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"THE ELIXIR OF LOVE!"--By Father David       20-1-76       MO--GP--NO.677
--A Dream or Vision of Heavenly Things!

Copyright © by The Family of Love, March 1978, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia.

       1. PLEASE DON'T LET ME FORGET TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE ELIXIR! (Maria: Oh, please tell me now!) It's beautiful. It's wonderful! So beautiful! So wonderful! Came down from Heaven. (Maria, when David says nothing more: What?) Came down like rain.

       2. I CAUGHT SOME IN MY HANDS AND THEN THEY COULD HEAL ANYTHING! (Who?) My hands.--Hearts or minds or bodies or anything! They could even create gold and stop accidents and stop arguments or conflicts.

       3. NOTHING COULD RESIST THE ELIXIR OF GOD! So beautiful! Whatever it touched it changed. But I can't remember it all, I tried and tried but I can't remember. The Elixir hit my stomach. I had a big stomach-ache and it hit it and soothed it all away. (Do you collect it?)

       4. I CAUGHT IT, IN THE PALMS OF MY HANDS and I could do almost anything with it. It did everything--it could even stop wars and bring peace!--Marvelous! Nothing like it! So wonderful! It brings life when there's death.

       5. I WAS DYING AND IT REVIVED ME. My throat was rattling and it healed me. Just kept pushing. I just kept pushing. Pushing it against them. (Maria: Against whom?) And it stopped them. They couldn't resist the Elixir!

       6. NOTHING COULD RESIST THE ELIXIR, the most powerful thing in the whole world! (Who did you push it against?) The little people of the village. The little people of the village. They didn't know it. They didn't understand it. (Maria: But did they like it?)

       7. THEY THINK IT'S US. Some of them like it and some of them it frightens. They're afraid. (Why are they afraid?) 'Cause it's so powerful! (What else?) I tried, but I can't remember. Oh, I put it in a cup! (Maria: And what happened to it then?) Sssh! Honey Baby, I need to go to sleep.

       8. IT COULD EVEN STOP THE WIND!--Big cyclone it even stopped. So powerful! I just bathed my hands in it and my hands could do anything--heal people, anything! Even stop the wind! (Maria: Did you use it then?) Of course! (But when it was all used up, how did you get more?) It didn't.

       9. ONCE MY HANDS WERE ALL BATHED IN IT, IT DIDN'T WEAR OFF, I don't think. I can't remember. (What did you do with what you put in the cup?) Saved it to bathe their hands so they could do it too. Honey Baby, I'm so tired. I can't remember. I'll tell you tomorrow. There were all kinds of things, but I can't remember. (Maria: Did it do anything for the old man?)

       10. THE ELIXIR CAN DO ANYTHING! It's like love--the power of love! Like nothing can resist it. It's wonderful! So beautiful, so wonderful! Whatever it touched it changed. It changed everything. Oh, it's so beautiful! Never saw anything like it!

       11. (MARIA: AND YOU CAN GIVE IT TO WHOMEVER YOU WANT TO?) Uh huh!--Whoever wants it. Whoever receives it. But it doesn't do anything for people who don't want it. So beautiful! Never saw anything like it! Thank You Jesus! Oh, thank you Jesus! Makes me feel so good! It's just wonderful! (David sleeps again, but Maria asks: What else does it do?)

       12. TURNED EVERYTHING, CHANGED EVERYTHING. Only you woke me up. I was asleep. Healed every disease, cleansed every stain. It's all-powerful! In Jesus Name. Amen. Thank You Jesus! I love you, Sweetheart.

       13. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CATCH IT AND WASH YOUR HANDS IN IT AND IT'LL DO ANYTHING.--Anything! Can push anything. It even stops accidents! You pour it on the front of vehicles and they can't run into anything.

       14. IT'S MARVELOUS! IT'S WONDERFUL! You don't know how wonderful it is! Don't make me cry. I want to go to sleep. (Why are you crying?) 'Cause it's so wonderful, so beautiful! Thank you Jesus!

       15. (HOW CAN YOU GET IT?) Just catch it, receive it. Why won't they listen? (Listen for what?)

       16. WHY DON'T THEY WANT ANY WHEN IT CAN DO SO MUCH FOR THEM? (Who?) Those people. Those people who don't want it. Those bad people. (Did you offer it to them?) Of course. But they just pound on it and pound on it. So it goes away. (I thought it was on your hands.)

