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"SPACESHIP!"--MO       December 17, 1976       GP       NO.624

Copyrighted December 1977 by the Children of God

       1. PRISSY AND I WERE LYING HERE IN BED TOGETHER just after we made love and were dozing off to go to sleep when all of a sudden I saw something!--

       2. THIS HUGE STRANGE TUBULAR WHEEL was revolving counter-clockwise as I looked at it, not edge-on but just a little above the plane of the wheel, and it was surrounded by all these crystal silver balls all the way around the rim revolving my direction, revolving toward me.

       3. AS THE GIANT WHEEL REVOLVED, these big silver balls were flung one by one toward the Earth in my direction. They were like returning bowling balls coming down a runway my direction toward the Earth.

       4. AND WITHIN THIS WHEEL THERE WAS ANOTHER WHEEL revolving at a perpendicular right angle to the main wheel itself. The second wheel is sort of flat, I mean the rim is flat, and it's got these round silver tubes going around this way, just at this angle exactly--I feel like I could put my finger on it as it goes around, I mean I can show you where it...--It reminds me of a gyroscope.

       5. (PRISSY: "A WHEEL WITHIN A WHEEL," LIKE EZEKIEL'S?) (Ezek.1) Yes, but this doesn't sound anything like Ezekiel's Wheel--maybe it's another kind of space craft, who knows? And then in the middle of the whole thing filling up the entire center of the second inner wheel is this beautiful crystal-blue globe full of little sparkly pinpoints of light like stars in the starry sky at night! It's like I'm looking at the outside of the universe and the stars are inside, instead of like we're here inside looking out.

       6. THIS BEAUTIFUL BLUE-CRYSTAL GLOBE, like a crystal ball, is just full of these beautiful little pinpoints of sparkling light like stars. And these silver balls keep dropping off. It seems like every time the outer wheel makes a complete revolution, another ball drops off and rolls down this way. The whole picture is of absolute perfection and perfect beauty!--And the Lord said:

       7. "BEHOLD I HAVE MADE ALL THESE THINGS IN PERFECTION FOR THY PLEASURE!" Oh yes, and at the bottom of it hung this huge red heart--that must be like it's a symbol or something, like they have a flag on a ship. Yes, a heart is always the symbol of love.--And "His banner over us is love!" (Song of Solomon 2:4.)

       8. THE CRYSTAL BLUE GLOBE WAS LIKE THE HEAVENLY SEA OF GLASS! (Rev.4:6.) It's hard for me to judge what size it could be, because I don't have anything to relate it to. But all of a sudden it came to me, "That's the Sea of Glass!" If that is the Sea of Glass, then it has to be so big that when you're standing on it, it looks almost flat! Think of that! (2,000 miles in diameter!)

       9. WE WEREN'T STANDING ON THE EARTH, because on account of the Earth's curvature you can only see 20 miles away, the horizon is 20 miles away. But this curved upward like we were inside the globe!--But so gently it was almost imperceptible. That was really something! (P: You thought it must be something that's really in Outer Space?) Well, to be that big it would have to be!

       10. IT DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY MUST BE OUT IN SPACE, or even Heaven, because outside surrounding all is blackness, out beyond the wheels is darkness and stars--it must be outer space. But then there was this huge big ... good night! ... If those wheels were that big, it was monstrous too!

       11. THIS HUGE BIG WHITE GLOBE WAS LIKE THE MOON with this big silvery disc around it, like it was attached to it, like a moon inside of this revolving silver disc.--But that wasn't a moon because it was sort of glowing with white light from inside.--But that's where all the light was coming from, real bright white light from over on the left side, or in front of the wheels.

       12. AND A FAN OPENED UP ON THE RIGHT SIDE TO THE REAR, this beautiful gold fan, ornate, beautiful beautiful gold fan standing up like this at this angle like this. The globe wheel was like this, the one went around like this with the tubes on the inner edge, and the other with some silvery globes inside of it revolved in this direction.

       13. I'M FOLLOWING THE EXACT PATTERN where I see the picture, like I'm pointing into a three-dimensional picture. And over here on the left is this big white ball of light with this big silvery disc and the disc is almost as wide, like Saturn's rings. It's sort of curved though--it must have another side.

       14. IT'S SORT OF CURVED LIKE A DONUT--sort of like a donut only flatter--around this big ball of light. Do you suppose that could be another kind of a space ship or something? It's a light source, a power source! Amen, Lord, I like mysteries! Keep me guessing! Amen. Thank You Lord!

       15. WHAT THE FAN MEANS, I DON'T KNOW. In "The Fan" vision (see No.626) there was a fan, but that fan was an evil fan. This is good fan, a beautiful bright gold ornate carved fan, and when I watched it, it just opened up so beautifully and spread out just like a peacock's tail into a perfect half circle! There's a Bible Scripture that says:

       16. "WHOSE FAN IS IN HIS HAND" (Mat.3:12; Jer.15:7; Isa.41:16; Jer.51:2) about the powerful judgements of God. So the fan must symbolise power--it's propellant power!

