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The "RNR"! Destruction of the Super-Blob & the New Nationalisation

© Copyrighted January 1978 by the Children of God

       1. THE CHAIN OF COOPERATION WAS NOT A FAILURE--it accomplished two important things: It proved that democracy doesn't always work, but it also developed much new leadership, many of whom are capable, kind and concerned.

       2. SOME WERE VERY FAITHFUL AND TRIED TO DO A GOOD JOB, but the government became so complicated with such a tangled web of officers and so top-heavy with bureaucracy that it could hardly move and get the job done.

       3. BUT WE HAVE ALSO HEARD OF COLONIES WHERE MEMBERS WERE ABUSED, cruelly mistreated, not provided for nor taken care of, Shepherds who were cruel in their exacting of high taxes from the sheep and placing on them heavy burdens they couldn't bear, shocking unauthorised taxations of 25 to 50% of colony income levied by higher officials instead of only the 10% which was authorised to go to World Services and the KQCs.

       4. WE FOUND THAT SOME DISCIPLES WERE LACKING IN THEIR NEEDS of proper housing, clothing and so on, and were sent out unbearably long hours under cruel conditions, with leadership demanding impossible quotas and then denying litnessers their own financial earnings for desperate personal needs--cruelties we never authorised whatsoever.

       5. WE SIMPLY FOUND THAT THERE WERE MANY ABUSES OF POWER and authority of the various overseers from the KQCs on down to the Shepherds of the local Colonies, and unauthorised taxes!

       6. FAMILY MEMBERS WERE FORBIDDEN TO SUPPLY EACH OTHER'S SEXUAL NEEDS, FFing was in many instances prohibited or at least discouraged, permission to even help out Family members sexually had to come from leaders far up the Chain, and decision-making and obedience to the FF Letters was frowned upon.

       7. WE HAVE HEARD OF QUITE A FEW INSTANCES WHERE LEADERS HAVE CHANGED THE MEANING OF MY LETTERS by their actions or verbal interpretations. My Letters mean exactly what they say, literally, and they don't need explaining away, spiritualising or re-interpreting by anyone!

       8. SO IF THE PEOPLE'S OFFICERS THEMSELVES, THEREFORE, CANNOT BE TRUSTED TO GOVERN THEM and properly take care of the little suffering sheep and humble people at the bottom--God's top, the poor little apostles that hit the streets with the lit--then someone has to step in and do it for them.--In this case, me!

       9. MANY A DEMOCRACY HAS FAILED and ended in wrangling confusion, corruption and economic collapse, necessitating a military or political coup by a strong man fed up with it all!

       10. HE FINALLY GOT JUST SICK AND FED UP WITH ALL THE GRAFT AND CORRUPTION, wrangling bureaucracy and confusion, so he just grabs the reins of power and says, "Now the rest of you bungling officials just take off! I'm going to run the whole thing myself!

       11. "I COULDN'T POSSIBLY MAKE AS MANY MISTAKES AS YOU GUYS ARE ALL MAKING PUT TOGETHER, SO WE'LL JUST HAVE A ONE-MAN DICTATORSHIP!" Well, that's God's original plan for His Kingdom: An authoritarian Prophetic or Kingly reign!--So why not? I think it's worth a try. Let's sweep the whole works away! A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and we had plenty of 'em! So we'll just have to get rid of it.--Sorry.

       12. WHEN WE HEARD OF SOME OF THESE TERRIBLE CONDITIONS existing in some Colonies and we got down to desperate prayer, I just got the message that the kids' only responsibility is to obey, and my responsibility is to tell them what to do.--And we don't need anything or anyone else between us but Sprintshops! From the Mountain with the Message through the Man with the Messengers to the Masses!

       13. SO WE ARE GOING TO TOTALLY ABOLISH THE CHAIN OF COOPERATION, which has become a Chain of Command and Slavery because of the way it's been administered by some! Get out and Litness!

       14. WE ARE SIMPLY GOING TO SWEEP AWAY ALL THOSE OFFICES ALONG WITH THEIR OFFICERS, so that there will be no more Prime Ministers, Ministers, Archbishops, Bishops, Regional Shepherds or District Shepherds between the Colony Shepherds and the KQCs!

