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OUR NEW COLONY RULES SUMMARISED! (As amended January 1978)--MO       DO NO.657

       (Summarised by Samson Warner and Justus Ashtree; edited by MO.)

© Copyrighted January 1978 by the Children of God

       1. I cannot force you to obey, but I hold a few trump cards--and those are the Lord's letters, which we shall withhold from those who refuse to cooperate, and from which we shall excommunicate you if you don't obey and forsake all to follow Jesus. The choice is yours! (329B:47)


       2. A Colony shall be defined as a group of two or more disciples either living together or at least meeting together regularly no less than once a week.

       3. Live-in Colonies should have daily Colony devotions together and at least weekly business meetings. (329B:41)

       4. A road team or Colony of two to five is to be called a Pioneer Colony team trying to establish a new Colony. (329B:27)

       5. A Colony of 6 to 12 will be called an Ideal Colony established in a particular location.

       6. Anything over 12 will be considered a Blob Colony and immediately reclassified as an Associate Colony receiving only DFO and GP Letters until such time as you notify us that you have divided your Colony into smaller Colonies of not more than 12 each. (329B:28,29)

       7. Catacombs Colonies count as real Colonies if they meet together at least once a week for fellowship, are distributing our literature and reporting stats separately either through a local Colony or directly. (334B:35)


       8. If you're 12 or more it's time to split! When you reach 12--boom--it's mandatory! You're either going to split or you're going to lose Letters. (331B:28)

       9. Babies, newborn infants of the flesh, count as new disciples in whichever Colony they are born. Also, every child is included as a full-fledged Member of your Colony, and therefore your total number of Members includes both adults and children and is subject to the size rule. (334B:36)

       10. The first thing we suggest to you local Councils of Colonies of 12 or more members is that you split your Colony into two or more Colonies as soon as possible and send those on the road who want to go to pioneer new fields!

       11. If your present Colony Servant is reluctant to so split your Colony, we suggest you reconsider your present leadership, and that if he persists in continuing to disobey these Letters by not splitting your Colony, we suggest you may have to elect a new Servant and maybe send the old on the road!

       12.--Or two or more of you could simply decide to split yourselves and pack up and leave and go it on your own to form a new Colony with or without his consent or the consent of the others! (329B:50)

       13.--Or maybe you are the Colony Servant and you do want to go along with some others, but the rest of your flock are a bunch of sticks-in-the-mud who don't want to budge out of their Blob! So why not pick up and take off with those who are willing to go with you and leave the rest behind to elect themselves a new Servant from amongst the old bottles who don't want to move! (329B:51,52)

       14. Every time a Colony splits you have the formation of two complete new Colonies, each of whom should select their own Servants from their own number. (331B:47)

       15. Babes, Office or School Colonies where there's larger housing providentially provided for more people, the members of such Colonies in such combined housing should still definitely be divided into separate Colonies, each of no more than the acceptable number of 12 or under, each with their own Servants (formerly known as Shepherds) and each considered a separate Colony with its own separate name, each filling separate Colony Reports. (336B:12)

       16. New Pioneer Teams: Mother Colonies ought to furnish them with as much help as possible to get them started, such as transportation to their new field, their first month's rent or two, and enough free lit to make their living for the first month or two. (329B:58) If the Mother Colony can't or won't do it, ask your KQC for Pioneer Funds.

       17. Maybe you prospective Mother Colonies better start a Pioneer Fund today so you'll be able to finance that pioneer team tomorrow. Also they may need a little extra loan of a little coin for the initial deposits on things like utilities. These should be outright gifts if the Mother Colony can afford to do so. If not, the Mother Colony may have to consider them as loans to be paid back when the new Colony is able. (329B:59)

       18. We may have to have some colonies which are schools, which is a cooperative effort of several families. But I think we ought to try to get away from it if we can. We're for the most part trying to encourage each Colony that they can teach their own children. If they can't handle them themselves, they may have to send them to system schools. (332B:78-81)


       19. Any Colony which does not gain at least one new disciple (Live-in or Catacomber) within every 3 months will be reclassified as an Associate Colony, receiving only GP & DFO Letters.--Also for not FFing or not meeting minimum Colony Check List standards after two warnings!

       20. If your Colony has not gained at least two new disciples by the end of two Quarters, your DFO Letters will also be suspended and you'll get only GP's.

       21. If by the end of the 3rd Quarter your Colony has not increased in number by at least 3 new disciples for this three-Quarter period, all new MO Letters will be suspended of any kind, including GP Letters. (328B:71-73) (This is subject to rare exemptions in hardship cases by KQC permission only!)

