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NNN ATTACK!--MO       September 29, 1977       DO No.611
--From a talk to the KQCs.

Copyright © October 1977 by the Children of God.

       1. THE REPORTS ON NNNs HAVE BEEN ABOUT THE BIGGEST SHOCKERS I EVER HAD! I'm going to publish Mordecai's report, his analysis of why you don't print the NNNs and sell them. You can spell it out in dollars and cents--money!

       2. YOU FIGURE IT DOESN'T PAY AS MUCH! My God, you don't count all your assets in dollars and cents! Your greatest assets in the whole world are good will, good PR. (E: A good name!) Yes! I mean even if you lose money on the NNN, it's worth putting out for good PR.

       3. THE PLACES WHO NEGLECTED THE NNN ARE SUFFERING FOR IT NOW, including Australia, Germany, Holland, Spain, etc. If people had been reading the NNN all this time for the last year-and-a-half in Australia, for the last year in Spain, etc., then when these recent nasty articles came out about us they would have said, "Oh, what a lot of shit! We know what these kids are doing--we've been reading it every month!"

       4. NO WONDER DENMARK HAS BEEN GETTING SUCH BAD PUBLICITY. Did you read the stats on the translations? Holland got some bad publicity too but at least there we've had the truth to counteract it. In Holland they've had 500-and-some translations. Do you know how many they have in Denmark after all these years?--48! 48 Letters! Think of all the years we were at Christania and all! I tell you,

       5. EVERY TIME YOU KIDS FALL DOWN ON THE JOB AND DON'T HAVE THE FAITH TO REALLY FIGHT and get out there and off your butts and really work, we suffer for it, every time! Australia had all that bad publicity, and do you know how long it's been since they put out an NNN on the streets?--One-and-a-half-years! Australia, one-and-a half-years! There's absolutely no excuse for that sort of neglect, no excuse!

       6. LORD FORGIVE ME, I GUESS I FAILED BECAUSE I DIDN'T INSIST ON SEEING EVERYBODY'S LIT mostly for the sake of our time and security. We were getting stacks of local pubs from all over the world, and I just didn't even have time to hardly look at them much less read them! And they were coming in such big packages, if the authorities had opened them they would have really gotten curious. So I told Maria, "We can't have any more of this local lit coming."

       7. IT'S JUST BEEN ABOUT THAT LONG, about a year-and-a-half or two years ago when we were in Tenerife that I stopped keeping tabs on the local lit, and you see what happened! My Lord help us!

       8. WHERE ARE OUR SUPERVISORS? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? Why didn't you report this to me? Let's face it, why didn't you know what was going on?

       9. IN TENERIFE I SAID IT'S ASKING TOO MUCH FOR THEM TO FILL OUT THESE LONG PRODUCTION REPORTS, four, five, six or eight page Sprint Center reports. It was just ridiculous all the things everybody wanted to know! I just thought it was too big a burden. Well, I'm an extremist, I went to the opposite extreme and I said forget it, we'll see by the stats.

       10. BUT YOU CAN NOW SEE THE RESULTS OF NOT MAKING YOU GIVE US AN ACCURATE REPORT on what your production was and naming it, and how many copies you did, and how. Apparently you saw your chance and dropped the NNN completely since we didn't know anymore. Well, I want to know now! We've got to resume Sprint Center reporting.

       11. I HAD A CONFERENCE IN TENERIFE ABOUT THE NNN AND SAID IT OUGHT TO BE THE HOTTEST PAPER GOING!--About a year-and-a-half ago. That's why I sent for the Zees and had them brought to Tenerife so I could keep my hands on them and get them rolling, and they did--and look at how we're going now! But if you don't get 'em to the GP, what good is it?

       12. WELL, WE REAP WHAT WE SOW, AND WE DON'T REAP WHAT WE DON'T SOW. When the cat's away the mice will play! If you don't keep an eye on them some'll get away with whatever they can get away with.

