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"FROM WHENCE COME WARS?"--MO       August 8, 1977       DFO No.601

Copyright © Sept. 1977 by The Children of God

       1. COUNTRIES USED TO GO TO WAR JUST FOR PRIDE over some incident because they were offended or one king made a bad remark about another king and boom, boom, boom! But in modern years, recent years, they go to war for commercial reasons, they're trade wars.

       2. NEARLY EVERY ONE OF AMERICA'S WARS WERE FOR SOME KIND OF TRADE ADVANTAGE or money or for territory.--Which of course were always fought under different excuses, even as far back as the Civil War.

       3. THE CIVIL WAR WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE WAR TO FREE THE SLAVES. What it really turned out to be was the war to enslave the free, because it made the Federal Government a dictatorship.

       4. WHEN THE STATES ORIGINALLY BANDED TOGETHER THEY DID SO VOLUNTARILY and they were supposed to be able to withdraw from the club if they didn't like the other members. When the South tried to withdraw the other members picked up guns and started shooting, "You can't leave the club!"

       5. THE REASON WAS THAT THE NORTH HAD ALL THE INDUSTRY, THE SOUTH HAD ALL THE AGRICULTURE, and particularly cotton which the North wanted and needed for textiles. But the South had a lot more in common with England and they had more communication, intercourse and trade with England than they had with the North.

       6. THE SOUTHERNERS WERE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN with great plantations. They were rich and they dressed well. They sent their kids to England for school and that's where you get that Southern drawl, it's really an English accent, believe it or not!

       7. SO THE NORTH BEGAN GIVING THE SOUTH TROUBLE because the North wanted the South to buy machinery from her instead of from England. But when the South could get it cheaper from England of course she bought it from England, and she traded her cotton for it. But the North wanted the cotton too. The North wanted the South's market for her machinery and they needed the South's raw materials for their machines.

       8. SO ALL THAT SELF-RIGHTEOUS BIT OVER FREEING THE SLAVES, THAT'S ALL A BIG JOKE! That's not what the war was fought for at all. That was the excuse given the people so they could get the people behind them and make the people willing to fight.

       9. WHAT PEOPLE ARE YOU GOING TO SELL ON FIGHTING A WAR SO YOU CAN SELL MACHINES and grab cotton? Not many people are going to give their sons and daughters for a selfish commercial purpose that didn't do most of them any good anyway. That's the war which made New York rich!

       10. SO THAT'S WHY I SAY LINCOLN, FAR FROM BEING A HERO, WAS A TYRANT! [DELETED] [EDITED: "H"]e started the Civil War! [DELETED] So, from whence come wars? James said they come from your own lusts--and nations' lusts. (James 4:1.)

       11. THE U.S. FOUGHT A WAR WITH THE FRENCH TO GRAB FRENCH TERRITORY, they fought a war with the British before that to grab British territory, and they fought a war with the Spanish to grab Texas, California and nearly all the Western half of the United States. The United States is a very aggressive and grabby nation! It's a joke, isn't it!

       12. IF TWO MEN GRAB GUNS TO GET WHAT THEY WANT they're criminals. If a group of them organise and get together and grab guns to get what they want, they're gangsters. But if they're trying to get their political freedom or grab back territory that once belonged to them that some other bunch of gangsters has already conquered, well then they're terrorists. And if they are a pretty good-sized army of so-called terrorists, then they're guerillas.

       13. FINALLY WHEN THEY GET AN ARMY BIG ENOUGH TO CONQUER the territory and grab it back or from somebody else, then it's a legal, sophisticated, self-righteous army. See, it all depends on how big you are and how powerful you are what names they call you. I guess we're not as big and powerful as they claim we are, because they sure call us a helluva lot of bad names!

       14. SO THE CIVIL WAR WAS FOUGHT SO THAT THE NORTH COULD CONQUER THE SOUTH AND VIRTUALLY MAKE SLAVES OUT OF THEM for nearly a hundred years. They freed the blacks and enslaved the whites, and eventually enslaved all the people under the two main dictatorial laws--the draft and the income tax.

       15. THE DRAFT GAVE THEM POWER OVER THEIR BODIES AND THE INCOME TAX HAD THEIR PURSES, and they had the power and the money needed to be a dictatorship, and that's why it is that today. In most countries, for example Switzerland, trying to dodge your income tax is only what they call a misdemeanor, which means it's only punishable by a fine and not by prison, a minor crime. In the United States it's a major crime and they put you away for years for tax evasion. It's a dictatorship's favourite weapon.

