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"TAURUG!"--The Guanche Chieftain!--MOGP NO.616October 5, 19774:00 A.M.
--A Tenerife Revelation!

Copyrighted Oct. 1977 by the Children of God

1. (DAVID SINGS IN THE SPIRIT IN A STRANGE TONGUE:) O ta va, O ta va! (And then says:) I need some music please, Honey. Will you please give me some music? (Maria: What song is that?) (He sings again:)
O ta va, O ta va.
O ta la cas ca ca va.
O ta va, O ta va,
O ta va ca va ca va.

O ca va, O ta va,
O ta va ta la ca va.
O ta va, O ta va,
O ta va la ca ca va.

O ta la, O ta va,
O ta ta la va ca va.
O ta va, O ta va,
O ta va a ba la ca va.

2. I SING IT FOR HIM. I sang it for him. I tell you, I sang it for him. (Sings it again:) I sang it for him. I sang it for him. Because he needs it. (Maria: For whom? What's his name?)

3. IT'S ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO LIVED IN THE CAVES IN TENERIFE, YOU KNOW? (Maria: But who are you singing it for?) For the Tenerifans. (Maria: You said you are singing it for him.) Yes. (Maria: Who is "him"?) That, that, what, uh, what did they call'em?

4. (MARIA:THE GUANCHES?) Yes! (Maria: You said, "I sing it for him because he needs it.") Yes, I do! (Weeps:) I sing it for him, I prayed for his soul, you know? (Maria: Who is he? Who is he?)

5. THAT, THAT FATHER GUANCHE that I prayed for his soul, and he has so many children now! (Maria: You mean the first Guanche?) Well, one, one of the first Guanches, that Jesus loved so much!

6. (MARIA: AND HE LOVED JESUS?) He never heard about Jesus until I told him. (Maria: But now he knows?) Yes, because he saw us, he saw us. (Maria: And now he receives?) Yes. (Maria: And now he tells his children?) Yes, yes.

7. (MARIA: DOES HE TELL THEM ABOUT LOVE AND ABOUT JESUS?) Yes, yes, yes!--And I prayed for him. I've been praying him out of hell so he can go to Heaven.--Isn't that beautiful? (Maria: Yes. Did he go to hell?) Well, for a little while he had to go, because he didn't know Jesus, but now I've prayed him out. You know? (Maria: And he's out now?) Yes, I prayed him out.

8. (MARIA: WHERE IS HE NOW?) With Jesus. (Maria: Is he in Heaven with Jesus?) Yes, he's praying for all his children in Tenerife, you know? (Maria: Oh, that's beautiful!)

9. HE'S PRAYING FOR ALL HIS CHILDREN IN TENERIFE. I told you that before. (Weeps.) (Maria: Thank you, Honey!) I told you that, before. I told you that, remember? When I was up in that Cafe and I was so sad. (Maria: Yes.) Don't you remember? (Yes, I do, in Orotava.) Yes, in that Orotava Bar. That was so sad. (Weeping:) And I prayed for them, remember? Remember? (Yes.)

10. DO YOU REMEMBER HOW THEIR VOICES CRIED OUT TO ME and said to please help their children? And so I did all I could possibly do to help their children. (Yes, you did.) I'm trying to do all I can to help their children. (You're still doing it. So now he loves you?) Yes, of course. (Does he know about Davidito too?) Of course! Davidito is one of his children!

11. HE IS SO WONDERFUL! HE'S BEAUTIFUL, HONEY! I wish I could show you a picture of him! (I wish you could too!) He looks a lot like Papa Marcos. (Really?) Yes. ('Cause Papa Marcos is one of his children?) Yes, of course he's one of his children! He looks so much like Papa Marcos! (Really?) Yes, only he's younger looking. Did you know where they come from? (No.)

12. THEY COME FROM THE SCANDINAVIANS. (The Guanches?--That's why so many of them are blond?) Yes, they come from the Scandinavians. They sailed down to Tenerife in their boats, and then they landed in Tenerife and they loved it! They loved it! And they married the people that were in Tenerife, you know?

