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"LADY LUCK!"--The Portugal Story!--MO       July 4, 1977       DO No.602

Copyright © Sept. 1977 by The Children of God

       1. PRAISE THE LORD, THANK YOU LORD! AMEN. This is the morning of July the 4th, 1977, and I'm still not quite awake yet! I'm yawning, excuse me. Praise the Lord! It's U.S. Independence Day and they're celebrating their 201st year of existence since signing the Declaration of Independence. But praise the Lord, thank You Lord--they haven't much time left!

       2. THE NAME OF THIS DREAM I GUESS YOU COULD CALL "BACKGAMMON" because that's what it was about. That's right, backgammon--a gambling game! And that's what they play a lot now. It was a funny little dream, Lord help me to remember all of it, it was really funny. Excuse my yawning, I'm not awake yet!

       3. WE'D COME INTO THIS PLACE (THE ESTORIL, PORTUGAL--RESORT OF KINGS!), I AND MY LITTLE FAMILY, our whole personal team, and it seemed like we had made love to everybody here and sort of conquered the place with love. We were loving this one and that one and so on, and we had practically taken the place over with love--sort of like we've actually done here in a way, you know?

       4. BUT THEN THE QUEEN OF THE PLACE HEARD ABOUT US, a very beautiful woman, and she seemed interested and challenged, and even somewhat coquettishly wanted to flirt with me. So I sort of played along with her little game and indicated that I'd be happy to make love to her if she wanted to.

       5. BY THE WAY, I FORGOT TO TELL YOU--SHE WAS A WITCH! The Queen of the place was a witch, a beautiful witch, very beautiful! I don't know how I knew she was a witch, but I just knew it. I thought, well, maybe there's even hope for witches if you really show them God's love and truth for the first time--if they've never known it before, they could be won.

       6. EVERYBODY, ANYBODY CAN BE SAVED IF THEY DON'T REJECT THE LORD COMPLETELY AND FOREVER. There were magicians in Bible times that were won to the Lord (see Simon--Acts 8:9-13), and there have been in history times when men have had spiritual powers, and women too I presume, who when they first heard the Gospel, first heard the Good News about Jesus, were won to the Lord and their familiar spirits cast out.

       7. SO PRAISE THE LORD! It's strange that we should have been talking about this dark country so much, about how this country's so rife with evil power, demonic power, dark powers. That's what makes this country so dark and the people with such dark faces and such darkness in their eyes.

       8. THE POWERS OF DARKNESS ARE RIFE HERE! This darkness comes from Africa with which they've had to do for so many centuries with their colonies there, black Africa with its black magic, witchcraft and evil devil worship and demonic manifestations.

       9. THAT'S WHY WE FEEL SUCH DARKNESS IN THIS COUNTRY OF PORTUGAL, because of the spiritual darkness that's here--much more so than in Spain. We never felt such darkness in Spain. The only time I felt that kind of oppression of such darkness was some places in Orotava, the ancient capital of Tenerife, and there I felt a similar darkness, real demonic oppression, like I was going backward in time!

       10. SOMETIMES I WOULD FEEL IT WHEN WE WENT TO SANTA CRUZ, like it was even darker there some places--a spiritual oppression. That's the old capital of the Island now too, and it seems like the more conservative, the more church-controlled areas are the darkest spiritually, where you feel a greater spiritual oppression and backwardness and bondage. So praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Help us, Lord!

       11. YOU KNOW THAT'S STRANGE!--IT JUST COMES TO ME NOW THAT MAYBE THAT WITCH IN THIS DREAM REPRESENTS THE LOCAL RELIGION, you know?--Although the church is not as strong here in Portugal as it is in Spain--the people are more liberated from it. But they still seem to have a hangover here from the superstition and darkness of religion.

       12. BUT IT SEEMS TO BE MORE FROM THE OTHER SIDE. It seems to be not so much from the church side, that darkness and superstition of religion, but from direct demonism, direct demonic communication! The established religions in a way are a sort of false front, religion controlled by the Enemy, devils and demons.

       13. THE DEVIL GOT CONTROL OF THE WHORE, the Harlot, the spiritual Harlot of hypocritical false churchianity, so that the Devil wears a false face in false religion. It's even sometimes more dangerous when he uses a false front for his activities and calls them Christian.

       14. SO PERHAPS THE WOMAN IN MY DREAM WAS THE WHORE, THE HARLOT OF REVELATION 17, the false religion of this country, the form of Godliness without the power thereof, the hypocritical churchianity. I don't know. Or she may just represent the spirit of the country as a whole.

       15. THE FACT THAT SHE SEEMED TO BE OPENLY A WITCH without denying it reminds me of some of these people around here who openly confess that they're witches and wizards and have demonic powers, supernatural powers and practice black magic and witch craft and so on.

       16. BUT ANYWAY WE SEEMED TO BE TAKING OVER THIS WHOLE CITY, which could represent this area we're working in witnessing, and everybody was being conquered with God's love, and we had gained quite a bit of notoriety or fame or popularity. It's strange I should have this dream right after discussing that last night.

       17. SO THE QUEEN OF THE PLACE--SHE WAS DEFINITELY THE QUEEN AND SHE WAS DEFINITELY A WITCH--WANTED TO MEET ME to challenge me that she would like to make love with me, at least so she said. But it was more like a challenge, like she wanted to see what it was all about, so she invited me to come to meet her.

       18. SO I CAME AND SHE WAS VERY BEAUTIFUL! She flirted with me in a tempting challenging sort of way and wanted to know all about this love we talk about and asked a lot of questions, a lot like Fernando does, you know? Maybe he has a ... he did say he was a witch!--That's a funny thing for a man to say!

       19. ISN'T HE THE ONE THAT TOLD SOMEBODY HE WAS A WITCH? I thought that's strange for a man to say! Was it Fernando? (Maria: Yes, it was Fernando.) He said Francisco is a witch too, huh? Well, I never heard of a man claiming to be a witch! Isn't that strange? Do you suppose he just didn't know the English word for it? (Maria: Yes, that's possible--he's Venezuelan.)

       20. BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, THE MAN WE'VE HAD TO DEAL WITH THE MOST, THE BOSS OF THE CASINO, HAS SOME KIND OF SPIRITUAL POWER. A man can be possessed by the spirit of a woman or a witch, you know? So it could be that from behind the scenes this witch is really running things.

