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WORLD SERVICE HOME ADVISORY--M&M       February, 1978       DO NO.661
--On the Home Checklist.

© Copyrighted February 1978 by the Family of Love

       --To be read aloud in a United Session of the entire Home Council and translated also at the same time for any member who does not understand English. Before the reading, distribute the copies of the Home Checklist to each member of the Council so that they may have them in their hands as you read this Advisory. Thank you and God bless you! We hope these new changes will be a blessing to you:

Dear Children: Greetings in Jesus' precious name!
       1. WE HOPE BY THIS TIME YOU HAVE ALL RECEIVED YOUR INDIVIDUAL COPIES OF THE NEW REORGANISATION AND NATIONALISATION LETTERS INCLUDING COLONY RULES, etc., and that you now hold in your hand at this present moment in this meeting of your entire Home Council, a copy of the "Family of Love Home Checklist" of February, 1978, DO No.660, as well as your individual copy of this Advisory, DO 661, now being read aloud to you all.

       2. YOUR TOP LITNESSING SHINER IS HEREBY COMMISSIONED TO PERSONALLY FILL OUT THIS CHECKLIST FOR YOU with his own hand for your entire Home as you all read each question together now and vote on what is the correct and honest answer to each question regarding these conditions in your Home.

       3. ENTER THAT ANSWER ON THIS ONE CHECKLIST--the extra copy which we have sent you--and when fully completed and signed by each Council Member, this completed Checklist should be held in the sole possession of the leading Litnesser who has filled it in for you until he is able to airmail it to us immediately at our secretary's address given at the top of the Checklist:

       4. B. CANEVARO, C.P. 800, 50100 FIRENZE, ITALIA, the address which is supposed to be posted on your Bulletin Board already. If this address is not at this very moment already posted on your Home Bulletin Board or in some conspicuous place where all members of the Home can see it at any time, on the wall or a door or on the dining-room table for all to see at all times, or has only been posted within the last few days and not posted when originally instructed, we suggest that each of you write it down right now personally as it is being read to you.

       5. IF NOT POSTED OR POSTED ONLY RECENTLY, then in accordance to previous World Service instructions, advisories and/or a letter from Queen Rachel herself to your Home and this present Advisory, your present Home Servants are hereby and right now fired from their job for disobeying this important rule by not having this address posted at all times for the use of all members in writing letters directly to us, and they cannot be re-elected (if old Shepherds).

       6. IF THIS IS SO, YOU MUST HOLD A NEW ELECTION RIGHT NOW at this very moment for the selection of new Home Servants, and your present old Shepherds must move out and move on to litness and/or pioneer elsewhere within no more than one weeks' time.

       7. YOUR LEADING LITNESSING SHINER is to be appointed temporarily your Home Visiting Servant for your Home until your official new Home Visiting Servant arrives, which we hope will be soon, but at the most in a month or two. Meanwhile we hope this Checklist will help.

       8. NOW THAT YOU HAVE READ THIS ADVISORY TOGETHER and elected new Home Servants if necessary, you are ready to help your Litnessing Shiner answer the Checklist together. Please answer each and every question accurately and honestly--Green Shirt!--one by one as each question is read aloud.

       9. ALL COUNCIL MEMBERS MUST VOTE ON EACH ANSWER to be chosen, including your present Home Servants, but it is not necessary that either he nor she agree with your answers. Please have a blue or black pen and a red pen ready for these answers--preferably blue and red felt-tip markers for clear visibility.

       10. CHECK EACH OF YOUR YES/ANSWERS IN BLUE OR BLACK AND BE SURE TO CIRCLE EACH OF YOUR NO ANSWERS IN RED after the reading of each question. A simple majority vote is all that is necessary for the answers selected for each of these questions on the Checklist.

       11. WE SUGGEST THAT AFTER THE READING OF EACH QUESTION YOU TAKE A VOTE FOR THE ANSWER by a simple showing of hands, asking first, "How many vote yes?", and count the hands voting yes. Then ask, "How many vote no?", and count the number of hands shown.

       12. THE LARGEST NUMBER OF HANDS SHOWN WINS THE VOTE for either a yes or a no answer. If there is a tie vote or if you are uncertain of the first count, vote again. Read the question again and vote again on the answer. If the vote is still tied, then mark both answers: Check the yes and circle the no, both.--Isn't that fair enough?

