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"PYRAMID POWER!"--MO        January 9, 1975        GP NO.630
--Have You Got It?--Another Powerful Scientific Revelation!

Copyrighted December 1977 by the Children of God

       1. IT WAS LIKE A HUGE WORLD'S FAIR EXHIBIT, and I parked our camper near it. It was some kind of gigantic scientific demonstration of geometric figures in motion, and it had come from a dream I had that a scientist had built into reality. I can't remember all the details but I'll give you the general idea.

       2. THE BUILDER WAS QUITE A GENIUS since it requires some new inventions and machines that had never been invented before, and a means of pumping boiling water through the exhibit which seemed to make it operate for some reason--very complicated. Anyway, the attendant told me to park our camper in the parking lot and wait for the next show. So I got out and stood around in the lot waiting, until people suddenly began to pour up this big broad ramp out of the exhibit from the last show.

       3. THE EXHIBIT ITSELF WAS SHAPED LIKE A HUGE SPHERE, a ball, the whole building, you know, like you see at a World's Fair. They were coming up this big broad ramp out the bottom of this huge spherical-domed building. There were so many of them pouring out I thought, "Wow!" and I looked over at the marquee to see what he was charging and it was two dollars apiece, and I thought, "He's really making money on my idea!"

       4. I HAD DREAMED IT UP, BUT THE SMART SCIENTIST HAD BUILT IT AND OPERATED IT. It was built on the bank of this big river like the fair in Montreal. There were so many people I couldn't count them, and he was sure making money on my idea. It was tremendous! Crazy dream!--But I'm afraid not to tell you 'cause some of it was so clear and seemed important.

       5. SO ANYHOW, IT CAME TIME FOR US TO GO IN and it seemed like there were several of us and you were sort of leading the way. But I was escorting this very old lady who couldn't walk too good and she was leaning heavily on my arm, like she was some rich old dowager who was a patron, sponsor or friend, and we had to walk very carefully and watch our footing because of her.

       6. WE PASSED THROUGH THIS BEAUTIFUL GARDEN that was the yard of the exhibit, a sunken garden that went way way down, and the paths were rather narrow so you had to watch your step, because some of the paths were wet from the water from the exhibit. The garden was all built by pumping water through it too. It was very pretty, but the water was leaking in places and we had to watch our step.

       7. BUT ANYHOW, WE GOT IN and they sat us down on the front row right up near the demonstration, like we were guests of honour because it was my idea, and I thought it was kind of funny that the inventor didn't come out and speak to me. But it seemed like he was hiding behind the scenes because he was a little ashamed that he'd stolen my idea, although he was honouring us and treating us royally and giving us front seats.

       8. BUT THE BUILDER WAS STILL SORT OF ASHAMED TO FACE US BECAUSE HE KNEW HE'D GOTTEN THE WHOLE IDEA FROM ME, but he'd never told me anything about it until I came to see it. But anyhow, he'd had the attendant invite us in and gave us good seats and they were giving us royal treatment.

       9. BUT THE INVENTOR WAS ALSO VERY BUSY PREPARING THE DEMONSTRATION WHICH SOMEHOW SEEMED TO BE VERY DANGEROUS for some reason because of this very hot boiling water. There was this big peculiar pump that he'd invented that pushed the water along in these channels by means of a pneumatic dolly or piston of some kind. It was the strangest thing. I studied that thing that operated on wheels on tracks inside this channel like a small canal, and this little thing would push through the canal and push all the water through into the demonstration, and somehow it powered the demonstration.

       10. I WONDER IF THAT COULD SYMBOLISE MY HOT WORDS, THE SOMETIMES VERY HOT SCALDING BOILING WATER OF THE WORD! You had to be careful you didn't get it on you or you'd get burned! It had to be carefully controlled and all this machinery was moving. You could hear steam spouting and hot water flowing.