       21. AND OF COURSE THE CASINO IS THE GAMBLING PLACE! We never go into the gambling part and have never even seen it, but I would be curious to see it sometime. But it's too much trouble--you've got to give them your passport, name and address and all that, so it's bad security. Well, I've seen gambling casinos before anyway, so I don't really need to.

       22. SO THE STRANGE THING ABOUT THIS DREAM WAS THAT IT WAS ABOUT GAMBLING, because the witch said to me sort of taunting and playfully, "Yes, I'll make love to you!"--Although she didn't sound very sincere. It was almost like she was saying, you know, "Why not!--But first," she said, "you must play backgammon with me!" She whipped out this backgammon board and pieces and dice and said,

       23. "FIRST YOU MUST PLAY BACKGAMMON WITH ME!" Well, somehow I already knew that backgammon was the favourite game of these people in this place where we were in the dream, and the girls had been playing backgammon with some of them, but we were always winning.

       24. OUR GIRLS AND OUR TEAM AND FAMILY WERE ALWAYS WINNING, and the people were astonished that we had such power that we could always win! They were unable to beat us at the game, and that was one reason they admired us so and so many were falling in love with us. That was a strange dream--I have the strangest dreams! (Maria: It's really interesting!)

       25. WHY I SHOULD DREAM OF BACKGAMMON I DON'T KNOW! I don't think I've played backgammon since I was a child--I'm sure I haven't. I can remember playing it when I was just a child, maybe 9 or 10 years of age, or a little younger.--Not 12, because by the time I was 12, I was really into more serious things--I was inventive and building radios and doing things more profitable.

       26. THAT'S WHAT CAME TO ME EVEN WHEN I WAS QUITE YOUNG: WHAT A WASTE OF TIME THESE GAMES ARE! You're spending all this time pushing things around on a board or throwing dice or cards on a table and accomplishing absolutely nothing!--Unless you were gambling, and we never gambled--we weren't winning any money or losing any or anything, it was just a big waste of time, just a time waster!

       27. IT WAS A SORT OF A BATTLE OF WITS SOMETIMES and a challenge to your intellect on some games where there was more of the intellectual challenge of thought and figuring, like chess or checkers. But games like cards and backgammon and dice-throwing games are such games of chance! It has so much to do with just whatever cards you happen to get in the deal or whatever numbers come up when you throw the dice.

       28. GAMES LIKE BACKGAMMON ARE ALMOST PURELY GAMES OF CHANCE with very little intellect or skill involved. Of course cards takes a little intelligence to know how to use the cards you get, but you're pretty well limited with the cards that you get or the pieces you receive or the way the dice roll.

       29. SO IT'S PARTLY CHANCE AND PARTLY WITS IN MOST OF THOSE GAMES, BUT BACKGAMMON IS ALMOST PURELY A GAME OF CHANCE. You move, according to the throw of the dice, so many points. You start with certain pieces similar to checkers and you place them on these points on the board, and then each player takes a turn rolling the dice and he moves his pieces, advances his pieces forward, according to the numbers that he throws.

       30. THERE IS HARDLY ANY SKILL TO IT WHATSOEVER, IT'S ALMOST PURELY CHANCE on how the dice roll--which would have fit this woman, this witch, this "Lady Luck" very well! So-called Lady Luck has long been the supposed power behind the throne of gambling, and just how the ball rolls on the roulette, or how the dice roll or how the cards are dealt is up to Lady Luck, the spirit behind gambling.

       31. GAMBLING DOES GET TO BE DEMONIC SOMETIMES, because some people seem to become obsessed with the desire to gamble, possessed with a gambling spirit, which is as bad as the demon of drink or some other kind of demon possession. They'll risk everything they have on one throw of the dice, or one roll of the roulette ball or one deal of the cards!

       32. WE HAVE A FRIEND HERE NOW THAT ONE DAY HE'S RICH AND THE NEXT DAY HE'S POOR! One day he's spending money lavishly on everybody, the next day he's borrowing money. He can never keep away from the tables, he is just obsessed with a fanatical almost maniacal desire to gamble.

       33. GAMBLERS ARE ALWAYS LIVING IN THE FUTURE: Someday they're going to win a great pile, a great fortune! It's a fantasy world, a terrible temptation, like gold fever or fishin' fever! To some people, fishing fever is like gambling fever--you never know what you're going to catch. Some people are just absolutely obsessed with this evil spirit of gambling!

       34. BUT WHEN WE COME INTO AN AREA, THERE'S NO GAMBLING ABOUT IT! It was symbolic or significant in this dream that we constantly won, we never lost. If you witness you always win!--You may not win the soul but you win the favour of God and you obey God and Love never fails; whether it saves them or damns them, it does its job. God does His job and the Spirit does Her job.

       35. LOVE NEVER FAILS, SO YOU JUST CAN'T LOSE! We're on God's side and He just doesn't lose. He never loses--eventually He always wins somehow. So we're really not even gambling at all. Witnessing and winning souls is no gamble--you've got a sure winner! You're not just playing, you're working.

       36. IT'S A GAME WE CAN'T LOSE and in which the odds are stacked in our favour by far, because we have a higher Power on our side, a greater Power than theirs. Some of the people we've run into here are spiritual powers, but their power has not been as strong as ours, and they have recognised the fact that we and our power are stronger than theirs and they can't understand what it is. We've told them that it's God and the Love of God, Jesus and His Spirit. So praise the Lord!

       37. SO JUST LIKE THAT WE'VE COME IN HERE AND CONQUERED AND HAVE SUDDENLY SKYROCKETED TO POPULARITY AND ALMOST BECOME FAMOUS! It took us years to do that in Tenerife! But in this very spiritually-minded spiritually-conscious country it's only taken months! So our stay here may be very short, we don't know. (And it was!)

       38. WE'RE ALREADY BECOMING WELL KNOWN and honoured and wined and dined and everyone seems to know us and recognise us, even the taxi drivers and the powers at the Casino all bow and honour us. Even the Manager, Francisco, has been giving us respect and due deference also.

       39. LIKE SIMON THE MAGICIAN in the Bible in the Book of Acts (Ac.8:9-24), he's curious about our power and covetous of it, wanting to know what it is and why he can't overpower us spiritually like he does everybody else--that's Francisco, one of the heads of the Casino. He's the visible head, the PR man, the representative of the powers that be, who runs the entertainment and the public relations.

