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"FOOD OR POISON?"--MO       June 29, 1977       DFO       NO.609

Copyrighted October 1977 by the Children of God

       1. I RECENTLY READ SOMEBODY'S COLONY REPORT AND IN IT THEY SAID THAT THEY BOUGHT SUGAR! I thought, "My God, didn't they ever read the `Health Revolution' in which we absolutely forbade sugar?"

       2. I FORBID MY HOUSE TO EVER BUY SUGAR or have it in the house, or for sure sooner or later, sure enough, it winds up in somebody's dessert or coffee and eventually in their stomach. So I just refused to let my family buy sugar at all, I won't have it in the house!

       3. (MARIA: IT'S NOT EVEN A GOOD SAMPLE TO GIVE TO VISITORS.--Some people use the excuse that the visitors don't like honey, but while they're in your house and you're the host you can politely say, "I'm sorry but we don't have any sugar, if you would like sweetening we use honey which is much healthier.")

       4. ONE OF OUR GUESTS DID BRING HIS OWN SUGAR the other night, didn't he?--He brought his own dessert. One guy who frequently comes over to eat found out we didn't have any desserts with our dinner so he began bringing his own dessert. Well, the dessert was supposedly for us all.

       5. BUT I WROTE BACK TO THIS PERSON who reported that they bought sugar for the Colony and said, "Didn't you read the `Health Revolution'?"

       6. DON'T YOU KNOW THAT SUGAR IS FORBIDDEN IN OUR COLONIES?!--And that as far as we're concerned it's worse poison than nicotine!--It's worse than smoking!"

       7. DOCTORS HAVE COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT TOO MUCH SWEET IN THE DIET IS THE MOST COMMON CAUSE OF ILLNESS amongst Europeans. Now when they talk about sweets they're not talking about natural sweets like figs, raisins, honey, blackstrap molasses and raw sugar. They're talking about refined sugar sweets, desserts, candies, soft drinks and so on.

       8. THEY CLAIM THAT MOST OF THE DISEASES EUROPEANS HAVE CAN BE TRACED TO SUGAR AS THE MAIN CULPRIT and fat as the next. Now I think that's what the Bible means where it says, "lest your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting". (Luke 21:34.) They have traced a lot of heart failure and heart trouble straight back to too much fat and too much sugar. Most diabetics, for example, suffer heart trouble. So in this note I said,

       9. "DON'T YOU KNOW THAT SUGAR IS WORSE THAN SMOKING?" Our colonies are so self-righteous about not smoking, and I'm glad of it, because smoking is bad for you. If you're a real smoker and you get all that nicotine in you it's pure poison and it's bound to have a damaging effect on you. But even a heavy smoker can't possibly consume as much poison nicotine in one day as most people consume of pure poisonous sugar! Think of that!

       10. MOST OF OUR PEOPLE WOULDN'T THINK OF SMOKING, BUT THEY EAT TEN TIMES AS MUCH POISON EVERY DAY IN SUGAR and sweets as they would imbibe if they smoked all day! So I wrote in this note, "Don't you know that's worse than smoking?" It's bad for you in every way! I explained all this in the health letter!--How come our people are still eating sugar?

       11. I BELIEVE IT IS AN ABSOLUTE DEMONIC PERVERSION! I think it is just as diabolical and demon-inspired as a craving for liquor or drugs or gambling or what have you! I believe it! It's an obsession with some people, it is something that they haven't got the will power to withstand if it's within reach.

       12. (MARIA: MOST AMERICANS HAVE GROWN UP WITH THAT PERVERTED SWEET TOOTH so in order to stop the habit, just like me, you just have to keep it out of reach. If you don't have it in the house I won't eat it. I don't go to the store and buy myself some sugar.) You almost were sucked right into the store tonight just standing in the street looking in the window at those baked goods! (Maria: I said, "Take me away!") I had to drag her away! (Maria: But I won't go buy it, if it's not in the house then I'm fine!)

       13. IT'S JUST LIKE A DRUNK OR AN ALCOHOLIC OR A DRUG ADDICT you've got to keep it out of reach if he hasn't got the will power to resist it. If it's where he can get at it then you'll have to take it away from him. (Maria: Because if I know there's a cake down in the kitchen I'll go down and get a piece!) Aha!

       14. THE LORD MUST HAVE PROTECTED ME FROM SWEETS EVER SINCE I WAS A LITTLE BOY. It must have been the Spirit of God that made me abhor very much sweet. I liked some of my mother's desserts but they were always low in sugar because she was always watching her figure.