       17. THAT WHOLE PICTURE HAS A BEAUTIFUL BALANCE, with this central figure, the two big wheels revolving around within each other, and the blue-crystal ball and its sparkling lights, and this light over here with a silver ring like a donut, and then a fan over there, a perfect balance!

       18. THE WHOLE THING IS IN THE SHAPE OF A GIANT BIRD! Maybe that's what He meant by the great "speckled bird" of Jer.12:9!--Maybe He meant "sparkled bird"! It was sure sparkling! It was beautiful!--All floating out there so quietly, noiselessly, serenely in space!--How different from man's noisy ugly creations!

       19. AND IN THE CENTER OF THE PICTURE WAS THAT BIG WHEEL which makes a revolution, and each time drops off another silvery sphere rolling our way! We were talking about sex, weren't we?

       20. WELL, SEX HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE CREATION, THROUGH IT WE CREATE LIFE. Some of those things that Ezekiel said he saw were almost indescribable! Why would God be making things like that for? But after all, if He's going to create--I mean some of the prophets saw things like it that were almost unbelievable and incomprehensible!

       21. THEN AFTER I BEGAN SEEING THE WHEELS, GOD SAID: "The people imagine vain things, but behold, I have created all these things in perfection for your good!" Both of the messages said something about perfection. Because those things I was seeing were so perfect, they were just absolutely perfect, in geometrical symmetry, design, perfect circles, spheres, globes, rings, etc.

       22. THE WHOLE SURROUNDING SKY IS BLACK EXCEPT FOR BRIGHT STARS, BRILLIANT STARS! I've never seen the sky that black, not even at night. So it's got to be out in space somewhere, it's got to be in space. But when I was wondering what that great crystal-blue ball was, it came to me instantly: (Rev.4:6.)

       23. "IT'S THE CRYSTAL SEA OF GLASS!" I never dreamed that it was spherical! Maybe we're going to be inside the ball and the sea is the inner surface, like walking around inside of a globe. That was it! You know, everytime I had a vision of the Crystal Sea--it's been several times, and also in Space City--remember, I said I saw that row of thrones, a long curved row of thrones that disappeared off into the distance. (See "Space City", 75A.)

       24. I THOUGHT IT WAS A BIG ROOM, remember? I said it was so gigantic, but how could a room ever be that big? There were thrones as far as you could see! That could have been inside of that ball! That's what that was!--And if that ball is that big--I mean miles big, miles big!

       25. IT MUST TAKE UP AN AWFUL LOT OF ROOM if that crystal-blue spherical Sea of Glass is part of Space City or Space City is inside of it! Well, if it's going to come down from Heaven to the Earth (Rev.21) it's got to be able to travel, so how's it going to travel?

       26. SO SPACE CITY MUST BE INSIDE OF THAT BLUE BALL, THE WHOLE THING! Could you possibly put anything pyramidical in shape inside of a sphere? Yes, if it was an equilateral-triangular pyramid you could put the base of the pyramid at a plane of the sphere so the four basic corners would touch the globe and the apex touch it above.

       27. THEN I SAW IT, INSIDE THE SEA OF GLASS, THIS BIG GOLDEN PYRAMID, the four corners touching the sides of the crystal-blue sphere below the equator of the Sea, and then the top right at the vertical axis of the Sea!

       28. IT'S LIKE I'M SEEING IT and that's where I got the idea, the first thing that flashed into my mind! The four corners rest on the inside of the globe and then the peak touches the globe above.--Isn't that amazing? Whew! Ah, thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! The Pyramid fits exactly inside the Globe with all five corners touching the inner surface--suspended there!

       29. YOU KNOW, MAN HAS INVENTED A LOT OF THINGS which apparently are imitations of God's creations. Probably the Devil's inspired a lot of them, imitations of the things of God, you know? Like for example, the invention of the wheel was one of the biggest things of all history, and about next to it the invention of the ball bearing has made all these vehicles and machinery possible, did you know that?

       30. BUT MOST OF MAN'S MACHINERY IS NOT REALLY GOOD FOR US, it's bad for us, like automobiles--they do more harm than good, really. So the Devil has inspired man to create things which resemble God's creations, including vehicles.

       31. THESE WHEELS MUST BE THE VEHICLE FOR SPACE CITY! But why would God show that to me right now? And what are these silver globes that keep dropping out heading toward me? (P: They're like visions of Space City coming down to you.) They're in perfect rhythm, at every revolution of that wheel one drops off, just like something being created at each complete turn of the wheel! Oh, creation--produced!