       40. SO HE HAS BEEN INTERESTED IN US VERY INTENSELY, and has been interested of course also in the girls, particularly one, but mostly in their spirit, trying to find out what makes them tick and what makes them so strong. He's asked them,

       41. "WHAT MAKES YOU SO STRONG? You're so strong!"--and he's not able to overcome them spiritually. He's not able to subdue and seduce them spiritually. What they give of themselves they give willingly and in love and they say so, and they're in perfect control of themselves and under God's control and he's been unable to get control of any one of them, no matter how hard he's tried.

       42. HE EVEN TRIED TO WORK HIS SPELLS ON ME and I almost laughed in his face! His power is so puny compared to ours and is so weak and ridiculous compared to the power of God that he's like a little boy playing with matches while we've got lightning bolts! He seems to recognise it now and he's becoming a little afraid of us and for awhile steered clear of us.

       43. FIRST HE WANTED TO WINE AND DINE US and sit at our table and take us out to dinner and all this, very nice--all the time pumping us, trying to find out what made us tick, but unable to overcome us and unable to have any effect on us.

       44. FINALLY WE GAVE HIM THE LITTLE BOOK, DAILY MIGHT, and once he found out clearly the message of where our power comes from and who it is, Jesus and God, he's had an even greater respect for us. Because I'm quite sure his power is from elsewhere according to a dream I had about him which I'll relate later--"The House of Horrors!"

       45. SO MAYBE FRANCISCO IS GUIDED BY THIS FEMALE SPIRIT, THIS FEMALE WITCH, Lady Luck, the power behind the throne of the Casino, the whole spirit of the whole Estoril, you know?--The spiritual Queen behind the scene!

       46. SO ANYWAY IT WAS STRANGE--it was like she was up above the others on a heavenly plane, as she leaned down from above our level in the dream. She was the main character in the dream, this woman witch, this witchy Queen or this queeny witch or Witch Queen, the gambling spirit or gambling goddess of the Estoril! That would be a good name for her too:

       47. LADY LUCK, THE GAMBLING GODDESS OF THE ESTORIL! She leaned over her heavenly portal and looked down at me with a contemptuous challenge and invited me to come up and play with her in more ways than one! It was like she didn't believe we had all that much power, but that she was still the Queen, the most powerful.

       48. SHE WAS A VERY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, BEWITCHING, ENCHANTING, BUT HARD! You could tell she was rather cruel. Oddly enough, it was funny--she even wore one of those witch's hats! She was beautiful but hard and cruel looking, and I thought at the time, "She is very beautiful!"--like that picture that Eman drew of the witch on "God's Witches," only Lady Luck isn't sweet and good but very evil.

       49. SO I WENT UP AT HER INVITATION AND CHALLENGE, and she tempted me to come up by taunting me: "Well, come make love with me!--Why not come make love with me?"--like we'd make love with everybody else but her, and now she'd like to try a sample of our overwhelming overpowering love to show me it wouldn't work on her.

       50. BUT AS I STEPPED INTO HER REALM AT HER BEHEST SHE SUDDENLY WHIPPED OUT THIS BACKGAMMON BOARD AND SAID, "BUT FIRST WE MUST PLAY BACKGAMMON!"--and she began to roll the dice! I thought it was almost silly and childish that she should want to play this foolish little game before making love, but apparently she was cocksure she could lick me at this game which seemed to be their national pastime.

       51. BACKGAMMON SEEMED TO BE THEIR FAVOURITE GAME--EVERYBODY THERE WAS PLAYING BACKGAMMON IN THE DREAM. It's a funny thing, I've heard something about backgammon recently, I think it was in a book I read about the Portuguese or the Arabs (who are very similar!) that their favourite game was backgammon! By the way, it's one of the games they play at Monte Carlo and is having a big revival nowadays all over Europe! It is an old Arabic game that they inherited from the Arabs, as I recall.

       52. ONE OF THE ANCIENT GAMES OF THE PORTUGUESE IS BACKGAMMON AND THEY GOT IT FROM THE ARABS. So apparently they've been a gambling people for centuries. They've also inherited all this demonism from the blacks of black Africa, their black African colonies, which they've had for centuries. Portugal was the oldest European colonial power in Africa. They also have a lot of blacks here, which is not true of Spain.

       53. SPAIN HAS VERY FEW BLACKS. When they asked one Spanish leader why they had no race problems in Spain he said, "We have no blacks!"

       54. BUT THEY ARE QUITE INTEGRATED AND MIXED IN PORTUGAL and they've got a lot of blacks. One of their biggest problems right now is the economy, of course, and they've had big political problems and still have since the overthrow of the 50-year reign of Salazar and the 1974 Revolution and colony losses.

       55. BUT THEIR BIGGEST PROBLEM IS SPIRITUAL, these demonic spirits they've gotten from Black Africa. Perhaps some of the blacks have brought them in or the Portuguese themselves have picked them up down there and brought them back with them.

       56. WE'VE ALL AGREED THAT THIS IS THE DARKEST COUNTRY IN SPIRIT THAT WE HAVE YET VISITED IN EUROPE. You feel a darkness here that you just don't feel anywhere else in Europe. (Maria: It's like North Africa.) Yes, you feel an intense darkness here, the darkness in the people--their faces are dark, their looks are dark, their eyes are dark, their spirits are dark.

       57. IT'S A DEEP DEEP DARKNESS OF THE SPIRIT AND ALMOST FRIGHTENING!--Especially at night--I hate to go down there in the dark places with groups of them at train stations and places like that at night. You can just feel the powers of Hell, the powers of evil! I've never been in such a place where I've felt such horrible spiritual darkness and almost a resentment of us by that darkness!

       58. THE PEOPLE SEEM TO KNOW WE'RE HERE and what we represent, they seem to feel it in the spirit and resent it. They're very spiritually sensitive and they really sense our spirits, that we are good spirits and powerful good spirits, that we carry a great deal of spiritual power.

       59. (MARIA: I THINK NORTH AFRICA WAS MUCH THE SAME. [DELETED])--Especially amongst those [DELETED] people who had come up from Niger, Chad and Sudan, those very superstitious and demonic places.

       60. WHY THE LORD MADE THE AFRICANS BLACK I DON'T KNOW--that's His business. But of course we know according to the Bible (Gen.9:20-26) why [EDITED: "the sons of Canaan were"] cursed. Black Africans are the descendants of black Ham (an Egyptian name meaning "black"), the son of Noah. [EDITED: "The sons of Canaan, the Canaanites"] were cursed because of the sin of sodomy which he committed against his father when Noah was drunk and didn't know it. [EDITED: "HomeARC note (9/98): See "The Un-Cursed Sons of Ham!", ML #2928."]