       11. THE BUILDING IT WAS IN WAS BUILT LIKE THE DEMONSTRATION ITSELF IN THE FORM OF A BIG GIGANTIC SPHERE. It must have been at least 40 or 50 feet high, powered by this hot water. Anyhow, the demonstration began and this whole gigantic sphere inside this building began to turn. On top of it was sort of a little platform, and the sphere was tilted a little like a globe of the world so you could see the top.

       12. AND ON TOP OF THIS SPHERE WAS A PYRAMID, a big ball about the size of the pyramid, and other geometric figures. These things on top were only about one-tenth the size of the big sphere itself. There was a cube and all these various geometric figures.

       13. THE PYRAMID WAS THE BIGGEST THING ON TOP, about nine or ten feet high, and it seemed to dominate the scene.--And when the sphere would revolve, when this big ball as big as this house began to slowly turn with a rumbling sound, all these figures on top were geared to the ball so that they began to revolve too, like the gears and wheels of a clock.

       14. IT WAS LIKE SOME SCIENTIFIC TOY--all perfectly synchronised, all very fascinating and complicated--and the guy that built it was a genius! I felt he really deserved a lot of credit for being able to build this according to my dream, inventing and building the machinery and everything.

       15. AND EVERYTHING WAS RUNNING JUST LIKE ONE BIG GIGANTIC MACHINE, perfectly synchronised like the geared wheels of a clock. And I thought, "Wow, that really is something!" And different things would happen while it was going around: It would let off puffs of steam or smoke, and flags would fly out and flutter down to the ground.

       16. I REMEMBER WORRYING THAT MAYBE SOME OF THOSE THINGS WOULD FALL OFF, because it was so gigantic and everything seemed to be perched rather precariously on the top, and the scientist was running around like he was a little nervous about it too, because it was really dangerous! Because some of these things had never been invented before, especially this peculiar pump that pushed the water through the channel.

       17. THE STRANGE PUMP OR PISTON WAS ABOUT AS BIG AS A TABLE, and the channel had walls and was about three feet wide and maybe four or five feet deep--very, very big. And this piston was rectangular-shaped and filled the channel, and the side toward the water was sloped, and it ran on these two rails in the bottom of the channel. It had little wheels running on tracks, and it had to push all this hot water at just the right speed so it wouldn't overflow, and it would push all the water slowly just enough to keep the channel filled until it pushed it all out, and then it would run all the way back and push the water again.

       18. I REMEMBER STUDYING THIS THING THAT HAD NEVER BEEN INVENTED BEFORE, and this guy was getting a lot of credit and praise for inventing this new machine, and this water was being used to power the whole demonstration, and you had to be so careful not to splash it on the people. The big ball rumbled as it turned and the figures on top made all kinds of noises too.

       19. IT WAS ALL VERY EXCITING AND THRILLING TO WATCH! So I thought, "That's funny!--All these flags popping out and fluttering to the floor!" So I stepped over and picked one of them up, and it was like a plain silk dark-coloured scarf--this one was purple. And I thought, "That's strange, I never saw a solid purple flag before!"

       20. BUT ANYHOW, THE SHOW WAS APPARENTLY OVER and the demonstration finished, so we started leaving the hall through the exit door that led up through this long hall, this big broad ramp I'd seen the people come out of before. And as we were coming out there was this big burly uniformed doorman like a guard.

       21. OUTSIDE IN FRONT OF THE EXIT THERE WAS THIS GUY RUNNING THIS LITTLE CART BACK AND FORTH IN A PROTEST DEMONSTRATION. And his cart was shaped sort of like that dolly or piston of the water pump that pushed the water, and he was protesting against this scientist for some reason. He was protesting in my favour, like one our kids protesting for us.

       22. HE WAS YELLING AND SPEAKING AGAINST THE EXHIBIT, because he was saying it was all my idea and the scientist had no right to be getting all the benefit from it. Even the pump had come from my dream, even the pump was my idea, and he was running his pump-like cart back and forth to prove it.