       16. WORLD WAR I WAS FOUGHT WITH THE GERMANS BECAUSE THEY WERE STEALING THE WORLD MARKETS. The Germans were smarter, harder working, and producing more. When I was a little kid, there were still oodles of things, little toys and everything marked "Made in Germany." They had virtually undercut all the rest of the world's prices.

       17. ENGLAND AND GERMANY WERE THE TWO MAJOR INDUSTRIAL NATIONS with the U.S. coming up fast, and England and the U.S. didn't like the way Germany was outselling them and taking all the world trade. This was the reason for the war.

       18. BUT OF COURSE THEY HAD TO TRY TO THINK UP A GOOD EXCUSE to tell the people, which they finally did: "The war to set the world free!"--World War I!

       19. AFTER THE WAR THERE WERE MORE DICTATORSHIPS than there were before, although a lot of democracies cropped up and a lot of kings were toppled. They got rid of most of the kings, but the dictators took over then, a new brand of monarchs.

       20. SO WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE HAPPENED WHEN JAPAN BEGAN TO CONQUER ALL THE WORLD MARKETS and undersell the United States? The U.S. just couldn't compete with Japanese products and trading so what do you suppose she did?

       21. [DELETED] They had to have a real good excuse to try to convince the people, because before World War II most Americans had been involved in one World War and didn't want to get involved in another one. "Let them fight it out! So what if Hitler wins?--At least he'll be the buffer between us and the Communists!"


       24. [EDITED: "RECENTLY"] BBC WAS SAYING THAT THE ARABS ARE REFUSING TO GO TO THE GENEVA PEACE TALKS, "it's all the Arabs' fault"! Well, King Hussein of Jordan and President Assad of Syria said, "What's the use of going to Geneva to waste our time, when the [EDITED: "Israelis"] have already said they will not negotiate the West Bank, nor Jerusalem, nor the PLO, nor a Palestinian State, flat out no!--What's left?"

       25. THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] ARE SO SMART, THEY KEEP [EDITED: "TELLING"] the world, "We're willing to talk peace, we're willing to talk, we want to talk!"

       26. BUT THE ARABS KNOW THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] AND THEY KNOW THAT'S ALL THEY WANT TO DO, JUST TALK! They told us when we were in Israel when we were very pro-[EDITED: "Israel"] and sympathetic, "We know the Arabs are only talk anyhow. But that's okay, we like to talk too, and the longer we talk the longer we keep what we've got!"

       27. THE LONGER THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] INSIST ON TALKING THE LONGER THEY POSTPONE A SETTLEMENT of any kind, because they're not about to begin to give up any of that, not unless they're forced to, and that's probably what the next war will be fought over.

       28. SO WHAT WAS THE SLOGAN OF WORLD WAR II? They had to think up a good one to make sure they'd beat the Germans and the [EDITED: "Japanese"], as most people are not the slightest bit interested in going to war for markets.

       29. TRADE BALANCES MEAN NOTHING TO MOST PEOPLE, only the price of goods, and they just grumble about that and pay it. If they could buy the German goods cheaper and the [EDITED: "Japanese"] goods cheaper, why, they'd buy those!

       30. SO WHY SHOULD THE PEOPLE WANT TO GO TO WAR WITH JAPAN JUST BECAUSE THEIR PRICES ARE LOWER? They were very happy the [EDITED: "Japanese"] prices were lower and they bought the Japanese goods! They had to give them some other excuse. So World War II was: "The war to end all wars!"

       31. "THE WAR TO END ALL WARS!"--ETERNAL PEACE!--AND THEY ENDED IT WITH THE ATOMIC BOMB that wiped out indiscriminately over 100,000 civilian women, children and old people, two bombs in fact, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and condemned others to a very slow death that took some of them 30 years before they died. Others were horribly maimed and burned and scarred for life!

       32. THERE WERE HORRORS THE U.S. WOULDN'T EVEN LET ITS OWN PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT, wouldn't allow pictures in the newspaper. What country was the first to use the horror bomb?--The United States! So "the war to end all wars" began--and there's been a war going on somewhere ever since!

       33. IN FACT, THERE'S HARDLY BEEN A TIME IN THE WHOLE OF WORLD HISTORY WHEN THERE WASN'T A WAR GOING ON SOMEWHERE!--Except during the period when Jesus was born when the Romans were in full control of the world and therefore had put an end to all wars, uprisings, civil wars and whatnot.

