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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

--Contributed by Many!--Edited by Sara & M&M

Copyrighted February 1978 by The Family of Love

HOME NAME ADDRESS CITY______________ STATE/PROV COUNTRY_____________________________

* IMPORTANT: Is M&M's and Rachel's address posted and available to all Members in the Home? Yes__No__.




A. BEDROOMS: -- No. of Bedrooms:__. No. U.S. Nationals__. No. This Country's Nat'l __. No. Others __.

1. Do Members have their own beds and all linens and blankets necessary? Yes__No__
2. Curtains and shades, blinds or shutters on windows? Yes__No__
3. At least 3 inches of closet hanging spaces for each occupant? Yes__No__
4. Beds aired, made and room tidied daily? Yes__No__
5. Mirror in each bedroom? Yes__No__
6. Storage space for luggage etc.? Yes__No__
7. Sheets, pillows & pillowcases? Yes__No__
8. Rug or mats? Yes__No__
9. Does each bed have a mattress? Yes__No__
10. A bedpad that is washed as often as needed? Yes__No__
11. Tissues? Yes__No__
12. Is there a bedroom that can be used for FFing or guests? Yes__No__
13. With Bible, Vaseline, tissues, wine, music, candle or nitelite, fruit, etc.? Yes__No__.
14. Is your home large enough for the number of people living in it? Yes__No__. Explain any No's:


1. Is the floor mopped every day? Yes__No__
2. Garbage & trash cans emptied and washed often? Yes__No__
3. Shelves and cupboards neatly arranged & washed once a week? Yes__No__
4. Specific clean area for food prep? Yes__No__
5. Are all the perishable food storage areas including the refrigerator checked and leftovers disposed of and necessary food containers cleaned daily? Yes__No__
6. Is the stove cleaned thoroughly after each meal, including spilled food out of burners & oven? Yes__No__
7. Is the refrigerator and/or freezer defrosted and cleaned once a week? Yes__No__
8. Do you have a knife, fork and spoon for each Member? Yes__No__
9. Sufficient non-aluminum cooking pots and lids, saucepans, frying pans, spatulas, kitchen knives, serving spoons & bowls, pitchers, plates, cups, glasses etc.? Yes__No__
10. Does the Home have a budgeted weekly amount of money for food? Yes__No__
11. Do you do your food shopping on a weekly basis? Yes__No__ Bulk? Yes__ No __ Wholesale? Yes __ No __
12. Are dry good like rice, flour, cereals, pastas, beans, nuts, crackers, biscuits, etc. stored in tightly covered metal containers to keep out mice, bugs & worms? Yes__No__
13. Are dishes completely submerged under water when not immediately washed, so as not to draw ants, flies, roaches and/or mice? Yes__No__
14. Do you keep separate clean towels in the kitchen, one for drying hands and others for drying dishes, and do you change them daily for clean ones? Yes__No__
15. Is bar soap available in the kitchen for washing hands before handling food? Yes__No__
16. Is a good healthful cookbook available in the kitchen? Yes__No__ Any cookbook at all? Yes __ No __
17. Do you have dishware, silverware, cups & drinking glasses suitable for guests? Yes__No__
18. Do you always have Wine or liquor on hand for guests, FFing, indigestion, hiccups, mouthwash etc.? Yes__No__. Explain any No's:


1. Do you have heating that gives a comfortable room temperature of at least 68-70 F. (20-21 C.) ? Yes__No__
2. Do you have proper ventilation for your heating system? Yes__No__ Your rooms? Yes __ No __
3. Are your portable heaters safe on an open floor space away from all inflammables? Yes__No__
4. Are fire places guarded by screens, well-fueled and closely supervised? Yes__No__
5. Are children and all Members warned to keep away from fires and heaters? Yes__No__
6. Have thermometer? Yes__No__. Explain No's


1. Do you have at least one working toilet? Yes__No__
2. Body-bathing facilities? Yes__No__
3. Does your bathroom have a bowl with hot and cold water available? Yes__No__
4. Is there is a person responsible for cleaning the bathroom once a day? Yes__No__
5. Is your bathroom stocked with essential toiletries such as toothpaste, deodorant, Vaseline, sanitary napkins, toilet paper, shaving cream, razor & blades, soap, shampoo, cologne, air spray, etc.? Yes__No__
6. Is there is mirror? Yes__No__
7. Do you change to clean towels in the bathroom at least twice weekly? Yes__No__
8. Hair dryer available? Yes__No__
9. Weight scale available? Yes__No__
10. All right weight? Yes__No__
11. Overweighs reducing? Yes__No__.


