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"THE SPIRIT WORLD!"--MO       London, 1974       GP NO.622

Copyrighted November 1977 by the Children of God

       1. I WAS THINKING ABOUT ABRAHIM MY GUARDIAN ANGEL AND WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE. I seldom see him, but once in a while I have a little glimpse of him. Awhile ago you said, "Did you get rebuked or something?" Well, he didn't say a word, but he just looked at me, a look of reproach.

       2. WHEN I FIRST REMEMBER SEEING ABRAHIM IN VISION HE WAS A VERY OLD MAN, the Gypsy king of Bulgaria. But apparently I was seeing his past through his eyes, the way he used to look in those days. (1272 A.D.--See "Abrahim the Gypsy King", No.296.)

       3. I CAN REMEMBER MY MOTHER BEING VERY OLD WHEN SHE DIED. But from the first time I saw her after she was back in the spirit world, she looked young and beautiful again--totally mature in the prime of life--like about 40, I'd say.

       4. THAT'S THE WAY ABRAHIM LOOKS NOW: ABOUT 40, IN THE PRIME OF LIFE. It's a very Scriptural number, 40. You really reach your prime of life physically and mentally around that age. Abrahim is a little dark and his hair is dark and down almost to his shoulders. There's somebody he reminds me of...--I know now!--It's Avak! He looks like the Armenian prophet Avak!

       5. I DON'T OFTEN SEE HIM, BUT WHEN I DO IT'S USUALLY WHEN HE'S ANGRY. He apparently kind of pushes his way in and intrudes on my consciousness and rebukes me. He's very explosive, quite emotional, and he speaks with force when he rebukes me--it's almost like mental telepathy--communication in the spirit.

       6. WHEN HE REBUKED ME IT WAS AS THOUGH HE WAS ASKING, "HOW COULD YOU CALL IT TROUBLE?--IT'S A GIFT OF GOD!" I'll bet the person who said, "Why marvellest thou at these things which are so natural unto me that I reveal unto thy father", might be Abrahim's supervisor, and that he's speaking to me sometimes.

       7. ABRAHIM'S SUPERVISER IS DEFINITELY AN ANGELIC SPIRIT. Abrahim was a human being, but this other spirit was never a human being. He is Abrahim's angelic overseer.

       8. I BELIEVE THAT IS THE ONE WHO SPEAKS LIKE THE VERY VOICE OF GOD in some of the revelations I've had, and who by-passes Abrahim altogether sometimes. Abrahim is assigned to me in constant communication and always at my right hand, like my sergeant or first officer.

       9. THIS OTHER SUPERIOR SPIRIT IS LIKE THE COMPANY COMMANDER. He's top brass, something completely out of Abrahim's class. He's like a commissioned officer from above. The noncoms come up from the ranks. They were one of the men--like Abrahim.

       10. THE COMMISSIONED OFFICERS WERE SELDOM EVER ONE OF THE MEN. They come down from the top and from the military academy and are appointed by the president himself--like lieutenants, captains, majors, colonels and generals. But the non-commissioned officers, like the Pfc's, corporals and sergeants, are chosen from the ranks of the men themselves by these superior officers.

       11. OBVIOUSLY ABRAHIM USED TO BE A HUMAN BEING. What is a human being?--That sounds kind of funny! Abrahim is kind of handsome in a sort of rugged, rough way. He's volatile, highly explosive, highly inflammable!--A typical Gypsy!--But very wise and respectful.

       12. ABRAHIM'S STILL VERY HUMAN IN HIS FEELINGS. He even gets hurt and offended, and sometimes he gets angry. Well, so does God, and I guess the angels do too! But this one above him is definitely an angelic spirit of some kind. I have the definite impression that that spirit is one of the created angels--one of the superior officers, powerful!

       13. (MARIA: I WONDER IF ABRAHIM'S SUPERIOR COULD POSSIBLY BE THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL?) It just might be Michael. My mother prophesied he was our archangel. That's probably who it is! Well, of course, that's probably who he is! Forgive me, Lord! We're such stupid and ignorant and foolish children!

       14. BOY HE IS BEAUTIFUL REALLY BEAUTIFUL! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! I don't think I've ever had a picture of Michael before! All of a sudden I just saw his head, like he was looking back at me over his shoulder, almost an amused reproachful look: "O you foolish man, foolish child trying to understand these things!"