       22. Colonies which qualify in only one of these categories of either size or discipleship will receive only DFO and GP Letters. Colonies which qualify in neither size nor discipleship at the end of a Quarter will be receiving only GP Letters!

       23. When you finally report to us that you have grown by at least one disciple per Quarter, and your Colony has shown an increase in size by the required number of new disciples per Quarter--not mere transfers or backslider replacements--you will again start receiving whatever category of Letters you have qualified for according to the number of your new disciples.

       24. If you then wish to receive also the back Letters which you have missed during your delinquency, you will have to write in especially requesting them and sending as extra donation to cover this extra expense and trouble for a special order, specifying the name and number of the last Letter which your Colony did receive and repeating your Colony statistics which prove that you are now qualified to receive them, verified and signed by all members of your Colony Council. (328B:75-77)

       25. Catacomb Disciples do not have to meet colony requirements such as size, new disciples, giving, lit quotas etc. They do count on your own new disciples minimum quota, and the lit they distribute counts also. (382:10)

       26. A new disciple must be saved, filled with the Spirit and willing to forsake all!--or they don't join! If they don't have the Spirit and they're not absolutely convinced of the righteousness of our cause enough to want to do or die daily to love people, we don't want them! We should never let these guys move in until we know something about them and we've got a real conviction that they've really got the goods! (334A:83,144,55)

       27. Stick a copy of the Revolutionary Rules in their hand and say, "Sit down and read this and beware! This is a hard life and not for everybody. You may not even like it--and we may not like you!" (334A:110)

       28. Then have a meeting with your Council and look him over and talk to him, and if all agree to give him a chance, then his next step to prove it is to go home and get all his stuff and his bank accounts and his money and everything else and turn it over then and there, forsake all and move in! (334A:111)

       29. Right at the moment when they make out their application they should have time to write out their life history and testimony in brief. (334A:102) Also take their picture the first day. (334A:211)

       30. Normally we don't take in mere overnighters, except by Council consent in humanitarian emergencies. Usually they either join or nothing doing! They should at least be saved, washed, changed, delivered, and healed right then, and then join, or we don't normally let them in overnight! (334A:66,27)--We are not bums' missions!--Take'm to one! Don't take people in that are sick in mind, body or spirit except by Colony Council consent. (334A:133)

       31. I just don't normally believe in taking in the physically or mentally handicapped. This is too hard a life for most of them. If their handicap does not interfere whatsoever in any way with their service and duties, litnessing and witnessing, studies and classes and whatnot, then fine! PTL! (334A:84,85)--If they can take it!

       32. We ought to start giving new disciples a little certificate if they've stood this life for six months! (334A:192)

       33. You just simply cannot have any formal probation period because each case is different. Having them come in and live with you is even better than a probation period. (334A:40) Once you've got them you ought to try to pull them through, because it's as much your fault as their fault that they've joined! But then if they just can't make it, you ought to try to send them out as a friend. (334A:219)

       34. The best thing to do is to give them a little time and a few warnings, and then give them the final warning. (334A:177) A one-time failure isn't necessarily a sure flop. If they're a two-time failure, start keeping an eye on them. But certainly if they're a three-time failure you don't have to take a chance on 'em again. (Titus 3:10)

       35. In the case of families, if even one of them proves to be a problem, you may have to get rid of that one if he or she's incorrigible, and the other has to be willing to get rid of them.

       36. We should publish the pictures of people that have been put out of the Family for incorrigibly bad behaviour, disobedience, laziness, etc., so other colonies can be forewarned about them. (334A:203)

       37. A Catacombs Disciple is anyone who receives and distributes our literature and reports the results of their activities to you or us in any form, whether by word of mouth, testimony, letter or actual Report Form--young or old, family or friends, every follower is a disciple! (382:8)

       38. Betrothals: The basic rule to follow is that you must have the consent of the people involved and the local leadership. (331B:71) Formal legal marriages are not required nor even advisable! We believe in trial marriages to see if it's gonna work. Testing compatibility by living and working together for sometime beforehand is much more preferable!


       39. Every local Colony shall immediately form a Colony Council of its total adult membership (12 years of age and over) chaired by the present Colony Servant, who shall call an election to either confirm its present leadership or select a new Servant from its own ranks by the democratic process of open nomination and secret ballot, conducted and counted by the Colony Visitors or a committee of three not including the present Colony Servant nor his wife nor the other candidate, and the voting should continue until one of the nominated candidates has won unanimously. (329B:40) (Acts 6:5).