1. Do you have enough 100 Watt reading lamps for Members to study by? Yes__No__
2. Do you have a 100 Watt desk lamp or bright overhead lighting in your office? Yes__No__
3. Are you careful not to over-load circuits with electric heaters or other appliances? Yes__No__
4. Do you have a good repair and/or maintenance man for your Home who can fix things? Yes__No__ Explain any No's:


1. Have you a television or radio so Family Members can watch or hear the news etc.? Yes__No__
2. Have bulletin board? Yes__No__
3. Cad daily? Yes__No__
4. Are there tape recorders and tapes that family members may use? Yes__No__
5. Is there a camera and film for Members who need photos of themselves and/or their children for relatives, friends etc.? Yes__No__
6. Do you buy newspapers or news magazines weekly for Members to read? Yes__No__
7. Does your Home have a dictionary, concordance and encyclopedia in your language? Yes__No__
8. Do you have a donation-box in an obvious place for visitors' use (50a:10) Yes__No__
9. Is there is a dining table with chairs for all including guests? Yes__No__
10. Is there someone responsible to clean this dining area after each meal? Yes__No__
11. Is the living room furniture sufficient to entertain guests? Yes__No__
12. Can every Member find a comfortable, quiet, well-lighted spot to read and study? Yes__No__. Explain No's:

1. Are all sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths & towels washed at least once a week? Yes__No__.
2. Are all blankets, quilts and bedpans washed or cleaned every few months? Yes__No__.
3. Are laundry washing facilities available in your Home or nearby? Yes__No__.
4. Do you have safe & suitable facilities to dry laundry? Yes__No__.
5. Is there a laundry deacon to oversee Family washing such as household linens? Yes__No__.
6. Does your home have a working, safe iron & ironing board or table? Yes__No__. Explain No's:


1. Are kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and baby-diaper trash emptied daily? Yes__No__
2. Is security trash kept in a safe place and shredded or burned regularly? Yes__No__. Explain any No's:


1. Do all windows and doors lock? Yes__No__
2. Does each adult have a key available? Yes__No__
3. Does someone beside the Servants have keys to the P.O. Box? Yes__No__
4. Does someone check the house safety daily and nightly for preventing accidents & break-ins? Yes__No__
5. Are kitchen, bathroom & bedroom windows screened to keep out bugs? Yes__No__
6. Is your garden kept clean and neat, a good sample to your neighbors and landlord? Yes__No__
7. Are DO & LT. MO Letters, cash, records, reports etc. kept seal or locked up? Yes__No__
8. Do you have a telephone? Yes__No__
9. Are emergency numbers for police, fire, ambulance etc. posted near it? Yes-No. Explain any No's:



1. Does your Home regularly provision its basic foods and needs? Yes__No__
2. Have you a regular schedule for making provision pick-ups ministering to contacts? Yes__No__
3. Do you write thank you letters? Yes__No__
4. Do you keep a current contact card file? Yes__No__
5. Do the provisioners dress neatly for representing our Family in public? Yes__No__ Explain any No's:


1. Is the food well served in attractive dishes? Yes__No__
2. Has everyone good table manners? Yes__No__
3. Is the table set well with utensils and paper towels or napkins for everyone? Yes__No__
4. Is enough food prepared so those who need it can have seconds? Yes__No__
5. Are all Members and friends reminded to wash their hands before meals? Yes__No__
6. Is a beverage served? Yes__No__
7. Is water (not cold) on the table for rinsing mouths after meals? Yes__No__
8. Are meals happy occasions? Yes__No__.Explain any No's:


