So there's lots of variety to choose from!
       24. I know that we are proceeding by faith in all of this, because in the natural we have questions about how these things will sell; how we could get them advertised and get them distributed widely enough so they would be seen and known. But again, where God guides, He provides! This is His project and He has promised that the Words of David will flood the world! So whether we know how or not, it's not our business to question it. It's just our business to obey, ask, seek and knock. It's His business to open the doors, which He promises He will!

Confirmation from Dad and the Lord to Publish David's Words About Heaven!
       25. Here's an exciting confirmation from Dad, something he said to me the other day when we were praying about the books. And following it is another one from the Lord Himself! Hallelujah! Both of these show how important they think this project is! These are excerpts of more lengthy prophecies which I'll share with you in their entirety later in this Letter. I hope you don't mind the repetition, but I thought that this would help to give you a better understanding of things.

       26. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Dad speaking:)} Praise the Lord, Honey! Isn't this great? Isn't this just terrific? Just think--books! Books of my Letters going out to all the world! Who would have thought, years ago, way back in the beginning when it was just you and me--you with your little typewriter, my little typewriter queen --that we would be getting out books for the multitudes? The Lord promised that "great would be the company of those that publish" my Words. And it will come to pass, books of the Words of David! Millions for the billions once again! First it was the posters, and now it will be books!
       27. The Lord will show you how to do it as you go, step by step, and He will supply good dedicated laborers--people who are willing to lay down their lives, who have a vision, and who want more than anything to get the Words to the world and to feed the sheep!
       28. This is just the beginning, Honey! Remember when we started the first posters? I told you it would be millions for the billions. Maybe some people had a hard time believing that and they thought I was just speaking figuratively, that I was exaggerating. But it came true! It was millions for the billions, and those posters have covered the Earth! And so shall the booklets of the Words of David cover the Earth, and many, many shall be fed! Many shall be prepared for the events that are to come, and many shall be strengthened in the ways of the Lord.
* * *
       29. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:)} This world longs to know about My Kingdom. They secretly desire to know about My Paradise, as has been evidenced by the Heaven posters that have circled the globe, and many, many have thrilled as they read about what My Kingdom will be like.
       30. So this venture to publish a book with the Words of Heaven, David's Words about Heaven, and all the descriptions of Heaven, all the beauties of Heaven, and all the peace and joy that My Kingdom offers, will be a joy to many!--An inspiration to those from six to sixty, and they will love the Words!
       31. So find those who can weave these Words together with beautiful picture stories and illustrations. It doesn't have to be fancy. My Words don't have to be fancy, for My Words speak to people's hearts. People will be thrilled and lifted from despair and discouragement to be able to look beyond the horrors of war and the plagues and the disasters brought on this world by man, and have a glimpse of My beautiful, glorious Kingdom!
       32. These Words will draw them to Me, for they will want to enter that Kingdom. They need these word pictures and these powerful Words to set them free from their doubts and their fears and their discouragement over the many lies they've been told. For these are Words of Truth, and My sheep hear My voice and they will follow Me. (End of prophecy excerpts.)

GP Pubs: Top Priority!
       33. Well, is that enough encouragement to get us rolling? There you have it!--Full force! And I'm going to leave this in your hands! You'll need to have planning sessions and pow-wows and prayer and prophecy to decide on all the details!--The unit, the location, the personnel, the books, etc. Of course, you should counsel with us about it, but we want you to swing into full gear on putting this plan into operation!
       34. These GP books will now be top priority! We don't mean by this that everyone should start working fulltime on GP pubs, but that we should immediately put everything we can into getting this plan into motion.
       35. Okay, what do you say? Are you ready? Will you do it? I know the Lord will bless our obedience! After all, this is one way in which we can be doing outreach, and not only witnessing to the Family but to the world!
       36. I love the idea of getting out Dad's Words on Heaven! Look what they've given us!--We, who already knew the Lord and knew about Heaven from the Bible! Think what these Words will do for those who have no hope!--Who don't know the Lord or His Word at all! This will make them want to know Him so they can be with Him in His wonderful Heavenly Kingdom!

Another Idea: Messages from Beyond!
       37. In addition to the above, here is another exciting idea! This one is quite unusual, I think you'll agree! For quite some time I had been thinking how wonderful it would be if we could get not only Dad's older Words about Heaven to the GP, but also his newer Words from Heaven to them! You know what excitement it stirs in people when they think that maybe they're hearing some kind of message from the next world! Look at even the excitement it creates when someone still living claims they've gone to Heaven and brought back a message for people.
       38. Even with as much as I know about Heaven and have heard from Heaven, it is still of great interest to me whenever I hear of anybody receiving anything from the Lord or departed spirits. Even if I happen to hear some news or magazine article where someone is telling about having received messages from a loved one who is in Heaven, no matter how simple what they have to say might be, it fascinates me! Doesn't it do the same with you? I'm just extremely interested in any little tidbit of information on Heaven! So if we still get so excited about anything that we hear from Heaven, think how the spiritually starving lost sheep in the world must react to hearing things like this! It hardly matters who is saying it, or what they're saying! It can be some completely unknown person giving some rather simple, basic message, but the sheep are intrigued and believe and receive it.
       39. So I'd been thinking, "Wow! Look at all that Dad has given us since he's gone to be with the Lord--such a wealth of information!" Of course, most of it isn't giving us specific details about Heaven, since Dad already did that while he was here with us. But mixed in with all his personal counsel to us, there is much additional insight about Heaven that we could glean from those prophecies. And all of the material that isn't directly on the subject of Heaven is also tremendous!--New MO Letters hot off the Heavenly presses! We've just got pages and pages and pages of things from Dad since he's gone to be with the Lord. I would say we probably have even more than he was writing in the months before he left us!
       40. We've also been hearing from other Heavenly helpers here and there, like Florence Nightingale, "Doubting" Thomas, Grandmother, Aaron, the Apostles Paul and Peter, Timothy Concerned, the Austin teens, etc. Every time I would think about all of this material that we have, and this wonderful, wonderful wealth of treasure from Heaven that has been pouring down upon us, I would just wish there was some way to share it with the GP! I'd even like to share more of it with the Family! But there's so much and it takes so long to get out!
       41. In thinking about publishing these messages from Dad and from others for the GP, the main problem I'd seen with it is that while I think it would fascinate people just to hear something from someone who has gone "beyond the veil," I was wondering if it would really be feeding enough for them!--Fascinating, yes, but how feeding would it be?--Considering that most of what Dad has given us has been in answer to complicated questions regarding Family policies, Family emergencies, Family doctrine, Family productions, etc. Dad has spoken lots about the British court case, our relations with the teens, etc.--all kinds of subjects. But almost all of them have been very much oriented to our missionary life of forsaking all and dedication to the Lord, and not very understandable for the public.
       42. The idea of someone speaking these things from beyond would be very interesting, but since we would want to relate to people and give them something that would be good for their own personal situations, I felt it might not be worth all the trouble we would have to put into it to publish it.
       43. I kept coming back to this idea, but I always had this reservation about embarking on such a project. I was talking about it again with someone the other day on the intercom, and again trying to decide whether it would be worth it. I was explaining how we could go through the messages from Dad and collect the most relevant things, as well as see if we could use some of the prophecies given by some of our other spirit helpers.
       44. I said, "And then when we go through and see what we have, if we need anything more to round it out, we could just take a couple of days and have some marathon prophecy sessions to get everything else we need! And this time we could make sure that we ask whoever of the departed is going to be speaking, to speak directly to the public with a message that will be completely for them and entirely relatable to them!"
       45. As soon as I got those words out of my mouth, boom!--The light clicked on! I said, "Wow! That's the answer! We can have the entire book done that way! The whole book can be spirit helpers talking directly to the public! We don't have to use what Dad has said for the Family, we can get the Lord to send us messages that will be straight to the lost sheep in the System! In this way, not only will we have the intrigue of hearing voices from the other world, but we'll have a message that is directed to them personally, specifically on subjects they're interested in and that they can relate to."
       46. Furthermore, if we ask the Lord to have people speak to them who were their heroes and idols when in this world, what a bomb that would be! If they were fascinated with them while they were here on Earth, think how fascinated they will be to hear what they're doing now! Hallelujah! This was so exciting I could hardly contain myself! I just got so thrilled about this, and I'm still thrilled about it! I can hardly stop thinking about it!
       47. I was raring to go with this project! I was sure that was the answer, and that the Lord was laying this burden on my heart, but I wanted to hear the Lord confirm it in prophecy. So right then and there we asked Him to speak to us, and we had our prayer and prophecy right over the intercom! Do you want to hear what He said? Here it is! I could summarize it for you and it would make it a lot shorter, and you might like that better, I don't know! But for me, every Word is so totally interesting, and I'm sure some of you will want to hear the whole thing!