       61. AS A RESULT, CANAAN AND HIS DESCENDENTS WERE CURSED BY THE LORD. [DELETED] The sons of Ham were black, for he was black. This word Ham spelled H-A-M in our English Bibles comes from the original Egyptian word meaning "black." So apparently Ham the son of Noah was already black when he was born, or turned black--at least they named him "Black"--that was his name: "Black" or "Ham."

       62. THESE BLACKS EVENTUALLY WENT DOWN INTO AFRICA and settled there and populated most of Africa, Black Africa. Noah by the Spirit of God said that "a servant of servants shall he be." In other words the [EDITED: "Canaanites, who settled in Canaan Land,"] according to Noah's prophecy were to become not only servants but the humblest of servants, manual labourers, slaves, domestic labourers, hard workers and the servants of other servants, "a servant of servants." (Gen.9:25.)



       [EDITED: "MUSIC"]
       66. [EDITED: "MUCH"] EVIL MUSIC OF TODAY--SO-CALLED MUSIC--IS NOTHING IN THE WORLD BUT THE DEMONIC MUSIC OF THE [DELETED] JUNGLE for demonic dances in which the natives worked themselves into a demonic frenzy to become demon-possessed for war or sex, etc.--the purpose of the music.--And that's exactly what young people are doing today in these loud blaring discos to this horrible demonic devilish fiendish music of the [DELETED] jungle! They are working themselves into demonic frenzies and becoming demon-possessed!

       67. I READ RECENTLY WHERE ONE DOCTOR WARNED THAT EPILEPSY WAS BECOMING QUITE FREQUENT AMONGST YOUNG PEOPLE WHO GO TO LOUD DISCOS and that it had a bad "psychological" effect upon them which was "detrimental" and causing "mental disturbances" among the young people who dance to that kind of loud violent [DELETED] music! He blamed it on the loudness of the music and repetitiveness of it and so on, that it caused "emotional and mental upsets."

       [EDITED: "AFRICA"]
       68. AFRICA USED TO BE CALLED THE DARK CONTINENT, not only because of the colour of its skin but for the deviltry of its fiendish religions and the worship of its witchcraft and witchdoctors and demonism.

       69. AFRICA SEEMS TO HAVE SUNK ALMOST THE LOWEST OF ALL THE CONTINENTS when it comes to spiritualism and demonism, evil spirits, Devil worship, voodoo, zombiism and all of the most evil and vile religions that you can possibly imagine, with the most evil ceremonies, evil practices and spiritual, physical and sexual wickedness, some of the most barbaric and the most spiritually evil on the face of the Earth!




       74. OF COURSE IN THE LORD THERE IS NO JEW NOR GREEK, THERE IS NO MALE NOR FEMALE, AND THERE IS NO BLACK NOR WHITE EITHER! In the Lord they're just like anybody else, any other one of us. We have some wonderful blacks amongst our children and the colour of skin makes absolutely no difference. Amongst our own children we have many wonderful blacks who are filled with the Spirit of God, good people who love the Lord and are doing a great work for Jesus--even in Africa!

       75. BUT I'M SURE THEY THEMSELVES WOULD CONFESS that one of the darkest parts of the Earth spiritually, from the beginning of Egypt until this present day, has been Black Africa! There has been more outright demonism, devil worship, witchcraft, black magic, voodooism and so on there than almost anywhere else on Earth!

       76. THE RELIGIONS OF THE ORIENT AND THE EAST HAVE HAD FAIRLY HIGH MORALS AND HIGH IDEALS with a show of goodness and righteousness. But in Black Africa the mask is stripped away and the ugly evil face of the Enemy himself is exposed in their religions! They don't even hesitate to wear the horrible evil demonic masks that represent the devils and the demons that they worship and are possessed with! Many Oriental religions do this also, of course, in the worst parts of the Orient.

       77. WE HAVE CERTAINLY FELT THAT HORRIBLE DARKNESS HERE IN PORTUGAL and it has undoubtedly been picked up from the spirit of some of the Africans and in the African colonies of the Portuguese. They were the first European colonial power in Africa, so they have had those colonies down there for nearly 600 years, and have traded in slaves, black African labour, and had intercourse, trade and communication with Black Africa for centuries, until it seems they have actually partaken of the spirit of Black Africa themselves! I'm beginning to see now what it is.

       78. WE'VE BEEN WONDERING EVER SINCE WE FIRST CAME TO PORTUGAL WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE that they seemed to be so dark of countenance and their eyes so dark and they look so fearful and so sad and their favourite music is Fado which means Fate.

       79. THEIR FAVOURITE PHILOSOPHY IS: "I'M A VICTIM OF FATE!" They are fatalists and their favourite music is very sad and fatalistic. Fado music is supposed to be very popular with the tourists because it's a beautiful music in a way, but it's terribly sad.

       80. SOME OF THEM ARE VERY SWEET BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE and have a sweeter spirit. We've met a few that are very precious, but I think they are people who have more faith in God and Christ and seem to have more of the Spirit of God in them than this other spirit.

       81. BUT THE PREDOMINANT SPIRIT OF THIS COUNTRY IS THIS DEEP DARK AFRICAN DARKNESS, SPIRITUAL DARKNESS. It just seems to cover this country and its people, and it's horrible! We never lived in such a place in Europe before where there was such a spirit of such darkness and such darkness on the faces of the people and in their eyes, and you feel the very spirit of darkness around you!

       82. I'M VERY SENSITIVE IN THE SPIRIT TO THESE THINGS, and all my life I've noticed that when we came to certain cities where I'd get off the plane, train, boat or bus and just step out into the atmosphere of a new city, a new place, I could feel the spirit of it, whether it was good or bad.

       83. FROM THE TIME WE FIRST LANDED IN LISBOA I remember as we drove through the city in that taxi that evening we felt such darkness! It's different from anything we've ever felt anywhere else in Europe. Of course, one historian writes that Portugal is more a part of Africa than Europe, and the Moors were here longer than in Spain!

       84. THE WEATHER IS ALSO VERY TURBULENT, CONSTANTLY WINDY! (At least it was most of the 7 months we were there!) The Scripture says that Satan, the Enemy, is "the Prince of the powers of the air," and we have never lived in a place that is as constantly windy! The wind is constantly blowing and raging to and fro, at least in this part we're in on the Estoril west of Lisboa. (Eph.2:2.)

