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"THE TANGLED LINES OF HEJAZ!"--A Dream?         North Africa, May 22, 1975       DFO       NO.625
--Another Spirit Trip by MO.

Copyrighted November 1977 by the Children of God

       1. WE HAD ARRIVED IN THIS STRANGE COUNTRY and all these people were standing along this beach fishing, including this very pretty girl. She reminded me of that blonde Arab girl we saw in the movie the other night on TV.

       2. BUT HER LINE HAD GOTTEN ALL TANGLED UP and she was trying to get it untangled. So I stopped and helped her and she looked at me very sweetly like she liked me and was very thankful I'd helped her get it untangled.

       3. THEN WE BEGAN PICKING OUR WAY THROUGH ALL THESE PEOPLE AND THEIR LINES. It was kind of difficult to get through, dodging all their lines to keep from getting tangled up.

       4. ONE MEMBER OF OUR PARTY LOOKED LIKE JOSH with his big black woolley beard and hair, I'm inclined to think maybe it really was Josh because he's had similar problems. And he was eating this big bunch of black berries on a stem. They weren't what you call blackberries, but they were more like huckleberries, where each tiny berry is individual, just one berry.

       5. SO HE WAS EATING THIS BIG CLUSTER OF BERRIES as we walked along, and somebody asked him, "Where did you get that?--You're not supposed to have those in this country!" And he said, "Well, they took them away from me at customs, but a few minutes later they threw them out in the street and I picked them up again." I said, "Well, you better get rid of them 'cause you're not supposed to have them."

       6. NEXT THING, WE WERE WALKING THROUGH THIS BIG CAFETERIA where everybody was eating, all the people, but none of us had a tray or was ordering anything, but we each had a spoon and we were sampling everything as we went along until we got to the end of the line.

       7. THERE WAS THIS BEAUTIFUL GIRL AGAIN sitting with her family, her big grouchy-looking mother and several of the members of her family. But she looked at me real lovingly and grabbed me by the hand and pulled me down to sit by her and seemed to like me very much, to my surprise.

       8. THE MUSIC BEGAN TO PLAY, so she jumped up and walked toward the room where the dance floor was, as though she expected me to follow. I knew she wanted me to dance with her, so I followed her, and went through this curtained doorway.

       9. THE DOORWAY WAS ORIENTAL OR ARABIC, and it had all these strings hanging from the top made of ribbons and beads that you just pushed aside to go through. She immediately wrapped herself around me and wanted to dance real close and sexy, like she was madly in love with me.

       10. SO WE REALLY WENT AT IT until we were getting pretty worked up, and at the end of the number she leaned me way back to where we were almost lying on the floor--and a little bit more and we would have been! There was nobody else dancing there but us--we were all alone in that little room.

       11. BUT JUST THAT MINUTE WHEN WE WERE ABOUT TO MAKE LOVE her mother comes charging in through the doorway and grabs her, fussing away, and pulls her out of my arms and drags her out the door back to her family! They were all looking like....

       12. WELL, THEY WEREN'T SO MAD AS THEY WERE ANNOYED, almost like they wished the mother had left us alone, but now that she was making such a fuss, they wished I'd left the girl alone so her family could continue to enjoy their evening. So they were all just sort of displeased.

       13. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE THEY WERE MORE MAD BECAUSE WE'D INTERRUPTED THEIR EVENING OF FUN than they were about the girl falling in love with me or us making love! But that big old dowager mother of hers, the big fat battle-ax, was hustling her and the whole family off!

       14. THE POOR GIRL WAS LOOKING SO SAD AND CRYING AS THEY WERE PULLING HER AWAY FROM ME! So we followed them out the back door of the cafeteria as they hustled her off, and she gave me a last long loving look, like she was heartbroken to be torn away from me, and I felt so bad! Then one of the fellows in our party spoke to me and said,

       15. "WE BETTER GET OUT OF HERE TOO, BEFORE WE GET IN TROUBLE!" So I went down to the parking lot and I climbed in this big old car that had my little trailer on the back, my little caravan.--The car was like that big huge taxi cab I used to have--big but powerful, and I revved her up a few times--a little hard to start, but I finally got her going and took off.

       16. THAT'S WHAT SHE IS!--THE GODDESS OF THESE PEOPLE! THEY WERE ALL ARABS!--And I untangled her line and I got her all straightened out. I don't know what the black berries were we weren't supposed to have that the guy with the black beard smuggled in after they had been taken away from him once. Maybe it represents illegal wine, I don't know. If they were grapes, they were awful little ones--they were more like a bunch of these little tiny black olives, kind of sour.

       17. THAT CAFETERIA WHERE ALL THE PEOPLE WERE EATING COULD HAVE REPRESENTED THEIR RELIGION. We weren't really eating. We were just tasting to see what the food was like. We didn't even have a tray or a plate. In other words we weren't going in for a full meal or swallowing it whole, but we were just tasting the food to see what it was like. It's strange!

       18. IT SEEMED LIKE IT DIDN'T SATISFY US, but it kept us from getting too hungry, which kind of reminds me of their religion. Obviously the girl was really flipped out over me and really fell for me and would have gone all the way if her mother hadn't interfered and jerked her away and brought her back to her family.

       19. AFTER THAT IT SEEMED LIKE IT WAS DANGEROUS FOR US TO STAY ANY LONGER because they were afraid we might get her again, I guess. So we decided we'd better leave. (We actually did leave shortly afterward!) The little caravan represents my tent, and the car and trailer were like the Family or the team who had to move on.

       20. THE CAR WAS LIKE THE REVOLUTION, kind of old and rickety like that old truck in the other dream, but it was big and heavy and powerful. It took a little nursing along, quite a bit to get it started and moving, but when it finally got warmed up it really took off!

       21. ALL THOSE PEOPLE FISHING WITH ALL THOSE DIFFERENT LINES were like they've all got a different concept of their religion. Seemed like they were all fishing but never caught anything. I guess the Lord gave us this right now so we won't be too disappointed.

       22. IT'S ENCOURAGING TO KNOW THAT SOME ARE REALLY HUNGRY AND IN LOVE WITH US. But it was like her family represented their family or religious system and the mother one of its leaders--dominated by women, like most religions! The little room was dark and sort of private. I suppose that just means that we were getting very intimate and close to the Goddess and spirit of the people. I was wondering about the whole thing, the dream, when the words:

       23. "IT'S HEJAZ!"--came to me clear as anything! I didn't even know what that meant until later I was told that's where their religion all began, in the area of Hejaz around Mecca in Saudi Arabia! Isn't that strange!

       24. ALL THOSE LINES WOVE SUCH A TANGLED WEB!--But the girl, their Spirit, was so hungry for love!--Will you love her?--She's waiting!--Just watch out for her family!--They can be dangerous!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family