       13. YOU TAKE AUSTRALIA, ENGLISH LANGUAGE, ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS GO STRAIGHT FROM THE 35 NEGS, no translation, no problem, no relaying nor retyping nor nothing! They are without excuse! They're in one of the biggest countries in the world, English language, rich and rebellious against the mother country and all the rest. They should be eating up our stuff, eating it up!

       14. WE OUGHT TO ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE THAT THEY'VE GOT TO PUT OUT AN NNN EVERYWHERE IN THE LOCAL LANGUAGE ONCE A MONTH--or at least a Quarter--on the streets. Then all this bad publicity would roll like water off a duck's back when the people read it. They'd say, "I'm not going to believe that shit, I know these people. I read about how many good things they're doing all over the world all the time!" It's ridiculous! It's inexcusable!

       15. (MARIA: AND THE HORRIBLE PUBLICITY THEY'VE HAD IN AUSTRALIA HAS BEEN SINCE THEY STOPPED GETTING THE NNN TO THE GP!) Yes!--Just about in the last year-and-a-half, ever since they quit putting out the NNN. Let me tell you, God holds people responsible. Don't blame every God damned thing on the Devil when it's your own damn fault!

       16. IF YOU DON'T DO THE JOB AND SOW THE SEED LIKE YOU SHOULD, THEN GOD'S GOING TO SOCK IT TO YOU, and you're now getting it for your failure. You are reaping bad publicity because you've not sowed, and you are not reaping good publicity because of what you haven't sowed.

       17. SOMEBODY OUGHT TO GO DOWN TO AUSTRALIA AND ABSOLUTELY TURN THAT PLACE UPSIDE-DOWN and tan those kids' hides with how they are absolutely failing God and the GP!--And that's almost the worst and biggest failure in the whole world! (E: It looks like they're being scared all the time in Australia. I always get these reports saying, "We are outlawed here, investigated there, they're taking us to court here...")

       18. THAT'S WHEN THEY SHOULD ATTACK!--HIT THE STREETS AND REALLY ATTACK! When the Devil's attacking, that's your opportunity! Look what we've done in these other places where we've been attacked. I want to tell you, if I don't see a phenomenal increase in lit stats in Germany, Italy and Australia, I'm going to be really disappointed!--I mean it! The attack in Spain has doubled their lit to over one million a month! Italy's rebuttals got three-to-one good articles out of 91!--69 good to 22 bad! Get in there and fight!

       19. GET ON THE STREETS AND ATTACK! PRINT THE LIT, GET IT OUT! We've got everything going for us, including [EDITED: "our enemies"] and everybody else, and we should take advantage of it, get on top of it and ride it, not try to get in front of it and stop it! The Lord gave me that illustration when I was talking in the Club in Huntington Beach once-upon-a-time when the churches and papers were attacking us:

       20. THE SURFER DOESN'T GET OUT THERE WITH HIS SURFBOARD AND TRY TO STOP THE WAVE, HE CLIMBS ON TOP of it and uses it to give him a ride! I told them then when we were getting all this publicity, some of it bad, front pages, top headlines in the Huntington Beach Weekly every single week! I said, "So what! Don't try to stop it, get up on top of it and ride it! Ride it and use it!"

       21. ARE YOU AFRAID TO GO ON THE STREETS AND DIE FOR YOUR FAITH, if necessary, or get beat up or socked or whatever it is? One of our dear boys was out on the streets when "Israel Invaded" came out and a guy walked up to him and socked him in the face and knocked him down to the pavement! I'm sure this has happened a lot of places, but if you're a soldier in the front lines you expect to get hit sometimes! But you don't stop fighting just because of that.--You hit 'em back--with more lit!

       22. THESE PLACES LIKE GERMANY OUGHT TO HAVE THEM OUT THERE REALLY SOCKING IT TO 'EM WITH TWICE AS MUCH LIT just like Spain has! Put the emphasis on getting out the lit.--I know it's cut down on the Salvation stats for Spain, but when you need propaganda, you need propaganda!--And not necessarily spend so much time making converts. When in battle for your life you haven't got time to recruit!

