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"HAPPY REBIRTHDAY!"--RNR Rules!--By MO       February 1978       DO No.663
--Condensed & compiled by Justus Ashtree, M&M and Many More.

Copyright © February 1978 by The Family of Love

       [EDITED: "HomeARC note (9/98): The Charter is the current source of Family policy and rules."]

       I. REBIRTHDAY!--FEB. 18, 1978:

       GREETINGS IN JESUS' NAME! It's a new day and a new way to do things now! No more of the old slow cumbersome and difficult machinery and bondage of the "Chain" nor its restrictions, prohibitions, interpretations, extortions, blobs, tyrannies nor old-bottle U.S. domination!--You are FREE!


       1. CHANGE THE NAMES {\ul \i Shepherd} and {\ul \i Shepherdess} to {\ul \i Servant} and {\ul \i Handmaiden}.

       2. ABOLISH THE NAME COLONY and call our houses {\ul \i Homes} with {\ul \i Families} of Love!

       3. TRY TO GET AWAY FROM BEING CALLED THE CHILDREN OF GOD where the name is not helpful nor legally necessary. Simply call yourselves the new {\ul \i Family of Love}.

       4. AS OF REBIRTHDAY, FEB. 18, 1978, THE CHAIN'S FIRED and need to find new jobs!

       5. ALL FINANCES NOW IN THE HANDS OF ANY OTHER OFFICERS between the KQSs and Colony level must be used to pay their final local bills and the balance turned over to their new Service Center Servant of KQS. Any final percentage checks of February 1st (above the 10% WS tithe) will also be so used and to pay for February's lit for the area's Homes.

       6. After receipt of the RNR Letter, ALL LEADERSHIP SHOULD HAVE DECIDED ON A NEW JOB! You had these alternatives:
       (1) Stay where you are and turn your Colony into a normal litnessing and FFing Heavenly Home.
       (2) Join another already existing Heavenly Home as a normal Family Litnessing Member under its leadership.
       (3) Find an opening for a Family Servant in an already established Home where they would like to have you.
       (4) Hit the road and go to some other country or area and pioneer a new Home.
       (5) Be chosen as a Service Center Servant, Sprint Shop Servant or Visiting Servant by your new KQS.

       7. EACH HOME SHOULD HAVE AN IMMEDIATE NEW ELECTION or re-election of local Servants no later than February 18th!


       1. The only thing between the KQSs and the local Family Servants will be a LOCAL FAMILY SERVICE CENTER which is the main pub and/or Sprint Center of each language area and the home base for the travelling Visiting Servants.

       2. These HOME-VISITING SERVANTS will personally check out Home needs and servicing as they visit every Home in their area. They will give advice and counsel based on the MO Letters, investigate and assess the condition of your Home and report it on the Home Checklist, listen to complaints and problems from both Members and Servants and referee local Family elections by secret ballot, unanimous or majority.

       3. The SPRINT SHOP SERVANT will supervise the translation, creation, printing, shipping and pricing of lit for his language area according to the new Lit Laws.

       4. The SERVICE CENTER SERVANT will supervise both Visiting and Sprint Shop Service, manage its finances and care for its personnel from funds normally supplied by lit orders.

       5. THE KQS's JOB will be to collect Home reports, stats and tithes as usual, keep half and forward half to WS, supervise the Service Centers, check their reports for problems that require counsel, and help finance new pioneer homes that cannot support themselves nor be supported by their Service Center nor other local Homes nor any other means such as litnessing, provisioning, appeal letters, forsake-alls, FFing, etc. The only authority the KQSs have is to enforce only the laws laid down in the MO Letters.

       6. THE GREAT QUEEN AND QUEEN'S CONSORT will be the King's assistants and the new KQSs of S. Europe, Mideast and Africa, while Tim Concerned will help M&M supervise the 5 new KQSs of the world, all with new officers.

       7. PLEASE ADDRESS YOUR REGULAR MONTHLY HOME REPORTS AS FOLLOWS: N. AMERICA KQS: Andrew & Miriam Bochim (address to be announced). LATIN AMERICA KQS: Shaul & Abiah Lion, address same as old KQC. N. EUROPE KQS: Emmanuel Provisioner & Hannah Charity, same address as old Europe KQC. S. EUROPE KQS: Rachel & Emanuele Canevaro, same address as old Europe KQC. ASIA & PACIFIC KQS: Keda Sky & Shema Gypsy, same address as old KQC, Hong Kong.