       23. BUT THIS BIG BURLY GUARD CAME AND GAVE HIS LITTLE CART A KICK that rolled it over several times, and he told the boy to get out of there, he was causing a disturbance and worrying the people. And that's all I can remember, except I felt so sorry for the poor kid, getting his cart all banged up!

       24. BUT IT SEEMED LIKE I WAS AFRAID TO SAY TOO MUCH BECAUSE WE WERE GUESTS of this great scientist and I didn't want to cause any trouble. But I didn't like the way the guard banged up the kid's little cart. He turned it over and banged it up and wrecked it. It seemed like the boy was demonstrating in my favour, but not with very much wisdom.

       25. HE WAS CAUSING ME MORE TROUBLE THAN GOOD, so I couldn't really blame the guard for putting him out of action. Even though it was the truth, it was embarrassing to me, because I felt like it didn't matter that much. This scientist had had to work hard to invent and build all this, even though he was copying my idea, and I felt he deserved the credit and the money. He had brought it into reality, so I wasn't going to make any complaints.

       26. EVERYBODY WAS AMAZED AND MARVELLING AT THIS GREAT NEW EXHIBIT, AN ASTONISHING SCIENTIFIC DEMONSTRATION OF THIS GIGANTIC NEW MACHINE! It had something to do with power and fuel and saving fuel or some new method, new cheap method of producing power. He was demonstrating with this new model what could be done to produce all this power so it could turn all these things.

       27. I WONDER IF THIS COULD HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ATOMIC POWER, because I think I've seen pictures that these plants are sometimes built in the form of big spheres, and they do transmit the power by means of hot water. But this new machine and especially this pump seemed to be very dangerous, maybe because it was radioactive as well as being so hot, and this piston-like dolly or trolley had to operate as just the right speed to keep it from spilling over.

       28. IT WAS AS THOUGH THIS WHOLE GIGANTIC BUILDING AND THE MACHINERY IN IT WERE TO DEMONSTRATE WHAT COULD BE DONE WITH THIS NEW FORM OF ENERGY OR POWER, a way of creating power and turning all these things. But there was something significant about that pyramid. It seemed to dominate the other figures. It turned very slowly and gracefully while the others rolled around faster. It was like the big wheel of a clock.

       29. THERE WAS ALMOST SOMETHING A LITTLE WEIRD ABOUT IT! It seemed entirely mechanical, but it had gotten so complicated that the scientist didn't understand it himself!--But the scientist didn't want to tell the people that he didn't understand it himself and he'd just copied my dream and really harnessed some kind of strange supernatural power he didn't understand.

       30. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE THE POWER WAS PARTLY SPIRITUAL, but he'd just built the machinery to use it. So he was taking a little too much credit for it, and he knew it but was ashamed to admit it. But he was very, very smart to have built it. But in a way it was as though he really didn't deserve all the credit, because it was my idea from the dream. The power actually came from somewhere else, and that wasn't his either, but he'd stolen the principles and made it work anyway. But I thought as I saw the guard stop this guy's demonstration out front, I thought,

       31. "OH WELL, LET HIM HAVE IT. HE MADE THE DREAM COME TRUE and brought it into reality, so he deserves the credit." So my feeling was that I wasn't going to protest, and he knew it was my idea and he was recognising me a little, but he was just a little ashamed in front of the people to make it known he'd gotten the whole idea from me. He didn't want it to be made known publicly.

       32. IF THE THING WAS ATOMICPOWERED, THE ATOMIC POWER WAS SORT OF HARNASSING SPIRITUAL POWER and showing how it could run all these things. But if it's symbolic and the hot water, if that was the Word, it sure can be dangerous and it sure is hot if it isn't channeled right, and if you get it in the wrong places on the wrong people it can do damage as well as good!