       15. EVEN THE COLONY SHEPHERDS WILL BE NEWLY ELECTED BY THEIR OWN LOCAL COLONY COUNCILS, AND THE KQCs WILL BE NEWLY APPOINTED by the King and Queen and their Council! We are angry with the abuses of some of these officers!

       16. THESE CHANGES ARE GOING TO SHOCK SOME PEOPLE who have been living pretty high-on-the-hog off the blood, sweat and tears of some of these poor litnessers!

       17. WE'RE GOING TO GET THESE FORMER OFFICERS OUT ON THE STREETS THEMSELVES AS LITNESSING MISSIONARIES PIONEERING NEW AREAS and not sitting around on their fannies driving slaves and counting money, stats and quotas!

       18. NOT ALL OF OUR SHEPHERDS HAVE BEEN BAD and cruel and selfish. I believe those have been the exceptions. But in order to weed them out we're going to have to weed out everybody and make you all hit the road to find out who's got what it takes!

       19. THIS CHANGE MAY COME AS A WELCOME RELIEF TO MANY from the heavy burden of over-complicated administration, and a chance to get back to the grass roots of basic soul winning for a while, and to share again in the glorious inspiring rewards of directly witnessing and litnessing the Word and pioneering!

       20. IN OTHER WORDS, THE KING IS TAKING BACK THE REINS OF GOVERNMENT and we're going back to a direct dictatorship! It's going to be a very benign, liberal and loving dictatorship in which we're going to insist that the Colonies govern themselves, and not a mess of little Hitlers!

       21. WE ARE GOING TO SEE TO IT THAT THE POOR SHEEP ARE FAIRLY TREATED AND GET THEIR NEEDS and their lit and the kind of help they need, with no more dictation from the officious Blob!

       22. WE THINK THE COLONIES CAN DO BETTER ON THEIR OWN under our direct personal supervision straight from the top! I think the Letters are going to be the leaders and will be obeyed better if they don't have any upper officers interfering!

       23. SO, AS OF MY BIRTHDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1978, YOU'RE ALL FIRED AND EVERYBODY IS GOING TO BE REQUIRED TO FIND A NEW JOB! Each colony should have an immediate worldwide new election or re-election of local shepherds on February 18!--Throw out the tyrants and put in your own choice of leaders you know love and care for you! Let'm Litness!


       25. WE ARE EVEN GOING TO CHANGE YOUR NAME TO THE LOCAL COLONY SERVANT and his Handmaiden, instead of Shepherd and Shepherdess, to be sure you understand the meaning of your position this time, since some of you didn't get the point that Shepherd meant a loving caretaker of the sheep!

       26. "A GOOD SHEPHERD LAYS DOWN HIS LIFE FOR THE SHEEP," Jesus said. But some of our hirelings have been laying down the sheep for their lives!

       27. WE'RE ALSO ABOLISHING THE NAME COLONY, to get away from the bad connotation it sometimes has in relation to colonialism, and call our houses Homes with Families of Love!

       28. LET'S ALSO TRY TO GET AWAY FROM BEING CALLED THE "CHILDREN OF GOD" where that name is hated, and simply call ourselves the new Family of Love!--It's a New Year and a new day with new ways! Let's ring out the old and ring in the new! Hallelujah!

       29. THE ONLY THING BETWEEN THE KQCs AND THESE LOCAL FAMILY SERVANTS will be a local Family Service Center which will work directly under the KQCs and directly with the local Family.

       30. THIS SERVICE CENTER WILL BE THE MAIN PUB AND/OR SPRINT SHOP OF EACH LANGUAGE area out of which travelling Home-Visiting Servants will base, who will personally care for Home needs and servicing as they visit every Heavenly Home in their area.

       31. OVER THE SPRINTSHOP AT THIS LANGUAGE AREA SERVICE CENTER WILL BE A SPRINT SHOP SERVANT who will supply you with the literature you need at so much cash cost per copy with no more luxury-living middle-men between! The whole Service Center will be served by a Service Center Servant who will be its overseer, business manager and KQC representative.