       85. I'VE NEVER EVER IN MY WHOLE LIFE LIVED IN SUCH A WINDY COUNTRY! It just blows constantly, windy windy windy all the time! Even though now in the Summertime the sun is out and warm and beautiful, the wind keeps blowing almost angrily all day long! (It finally did die down in Estoril just before we left--ha!) So the spirit of the country seems to even affect the weather here, turbulent and restless like its people.

       86. I REMEMBER WHEN WE FIRST CAME TO ENGLAND we found the British are a very sweet and peaceful-spirited people and very Christian in their culture even though they may not be in heart today. They still have that Christian background and Christian ethics, Christian culture, and we were astonished at the difference in the usually calm weather there compared to the violent weather of violent America!

       87. THE VIOLENT U.S. HAS SOME OF THE MOST VIOLENT WEATHER IN THE WORLD and it's changing constantly with terrible storms and hurricanes and blizzards and snowstorms and gales and tornadoes and floods and tempests and all kinds of horribly violent weather and extremes of temperature--you're either freezing or burning in most parts of the United States!

       88. WE DIDN'T REALISE THAT VIOLENT AMERICA HAD SUCH A VIOLENT CLIMATE UNTIL WE CAME TO ENGLAND! Living in the United States we'd been accustomed to seeing the barometric pressure needle fluctuating almost daily--sometimes from minute to minute, up and down, back and forth, as the air pressure changed with the turbulence of the atmosphere, the violence of the weather. Apparently Satan is master and can control there because of the wickedness and violence of the Nation!

       89. BUT WHEN WE CAME TO ENGLAND WE FOUND SUCH A PEACEFUL PEOPLE AND SUCH PEACEFUL WEATHER WE COULD HARDLY BELIEVE IT! I bought a barometer, as I'm accustomed to keeping track of the weather, but a month later the barometric needle still had never changed position, so I thought there was something wrong with it and I almost took it back!

       90. UNTIL FINALLY WE DID HAVE A LITTLE STORM and I saw my barometer varied and was working. But the weather in England was so temperate, mild, even and usually good that we could hardly believe it, coming from America, a violent people with a violent climate!

       91. PORTUGAL REMINDS US OF CALIFORNIA and America with its weather and wind but we have never ever been in a place where the wind blew constantly as it does here on the Estoril--usually all day long and sometimes all night! (At least all Spring!) I told the Family, "No wonder the Portuguese explored the world!--They were looking for somewhere else to live!"--Ha!

       92. IN MOST SEASIDE RESORTS THERE IS AN ONSHORE BREEZE IN THE DAYTIME, then an offshore breeze at night--if any. But here on the Estoril the wind blows almost constantly from the North and is cool or cold, and it blows toward the sea instead of from the sea.

       93. SO PORTUGAL IS A VERY STRANGE COUNTRY with very strange weather and very strange people, a land in constant tumult, torment and tempest! The wind is almost like the spirit of the land--you can feel this tumult in the people.

       94. THEY'VE JUST GONE THROUGH ANOTHER REVOLUTION, and you still feel a violent spirit in some of the people, so you're almost afraid when you're close to some of them, like they're going to attack you! It's not so with everybody, but especially amongst the youth, the lower classes and the poor labourers, who are nearly all Communists.

       95. PERHAPS IT'S BECAUSE WE LOOK LIKE TOURISTS, a little richer or something, and therefore they resent us. It's a kind of fearful hatred in their eyes that we see, perhaps because we seem better off then they, I don't know. But I certainly feel this terrible spirit of resentment in many of them as I pass by, like they'd almost like to attack me if they could.--So different from anyplace else we've ever been!

       96. NOW IN TENERIFE I NEVER FELT SUCH A SPIRIT.--Of course there aren't very many very poor people in Tenerife--everybody seems to have enough. In most of the people there you feel a very good spirit, a friendly sweet spirit, even a kind and loving spirit, a peaceful, honest and good spirit.

       97. MOST OF THE PEOPLE WE MET THERE HAD TREMENDOUS RESPECT FOR ME--even perfect strangers that I would pass on the street would nod or bow their heads as though they seemed to sense something about me that was good, or the spirit of God, or that I was someone unusual or important and to be given deference to.

       98. IT WAS AMAZING! I've even had some people cross themselves there as I passed by, like I was some kind of saint or prophet--or looked like one!--Ha! They seemed to sense it and really honoured me there and showed me great respect.

       99. BUT HERE I FEEL AN INTENSE SPIRIT OF FEAR. They look at you fearfully, right in the eyes, with that darkness in their eyes--a fearful look or actual hatred, like they actually resent you!

       100. IT'S ALMOST FRIGHTENING SOMETIMES, especially when they're in groups, especially in groups of the younger men. Of course, they're usually the wildest and most violent in any nation, sad to say, and the most prone to be influenced by the Enemy, because he's always trying to get ahold of the younger generation, and he seems to have already gotten ahold of them here!

       101. I HAVE NEVER FELT SUCH A SPIRIT AMONGST YOUTH IN ANY EUROPEAN COUNTRY that we have been in, only in the United States. I felt that same spirit there amongst the youth of America very frequently, in crowds and gangs of youth there--particularly black youth.

       102. WELL, I DON'T KNOW WHY I GOT INTO ALL THAT, but I guess I had to in order to explain this dream, the "Backgammon" or "Lady Luck" dream about Portugal. That's the background anyway, and this is the atmosphere in which we have worked here, and yet we have conquered in spite of the darkness, the dark spirits, the rampant witchcraft, black magic and demonism here.

       103. WE HAVE CONQUERED, THANK THE LORD, AND ARE WINNING FRIENDS AND BIG FISH HERE, and have absolutely swept some of them off their feet! We are really winning souls here, important ones, so it has been phenomenal the way these people of the upper classes have accepted us, some of them particularly, because they seem to be extremely spiritually sensitive to our spirits, that they are good spirits.

       104. AS ONE SPIRITIST SAID THE OTHER NIGHT to our girls, "Oh, what an aura of power you have! How powerful you girls are! You're like avenging angels!"--And he kept raving on about that. And last night sometime--isn't that strange!--I thought it was that taxi driver telling me, that sweet little taxi driver that showed up to pick us up a couple of times. I'm beginning to wonder now if maybe he's an angel, because he has such a sweet spirit and drives so nice and slow and knows exactly where I live without even telling him!