       17. IT'S EVERYWHERE. All kinds of places--on lots of people's hands that love Jesus. The others don't like it. Wherever they see it they pound on it. It flows. You know, Honey. You've seen it. It flows.

       18. DON'T YOU REMEMBER? Oh, I was asleep again and you woke me up. They don't like it. They pound on it. It heals anything, mends anything, creates anything--it's all-powerful.

       19. IT EVEN CREATES LIFE! (How does it do that?) The power of God, of course. The power of God and His Love. (Can it bring the dead back to life?) It can even fix watches that stop.

       20. URI (GELLAR) CAN STOP WATCHES, BUT I CAN MAKE THEM GOOD! He breaks and bends things, but I make them right. 'Cause that's not right. That's bad to break and bend things. It's much better to make them good.

       21. (WHEN DO YOU USE IT?) Oh, Sweetheart!--I was asleep. I'm so tired and sleepy. Why can't you let me sleep? All the time, whenever somebody needs it. Why don't you just look and see? Oh, it's so wonderful! Can't you see it rolling along?

       22. IT JUST ROLLS OVER EVERYTHING LIKE A FLOOD! (And some people push it and it goes away?) If they don't want it. So tired, Honey. You can even shorten time! It can shorten time and space. (Do you use it to shorten time?) Of course. Whatever you need.

       23. (HAVE YOU USED IT TO STOP ACCIDENTS?) Yes. We poured it on the bumpers and it didn't bump anymore. (Did you use it to create life?) I don't know, but some people did.

       24. I TRIED SO HARD TO POUR IT OVER HIM, BUT HE DIDN'T WANT IT. (Who?) You know. (Carlos?) Sssh! I don't remember. If you'd just be quiet I could go to sleep but you keep making all those noises. I love you. I love you anyway.

       25. IT CAN TRANSPORT YOU THROUGH TIME AND SPACE. Once you have it, you can go anywhere in the spirit. It's wonderful! You know that? I've got it. You have it. (Do you use it a lot?) I use it as much as I can.

       26. I'VE CHANGED A LOT OF PEOPLE--LOTS OF THINGS. Don't you remember? And I've taken lots of trips. And it's created lots of money, lots of new life and lots of new people and healed lots of minds and hearts and bodies and hands and heads and everything! You know, Baby, you know that.

       27. (HAVE YOU STOPPED THE WIND?) Of course. (When?) You can stop it any time. Just put up your hand. So wonderful. Good night, Honey Baby. I love You, Jesus. (David sleeps, then awakens:)

       28. THAT'S RIGHT! WHAT HE'S TELLING ALL THE GIRLS at the children's school. He's right 'cause he's saying the right things. Anyone that has the Elixir can give them all the net. (What's the net?) The Elixir net. (What's an Elixir net?) Oh, Honey, you're so dumb! I'm so tired.

       29. (WHAT'S AN ELIXIR NET?) The one you catch with, with your hands! What's the matter with us that we don't do more? Didn't you hear me rattling? (When?) When I'm dying. But the Elixir saves me every time. (Sleeps again, then awakens:)

       30. I'M LIKE A CONDUCTOR. I'm like a big heavy cable. (And what do you do?) (David has dozed off again, but Maria asks: And what do you do?--And David stirs in his sleep and says:) I do my log. (He sleeps again but wakes minutes later:) What are your eyes doing open. Honey? You can see more with them shut, so much more! (He sleeps.) (Later David comments.)

       31. SEEMS LIKE I SAW IT MORE LIKE A GENTLE MIST ROLLING ALONG--LIKE A CLOUD. It's gentle, but nothing can stop it. Just like a mist or cloud does--you can't resist it. I saw all these things happening, putting pieces back together and mending things.

       32. IT MUST MEAN YOU CAN POUR THE SPIRIT OF GOD ON THE BUMPERS BY PRAYER. People used to pray: Cover us with Thy blood, Lord. But I never could see how they could pray that. But this makes more sense--being covered by His Spirit.

       33. I'M SURE THE LORD HAS PREVENTED A LOT OF ACCIDENTS. That coming down like rain is like an outpouring of His Spirit. That's all the things that His Spirit does or can do. The Spirit is Love! It's God, and God is Love! Do you have His Elixir of Love?!--It can do miracles! Would you like some?--There's lots more where this came from!--Write to us!:

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Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family