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THE "DIRTY DORM" DREAM!--By Father David       30-11-77       MO       DO NO.676

© By The Family of Love, March 1978, CP 748,00100 Roma, Italia.

       1. THE STRANGE PART ABOUT IT WAS THAT IT WAS SO CLEAR! I woke up thinking about it, then I went back to sleep and it continued right on, just like a continued movie. I guess you'd call it "The Dirty Dormitory", because that's what it was.

       2. WE WERE AT SOME KIND OF RELIGIOUS CAMP MEETING, where they were having meetings, like those summer camps and programs for preachers and stuff like that. They showed us around, and the cafeteria seemed to be all right and the girls' and women's dormitories were very nice.

       3. BUT WHEN THEY USHERED US TO THE BOYS' DORMITORIES THEY APOLOGISED THAT THEY WERE NOT IN VERY GOOD CONDITION because they were not completed yet. They just pointed the way for us to go and ashamedly left us to wend our own way from there with one of the boys leading us in.

       4. WELL, WE CLIMBED OVER PILES OF DEBRIS.--It's funny how everything seemed to be shipshape in the girls' or women's dormitory, there were older women too. But we had to climb over these piles of debris to get into the boys' dorm.

       5. IT SEEMED TO BE AN OLD OLD BUILDING, that was not under construction, but looked more like it was under destruction or being demolished! It was supposed to be a dormitory but it was more like an old haunted house or an old deserted building. We climbed up over piles of this stuff and stacks of old rotten wood.

       6. AS WE WALKED ALONG, ALL OF A SUDDEN I CAME ON THIS BIG SPLATTER OF EXCREMENT! It looked like somebody had had loose bowels and couldn't hold it and didn't make it to the bathroom! Then we waded through a puddle of urine. When I got into the horrible dormitory we discovered why.

       7. THERE WERE NO BATHROOMS, NO TOILETS, NO RUNNING WATER, NOTHING! Apparently some people had to go clear out of this old broken-down building and go somewhere else to the toilets and to get water. And apparently some people hadn't been able to make it and had "gone" on the way!

       8. THE STENCH WAS FOUL AND THE DEBRIS WAS HORRIBLE AND THE PLACE WAS FILTHY! I couldn't imagine people living in such a place! And that's where I woke up. I don't know if it means anything or not.

       9. I HAVEN'T GOTTEN ANYTHING ON IT UNLESS IT MEANS THAT OUR GIRLS ARE IN BETTER SHAPE THAN OUR BOYS.--Taking better care of their quarters and themselves and their lives than our boys are. One reason for that may be the girls are a little selfish.

       10. IT COULD SYMBOLISE THE SELFISHNESS OF THE GIRLS. They had all the best of everything.--The best quarters, and everything was nice, but the boys were quite obviously neglected and in pretty sad shape.

       11. WELL, WE HAVE HEARD QUITE A FEW INSTANCES OF WHERE THE GIRLS NEGLECTED THE BOYS AND WERE SELFISH. They refused to share or take care of them or help them or do their washing or take care of their rooms and their clothes and even their bodies.

       12. THE GIRLS WERE REFUSING TO TAKE CARE OF THEM IN ANY WAY and living quite selfishly themselves. They were very nicely taken care of in nice quarters kept well by themselves.

       13. BUT SOME OF THE BOYS ARE PRETTY WELL NEGLECTED WITHOUT A HELPMEET, and without somebody to take care of them and their clothes and their quarters. And that was the strong impression I had, that the boys at this camp were really being neglected and had been given the worst of everything, whereas the girls were hogging all the best.

       14. SO I HOPE IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU GIRLS ARE BEING SELFISH WITH THE BOYS and not taking good care of them. We still have nearly twice as many boys as girls, don't forget, and the boys really need help and taking care of.

       15. (MARIA: IT COULD MEAN NOT ONLY THAT THE GIRLS ARE NEGLECTING THE BOYS, BUT ALSO THAT THE BOYS ARE MORE CARELESS IN THEIR HYGIENE and their appearance and not even doing what they can do for themselves. For one thing, the girls are doing more FFing, so they are trying especially to be attractive and clean and neat.

       16. (ONE BOY JUST WROTE US THAT HE HAD A DREAM THAT HE MET YOU AND HE WAS ALL SMELLY AND DIRTY and unshaven and not very well dressed. So he said that really shook him up and immediately he started being cleaner and wearing cologne and trying to look nicer.) Amen, that was one of my impressions in the dream.

       17. HOW COULD THESE BOYS STAND IT, WHY DON'T THEY COMPLAIN? Why don't they do something about it? Why do they put up with it and just resign themselves to their fate? Why do they allow these conditions to continue?

       18. I WAS GOING TO REFUSE TO EVEN STAY THERE, I was going to walk out. I said, "I can't stay in a place as filthy dirty and unsanitary as this with unsafe construction!" It looked like it was about to fall down!

       19. (MARIA: THERE IS A LOT THAT THEY CAN DO FOR THEMSELVES NOW. The girls couldn't do the carpentry work and make the house repairs and things, so there's a lot that the men can do for themselves that the girls can't.)

       20. P.S. --YES, AND SINCE THE RNR, OUR VISITING SERVANTS HAVE FOUND SOME HOMES IN PRETTY BAD SHAPE!--Actually filthy dirty and unsanitary!--And with the kids living like pigs, no schedule, no work schedule, no meal schedule, often no meals, boys with no girls to care for them, no one to do the laundry nor ironing nor cooking nor cleaning!--Absolute chaos! Get out your Checklists and go to work, folks! Clean house!--And don't live in a place without proper sanitary facilities! CLEANLINESS IS GODLINESS!

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