       32. YOU WILL PAY ONLY THE ACTUAL COST OF YOUR LIT AND ITS PRODUCTION, including translation and creation and the expenses involved.--No more 25 or 35 or 50% taxes! It will only be a strictly pay-as-you-go, buy-your-printing-here cash-and-carry business--that's all! No more high-flying high-income officers and extortionists gouging the poor little litnessers and litnessing Homes!

       33. YOUR SPRINT SHOP WILL SIMPLY BE A LIT SUPPLIER, and you just pay them and they sell it to you. They get it, print it, and you buy it and distribute it--that's all! No more high taxes!

       34. THEN WE CAN DIRECTLY SUPERVISE YOUR LOCAL HOMES STRAIGHT FROM THE TOP, primarily directly through the Letters, with exactly what to do and what not to do.

       35. WE'RE GOING TO INSIST ON "SHINERS OR SHAMERS" and enforce the rules which I set down therein, that "the labourer is worthy of his hire" and "muzzle not the ox that treadeth out the corn," and "they which preach the Gospel shall live of (or off) the Gospel!" (Lk.10:7; 1Tim.5:18; 1Cor.9:14.)--That's Scriptural!

       36. THE FELLOW THAT'S OUT THERE DIGGIN' AND BEATIN' THE PAVEMENTS SHOULD SPEND WHATEVER HE NEEDS for his transportation, meals, personal needs, clothing, etc., out of what he makes that day, and bring back to the Colony whatever is left over for his Home meals, utilities, housing, 10% etc. No more fleecing!

       37. IF THE HOME SERVANT THINKS THEY NEED MORE MAYBE HE SHOULD GET OUT AND START PROVISIONING IT LIKE WE USED TO!--Clothing, food, housing, transportation, etc.! Right?--Because a lot of you Colony Shepherds don't seem to think you have to do anything but sit there and count quotas, money and pay bills.

       38. I WANT TO GET BACK TO THE RULES I ORIGINALLY ESTABLISHED for the Litnessers (let's capitalise it from now on!), that they should take out of the money they earn everyday, each day, whatever they need personally while in the field. That's Scriptural too!: God's Word says, "withhold not the hire of the labourer who has reaped down your fields"--even overnight! (Jam.5:4; Lev.19:13.) "Muzzle not!"

       39. OF COURSE, IF THE LITNESSER WANTS TO HAVE AND MAINTAIN HIS HAPPY HEAVENLY HOME, he too will be concerned that the bills are paid and that everything is running smoothly, and he'll want to do his part. So out of the day's litnessing, each Litnesser has got to pay directly for his lit and give his 10% for World Services and his Home Servant will receive the balance for the Litnesser's room, board, clothing, utilities, medical needs etc.

       40. THE RICHER FAMILIES SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED TO GIVE ABOVE THAT, gifts of whatever they can afford, either to locally finance pioneer colonies themselves, and report to us on their financial reports what they are financing, or to send the money to the KQC, these extra gifts to be put in a designated pioneer fund to pioneer new colonies.

       41. WORLD SERVICES WILL ALSO NOW BEGIN TO SEND ONE ENGLISH LANGUAGE COPY OF EACH MO LETTER AND WORLD SERVICES PUBLICATION TO EACH ADULT LIVE-IN DISCIPLE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD instead of our former practice of sending only two copies per Colony. This avoids wasteful reprinting and gives our worldwide disciples who speak other languages at least a copy in English while they're waiting for their translation.

       42. EVEN IF THEY HAVE TO TRY TO READ IT WITH A DICTIONARY in one hand, at least they'll get it and a wonderful opportunity to learn English and develop the leadership we're going to need, and so that every single adult in the Family can have their own original English copy at the first rush mailing from Rome!


       44. THE KQC's JOB will be to collect Colony reports, stats and tithes, as usual keep 5% and forward 5% to WS, the same as before. They will supervise the Service Center services and check reports for problems that require counsel, and will help finance the Service Center and its Visiting Servants.