       15. MY MOTHER REALLY KNEW HOW TO MAKE PIE!--Apple pie or rhubarb pie! If it was made right it was delicious with the tart flavour of the apple or rhubarb. But it had to have a good crisp crust on it or I didn't like it.

       16. LUCY MADE ONE ONE TIME THAT WAS JUST LIKE MY MOTHER'S PIES--I'll tell you, that was the best pie! I don't think she was ever able to repeat the performance. My mother was an artist at that with a real crisp flaky crust, it had to be crisp and flaky!--But make with honey!

       17. (MARIA: THINK OF THE TIME WOMEN SPEND IN THE KITCHEN...) Just baking sweets and stuff. And think of the wasted energy in the ovens! (Maria: And they make it with white sugar so it's even bad for you!)

       18. I LIKED A LITTLE OF SOME SWEETS IF THEY WERE MILDLY SWEET, something like my Mother would make, like an egg custard. But she didn't make it like they make it nowadays where it's so sickenly sweet, it's horrible! Hers was just mildly sweet. It was mostly an egg custard with just a little sweet. It had a little nutmeg in it I think.

       19. (MARIA: HONEY, EGG AND MILK CUSTARD IS A GOOD HEALTHFUL DESSERT.) Yes, you can make that with honey--egg custard--and it's very good for you. My Mother always used to give me that if I was sick, it was almost worth getting sick for! (Maria: You can put extra powdered milk in it too to make it even more nutritious.)

       20. I LIKED SOME SWEET DRINKS LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK. I liked that a lot, but that was a pretty healthful thing, milk with a little chocolate flavouring in it. That's not near as bad as eating straight candy or these sickening icky sweet desserts and stuff that some people eat.

       21. I ENJOYED A MODERATE AMOUNT OF SWEET and sweets which were only moderately sweet. I didn't hardly care for straight candy at all. I liked some candy if it had a lot of nuts in it, but it was the nuts that I really liked.

       22. I NEVER REALLY CARED FOR SUGAR OR CANDY when I was a kid, especially those gooey sticky gummy kinds of candy. That kind of stuff I could not stand!

       23. I REMEMBER THEY USED TO STICK GUMDROPS IN MY MOUTH when I was little in the grocery store. The grocer would think he was doing me a favour or getting on the good side of my mother or something, and it was just horrible to me. But I had been taught to be polite by my mother and say thank you, blah blah, and as soon as I got outside I'd spit it in the gutter! That must have been when I was two years old that that happened!

       24. AND THE EASTER EGG CANDIES, UGH! I COULDN'T STAND THEM! You know how kids gobble up those little things at Easter time? I'd rather have the hard boiled egg than that.--Jelly beans, gumdrops, yech!

       25. I MEAN YOU HAVE GOT TO DEVELOP A PERVERTED SENSE OF TASTE TO ENJOY THAT JUNK because naturally your body just doesn't want it, not in that quantity. (Maria: But once you do develop it...) Then it's like any other perversion.

       26. I THINK IT'S ABSOLUTELY DEMONIC, IT'S ONE OF THE DEVIL'S WAYS OF TRYING TO DESTROY YOUR BODY. A craving for sweets I think is like a craving for drugs or a craving for drink or a craving for gambling or something.--It's something the Devil knows would absolutely destroy you!

       27. (MARIA: AND IT'S ALMOST AS DIFFICULT TO GET RID OF AS ALCOHOLISM!) Absolutely, you know yourself! Even today as much as you know about it, if there's a sweet in the house and they leave it lying around you cannot resist the temptation, you go ahead and eat it! It's terrible!

       28. AS LONG AS THERE WAS ANY SUGAR IN THE HOUSE, although it was forbidden to eat sweets, we'd catch our kids sneaking to bake cookies or cakes in the oven when I wasn't looking, remember that?--And eating them on the sly! These little rascals, some of them we've got in the house right now were eating them on the sly trying to keep me from knowing that they were baking cookies! They remind me of Adam and Eve, they'd say, "Well, she made them so I just ate it!"

       29. (MARIA: ONE OF THE GIRLS MADE THE MOST DELICIOUS BANANA BREAD which was more like banana cake.) Oh, that banana bread, it's so healthful and good for you. (Maria: It's very sweet, but it was banana, honey, wheat germ, whole wheat flour and lemon, all good healthy ingredients.)