       1. ONE MATE OF EACH OF THE SERVANT COUPLES must either be a native of their language area or at least speak the language fairly well.

       2. BY MARCH 1st ALL NON-U.S. HOMES AND SERVICE CENTERS must have turned over complete leadership to a couple or trio containing at least one non-U.S. national.

       3. THE NATIONAL'S NAME SHOULD BE ADDED TO THE SIGNATORS of the bank account and as soon as possible to the Postal Box Number, rental contract renewals, utilities, etc.

       4. AFTER APRIL 1st, NO MORE THAN 50% OF ANY NON-U.S. HOME'S MEMBERSHIP CAN BE U.S. NATIONALS (except Pioneer Homes less than one year old).

       5. AT LEAST HALF OF ALL SERVICE CENTER PERSONNEL MUST BE NON-U.S., with one of each couple required to speak the language fairly well (outside the U.S.).

       6. EACH NON-U.S. KQS MUST HAVE NON-U.S. NATIONALS in responsible positions on their staffs.

       7. ANY FAMILIES NOT MEETING THESE NATIONALISATION REQUIREMENTS BY APRIL 1ST WILL BE RE-CLASSIFIED AS ASSOCIATE HOMES receiving only GP & DFO Letters until you do! Sorry, but we must nationalise! See "Indigenous" (ML #315C). (Children born out of U.S. can count as non-U.S.nationals!)

       IV. FINANCES:

       1. BEGINNING MARCH 1st ALL HOMES WILL BUY THEIR LIT FROM THEIR SERVICE CENTERS at prices agreed upon with the Service Centers covering only the actual cost of production, printing and shipping, and a small service charge to share the expenses of the original translation and creation in that language by that entire language area based on its total income from such lit used--probably not more than 1 or 2% of each Home's total income.

       2. EACH LITNESSER WILL NOW BUY HIS LIT directly from his Home Servant at actual cost. He should spend whatever he needs for his own transportation, meals and personal needs out of what he receives that day, and bring back to the Home Servant whatever is left for his Home meals, utilities, housing, WS 10%, etc. If the Home Servant thinks they need more he should get out and litness, FF, win souls, provision, write appeal letters, etc.!

       3. ALL SERVANTS PLEASE CONTINUE TO ENCOURAGE YOUR HOMES TO GIVE to missions, pioneers and the WS of our worldwide work--either your surpluses or at least 10% of your income. Thanks! GBY!

       V. REPORTS:

       1. BEGINNING FEB.1ST COLONY REPORTS, FF Reports and Colony Checklists, Lit Orders, etc., shall all be read and signed by all adult Colony Council Members.


       1. WE'LL CONTINUE TO RECLASSIFY Family Homes according to the rules of the New Revolution, the new RNR & Home Checklist.

       VII. VOTING:

       1. IF YOU CANNOT GET A UNANIMOUS VOTE, A SIMPLE MAJORITY will have to do rather than hold up the wheels of progress!

       VIII. PUBS & LIT:

       1. WORLD SERVICES WILL NOW BEGIN TO SEND ONE ENGLISH LANGUAGE COPY OF EACH MO LETTER AND WS PUBLICATION TO EACH ADULT live-in disciple throughout the world. Any reprinting on the field ought to be in the language of the field.

       2. PUB QUOTAS: No one shall set pub purchase or lit quotas for anyone except the Home Council themselves! No more "national quotas," etc.!--Cut it out, Ho! The consumer is the boss!

       3. LIT PURCHASE PRICES must be agreed upon by Service Centers and Homes and posted publicly in all of the same according to Titles or number of pages & quantities.

       4. ALL LIT CASH IN ADVANCE--NO CREDIT! Sorry, but some have abused this and cannot be trusted! Besides, debts are unScriptural! (Exceptions only Pioneer and hardship cases.)--See Rom.13:8, Prov.22:26,27 and 27:1, etc.