All Heaven Is Waiting to Speak to the Hungry Sheep!
       48. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:)} Behold, all Heaven is at your disposal! Every question that you have on your heart, or that the seeking soul of this lonely world has on his heart, can be answered. For have I not said that you are encompassed round about with a multitude of counselors?--Great kings and queens of the past, and those who are known of many, of multitudes, those whose fame has brought them into the hearts and minds of multitudes. And they are clamoring, they are eager to give their message, to speak their words of wisdom, of encouragement, of comfort, their words of warning, their words of instruction, of love! They want so much to speak of the Heavenly Kingdom!--To share all that they have learned, to share their past mistakes, and to share of the mercy and love that they have experienced.
       49. This generation seeks a sign. This generation seeks the supernatural. They long to know what is to come, for they are bound with fear. They long to know what will become of them when they reach the end of this life. Where will they go, what will they do, and what will be waiting for them?
       50. There is great, great hunger for the spirit world amongst My hungry sheep! Their hearts cry out and they search! But where will they be fed? Where will they find a pool that they can kneel down and drink from? They will not find it amongst My children of the church, because they do not have faith to believe and to reach out and receive from Me all that I would like to give them. They will not find it from their teachers, because their teachers have become fools who say there are no absolutes, there is no eternal kingdom, there is no truth or love or God. They will not find it from the city system, because it has become completely taken over by the Enemy, who seeks to pollute their souls and drive them insane through fear and doubt and uncertainty of the future.
       51. So where will My sheep be fed? Only from the hand of the children of David, who have faith to believe and receive the things that I long to give them. They have faith to ask. And I say that according to your faith, it will be done unto you. Ask of Me the questions you have, and I will give abundantly! If you ask to hear from these great figures of the past, both the famous and the infamous, they will speak, for they are at your beck and call!
       52. All the children in My Kingdom are at your beck and call and they are at your service to aid you in accomplishing the great work that is at hand. For there is nothing more important to Me than reaching the world while there is still time! There is nothing more important to Me than getting out My Message of Love and Salvation and warning! I am willing to put it in any format that people will read. I will stoop to any level of sensationalism to catch their attention, to get the Words into their hands that they might be fed, that it might spark an interest, and that they might seek out My children.
       53. Have I not said that you will be the prophets of the Endtime? Not just prophets giving My Endtime message of warning, but you shall become known as those who hear from Me, who have a direct link with the Heavenly Kingdom!--Those who hear My secrets and My whispers, who come before Me and hear from those in the Heavenly realm.
       54. And this shall cause an uproar! This shall cause a mighty widening of the eyes of people of all ages and all walks of life--young and old, rich and poor. For everyone has questions about the Heavenly realm. Everyone is interested and wants to know, "What is it like when you die?" Everyone wants to know where their loved ones have gone, and everyone wants to know if there's hope for them to someday be in Heaven. "Is there a Heaven? Does it really exist? And if so, what is it like?"
       55. So seek, ask, come before Me, and I will pour forth abundantly, that you might flood the world with My Message!--That you might attract the attention of multitudes!--That your name might become known and that My sheep might seek you out! So fear not and hesitate not. Think not that you are investing your time in a distraction or a sidetrack or a wild idea that will bear no fruit. For it is I who have put this idea in your heart and brought this excitement to your soul. It is I who have given you this hunger to hear from these departed ones, both great and small.
       56. So fear not, but press forward! For now is the time, and they are even at this moment excited with anticipation at the opportunity to be able to speak their messages! They are grateful and thankful that someone finally has the faith to receive these Words from them.
       57. I have put before you a plain path, a pleasant path, and an easy path. So enter in with full faith and know that I will not lead you astray, and I will use your channels to be good channels, faithful and true. If they will seek Me with their whole hearts and yield themselves to Me as empty vessels, I shall be able to use them as My channels to give forth these messages.
       58. And these, your Heavenly counselors, will speak in great abundance on any and all topics that you are interested in, and that My hungry sheep are interested in. So fear not to come before Me with controversial questions that will grab the interest of the people of this world who are so glutted and dull in spirit. For this reason I must reach them through sensational means, because they are no longer sensitive to My Spirit. They are no longer sensitive to My still, small voice, so I must present My Message in a way that they can understand and that will hold their interest. They seek spiritual things, even eerie and strange things, far-out things! They need something that is unusual and unexpected, that they have never seen before, for these people seek a new thing!
       59. I will raise up the talent and the money, and I will supply the time for not only this, but many, many publications to follow. This seems to you to be a great, great beginning, but with time you will look back and see that this was a small beginning that led to greater ends. This is just the beginning of how My Word shall be published throughout all the Earth and many, many shall come to My children to be fed and to be comforted, and to receive the Words of David in abundance! These publications will only whet their appetite, and then they shall come to My children to feast and to feed upon the Words in abundance!
       60. So fear not, but proceed with enthusiasm, with haste! For time is short and I so long to get the attention of My lost and wandering children. I so long to feed them in a way that they will understand, in a way that they can relate to, so that once I have their hearts and their minds in My hand, I will be able to draw them to Me and to My Family.
       61. So receive these messages and put them forth as bait, and they shall bear much, much fruit! For these Heavenly counselors and Heavenly witnessers shall speak the Truth, and they shall touch the hearts of many! (End of prophecy.)

       62. ({\ul \i Mama:) }Isn't this terrific?! The Lord says He's willing to "stoop to any level of sensationalism" to grab people's attention! He says that He's put before us a "plain, pleasant and easy path." It looks like the major messages that these Heavenly spirits will share with us will be:
       1. Information about Heaven, which the Lord says everybody has questions about.
       2. Lessons that people can apply to their own lives.
       3. Information about the condition of the world today.
       4. Secrets of history.
       5. And most important, which He didn't bring out specifically here but does later on, the Message of Salvation and Jesus' great love for each one.
       63. He says that in the process of giving these messages they'll answer the questions: "What is it like when I die? Is there a Heaven? What is it like? Can I go There?" They'll encourage, comfort, warn, instruct, love, and convey God's mercy and forgiveness. We have all Heaven at our disposal--anyone in God's Kingdom that we need is wanting to speak to us! And the whole world wants to hear what they have to say!
       64. The poor lost sheep can't get these answers from the church system. They can't get them from their teachers. They can't get them from the System. The Lord says they can only hear it from the children of David who have enough faith in God to receive it, and enough love for the lost to give it. He says that there's nothing more important to Him than reaching His hungry sheep, and He's willing to put it in any form to get them to listen.
       65. We're going to be known not only as the prophets who give the Endtime message, but as the prophets of the Endtime who have a link with Heaven, and can receive the Words of God from those in His Kingdom and give them to the world!

The Sensational Messages Are the Bait--To Bring Them to the Meat!
       66. Now don't get worried that all this work that we're going to be doing in preparing the Words of David from the Letters is not needed, or not going to be wanted in light of all these sensational messages from the personalities of the past! This is definitely not the case! The Lord says that these are only the bait! These are the things that will make us famous and bring people to us and attract them to our Message! This is what's going to get them interested in the first place, and then they're going to want to hear the "meat."
       67. This is only going to be the bait, the milky stuff.--Intriguing and fascinating, yes, but only the hors d'oeuvres to whet their appetite! When you hear them speak you'll know what I mean! They talk about Heaven and they give a little clue here and there about what it's like, but this will only be the initial witnessing. This is to get people to want to receive Jesus and want to be with Him in Heaven! After they're convinced of that, then they'll be coming to us for the Words not only on Heaven, but on the deeper things of the Lord, the more "meaty" message of the Words of David that we can share with them both in print via books, as well as through personal instruction. You don't suppose that these few little books containing messages from the departed could ever be a substitute for the marvelous wisdom that the Lord has given through Dad over many years and thousands of pages of MO Letters, do you?
       68. What take pre-eminence and are of major importance are the Words of David. However, it will take longer to get these out, and as we are preparing them we can put out the bait that will make us known, so that people will want to find out more and will want to read what the Lord has said through Dad these many years.
       69. So we got the first confirmation on the prophecy book--which perhaps for the time being I'll call "The Dead Still Live!" or maybe "Voices from Beyond!" Which do you think is the most shocking? What we need is a real shocking title! We don't want to say "Voices from the Past," because the word "past" implies distant past. Maybe we could call it, "From the World Beyond!--Famous Personalities Speak!" (LNF: After prayer and discussion, the title we decided on is: "Celestial Interviews --Who Said They're Dead?")
       70. Anyway, as I was saying, after I got the first confirmation on this exciting idea, I still had some questions!--Of course! I wanted to hear the Lord tell us what the place of these prophecy books should be in relation to the books of the Words of David that we're working on, which He explained very clearly, and which I've already explained to you above.
       71. I also wanted to see if the Lord had any specifics to give us on this prophecy project, and I wanted to get a confirmation on the ideas I had about starting with some of the very most recent popular American personalities who have died--not necessarily all good ones, but those that not only the American public, but the whole world held in high esteem and worshipped--their heroes and idols!
       72. We won't just concentrate on Americans, however. Folks from other countries who were very famous and known worldwide could be candidates too, in order to give these books as universal an appeal as possible. In the translated versions, we could even include some messages from departed local heroes and famous people who are well known in a particular country or area, but perhaps not worldwide, in order to make the books more appealing or more interesting to the local people in those countries.
       73. So following are the complete prophecies the Lord gave us, from which I presented excerpts above. Now you can see how the Lord views each project and the particular way each fits into the equation.