       30. SHE PUT ALL THE MOST HEALTHFUL THINGS IN IT AND IT WAS DELICIOUS! It was just like cake, sweeter than bread. So you can make delicious things very healthful that are great.) But how people can sit down and eat pure candy, just a pure hunk of sugar like that I don't know! It is repulsive to me.

       31. (MARIA: THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS YOU CAN SUBSTITUTE FOR SWEETS--raisins, figs, all kinds of sweet fruits that you can make your sweets out of. Davidito loves peanuts and raisins as a snack.) Yes, natural sweets like dried figs, raisins and things like that are very good for you.

       32. ANY FORM OF NATURAL SWEET JUST LIKE THE LORD MADE IT IS NATURALLY VERY GOOD FOR YOU IN MODERATION. But these horrible concoctions that the British eat and the Germans eat and the Spanish are eating now too, and the Portuguese too are terrible! I hope our kids aren't eating any of that junk!

       33. NORMALLY I DIDN'T LIKE FOODS THAT WERE NOT GOOD FOR ME like awfully sweet candy and sickening icky sticky desserts. I wonder if making healthy desserts is a lost art now. (Maria: But there are so many good desserts that can be made healthful with honey.) With honey or with blackstrap molasses or with raw sugar.

       34. WE WERE POOR IN THE DEPRESSION AND A LOT OF TIMES WE HAD WHAT THEY CALL BREAD PUDDING. This was nothing in the world but a custard mix poured over all the broken up pieces of old stale bread in the house, all the old bread and bread crusts.

       35. THEY'D SAVE ALL THE OLD BREAD and use it for this delicious bread pudding which was made like a custard. They baked it in the oven in a sort of a custard mix, and that wasn't too sweet. It was delicious, I enjoyed it! (Maria: In my family they poured all kinds of brown sugar all over it to make it really sweet!) Oh no! Ai yai yai!

       36. THEY WOULD ALSO USE ALL THE OLD BREAD CRUSTS AND CRUMBS FOR STUFFING in the turkeys and chickens. When I was little they never cooked chicken or turkey or any kind of fowl in the oven without stuffing.

       37. (MARIA: WHAT ABOUT RICE PUDDING?) Well, that was just another form of custard really, and I liked it if it didn't have too much sugar in it and was not too sweet.

       38. (MARIA: BUT WHITE RICE DOESN'T HAVE TOO MUCH FOOD VALUE AND NEITHER DOES WHITE BREAD. So if you make bread pudding with white bread and rice pudding with white rice there isn't much food value in it. As much as possible you should use brown rice, natural rice and brown bread.) It's especially bad if they use white sugar in the bargain.

       39. WHITE SUGAR IS JUST ALMOST PURE POISON! I've said this so many times I can't imagine one of our colonies still using white sugar!

       40. NOW SOMETIMES I GET CAUGHT IN A RESTAURANT WHERE THERE'S NO OTHER SWEETENING for my coffee or something and then I use a little bit of sugar, but I hate to do it. But the little bit I ever get like that is nothing compared to what most people eat!

       41. BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES IS THE NEXT TO THE LAST STAGE IN MAKING RAW SUGAR. They squeeze the juice out of the cane or sugar beets and they boil it down until it's real thick and dark, practically black, syrupy, and that's pure sugar--that's just about as pure as it can get! That's just one stage before the crystallised raw sugar.

       42. IN BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES THEY LEAVE JUST ENOUGH OF THE MOISTURE TO MAKE FLUID. But when they make raw sugar they keep on cooking it until almost every bit of moisture is gone and then after it's cooked it crystallises and then they make the sugar.

       43. (MARIA: BUT WHY IS BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES SUPPOSED TO BE EVEN BETTER FOR YOU THAN RAW SUGAR?) Raw sugar has been cooked even more and more and more and virtually all the moisture is gone, all cooked out completely. And as when you cook anything, no matter what you cook, the more you cook it the more vitamins and things you kill and some of the things that are supposed to be good for you are cooked out of it. So molasses is the stage just before this extra cooking by which it becomes raw sugar.

       44. (MARIA: SO MOLASSES IS THE FIRST STEP WHERE YOU CAN GET ANY GOOD KIND OF SUGAR OUT OF IT?) Yes, it's better for you than raw sugar because it's before it gets to be raw sugar. The raw sugar is when they've cooked it so much that they cooked all the moisture out of it and all that's left is the crystallised sugar itself.

       45. SO IF YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE SWEETS AT ALL, YOU NEED TO USE GOD'S NATURALLY CREATED SWEETS and not man's refined bleached poisoned man-made sickening poison white sugar or things made with white sugar! So, praise the Lord!