       32. IT'S LIKE LIFE IS BEING CONSTANTLY CREATED. Haven't I read someplace that one's born every minute--babies are born every minute? Well now, maybe every one of those globes represents a new life, just like a whole new universe, a new life--a new baby is like a whole new universe!...

       33. AND I GOT TWO MESSAGES: The first one said, "Behold, I have created all these things in perfection for thy pleasure!" (P: Pleasure!--The three key words are perfection, pleasure and good!) Yes, right, right!--And the next was the Lord, like in contempt for man, saying,

       34. "THE PEOPLE IMAGINE VAIN THINGS, BUT I HAVE MADE ALL THESE THINGS FOR YOUR GOOD." That's it! I mean, the Lord is always saying something about the relationship between God and man and God's creation. But man makes things in vain, while God makes His creations for our good.

       35. MAN MAKES THINGS IN VAIN FOR OUR DESTRUCTION, BUT GOD MAKES THINGS FOR OUR GOOD, right? Praise the Lord! So then I was trying to figure out what were the bright silver balls, these perfect globes dropping off, just like off an assembly line, continually dropping off.

       36. EVERY TIME THIS BIG WHEEL that had the globes on the rim made a revolution, slowly and majestically one silvery sphere would drop off and roll down this way right toward the Earth, in fact right toward me, but a little bit to the left side like this.

       37. PRISSY, I THINK YOU GAVE ME THE KEY ON THAT: We were talking about Creation, the creation of life, sex and the creative process. Could that mean that every one of these spheres are like a human soul, God's prefect creation from the hand of God, dropping off His creating wheels?

       38. EVERY TIME A BABY IS BORN HE CREATES A NEW SOUL, A WHOLE NEW UNIVERSE, A NEW SILVERY GLOBE! How could the Lord picture anything more beautifully than as a perfect sphere, a perfect silvery globe, absolute perfection! A globe is the most perfect of all geometrical figures, a sphere, perfect in every way, total perfection, complete, simple, endless, eternal!

       39. NEARLY ALL GOD'S CREATIONS ARE ROUND, even the atoms are round, molecules are round, you know, and in pyramids.--Molecules are in pyramids of spheres, the atoms are the spheres and the molecules are pyramidical structures made of these spheres which make these crystals.

       40. A CIRCLE IS LIKE ETERNITY--THERE'S NO END AND NO BEGINNING TO A CIRCLE, IT'S ETERNAL! Only a flat circle alone is like a ring and has only two sides, it has its limitations. But a globe is like Eternity, no limit in any direction! You can go around any way forever, you know what I mean?--In any direction on any plane!

       41. AND THERE WAS THIS BLUE GLOBE INSIDE OF THE TWO WHEELS. Prissy thought about that right away, that Ezekiel saw "a wheel within a wheel" (Eze.1). But we have always imagined those two wheels as turning on the same plane. But these two wheels I saw were turning on exact opposite axes perpendicular to each other.

       42. YOU'VE SEEN A GYROSCOPE, you know what a gyroscope is like: There's this one wheel and then there's a wheel inside of it that turns within this outside wheel.

       43. THEN THERE WAS THIS FAN, A GIANT GOLDEN FAN! Now the moonlike light globe, it came to me that that's the power source, with this big donut-shaped silver thing around it, the white light on the left, and balanced on this other side with the big fan, the gold fan. And while I was watching it, it just opened out like that, all ornate and intricate and beautiful, all spread out like this.

       44. THEN HANGING BELOW THIS WHOLE THING WAS THE RED HEART! The Lord has given us the right symbol. Maybe the Lord originally made that symbol of the heart? It was just like a pendant hanging down underneath but attached right to it, right below it, rightside up, this beautiful red heart hanging right on the bottom!

       45. THAT ALSO MEANS THAT WHEN SPACE CITY LANDS ON EARTH that heart would be buried like a spade in the heart of the Earth, like an anchor to hold it there! A heart is shaped like an anchor!--The heart and anchor of it all!--Love!--The very foundation stone of all, God Himself and His love!--The Cornerstone! The Foundation! (Eph.2:20; Ps.118:22; Isa.28:16; 1Cor.3:11 and 1Pet.2:6.) Hallelujah! What a picture!

       46. WOULDN'T THAT MAKE A GORGEOUS PIECE OF JEWELRY if we could ever get it right? We kind of thought up that other symbol ourselves, but this one the Lord gave! The other one we took from standard symbols that God's Word uses for these different things and stuck them all together, and it's pretty symbolic. But this is something the Lord gave.

       47. SO IF THAT'S THE SEA OF GLASS, that means that Space City is suspended within that Sea of Glass, that blue crystal sphere--inside--isn't that amazing? And then I thought,

       48. "WELL, BUT WHY WOULD IT BE TRAVELLING?" Then we remembered it's got to come down from Heaven to us somehow, "descending out of Heaven from God"--Rev.21. It must be materialised in some way, it's got to be some kind of material. Well the Lord described what it was made of, so it is a materialisation.