       45. THE ONLY AUTHORITY KQCs WILL HAVE IS TO ENFORCE ONLY THE LAWS LAID DOWN IN THE MO LETTERS. The Queen and Queen's Consort's duties will be to continue to supervise the KQCs and the World and manage the finances of World Services.

       46. THE HOMES WILL CONTINUE TO REPORT TO THE KQCs and they'll continue to keep the publishing houses and Sprint shops apprised of new Home addresses so they can make sure they get their new Letters.

       47. WE'LL CONTINUE TO HAVE THE CLASSIFICATION OR DECLASSIFICATION OF FAMILY HOMES, depending on how they keep the rules of the New Revolution and RNR. The former supervisory personnel we're simply sending into new fields--I hope--or local litnessing! Ask your KQC for openings.

       48. SO AT RECEIPT OF THIS RNR LETTER, all leadership who will be soon relieved of your present responsibilities under this new RNR should start praying, planning and packing for your new job!--This one ends Feb. 18!

       49. YOU HAVE THESE ALTERNATIVES: 1: Stay where you are and turn your Colony into a normal litnessing and FFing Heavenly Home with you as its Servant.

       2: Join another existing Heavenly Home as a normal Family Litnessing Member under its leadership, if they'll have you.

       3: Or find an opening for a Family Servant in an already established Home where they would like to have you as their own.

       4: Hit the road and go to some other country or area and pioneer a new Home! If you cannot hit the road and be a brave pioneer or get out on the streets and litness, you should not have been a supervisor in the first place and don't deserve to be! So if you were able to supervise other people, then you should be able to go out and pioneer some place yourself--or be a litness shiner!

       5: Be chosen as a Service Center Servant, Sprint Shop Servant or Visiting Servant. About 40 or so couples will be chosen as such out of those leaders who have proven their love and concern for their flocks and their faithfulness and devotion to the Lord and the Letters. Ask your KQC.

       50. ONE MATE OF EACH OF THESE COUPLES MUST EITHER BE A NATIVE of their visitation area or at least speak the language fluently. These are now going to be the only kind of officers of any kind between the KQCs and the local Servants, with no official authority but to operate the Service Centers for you and investigate and assess the condition of your Homes and Families and report it.

       51. THE VISITING SERVANTS WILL GIVE ADVICE AND COUNSEL BASED ON THE MO LETTERS if asked for it, and listen to complaints and problems from both Members and Servants. But they'll have no dictatorial authority whatsoever, other than to call and referee local Family Home elections where necessary. They can only report it on their Weekly Visitation Report read by their SCS.

       52. THEY'RE GOING TO BE OUR CONSTANTLY TRAVELLING COUPLES of male and female teams of Home Visitors who merely frequently visit the local Homes to "see how they do"--just like Paul and Silas going out and checking up on the different churches. (Acts 15:36,40,41.)--Like to travel?

       53. THEY WILL BE AT THE DISPOSAL OF THE FAMILY to referee local elections by secret ballot for new Home Servants, quotas, schedules, rules, Home conditions, finances, etc., and to have a re-election every time they visit to make sure that the people are still happy and satisfied with their Home leadership.

       54. THE SPRINT SHOP SERVANT will supervise the translation, creation, printing and shipping of all lit for his language area from the original authorised English version sent to him by WS, according to the new "Lit Laws."

       55. BOTH VISITING AND SPRINT SHOP SERVANTS AND THE ENTIRE SERVICE CENTER WILL BE SUPERVISED BY THE SERVICE CENTER SERVANT who shall manage its finances and care for its personnel from the funds supplied both by the KQCs and lit orders from the Families.

       56. ALL FINANCES NOW IN THE HANDS OF ANY OTHER OFFICERS between the KQCs and Colony level will be used to pay their final local bills and moving costs. The balance will be turned over to their new Service Center by Mar. 1st or your local Sprintshop.

       57. THE FINAL FEB. 1 PERCENTAGE CHECKS (above the 10% WS tithe) will also be so used, and to pay for February's lit for the area's Homes. Beginning March 1st all Homes will buy their lit from their Service Centers at prices agreed upon with the Service Center, covering only the actual cost of production, printing and shipping. (SCs: Notify'm by Mar. 1!)