Confirmation from Dad: You're on the Right Track!
       74. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Dad speaking:)} Praise the Lord, Honey! Isn't this great? Isn't this just terrific? Just think--books! Books of my Letters going out to all the world! Who would have thought, years ago, way back in the beginning when it was just you and me--you with your little typewriter, my little typewriter queen --that we would be getting out books for the multitudes? The Lord promised that great would be the company of those that publish my Words. And it will come to pass, books of the Words of David! Millions for the billions once again!
       75. First it was the posters and now it will be books. But, Honey, all the books don't need to be real long. Some of them can be booklets. If you print booklets on many subjects, it'll be easier and cheaper to print. You'll be able to print more copies, reach more people, and cover more subjects. So, of course, if you have a big variety of subjects, you are more likely to have something that will be of interest to everybody!
       76. Honey, I'm real excited about this new idea the Lord gave you! I think it's just terrific! I don't mind your personnel spending some of their time working on others' words. So go ahead, Honey, and follow the Lord. He's giving you ideas just like He gave me ideas--new, fresh ideas that you didn't have when I was there. It's because the Lord is inspiring you, and He will inspire you with more ideas--more far-out, unexpected, amazing ideas! And as you follow the Lord step by step, with each idea He gives you, you will become a crazy prophetess just like I was a crazy prophet!--Because you follow the Lord and you're willing to do what He shows you to do!
       77. So don't be afraid, Honey, that you're not giving my Words enough devotion or enough attention. I know you love my Words and the Lord's Words through me more than anything else. I know that your desire is to get the Words of David to the world, to get the Words that the Lord has shown us and has given His Family, to the whole world. I know that's your heart's desire, and the Lord will allow you to accomplish that. He will make a way, He will open the doors, He will supply the needs and the finances and the personnel and the time.
       78. I know that is your greatest desire and your greatest love and your greatest devotion, to get the Words of David to the world. Don't be afraid that this new prophecy book project will be a distraction, or will get you off track, or will take away from the effort or the attention that needs to be devoted to getting the Words of David to the world. Because didn't I always say that you have more ideas than a dog has fleas? And don't you even now have many, many projects in the works, many things that you're working on at the same time?
       79. So of course in your new production unit they'll be able to have more than one project going at the same time. They'll be able to work on the Words of David and the Words of the spirit helpers at the same time, hand in hand, each one moving at the Lord's speed, each one progressing step by step in the Lord's time.
       80. So don't be afraid, Honey, to follow the Lord, and the inspiration He's given you and the excitement that He has placed in your heart for this wonderful idea. It is true that the Words of David will cover the Earth, but it is also true what the Lord has shown you, that these prophecy books will be as bait to those who are not now spiritually hungry, to bait those who need a different approach, to bait those who will not immediately readily receive the Words of David. They need to have their hearts prepared. They need to have the ground of their hearts broken up and softened, for they are as babies and they would not be able to take the strong meat of the Words of David.
       81. So don't be afraid to give them the bait, but be sure to be working on the Words of David at the same time. The Lord will show you how to do it as you go, step by step, and He will supply good, dedicated laborers--people who are willing to lay down their lives, who have a vision, and who want more than anything to get the Words to the world and to feed the sheep!
       82. This is just the beginning, Honey! Remember when we started the first posters? I told you it would be millions for the billions. Maybe some people had a hard time believing that and they thought I was just speaking figuratively, that I was exaggerating. But it came true! It was millions for the billions, and those posters have covered the Earth! And so shall the booklets of the Words of David cover the Earth, and many, many shall be fed! Many shall be prepared for the events that are to come, and many shall be strengthened in the ways of the Lord.
       83. You're on the right track, Honey; you're doing fine. You're doing beautifully! It's so wonderful how you hear the Lord's voice, how you're so attuned to His whispers and His slightest bidding. You're so sensitive to His nudges and to His checks and to the witness of the Spirit. It's wonderful! It's beautiful! What a woman! I love you, Honey! (End of prophecy.)

The Lord's Blessing to Proceed with Publishing the Books!
       84. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:)} This world longs to know about My Kingdom. They secretly desire to know about My Paradise, as has been evidenced by the Heaven posters that have circled the globe, and many, many have thrilled as they read about what My Kingdom will be like.
       85. So this venture to publish a book with the Words of Heaven, David's Words about Heaven, and all the descriptions of Heaven and all the beauties of Heaven, and all the peace and joy that My Kingdom offers, will be a joy to many!--An inspiration to those from six to sixty, and they will love the Words!
       86. So find those who can weave these Words together with beautiful picture stories and illustrations. It doesn't have to be fancy. My Words don't have to be fancy, for My Words speak to people's hearts. And they will be thrilled and lifted from despair and discouragement to be able to look beyond the horrors of war and the plagues and the disasters brought on this world by man, and have a glimpse of My beautiful, glorious Kingdom!
       87. These Words will draw them to Me, for they will want to enter that Kingdom. They need these word pictures and these powerful Words to set them free from their doubts and their fears and their discouragement over the many lies they've been told. For these are Words of Truth, and My sheep hear My voice and they will follow Me.
       88. And it is good to let My many spirit helpers speak to you, for they have many things to say. The world is full and has always been full of people who love personalities, who love to know the innermost thoughts of the hearts of great men and women. And great does not always mean good, but they are still interested in them. And now that many of these have come to My Kingdom, they have learned much and have much to share on many subjects. They will thrill you and inspire you and they shall also draw people to Me. People will be fascinated, for men have always longed to hear from beyond. "Is there anything once people die?"
       89. So this will start a whole new revolution in this world, and create a vacuum to know more about Me. So fear not to go forward with this project, for I will bless it and I will supply all of the spirit helpers you need, both from the present and from the past, to thrill your hearts on many subjects and reveal many things unto you that will inspire many, including My Family! For you have My blessing as you proceed with publishing these books. (End of prophecy.)

Famous Name Attention-Getters!
       90. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:)} You can take the names of these famous and infamous people and use them, and this shall be an answer to the problem of advertising. For the names of these famous characters are known the world over. The people of the world are already interested in them, they already know who they are and what they did, and they are intrigued by these characters. Some are their heroes, some are villains, but all are well-known. It will be a drawing card that will be a source of publicity, an attention-getter! It will catch the eye of the hungry sheep, and out of mere curiosity they will taste and see and they will find their hearts fed and their questions answered, and I will be able to draw them to Me, little by little.
       91. For if they knew that the book was a religious book they would turn their eyes away, because they have been turned off and disgusted by the church system. But if you use the names of these famous characters that they are already interested in and curious about, this will override their disdain for anything that is Christian or anything that they feel is religious. For everybody wants to know the innermost secrets, what's gone on in the hearts and minds of the people that they most admire.
       92. People are so interested in the lives and thoughts and secrets of famous people. What did they really think? What did they really feel? What did they experience when they were out of the public eye? Were they happy? Did their riches make them happy? Did their marriage make them happy? What mistakes did they make? What things do they feel guilty about?
       93. People always want to know the secrets, the dark secrets of other people. They always want to feel like they're getting to hear something that they shouldn't be hearing, and I can use this curiosity for My end. I can use this curiosity to grab their attention and to be able to feed their spirit--even if My message and My spiritual feeding will be cloaked behind the names of famous personalities. It will almost be as if My sheep are tricked, that they might be force-fed.
       94. So take the names of famous characters from all walks of life who are well-known to multitudes, and if you call upon Me they will speak to you. Some will appeal to the young people, and some will appeal to the aged and dying. Some will appeal to those who are married with children; some will appeal to the professionals. Give great variety. It will be like a talk show hosted by Me, and the guests appearing on the talk show will be famous personalities that people always wanted to hear from.
       95. So do not be afraid to call upon Me and ask Me to have these characters, these famous personalities, speak. For I have promised that according to your faith it will be done unto you. If you wish to have Mickey Mantle speak that he might reach the hearts of many men of all ages, according to your faith be it done unto you. Or if you wish to have Marilyn Monroe speak that it might speak to the hearts of many men and also to the hearts of many women who have idolized her and envied her and wondered if she was really happy or what kind of a life she led, if you seek Me and have the faith, according to your faith it will be done unto you.
       96. If you wish to have Nixon speak that he might share his views on the war in Vietnam and on his many mistakes, that he might be able to right some of the wrongs of his past, so that he may speak to the hearts of many of the veterans of that war, and many of the mothers and fathers who lost their sons, and the wives who lost their husbands, and the children who lost their fathers, ask of Me, and according to your faith it will be done unto you.
       97. If you would want to call on Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead that he might speak to those not only of his generation but of the younger generation, speak of his quest for truth, speak of his battle with drugs, speak to the great audience of many who followed him and worshipped him, then call upon Me, and according to your faith it will be done unto you.
       98. Seek those who have a great following, those who have many who are already interested in what they say and what they do--such as Elvis Presley, who has an enormous fan club of people who collect his memorabilia and still listen to his music and still wish that they would see him alive walking on the Earth. There are many of those who imitate him in contests, singing and dancing. He is one who has a great following, so his words from the spirit world would spark a great interest in people of many ages, people who say, "The king is alive!" So use this interest and this curiosity and this fan club that is already at your disposal, so that he might be able to speak unto these people and give them My Message. If you call unto Me, according to your faith it will be done unto you.
       99. And not every single message in the book would need to be from a famous personality; some could be from unknowns, like your own teenagers who are now with Me--your beautiful Heaven's Girls who now work hand in hand with your father [EDITED: "David"]. But you should have the names of the personalities, famous and infamous, as the attention-getters, as the publicity to draw the crowds for the sake of advertising, for the sake of using the names that are so well-known. And then amongst the messages of these famous people, you can sprinkle messages here and there from others who are unknown. But the predominance should be from those who are known, because that is where the great interest lies among the people of the world. (End of prophecy.)

