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FLYING SAUCERS!--UFOs!--SPIRITUAL VEHICLES?--MO       September 30, 1973GP       NO.623
--Another Revelation on the Spirit World!

Copyrighted November 1977 by the Children of God

       (After a strange visit from a big black cat that came to see us sometimes in London, MO shared the following:)

       1. WHO KNOWS BUT THAT IN BEING NICE TO THIS CAT I AM ENTERTAINING ANGELS UNAWARES?--And God may judge me accordingly if I am kind or considerate. That cat is really very unusual. (See "The Frog", No.275.) I've thought that from the time I met him on our stairs when he came in that night when the door was locked!--We still don't know how he got in!--Or out again! There is something to the spirit of animals. I saw animals in Space City. (See "Space City", No.75A.)

       2. MAYBE YOU'RE CONVINCED THAT ANIMALS HAVE NO PLACE IN THE HEREAFTER, especially if you've read Ecclesiastes where he talks about beasts with no souls and gone to the dust. But look again!--You'd better read that book again, because he talks about people the same way! (Ecc.3:18-20.)

       3. HOW COME THERE WERE ANIMALS IN SPACE CITY? What are they doing up there? How did they get there? Throughout the Bible God speaks of certain kinds and personalities of people as though they were animals, like Herod that "fox", the Holy Spirit "like a dove", three unclean spirits "like frogs" out of the mouth of the "Beast". The Lord called people pigs, foxes, dogs, sheep.--Lycanthropy? (Mat.3:16; 7:6 and 9:36; Lk.13:32; Jn.21:16; 1Pt.2:25; Rev.16:13, etc.)

       4. YOU MAY CALL IT AN OLD FANCY, BUT SOME CALL IT A FACT of the supernatural of the past.--And the record throughout history confirms it, at least as far as the Scriptures go--...Wow! (Tongues:) "Oh the mysteries thou dost show unto David their father are too much for his comprehension!--Help thou mine unbelief!"

       5. THAT'S FINE IF YOU WANT TO JUST SAY THEY'RE ALL ILLUSTRATIONS, BUT IT'S AN OLD FACT OF MAGIC and wizardry. People in bygone days, whether you think they're right or not, firmly believed that certain things like this could happen and certain things existed. For example,

       6. DID YOU EVER HEAR OF WEREWOLVES?--People who turned into wolves at night?--And vampires? The tales that are told may not be exactly accurate and somewhat exaggerated, but who knows?

       7. NOW HOW MANY ANIMALS HAVE SPIRITS, I DON'T KNOW. I know I was talking to those birds outside my window and they talked to me, and they've never been back since I told them to go away. (They got what they came for--a MO Letter about them! See "Bye, Bye Birdie!" No.231.)


       9. "AND WITHOUT WERE DOGS," etc. (Rev.22:15). "Beware of dogs!" (Phil.3:2.) Does that mean, as far as God's concerned, they are already dogs in spirit, and that's what they're going to look like in Eternity? The Orientals believe that if you're not good in this life you'll come back as an animal!

       10. DEPARTED SPIRITS ARE IN DIFFERENT CLASSES AND CATEGORIES. They have different privileges and spheres of operation and powers, and certain spirits require certain vehicles or bodies. Other more honourable spirits are given more honourable vehicles or bodies.

       11. SPIRITS WHO OPERATE IN DIFFERENT REALMS ARE CONFINED TO DIFFERENT VEHICLES--humans, animals or even houses! I believe in haunted houses. I have been in them where there were knockings, whisperings and strange goings on, and I believe in ghosts!--I've seen 'em! Sometimes I am one!

       12. NOT EVEN THE DEVIL IS OMNIPRESENT. He can only be in one place at one time. But certain spirits can travel with the speed of thought, like the angels--faster than light!

       13. THE HIGHER ANGELS CAN GO ANYWHERE UNDER GOD'S ORDERS, through space, the universe , etc. They require no vehicle except the flying saucer. They travel in a circular vehicle of light or energy which the ancients represented as a circle of light around the head, which they called "halos" but which today people call flying saucers!