       15. HE'S AS FAIR AS FAIR CAN BE! HIS HAIR IS ALMOST LIKE WHITE GOLD, like platinum, and long, way down to his shoulders, much longer than Abrahim's. He's almost like some of those pictures you see of Jesus, beautiful wavy gold hair, and he was looking back over his shoulder at me.

       16. HE WAS LOOKING AT ME ALMOST LIKE I WAS A HOPELESS CASE: "You don't even understand the simplest things. Here I've been your angel all this time and told you my name and talked about me, and you can't even figure out who I am! You don't even recognise who I am!" They must get awfully fed up with us sometimes. He's just beautiful! Wow! (See: "Saul and Michael", No.115.)

       17. IT'S JUST LIKE MICHAEL ONLY SPEAKS DIRECTLY TO ME ON THE MOST IMPORTANT OF OCCASIONS. When I get those pure beautiful prophecies in beautiful language that are obviously not Abrahim, it's like I've been summoned before the superior officer and he speaks to me in person, not just working through the sergeant.

       18. SO THEREFORE THESE BEAUTIFULLY PERFECT PROPHECIES MUST COME STRAIGHT THROUGH MICHAEL without passing through Abrahim's poor tongue. Now Abrahim is like a close human friend and talks about things of not too great importance sometimes, but with Michael it's different.

       19. COULD "YOUR FATHER" BE SOME KIND OF AN EXPRESSION LIKE AN HONORARY TITLE, like "your lordship"?--"that I reveal unto your father". Something like "your grace", "your lordship", "your highness"?--And so I'm called "your father"--"The things that I have revealed unto your father."--That would fit then.

       20. FATHER IS LIKE A TERM OF GREAT RESPECT. Like an honorary title. It's like that's my title,--like "Your grace" or "Your excellency". If you'd add the word "ship" to "father" you'd get the idea better. Like if you'd say "your fathership". It's like that's my position and my title: "Your fathership", "your lordship".

       21. SO THAT'S OFTEN USED LIKE A TITLE AND TERM OF RESPECT, referring more to my position and title than to me personally, like the position I hold:--A Fathership to my people." The things I reveal to thy fathership." Words!--Words are such strange things!

       22. I FINALLY REMEMBER ONE GUY THAT I WAS THINKING LOOKS LIKE ABRAHIM.--That must have been why I had that funny feeling when I saw him. He was to an officer in a movie just like Abrahim is to me--a constant conscience, rebuking the other officer and telling him what he should do. But Abrahim has bolder and heavier features and a full head of hair. Abrahim is like my conscience, and rebukes and reproaches me as well as counsels with me and all the rest.

       23. WHY SHOULD THE LORD WANT US TO GET INTO ALL THESE SPIRITS AND HOW THEY OPERATE? Is it to prepare the kids for what is coming? These are things they even need to know here and now.

       24. THE CHURCH SELDOM REVEALS ANY OF THIS TO YOU--it doesn't bring spirits down to Earth and make them realistic. It doesn't reveal to you how everything is under absolute control, and some of these things are even under our control!

       25. "WE SHALL JUDGE ANGELS" BY WHAT WE DO AND THE DECISIONS WE MAKE. (1Cor.6:3.) They try to counsel, guide and influence us, but they don't make us do things. Only in the most extreme cases does God really step in and intervene. He usually leaves things up to our choice, but He tries to guide, counsel, lead, instruct and warn us, just like Abrahim does. We still have almost totally free choice, even to rebel in a way.

       26. APPARENTLY THE SPIRITS AND ANGELS MUST HAVE SOME CHOICE TOO, some freedom of action also, or Satan and his angels couldn't have rebelled. (Rev.12:7.) But on the other hand they seem to be under God's more direct control and within certain boundaries. (Job.1:6-7.) They really have to do what they're told to do. (Eph.4:27 and 6:11; Jas.2:19 and 4:7; Mk.16:17; Lk.9:1 and 10:17.)

       27. EVEN THE DEVIL AND HIS ANGELS HAVE TO OBEY! They can only do what God allows them to do within His permissive will, or even what God directs them to do. They have a certain amount of leeway and freedom, but it's not absolute like we have.

       28. GOD HAS CREATED MAN IN HIS OWN IMAGE, A TOTALLY FREE MORAL AGENT to do exactly as he pleases, good or evil--but just to a point. God will interfere if it's too bad. The spirits still have a certain freedom of operation too, but they are apparently under much stricter tighter control than man. They operate under more direct orders than the average human being.