       46. (MARIA: WELL I GUESS WE COULD STAND TO GIVE OUR KIDS SOME GOOD HEALTHY RECIPES for sweets if they're going to eat them anyway.) You ought to be able to get some of those from some of these health food stores and health food books. (Maria: You can cook almost any kind of cookies or sweets by just substituting whole wheat flour and honey instead of sugar and white flour.)

       47. OF COURSE YOU CAN GET TOO MUCH OF ANY SWEET, even if it's honey or it's blackstrap molasses or raw sugar. The body can only handle so much and you're not supposed to eat too much of anything.

       48. SOME OF OUR UP-AND-COMING TEENAGERS ARE GOING TO HAVE FACIAL PROBLEMS IF THEY DON'T QUIT THESE SWEETS! (Maria: I think quite a few of our kids do have problems with their complexion--I know one girl had a terrible problem.) Probably eats too much sweets or too much fats--one or the other. Some people can't eat any greases or fats or they'll blossom out right away with pimples. Other people it's sugar that does it.

       49. SO THEY SHOULDN'T EAT TOO MUCH GREASY OR FATTY FOODS AND THEY SHOULDN'T EAT TOO MUCH SWEETS. (Maria: You for sure can experiment, but some greases and oils won't do the same thing for you that others will. You can have pure oil like sunflower oil or wheatgerm oil and use some natural sweeteners and things like that.) Yes, most vegetable oils are fairly good for you, it's these animal fats that are not good for you, and are forbidden in the Bible (Lev.7:23).

       50. (MARIA: BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? MY FACE HAS ALWAYS BEEN TEMPTED TO BREAK OUT a lot and I was scared of any sugar and any sweets and so I wasn't eating anything. But I started to eat honey and have honey in drinks and things, taking two and sometimes three spoonfuls of it in drinks during the day and sometimes even a spoonful of molasses too, and it doesn't bother my skin in the least!)

       51. YES, IT'S FAR BETTER TO MAKE ALL OF THESE THINGS WITH NATURAL SWEETS and the most simple and natural and most easily obtainable natural sweets are either blackstrap molasses or honey. (Maria: Blackstrap molasses isn't too easy to get in a lot of places.

       52. THERE'S NOT TOO MUCH OF A DEMAND FOR MOLASSES BECAUSE THE TASTE IS SO STRONG. If you put it in some things it sort of destroys the natural flavour of the food.) I've tried using it for example in coffee or something like that and the molasses flavour is so strong itself that it destroys the coffee flavour. And if you enjoy a coffee flavour you don't like it completely smothered up with molasses flavour. So I like to use honey as the sweet in my coffee.

       53. I LIKE THE MOLASSES FLAVOUR ITSELF IF IT'S USED AS A SWEETENING in some other things like certain kinds of cakes and in some kinds of desserts where it is the only flavour and you're not trying to promote some other flavour.

       54. (MARIA: DAVIDITO HAS IT, AND I DO TOO OCCASIONALLY, MIXED IN YOGURT AS A SWEETENING which is very good, and there you have the molasses flavour.) If you'll use it not only as the sweetening but as the flavouring in something which is fairly neutral, then it's good.

       55. BUT OF COURSE HONEY IS ONE OF THE MOST COMMON SWEETS. You can find honey everywhere in every country in the world. (Maria: I've heard that a lot of people give the excuse that it costs more, but the thing of it is, like one doctor said,

       56. ("IT WILL COST A LOT MORE IN THE LONG RUN TO TRY TO REPAIR ALL THE DAMAGE that's been done!") Yes, that's ridiculous! At the price of sugar nowadays I wouldn't be a bit surprised that you come out using honey even cheaper than sugar.

       57. HONEY IS SO SWEET AND THE FLAVOUR IS SO STRONG THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE AS MUCH HONEY AS YOU WOULD GRANULATED SUGAR. There is so much more sweetening in one teaspoonful of honey than in a whole heaping teaspoon of sugar. If you'd use as much honey in your coffee as most people use sugar you wouldn't be able to drink it, it would be so sweet!

       58. I JUST HAVE TO USE A LITTLE TINY BIT, I'd say about half a teaspoon really, about half as much as I would have to use of sugar. I'd have to use nearly a rounded heaping teaspoon of sugar in my coffee to get it as sweet as I like it. But I only need to use about half that much honey.