       5. The SERVICE CENTER must publish all NEW GP LETTERS as they come out if possible--and in as large a quantity as needed. Each Home will be required to buy a minimum of at least one box-full or a minimum weight order. The worldwide requirement will be to buy all new GP Letters, but only in a minimum quantity that each Home can afford.

       6. WE RECOMMEND EQUIPMENT that can print 4, 8 or 16 pagers; preferably two 8-page foldouts per sheet. On some presses a possible alternative is to use a bit larger or smaller paper.

       7. TRANSLATIONS: The original English copy can be cut down to an 8-page translation, but the condensed transcript of the original English copy for the condensed translation must be sent into your KQS with all changes, omissions, etc., marked on this copy for KQS approval.

       8. THE ENGLISH ORIGINAL SUGGESTED GP PRICE on the cover may be used as-is or changed, or not used at all on the Letter.

       9. On all the back of "Lit Laws" it is requested that all GP lit samples be sent straight to MO. This shall be changed and instead all GP, DFO & DO lit samples SHALL BE SENT ALONG WITH THE PUB REPORTS TO THE KQSs ALONG WITH ANY APPROVALS for summaries or condensations.

       10. ADS CAN BE REMOVED from the Letters to make room for translations which require more space than the original English, or the ads can be changed to more local ads.

       11. LIT SHALL BE PRICED AT A SET MINIMUM BY THE BOX OR WEIGHT regardless of Letter size--one box-full of one title regardless of the number of pages of each Letter.--Also the Sprint Shop will list how many Letters of each size fit in each box or weight. A LIST OF TITLES IN STOCK with the number of pages of each Letter and the minimum price per box or weight shall be sent out to the Homes by each Sprint Center.

       12. "CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN!"--will encourage you to buy longer letters in larger quantities. You might be able to buy a larger quantity of 8-pagers at a lower price per piece than smaller quantity of 4-pagers. Make your prices attractive and give discounts for larger quantities.

       13. THE 1% INCOME SURCHARGE FROM ALL HOMES USING SPANISH LIT from the total income of each Home shall be sent to your KQS with your 10% tithe each month. This is to help pay for the original Spanish translations which will now be sent to every adult live-in Member throughout the Spanish-speaking world direct from Spain!--Isn't that great?! PTL!


       1. NO CLEARANCES NEEDED from your present field to another, only from your destination if a Home--unless you're pioneering independently and self-supporting, then you need none from anybody!

       X. FFing:

       1. FFERS NO LONGER NEED FISHERMEN, ONLY FISHERWOMEN!--An experienced girl FFer with each trainee or group of trainees.--Then the Fish will pay all the bills!--Don't tell me you can't afford to FF!--You can't afford not to!--Read the Book of Ruth!

       2. [DELETED] [EDITED: "M"]ust be of legal age for sexual involvement, usually at least 21 to 23, depending on the state or country. Watch out!

       XI. FAMILY SEX:

       1. NO PERMISSION NEEDED FOR SEX!--If legal and with mutual consent. No Servants need to be consulted. Fire away! Praise God!

       2. PREGNANCIES FROM SEX OR FFing need no longer be considered as obligation to marry as before. Some have not felt free to help each other for fear it might require marriage if pregnancy occurs. That's optional.


       1. OUR CHILDREN BELONG TO THE FAMILY and all of us, and we are all their parents and they are all our children, so no "unwed" mother need fear for herself nor her children. Several of our children call every adult in the Home "Mommy" or "Daddy," and that's as it should be!

       2. MARRIAGE IN THE FAMILY is to Jesus and they are all "Jesus babies"!--And we are all married to each other in His love. Read "One Wife,", "Law of Love", "All Things Tree," etc.

       XIII. BLOBS:

       1. MULTIPLE HOMES sharing the same address, location, property or building can no longer report as separate Homes but must all report as one Blob Home subject to the anti-Blob declassification rules after July 1, 1978.


       1. --Will now be considered only those who have been Members for over one year and eligible for LTO Letters and posts of responsibility such as Servants.


       1. KQSs ARE APPOINTED PERSONALLY BY THE KING and/or the Queens. The KQSs appoint the SCSs & VSs who together select the SSSs. The Homes choose their own Servants by Council vote.--HAPPY REBIRTHDAY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family