This Generation Needs A Radical New Approach!
       100. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:)} As the world grows colder and men's hearts become harder, the Message must continue to be more radical, more far-out and more strange in many ways to get their interest. This is what the Words of David have done for, lo, these many years now. They have drawn My sheep through fascination and wonderment and amazement at the Words that I have given to David. And these new ideas that I am giving to you are likewise to shock My sheep out of their stupor and their lethargy, and their dullness in spirit, because My Message has been maligned, and My Love has been smothered. But My Love will never die, and when there is great darkness, a little light will shine so brightly.
       101. I have given you My Light and My Love and My Truth, so fear not to shine it forth in the darkness of this world, and give the Message in the form that I show you. For each new generation needs a new approach, and as the times change, the methods and the approach must change along with them. So you do well in following My Spirit closely and the inspiration that I give you. I will use these approaches to reach My hungry sheep, My needy children who are so lost and groping for the Truth.
       102. So do not worry about the radicalness of this approach. For those who will call you "radical" and "extreme" and malign you and criticize you are too far gone to be reached through these messages anyway! So continue your ministry of reaching out for My new-bottle sheep that are lost and that need the Words of David, and even the words of these others to help them and tell them of the path to life, and to Truth, and to Love, and to the real values.
       103. Open up these books and let them flow! Let My beautiful, golden Words and My Messages from Beyond flow forth, and they will help many. (End of prophecies.)

Isn't Jesus Far-Out?
       104. ({\ul \i Mama:) }Isn't it absolutely marvelous how specific the Lord is getting in all of this? --Just like we asked Him! It's just like He's sitting down and having a little planning session with us. He's so sweet and so loving! He really is, as He said, making the path plain and pleasant and easy. And how do you like that idea of Jesus as a talk show host? Isn't that far-out? I just wish our young people could see how exciting Jesus is! How neat He is! How far-out! I wish they could catch the vision somehow! Maybe they will start to, through this.
       105. They're searching for excitement, but in the wrong places. They're searching for far-out things to read, and they're familiar with the Letters, so they want to branch out, and when they do, there is a danger of them getting into the wrong things. Our young people are so spiritually attuned that if they get on the wrong track, they can be attuned to the wrong voices. But this project should sure appeal to them, shouldn't it? I just love this! It's just so far-out!
       106. Of course, I don't love it more than I love the Letters, but it's just that it's a new, exciting idea and a way to grab people's attention! And who doesn't want to hear all they can from folks up There? But just because we're getting terrifically excited over this doesn't mean that we're placing the Word that Dad has given us all these years in second place. This prophecy book project is something that's going to help open the door for Dad's Words, and that's one thing that makes it so exciting! It sounds like the Lord is going to use it as a key to help us to become well-known, to get the Words of David out, and maybe even to raise some funds in the process!

What If They Think We Made It All Up?
       107. Now, you may be wondering, "This is all well and good, but what proof do we have to offer that we haven't just made these things up--that we haven't just written these prophecies ourselves? After all, if some of our own people have let the Devil tell them that we're sitting here in WS writing up these prophecies from Dad ourselves, how can we expect that the world won't think the same?" We can't prove it, and a lot of folks won't believe. But the Lord is aiming at His hungry sheep, and they will hear His voice and they will follow! They're starving for spiritual things and they will grab our books with fascination and gobble them up, and many will believe. The Lord will witness to their spirits, and they'll know these things are so.
       108. After all, as the Lord said, their hearts have been prepared for the spiritual. Most often it's been the dark side that they've seen and experienced, but the spiritual, nonetheless. But even the ones who don't believe in such things, and don't believe that these folks can talk to us from the spirit world, are still going to get the wonderful messages that will be included in these books. So even if they think that it's something that we have fabricated, the message of God's great Love and His gift of Salvation and His offer of a wonderful Home in Heaven is going to come through loud and clear! The Lord is not going to be defeated, and He's going to reach these people one way or the other!
       109. After they get done reading this book, even if they don't believe that it was Marilyn Monroe talking to them, or that it was Nixon talking to them, or that it was Houdini talking to them, at least they're going to know that it was Jesus talking to them, through these testimonies! They're going to feel the conviction of His Spirit and they're going to know that He loves them, He cares about them, and He's trying to help them to believe in Heaven and to believe in Him!
       110. It's a little like I said about some of the academics whom we have given personal prophecies to. I told Peter, "You know, even if they don't have faith to believe that God is actually speaking to them in these words, at least they're going to look at all the nice things He said about them, and it's going to make them real happy and they're going to be very thankful to us for loving them this much, even if they think that we're the ones who gave it! Even if they think we made this up, they're going to like it. It's going to encourage them, and they're going to like us for giving it to them!"
       111. Likewise with these messages from the departed for the GP, they're going to get so fed from them that it won't matter who is giving them. Even if they think it was a gimmick to get them to read about Jesus and about Heaven, I think they'll like it! But when they get very convicted by the message and it touches their heart and they know it's the truth, it will become very difficult for them not to accept that these departed spirits were indeed speaking to them. They'll know that anyone going to all the trouble to reach them with such a message of Salvation and the most wonderful Truth in the world isn't going to be untruthful in any part of it!

Marilyn's Message About Sex in Heaven!
       112. Can you imagine how the churches are going to howl?! We already heard from Marilyn Monroe, and she issued a very straightforward invitation for all her fans to make sure they come to Heaven and have a nice hoochie-coo with her when they get There! She says she's having fun keeping the boys in Heaven happy! She said that Jesus told her to speak to her fans on Earth who still love her, and to tell them that she loves them and that Jesus loves them, and that there's lots of good sex in Heaven! Let me tell you, this doesn't shock us, but can you imagine what it's going to do to the general public to try to picture Marilyn Monroe in a cute little skimpy outfit with that sexy "come hither" look in her eye talking all about how great it is to have sex in Heaven, with Jesus standing by her side?

       113. I think Heaven is the last place they would expect to see Marilyn Monroe!--And it's certainly the last place they would expect to hear her talking about sex! Talk about strange bedfellows!--Jesus and Marilyn Monroe! What a bomb! You know they've certainly never heard that from any church people! One of our folks here got a vision of Marilyn dancing around one of those small billboards on which our books were being advertised. She was peeking out from behind it with a sexy gleam in her eye, saying to us, "I'll help sell your books for you!" And from what we've already heard from her, she is not making an empty promise!
       114. We've preached sex in Heaven for quite a few years now, but I don't think the message has exactly gotten across to the public. Therefore, I don't know that most of them have ever gotten it before! Who else will preach it? Just think of it! We'll be freeing all those sheep who have been in bondage all this time from the Devil's lies that sex comes from him and belongs to him and they can only be happy by living for him! Just think of it! How wonderful to finally open their blinded eyes to see that sex was created by Jesus, and that they can have sex and Jesus too!
       115. Besides the primary, overall message of God's great boundless Love in not being willing that any should perish, I believe this message of sexual freedom in the Spirit will be one of the most striking messages of this book. In addition to the obvious message these books will send, that the Devil's people don't have a monopoly on communication with the spirit world, where have they ever heard that sex belongs to Jesus and it's His creation, and you can have both sex and Jesus together?
       116. As Dad has pointed out, many folks aren't even willing to consider believing in Jesus or living for Him, because they think it will take all the fun out of life! After all, for many of them, sex is life's greatest pleasure, the greatest ecstasy they can ever experience. So it's pretty hard to ask them to give that all up for religion, which they feel is anything but fun! But if that hold can be broken and they can be loosed from that, freed to know that in Jesus there is every pleasure and every enjoyment and every kind of love, think of the wonderful liberation this will result in!

