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"MORE HOLY GHOSTS!"--MO       January 27, 1974       GP NO.621

Copyrighted November 1977 by the Children of God

       1. IT'S ALMOST LIKE GOD'S GOT A GREAT LIBRARY OF SAINTS AND ANGELS, spiritual helpers, all of them on call. You just put in your little application, "I want such-and-such a volume, I need So-and-so," and He, the Great Librarian, sends him right out! You just order who you want, praise God?

       2. WE HAVE AT OUR DISPOSAL THE WISDOM OF THE AGES AND THE SAGES, the wisdom of all the kings and all the prophets that have ever lived, just like Abrahim said just now!

       3. (TONGUES) O THANK YOU, O GOD, I THANK YOU LORD FOR ALL THY GREAT BLESSINGS and all Thy manifest gifts that Thou hast given unto their father David. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! I thank You, Lord, that I can help them to help Thy children. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! It's so simple!

       4. IT MUST HAVE BEEN ABRAHIM THAT GAVE ME THAT SUDDEN FLASH I had then, that picture of the library and the Librarian. You know how you go to the library, you walk up to the counter, you ask can I have such and such a book? Thank You Lord, God bless you Abrahim! Thank You Jesus!

       5. GOD KNOWS HIS LIBRARY SO WELL HE DOESN'T HAVE TO LOOK IN THE INDEX or anything. He just knows exactly where the book is and He just reaches up and hands it to you there. You want to know this? You want to know that? Here! (Maria: What a picture!) Isn't that terrific?

       6. WHAT A COLLECTION HE'S GOT BY THIS TIME! Well, time is almost at its end, and all those that have ever lived are at our disposal. What a great company!

       7. WHAT A GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES! You know what a cloud is composed of? It is composed of billions of tiny little particles of moisture, water, the water of life, symbol of the Spirit and Word of God! (Heb.12:1.)

       8. EVERY LITTLE DROPLET, EVERY LITTLE TINY PARTICLE OF MOISTURE IS LIKE A DIFFERENT SPIRIT of those who are departed. Oh, Hallelujah! Oh man, this is beginning to really bring him out now! Oh, wow! Wow, wow! How `bout that, huh?

       9. "WHEREFORE, SEEING WE ALSO ARE COMPASSED ABOUT WITH SO GREAT A CLOUD OF WITNESSES!" Paul saw them! You see, he knew they were there! All these former witnesses, every one who was a witness, isn't that great? Praise God, God bless them!

       10. THEY WERE ALL GOOD WITNESSES! They were also witnessing Him, of course, but now they're witnessing our activities. They're watching--witnessing! This great cloud!

       11. (TONGUES:) "O BEHOLD HOW THEY WATCH WITH JOY THE WORDS AND THE DEEDS OF THY FATHER AND HIS CHILDREN! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord, thank You Lord! Praise God! It was just like the whole crowd broke out in a great smile, a great laugh!

       12. WE'RE FINALLY GETTING THE POINTS, FINALLY CATCHING ON HOW THE LORD WORKS! Isn't that something? Wow! So? You need wisdom? Well, He gave Solomon great wisdom!--I wonder who was his wisdom? Of course it's all God! Yes, yes, yes!

       13. THIS THE CHURCH HAS BEEN TELLING US FOR AGES AND CENTURIES, BUT THEY HAVE NOT KNOWN HOW GOD DOES IT. Nothing is changed. There's nothing different. It's all true just as it says in the Bible, except that they have not understood it--probably because they were so ignorant of it themselves! But they hid what little they did have, and so God took the knowledge of it away from them because they wouldn't give what little knowledge they had.

       14. I WONDER WHO WAS SOLOMON'S GREAT WISDOM, maybe somebody like Job, huh? Or Noah, or someone who really had great, great wisdom? Isn't that wonderful?