1. Is your Home following the food guidelines mentioned in the Health Revolution and "Food or Poison"? Yes__No__
2. Do the two main meals contain sufficient proteins, starches, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins? Yes__No__
3. Does the Home eat a green or yellow vegetable daily? Yes__No__
4. Does everyone eat fish and liver at least once a week? Yes__No__
5. Does everyone eat an egg daily or at least every other day? Yes__No__
6. Do you use honey, raw sugar or blackstrap molasses instead of white sugar? (353:1,157) Yes__No__
7. Does your Home avoid the use of foods and drinks that contain sugar? (353:155) Yes__No__
8. Do you try to avoid eating the unclean foods listed in "Food or Poison"? Yes__No__
9. Do you use whole-grain cereals, brown rice and unbleached flour? (353:151) Yes__No__
10. Do you have a pressure cooker, steamer or tight-lidded pan for cooking vegetables? (353:124,125) Yes__No__
11. Are road teams reporting good nutritious food habits while on the road? (FM 13) Yes__No__
12. Do cooks thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before cooking or serving? Yes__No__
13. Are foods carefully prepared and stored so as not to lose their nutritional value? Yes__No__
14. Are health foods and vitamins available for all? (Especially Vit. C) Yes__No__
15. Do you cook only in stainless steel, iron, glass, pottery, Teflon or enameled vessels--never aluminum? Yes__No__ Explain any No's


1. Does the Home have an emergency food and water supply? Yes__No__
2. Fleebags ready? Yes__No__
3. Have you been rotating your perishable survival supplies when necessary? Yes__No__
4. Have you changed your water supply in the last 3-6 months if needed? Yes__No__
5. Do you have some form of alternative survival heating such as wood and a fireplace? Yes__No__
6. Do you have emergency survival vitamins, food grinder, diapers, Kotex, toilet paper, heavy blankets, etc.? Yes__No__
7. Do you have some plan of survival in case of war as outlined in 386:85-91? Yes__No__ Explain any No's:


Does everyone have at least:
1. 3 pairs of underwear? Yes__No__ 3 pairs of socks? Yes__No__ 3 pairs of socks? Yes__ No__ shirts or blouses? Yes__No__
2. 3 skirts, dresses or trousers? Yes__No__
3. One pair dress and/or witnessing shoes of right size? Yes__No__
4. One bath towel, 2 hand towels and wash cloths? Yes__No__
5. Toothbrush, comb &/or hairbrush? Yes__No__
6. Clothing clean, neat, ironed, not worn out or frayed? Yes__No__
7. Warm coat or jacket, sweater, hat, gloves and scarf if needed? Yes__No__
8. Is there someone responsible for mending clothes? Yes__No__
9. Do you encourage your people to save their out-of-season clothes for next year? Yes__No__
10. Does ea. Member have a neat, clean appearance & men keep hair & beards trimmed moderately? Yes__No__
11. Are the sex needs of every Member being met? Yes__No__
12. Are all happy w/jobs & location? Yes__No__
13. If not, what change would they like? Describe:
14. Do FFers have enough FF clothes, jewelry, perfume etc.? Yes__No__ Explain any No's:


Does every Adult Member have:
1. A King James English Bible or good translation in his own language? Yes__No__
2. A full set of all MO Letters available? Yes__No__
Vol.l ? Yes__No__
Vol.II ? Yes__No__
Vol.lll ? Yes__No__
Basic Book? Yes__No__
Quotebook? Yes__No__
3. All ML's past No.500? Yes__No__
4. All past 600? Yes__No__
5. The No. of your latest MO Letter.
6. The No. of your latest MO Letter printed in this land's language.
7.MO BK?