       34. THERE WAS ACTUALLY A TIME OF PEACE RIGHT ON THROUGH THE EARLY CHURCH ERA. Think how easy it was in those days if you were, like Paul, a Roman citizen, you could go anywhere without a passport or visas and you spoke the language of the world! The cultural language was Greek and the business and government language was Roman. If you spoke either one of those you could preach anywhere in the world, either Greek or Latin, which of course greatly facilitated the spreading of the Gospel. There couldn't have been a better time, and of course God prepared the time for it: "Peace on Earth!"

       35. SO I WONDER WHAT THEIR EXCUSE WILL BE FOR THE NEXT WAR? We know what their reasons are going to be: To save Israel and the oil and to stop the Communists!--Three-fold!

       36. THIS NEXT WAR CAN ACCOMPLISH THREE PURPOSES, ensure Israel's security, probably give her some more territory, grab off the Arab oil countries to be sure of their supply of oil, and stop the Communists, because the Communists will be fighting on the side of the Arabs and the oil countries.

       37. THIS TIME MAYBE THEIR REASONS WILL MAKE GOOD EXCUSES! I think you could sell most Americans on fighting the Communists: "You don't want to be slaves of the Communists--and we need our gasoline for weekends--[DELETED] We've got to save Israel so we can retire there someday!"

       38. YOU NEVER SAW HOW SELF-RIGHTEOUS NATIONS CAN GET JUST BEFORE A WAR!--So righteous and so convinced that they are right and the other fellow's the criminal, the devil who needs to be conquered!

       39. THE NORTH GOT SO SELF-RIGHTEOUS ABOUT FREEING THE SLAVES, and deceived the people into thinking that's what they were fighting for! They got so self-righteous in World War I. (S: They taught their self-righteous reasons in school too!) Oh, of course!

       40. THE CONQUEROR WRITES THE HISTORY BOOKS, THE "MINISTRY OF TRUTH!" Didn't you ever read 1984? Whoever wins the war, they write the books, so you will never hear the truth of what really happened. Don't you remember the "Ministry of Truth" of the dictatorship in 1984?

       41. ITS JOB WAS TO RESEARCH ALL THE BOOKS AND EXPUNGE ALL THE DERROGATORY REFERENCES TO THEIR REGIME. They would twist the facts and write the books the way they "should" be, the way it "really" happened, so the people would never know how it really did happen.

       42. BEFORE EVERY WAR THERE'S A LONG PERIOD OF MENTAL CONDITIONING and psychological preparation. Before World War I the U.S. spent years of antagonistic propaganda against Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany. "It was all his fault, it was all the Germans' fault!"

       43. THEY BLAMED ALL THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS ON GERMANY, all the world's economic problems were Germany's fault--the people were geared to this. Pretty soon in all the movies and all the stories all the villains were Germans! And the people were brainwashed and conditioned to it and geared to it until finally when the war broke out they thought, "Of course we should have started a war with them long ago!--The God-damn Krauts!"

       44. THEN BEFORE WORLD WAR II ALL OF A SUDDEN ALL THE EVIL VILLAINS BEGAN TO BE JAPANESE AND GERMANS! Again Germans but now Japanese too: "They are even more evil, they are not even civilised, they don't even look like us! You could tell they were evil just by looking at them!--Those evil Orientals!" So of course you had to fight a war with them--they were stealing the whole world!

       45. OPPOSITION TO WORLD WAR II WAS INTENSE IN THE UNITED STATES. There was the "America First" Party which fought entering the war. There were what they called "Isolationists" who insisted that the U.S. not get into another European War. There were even the out-and-out pro-Germans, pro-Hitler people called the German Bunds, which were German or Germanic clubs, all for going into the war on the side of Hitler to stop the Communists!

       46. DID YOU KNOW THAT EVEN IN WORLD WAR I THERE WERE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO WANTED TO GO IN ON THE SIDE OF KAISER WILHELM? But England had always held their winning trump card to tip the scale in favour of the people who spoke the majority language. Before World War I there were many immigrants to the U.S., oodles and oodles of Germans and Italians and whatnot.

       47. SO ACCORDING TO THE U.S., WORLD WAR II WAS ALL THE GERMANS' AND JAPANESE' FAULT, and they built up a big propaganda campaign ahead of time. But the war was opposed by a big propaganda campaign by those called the "Isolationists" or the "America Firsters," in other words, "Let's put America first and forget Europe and stay out of the war!"--U.S. Germans wanted either to stay out of the War or go in on the side of Germany.

       48. SO THERE WAS A LOT OF ANTI-WAR SYMPATHY on the part of the people who didn't want to go to war again, and they couldn't give a damn!--They couldn't care less!