       15. IN OTHER WORDS, GOD USES THESE SPIRITS AS HIS AGENTS in imparting not only messages, specific messages and specific powers for specific occasions, but each of these particular gifts that each of us have by the Holy Spirit.

       16. AND LIKE I TOLD YOU ONE TIME, THERE'S EVEN SOMEONE OVER ABRAHIM. My impression is it's the angel Michael. (Maria: He's confirmed it!) He speaks to me directly very seldom, but once in a while, and when he does he has no accent whatsoever like Abrahim, you notice?

       17. HE'S A MIGHTY ARCHANGEL OF GOD WHO CAN SPEAK WITH PERFECT ENGLISH in perfect language with perfect expression. He doesn't have to have any of that. I mean, he's a very very supernatural being! He's close to God Himself and he's very much like God Himself. God could speak in any language perfectly, right? Isn't that amazing?

       18. (MARIA: GOD USES SHAKESPEARE TO HELP YOU!) Yes, I'm sure, because I never wrote poetry before. I'm sure he's used some of those bards of England to help me in getting me some of this poetry that I've recently gotten. I love you sweetheart! (Maria: I love you! It's wonderful!)

       19. HE SAID HE'D POUR OUT MORE THAN YOU'D HAVE ROOM TO HOLD. I can't help it, I just got this and it's wonderful, it's thrilling! It helps you understand so much more about Abrahim and the gifts of the Spirit and all these things.

       20. GOD GAVE ME ABRAHIM APPARENTLY BECAUSE I WAS SEEKING. God knew I was willing to have him, even through I didn't understand it first at all. God knew I needed him, and Abrahim wanted to go with us, so the Lord let him.

       21. APPARENTLY THEY ARE ON ASSIGNMENT. They don't just drift around in space, you know with no place to go, nothing to do, and not knowing what their specific duties are. Because obviously Abrahim was assigned to stay with us all the time.

       22. ABRAHIM APPARENTLY NEVER EVER LEAVES OUR SIDE for a moment, even in my sleep. He's just almost like he's consigned to us, like he's chained to us and he can't get away.

       23. THE ONLY WAY THAT HE COULD POSSIBLY HAVE LEFT ME FOR A LITTLE WHILE IS BECAUSE HE SEEMS TO BE ASSIGNED TO BOTH OF US since we are one and we are together and we virtually are almost never apart. I wonder what he does if you go off to the store? I guess he stays with me. (Maria: He definitely stays with you, 'cause that time he said he couldn't go out the window with me 'cause you might not be around any more.) I guess the Lord uses him to keep me alive when I do such stupid things. He just supernaturally strengthens me.

       24. NOW, WHEN THE LORD GAVE ME ABRAHIM'S TONGUE, HE HAD ALREADY GIVEN ME ABRAHIM. Abrahim already knew his own language, but it required that final surrender to the Lord as I prayed desperately for Hosea one morning before my tongue was yielded enough he could use it.

       25. REMEMBER WHEN I SUDDENLY BEGAN PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT AND I BURST FORTH IN TONGUES for the first time ever? It was because I was so desperate, I was so yielded to the Lord, that Abrahim was finally able to get through and was able to use my tongue, it was yielded to the Lord.

       26. SO THERE IS A LOT OF TRUTH ABOUT YIELDING, WHEN YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT THE GIFT OF TONGUES and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. You may have to sort of do like the yogi mentalists do--make your mind a blank and just yield your members, yield your tongue and just let go of it so that the spirits can get ahold of your tongue and your mind.

       27. THAT'S WHAT ABRAHIM HAD TO DO. I HAD TO BE DESPERATELY SEEKING GOD, so much so that the Lord no doubt said, "Well now, now's the time, now he needs it. Now he needs you. Now he needs you to speak for his encouragement, and now he's really yielded, he's surrendered and willing."--And Abrahim came through and began to speak with my tongue in his own language!

       28. NOW WHY DID I HAVE SUCH A TIME GETTING THE INTERPRETATION TO TRY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT HE WAS SAYING? Because he really spoke almost entirely in his own language--he had obviously not picked up an awful lot of English while in Texas!