       29. OF COURSE, THE MORE SPIRITUAL YOU GET, LIKE A PROPHET OR A PSYCHIC OR SEER, THE MORE YOU COME INTO THAT REALM OF THE SPIRIT and the more you are under its rules, where you too operate under more direct orders and are more directly led and controlled. Your will is more under total submission to the authority of the spirit. It's like the way it will be and the way it should be. As a psychic, seer or prophet, you're already becoming one of them in the spirit world!

       30. SO OFTEN IN MY DREAMS OR VISIONS IT'S LIKE I'M THERE AND ONE OF THEM, just like John was caught up into Heaven and the "fellow servant" with him was one of the spirits, and John was like one of them himself at the time in the spirit.

       31. HIS SPIRIT GUIDE WAS LIKE HIM, but while in the spirit, John was like his spirit guide too. (Rev.19:10.) They were sort of operating on the same plane in the same dimension while they were both in the spirit like that.

       32. THE SPIRIT WORLD IS ALL SO REAL AND DOWN TO EARTH, more realistic than some would have you believe. The churches have got this thing put so far away that it doesn't bother them anymore. They have kept God and Heaven and the Spirit World way out there somewhere, banished them as far away as they could get them so they don't bother them too much.

       33. HOW MANY TIMES DO THEY TEACH YOU THAT THE SPIRITS ARE HERE AND ALL AROUND us and you can communicate right this minute, hear from God through His ministers, ministering spirits now? I'll never forget one time when I was a little worried about my mother. She said the Lord told her to thank Him for His angels, His ministering spirits.

       34. ONE TIME WHEN WE WERE LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO LIVE MY MOTHER HEARD THESE ANGELS DISCUSSING DIFFERENT IDEAS and suggesting different plans. I thought, "Mom is getting into stuff I never thought we were supposed to delve into, that this was none of our business!" All those years she must have had a spirit guide, a guardian angel.

       35. THE CHURCH HAS BEEN COMPLETELY SCARED AWAY FROM ANYTHING SUPERNATURALLY SPIRITUAL, so they'll have nothing to do with spirits whatsoever because of the counterfeits and because of the evil spirits and the witches and wizards and familiar spirits and the ones that are evil, against which the Lord warns.

       36. IT'S THE SAME OLD THING MY MOTHER USED TO SAY: THE CHURCH IS SO SCARED OF EVERYTHING THEY AIN'T GOT NOTHING! Even the Pentecostals are supposed to believe in the supernatural and the gifts of the Spirit and the miracles and they always talk about the Lord and the Holy Spirit. But when did you ever hear them talking about any other spirits or even angels? When did you hear them say, "Now this angel came to me and told me so and so"?

       37. THE PROPHET WILLIAM BRANNAN WAS ABOUT THE ONLY ONE I EVER HEARD COME OUT AND FLATLY DECLARE THAT HIS GUIDING SPIRIT WAS AN ANGEL through which he got his messages and all of his information, and a lot of people thought he was a heretic because he kept seeing this angel. He said his angel was very dark-skinned and looked like an Oriental Indian!

       38. MAYBE SOME OF THOSE SPIRITUALISTIC CHURCHES ARE NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL! They sing hymns and talk about Jesus and preach the Gospel. When I was at that spiritualist church in Miami they sang beautiful hymns. It seemed very sweet, but I was scared to death because I thought it was all of the Devil!--That's what I'd always been taught.

       39. A LITTLE WOMAN GOT UP AND ST. THERESA SPOKE THROUGH HER in a woman's voice--and St. Theresa was a human being, a departed spirit! Then this big heavy booming man's voice would come through: "I'm Ponderosa!" I nearly freaked out! It was apparently a big angelic spirit that St. Theresa would bring to her, and he was obviously the superior.

       40. ST. THERESA WOULD TAKE THIS MEDIUM TO PONDEROSA and then Ponderosa would begin to speak. I would presume he was to her like the Archangel Michael is to Abrahim and me. This woman in Miami said she had had that spirit guide ever since she was a little girl.

       41. THERE ARE DEFINITE DIFFERENCES AND SPIRITUAL LEVELS AND CLASSES AND GRADES OF AUTHORITY IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, just like in the Army. There are different kinds of spirits, not only good and evil spirits, but amongst both the good and the evil there are various grades and levels of command and authority. That guy Coosa was absolutely in charge in "The Green Door". (See Letter No.262.) He was the bigshot in that particular place, and everybody seemed to tremble at his authority.