       33. BUT WHY WAS I SO INTERESTED IN HOW IT WAS PUMPED? That seemed to be the most important thing of all. If the water was the Word, it kept pumping out the Word in big batches, then it would come back and the thing would fill up again and it would pump it out again, and this is what made the figures turn.

       34. WHY WAS THAT SO IMPORTANT? WHAT PUMPS OUT THE WORD? The machinery could symbolise the production of getting out the Word, the printing, distribution, etc., because that's what made this whole big sphere and its figures turn around.

       35. IT WAS AS THOUGH IT WAS MY DREAM AND GOD'S POWER, BUT HIS MECHANICS HAD APPLIED IT AND MADE IT WORK. But what do the huge ball and all the figures symbolise? The only thing I could possibly compare it to was something in Space City, almost like a mechanical model of Space City shaped like a world, a sphere.

       36. COULD IT REPRESENT THE KINGDOM OF GOD, like a little universe of its own? It obviously represents some kind of organisation, like a clock, wheels within wheels and turning figures and everything synchronised together. So I presume, if symbolic, that could mean the Kingdom of God.--Or could it be symbolic of our own Jesus Revolution, the Family, our own organisation?

       37. AND WHO WAS THE OLD LADY I was escorting through the garden path so carefully? She'd come to watch it work. Could she possibly represent the Old Church or the Systemites, or those who are our outside friends and donors? You were leading me by the hand and I was leading the old lady.

       38. COME TO THINK OF IT, OUR WHOLE ORGANISATION IS LIKE A SAMPLE OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD, which may be a little mechanical now, but it's still run by the power of God and it does come from the dreams God gives me! But it does take a scientific genius to really figure out how to build it and make it run, like all of our technicians and organisational leaders, etc.!

       39. IN THAT CASE, I'M THE DREAMER WHO GETS IT FROM GOD, BUT YOU'RE THE SCIENTISTS who are actually doing the complicated practical work of building and running it!--Just don't take too much credit for it yourselves, but remember to give God all the glory for it, for it's His great and mysterious supernatural power you've actually harnessed to build and run it!--Amen?--Praise God!

       40. (P.S.--7/11/77!--SEVEN ELEVEN SEVENTY-SEVEN! 7 X 11 = 77!--I'm sure a numerologist could get some significance out of the date of this P.S. commentary on this first publication of this dream which I had on January 9, 1975--9/1/1975!

       41. (SINCE I HAD THIS DREAM, SCIENCE HAS RECENTLY DISCOVERED "PYRAMID POWER"! [EDITED: "See our Letter "Pyramid Miracles!", No.636."] There has been a virtual pyramid craze of late with articles on the power of pyramids appearing in many periodicals--even Playboy!

       42. (IF YOU'D LIKE KNOW MORE ABOUT "PYRAMID POWER", send for our letters on the same:--How model pyramids purify water, preserve foods, make yogurt, sharpen blades, affect the movements of plants and pendulums and heighten ESP [EDITED: "extra-sensory perception"], mental telepathy, clairvoyance [EDITED: "psychic powers"] and psychokinesis [EDITED: "object-moving mental power"]! It'll blow your mind!--Or improve its powers! You can't afford to miss science's new discoveries of the powers of God!

       43. (GOD'S SUPERNATURAL POWERS--OR NATURAL SUPERPOWERS--ARE NOW BEING DISCOVERED AND USED BY SCIENCE! Perhaps the above dream was a pre-vision of "Pyramid Power." Our Letters "Space City!" [EDITED: "No.75A"] and "Spaceship!" [EDITED: "No.624"] also saw the Heavenly City of Rev.21-22 in the shape of a gigantic pyramid 1500 miles high! "Merlin's Hat" [EDITED: "No.627"] was also a cone, and cones have been found to have similar "Pyramid-Power" qualities! Send for them all! You'll find them fascinating and informative! WRITE TODAY!--Please enclose a gift to cover costs.--Thanks.)

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