We'll Find Out Who's There By Calling and Seeing if They Come!
       117. You may have wondered about some of the names the Lord listed in the above prophecy, but as Dad always said, when we get to Heaven we'll probably be very surprised to see who's There! And now it looks like we don't even have to wait until we get There to find out: We can just call on them, and if they don't come, we'll know they didn't make it! The Lord said we have all Heaven at our disposal and we can call on anybody in His Kingdom that we want to! So I suppose to call on them is the only way we're going to know whether they're There or not--unless of course they were known to be dedicated Christians while on this Earth!
       118. Don't forget that probably the majority of those in the Heavenly Kingdom weren't known to be dedicated Christians, and a very large number of them weren't known to be Christians at all! The deciding factor on whether they got to Heaven or not was if they ever received Jesus' free gift, either in this life or the next!--No strings attached! Of course, there are quite a few obligations that go along with Salvation that should be fulfilled, but if they aren't, the Lord in His mercy and great Love doesn't make them a prerequisite to getting into Heaven. If at any time any of these folks, no matter how bad they were or even what villains they might have been, ever called out to Jesus and received Him--maybe not even in the way we do it--then they made it! Of course, they don't get the same rewards as those who lived a life of love and service to the Lord and others, but they nevertheless gain entrance to His Heavenly Kingdom.
       119. The Lord's not trying to exclude people, He's trying to draw a circle that will bring as many in as possible! If they just whisper His Name in their desperation and in their sorrow over their sins, what do you bet that's sufficient? He's not willing that any should perish, and He makes every way of escape from sin that they may be able to enter His Kingdom.
       120. Someone here had a vision of Pocahontas holding the world in her hands, sort of looking down on it with a whole line-up of folks beside her. Do you want to hear who they were? Jackie Kennedy, Aristotle Onassis, Audrey Hepburn, Genghis Khan, and Queen Victoria! So we are taking this as a sign that these are some of the ones that the Lord wants to have speak to us for this book project.
       121. Since these books will be bait for the purpose of drawing people to us and to the Words of David, I noticed that in a couple of the messages that we have already gotten, they mentioned the Family. One of them mentioned the Children of God, and another one told the public to "please write in to these people to find out more." Someone else mentioned Dad, and someone talked about the Family by name. It sounds as though this thing could really snowball, just like the Lord and Dad said!
       122. We'll probably end up with something different on the back cover, but one idea would be to give a little synopsis of some of the interesting things from the book, something like: "Marilyn Monroe talks about how she has sex in Heaven!--And how you can have it too when you get There! Houdini talks about discovering a greater Magician than himself! Elvis tells how he is preparing for the greatest concert of his life! River Phoenix tells how he got screwed by the System!--And ended it all! Nixon tells his dark secrets about Vietnam!" Well, I don't really know what Nixon is going to say, except for what the Lord said in the prophecy above! But I do know what the other four have to say, because after the Lord suggested they could speak to us, we asked them to, and they did!--And it's exciting!

Do You Have the Burden?
       123. So how do you like this idea so far? Do you want to help me on it? There's a lot to do with all the logistics of it! Also, there's all the content that has to be received from these folks through your channels. Do you have the burden? Don't get worried!--Nobody has to participate that doesn't have the faith for it. We don't want anyone to feel pressured! But we would like you all to be praying very much for everyone who is going to be hearing from these folks!
       124. Isn't this fun? I hope you have lots of fun pow-wowing this! But most of all, I hope you have lots of faith for hearing from these folks! We'd like to make it voluntary, and whoever would be willing to take some names and get together with one or maybe two other people in the next weeks to receive these messages, it would be wonderful!

Be Prepared to Wrestle in Prayer!
       125. When you folks have chosen who you would like to hear from, please have a united prayer in which you really pour out your hearts to the Lord and ask Him to make you empty vessels, empty channels, creating a vacuum that He can fill. This is such an important project, and you need to pray desperately that you will get everything the Lord wants to give you, and everything the way He wants it. You don't need to be worried or nervous, because if you get desperate and know that you can't do it and only the Lord can do it, then all you have to do is receive what He gives.
       126. Don't feel under pressure or that you're making someone wait if you have extremely long pauses. Before Francine prayed to hear from Marilyn Monroe, I talked to her and prayed with her and I told her not to feel in a hurry, and to make sure that she didn't stop before Marilyn had given everything she wanted to give. I told her that sometimes people can get cold feet and feel like they've already gotten so much, maybe they shouldn't keep going, maybe it's going on too long, or maybe someone is getting tired of waiting for them, or whatever. Anyway, after Francine had gotten to a point where it looked like Marilyn was winding down but she still hadn't signed off, there was a long pause and nothing else came. Francine prayed that more would come, and still there was nothing. She continued to pray, also rebuking the Enemy. She must've waited for almost five minutes, an amazing amount of time actually, and finally Marilyn began to speak again.
       127. This was when the most important part of her message came, about sex in Heaven. I knew then why there had been this very long wait: The Enemy had been trying to obstruct the message and completely cut it off so that we would not get it. Thank God that Francine persevered and just held on and waited and rebuked the Enemy until she got it. This is a spiritual battle and the Devil doesn't want this message to be preached, nor does he like the idea of the Lord being able to reach His lost sheep in this way, and grab them out of the Devil's clutches!
       128. So be prepared to wrestle in prayer and to hold on and not get scared and give up! The folks up There say they are waiting excitedly to speak! They're "clamoring" to come! They're waiting their turn to give their message. So if you ask, they're going to jump at the chance. The Lord wants them to, they want to, the world wants to hear, and if you want them to speak, they certainly will! Some of them designated for this project already have, and it's wonderful! It's really marvelous!
       129. We had a little meeting the other night where I presented this idea to the folks in our Home, after which we heard from River Phoenix and Elvis. The next morning one of our folks heard from Houdini, and the next evening Francine heard from Marilyn Monroe. The first two were given with all of us present, the third to one person alone, and in the fourth there were two folks present. Normally, I think it would be nice to have at least two together, because then you have a prayer partner and someone to support you and to fight in prayer for you and help with the tape recorders, both the original and the back-up, making sure it's close enough to your mouth, either by you holding it there or them holding it for you.
       130. We had one near disaster when the prophecy was very faint because there was a loud background noise in the dictaphone and the back-up tape didn't come out very well either. Francine's voice was very, very soft, so it turned out to be quite hard to hear, but thank the Lord the prophecy was all there and we got it!
       131. If you have a united prayer of dedication of this project, petitioning the Lord for faith and a clear channel, then at any time over the next weeks you could get together with someone or someones, and ask whoever you've chosen to speak. You can also be praying ahead of time for it, and ask others to pray for you.

The Lord's Benediction!
       132. At the very end of our meeting the other night, the Lord pronounced His benediction:

       Maria, and My children of the End, I anoint thee,
       Body, spirit, mind, heart and eyes,
       To pour forth as the waters cover the seas,
       I say, publish now, by Heavenly decree!

       Bait for the souls of men,
       To lure, attract and draw them in,
       Deep secrets from Elvis, Houdini, Gandhi, Nixon and Rasputin,
       To answer people's questions and get their attention.

       And great shall be the company,
       Publishers, bookstands, and My Family,
       Food for every nationality,
       Till the great, grand and glorious Finale!
(End of prophecy.)

       133. This was a beautiful dedication and "anointing!"--A wonderful way to end the evening and to start a marvelous project! So, dear ones, with that blessing of the Lord upon you, you can go forth full of faith and in the power of His might, to work together with Jesus and our Heavenly helpers to gather His lost sheep into His fold! I love you very much and am praying earnestly for you.
* * *
       134. P.S.: I thought maybe you, our dear worldwide Family, would like to hear the message from River Phoenix that we received after the above-mentioned meeting. Since some of you young people probably knew him personally while you were growing up together, it should be even more meaningful for you. Just to know that he spent the first few years of his life in the Family gives us a special bond. I thought it was significant that he, a former Family member, was the first one to give a message for these new books. Below, immediately preceding a message from him, you will see a few paragraphs of biographical information such as we plan to include in the book along with each person's message, God willing.