       40. The Colony Council shall make decisions and establish the rules of the Colony, including lit quotas, by a unanimous vote on each issue. (329B:42) (Acts 15:25)

       41. Even these rules which we are suggesting shall not become effective and valid without a unanimous vote of each Local Colony Council. (329B:45)

       42. The KQC's Visiting Servants or other local Servants are in no wise to interfere in the internal affairs of a Local Colony unless called upon to do so by the Colony itself in asking for help, or if the Colony or its Servant is seriously going astray and/or needs help, and this only with two other Local Colonies' agreement and/or that of the Visiting Servants & SCS. (328C:46)

       43. Local problems ought to be solved on a local basis, and basic principles of what to do in most cases have already been laid down in the Letters. (334C:60)

       44. No major decisions or purchases, etc., shall be made regarding housing, food, expenses, literature, funds, division, quotas etc., without a unanimous vote of the Colony.

       45. If you need authority, take it from my Letters! You should be able to quote to some of these old-bottle dictators chapter and verse to authenticate your challenge to their authority! (328C:27,28)--And you don't have to believe nor accept anything you can't find in the Bible, MO Letters or WS Advisories!


       46. JESUS: "The good Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep!" (John 10:11.) Hirelings lay down the sheep for their lives!

       47. Each local Colony Council composed of all adult members of the Colony, should choose its own local Colony Servant. (328C:44)

       48. Officers can only be elected by the Colony Council or appointed by its voted permission (331B:37) by a unanimous vote of all adult members, usually under the supervision of the Visiting Servant. (328C:58)

       49. A Colony Servant should be elected for a period of not less than one month to give him time to prove his capability. If he thoroughly disqualifies himself, a new election must be called by any 2 Council Members and held by the Council to select a new Servant at once. (329B:41)

       50. Every Road Team and Live-in Colony should have a Mated Couple as their Servants if possible. (336A:27)

       51. In the case of the departure of a Local Colony Servant in which the Local Colony Council feels they themselves have no one capable of taking his place, they can request a suggested possible candidate from their Visiting Servant or SCS Office subject to the Local Colony Council's approval. (328C:47)

       52. Ordinations: Could take place when you're installing these new Colony Servants. It would impress upon the people the importance and seriousness of the occasion, and upon the candidate the weight of his responsibilities. (331B:63)


       53. All reporting will be done strictly on a monthly basis. (337:54) Colonies must have their Colony Report in the mail to their KQC no later than the first or second day of the following month so that it will be in the hands of their KQC no later than the end of the first week so the KQCs can get their stats into my hands no later than the end of the second week. (337:58; 357:58) Each Colony will mail its Report directly to its KQC along with the Colony Check List, FF Report and a check or money order for your Colony's 10% donation. (357:43) These Reports must be personally read and signed by all Council Members!--Also mail copies to your SCS, who will read and analyse them for any problems or matters that need his or your Visiting Servant's attention.

       54. Each KQC Office will then receive and total these stats immediately and forward them at once to WS for totals. (357:43)

       55. I am also against the soliciting of reports of any kind by various departments directly from individual Colonies without the due consent and authorisation from your KQC. (328C:73)

       56. FAILURE TO REPORT A CRIME IS A CRIME! It is your duty to report to us the breaking of any of these rules or improper behaviour or abuses by any leader at once! If urgent, phone your SCS or KQC. If not, please write us immediately describing the offence, and have at least one or two other Council Members sign the complaint with you if possible.--Thanks! We love you, and any mistreatment or lack of good care has gotta stop! (Mat.18:15-17)


       57. We suggest you give WS a minimum gift of at least the bare 10% of your total income. Colonies which do not meet at least this bare minimum of a 10% donation to World Services of at least their total literature income each month should hereafter be reclassified as only Associate Colonies no longer receiving either LTO or DO Letters but only GP and DFO Letters. (336A:47,48)

       58. Colonies who contribute even less than half of this requested 10% will be reclassified as only Friendly Colonies receiving GP Letters until such time as they are willing to meet their fair share of the financial responsibilities of our worldwide work. (336A:49)

       59. Colonies contributing absolutely nothing I would hardly call Colonies belonging to the Revolution at all! Therefore, unless there is very good reason for their total inability to give anything whatsoever, I would consider such so-called Colonies worthy of complete excommunication from our fellowship and all Letters! (336A:51)