       105. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! He showed up the other night right when we needed a taxi and no taxis were available! We just prayed, and all of a sudden there he was with his taxi and brought us straight home nice and slow! I thought,

       106. "MY OH MY, THIS IS NICE! I didn't even have to tell this taxi driver to drive slow"--he drove so slowly. So I said, "I sure appreciate your driving slowly," and he said, "Yes, I know." Then I started telling him my address but he said, "I know it!" He has such a sweet spirit, I felt really almost like he was maybe an angel!--Especially after I had this thing in my sleep--a dream or whatever it was! The angelic little taxi driver was telling me:

       107. "YOU KNOW, YOU'VE HAD A GREAT INFLUENCE ON THIS PLACE AND ITS PEOPLE!--EVEN THE ROCKS HAVE FELT YOUR PRESENCE HERE!"--Isn't that amazing? And I woke up the next morning and thought, "Now, I don't remember that taxi driver telling me that! I don't remember that at the time I was leaving the cab he told me that."

       108. BUT IT WAS LIKE I WAS STANDING THERE BY THE CAB AGAIN, and as I was leaving he was telling me that, and yet afterwards I couldn't remember that he told me that, so I must have dreamt it! So he got his message across anyhow, and in a way it really is true.

       109. WE'VE HAD TREMENDOUS IMPACT HERE ALREADY IN ONLY TWO MONTHS! It's been amazing the friends we have won and the influence we've had and how we've almost skyrocketed already to fame! We're now one of the honoured guests of the Casino and the maitre d' always gives us the best tables without our even asking for them--sometimes I don't even like them so close to the stage and right in the middle of everything!

       110. BUT I GUESS GOD WANTS US TO BE ON STAGE AS WITNESSES and for the people to see us as well as the performers, because he seats us almost right on stage every time, right out in the middle in front of everybody, and they seem to feel our spirit, and people look and stare and talk about us, it's amazing!

       111. THE PERFORMERS TOO HAVE TOLD US AFTERWARDS THEY FELT SUCH A GOOD SPIRIT ABOUT US and we were so encouraging, and they just looked at us and felt like they could do better because they could feel our good spirit! Well, such is the power of God, the Spirit of God! Praise the Lord! Some of the performers have even said they always first look for us before they can really do their best and they don't do well if they don't see us there in the crowd.

       112. WE CAN SEE THE PERFORMERS LOOK AROUND, and the minute they catch sight of us they smile happily and then really pitch in and do their best. Even the dancing girls have said they look around for our happy faces and we encourage them.

       113. THE MAGICIAN DEFINITELY DOES THAT, the shadow man. He always brightens up and smiles broadly when he sees us, and he folds his hands together in typical Indian fashion and bows towards us--it's really sweet! He was doing this one night when one of our friends, Captain Eduardo, said, "You see! You see--he looks for you first! They look for you first to see if you're here!"

       114. EDUARDO IS ONE OF OUR DEAR DEVOTEES THERE, BLESS HIS HEART! A very fine man of about 45, a former ship captain. Now he works in ship traffic control for the government, a very intelligent man with a very strong face, unusual. He just seemed to latch onto us somehow for some reason, just because he seemed to be so sensitive in the spirit.

       115. HE SAYS, "I ALWAYS FEEL SO GOOD AND SUCH PEACE WHEN I'M WITH YOU!" Before he had a problem with nightmares, but we prayed for him that the Lord would help and deliver him, as he seemed to be somewhat tormented mentally. But now he says he always feels so good when he's around the Family. He said,

       116. "NOW I FEEL PERFECT PEACE, I FEEL YOUR LOVE, and I always look for you and come just to be with you." One night we were sitting there and he said: "See, they look at you! They look at you for your approval, see! See how she smiles at you? Look how she's looking at you! Look at him, he's looking for your approval.--You're the star, you're the star!" Isn't that funny? Well, it just really does seem like that.

       117. I'VE WALKED IN LIKE THE KING of the place and taken over, and everybody looks and ohs and ahs at me with wonder! It couldn't be just the beard, there are lots of beards, and it couldn't be the white wavy hair--there are other old men there that have white hair. It couldn't be just because I'm old or something.

       118. THEY JUST SEEM TO FEEL OR SENSE SOME POWER, SOMETHING AWESOME. These people are so spiritually sensitive they sense it right away. That's one thing about them, thank God--they do sense spiritual things. But I have felt a lot of them resent it, very darkly resent it. But those of good spirit, "men of good will," sense it and like it and come to us and feel good in our presence.

       119. WELL, THAT'S THE STORY OF OUR MINISTRY HERE IN PORTUGAL!--But to finish the dream--and maybe it's a warning of what's going to happen or something. (And it did!) The beautiful witch, Lady Luck or the Gambling Goddess, the goddess of this place or whatever she is, definitely was a witch!

       120. MY DEFINITE IMPRESSION WAS THAT SHE WAS A WITCH, THE SPIRITUAL POWER AND QUEEN OF THE PLACE. Now I would say if this place worships anything, it's just like that Casino is its Temple of Worship. It's the general gathering place of all the people, the community center, where everybody goes to meet everybody else, the temple of their adoration, the temple of their worship.

       121. AND WHAT IS THE BIGGEST THING THERE?--IT'S THE GAMBLING! So it's just like their temple of gambling where they worship Lady Luck! It's as though their major religion there is gambling. It's just like a religion. That spirit of gambling takes hold of people and really rules their lives!

       122. POOR LUIS, one of our first friends here, a little Mafia poker player! He wins at poker when he plays for the Mafia and that's his main job. He makes big money that runs into the hundreds of thousands of escudos, which is tens of thousands of dollars. Sometimes he says he plays in games where millions exchange hands over a period of ten or twelve days.

       123. BUT THEN HE GOES DOWN TO THE CASINO AND PLAYS ROULETTE AND LOSES IT ALL! So one day he's rich and the next day he's broke! Gambling fever is a horrible thing!--It can absolutely destroy people!

       124. ANYWAY, I BEGAN TO PLAY BACKGAMMON WITH THE WITCH: I can remember rolling the dice, and it was the strangest thing!: Every time they came up it was the right number and I was winning!--To her horror, amazement and fury!

       125. HOW DARE I ACTUALLY BEAT HER, THE GAMBLING GODDESS, LADY LUCK HERSELF, THE WITCHY QUEEN OF THE CASINO! We kept on playing and she just couldn't believe I could never lose, so she'd insist on playing another game and another game, one more game, just one more game!--She thought surely I would somehow lose sooner or later, and she was just furious that she could not win over me or overcome me. She just could not beat me!