       49. WELL, HOW'S HE GOING TO TRANSPORT ANYTHING THAT BIG--1500 miles wide, 1500 miles long and 1500 miles high--huh? A golden crystal pyramid hundreds of miles big! The whole ship must've been 3,000 miles high and 5,000 miles long! You say, well, God can just wave His magic wand and whsssht! But John said, "I saw the Heavenly City descending"--it didn't sound like it was in a hurry--the Lord didn't just say, "Presto Chango, here's the Heavenly City!" In fact it must take time and work, because the Lord said to His disciples He was going back to prepare a place, a City, for us. (Jn.14:1; Heb.11:6.) It must take time and work, like the Creation.

       50. AND ALL BECAUSE WE WERE TALKING ABOUT SEX, isn't that something? The Lord can relate sex to almost everything. And those silver balls, each one dropping off continually, is like the creation of a new life or some kind of new creation moment by moment, like a new human soul, creation's perfection!

       51. I'VE ALWAYS MARVELLED AT SPHERES, they're like the symbol of absolute perfection, perfect perfection. Amen Lord, thank You Jesus! Amazing! Thank You Lord! I mean, we didn't get the significance of the message until after we thought about it and Pris mentioned what God said just now:

       52. "THE PEOPLE IMAGINE VAIN THINGS, BUT I HAVE CREATED ALL THESE THINGS FOR THY GOOD." Man dreams up and creates vain things which are not part of God's Creation, but God's Creation is perfect and for our good. Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Well, Ezekiel saw the Lord on His throne riding on this vehicle which was a wheel within a wheel, but the only times I've ever seen anybody picture that thing they've showed the two wheels revolving inside of each other on the same plane, see?

       53. BUT THIS WHOLE THING WAS ITSELF ALMOST SHAPED LIKE A BALL, one wheel going around this way, the other wheel on the inside and then this big blue crystal ball inside of that, and the golden pyramid inside of that, and then this big moon-like globe over here like this, and this big golden fan over here like this, and right below the whole thing was a red heart hanging and all these silvery balls dropping off!

       54. (P: AND IT'S ALL FOR OUR PLEASURE, OUR GOOD, AND MADE IN PERFECTION, JUST LIKE SEX AND THE HEAVENLY CITY!) Everything God has created is perfect and both for our pleasure and for our good. Pleasure is good for us! This is exactly what we were discussing: (Ps.16:11; 36:8; 111:2 and Rev.4:11.)

       55. HOW COULD JESUS ENJOY SEX WITHOUT SIN?--In other words, enjoy sexual pleasure.--Well of course, why not? Pleasure's God-created for our good! Why does the church try to make it such a sin, something sinful? God created pleasure, He created the very nerves that give these pleasurable sensations we enjoy. He created all this pleasure.

       56. EVEN WHEN WE EAT IT'S A PLEASURE, we enjoy it, so it's for our good. Even the doctors tell you that you've got to feel good to have good digestion, and that it's got to be pleasant, in a pleasant atmosphere.

       57. I LIKE PLEASANT MUSIC WITH MY MEALS. We talked about the music the other day, that if the music was bad it could ruin your digestion. So pleasure, anything pleasurable and pleasant, is good for you!

       58. IF IT FEELS GOOD, IT IS GOOD! Right? That's how the whole discussion began. Then as I was dropping off to sleep I saw these perfectly beautiful things, and I really tripped out! I don't have to have to have drugs or anything! I wasn't even drinking!--It's all in the spirit!

       59. I WASN'T GOING TO DO ANYTHING BUT GO TO SLEEP. I had the best of intentions. (Maria: Honey, I know you so well!) But then Prissy needed some love, so we were curled up together, and I said something was missing--put your hand down there and lift me up. (P: He kept saying, "I'm so tired!")

       60. BUT THAT SEX ABSOLUTELY REVIVED ME! There must be something about that shock of electricity, that powerful orgasm, that brings life! (P: And that's when you started talking about life.) Yes, we were talking about life and Jesus and sex and all those things.

       61. THEN WHEN I STARTED DROPPING OFF TO SLEEP I SAW THE FIRST WHEEL! And it was so clear and so plain I thought, "What in the world, Lord! I'm trying to go to sleep! We just had a little time to sleep, how come?--And besides, Prissy doesn't write shorthand!"--So we taped it!

       62. REV. 21:24 SAYS THAT ONLY THE SAVED ARE GOING TO ENTER THE HEAVENLY CITY.--Are you saved? Do you know Heaven's coming for you?--If not, write us today for God's plan of salvation and make sure there's a mansion there reserved for you! (Jn.14:1-3.) God save you!


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