13. (THE PEOPLE THAT WERE ALREADY IN TENERIFE FROM ATLANTIS?) Yes. (The ones who had escaped and gone up to the top of the mountains?) Yes. I told you that before.--And they loved the Atlantans. They loved 'em, and they made love to 'em, and they got their children.

14. ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL? (Yes!--But is this man the one who sailed from Scandinavia--or one of the first Guanches?) No, he was a descendant of them. (Oh, where did he come in?)

15. HE WAS A DESCENDANT OF THE SCANDINAVIANS AND THE ATLANTAN GIRLS. He was a descendant. (What made him so special to Jesus?) Because he really tried to be good. (Weeps:) He really really tried to be good (weeps) and Jesus loved him so much!

16. HE SENT ME TO LOVE TAURUG'S CHILDREN IN TENERIFE. He sent me to help save his children in Tenerife. You know? (Yes.) You know, when I was in that bar in Orotava, do you remember? (Yes, I remember.) (Weeps.)

17. THEY CRIED TO ME, ASKED ME TO PLEASE SAVE THEIR CHILDREN. (Weeps!) (You have.) Yes, yes, I did, I did, I did my best.--Did you read it in the papers? (They're still being saved, every day, so many of them.) Oh, that's wonderful! I want to go back there, Honey!

18. (WHAT'S HIS NAME, HONEY?) I don't know what his name is. Jesus, Jesus, if You want to give me it, You could give me his name!... Taurug! His name is Taurug! (Thank You Jesus!) Taurug, he said his name is T-a-u-r-u-g, Taurug. That is his name, Taurug.--Isn't that good! (Beautiful, thank You Jesus!)

19. TAURUG, HE WAS SO HANDSOME, HE LOOKED ALMOST LIKE PAPA MARCOS, but he was younger, and his name was Taurug. (Did he have a whole tribe?) He was a chief! He was a captain, and that's why he's so concerned about his children, because he was a chief. And now he wants them to know Jesus. His name is Taurug, did you know that? (Where did he live?)

20. HE LIVED THERE IN THE MOUNTAIN OUT NEAR OROTAVA, and he had a lot of wives and a whole lot of children. And his name was Taurug. You understand me? He lived up there near where they said the dragon lived. The dragon that has fire, you know? (Yes.) His name was Taurug, and he had a lot of wives and a whole lot of children. Isn't that wonderful?

21. AND HE PRAYED FOR HIS CHILDREN WHEN I WAS IN OROTAVA. They moaned and they moaned and they moaned, they moaned for their children, Taurug and all his wives moaned for their children. You understand me? Taurug, O Taurug, I love you!

22. JESUS LOVES THEM SO MUCH! (WEEPS.) HE SENT ME TO TENERIFE TO SAVE THEM. (How many years ago did he live there?) Oh, my God, that was a long long time ago! Don't you know? (Do you have any idea when?) It was hundreds and hundreds of years ago, because he married the what-do-you-call-thems, the Atlantans.

23. IT WAS HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO!--It's in the Bible. (It is?) It was in the days of Peleg, when the Earth was divided, and when Atlantis sank into the sea. (Gen. 9:25--101 years after the Great Flood--over 2000 years B.C. See Letter No.613: "Atlantis".) It was hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years ago.--That's when Taurug lived. I told you, Taurug lived hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

24. BUT HE STILL LOVES HIS CHILDREN. HE WAS A GREAT CHIEF, he was the most important chief on the Island, you know? He was the head of the whole government of the Island of Tenerife. They didn't call it Tenerife then. (What did they call it?) I'm trying to get it...Oh yes!--They called it after the Mountain, they called it Teide, you know?

25. THEY CALLED IT TEIDE THEN. And Taurug was the ruler, he was the chief of the whole Island, you know? For all the people, and that's (weeps), and that's why he's so concerned about his children, you know? Because

26. TAURUG WAS THE HEAD CHIEF OF THE WHOLE ISLAND and he lived in those hills up above Orotava, and they called the whole Island Teide then. (Did they worship the mountain?) No, they didn't worship the mountain, that's ridiculous, Honey, that's stupid! (What did they worship?)