       49. A WHOLE LOT OF THEM WERE IN FAVOUR OF GOING TO WAR ON HITLER'S SIDE TO FIGHT THE COMMUNISTS, including our dear old friend "blood-and-guts" Patton! When they couldn't be persuaded to do that, he went over and licked Germany first. Then he wanted to go and lick the Communists too, but they wouldn't let him!

       50. HITLER REALLY WAS PUZZLED WHY THE FREE WORLD WOULDN'T WANT TO GO ON HIS SIDE knowing that if it didn't Russia was going to be the next menace. But the rest of the world was persuaded against him. [DELETED]

       51. THERE ARE PLENTY OF GERMANS WHO STILL FELT LIKE HITLER WAS A GOOD MAN and was trying to do the right thing and fight the Communists. That's what brought him to power: To save Germany from communism! But he [DELETED] attacked the Jews!--and that was the beginning of his end!


       53. BEFORE WORLD WAR II, BEFORE HITLER, THE [DELETED] socialists and Communists [DELETED] were selling Germany right down the line to Russia, and that's what brought Hitler to power.


       55. THE JEWS WERE GOING COMMUNIST AS FAST AS THEY COULD GO, and Hitler just came along and told the big-money boys, like Krupp with the big munitions factory and all those big rich and powerful Germans, "You back me and I'll save the country from the Communists and the Jews, and we'll give it back to the Germans!" So they did!

       56. BUT LIKE MOST MEN, THEY CAN'T RESIST THE DESIRE TO RULE THE WORLD, and he wasn't satisfied just saving Germany, he had to take over all Europe! All these guys I mean it really goes to their heads!

       57. THIS IS WHAT DEFEATED NAPOLEON. He had Europe, he should have been satisfied and minded his own business and stayed home. But no, he had to have Russia too, and that's what finished him off!--And that's what finished Germany off too, trying to conquer Russia!

       58. SO OF COURSE IN THE UNITED STATES THERE WAS THIS RAGING CONTROVERSY. Some people wanted to get straight into the war on the side of the British; but others, actually a smaller minority, wanted to get straight into the war on the side of the Germans to fight the Communists.--But the vast majority of the people didn't want to get into the war at all, period!

       59. THE JEWS OF COURSE WERE NEEDLING THE GOVERNMENT EVERY WAY THEY COULD TO GET INTO THE WAR to save the German Jews and England. [DELETED] And all those of Germanic descent and anti-Communists wanted to get into the war on the side of the Germans to stop the Communists.

       60. BUT THE BIG VAST MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE JUST DIDN'T WANT TO GET INTO THE WAR AT ALL. So, they had to think up something that would just absolutely infuriate the American people and make them mad enough to go to war. So that's what they did!

       61. THE [EDITED: "JAPANESE"] IN THE MEANTIME WERE TAKING OVER MOST OF THE ORIENT, the East and the Pacific because they were allies of the Germans. They snatched off Manchuria first, what is now called Korea, because it had a lot of iron ore and raw materials.

       62. THEY WERE SNATCHING OFF THIS AND SNATCHING OFF THAT, BUT NOT ENOUGH TO MAKE MOST OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE MAD enough to go to war yet. "So what, what the hell? Let them have China! Let them have whatever they want over there, as long as they don't bother us over here!"

       63. THE AVERAGE PERSON DIDN'T MIND CHEAP [EDITED: "JAPANESE"] GOODS, they liked it! I can remember when it was nice to buy Japanese goods. They were inferior quality in those days, but they were cheaper!

       64. SO FINALLY JAPAN GOT THE WORD THAT AMERICA WAS INEVITABLY GOING TO GO TO WAR AGAINST THEM, [DELETED] and therefore bound to go to war the worse things got for the Jews in Germany and so he was determined to go to war with Germany, which meant [EDITED: "America"] would have to go to war with the Japanese also because they were allies.

       65. THE U.S. AS GOOD AS ALLOWED THE JAPANESE SECRET INFORMATION letting them know that they were planning to go to war with them, in order to encourage the Japanese to do exactly what they did, to make a pre-emptive strike against our navy, which would then give the U.S. the excuse it needed for attacking Japan.

       66. ROOSEVELT WAS INFORMED AHEAD OF TIME THAT THE JAPANESE WERE GOING TO STRIKE PEARL HARBOR, even of the hour, and this all came out years afterward, but he never did a thing and never let the information out to the Armed Services or anything. Because he knew that was the only thing that would make the American people mad enough to go to war!

       67. SO SUNDAY MORNING CAME, DEC. 7, 1941, AT PEARL HARBOR, and as usual the military services all took the day off! They weren't even manning the anti-aircraft guns or anything! Nearly the whole Navy had gone ashore and there were just a whole bunch of battleships moored like sitting ducks in the harbour. The big army bases were virtually deserted because the GIs had all gone to town. In peacetime everybody would take Sunday off, and the [EDITED: "Japanese"] knew it!

