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       (August 24, 1975--One night while praying for Davidito that he wouldn't catch the horrible colds that both he and Maria had contracted and which had made them so sick:)

       28. HE'S THE BELOVED OF HIS FATHER'S BOSOM, very tender and very beloved. Very, very beloved. Jesus, help him! Give him strength and resistance so he won't catch our bad colds. I love him so much. I want to hug him. I don't want him to be real sick like we are, so tell Lucy to keep him in there where he won't catch our colds.

       29. OH, I GUESS IT'S 'CAUSE WE'VE BEEN BAD SOMEHOW. We didn't take good care of ourselves. We didn't rest. She's got to keep him very warm and give him lots of rest and good food.

       30. SHE MUST NOT TRY TO KEEP HIM AWAKE SO LONG just 'cause she wants him to sleep later, because he's a very delicate instrument, like you, and he needs lots of rest. He's got to have more rest. He has to have more rest and more sleep. You understand your father and the desire of his bosom?

       31. OH SWEET SWEET DAVID! He's so sweet blessing from God, messenger of angels. Sweet sweet elixir of Heaven! Sweet David, sweeter than the sweetest elixir! Little David Moses.

       32. SWEETER THAN ALL THE ELIXIRS OF HEAVEN! More precious than all the things in this world! More precious than life or death or anything, and Lucy's got to understand that he's very precious and very special. Very very very special to Jesus. Special little boy. Such a precious little soul for Jesus!

       33. DOES LUCY KNOW HOW SPECIAL HE IS? Does Lucy know he's so special to his father's heart and mother's love? So much loved by father! Jesus loves him very much. Great privilege to take care of him.

       34. HE'S GOING TO BE A GREAT MAN! Great prophet of God! Very important prophet of God! Got to have lots of love and lots of attention. Lots of love!

       35. WE CAN'T BOTH BE SICK at the same time. I have a bad cold, too, but I didn't want to tell you about it. Tell sweet sweet Lucy to take good care of him. He can't get very cold 'cause he's an Aquarian and hasn't got much resistance. Don't wake me up, because I love you and Davidito and I want to be strong for both of you.

       36. OH, HOW MUCH HIS FATHER'S BOSOM LOVES HIM, and how much he's the son of his father, beloved! Again and again I give him seven kisses, more precious than life. You understand? You will keep him in there 'cause we're sick?

       37. "TWO JOLLY CONSUMPTIVES!" (David sings a merry little song in his tongues language, and says:) Little Russian song. (Maria: Please sing me the words in English.) I don't know the words in English.

       38. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND A LITTLE BIT THE SONG about your father David and how he loves you and everybody in the whole world, about how much you must love your father and how much you must be happy in Jesus?

       39. (SINGS THE SONG LOUDLY AGAIN, and says:) We must not wake the neighbors, they come in so late. (Takes a sip of wine:) I rinse my mouth real good with alcohol so it don't say any naughty words.

       40. SONG ABOUT JESUS HELPS YOU, GIVES YOU STRENGTH and makes you feel better. You hear his voice and it makes him happy, 'cause he likes to sing to you. You hear the voice of David and he throws you many kisses. He likes to sing to you. I sing to you many songs of David.

       41. YOU HAVE MUCH MUCH MUCH LOVE FROM YOUR FATHER DAVID, from your papa, and he wants to put it into words and make a song about you, so he sings to you. (Sings loudly again:)

       42. YOU LIKE MY LITTLE LITTLE SONG ABOUT THE VALKYRIES AND MY QUEEN BRUNHELD? (Maria cautions about singing so loudly that the neighbors might awake.) They should like to hear the original song that's never been sung in any opera before. Too bad not to have any more songs for the Heavenly angels that take care of us.

       43. ALL THE VALKYRIES SING SO SWEET TO ME, but you don't like them 'cause they keep the neighbors awake. I don't think it's important at all 'cause I think the sweet song the Valkyries sing to me is more important.

       44. YOU DON'T LIKE TO HEAR THE SONG THE VALKYRIES SING TO ME. You don't like to hear my Brunheld sing to me? My Brunheld--she's queen of the Valkyries. You understand? Then why do you worry so much when you know Brunheld and the Valkyries take care of us?

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