       42. EVERY CHURCH I WAS EVER IN HAD BOTH GOOD AND BAD SPIRITS. So the same could be true with the spiritualist churches. We can't just write it all off as bad. But the Church doesn't teach you very much about the spirit world at all!--Much less the kinds or grades of spirits.

       43. IN FACT, THE CHURCHES DON'T EVEN TEACH YOU THAT THERE ARE NOT ONLY BAD SPIRITS BUT ALSO GOOD SPIRITS. They just shy away from spirits entirely except the Holy Spirit, and yet there it is in the Bible just as plain as day, time and time again--all kinds of different spirits, good and bad, angels and devils.

       44. THAT DIVINING SPIRIT THE GIRL HAD THAT FOLLOWED THE APOSTLES around kept saying, "These men are the servants of the Most High God which show unto us the way of salvation." (Acts 16:16.) Apparently the only reason Paul rebuked the spirit was because it got to be a nuisance, a bother to them, a distraction.

       45. NOW DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THOSE HUMAN SPIRITS THAT HAVE LIVED IN THIS LIFE AND DEPARTED CAN STILL MAKE MISTAKES and are still learning? After all, if it is a mistake, can they still do things that are wrong? Then it's obvious that they can still be wrong sometimes.

       46. THE FIRST THING THAT POPS INTO MY HEAD ARE THE SPIRITS THAT APPEARED BEFORE THE LORD AND GAVE HIM DIFFERENT SUGGESTIONS, and He chose the advice of a particular one, which must have meant the others were wrong.--Well, at least their advice wasn't as good, let's put it that way. (1Kgs.22:19-23.) Just like Abrahim told me to go somewhere one time that wasn't very good advice.

       47. THE SPIRITS STILL HAVE PERSONAL CHOICE AND DESIRES. Look how the angels desired the daughters of men. They literally lusted after them because they were so beautiful, made love to them and had gigantic children. (Gen.6:1-4.) So apparently the spirits are still learning.

       48. PEOPLE JUST DON'T REALISE THAT THE SPIRITS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD ARE STILL VERY MUCH LIKE US in their feelings and their emotions and their desires and their choices and opinions and preferences and all these things. For example, the goddesses I make love to are jealous of Maria. (See "The Goddesses", No.224.)

       49. IN THE SPIRIT WORLD YOU MAY HAVE THE SAME CHARACTERISTICS and some of the same problems you have now, but you'll be better off and in more direct communication and obey better because you'll be under more direct control.

       50. "TO BE ABSENT FROM THE BODY IS TO BE PRESENT WITH THE LORD." (2Cor.5:8.)--You'll be like in the presence of the Lord all the time! When you're almost able to see God all the time, you'll be afraid not to obey the Lord!

       51. ARE YOU UNDER GOD'S CONTROL NOW? If so, the spirit world will not be too strange for you, and the transition from this life to the next will not be too great a change. You'll still be God's child in His care and accustomed to doing His will, which is absolute and unquestioned in that world.--And you'll enjoy it, as now.

       52. BUT IF YOU ARE STUBBORN AND DISOBEDIENT AND SELFISH and used to having your own way and doing as you please instead of pleasing God and others, the spirit world is going to be rather difficult for you, as there everyone does as God pleases, whether they like it or not!

       53. OF COURSE, THE MOST REBELLIOUS SPIRITS ARE IN PRISON THERE, just like here, the criminals of the spirit world! (I Pet.3:19-20.) Some are still bound right here on Earth in certain places like haunted houses and compelled to observe the sad results and progressive damage that continues to be reaped from the sowing of their former sins!--And of their punishment!

       54. I HEARD THE ANCIENT GUANCHES MOANING FOR THEIR MODERN CHILDREN in that old bar in Orotava, Tenerife!--But I saw some of Davidito's Tenerifan ancestors' spirits standing out in the bananas around his ancestral home praising God that he is being reared a good Christian!--A part of their Christian reward!

       55. SO "BELOVED,...TRY THE SPIRITS WHETHER THEY ARE OF GOD"! (1Jn.4)--Particularly your own spirit! "Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh (your flesh!) is of God!... We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the Spirit of Truth, and the spirit of error." We hope you are of God, have Jesus and hear His truth. If so, you are one of us!

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