       23. YOU NEED TO PUT UP A PROPAGANDA FRONT, an all-out attack on the propaganda field. It's the same old lies, it's all the same old stuff, no matter what magazine or language they were printed in, so the answers I gave are just as good for Italy as they are for Germany or Spain or anyplace else in the world.

       24. THIS IS A WAR, AND IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO RISK YOUR LIFE AS I HAVE IN THIS WAR, THEN YOU MIGHT AS WELL QUIT! When the enemy attacks, instead of crawling into your holes you ought to come out in full force and sock it to'em, even if you have to die in the process!--I just can't stand cowards, that's all there is to it!

       25. THE LORD SAVED MY LIFE IN TENERIFE FOR YOUR SAKE. There is nothing I wanted to do more then stay right there and fight it out, except to help you guys out. I had to stay alive long enough to keep you going.

       26. I WOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPY TO STAY AND FIGHT IT OUT AND DIE a glorious martyr and have the worldwide fame. It probably would have even boosted us some temporarily. But I think you need me a little bit longer, so I'm living a little longer for your sake. God knows it would be easier to die!--It's living and fighting that hurts!

       27. I WARN YOU, IF I DON'T SEE THESE LIT STATS UP PHENOMENALLY AFTER ALL THAT PUBLICITY we had, I'm really going to be upset. (E: I'm sure they'd love to get it out, I'm sure they are.) I hope so, they better be! I like to know the Words are getting out!

       28. I AM ABSOLUTELY SICK AND DISGUSTED WITH SOME, AND THEY ARE PAYING THE PRICE right now! Their finances are down and their stats are lousy!--And the results are horrible! While they're running around just trying to make money and stuff like that instead of getting on their people and getting out the Word, the Lord is not going to bless it!

       29. SOME WERE THE MOST POTENTIAL FIELDS WE HAD and they were booming and prospering! What has happened! I'm not going to blame the poor kids--I'm going to blame the leadership! If the kids are not delivering the goods, it's the fault of the leadership.--They don't give 'em the ammo!

       30. IF YOU GUYS FAIL TO SUPERVISE LIKE YOU SHOULD, THEN I'LL HAVE TO DO IT! I want to tell you leaders, if you don't lean on your people and keep them moving, I'm going to blame it on you, I mean it! I'll lean on you! You better lean on them when they're not producing!--Or God's gonna lean on you!--And me too!

       31. WE HAVE A JOB TO DO AND IT'S A BIG ONE, and we're the only ones I know of in the whole world who are really doing it, too! We are the main religious bomb of the century, and probably for the end of the world! We're it! There's no other religious group making the news like we are! We are it!

       32. SO WHY DON'T YOU GET OUT THERE AND SOCK IT TO 'EM! Hit 'em where it hurts with the truth! That'll defeat all these lies of the Enemy! But if you run off and hide before the battle's won, God'll hold you to blame for the defeat! Hit and run! Sock it to'em--then run! That's what I did!

       33. LOOK AT THIS WORLDWIDE WAVE OF PUBLICITY WE STARTED IN TINY TENERIFE!--One old man and his little band of a few girls!--We shocked the whole world outta their idiotic stupor! We woke'em up till they were running to see us all over the world to write about us!

       34. NOW GET ON TOP OF IT AND RIDE IT and get out the lit like mad while the whole world is wondering all about you! Use it! Don't run from the wave!--Ride it! Get a bigger surfboard of lit under your belly than ever so you can stand up for Jesus with more buoyancy tha ever!--Amen? GBY! ILY!--And I'm praying for you and praising for you and passin' the ammo as fast as I can!

       35. PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION! All aboard, we're on the mighty mission! Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition--And we'll set them free! HALLELUJAH!--AMEN?--AMEN! ILY!--Now git!