       59. SO IF YOU BUY A ONE POUND JAR OF HONEY THERE'S AT LEAST TWICE AS MUCH SWEETENING IN IT, so it's like buying two pounds of sugar. And it's all good for you, healthful, full of vitamins and minerals and things that are very good for your health. Whereas there's hardly anything good for you in white sugar or brown sugar.

       60. I SURE HOPE OUR PEOPLE KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BROWN SUGAR AND RAW SUGAR. Brown sugar is nothing in the world but white sugar before it's been bleached with poisonous bleaches. It's still refined sugar.

       61. BROWN SUGAR HAD BEEN REFINED JUST LIKE WHITE SUGAR, ONLY IT HASN'T BEEN BLEACHED. Well at least it's a little bit better than white sugar because it hasn't got that bleach poison in it.

       62. BUT WHY USE IT WHEN YOU CAN GET NATURAL SWEETENING?--Either get raw sugar, blackstrap molasses or honey. Why use anything else if you can get something that's good for you? As I told you in the "Health Revolution",

       63. SUGAR IS DESTRUCTIVE TO YOUR BODY IN SO MANY WAYS. It is not only bad for your teeth just being in your mouth in sweet food and drinks, decaying your teeth from the outside. It is even worse in the way it helps to decay your teeth from the inside by robbing your bloodstream of calcium.

       64. WHITE REFINED BLEACHED SUGAR IS ALMOST PURE CARBON. Carbon has a chemical affinity or attraction for calcium and the minute that sweet stuff, this white sugar, gets in your blood it immediately attracts all the calcium that's near it and unites with the calcium making the calcium virtually unassimilatable.

       65. IT ROBS YOUR BLOOD OF THE CALCIUM that your body would otherwise normally shoot up to your teeth to try to repair the damage that the sugar's already done to your teeth from the outside. The sugar goes inside and robs your blood of that calcium so it can't repair your teeth!

       66. THAT'S BESIDES ALL THE DAMAGE IT DOES TO ALL YOUR OTHER ORGANS. Horrible damage! Damage to the pancreas, it's hard on the liver, it's hard on the kidneys, it's just absolutely really bad for you!

       67. YOU WILL NOTICE THAT IF YOU EAT OR DRINK TOO MUCH SWEET YOU IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARD FEEL DROWSY and sleepy because you have intoxicated yourself, which means you have eaten or drunk some kind of poison which literally poisoned or intoxicated your body. That kind of sweet is really bad.

       68. SO WHEN YOU INGEST ANY OF THIS WHITE BLEACHED POISONED CARBONIC SUGAR OR ANYTHING MADE WITH IT, which is nearly all of your soft drinks, sweetened juices, desserts, candies and whatnot, you're just eating what is practically pure poison, pure and simple, which does your body absolutely no good whatsoever, only damage. It just absolutely causes almost nothing but damage.

       69. THAT CANDY GIVES YOU QUICK ENERGY IS A FALLACY cooked up by the candy companies and medicine men. It may temporarily satisfy hunger, but is a toxic and depressant that tires you.

       70. IT'S JUST NOT WORTH THE PRICE. They claim that athletes get extra energy if they eat a chocolate bar just before running or something like that, but I daresay that is probably candy company propaganda!

       71. EATING A GREAT DEAL OF SUGAR USUALLY DRAINS YOUR BODY OF ENERGY. For example some people put too much sugar on their cereal and that sort of thing and then they're tired by midmorning, run out of energy. We use honey in our cereal and we eat homemade health food cereal at that! But too much sweet of any kind will make you a little drowsy because although it does convert into energy it also has some side effects which are intoxicating.

       72. (MARIA: BUT THE SEDATIVE EFFECT OF HONEY ISN'T BAD.) No, the little sedative effect of honey will help you sleep if you have a little honey before you go to bed at night in a drink sweetened with honey--but not coffee or tea.

       73. DON'T EXPECT TO GET MUCH SLEEP OUT OF A CUP OF COFFEE OR TEA AT NIGHT. I've heard people brag about, "Oh, I could drink two or three cups before I go to bed and sleep like a baby!" Well I think they're either lying or they don't know how little rest they're really getting! Because I don't believe it! It isn't possible!

       74. CAFFEINE IS A STIMULANT AND IT STIMULATES YOUR BODY WHETHER YOU'RE AWAKE OR NOT! It quickens your pulse rate and your heart beats harder and your brain is stimulated even if it's in your sleep, so your body and mind don't rest properly or fully.