27. THEY DIDN'T WORSHIP THE MOUNTAIN, THEY PRAYED TO THE ANGEL THAT LIVES ON TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN. Don't you understand? There's an angel that governs Tenerife, that lives on top of Teide.

28. EVERY PLACE IN THE WORLD HAS AN ANGEL, don't you understand that? That's in the Bible! There's a King of Persia, and there's a King of Media, and there's a King of America and there's a King of Teide, there are angels who rule everywhere in the whole world.

29. AND THERE WAS A KING OF TEIDE, and Taurug and his people, they didn't worship him, they just honoured him and respected him, because he is a messenger of God, don't you understand? But they didn't know Jesus yet, you know? Oh, you're so sweet! Are you gonna cry? I want to see you cry for Taurug!

30. BECAUSE TAURUG'S PEOPLE DIDN'T HEAR ABOUT JESUS, AND THEY HAD TO WAIT A LONG TIME TO HEAR ABOUT JESUS. They had to wait until Candelaria came, in order to hear about Jesus, you know? She was black and she was beautiful!

31. AND WHEN CANDELARIA CAME THEY HEARD ABOUT JESUS for the first time. (Did she come from Africa?) Yes. (How did she know about Jesus?) She floated over there. She floated on the water, you know? (She was alive, an actual person, floating?) No, no, no, no, no! She was that wooden image, and when she came to Tenerife they found out about Jesus.

32. (HOW DID THEY FIND OUT ABOUT JESUS?) Because there were some priests there then that told them about Jesus. And when this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful wooden image, all black and all naked, Candelaria--you know, they don't show her like she really was, because she was black and naked, all black and naked.(So when she came, how did the people hear about Jesus?) Then they believed.

33. (OH, THE PRIESTS CAME AND TOLD THEM, BUT SHE WAS THE SIGN, THE MIRACLE?) Yes, they could not believe, but when they saw her, the Virgin Candelaria, then they believed, because, you know they were really Africans. (Who?) The people.

34. (THE ATLANTANS WERE REALLY AFRICANS?) Yes, they were really Africans, you understand what I mean? Because Atlantis joined America and Africa, and so in a way they were really Africans, you understand me?

35. (BECAUSE IT WAS THE PART NEAREST AFRICA THAT FORMED THE SEVEN ISLANDS, it was a part of Africa?) Yes! How did you know that? (You told me.) I did? (Uh, huh.)

36. OH, TAURUG LOVES YOU! (I love him.) (Weeps:) He loves you because you brought salvation to his children.--And they put it in the papers, in two papers, you know? So, he loves you so much!

37. YOU'RE THE MOST WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD! And Taurug loves you because you're saving his children. And they're a long ways down. Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren! But he loves you because you saved them. (Now maybe the others can be saved, too, like Taurug was.) Yes.

38. ("THE PEOPLE THAT SIT IN DARKNESS HAVE SEEN A GREAT LIGHT.") (Isa.9:2.) Yes, because I'm going to go to their prison like Jesus did, and preach in the spirit to them in prison when I'm dead. (I Pt.3:19.) When I'm gone, I'm gonna go down there and preach to all those sweet, precious Tenerifans! (Weeps!) Isn't that wonderful? Because Jesus loves them so much!

39. (WHEN DID CANDELARIA COME?) Oh, that was a long time after Atlantis sank, a long time after the priests came there. Then the missionaries from the church came to Tenerife and tried to convert the people, but they didn't believe until they saw Candelaria.--And that's why she's so important. She's very black, did you know she's very black? (Uh, huh.Yes.)

40. (AND WAS ATLANTA THEIR GODDESS?) Yes, Atlanta and Mocumba. (Both of them?) Yes, because they're angels?) Yes, they're angels, don't you understand? (One angel that lives in the water off the coast of Tenerife--and one angel that lives on top of Teide, the mountain!