       126. FINALLY THE STRANGEST THING HAPPENED!: She took the board--you know those Backgammon boards, how they fold together--and she slammed it shut violently!--And all of a sudden she turned into an ugly awful-looking little old witch just like the ones that you see in the pictures! She dwindled and shrank 'way down just like a little dwarf witch, and ran furiously away with the backgammon board under her arm!

       127. NOW ISN'T THAT THE STRANGEST FUNNIEST DREAM? She slammed the board shut angrily and ran away!--She was supposed to have made love with me, but she never did!--She slammed it shut angrily, which shows she definitely rejected and resisted me, and then she suddenly turned ugly, real ugly, with a big ugly wart on her nose! You know how ugly they make those horrible pictures of witches with big long hooked noses.

       128. SHE SUDDENLY TURNED INTO AN UGLY OLD WOMAN, very small, not more than 3 feet high, and ran angrily away with the backgammon board under her arm! Now what does that mean, anyway?

       129. WELL, IF SHE IS THE SPIRITUAL RULER OF THIS PLACE, IT MEANS THAT WE ARE CHALLENGING HER SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY AND SHE DOESN'T LIKE IT! This Goddess of Gambling pretended she wanted to make love with me, but what she really wanted to do was overpower me, overcome me and defeat me, see?--Which shows she's not a good goddess or a good spirit.

       130. SO OBVIOUSLY THE RULING SPIRIT OF THIS PLACE IS NOT A GOOD ONE BUT AN EVIL SPIRIT, this evil witch of gambling, and it definitely had to do with gambling, you see? So that must show somehow or another that backgammon is an evil game. It must have originated in some evil way.

       131. I ALWAYS DID HAVE A FUNNY FEELING ABOUT BACKGAMMON. It was the only game we kids ever played which you played entirely with dice and those pieces.--And the board is coloured a witchy black and red! I always had a kind of evil feeling about that game--I never did like it!

       132. IT JUST HAD A FUNNY ATMOSPHERE ABOUT IT. For some reason I always felt like it was a bad game--maybe it was because of the dice or something. My parents had always taught me that it was bad to gamble--throwing dice of course is strictly gambling.

       133. SO SHE SLAMMED THE BOARD SHUT, she just suddenly angrily slammed the board shut, and instantly dwindled down to a little ugly old dwarf-like woman and ran off with the board under her arm! Now isn't that the funniest thing? Now does that mean that we have gotten the victory here, we have overpowered the powers that be and the major spirits here, as God's Word says:

       134. "RESIST THE DEVIL AND HE SHALL FLEE FROM THEE!" (Ja.4:7) We have challenged the ruling spiritual forces of this place, and they center in that Casino I'm sure, the very forces of evil! We have walked in as conquerors and overcome both them and the people, and therefore the evil forces have been forced to flee and we have taken over! Now if that's what it means, spiritually speaking,

       135. THEN THE LORD HAS REALLY GIVEN US A GREAT VICTORY HERE! We have overcome the powers of darkness! Well, that's true--God is the most powerful. (Maria: It was an angry rejection in a way.) Yes, it was definitely an angry rejection.

       136. NOW MAYBE SHE SYMBOLISES NOT ONLY THE SPIRITUAL POWERS THAT BE, the spiritual rulers of darkness of this place. Maybe she also symbolises the people who rule here, the governmental powers in this particular area. I'm not saying this of all of Portugal, but at least here in the wealthy rich selfish Estoril area where there are so many very very rich.

       137. ONLY THE RICH COULD AFFORD TO LIVE HERE and pay these high prices! The prices here are double those of Spain, the highest prices of any country we've run into in Southern Europe! I wonder if it also means that eventually the powers that be here are going to reject us? But we didn't run. (We did later!--Ha!) I remember I was standing there astonished that she ran away! So, praise the Lord!

       138. MAYBE IT'S AN ENCOURAGING DREAM TO LET US KNOW WE'RE GOING TO REALLY GET THE VICTORY HERE! Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! Well, that's my story of the dream I had this morning. I guess that's why the Lord didn't let us get up and go to the government office today to renew our visas. We still have a couple days, thank the Lord. But I guess that's why--He wanted me to get the message.

       139. WELL NOW, WHAT IS THE MESSAGE?--THAT WE HAVE CONQUERED THE ESTORIL and even the principal spiritual power of the place we have overruled! I would say, if anybody was the main physical representative of that spiritual power, it's probably Francisco, who virtually runs the Casino, the public relations man in charge of entertainment and everything.

       140. FRANCISCO HAS TRIED TO BE A FRIEND OF OURS and to find out who we are and what we're doing, and is quite interested in our powers and our religion. But as I saw in that dream the other morning, "The House of Horrors," his powers are not all good, in which he was trying to trap me and with that wire around my head!

       141. WE'VE EVEN THOUGHT THAT MAYBE THE WIRE MIGHT REPRESENT THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTAL POWER or something, and he might somehow accidentally or otherwise cause us trouble with the government, such as revealing our identity or something like that. (It turned out later he was a true friend!--Maybe we broke the power of that witch over him!)

       142. BUT WE HAVEN'T TRIED TO REALLY HIDE HERE TOO MUCH--we've been passing out the little Daily Might books, and it says in there "by Father David" and "Copyrighted by The Family of Love"! So if they've ever heard of either one or both, they'll know who we are.

       143. BUT THANK GOD WE DON'T SEEM TO HAVE BEEN PUBLICISED HERE IN PORTUGAL AS FAR AS WE KNOW. We haven't heard of anybody reading any articles here about us or anything. And the Portuguese, thank God, don't seem to have much to do with the Spanish--or the rest of Europe either! There isn't much communication between them and the Spanish. There's very little love lost between them, as they've been enemies for centuries.

       144. BRITAIN IS THEIR OLDEST ALLY, and they're more friendly with Britain than they are with Spain. They have more intercourse, communication and commerce with Britain, and Britain's also their biggest customer and their oldest ally, and more of them speak English than speak Spanish, believe it or not!--Even though Spanish is closer to their language and they can understand it a little bit because they're similar.

       145. WHEN OUR ENGLISH DOESN'T WORK WE TRY OUR SPANISH, and one way or the other we get it across. But if they know any other language at all, it's usually English and not Spanish, oddly enough! So they have more in common with the British and more relationship with the British than they do with the Spanish.

