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PIONEER REQUEST FORM       DO NO. 669       February 1978

Dearest Loved Ones in every Heavenly Home,

God bless you and greetings in Jesus Name!

       With the institution of the "RNR," we are expecting a great surge in our pioneering adventures! We are hoping that every Home is trying to assist these new pioneer teams who are preparing to strike out by faith as much as is possible, as Dad suggested in the "RNR." However, we understand that it may be quite difficult for some of you potential Pioneers to obtain what you feel necessary from your present Homes, and so we are setting up a Pioneer Fund to try to give some added assistance to our Brave Pioneers who are launching out. So if you would like to apply for some additional financial help, please fill in the form below and mail it to your KQS office for consideration. We are going to try to help those who truly deserve it. As Dr. Oswald Smith, the world-famed mission-minded pastor, once said, "Those who can't make it at home will never make it on the mission field!"--What field or Home have you already helped Pioneer personally?

       Name: ________________________

God bless and keep you all. We are praying for you and wish you happy Pioneering!

Much love and prayers, Your KQS Office Signed:
       Your WS Servant

P.S. BEWARE! Some fields are closed to open witnessing or litnessing and/or working tourists!--Consult the Field Info List now being prepared, or your KQS or SC.--Look before you leap! Pioneers to be helped by us must meet the above and following conditions:!

+ + + + + + +

       1) What pioneer field are you preparing for? ______________________

       2) How many letters to friends, contacts and realtives have you written to obtain help to get to your field? _______
       How much help did you receive? $______
       What was the total amount of monthly pledges promised for your support? $__________

       3) How much provisioning in homes, among businessmen, civic groups, etc., have you done to obtain help? _________
       How much help did you receive? $_____
       What was the total amount of monthly pledges promised for your support? $_________________

       4) How many disciples have you won with forsake-alls which were designated to help you and your team in it's pioneering venture?_____
       How much did they give you? $_________

       5) How much FFing have you done locally and what kind of help have you obtained in return?___________________________ [DELETED]

       6) How much of your income from litnessing have you been able to put aside, specifically designated for pioneering? $____________

       7) What else have you done to try to raise your support for your Pioneer team?__________
       How much did it raise? $_________________

       8) How much is the total you've now raised for your fare and support? $_________
       Cash on hand: $________
       Cash promised: $________
       Cash pledged monthly:________ $___________
       GRAND TOTAL: $______

       How much total monthly support do you figure you will need on the field? $____________
       How much from us? $__________
       For how long?____________
       How soon?________________________

       BIBLE NAMES:__________________________________Date:___/___/____
       LEGAL NAMES:____________________________Phone:________________
       Present Address:_________________________________________________


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