       13. WHEN YOU HAVE ANSWERED ALL THE QUESTIONS, please fill out both the front and back of the Checklist Mailing Slip at the end of Page 3 & 4, being very prayerful to do it very accurately, being careful to circle the correct numbers of your "no" answers in the right sections.

       14. WHEN YOU HAVE FULLY COMPLETED THE ENTIRE CHECKLIST AND THE CHECKLIST FORWARDING SLIP AT THE END, please have a final Council majority vote for its acceptance as fairly representative of the conditions of your Home, and have each Council Member sign the slip personally in the space so provided for their signatures, then have your Litness Shiner detach the slip and airmail it at once to the slip address. Thank you. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in helping to make possible the improvement of the conditions in all of our Family Homes. God bless you!

       15. YOUR LOCAL HOME VISITORS WILL BE CALLING ON YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE in person, God willing, to go over this Checklist with you again and to see if there is any way that they can help you to make any necessary improvements needed in your Family Home, so save it for their inspection. Keep your personal copies for review of your needs to work on.

       16. FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, PLEASE GIVE THEM ALL THE COOPERATION THAT YOU POSSIBLY CAN AND PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF THEM in whatever needs they may have, including meals and overnight lodging--and if possible, if you can afford it, please give them whatever you can toward their transportation expenses to the next Family Home before they go, and it will be greatly appreciated. They are our personal representatives sent to you by M&M to help you improve your Home conditions.

       17. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR FAITHFUL COOPERATION in helping to make your Family Home a truly happy healthful homey hospitable helpful Heavenly Home, a good testimony to every Member and every visitor, "that men may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven!" God bless you all! We love you and want you to take good care of yourselves for God's service!--Amen? PTL!--Love, M&M.

       18. P.S.--YOUR OLD KQC's ARE NOW TO BE CALLED KQS's--KQServants--to remind them of what they're to be! In fact, nearly all of them are being replaced with new KQS's!

       19. NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA ARE BEING DIVIDED INTO TWO NEW KQS's to bring your supervision closer to you, as well as Northern & Southern Europe, along the same lines as the former PM divisions.

       20. GOD WILLING THE NEW KQS's WILL BE Shaul & Abiah Lion for Latin America and Andrew and Miriam Bochim for No.America (address coming soon); Emanuel Provisioner & Hannah Charity KQS's for No.Europe, and Emanuele & Rachel Canevaro for So.Europe (both KQS's same address as old KQC.)

       21. THE NEW KQS OF THE PACIFIC AND ASIA will be Keda Sky & Shema Gypsy and their address the same as the present KQC, Hong Kong.

       22. HOSEA DAVID WILL REMAIN KQS OF GOLD LION PUBLICATIONS Hong Kong, provided he issues no more quotas, prices nor publications without consent of his KQS and distributors, nor shipments without cash in advance. Sorry, no more credit!

       23. YOU WILL SOON BE NOTIFIED BY YOUR NEW KQS's WHO YOUR NEW VISITORS ARE--accept no others! Some of the old guard are already pretending to be the new Visitors! My God, what will they try next!

       24. YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE A NEW PRICE LIST FOR YOUR LIT FROM YOUR NEW SERVICE CENTER which will probably be your same old Sprint Shop, GB'M!--The same ol' faithfuls still rollin' the gold!

       25. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE HAD AN IMMEDIATE ELECTION OR RE-ELECTION OF HOME SERVANTS on receipt of "New Colony Rules" and certainly no later than Feb. 18! Do not wait for your new Visitors!

       26. MARIA & I ARE TEMPORARILY ASSUMING DIRECT RESPONSIBILITY FOR WORLD SERVICES ADMINISTRATION through your KQS's while Rachel gets further training for her future duties as the future Great Queen God has promised to make her. Timothy Concerned will be our Executive Assistant. HAPPY REBIRTHDAY TO US ALL!

       27. P.S.--YOU NEED ABSOLUTELY NO CLEARANCES from your present field for moving to another--only from your destination, if a Home, unless you're self-supporting and pioneering independently--then you need none from anybody! HAPPY PIONEERING!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family