Does each Member have:
1. Sufficient suitcases, bags and/or backpack & sleeping bag? Yes__No__
2. A litnessing pouch? Yes__No__ Explain any No's:


A. Does the Home have sufficient first-aid supplies of alcohol, tincture of iodine, antiseptic cream, bandages, aspirin, Q-tips, tweezers, sterilized cotton etc.? Yes__No__
B. Are medicines kept out of reach of children and disposed of when no longer needed? Yes__No__
C. Is everyone in good health? Yes__No__
If not, is proper action being taken (155:55) including dental care, eye check-ups, weight checks, blood and/or urine tests etc.? Yes__No__
D. Is everyone in the Home checked monthly for lice? Yes__No__
Do you have lice shampoo? Yes__No__
E. Do you have a Home Medical Encyclopedia and good Baby Book always easily accessible to all? Yes__No__
F. Are all conscious of keeping themselves clean and free from infections? (569 & 599) Yes__No__
G. Get enough exercise daily? Yes__No__
H. Enough rest? Yes__No__
I. Body temp. thermometer available? Yes__No__. Explain any No's:


Do or are the pregnant and/or nursing Moms:
A. Keeping a high-protein, nutritional diet daily? Yes__No__
B. Have good vitamins daily? Yes__No__
C. Get a proper balance of their needed rest and exercise? Yes__No__
D. Preparing for natural childbirth? (DD 13:19) Yes__No__
E. Making arrangements for check-ups and delivery? (DD 13:18,20) Yes__No__
F. Seen a Dentist? (DD 13:8) Yes__No__
G. Getting needs for baby? Yes__No__
H. Able to eat good foods? Yes__No__
I. Not having danger signals like fainting, bleeding, etc., as listed in Baby Books? Yes__No__
J. Have sufficient maternity and nursing clothing, underclothing and good shoes? Yes__No__
K. Happy? Yes__No. Explain any No's:


A. Do the parents have the necessary furniture and equipment for each of their children--eating chair, bib, low table, bed, potty, walker, stroller, etc.? (ED 8:21) Yes__No__
B. Are the parents and helpers meeting the disciplinary needs of the children unitedly? Yes__No__
C. Are the parents and helpers reading through the FC & Davidito Letters? Yes__No__
D. Are the parents and helpers praying together frequently about the children? Yes__No__
E. Does the Home schedule jive with parents'/children's schedule as much as possible? (ED 8:17) Yes__No__
F. Do parents have a set family time with their children and follow it? (DD 7:32, Ed 8:18) Yes__No__
G. Do parents have sufficient help with their children when needed from others? Yes__No__
H. Do parents have sufficient free time away from the children for a little rest? Yes__No__
I. Does each individual Member receive adequate spending money for their needs? Yes__No__
J. Is there money specifically budgeted for the children's needs? Yes__No__ Explain any No's:


A. Do Moms with children get out regularly, as in Deb's "Witnessing with Children"? Yes__No__
B. Do witnessing parents with children have sufficient help when out? Yes__No__
C. Help when home? Yes__No__
D. Are the children themselves getting out litnessing? (DD 6:6) Yes__No__
E. Are Shiner Moms and children receiving Shiner rewards? (DD 6:7)
F. Do childcare helpers get out regularly and have reasonable quotas? Yes__No__
G. Do adult members write their parents at least once a month? Yes__No__.
H. Have you a rubber stamp to put your local address on your lit? Yes__No__
I. Is someone in charge of writing up interesting Home events for the FN or NNN? Yes__No. Explain any No's:


Are or do the children:
A. Have the necessary amount of neat clean clothing--coat, hat, sweater, pajamas, good right-sized shoes, bedding, underclothing, diapers, etc.? Yes__No__
B. Sleep with helper in separate bedroom if parents' schedule differs? Yes__No__
C. Have sufficient school accommodations and supplies? Yes__No__
D. Have a good bedroom with right kind of bed, bedding, ventilation, heating and lighting? Yes__No__
E. Have a their educational needs met? Yes__No__
F. Read good educational material? Yes__No__
G. Encouraged to witness to others? Yes__No__
H. Taught Bible and MO Letters daily? Yes__No__
I. Get out for fresh air and exercise daily? Yes__No__
J. On a regular eating, sleeping, school schedule etc.? Yes__No__
K. If sick, isolated from others and well-supervised, fed and medically checked? Yes__No__
L. Get daily at least two glasses of whole milk, meat, hard cheese, yogurt, fresh fruit or juice, green or yellow vegetables and vitamins? Yes__No-
M. Get nutritious snacks, good wholesome drinks and safe water? Yes__No. Explain any No's:


A. Are all visas in order? Yes__No__
B. Is one person in the Home in charge of checking all visas? Yes__No__
C. Are all passports valid and unexpired? Yes__No__
D. Do all babies have birth certificates? Yes__ No__ Passports? Yes__No__
E. Are all vehicles mechanically well-maintained? Yes__No__
F. With all papers and insurance in order? Yes__No__
G. Are Home finances adequate and fairly stable to meet needs and bills? Yes__No__
H. Members without legal or criminal problems? Yes__No__ Explain any No's:


A. Home Council meets weekly? Yes__No__
B. Daily time of united Devotions? Yes__No__
C. Does everyone have daily free time? Yes__No__
D. Does everyone get a weekly free day? Yes__No__
E. Does everyone usually FF at least once a week? Yes__No__
F. Is there a daily work schedule? Yes__No__
G. Are meals eaten about the same time daily? Yes__No__
H. Bible & Mo Letters read together daily? Yes__No__
I. Is a running oral translation given of latest Letters, NNN's & FN's for non-English speakers? Yes__No__
J. Are Meetings & Readings in local language of the country or with a running translation? Yes__No__
K. Does everyone get about 7 or 8 hours sleep? Yes__No__. Explain any No's:


A. Do local catacombers fellowship with you? Yes__No__
B. Do you have a weekly Church of Love meeting to which Cats, Outsiders & Friends are invited? Yes__No__
C. Are you all speaking and/or studying the local language? Yes__No__
D. Are no more than half of your Members U.S. Nationals? Yes__No__ (Children born outside the U.S. we will not count as U.S. Nat'ls.)
E. How many Members have U.S.passports?


A. Does only one Family of Love (Colony) of 12 or less (not counting temporary visitors of less than a month) usually occupy these premises? Yes__No__
B. No other separately reporting Family of Love (Colony) occupies or shares this same address? Yes__No__
C. Are all of the Family of Love in this building or on this property reporting only as one Family of Love (Colony)? Yes__No__
D. How many Families of Love (Colonies) share this same housing or property?
E. How much is your rent?-- $_____

IT IS NOW FORBIDDEN FOR ANY HOMES SHARING THE SAME HOUSE, BUILDING OR PROPERTY TO REPORT AS SEPARATE HOMES!--Any separately reporting Homes sharing the same residence or property must now report as one Home and suffer the size consequences of oversize Blobs such as re-classification and loss of Letters or you must split your residences to other locations of no more than 12 persons per residence or property by July 1st? God bless you!

NO MORE BLOBS REPORTING AS 2 OR MORE HOMES! Those days are over! You've had 3 years to break'm up since the beginning to the New Revolution. Feb,18,1975! Now Let's bust'm! HAPPY PIONEERING!

(HARDSHIP OR CONTRACT EXCEPTIONS granted only in extreme cases by your local Visiting Servant!--And only until such time that you can split! You'd better have mighty good and convincing solid reasons, or you'll soon be Associates with no DO Letters!)

SORRY! IT'S TIME TO PIONEER!--There are too many Homes in the same or nearby locations. Jesus said: "Go ye into all the world"--and we've got 150 countries to go to yet! Let's go! Start obeying TODAY! Amen? God bless you! We love you and will be praying for you! But to do it, YA GOTTA SPLIT!! WARNING!--by M&M!

If your rating is over 60 "No's" you are hereby given a first warning to improve it to at least under 60. If by the time of your Home Visitors' next visit you are still over 60, you'll be given a final warning!--Titus 3:10. If by the time of your Home Visitors' following visit you are still over 60 you'll be re-classified a "poor" Home--no DO Letters!--Until such time as your Council sends in a new Checklist showing you rate a better classification for Letters (Under 60!). (Pioneer homes are exempt from this re-classification for only their first year!)--We want you to have a happier, healthier, homier, more hospitable & helpful Heavenly Home! GBY!--Love,--M&M.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family