       68. THE JAPANESE WEREN'T REALLY TRYING TO KILL SO MANY PEOPLE, but they were trying to destroy their bases and the boats. But it just so happened that something had gone wrong. I think the U.S.S. Arizona was picked to stay on duty, so it was virtually fully manned with over 2,000 guys, and sunk, and the men went down with it!

       69. SO ROOSEVELT JUST LET THE PLANES COME! This all came out later, although it's still been kind of hushed up and whitewashed.

       70. IN A WAY OF COURSE IT WAS JAPAN'S FAULT, but they were provoked to it because they got word that the U.S. was going to declare war. They decided to strike first at her most vulnerable spot and the place that threatened them the most, which was the Hawaiian Islands, the big American naval base nearest them. So they just decided to sink them before they got started.

       71. OF COURSE THEN THIS WAS PLAYED UP INTO BIG PROPAGANDA: "A horrible atrocity, the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor" and "a terrible slaughter," "a stab in our back" and all of this stuff, and it did it!--It made the Americans mad enough, and the very next day Congress met and declared war!--WWII!

       72. RESULT: THE UNITED STATES TOOK OVER THE JAPANESE ISLANDS AND ALL THEIR BIG INDUSTRIES and financed them with American money to begin producing Japanese goods under American brand names, so that now the Americans could make the money instead of the Japanese!

       73. HISTORY WAS MY FAVOURITE SUBJECT BECAUSE I GUESS YOU NEEDED IT!--But thank God for a few teachers who opened my eyes and said things that weren't in the books!

       74. PEOPLE ARE NOW ALREADY BEING CONDITIONED FOR THE NEXT WAR! Have you noticed the nature of the cartoons now?--The Arabs are the villains! Also in motion pictures and TV--the Arabs are now the villains!

       75. EVEN A LOT OF THE VILLAINS ARE EUROPEANS because the United States is not too well pleased with Europe--and so particularly, quite a few of the villains are French! De Gaulle pulled out of NATO and the French are flatly refusing to cooperate or let their armed forces be used for NATO and they're constantly sympathising with the Arabs and with Russia.

       76. SO A LOT OF THE VILLAINS IN AMERICAN MOVIES ARE ARABS, RUSSIANS AND FRENCH! The people are brainwashed for years before a war--years! So if you want to know who America's going to fight its next war with, all you have to do is watch television, newspaper cartoons, movies, etc., and see who the villains are: Eastern Europeans, French, Russians, Arabs and so on!

       77. SO THEY'RE ALREADY BEING GEARED FOR IT AND THEY'RE ALREADY PREPARING FOR IT. They're just waiting for that classic day when they'll have a good enough excuse to give the American public for pushing the button! The only thing is, I think this time when the Russians see what's going to happen, they're going to push the button first!--& you can bet your boots it's going to be over [EDITED: "Israel"] and the oil!

       78. AFTER WORLD WAR II, RUSSIA HAD MORE JEWS THAN ANY COUNTRY ON EARTH! They had I've forgotten how many million Jews in Russia! [DELETED]

       79. RUSSIA CAN'T LET THEM GO BECAUSE THEY'RE THE BRAINS, the technicians, the scientists and the doctors and all that. So she can't let them all go to Israel--they're the brains!

       80. WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THE LORD BROUGHT ALL THESE JEWS INTO OUR MOVEMENT in the early days? We had to have some brains and drive!--Praise God! Most of our top leaders are Jews or of Jewish parentage!

       81. I DON'T KNOW WHY GOD GAVE THE JEWS SUCH BRAINS, including me! It's all the Lord! But as one guy said,
       "'Tis odd
       That God
       Should choose
       The Jews!--

       But God chose
       Which shows
       He knew
       His Jew!"

       --They're just about the cleverest people on Earth!


       83. JUST THINK HOW THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] HAVE PERSUADED THE CHRISTIANS TO FIGHT FOR THEM! [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]hey're going to persuade the Christians to fight the Arabs! But this is going to be the last time, according to God's Word, this time they're going to get it along with their friends, the United States!

       84. I'M CONVINCED THIS TIME GOD'S GOING TO LET THE RUSSIANS AND THE ARABS WIN. It's all in the Bible and in the Letters that I wrote on it, and it's getting closer everyday. Well, we're in the Lord's hands and I'm sure the Lord will let us know what to do when the time comes.--Amen.--So be it, Lord Jesus!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family