       Phoenix, River (1970-1993), talented young American actor, renowned for his gentle candor and heartfelt portrayals of serious and often offbeat roles.
       Born to hippie parents turned Children of God missionaries, River spent his younger years in South America, where he sang and preached with his parents and younger sister Rain on the streets of Caracas, Venezuela. In later years, River reportedly attributed much of his performing ability and code of ethics to his non-traditional upbringing. Upon leaving the religious movement in 1977, River's parents returned to the U.S., where he won acting talent contests. He began his TV debut in 1982, at age 12, and first starred on the big screen in 1985 (Explorers). The following year he won acclaim as a promising star for his portrayal of a knowing, tough kid in the drama Stand by Me. In 1988 he emerged as arguably the best actor of his generation, winning an Academy Award nomination for his moving performance as the gifted teenage son of fugitive anti-war Vietnam activists in Running on Empty.
       River shunned the traditional Hollywood teenage idol image, and was respected for his high ideals and the against-the-grain statements made through his characters on screen. Unfortunately, in the end he seems to have been caught in the same lifestyle his films deprecated. He died of a massive drug overdose outside a trendy Los Angeles nightclub on Halloween night, 1993.

Message from River Phoenix!
       135. ({\ul \i River Phoenix speaking:)} I was so free! I was so happy! The wind was blowing through my hair, the sand was warm under my feet. The sun was beaming down upon my face, warm and tender, caressing me so softly like the hands of my mother. I danced and played with my sister, Rain. We were so happy. We were so free! My family was so happy! We didn't have many cares or worries; all we cared about was singing. We traveled and we met so many people and we were so happy and free.
       136. It was the Children of God. You've heard of them by name, that crazy bunch of "Jesus Freaks" who traveled the world over telling everybody they met about Jesus, singing on the streets and always witnessing, always smiling and laughing. They were so crazy! They were so wild! People thought they were out of their minds, but they were free and they were happy. Those were my parents; they were hippies, they were "Jesus Freaks." But oh, how they loved Jesus! Oh, how they loved me and my sister!
       137. We were like Gypsies. We traveled, we had hardly any belongings -- I just had one little suitcase -- but we had so much joy! We had so much peace. I knew my dad and my mom loved each other, and they loved me, and I loved Jesus. I loved singing and playing the guitar. I spoke Spanish, and I sang in Spanish, and the people were so sweet to us. They were kind and they helped us, and they gave us money when we needed it, because we were like beggars for Jesus. We didn't have anything. The only thing we had was the truth that we gave to people freely, so they gave us everything we needed. What a life! What a happy childhood! My parents were so good to me. They gave me so much love; they taught me so much.
       138. But then we came back to America. We came back to America from South America, and it made such a difference in our lives! Pretty soon we weren't happy any more, we weren't free, we weren't traveling around, and we had lots of stuff. We had lots of things bogging us down and we weren't telling people about Jesus any more.
       139. But God had given me talents to sing and dance, and I wanted to do something exciting! I wanted to do something with my time. I loved to be with people and talk to people and I had so much energy! I didn't want to just sit around and do the things that other little kids did. I wanted to reach out and break out and be free and do something and be somebody! I wanted to make a name for myself. I wanted to be famous! I was good. I knew I was good! I knew people were attracted to me and I had some kind of power. When I sang, people looked at me. I wanted to do something great!
       140. Well, you know what I did with my life. You saw what I did with my life. It didn't take long before my mind was confused and the deceitfulness of riches pulled on me and weighed on me, and I couldn't give the message I wanted to give. I couldn't talk about the things I wanted to talk about. I couldn't be free and loving and sexy. I had to be hard and cruel. I had to be tough and mean. I had to be a smart guy. If I wanted to make it, I had to do it their way. I couldn't do it my way. I had to do what they told me to do. I had to say the things they told me to say, and be the way they wanted me to be. And because I wanted to make it, I did it their way.
       141. I did what they wanted me to do. I played the roles they wanted me to play. And it worked. People started to notice me. People started to look at me and recognize me, and I really liked that. It made me feel like I was somebody. It made me feel like I was hot stuff, like I was a real stud and that all the girls wanted me. Everybody wanted to go to bed with me. Everybody wanted to be around me and be seen with me. It was pretty cool.
       142. But I had to work hard to keep it up. I had to work so hard, because my life wasn't my own. I couldn't just go where I wanted to go and have the friends I wanted to have. I found that inside I was dying. My heart was dying. My heart was crying. So many times I was alone and I cried. I cried so many tears. I had so much, and everybody knew me and everybody wanted to be with me, but how many people really loved me? And how could I find that freedom that I once had, but had lost? How could I recapture that free spirit? How could I return to those warm sands and feel the wind blow through my hair and the sun soft on my face? How could I find the tenderness of love that I once had?
       143. I was sick, sick inside. My heart was aching and broken. My life became so boring! Everything was work, nothing was fun. I had so much but I had so little! Isn't it strange that somebody can have everything and at the same time not have anything? Isn't it strange that somebody could be rich and yet be so poor? Or be so famous and yet nobody understands or knows him? That was me.
       144. They pushed me and pushed me. They didn't want me to be free. They didn't want me to talk about love. They didn't want me to talk about God or Jesus or freedom or life or anything that really mattered. They only wanted me to talk about violence and horror and ugly sex and rebelliousness. I understand it now that I've come here. It's because so many people were watching me and following me, and they didn't want me to lead all those people to the truth, to light and joy and beauty and love. So they strangled me. They strangled the very life out of me! They smothered the love that I had. They took away the peace that I had. They took away the drive and the excitement for living that I had, and then they pushed me and drove me. They made me what they wanted me to be. I was a product of society. I was a product of Hollywood.* I was hardly a person. I was an object, I was an idol, I was a commodity, I was something they owned and used. *{\b \i (}Compared to other commercial stars of his day, River was considered by many to be somewhat of an "outsider" to Hollywood and untainted by its influence. However, when compared with the idealism, aspirations and freedom of his younger years, he apparently saw himself as having become a tool of the movie industry.)
       145. Then they wanted to use me to terrify the little children. They wanted to use me for the Devil.* They wanted to use me as an instrument of hate and fear and darkness. But I couldn't do it, I couldn't go that far. That was too far. Inside I knew it was wrong. Inside I knew it was ugly and evil. It was sick! I couldn't stand what I had sunk to. I couldn't stand to live with myself. *(River seems to be referring here to plans for him to star as the interviewer in the 1994 horror film Interview with the Vampire. He died before filming began.)
       146. Once I had everything: I had love, I had freedom, I had Jesus' Love so strong in my heart. I was a child of love, I was born to be free like the wind. I was born to live on the sand and run free as one of Jesus' love babies! But I had lost all that and I couldn't stand it, I couldn't bear it! I couldn't bear the emptiness. I couldn't bear how they used me and manipulated me. I couldn't bear how they wanted to use me to lead so many little ones astray -- to teach children to fear and to hate and to desire the darkness.
       147. So I ended it all. I finished it! I had to get out. I had to get away. Such vanity! Such emptiness! So evil! Such wicked people! They hate the children. They're trying to destroy all that's good. I couldn't stand to be a part of it any more, so I ended it all.
       148. The most amazing thing is that finally I'm free again! Finally I'm a free child of love! Finally I have that love, that peace! I feel the sun on my face again. I'm free like the wind. And Jesus, He's real! He's powerful! He's the King! He's the one that rules the universe. He's the one who knows about love. Everything else you see is a joke, it's a game, it's false, it's a lie. The things that you don't see, that's where you'll find the truth; the things that you can't buy with money.
       149. Nobody else can give you what Jesus gives you! Nobody else can take away the darkness like Jesus does. Nobody else can love you like Jesus does. No matter how good you've got it, or how bad you've got it, it doesn't matter, either way you need Jesus! He knows you, He loves you, and He wants you as His own.
       150. Can't you see that the rest is all worthless? Can't you see that it's going nowhere? Can't you see that there's no end, there's no hope in sight? You're not free. You're a slave just like I was.
       151. But you don't have to end it all. You don't have to go out like a coward, like I did. You can find the answer, you can find what you need. It's in Him! It's in Jesus, believe it or not! I know it's the furthest thing from your mind. But take Him!
       152. No matter how bad you've been, no matter what you've done, He loves you. I know His Love is forever, because when I saw Him face to face, He loved me and He forgave me. He called me His own and He brought me into a beautiful Kingdom, a beautiful Paradise. It's so much more than I ever deserved, so much more than I ever expected, so much more beautiful than anything I ever saw on Earth.
       153. If there's anything I want you to know, it's that He's real, and He's the only way you're ever going to be free! Don't tune me out. Don't blow me off, because I'm telling you the truth. I'm telling you as one who knows. I've seen Him and I know He's real and He loves me and He loves you. Don't pass up your chance.
* * *