       29. ALL THAT TIME HE WAS LIVING WITH THE GYPSIES HE SPOKE HIS OWN LANGUAGE. (Maria: What language were they speaking?) They spoke ancient Romani, Abrahim's language--old Gypsy from Egypt!

       30. HE SPOKE HIS OWN ANCIENT LANGUAGE WHEN HE WAS LIVING WITH THE GYPSIES, so he didn't have to know much English, and obviously he hadn't learned very much. Now if we'd all been gypsies speaking the same language, then he wouldn't have had to learn he wouldn't have had to learn English.

       31. BUT SINCE HE'S BEEN WITH US HE HAS LITERALLY BEEN LEARNING ENGLISH! He speaks it much better now. He only has a little accent and uses a little bad grammar now and then, but he has really learned! It must be that when you're in the spirit world your mind is much better and quicker and can learn much faster.

       32. HE'S LEARNED LITERALLY JUST FROM LISTENING TO US, isn't that something? Well maybe God helped him some too, even probably some of those helpers helped him, maybe he's been taking classes, who knows?--Ha!

       33. MAYBE SHAKESPEARE'S BEEN TRYING TO TEACH HIM! Wouldn't that be something! Can't you just see Abrahim and Shakespeare sitting there on a bench with Shakespeare trying to teach Abrahim English!--Isn't that a scream!--In Space City too, praise God! Well, Abrahim never seems to leave me now however, so he wouldn't be up there or wherever it is.--It may not be that far away! That makes everything so much more understandable and so much clearer!

       34. NOW WHY DIDN'T THE LORD AT THE SAME TIME GIVE ME A SPIRIT WITH THE GIFT OF INTERPRETATION who could have interpreted clearly in beautiful English what Abrahim was saying? (Maria: Maybe He wanted Abrahim to learn English.) That may be one reason, but maybe He really didn't have a spirit available who was capable.

       35. HE WOULD HAVE HAD TO USE SOME DEPARTED GYPSY OR DEPARTED ENGLISHMAN WHO KNEW BOTH LANGUAGES well and who was at the same time a saint and whom He could trust to do a good job of it, right? Somebody like Gypsy Smith or someone, you know? Well, now why didn't He send Gypsy Smith?

       36. WELL, THERE ARE ONLY SO MANY BOOKS IN THE LIBRARY and maybe he's much more needed someplace else and already busy. So maybe the Lord only has so many helpers available, so many books in the library, and all the others are already all out on loan. If somebody else has already got the book out, you can't very well go steal it from them! (Maria: Maybe Abrahim wanted to do it himself, so the Lord let him.)

       37. APPARENTLY, FROM AS LONG AS ABRAHIM HAD BEEN LIVING WITH THOSE GYPSIES IN AMERICA HE HAD PICKED UP SOME ENGLISH, that was obvious. He knew a few words and enough to make some things fairly clear. He knew a little English, just barely enough to speak a very simple childlike English, almost Pidgin English, when he came to us.

       38. SO HE DID KNOW A LITTLE ENGLISH, but it was sure precious little, and apparently he was pretty rusty at it. He must have picked it up when he was with those Gypsies there in Texas or wherever he'd been before that, see? So the Lord knew he had enough English to get across what we needed to know, as far as our personal guide was concerned.

       39. NOW WHEN THE LORD WANTED TO PUNCH THROUGH WITH SOMETHING REALLY BEAUTIFUL IN THE WAY OF DIRECT PROPHECY OR POETRY, HE JUST USED SOMEBODY ELSE. He just bypassed Abrahim and let somebody else speak. But they're all so busy! There're a lot of places where they're working, not only in this world but in the world of the spirit. I mean, it's so vast that it's really incomprehensible to us, but this helps us to understand a lot better.

