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"MOSES ON THE MOUNTAIN!"       May 11, 1974       GP       NO.610
--The Future of Tenerife!--A Prophecy Given to Father Moses David in May, 1974, in Tererife!--Already Partly Fulfilled!

Copyrighted Otober 1977 by the Children of God

       (The following talk was given after a discussion with Synica, a Finnish girl, in the Belair Hotel.)
       1. GOD OFTEN DELAYED HIS JUDGEMENTS which He had predicted by the prophets until it looked like it wasn't going to happen and the prophet was made to look like a fool, so that the sheep would be divided from the goats, the believers from the scoffers.

       2. BUT THEN SUDDENLY IT HAPPENED, and it often happened so suddenly that the scoffers no longer had a chance to repent! God gave them their last chance to believe by faith and not by sight, so that when it happened it was too late.

       3. JUST LIKE CERTAIN CITIES THAT GOD JUDGED and pronounced their doom: The people who believed the message purely by faith, not by sight, obeyed and left the city. But the scoffers stayed behind and were doomed suddenly, too late to escape.

       4. THIS HAS HAPPENED MANY TIMES throughout history and Bible history: The people who didn't believe and scoffed said, "We'll wait and see if it happens and then we'll believe." But these unbelievers were caught napping when it happened and found it was too late to believe, so they were wiped out for their unbelief.

       5. BECAUSE IT'S THE UNBELIEVERS GOD IS GOING TO JUDGE. We have predicted America's doom, but I'm sure there are plenty of scoffers who are saying, "Well see, it didn't happen." But I believe it's going to happen so suddenly and unexpectedly that the scoffers are not going to have time to escape, they're going to be caught in the judgements of God.

       6. THERE'S GOING TO BE THREE BAD YEARS FOR TENERIFE, because there's going to be three bad years for the whole world. (Synica had told us of the prediction of a psychic woman that there would be these three bad years for Tenerife.) (Rev.13:5,6)

       7. HERE'S THE PICTURE THAT I HAD TODAY (MAY 11, 1974): I LOOKED LIKE MOSES with long hair and a long beard blowing in the wind, and I saw myself standing on a hill here talking to these people. (In 1974 I only had a short beard and short hair, and always wore it that way.) I had a long flowing robe and looked just like these pictures you see of Moses. I was standing on a mound or hill with a raised staff in my hand and speaking to hundreds of people gathered below me.

       8. I BELIEVE THE THING THAT TRIGGERED THIS VISION WAS that I had been praying about what she said about the three bad years in Tenerife, and asking the Lord, "Why would Tenerife have three years of famine?"

       9. IN THE VISION I WAS SEEING THE WHOLE SCENE, not from my literal position like Moses on the mountain, but like my spirit was hovering way up in the air above and behind the literal me, where I could see me standing there talking to the people.

       10. IT WAS AS THOUGH I WERE COMFORTING THEM, pacifying them and telling them not to worry, that everything would be all right if they'd only call on the Lord, He would save us. Turn to the Lord! It looked like they were desperate enough they would have listened to almost anybody for help! Those dear precious believing local people were listening to me like they really believed in me!

       11. I DON'T REMEMBER SEEING ANY TOURISTS AROUND--it looked like they were all natives, Tenerifans, the typical ordinary people. And I was standing there speaking to them with staff in one hand and gesticulating with the other, and my beard and hair and my long robe were blowing in the wind.

       12. WHY WOULD I EVER LOOK LIKE THAT? Such a grandstand play of dramatics! Well, praise the Lord, the Lord told us to do that before: We marched all over the U.S. in long robes to shock folks to listen to His message. He's often asked His prophets to do crazy things to wake people to His warnings!

       13. APPARENTLY GOD WAS GIVING ME A VISION OF WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN--or symbolic of what's going to happen. Because it was like I was lifted up in the spirit into the heavenlies to observe what was happening.

       14. THE WIND WAS REALLY BLOWING!--It was virtually howling! It was a big storm! But from my heavenly vantage point from which I was seeing the vision, this same horrible storm was blowing all over the world! Particularly as I was in the spirit looking Northward and I could see Europe,

       15. THE STORM WAS BLOWING VERY BADLY IN EUROPE.--I could see this horrible storm raging worse than a hurricane all over the world! It was especially bad in America, Europe, the Mideast and North Africa. I can't remember seeing China, India or Japan.

