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"THE PRAISE OF WRATH!" (Ps.76:10.)--MO       August 8, 1977       DO       NO.612

Copyrighted October 1977 by the Children of God

       1. GOD CAN COST OUR ENEMIES A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN THEY GET PAID FOR PERSECUTING US. He can really put them up against the wall if He wants to! But as long as that publicity is working in our favour, God may let them continue. Just think,

       2. HE LET JESUS' ENEMIES CONTINUE FOR ABOUT ANOTHER 37 YEARS after they crucified Him, to bring their cup of iniquity to the full. But then He wiped them out, they and their children. They said, "Let His blood be upon us and upon our children," and that's exactly what happened!

       3. THROUGHOUT ALL ISRAEL THEY CRUCIFIED ABOUT ONE MILLION JEWS! They had one-hundred-and-some-thousand Jews hanging on crosses around the City of Jerusalem, and two thousand were cremated in the temple.

       4. GOD MOVES KIND OF SLOWLY, BUT HE MOVES VERY THOROUGHLY. When He's finished accomplishing His purpose through these evil magazines to arouse public interest and create publicity, His judgements will fall.

       5. BUT IN THE MEANTIME IF WE GO TO THE ATTACK, GOD CAN USE THIS PUBLICITY FOR GOOD. For example, the magazine attacks in Spain have doubled our circulation! They had the ammunition and they attacked while they were red hot news and the people bought them like mad!

       6. THE KIDS THERE ARE TURNED ON LIKE WILDFIRE!--You know how these young kids love a fight! Our youth are radicals! They want a revolution, they want a fight and they're getting it! So you've got to give them the ammunition! We want to see you turn that wrath of man to cause it to praise Him, turn it for His glory!

       7. THE PEOPLE WHO ARE HONEST AND SINCERE AND TRUTHFUL AND OPEN-MINDED WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH, and God promises them that "he that hungereth and thirsteth after righteousness shall be filled"! (Mt.5:6) They'll believe the truth if you give it to them.

       8. SO ARE YOU STILL WITH ME? It's a fight but we're going to win if we answer His call and go to the attack! It's time to shoot back for all you're worth!

       9. I ADMIRE THOSE FRONTLINE FOOT SOLDIERS, that infantry we've got out there on the sidewalks! They are the top of my list as far as I'm concerned, those are the fighters!

       10. THOSE ARE THE GUYS THAT ARE REALLY FACE-TO-FACE WITH THE ENEMY! They're the infantry, they're in the frontline trenches, and God is probably going to give them the biggest reward, the biggest crown!

       11. WE'RE FIGHTING TOO, but we don't always have to face the enemy right on the sidewalk all the time continually. I'll tell you, those kids have got guts!

       12. OUR KIDS HAVE GOT THE MOST FAITH OF ANYBODY I have ever seen! They will rush in where angels fear to even tiptoe!--And the Lord always seems to bless them for it and honour their faith. "According to their faith be it unto them!" If ever there was a religion cut out for this generation, this time, and especially for the young--this is it! God knows exactly what He's doing!--Amen?--GBY! ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family