41. DOES MOCUMBA LIVE ON TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN?) Yes! That's why she came down and made love to me, Honey, because she's from Africa. You remember, she's really black? (Yes, but she lives in Tenerife?) Yes, of course! She lives up on top of Teide, don't you understand? (See "Mocumba".)

42. ATLANTA IS THE GODDESS OF THE SEA, and she lives in the water, and she's the Fish Goddess. But Mocumba is the goddess that lives on top of Teide, and the reason they call her the goddess of the sea too is because she came from Africa. Do you understand? (Uh-huh.)

43. DID YOU KNOW THEY WORSHIP HER IN BRASIL? (Yes.) Did you know they have fire dances to her? (Uh-huh, but she actually lives in Tenerife, she doesn't actually live over in Brasil?) No, they just worship her there. But she lives on top of Teide, and she governs the Island. That's why it's so important.

44. IT'S GOING TO BE THE RELIGIOUS CENTER OF THE WHOLE WORLD! (It's going to be? In the last days?) The Greek prophets said. It already is the religious center of the world.

45. (IS IT GOING TO CONTINUE TO BE THE RELIGIOUS CENTER OF THE WORLD?) Of course, until Jesus comes! (Well, what makes it the religious center of the world?) Because God chose it, that's why!

46. (BUT IS ANYTHING MORE OF SIGNIFICANCE GOING TO HAPPEN IN TENERIFE?) What more can happen? (Well, if it's going to be the religious center of the world until Jesus comes, there must be something else that's going to happen.)

47. BECAUSE I'M GOING TO LIVE THERE! (Are you going to go back? Yes, of course, I have to go back there and stand on the mountain, remember?--And tell the people to come and love God and not be afraid, remember? (See NO. 610: "Moses on the Mountain".)

48. (TAURUG MUST HAVE BEEN VERY STRONG.) Oh, he was beautiful, Honey! He fought with a spear, he fought with the people that came from the other countries, he fought all naked, did you know that? (And he defeated them?) Yes. He's great and young, and fought them and defeated them.

49. UNTIL FINALLY (WEEPS) THOSE HORRIBLE BAD PEOPLE CAME AND KILLED HIM, did you know that? (No.--The Northern Africans?) Yes, they finally came and killed him. But he still had a lot of children left in Tenerife.

50. HELP ME TO HELP HIS CHILDREN OF TENERIFE! (Weeps:) He's so sweet and he's so beautiful, big and strong and blond, with curly wavy blond hair and beard.

51. THERE'S NOBODY IN THE WORLD THAT LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL AS TAURUG, THE CHIEFTAIN OF HIS PEOPLE! (The most pure of the Guanches are in Orotava?) Well, he lived up there before. (That's where the spirits cried to you.) That's why they are so strong.

52. HE LIVED, YOU KNOW ON THAT HILL, THAT BIG HILL THAT GOES UP ABOVE OROTAVA, where your dressmaker was? He lived on the top of that hill, and he ruled the people from there. (How did he rule them?) With the wisdom of God. (Did God speak directly to him?) Of course!

53. HE DIDN'T KNOW JESUS YET, BUT GOD HELPED HIM TO BE A GOOD RULER OVER HIS PEOPLE, do you understand me? Oh, Honey! (Sighs.) (Did he have the people divided into tribes?) He ruled the whole Island with lots of power. (The people loved him?) Oh, they loved him so much! He had so many wives and so many children, and they all loved him so much.

54. (HIS SPIRIT IS STILL THERE?) Oh, yes of course. I already told you--they were all moaning and groaning for their children, he and his wives were all moaning and groaning for their children--and their spirit is so strong!

55. THE ENEMIES THINK THEY'VE GOT TO PERSECUTE US TO STOP US, for we've really been capturing the whole Island and the whole world, because it's in the newspapers and in the magazines all over the whole world!

56. THEY'RE JUST A LITTLE SMALL MINORITY, YOU KNOW, LIKE THE SCRIBES AND THE PHARISEES THAT KILLED JESUS. But they can't stop it. You read it in the Bible, didn't you? (Yes.) They didn't stop it did they? (No!)