(Later River again speaks, this time addressing the Family:)
       154. I hope you don't mind if I interrupt, but I realize that I forgot to give my name. I so much wanted to give my name. I know how important it is, what Jesus is showing you about the famous names. And I knew that you would know who was speaking because you asked. You asked for me to speak and I was so grateful, so overjoyed! Thank you for having the faith. I feel so honored! I feel so humbled that you would bless me with this opportunity to speak and to be a voice and a witness, that you would give me the opportunity to make up for some of the time that was wasted.
       155. I could've done so much more for Jesus! I could've used my talents that He gave me so much better! It's so pathetic, so pitiful, so worthless! Thank you for calling on me and giving me the opportunity even when I know I don't deserve it. But if I can be of any help, if you can use my name, then please use it! Use it for His glory, so that at least some good will come out of all that, and maybe this way I can get the message out that I failed to get out when I was there with you.
       156. So often the Lord spoke to me. So often He tried to get through to me with His still, small voice. I knew it was Him. I knew He was trying to bring me back and call me back. He was trying to love me and show me a way out. He was trying to bring me back to a life of usefulness, but I refused and rejected it so many times. So many times! If you only knew how many times His endless Love reached out to me to try to get me to change and come back to Him and use my life for Him. If you could know how many times He showed me His mercy, then you would understand His unconditional Love. You would know how much He loves us, each one of us as His Own, His one and only child.
       157. He tried so hard, but I rejected it, I refused to listen. I came so close sometimes. And because He was speaking to my heart, I felt so guilty. I felt so bad that my life had become so evil! I felt so bad that when I should be giving the message of Love, I was giving a message of hate. I knew He was so sad and so disappointed. I knew that He wept for me! I failed Him so miserably when He had given me so much! I knew He loved me, I knew I was saved, I knew the truth. He had given me so much and I gave back so little!
       158. Thank you for letting me speak. Thank you for letting me be a witness. Thank you for using my life for something worthwhile. So tell them my name. Tell them that it's me, it's River Phoenix. It's the one that they saw and idolized, the one they thought was so good-looking and so talented, the rising star destined to be the next idol, the pretty boy, the sex symbol, the one who was landing the big roles and making it to the top. Tell them it was me, River Phoenix, the one who looked so good on the outside, but who was so empty on the inside.
       159. I could've done so much, and I did so little! Thank you for giving me the opportunity, for having the faith, for believing that we're Here, that we want to speak, we want to tell our stories, we want to make things right. We want to say the things we should've been saying all along. We want to explain. We want to tell them about Heaven and about Jesus, and how close it is and how real it is. We are Here! We are at your beck and call. You can be our channels, just open your mouth and have faith, like Jesus said.
       160. Thank you so much for making a way for me to be a witness! Thank you for wanting to hear from me even when I don't deserve it. Thank you for honoring me, for blessing me and for helping me to make things right. (End of message from River.)

Suicide: The Consequences in Heaven!
       161. ({\ul \i Mama:)} When reading these messages from River, you may have wondered why he talks about being so free and happy in Heaven, since he got there by basically taking his own life through drug abuse. Does this mean that those who commit suicide get off scot-free, and get to enjoy the same pleasures and rewards in Heaven as all the rest of the saved who die? Or is it different for those who commit suicide? If it's not any different, then what's to stop Christians who are in despair from taking their own lives so that they can live happily ever after in Heaven instead of struggling through a difficult life on Earth?
       162. We had asked a similar question before, after the Austin teens told how happy and free they were, since we were concerned that, if you were to ever get extremely discouraged, you might be tempted to want to join them. At that time, Dad explained that it's very important that we who are left here on Earth remain, in order to complete our mission and fulfill the calling the Lord has for us (see ML #3015:73-112, GN 652). While he was alive, Dad also taught us that suicide was forgivable and you don't lose your Salvation, but that in most cases it would be punished in the hereafter.
       163. However, we felt we needed further details about what happens when those who have deliberately taken their own lives get to Heaven, or some counsel on how to deter people from deciding to end it all and go to Heaven when the going gets rough. We needed this not just for the sake of the Family, but especially for those not in the Family who would read River's message and wonder whether they might be better off taking their lives too.
       164. The Lord sent River to talk to us again with the answer to our question. Following is what he had to say:

       165. ({\ul \i River speaking:)} You know how when I talked to you last time I said that I was happy and free at last Here in Heaven? Well, that's certainly true. But I have been Here for some time now, and I feel like that now. When I first came, it wasn't exactly like that.
       166. I wasn't planning on dying that particular evening, but I did know that my lifestyle and the drugs I was taking were going to kill me sooner or later. But I didn't care, because I wanted to get out. So in a way, you could say I did commit suicide, even though it wasn't deliberate suicide right then.
       167. So when I got Here to Heaven, I had to suffer the consequences of my decision. Actually, I was a bit surprised that I'd even made it to Heaven, because I knew that my life on Earth hadn't been so great, and I wasn't exactly sure whether I was going to make it Here or not. But I did. That's the good news, that even if you do cut your life short, if you believe in Jesus you still make it to Heaven. The bad news is that you lose whatever rewards you were going to get, and you have to spend quite a bit of time learning the lessons that you should have learned on Earth.
       168. It's a bit like running a marathon. You spend all that time running, but then if halfway through you give up and you quit, you miss out. For one thing, you don't get the reward of having finished the race. And two, you have to live with the feeling of guilt for having quit, for not having carried on. That feeling is very difficult to live with, because you know it was wrong. You know you should have kept on going. You know that if you'd only asked God, He would have given you the strength to keep going. But you quit; you gave up; you were a coward.
       169. God lets you carry that burden of guilt for a while, as your punishment for not having trusted Him enough to live your life out to the full, to let Him take you in His time. You decided when to quit on your own, when that's a decision that you should leave in God's hands. So He's not too pleased. He wasn't too pleased with me, and it's not a very nice feeling to know that God isn't too pleased with you. I knew that He still loved me, and I knew that He was going to forgive me, but I also knew He was unhappy with my decision.
       170. So it was a very difficult time, and it lasted a very long time. It seemed like an eternity! Up Here, time is different, so it can't be measured in days or months or years, but it did seem like an eternity. At times, I wondered if it was ever going to end, if I was ever going to find the complete peace in my heart that I needed, that I wanted. I did have a measure of happiness and a measure of peace from being in this wonderful place and being around wonderful people, but I was not allowed to enjoy it to the full. I had to carry this burden with me, and I was not allowed to throw it off.
       171. I had to live with regrets. I had to live with some sorrow. I certainly wouldn't recommend it for anyone! If I was back on Earth again in the same state that I was in before, I wouldn't have wished for my life to end like that. I wouldn't have taken the easy way out, because it looks like the easy way out, but you find out that it's not. The easy way out is to ask God for help, to call out to Him.
       172. I know He could have helped me find a way out, because upon arrival Here I was able to see what would have happened in my life if I'd only made the right decision not to end it prematurely. God let me see how He could have helped me. There was another way out; there were other answers. If I'd asked Jesus, He could have helped me and given me a better solution to my problems than taking drugs. So realizing how I had missed the boat was pretty tough.
       173. Then the time came when I think I'd finally learned my lesson, and I guess God knew that I'd suffered enough, that my punishment had been enough, so He let me cast off the burden. He took my burden away, and I was then able to enjoy complete freedom, complete joy, complete happiness! Instead of only a measure of it, I was able to have it to the full, and it was such a wonderful feeling of release! The guilt, the remorse, the sadness were gone forever!
       174. So in the end, it did all work out. But like I said, it was a very difficult period, and I wouldn't want to have to go through that again. It was like being so close to something, so close to attaining your dream, and yet it was still beyond reach! I was in Heaven, and all the pleasures and rapturous joy and the excitement and the love were right there in front of me; I could see them, but I was not allowed to fully touch them.
       175. It was very difficult and very frustrating, but I knew it was necessary. I knew the Lord was doing it out of love for me, to teach me the lesson. He has to do it to everyone who comes in like that [EDITED: "suicide"], because otherwise if it was just so easy, if you just come to Heaven and "presto," all your problems are gone forever when you commit suicide, then everybody would want to commit suicide! Everybody who is going through a hard time on Earth would just figure, "Hey, man, I'm outta here!" But that's a decision that is reserved for God alone. God has given us free choice. He has given us the power to make our own decisions, to choose between right and wrong. But there's one decision that's reserved for Him, and that's the decision of when your time on Earth is done. It's best not to make that decision yourself, or believe me, you will regret it, as I did. (End of prophecy.)

