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"ATLANTA!--GODDESS OF ATLANTIS!"--MO       2-10-74       Tenerife       GP No. 615

Copyrighted October 1977 by the Children of God

       1. WHILE MAKING LOVE THIS MORNING when almost to the point of orgasm I had a very strange experience: A very beautiful woman covered with green scales like a wet suit but no clothes, appeared to me to make love to me!

       2. MY EXCITEMENT MOUNTED SO THAT I EXPLODED in a tremendous terrific orgasm!--Also while at that point of climax I changed so I was like her! It was so unusual about this woman: She had no tail like a mermaid, but she did have two legs. Her hands and her feet were a little like fins, but more like webbed fingers. She had big soft round eyes very much like a fish.

       3. COULD THIS BE THE GODDESS OR ANGEL OF THE CANARIES? She suddenly gave me such a terrific surge of power that I absolutely exploded! When these goddesses come to me I really want to do it and sock it to 'em! That evening I was thinking about what had happened this morning and I had the question on my heart,

       4. "WHO IS SHE?" All of a sudden I saw her swimming in the water out here above what is supposed to be the sunken remains of Atlantis, that she was like the Goddess of Atlantis, and that in a way she is bound to the remains of Atlantis. I even had the question on my heart,

       5. "WHY LIKE A FISH?" Is this because Atlantis is sunken and under the water?--And this is the idea I got. Therefore she is also the Goddess of the Canaries, one of the few remaining parts of the Continent still above water!

       6. THAT HAS HAPPENED THREE TIMES NOW, just at that real spiritual moment of the orgasm. Just before it happens she has suddenly appeared, made love to me and made me explode in a terrific orgasm of power!

       7. THERE WERE FOUR ANGELS THAT WERE BOUND IN THE GREAT RIVER EUPHRATES, according to Revelation 9:24 in the Bible.--Why? It says they were prepared for a certain hour, a certain time, for a certain work. Could this be her hour, her time, to help us with our work? (See Letter No. 614, "The Treasure Ship!") There must be something to that spiritually, because in the Bible spirit beings often took on different forms.

       8. SO WHAT MORE SYMBOLIC FORM COULD YOU HAVE FOR A GODDESS OF SUNKEN ATLANTIS AND THE ISLES DEPENDENT ON THE SEA THAN ONE THAT LOOKS LIKE A FISH! God's Spirit fascinates me!--But it also scares me! Now the Orientals believe in a form of metamorphosis, reincarnation, in which your spirit comes back in a different form.

       9. SOME GHOSTS AND SPIRITS ARE KNOWN TO BE BOUND TO CERTAIN HOUSES OR PLACES. Maybe certain spirits, as a part of their punishments or assignments, are bound to certain places or creatures or animals.

       10. DO YOU SUPPOSE THOSE ANIMALS I SAW IN HEAVEN HAD HUMAN SPIRITS OF SOME KIND? (See Letter No.75A, "Space City!") The only two animals I saw there were the lion and the lamb, nearly always typified as good animals. But swine and dogs are never classified as being very good (Revelation 22:15).

       11. ARE SOME PEOPLE GOING TO HAVE TO LIVE HEREAFTER LIKE THE "ANIMALS" THEY WERE WHEN THEY WERE HERE AS HUMAN BEINGS? I remember in the early days of the modern Pentecostal movement that a lot of people who were supposed to be filled with the Holy Spirit got down on all fours and barked like dogs--probably with some other kind of evil spirit--temporarily demon-possessed by dog-like spirits! (Revelation 16:13.)

       12. "AND I SAW THREE UNCLEAN SPIRITS LIKE FROGS come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet". Unclean spirits looking like frogs came out of the mouth of the Devil! The propaganda of the Devil was typified by frogs.

       13. SO SPIRITS CAN TAKE ON THE FORMS OF OTHER CREATURES. This is true throughout nearly all the fairy tales and legends and religions of the world. Even in the Bible the Devil is shown as a Dragon and the Antichrist is called the Beast and he has horns!