       58. BEGINNING FEBRUARY 1ST ALL COLONY REPORTS, FF REPORTS, COLONY CHECK LISTS, LIT ORDERS ETC. SHALL ALL BE READ AND SIGNED BY ALL ADULT COLONY MEMBERS of the Colony Council, attesting to the truth of its statements, stats, facts, etc., as far as they can possibly determine.--No more reporting of non-existent Colonies and stats!

       59. IT IS ALSO RIDICULOUS FOR MISSIONARIES TO BE YEARS IN A FIELD WHERE THEY DON'T YET KNOW THE LANGUAGE! Therefore we are now going to require that at least one member of each couple in any Servant position (except Pioneer Colonies under one year old) either be a national of the country or speak the local language fluently, or they must elect new Servants meeting this requirement, or they must take on a new Co-Servant to make it this way!

       60. THUS ALL HOMES AND SERVICE CENTERS MUST BY MARCH 1ST (except Pioneer Colonies under a year old) have turned over complete leadership to a couple or trio containing at least one national of the country--even if you Servants have to add a new mate!

       61. TO ENSURE GENUINE SHARED RESPONSIBILITY and not merely nominal, the national's name must be added to the signators of the bank account and if necessary to the Postal Box Number, rental contract renewals, utilities, etc. So that in the case of a sudden evacuation of all foreign personnel, the nationals will be able to carry on unhampered by legal or financial problems.

       62. AT LEAST HALF OF ALL SERVICE CENTER PERSONNEL MUST BE NATIVE, with one of each couple required to speak the language fluently. Each KQC must also have nationals in responsible positions on their staffs. Any Families not meeting these nationalisation requirements by April 1st (except Pioneer Colonies under one year old) will be reclassified as Associate Homes receiving only GP and DFO Letters!--Enforced indigenuity at last--after years!--Look for nationals!

       63. FURTHERMORE, WE ARE GOING TO REQUIRE THAT NO MORE THAN 50% OF ANY NON-U.S. HOMES MEMBERSHIP CAN BE U.S. AMERICANS AFTER APRIL 1ST! (Except Pioneer Colonies under a year old.) We have been begging you to nationalise your local work and Homes since the first "Indigenous" Letters of 1974, but many local Homes are still predominantly foreign in membership and leadership. This has got to stop! If your Home needs more Nationals, win'm now!--Or get'm from a Home who has more than they need!

       64. NATIONALISE NOW!--And prevent catastrophe tomorrow! Some countries from which we have had to suddenly evacuate all foreign personnel have been left leaderless and disorganised because of the failure to train native personnel to continue the work. This has got to change now!--No more collapses from lack of native leadership! We've been in some countries for years where you still have no trained native leaders!--Find'm NOW!

       65. AMEN, THANK YOU LORD! WE BELIEVE WE'RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK. We believe You showed us the picture, Lord, as we prayed in desperation yesterday morning trying to see what was wrong and where did we fail and what were our shortcomings, what was the matter.

       66. YOU LAID A PICTURE ON OUR HEART, Lord, that just simplified the whole thing, cut it down to the bone to the leadership we absolutely need, the essentials, nothing more or less.

       67. WE CAN THEREBY PRETTY MUCH GOVERN THY WHOLE KINGDOM or make sure it is governed according to Thy plan and Thy will. We want to set the Colonies free and as independent as possible from too much control, too many leaders.

       68. WE MUST BRING THEM BACK UNDER OUR OWN DIRECT SUPERVISION STRAIGHT FROM THE TOP! We believe there will be better communication that way, Lord, better administration, better obedience, better operation all the way around. So have Thy way in Jesus' name. Thy will be done.

       69. THANK YOU FOR THE VISION! THANK YOU, LORD, FOR THE ANSWERS! We were so burdened and felt so bad about the whole situation. We believe this is going to help the poor little kids in the street, Lord, to get what they deserve and what they earn.

       70. HELP IT TO WORK, LORD, help them to work, and help us all to work together to make it work as simply and as easily and effectively as possible, so there will not be any more extra unnecessary burdens and unnecessary unneeded chaff and dead weight. Thank You Jesus!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family