       40. (MARIA: GYPSY SMITH ISN'T OLD ENOUGH LIKE ABRAHIM TO KNOW ALL THOSE THINGS...) No, no, no. (Maria: Abrahim is much better.) That's true! Good night! Abrahim's been around a long time, hundreds and hundreds of years! (--Over 700, to be exact. He was martyred in 1272 A.D. in Bulgaria by the Turks.--See "Abrahim the Gypsy King", No.296.)

       41. ABRAHIM'S HAD SO MUCH EXPERIENCE IN LEADING PEOPLE leading tribes, just like we were doing then and have been ever since. Our kids are so much like gypsies! (Maria: Gypsy Smith was just a little old evangelist from the churchy system.) Dear old Gypsy Smith's probably still got a lot to learn!

       42. ABRAHIM HAS BEEN A REAL WILD AND WOOLLY GYPSY KING--I mean he was far out! There was nothing churchy about him in the least! He was pure gypsy, no gypsy evangelist--he didn't even care much for church!

       43. SO GOD LETS ABRAHIM COME WITH US because He knows Abrahim knows at least enough English he can begin to get his point across, and what he doesn't know he can learn, and that's what he's had to do, and he's done it! It's just that simple! "You gotta be a baby!"..."Except you become as a little child!" (John 3.)

       44. IT'S SO SIMPLE HOW GOD HAS BEEN OPERATING THIS WHOLE THING, THAT WE JUST ALMOST MISSED IT! Oh, Lord help us, I feel really so dumb! So that's why I didn't get some sudden pure gift of the interpretation of Abrahim, because the Lord wanted to let Abrahim himself work at it.

       45. I'M ABRAHIM'S ASSIGNMENT, AND SO HE'S JUST GOT TO LEARN, and he picked it up as he went along. He knew enough basic English to get across these messages he brought to us.

       46. (MARIA: AND ALSO, THOSE SIMPLE THINGS THAT HE SAID HAVE BEEN EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE IN MANY WAYS than the English he's learned from you, which is quite complicated. But for those little things like "America the Whore", "Chinese Spirits", etc., because of his simplicity they're perfect for the kids!)

       47. HE SPOKE A LITTLE CHILD'S ENGLISH WHEN HE FIRST CAME TO US. He spoke almost like baby English, a child's English, very simple, very very simple English just like a little kid would speak.--Which is about the way you and I speak Spanish, because we just know simple words and hardly any grammar, and so we just stumble along and use what little we've got, about first or second grade level, maybe even worse!

       48. HE STILL TALKS PRETTY SIMPLY AND HE HARDLY EVER USES ANY REAL BIG WORDS or anything complicated. It's all real simple language, but it's much, much better than it used to be, much better. He hasn't got nearly as bad an accent as he used to have. Isn't that amazing? Isn't that wonderful?

       49. ISN'T THAT THRILLING TO REALISE HOW REAL THAT ALL IS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, AND HOW ABRAHIM IS STILL LEARNING! He's had to learn even from us to speak our language better. (Maria: I hope he keeps it simple!) Praise God! Thank You Lord! Well, he has. (Maria: I hope he doesn't get too advanced.) I don't think we're going to have that much time!

       50. SO THAT EXPLAINS WHY ABRAHIM SPOKE SUCH POOR ENGLISH IN THE BEGINNING and how he's speaking much better English now! He's speaking so much better English now that sometimes we're not quite sure who it is that's speaking, because he doesn't sound nearly as bad as he used to sound!

       51. HA, HA, HA! YOU OUGHT TO SEE HIM, HONEY, HE LOOKS SO PROUD OF HIMSELF! Ha, ha, ha! He looks just like he's real pleased that we're complimenting his English. I wish I could draw a picture of him!

       52. WHY DON'T YOU ASK THE LORD SO YOU CAN SEE ABRAHIM, HONEY? (Maria: Well, if I did I couldn't draw a picture of him either!) I guess I just have to be your channel. I suppose if you got to see him too much you'd go drifting off and where would my helper be? You wouldn't be much practical good.--You'd forget to write down the words! Anyway, isn't that wonderful? That makes it so much more understandable and simple.