       14. SO THERE MUST BE SOMETHING TO METAMORPHOSIS wherein people are actually changed into some other form for some reason, either as a punishment or because that was what they were like. Now those good beasts were in Heaven, they were in Space City, so they couldn't have been bad. But maybe they were people who just didn't deserve to be in the same form as the rest of us--or maybe they're actually animals, I don't know.

       15. COUNTRIES DO HAVE SPIRITS or gods or goddesses.--The Bible says so! (See Dan.10:30.) If she is the Goddess of Atlantis and bound to this remaining area of Atlantis, a sunken country, she was appropriately in the form of a fish!--And a good fish, for she has fins and scales!--So she must be good! Praise the Lord! (Lev.11:9.)

       16. I WONDER IF THEY COULD HAVE EVER WORSHIPPED FISH AND HAD A FISH GOD--OR GODDESS? (Well, they have now!) I wouldn't be surprised, because they are Islands dependent on the sea. Apparently different countries have different spirits that God has put there to rule them, both good and bad, according to what they deserve. That's in the Bible too. (Dan.7-8; Rev.9-13.) The last part I got when I was asking,

       17. "WELL, BUT WHY DOES SHE COME TO ME?" The answer was: "She wants to be loved and wants Me to love her people just like the others"--as though she has come to appeal for her people.

       18. WE'VE COME HERE AND IDENTIFIED OURSELVES WITH THE PEOPLE--"BECOME ONE."--And in making love to her I became the same as she--like her. She was really beautiful! Those big fish eyes, they're really weird, but beautiful, soft and loving.

       19. THAT MUST BE WHY SOME OF THE KIDS SEE SUCH ODD THINGS ON SPIRIT TRIPS. Of course the Devil himself is symbolised as a serpent and a dragon, and in a lot of that old art, devils were depicted as being all kinds of beasts that people don't like.

       20. THE DEVIL WAS TURNED INTO A SNAKE because of what happened in the Garden, part of the curse that was on him. (Genesis 3:14.) We don't know what form he took before but it was different. He was turned into a serpent--he wasn't a serpent before.

       21. HE WAS CALLED A SERPENT beginning in the Third Chapter, but this was written after the fact. But there was some change that took place, because God said, "From now on you're going to go on your belly and eat dust!" So God turned the Devil into a snake. Good King Nebuchadnezzar also became like an ox and ate grass seven years! (Dan.4:33.)

       22. ALL THROUGH THE FAIRY TALES, LEGENDS, ETC., PEOPLE WERE TURNED INTO DIFFERENT FORMS, some good, some bad. There are four strange beasts who carry the throne of God (Ezekiel 1) and beasts were often used to symbolise heads of state, some good, some bad, etc.

       (December 3, 1974, 8:26 in the morning.--David is in the spirit:)

       23. I'M IN LOVE WITH A FISH! Such pretty big eyes! Going to have children of a fish! The fishy people. Such big eyes! That's why she doesn't have any ears. She just has gills.

       24. SHE IS PRETTY! SHE LIKES ME! She looks like a fish, but she's still pretty. She has such pretty eyes, flirty-fishy eyes! She can stand lots of cold in the water. She's swimming around out there right now, you know that?

       25. SHE LIKES TO STAY CLOSE TO ME when I meet her, because I don't have any of her children. How come I don't have any of her children? I'd like to have some of her children.

       26. HOW COULD SOMEBODY BE SO PRETTY AND LOOK LIKE A FISH?--Such a big mouth! It is for Atlantis, and she wants me to love her little children. Her name is Atlanta--it's feminine. Atlantis is her land. Jesus bless her, Lord! I love her, Lord! Give me some of her children, Lord!

       27. JESUS PRECIOUS JESUS, HELP POOR ATLANTA! Keep her, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord for making her so strong! She can swim in deep water so cold! She wants me to have her children. Here I plead to You, I appeal to You, I supplicate to You. I ask You for mercy!

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