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"MERLIN'S HAT!"--MO       July 20, 1977       GP No.627
--Another Mysterious Marvel!--More "Pyramid Power!"? (See No.630.)

Copyrighted November 1977 by the Children of God

       1. PRAISE THE LORD! THANK YOU JESUS! AMEN. This is the morning of July 20, 1977, and I just had this little dream during the night.--It seemed to impress me at the time, I don't know why, because there doesn't seem to be much to it. But I told Maria to please remind me to tell her the dream about the cone, so maybe that's the name of it:

       2. "THE CONE," because that's all there was to it--it was about the cone. It was very beautiful, and I have no idea how big or how small it was, because all I did was just see it hanging there in space--revolving.

       3. IT WAS SHAPED ABOUT LIKE MERLIN THE MAGICIAN'S HAT, blue and just about those same proportions, and had all those little stars and moons and planets and geometric figures all over it, only each one was a little hole in the hat, and there was light shining from inside of it.

       4. AS IT REVOLVED, LIGHT SPARKLED THROUGH EACH LITTLE HOLE like one of those mirror balls in a ballroom, only the light wasn't being reflected from the outside by mirrors, but was coming from the inside through the holes.

       5. IT SEEMED TO BE SUSPENDED IN SPACE. I thought maybe there was a string tied to it at the top, but I couldn't tell for sure, because I don't remember being able to see anything actually tied to it.--Maybe it was just suspended in space with nothing holding it up.

       6. AND IT WAS SLOWLY REVOLVING, very slowly, very beautifully--and as it revolved it also fluctuated up and down. It would slowly rise a little way as it revolved and slowly sink back down about the same distance, and slowly rise again, and slowly sink back down again--regularly just like a pulse, pulsating, rising, falling, as it also very slowly turned, revolving on its axis.

       7. IT WAS SO FASCINATING I watched and watched and watched it, it was so beautiful and so fascinating! I don't know what it was, but it was just beautiful! But it was the strangest thing:

       8. I JUST HAD THE IMPRESSION THAT IT WAS VERY IMPORTANT in my dream, that this was really really important. I woke up right afterward and I remembered to tell Maria to remind me to tell her about the Cone. But it had something to do with something very important.

       9. IT KIND OF REMINDS ME OF MY "SPACE CITY" DREAMS or the "Ultimate Trip" dream or the one about the "Spaceship". (See Letters Numbers 75A, 80 & 624.) It was really fascinating, almost hypnotising, and I had the impression it was supposed to be very very important, I don't know why. It rose and fell so slowly you could hardly tell it was moving, just really really slowly while it was revolving.

       10. IT WAS A CONE IN AN UPRIGHT POSITION POINTING TOWARD THE SKY. It seemed like there was darkness all around, everywhere else was darkness, and it was just this cone suspended in the middle of the darkness that was giving light through all these astronomical and geometrical shapes.

       11. THE SHAPES WERE LIKE MOONS AND STARS AND PLANETS and circles and squares and diamonds and triangles and many others I've forgotten. But each one was a little hole through which the light sparkled as it revolved and shone beams of light all through the darkness.

       12. IT WAS REALLY REALLY BEAUTIFUL, but I still don't understand what it meant or what it is, unless it's another one of God's great mysteries of how He runs the Universe or something. But it was just as stately and silent and beautiful as that great revolving crystal that I saw that time, remember? (No.214.)

       13. QUIETLY, SLOWLY, CALMLY, STATELY, ALMOST MAGNIFICENTLY slowly slowly revolving, the light shining out through all these little holes, beams of light shining in every direction--it was really beautiful! I just don't know what it was, but I remember at the time I was just fascinated by it and I had the impression that it was something very very very important.

       14. I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO RELATE IT TO and there was nothing else in the picture to compare it to in size, so I haven't the faintest idea whether it was no bigger than Merlin's hat or an ice cream cone--or maybe it was as tall as the Empire State Building for all I know! I haven't any idea how big it was.

       15. BUT I HAD A FEELING THAT THERE WAS SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT AND MAGNIFICENT ABOUT IT. If it was just nothing but Merlin's hat, which is what it looked like because of that shape and all, then it wouldn't have been very big.

       16. MAYBE THE LIGHT INSIDE REPRESENTED THE KNOWLEDGE AND THE WISDOM THAT GOD GIVES ME, since I've been sometimes represented by the character Merlin. Madame M said I had more power than Merlin the Magician! She didn't say I was Merlin, but I have his knowledge and wisdom and power available for my use if I want it. The Lord sends me lots of helpers.

       17. IF IT WAS HIS HAT, that light would represent the knowledge and the wisdom and the power that God has given me, and it's manifest through these little holes in all directions in a multitude of different ways--some like stars, planets, moons, suns, geometric shapes and so on--lighting the darkness.