       146. BUT MORE SPANISH TOURISTS COME HERE than from any other country, probably because it's so close--and of course most of them come here to the Estoril, the most famous resort area of all Portugal!--And of course the center of the Estoril is the Casino Estoril!

       147. SO WE SEE A LOT OF THEM THERE, and a number of times we have been convinced that some of them have recognised us, by the way they were whispering and talking about us and pointing at us and so on. So sooner or later probably the word's going to, in God's time, get around as to who we are, if they tell anybody. (And it did!)

       148. BUT SO FAR THEY HAVEN'T BOTHERED US and nobody's talked about it, nobody's said that they've heard any of the publicity or anything about the Interviu articles. Interviu's not even sold here, and there seem to have appeared no articles in the magazines or papers here about us. (--But they soon did!)

       149. SO PRAISE THE LORD, WE'RE STILL INCOGNITO HERE, thank the Lord, except for just the little bit of following we have here, to whom we're known as Father David and to some of them as the Family of Love. But they don't seem to relate it to anything anywhere else, thank the Lord! So praise the Lord!

       150. WE HAVE REALLY COME AND CONQUERED, and quicker than almost any place we've ever been! Why I don't know, unless it's because they are so spiritually perceptive and so interested in spiritual things.--And because our time is short, we have to work fast because we're probably going to be leaving here soon. (Ha! Which we did!) Praise God! I just got a Scripture,

       151. "WHERE SIN DOTH ABOUND, GRACE DOTH MUCH MORE ABOUND!" (Rom.5:20.) I was just trying to think of why we've had such phenomenal success here in a place that is so demon-ridden and so almost totally under the Devil's control, where evil is so rife and the people are in such darkness, and where the Devil has had such terrific control!

       152. HOW COME WE'VE HAD SUCH IMMEDIATE AND TREMENDOUS SUCCESS HERE? Well, apparently, "Wherever sin doth abound, grace doth much more abound," and where the power of the Enemy is great, God's power is even greater! So He has prospered us here and rewarded us and has blessed us here abundantly and more rapidly than any place we've ever been!

       153. WE'VE ALMOST GOTTEN TO THE SAME PLACE IN TWO MONTHS HERE THAT IT TOOK US TWO YEARS TO GET TO IN TENERIFE! Of course we started FFing here a little sooner too--at least with more of a team, more girls--and we started with a bigger team here too. But even working with a larger team, we've progressed faster here in two months than we did in even the last year that we were in Tenerife!

       154. OF COURSE WE HAVEN'T YET GOTTEN QUITE AS FAR as we got there, we haven't hit the newspapers yet, thank God! (But we soon did! Stern Magazine photographers found us and we had to flee!--You've probably read it by this time! Praise the Lord anyhow!) And we're not yet the news of the whole area, although we're getting that way fast--particularly the girls amongst the clubs and all.

       155. THE NEWS IS SPREADING LIKE WILDFIRE about the girls and the Family and our power and so on.--Even some of the other spirits are advertising us, like the "white witch," Fernando! So, praise the Lord!

       156. (MARIA: IT'S ALSO TRUE THAT IN THE DARKNESS THE LIGHT CAN BE SEEN MORE...) Amen, I guess we shine even brighter here!--That's a very good point! I guess we shine brighter here where it's so dark than even in lands like Spain where there's so much light! Here we shine brighter in this gross darkness. Thank you Lord! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

       157. WELL, THE LITTLE OLD RASCALLY WITCH JUST PICKED UP HER BOARD AND SLAMMED IT SHUT AND RAN AWAY IN A RAGE!--Just ran right off and far away till out of sight, and looked like she was diminishing all the time as she ran! So thank You Lord for giving us the victory here in Jesus' name! Hallelujah! Amen! Thank You Lord!

       158. SO WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE DEMON FORCES HERE OR THE EVIL WITCH QUEEN that ruled this place. She's going to flee or she's already fled, one or the other, thank You Lord! Praise the Lord! That's it! God bless you! I love you!

       P.S. September 1977:

Well, praise the Lord!

       159. I GUESS THAT MEANT OUR MAIN JOB OF PIONEERING AND DRIVING AWAY THE ENEMY WAS DONE--OR SOON DONE!--For almost exactly two months later Stern found us--or some Judas betrayed us!--And some of us had to flee!

       160. A LOT HAPPENED IN THOSE LAST TWO MONTHS! Both Eduardo and Francisco came much closer to the Kingdom and we became very close friends, as well as others, including Bernardo, one of the most important men in Portugal!

       161. AND I EVEN DID A LITTLE FFing MYSELF!--With some of the girl singers, dancers and the fellows' girl friends! PTL!--And we discovered that Francisco is a dead-ringer for Coosa of Dark Kingdom fame! So we told him he was in some of my comic books--and gave him one!--Ha!

       162. THANK GOD WE LIBERATED 'EM ALL FROM THE POWER OF THE OLD WICKED WITCH, LADY LUCK, THE GAMBLING GODDESS! Hallelujah! So now they're free to follow God if they will! We also got Portuguese pubs really rolling and are now sending in FF reinforcements to keep the fish happy and still coming!--Ha! It's God's hour for Portugal!--Will you help?

       163. WE'RE ALSO STILL COUNTER-ATTACKING THE LIES OF THE ENEMY IN THE ANTI-CHRIST PRESS, some of which ammunition you've probably already received by now.--Use it! If you'd done what I told you to, you'd've already have yours on the streets before theirs came out!--I told you so!

       164. WE HAVE INSTITUTED LEGAL ACTION AGAINST STERN AND OTHERS, so we hope they'll print our rebuttals soon. I'm sure Stern's next issue will have some photos of us, as while I was writing a farewell note to my favourite dancer two of their photogs sneaked up on me and took pics just as I looked up!--Ha!

       165. WE HAD THEM ARRESTED, but they had already smuggled out their film and had their story, so we let 'em go. Two of our group were dancing, two were in deep conversation and one was watching me write, so none of us saw 'em comin' at me! So out in the public, heads up, and eyes open, kids!

       166. HOPE THE PICS WERE GOOD!--Because after the first shot we tried to keep 'em from takin' any more but they kept on shootin'--so some are probably pretty funny!--Ha! We believe one of our ex-friends tipped 'em off for money--like Judas!--May they get what Judas got!--Anyhow, "all things work together for good!"--and here we are on a brand new field! Praise the Lord! God Bless you! I love you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family