       75. SO IT'S CERTAINLY NOT WISE TO DRINK STIMULANTS AFTER DINNER OR NEAR BEDTIME, such as coffee or tea or chocolate, if it's real chocolate. There is twice as much caffeine in a cup of real chocolate, real strong chocolate, as there is in a cup of strong coffee, believe it or not! And usually a lot of sugar too. God deliver us from sugar!

       76. THEY SAY THE NEXT HIGHEST DIETARY CAUSE OF DISEASES IS FATS. The Scripture says, "Let not your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting," meaning having too much of anything. It's hard on your heart and it's hard on other parts of your body as well. Fats have been a proven cause of all kinds of diseases, particularly heart trouble and arterial sclerosis, hardening of the arteries, along with excess salt.

       77. SO YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, BELOVED, you are what you eat! And if you eat poison you're going to turn into poison yourself!--Poison yourself. And you are what you drink, and all this soda pop and coffee and tea and all kinds of sweets are not good for you.

       78. I DRINK ABOUT ONE COFFEE A DAY. One cup in the morning of just about a level teaspoon of this instant coffee and that's all I drink all day. I like a little bit in the morning to sort of wake me up. I think a little bit is not going to do you that much damage, might even be a little bit good for you.

       79. BUT THE WAY SOME PEOPLE DRINK COFFEE IS GOING TO KILL THEM, like some of those Canarians who drink ten to fifteen cups a day of that strong stuff! It's no wonder so many of the people there die of heart trouble. Most of the people there either die of heart trouble, probably from the coffee, or stomach trouble from all the unclean seafood they eat.

       80. REMEMBER BELOVED, ALL SEAFOOD IS UNCLEAN EXCEPT, FISH WITH SCALES AND FINS. Just take that as your beginning criteria. All other seafood is unclean according to the Bible and should not be eaten. It's full of poison and disease or is just plain not good for you. It's full of garbage and sewage and so on.

       81. THEY'RE THE GARBAGEMEN OF THE SEA! Most of those crustaceans and mollusks, that's shellfish, and the scaleless sea creatures make their living consuming garbage and sewage, believe it or not. So no wonder people get cholera from mussels and so on!

       82. SO IT IS TERRIBLE THE THINGS THAT SOME OF THE MEDITERRANEAN, ISLAND AND ASIAN PEOPLE EAT, all the different kinds of seafoods they eat which are unclean! It's no wonder so many of them have stomach trouble, and the way some of them drink coffee it's no wonder so many of them die of heart trouble!

       83. SO GOD DELIVER US FROM THESE POISONS that some people apparently are still eating in spite of everything I've said in the Letters I've written.

       84. I'M GOING TO CALL SUGAR A SIN IN OUR COLONIES and just as forbidden as smoking! And if anybody is caught with sugar in their house they're sinners!

       85. IT'S ALSO AGAINST GOD'S BIBLE LAWS TO EAT ALL THAT UNCLEAN MEAT because they contain poisons and dangerous diseases that can sicken you, paralyze you, give you cholera, cancer and multitudes of other diseases that can kill you!

       86. HERE'S THE LIST STRAIGHT FROM THE BIBLE (Lev.7 & 11): Clean: Those with cloven hoofs which chew cud, like beef, lamb, goat, etc., but not horse, camel, rabbit or pork, etc.

       87. EVEN OF CLEAN MEATS YOU CANNOT EAT UNCLEAN PARTS such as kidneys, fat, gall bladder, blood and guts. Brains, tongue, liver, heart, etc., are okay.

       88. CLEAN SEAFOODS ARE ONLY FISH WITH BOTH FINS AND SCALES! All others are unclean, such as all shell fish, all crustaceans (crab, lobster, shrimp, crawfish, etc.).

       89. THE UNCLEAN FOWLS ARE all eagles, hawks, owls, vultures, swan, pelicans, storks, heron and the like, plus bats.

       90. ALSO UNCLEAN ARE FOURLEGGED CREEPERS like lizards, alligators, crocodiles and other reptiles like snakes, etc.

       91. BUT INSECT JUMPERS WITH SIX LEGS ARE OKAY, such as locusts and grasshoppers. But turtles, mice, moles, weasels, snails, etc., are not! Plus bears, lions, tigers, panthers, etc., with paws--which includes your dogs and cats!--Ha!

       92. THESE SIMPLE HEALTH RULES ARE STILL GOOD and were not ended like the Mosaic moral code by Jesus Law of Love! So if you love yourself and others you won't eat'em! Happy health!

       P.S.--OF COURSE THERE ARE TIMES WHEN YOU MAY HAVE TO EAT'EM (1Cor.10) for courtesy or when there is no alternative.--Pray!

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