57. AND THEN THOSE PEOPLE THERE ARE GOING TO BE LIKE THE DISCIPLES, BECAUSE THEY ARE SO WONDERFUL AND SO STRONG! (Avant-garde?) Yes. They're gonna be like the disciples, like Paul and like Matthew, and Mark, and Luke, and John, and Peter and all the other disciples.

58. (THEY'RE GOING TO GO INTO ALL THE WORLD?) Yes! They're already going into all the world!--In the newspapers and the magazines, didn't you hear about it? (Yes.)

59. (THEY'RE GONNA BE LIKE DAVIDITO SINGS: "STAND UP, STAND UP FOR JESUS, YE SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS! Lift high His royal banner, it must not suffer loss! From victory unto victory His Army shall He lead, 'Til every foe is vanquished and Christ is Lord indeed!" That's his favorite song.)

60. YES, HE'S GONNA BE A LEADER OF HIS PEOPLE, BECAUSE HE'S A TENERIFAN, you know? 'Cause he was born there, and they're gonna love him and he's going to lead them. (Because he's your son, too.) Yes. You gave birth to the most wonderful little boy in the whole world!--You gave birth to him! You're going to cry?

61. (AND THEY'LL LOVE HIM BECAUSE HE'S YOUR SON.) Yes, and they're going to love him because he's your son too. Because they all love you there, all those to whom you showed love, they all love you.--For some, you were their very first love! (I loved them, I loved them!)

62. AND WHEN THE BIG VOLCANO EXPLODES AND THERE'S A BIG WAR, I'M GONNA STAND ON TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN and raise my staff, you know that olive-wood cane? I'm gonna raise that up and tell them to come and not be afraid--if they'll just pray, Jesus will save them. Isn't that wonderful?

63. (THE VOLCANO IN TENERIFE AND THE WAR IN EUROPE?) Yes. (Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!) Do you remember when I saw three streams of lava? (Yes.) Probably because of those big atomic bomb explosions. That's probably what's gonna set it off, you know? (Oh, in Europe.) Yes, probably that's what's gonna make it go.

64. (SO ANYBODY THAT CALLS OUT AND PRAYS TO JESUS TO SAVE THEM WILL BE SAVED FROM THE VOLCANO?) Of course! All Jesus' people are gonna be saved, of course. He's not gonna let them perish. Jesus' people are gonna be saved. He just blew up the volcano to destroy our wicked enemies! Our wicked, wicked, wicked enemies, like that________ in Orotava!

65. ONE OF THE STREAMS CAME THROUGH OROTAVA, REMEMBER? Came right down through Orotava! There must be gonna be a fissure open up above Orotava.

66. DID YOU KNOW THAT TAURUG IS UP THERE? And he's gonna open up the earth and blast them! Because he loves me and he hates our enemies! He's living up there in that mountain, you know? He's gonna go BOOM!--like that, and open up the mountain and let the fire out, to come down and devour them!

67. BECAUSE HE LOVES ME AND HE KNOWS I'M SAVING HIS CHILDREN, and he hates all of our enemies. He's gonna split the top, he's gonna blow his top! That's the truth, that's gonna happen. You wait and see! (I believe you!) You wait and see, it's gonna happen!

68. TAURUG IS FINALLY GONNA BLOW HIS TOP! 'Cause he's still living up there. That's why I could hear him, you know! When I was up there in the bar, that's why I could hear him. Isn't that wonderful? (Yes!) Taurug is gonna blow his top, and with a whole river of fire down there destroy all the enemies of love!

69. BUT GOD IS GONNA SAVE HIS OWN, our friends there, the friends of God's love and the Family of Love!--So they don't have to worry. God always takes care of His own!

70. BUT OUR ENEMIES HAD BETTER WORRY, 'cause God is gonna get'em! Taurug's gonna blow his top and destroy 'em! So they'd better repent and love God and His Family of Love or they're gonna be sorry!--Do you love us?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family