       16. IT LOOKED LIKE HALF THE WHOLE EARTH WAS INVOLVED IN THIS ONE HUGE TERRIBLE HORRIBLE STORM! This storm was absolutely raging! I've never seen or heard any storm like it with such a deafening roar! The main storm was in North America, Europe and the Mideast.

       17. BUT THOUGH THE STORM WAS NOT HERE IN TENERIFE, WE WERE GETTING VERY STRONG WINDS FROM IT. Even though the storm was in the distance, we were feeling these strong gusts of wind here. Now the winds obviously must have been symbolic of worldwide war or trouble! Because at the point I was praying, "Lord is this true, and why is it true that Tenerife is going to have three bad years?", He told me that not only Tenerife but the whole world is going to have three bad years!

       18. THE MOMENT I BELIEVED THAT and I believed what the Lord showed me by faith, that not only Tenerife but the whole world is going to have three very bad years, I got the picture! I was feeling terribly strong gusts, just like when you see a storm approaching. (Mt.24:21.)

       19. THE PEOPLE WERE FRIGHTENED, REALLY SCARED! They were coming running to me to know what to do, and I was telling them, "Don't worry, if you turn to the Lord and pray to God, God will take care of us!" The idea was that though the storm was bad and we might feel the effects of it, it was not going to destroy us if we'd pray and ask the Lord to take care of us.

       20. BUT THE STRANGE THING WAS THAT THE PEOPLE WERE COMING TO ME FOR THE ANSWER! They were running to me for help as though they already knew me and that I might have the answer! It was just like I was a known prophet and the people came to me seeking help! (Remember, this was written in May, 1974, before anyone knew us well there!)

       21. IT WAS JUST LIKE THEY KNEW ME TO BE A PROPHET and that I had the Words of the Lord, and they were running to me for help because they were really frightened of what was happening. I definitely got the feeling it was here, right here on this Island.

       22. THERE'S SOME KIND OF HILL OR MOUND LIKE THAT between here and Orotava or below Orotava, and the people were streaming out of Orotava coming down the valley and up the hill from below to where I was standing, and from all around. (Remember, this was years before we ever knew we were going to live in that very area!) That's the part I can particularly see and remember.

       23. WHY DID THE LORD HAVE HIS PROPHETS IN CERTAIN PLACES AT CERTAIN TIMES? They were always moving around and going from place to place. The prophets usually seemed to be on the run, because quite often somebody was after them. (That has happened now too!) They pretty much had to be on the run.

       24. WE SHOW THE PEOPLE REAL LOVE AND REAL AFFECTION. (This too was before the birth of the Family of Love!) We show all the people more love than they're used to getting from tourists. We call them by name and speak to them as real people who have hearts and minds and spirits. We're concerned about them when they have troubles. We're even concerned about these boys when they need sex.--That's quite a bit of concern! (Again long before the now-famed Family of Love.)

       25. I FELT A WONDERFULLY ANCIENT SPIRIT IN OROTAVA, like we're going back in time there, retreating into the past, and that this is where and how the people had lived for centuries.

       26. BUT PUERTO IS LIKE LIVING IN A SMALL TOWN, friendly, receptive, hospitable, open! But the hill was a bare hill like maybe pasture land. It wasn't very big, just a little high place. Afterward I was praying:

       27. "LORD JESUS, YOU TOLD ME TO COME HERE. You have not yet told me to leave. The main reason why I have stayed is because I have not been told to leave yet. But Lord, what about our return tickets home?" (We had only come for a month!) And what do you suppose came to me: "Forget them! You're not going to need them!" (And that's exactly what happened!--We stayed for three years!--And still expect to return! Praise God! God willing!) While we were talking to Synica, Abrahim (my spirit guide) kept saying:

       28. "KNOW YE NOT THE VOICE OF YOUR FATHER and know ye not the voice of him that speaketh unto you? If you knew who it was that speaketh unto you, thou wouldst ask of him living waters that thou shouldst never thirst! You'd better listen to the words of your father!"--Will you?

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