       14. THE PROPHET WILLIAM BRANNAN TOLD US HIS ANGEL ALWAYS APPEARED IN A CIRCLE OF LIGHT. Joseph Smith accepted Christ but he didn't like the church. He had an angel who came and appeared to him in a circle of light and materialised out of this circle of light.--A flying saucer?

       15. THERE ARE UFOs! THEY ARE SPIRIT BEINGS and they do appear and people have seen them. Technicians have scientifically tracked them. They have appeared as "signs in the sky" to unbelieving man. (Dan.6:27; Lk.21:11,25; Acts 22:6; Rev.15:1.) That's the way certain angels travel. Their speed and manoeuvreability are so great that only a spirit could survive such courses!

       16. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW THE LORD TRAVELS? I can describe His vehicle for you and even tell you how it sounds! It's already in the Bible, the whole thing! (Ezekiel 1.) I think that's Jesus, of course. God the Father is everywhere and beyond our comprehension.

       17. BUT JESUS IS GOD'S MANIFESTATION, HE HAS A BODY. He's not like the other spirits in Heaven. Jesus already has His resurrected body. It's like the angels of God, nevertheless it's different in some ways in that it was once human and it has now been resurrected, but we don't understand it all. Certain spirits are also confined to different jobs and realms and places.

       18. THE LAST TIME I WAS ON A TRIP TO HELL I KNEW IT WAS COMING, and it occurred when this design began to approach me. I knew it was coming to give me a trip to the nether regions.

       19. THE LAST TIME I ALMOST MADE THE TRIP I HAD A TEMPORARY SPELL OF EXTREME DIZZINESS, blindness and nausea. I've never had that with any trip into Space City nor on the surface of the Earth.--Only going down there. That trip makes me sick! That was probably the worst part of the whole experience. Jesus made that trip for us. (Mat.12:40.)

       20. JESUS WENT DOWN THERE AND WAS ONE OF THEM IN HELL, and He preached to them, the spirits that were in prison there. He gave them the Gospel of deliverance. What for? Just as a matter of information so they could be all the more miserable for the rest of Eternity in an eternal Hell?--No! (1Pet.3:19.)

       21. IF THERE WAS NO HOPE FOR THEM, WHY THEN DID HE PREACH TO THEM? Why should He tell them how to get saved if they couldn't get saved? How do we know but what maybe they had never heard and He was giving them their first chance? (Prophecy:) "Said I not unto thee that I would show thee the mysteries of the life of the spirit?"

       22. THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR DESIRE TO GIVE UP THE SPIRIT. The fathers and patriarchs "gave up the ghost" allowing their body to release its grip on their spirit, and they were gone! (Gen.25:8,17 and 35:29; Mk.15:37.) But you can fight to keep it. "The spirit of a man sustaineth him." (Prov.18:14.) But they "become wearied and faint in their minds." (Heb.12:3.)

       23. ARE YOU WEARY OF LIFE? Do you sometimes wish you could leave it all behind and enter the world of the spirit? You can!--In the spirit! I take lots of trips in the spirit!--Nearly every night!--You can too if you'll believe!

       24. I TRAVEL WITH THE SPEED OF THOUGHT TO WORLDS UNKNOWN!--Would you like to go along? You can!--In the spirit!--You don't have to "end it all"!--It's only the beginning!--Come with me where moonbeams light Eternal skies!--And the sparkling stardust lingers in your eyes!

       25. YOU CAN START BY READING MY LETTERS ON SPIRIT TRIPS! (Listed below.)--You too can be a UFO!--And get away from it all!--And return to help others do the same!--Like I do!

       26. JUST RECEIVE A NEW SPIRIT FROM JESUS (John 3) and you'll be ready to go! Okay?--Okay! Are you ready!--Hang onto Jesus!--Here we go!--Whooooosh!--Woweeeee! Isn't this great!

       27. JESUS IS THE BEST TRIP OF ALL!--Hallelujah!-Become a new UFO tonight! And get your flying saucer now!--The Holy Ghost! He can take you anywhere you want to go!--To worlds of happiness forever! C'mon, UFOs!--Let's go!

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