Great Shall Be the Companies of Those that Publish It!
       176. ({\ul \i Mama:) }Well, dear worldwide Family, what do you think? Isn't that just terrific! What a tremendous message! It's so exciting to think about the effect that a message like this is going to have on the public--a powerful life-changer! And the Lord's not stopping at just this one message, but there will be many more, each one as unique as the individual who gives it! Each is showing the Lord's special Love for that particular individual.
       177. If you read the recent GN on "Communicating with Heavenly Messengers" (GN 678), you were reminded of all the many times that Dad talked about the good spirits, and the fact that we could hear from them if we wished. The Lord and Dad were preparing us through the years not only to benefit ourselves from our communications with the spirit world, but for this great project that we are now embarking upon. As the Lord brought out, we, the Children of David, must take the responsibility, because others have shut themselves off to any possibility of hearing from anyone but Jesus in prophecy. So the Lord has given this job--and this great privilege--to us.
       178. Recently someone brought to my attention a prophecy that was given several months before I received this revelation about these prophecy books from the Lord. This prophecy, which you will find printed in "Mama's Love Story--Part 4," says:

       179. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) }This is the desire in the heart of your father David, to publish My Words unto the nations. This was his love, to get out the Words of the Lord, to speak the true, pure Words. And now he is marshaling forces for this Endtime, sending forth My ministering spirits into all the world to speak My Words.
       180. You must be yielded vessels and open to the Truth, for the message shall come to your heart and to your mind and through your mouth, and there shall be great companies that shall publish the Word of the Lord, and it will go into all the world. But there have to be messengers. We have the message, it is being spread, it is being sent forth even now in the heavenlies, but we need receptive vessels to be willing to give the Word. And I will publish the Word in ways that you know not. For My Word will be published by great publishing companies. And you must also warn kings and nations of their soon end and their soon fall.
       181. For this is the desire of your father David, to speak the Truth, to speak the Word, to publish the Word. And his will and his desire will be accomplished, not only through you, My children, but through publishing companies getting My Word distributed so that all that will hear it and all who receive it will find strength and joy and light. And some will reject and some will despise and some will mock, but they have always mocked the messengers of God and despised His prophets. But be not afraid of their faces; be not concerned with their reactions; just speak the Word, the truth.
       182. For you are My chosen generation, a royal priesthood, and a portion of My Church that has been given this special gift of prophecy, because you do not care what men think or what people think. You just love Me and do what I tell you to do, and obey and give and speak. For you have no reputation. I have made you of no reputation. I have made you to be despised by the world. For you will not be honored in this world. You will not be praised by the men of this world. But in My eyes and in My world you are My honored children and My praised children, and you will go on to a beautiful Heavenly reward for speaking the Words of Truth to this dying generation! (End of prophecy excerpt.) (TS GN 12, para.128-131)

       183. ({\ul \i Mama:) }You probably didn't have any idea what this was talking about when you read it; neither did I! I just knew that what the Lord promises, He always fulfills, and it's quite amazing to see that unbeknownst to us, He was already talking about this project which we are just now starting to work on.

Don't Be Afraid to Pour Forth These Words from Beyond!
       184. The above letter that I wrote to a WS unit was written several months ago. Since then, we have been planning and preparing and working on the multitude of details that are involved in this project. As we have prayed about each aspect, step by step the Lord has continued to confirm His will and reassure us that we are on the right track. Recently, the Lord told us the following:

       185. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) }When you point out to My children all that I have revealed unto you through these voices from beyond, it will help them to understand and have faith and accept and receive. So will they believe and understand the great truths that I have poured forth unto you because of your faith and your willingness to not be bound, but to be free--free in the Spirit, free through the Words of David, free to know the Truth of the Spirit, and free to give My Message in the way that I choose to pour it forth!
       186. For if I could lead your father to use that which was called sinful and dirty, which was not, but which was called this, for My glory and for My Salvation, then why cannot I use that which is called wrong, mysterious, spiritism, to also pour forth My message and My Salvation? If the using of sex, which was considered sin, brought forth the Truth, and through the Truth, Salvation, so can these voices from beyond, which is called wrong and sin, be used to pour forth My Truth and Salvation. I come not to tickle the ears of man, nor to abide within their confines--I come to win souls! I come to bring Salvation. I will not be bound, but free!--Free by My Spirit to win, no matter what the cost!
       187. So do not be afraid to pour forth these Words from beyond. I choose this controversial manner to preach My Gospel, to compete with the falsehoods that are called "truths" that flood the market of the minds of men. These will reach many who would otherwise not accept the Gospel as it is presented by the churches. For I go into the highways and the hedges and compel them to come in! I send you forth to those who seek more than what is offered in the churches. For those of the churches are so rigid that they are afraid to step out of the confines of their doctrines to stoop down and to reach those who need the truth, who seek for it. So do not be afraid to go to the highways and the byways. Do not be afraid to go to the edge to reach them! Care not what others say about you; care only that you obey Me!
       188. This is a matter of becoming all things to all men. This is a matter of bringing the Gospel in a way that many can understand, in a manner that many are comfortable with and seek for. Do not judge by your own standards, for have I not said "become all things to all men that you may win some"? Are there not a great multitude of people--searchers, seekers--who want the truth?--Who believe that there is communication with those who have passed on?
       189. They say they are the New Age, but I say unto you, I give them the true age, the wisdom of the ages, the true touch of the spirit world. I give them a choice, because I give them the Truth. Be not afraid of them, but go forth and conquer them with the Truth of God! Reach them in the way that they can be reached, and so shall you be blessed. (End of prophecy.)

It's New, It's Different, It's Radical --But It Will Win Souls!
       190{\b \i .} ({\ul \i Mama:) }So there it is, dear ones, the Lord's commission to each one of us: To not be afraid of what people will think of us, but instead to be more concerned for lost souls, and to be ready to do whatever it takes to win them. The Lord is opening wide this door of opportunity and is eagerly waiting for us to walk through it. It's new, it's different, it's radical. It won't be liked by some people, but it will win souls!--And that's our job, that's our assignment, that's our life. We're still a revolution and we're still revolutionaries and we're still doing things which no one else is doing. We're still saying "yes" to Jesus, and we're still way out there ahead, and you can be sure we're going to reap great blessings as a result!
       191. Can you see that this may be the answer we've been looking for--the answer to really being able to reach the world with the Words of David? The Lord has promised that these prophecy books will be the bait that will make people want to come to us to receive Dad's Words. So please support us with your prayers--all of us working on this project, for the setting up of the unit, and for the great sum of money it will take to see this project through to completion.
       192. Watch for a soon-coming GN in which we'll try to share with you some excerpts of messages from other departed spirits who have spoken to us, that will give you a further picture of the powerful tool that these books will be. Though you probably didn't realize it, you already heard from a departed spirit when we included the prophecy from Emperor Hirohito in GN 671. Didn't that instruct you? Didn't it interest you? Didn't it edify you?
       193. Didn't Saint Paul's talk on condemnation that we published in the "Austin GN--Part 3" thrill you and encourage you? (GN 646). Didn't it help many of you who have battled so often with condemnation? Don't you think a message from Paul directed to the general public on the same subject would work miracles in the lives of many who live with constant heavy condemnation day in and day out, never having known any way of escape or release? He has given a wonderful message that they will be able to understand and relate to, and that will offer relief at last!
       194. Not only did the Lord say hearing from these departed folks would be of great benefit to His lost sheep of the world, but that it would bless His children as well. Even to know that we can be in such close and personal communication with the spirit world, and that they are always ready to speak and assist us, is wonderful reassurance and such a marvelous sign of Jesus' great Love for us.
       195. And of course we'll be working on books of the Words of David at the same time! Some of these, like the books of compiled "Mountain Streams," are already being worked on. As I mentioned earlier, we also will be working on a book with Dad's views on Heaven, taken from the Letters. We also hope to get out an updated book on the Endtime and the signs of the times, Lord willing.
       196. I'm so glad you've stuck with us so you can be in on this exciting project of distributing these life-giving messages to Jesus' starving sheep! The great, great blessing of seeing souls saved and turned on to Jesus' Love and everlasting life will make all your sacrifices worth it. So keep hanging on and keep getting out the posters and the tracts and the tapes and the videos, and soon you'll have new tools, the books, which will make your witness go even further and will result in many miracles of souls saved, disciples won, and happier and more productive folks!--You!--In all our Homes! Please pray every day for these books to be produced quickly so we can get them into your hands, and so that we can start seeing the miracles that the Lord will do through them!
       Yours in Him,

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family