       60. Each KQC, along with his stat report, will also forward his check to World Services for exactly 50% or half of the total 10% funds he has received from the Colonies for the entire past month, and keep the balance for the needs of this own KQC in administration, Colony Visitors' expenses, Service Center Assistance, pioneering, etc. (357:45)

       61. Each KQC must also give WS a personal accounting of how he has used very single penny of these entrusted funds for redistribution or recycling where most needed, and he will have this financial report in our hands no later than one week from the end of the month for which he is reporting--or we shall have a new KQC down there collecting them! (357:45) From the 10% the Colonies are sending in now to the KQCs and World Services, they're going to receive all the benefits of WS publications and supervision, plus the KQC's helpful administration and redistribution of funds where needed. (332A:17)

       62. I want to be sure that everyone knows the general state of the finances. We should make a very-easy-to-understand percentage pie-graph in the monthly stat-book showing them the percentages of exactly where the money goes! (301A:19-21)


       63. No quotas shall be set for any Colony by any higher authority than the unanimous vote of the local Colony Council of that particular Colony itself.--Not by the Colony Servant, KQC or anyone else! (329B:44) Nobody has a right to set quotas for you but you yourselves! Neither does anyone have a right to vote for such a quota who's not willing to get out and hoof it for the same quota himself! (329B:54)

       64. There's no reason why everybody can't get out at least two hours a day and hit the streets, (331B:84) including the Colony Servants!--It's good recreation and exercise! Therefore, no quotas shall be set for either litnessing or discipling which shall not include both the Colony Servant and his Handmaiden. (329B:42)

       65. A Colony Servant ought to get out at least once a day and show what he can do. Every Colony Servant and every officer in every Colony needs to get out for at least an hour or two every day. (331C:87) Set minimum quotas that everybody agrees on. (331C:92)

       66. Total quotas shall be set no higher than to sufficiently meet the total needs of the Colony and its various donations to our worldwide work, and there shall be no exceptions to these quotas except in cases of illness, motherhood responsibilities, the handicapped or other special emergencies. (329B:43)

       67. Each member who wins one new disciple should get credit for one full day's lit quota for each new disciple. (329:55)

       68. No quotas shall be less than at least 1000 copies per month per adult member except by special Colony Council permission. Your total Colony Quota should at least equal the number of adults x 1000 pieces per month average.


       69. Service Centers will be based pretty much on language areas. (331C:15). WS will mail direct to each Colony one original English language copy of each publication for each adult disciple in the Colony, plus the 35 mm negatives of each of the English language DFOs and GPs to the KQCs for reprinting in quantity for the English language areas. The Service Center of each other language will translate immediately and publish in their own language to their language area. Local language publications should have only local addresses and the Service Center address.

       70. Translators: I'd like to see your names on every translation to give credit where credit is due. (336B:33) Also the Editorial Staff or Production Staff, including the Editors, printers, artists, typists, layout people, etc. (334C:54)

       71. Any of the General Public who should feel inspired to write to me personally because of my Letters will hereafter have to address such communications directly to whatever local office's address appears on the lit, and who hereby have my personal permission to open such letters from the General Public and answer them for me as best they can. Please forward to us through our secretary in Italy a copy of the person's letter and your reply, so we may know how you handled it and be sure it was handled properly and faithfully. (332B:52,53)

       72. Music Copyrights: Just be sure that whatever you do is not copyrighted in such a way that we ourselves can't use it. (334C:62)

       73. The minimum services to be performed by World Services: Family News, New Nation News, MO Letters and other international publications, Wild Wind Products, Statistics, Inter-KQC supervision and communications, Mail distribution, Personnel Files, Backslider/Graduate Listings, Children's education materials, Financial supervision of KQCs and international supervision and administration of our total worldwide work. (331C:7)

       74. LATE NEWS OF THE "RNR"!: Shepherds are now to be called Servants and Colonies are to be called Homes! The Chain of Co-op is hereby abolished Feb. 18!--Give your local funds to your local SCS or KQC by Mar. 1st. No more officers than KQCs and local Home Servants, with only Service Center Servants, Visiting Servants and Sprint Shop Servants between. No more 25-50% taxes above the authorised 10% gift to WS. You buy your lit cash from your local SC. All Home Councils must sign Reports. Personnel of all Servants and Homes must be 50% national (natives) (Except Pioneers) by April 1st! Every live-in adult will receive a rush copy now of all WS pubs airmail direct from Rome!--HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME FROM YOU!--Thanks!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family