       53. NOW I CAN UNDERSTAND WHY WE HAD SUCH PROBLEMS IN THE BEGINNING. He spoke so little English, such poor English and he had such a struggle finding the words. Isn't that something?

       54. HE ACTED JUST LIKE A PERSON LEARNING IT IN A STRANGE COUNTRY amongst people who speak another language.--You know how much they have to use their hands and everything to try to illustrate things? You know how it's been since we've been travelling in Europe--you use sign language so much--and he had to do the same thing at first! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! Isn't that something!

       55. THAT JUST EXPLAINS IT ALL! Praise the Lord? Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Well Honey, that was worth it all, to get that little revelation!--Amen? Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! So that's the way it was, huh?

       56. IN THOSE EARLY DAYS, BECAUSE WE DIDN'T UNDERSTAND WHO ABRAHIM WAS, IT WAS CONFUSING TO US. It was as though I were Abrahim, but it was Abrahim who was speaking. I, this David, was not the gypsy king back there, although I felt like I was and had been because Abrahim made it so real to me! I could see the mountains, forests, valleys and fields of roses, his camp--and even his massacre!

       `       57. HE TOOK ME BACK THERE AND SHOWED ME THOSE THINGS. I WONDER HOW HE DOES THAT? I mean, they must have a library of visions up there like films or something!--Or they must be able to go or look right back through time. Maybe because it's recorded in his memory, that's where it's recorded.

       58. THOSE SIGHTS AND SOUNDS AND SCENES ARE RECORDED IN ABRAHIM'S MEMORY, so all he does is project it when he possesses my mind. He projects into my mind what he can see in his memory, so that I feel like I'm remembering it, see? But it's really him all the time!

       59. HE CAN COMMUNICATE THOSE SCENES OF HIS MEMORY TO ME AND I SEE THEM JUST LIKE HE SEES THEM, so that must be what some visions are! That's why these spirits of God can show us certain scenes that way, either from the past or they can even look into the future and show us what they're seeing, because they can communicate to us what they're seeing, like a TV set!

       60. NOW IN ALMOST EVERY CASE OF THE PROPHETS THERE WAS SOME SPIRITUAL AGENT or an angel or someone helping him most of the time. Time and again when the prophets revealed something they said the angel of the Lord or someone else was there showing them. So it must have been the angel who was communicating those visions, and the prophet was able to see what God was showing the angel to show to the prophet to pass on to the people.(Ez.40:1-4; Dan.7:16; 8:15; 9:21-23; 10 all; 12:5-7; Zech.1:9; 2:3; Mt.1:20; 2:13; Lk.1:11-20; Rev.1:1; 19:10; 22:8-9; etc.!)

       61. WELL THAT JUST OPENS UP A WHOLE NEW FIELD OF THOUGHT AND UNDERSTANDING! I mean, you could go on forever! (Maria: Would you like someone to do a study with that in mind?) That would be terrific! Well, Joel did do a study on spirits and he did show how God uses agents in so many cases.--But somebody sure led him astray! But now someone could do it from a different angle.

       62. IF SOMEONE WOULD LIKE TO TAKE UP THIS SUBJECT AND DO SOME SCRIPTURAL RESEARCH on it to find more Scriptures and instances along this line which would substantiate this in the Scriptures, I think it would be great! So God bless you!

       63. I DO HOPE SOME OF YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DO SOME RESEARCH WORK in the Scriptures for us on this subject. I just haven't got time, because God's giving me so much new stuff all the time! God bless you and thanks! I love you!

       64. WATCH OUT FOR GOD'S "HOLY GHOSTS"! They can be lotsa fun!--Like Abrahim!--And a real help and blessing too! Thank God for His "holy ghosts"!--Have you got one?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family