       18. IT'S SORT OF LIKE ALL THE DIFFERENT KINDS OF BITS OF KNOWLEDGE, wisdom and prophetic insight and outsight and out-of-sight that God has given me to light the darkness in many different ways, like the Letters. Could that be what it means?

       19. ON THE OTHER HAND, IF IT WAS GIGANTIC, like say as tall as some huge building--which I don't know because I had nothing to compare it with in the same picture--maybe it's one of God's pieces of machinery that He has running the Universe and space and so on, again like that crystal.

       20. I ALWAYS HAD THE FEELING THAT CRYSTAL WAS REALLY REALLY POWERFUL and had control over a lot of things, like maybe part of the machinery down in the basement of Space City or something, and was controlling the mechanism of the whole thing.

       21. HOW CAN YOU DESCRIBE OR HOW CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THESE GREAT MYSTERIES that are so great you don't even know what you're talking about? You often don't have anything to compare it with and you don't have the faintest idea what it is or anything!

       22. I REMEMBER ABOUT THE "SPACESHIP": At first I thought it was just something like a little toy when I was looking at it. But it began to float closer and closer and closer, until pretty soon I realised it was huge, monstrous, and had the whole pyramid of Space City inside of it!--Think of that! I didn't even dream how big it was, because I had nothing there but space to compare it to until I saw Space City inside!

       23. SO I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS CONE WAS except it seems to me the hat and the type of the holes and the light within seemed very symbolic, very much like Merlin's hat, and therefore it symbolised the wisdom and knowledge and revelations that God has given me through which His light shines into the outer darkness and illuminates a little bit here and a little bit there, a little revelation here and a little revelation there. Some get it and some don't, but at least it's some light, it's better than no light at all, huh?

       24. OR MAYBE IT'S SOME GIGANTIC THING, a piece of God's machinery that's helping run the Universe or His Spirit World or something, I don't know what! So that's all I know, praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Maybe one of these days He'll let me know what it was. Yes, Maria says maybe we're underestimating the power of those little beams of light coming out of the hat when all around is darkness.

       25. IT'S SORT OF LIKE THAT REVELATION I HAD ABOUT "THE CANDLE". (See Letter No.O.) When all around is darkness, any source of light is very powerful and very helpful and very important--when everything else is darkness. So even the little revelations God has given me--well I guess you'd say some of them are pretty big--the light, knowledge and wisdom God has given me to help enlighten you and the rest of the world are pretty important if there's not much other light anywhere else shining in the darkness.

       26. THIS CONE WAS BEAUTIFUL! It was revolving so stately and majestically and gently rising and falling and the light sparkling all around, and all around you could see the beams of light shining in all directions everywhere.

       27. IT SEEMED LIKE YOU COULD SEE THE BEAMS OF LIGHT STICKING OUT FROM THE HAT, beams of light shining in all directions, slowly turning as the hat turned, as the hat revolved--or the cone or whatever it was. It sure looked like Merlin's hat, though, I must admit.

       28. (MARIA: THE LIGHT WAS VERY PENETRATING TOO.) Yes, when it's dark, light's very penetrating, really penetrates the darkness. You can see a small light better at night when its all dark than you can a big one in the daytime, like "The Candle." Well, that was "Merlin's Hat" or "The Cone" or whatever.

       29. (MARIA: I THOUGHT IT MIGHT HAVE HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION in some way because of what you had last night about Jeane Manson. You listened to her song for about two or three hours over and over and over.) I did? (Yes, and you prayed, you were praying for her in tongues and crying for a long long long long time.)

       30. I REMEMBER LISTENING TO HER SONG, but I didn't know I listened to it that long!--And I remember praying in tongues and crying a little bit, but I didn't know it was that long--two or three hours? My Lord! (Maria: And you kept turning it on over and over until finally you fell asleep, so I turned it off.) Wow!--Two or three hours? For goodness sake!

       31. I REMEMBER PLAYING IT BACK AND FORTH SEVERAL TIMES and it really touched my heart and I was really moved and I was weeping for her and praying for her in the spirit. That song is almost like a cry, really a heartcry of sadness.

       32. (MARIA: YOU INTERPRETED HER CRY, her heartcry, what you got in the spirit.) I did? I did? Really? Hallelujah, Honey! Thank You Lord! Praise the Lord! Well, did you get it?--On tape or anywhere? (Maria: Yes--on tape!) Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Well, I guess we can give that to you later then, since we've got that already recorded. Praise the Lord. (See "Prayer for Jeane Manson", No.595.)

       33. SO MAYBE IT HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THAT, her cry was so pitiful in that song: "Adios, Adios!"--something about love that was or could have been. But there are so many people searching for love! So even a little love, a little light, even shining out of Merlin's hat, is better than no light at all, no love at all--I guess, huh? Praise God? Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord!--I guess some people think I'm crazy--but I'm happy!--and I make others happy!--Do you? ("Be So Happy!" No.159.)

       34. "AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS IN THE LAST DAYS, saith God, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams." (Acts 2:17.)

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