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"IF TRUTH KILLS, LET IT KILL!"--Father David       21/2/78       LTO No.678
--The Wrath of the King!
--A phone Call to Rachel in South America!

Copyright © by The Family of Love, March 1978, CP 748, 00100, Roma, Italia.

       1. WE HAVE GOT TO GET RID OF THAT DEVIL! It doesn't matter [DELETED] if it drives her absolutely kooky--one or the other, God's will be done! She's already kooky over that nut! God's Word is true and Rachel has got to tell her the truth, or there's no hope of her deliverance!

       2. I'M NOT GOING TO PUT UP WITH THAT DEVIL ANYMORE! She's either going to have to obey me or else! If she's not willing to obey me, she can go to Heaven as far as I'm concerned!

       3. "BEWITCHED!" (No.291) WAS GIVEN JUST THE TIME SHE WAS GETTING ASSOCIATED WITH ISAIAH--it's got nothing to do with Jethro! And that "Cesspool" (No.664) was given just at the time that she was deeply embroiled with Isaiah--it's got nothing to do with Jethro whatsoever! My God!

       4. "ALEXANDER THE EVIL MAGICIAN" (No.666) HAD BEEN GIVEN HER AS A LAST RESORT! We've got to try to shake her up and wake her up and break her loose from that God-damned insane devil! She's got to be given the truth, [DELETED] it's the only hope of her deliverance, the only hope!

       5. IT'S EITHER GOING TO MAKE HER OR BREAK HER [DELETED], one or the other, and Rachel has got to give her the facts. We are going to publish it immediately in order to deliver the kids from that awful influence! He won't be able to get in to a Colony in this world, they wouldn't have him unless he repents--nowhere!

       6. AND IT'S THE MERCY OF GOD WE'RE OFFERING TO HELP THEM without them having to go to some Home somewhere! Now she either obeys and quits that devil and takes her kids and joins Jeth and goes where we tell her to go, or if she's going to disobey, she might as well [EDITED: "leave"]!

       7. I'M SICK AND FED UP WITH HER AND HIM BOTH! And Rachel had better obey me and do what I sent her there to do, or the whole thing is a total faux pas! Just tell her Deborah is already kooky!

       8. SHE'S ALREADY INSANE UNDER THE SPELL OF HIS EVIL SPIRIT, so she might as well go the rest of the way! [DELETED]

       9. (MARIA: HE'S ALREADY HAVING ASTHMA AND HEART ATTACKS.) God is really dealing with him, I'll tell you! [DELETED] Let Him deal with them!

       10. YOU TELL RACHEL I SENT HER THERE WITH A MESSAGE and she has got to sock it to them with the truth of God, and that's it! Just let her sock it to Isaiah and Deborah both if Deborah won't listen!

       11. IF SHE WON'T OBEY ME and go with her husband and her children where we send them, and get rid of Isaiah and send him wherever he wants to go, then she might as well go be with the Lord! She's as stubborn and rebellious as her mother, she's her mother's own daughter, stubborn, rebellious and disobedient--bewitched!

       12. "BEWITCHED!" HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH JETHRO! "Cesspool" had nothing to do with Jethro.--It's when she was totally totally sunk in Isaiah's spell! You call Rachel and tell her to get on the ball and deliver the message!

       13. RACHEL IS THE [DELETED] hatchet man, and she's either got to save them or kill them [EDITED: "with the truth of this message"], one or the other! It's either going to save them or kill them! Honey, I know this business.

       14. I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN DEALING WITH DEVILS!--You run the risk[DELETED]--they fall down in a pit or fall in the fire or they go stark raving mad!--Or, they get delivered! It's one or the other!

       15. THERE'S NO HOPE FOR DEBORAH UNLESS SHE LISTENS. That's the whole idea, the whole thing. I got the thing from the Lord, I got the whole picture!: I asked God if it's right, and it came to me just as clear as could be: "Alice and the Magic Garden," "Bewitched" and "Cesspool"!--Just like that, as clear as anything!

       16. "BEWITCHED!" HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH JETHRO, IT'S ISAIAH, THAT GOD-DAMNED ALEXANDER! Now either she receives the Word and believes it or else! Let me tell you something: If she receives and believes the Word of God, then God will deliver her, right? She'll not die! God will deliver her if she receives and believes it--it'll free her!

       17. IF SHE REJECTS IT and denies it and refuses to receive it or believe it, then God will send her strong delusion that she might believe a lie and be damned!--And then she might as well go to Heaven!

       18. SHE WON'T GO TO HELL, she's saved. But if the Lord has to take her, well, she's better off! If she's so God-damned stubborn, unbelieving and unreceptive that it drives her out of her stark raving mind, that's what she deserves because she's rejected the Word of God!

       19. [DELETED] [EDITED: "H"]e's done enough damage already, God damn him!--My Lord, four years now! (Maria: He screwed up all of South America!) My Lord, all of South America? Why, they've screwed up Europe! They've screwed up every place they've ever been!

       20. NOW YOU TELL RACHEL [DELETED] to obey the Word of God and the King and sock it to them, and it's either going to [DELETED] drive them stark raving mad or insane, or it's going to deliver them, one or the other! How much did it cost us to send Rachel over there?

       21. I SENT HER OVER THERE TO TELL THEM OFF and tell them the truth and give them the ultimatum of what they have to do, and she's chickened out on me! Brunheld! That God-damned devil had even got Brunheld on the run, got her scared!

       22. WHAT A CLEVER LITTLE TRICK HE DID sneaking up to her door to scare her!--She was scared! Absolutely scared!--By that God-damned devil! I told her to stay with Jethro, and she should have stayed with Jethro! It's doesn't matter how God-damned crowded that Colony was!

       23. IF SHE HAD TO SLEEP WITH JETHRO she should have stayed with him! (Maria: I'm sure she could have done that.) I'm not so sure she could have with Joy around. But I did not want her alone, that's exactly the thing I wanted to prevent.

       24. I KNEW ISAIAH WOULD TRY TO ATTACK HER ALONE if he could get her alone. And that's exactly what he did and it's exactly what she did to disobey me, and that's why she got scared out because there was nobody there to stand with her!

       25. I TOLD HER TO STAY WITH JETHRO. I'm sick and fed up with them! The whole story's right there in "Alexander the Evil Magician"! I told her to sock it to them! It's either going to make them, break them. [DELETED]



       28. [DELETED] If the truth is going to kill them, then let it kill them! [DELETED] And if Deborah is going to refuse to obey the conditions, then she doesn't deserve the mercy of God!

       29. IF IT'S GOING TO KILL HER TO LIVE WITH JETH, THEN LET IT KILL HER! The only thing that's going to kill her is her God-damned pride! I'm sick and fed up with both of them! [DELETED]

       30. [DELETED] (Maria: Look how they've been threatening Rachel: They've had heart attacks, it's going to kill them! ...)

       31. [DELETED] Even Jethro's got better sense!--Even Jethro knows he's a sinner!

       32. MY MESSAGE TO RACHEL IS JUST SIMPLY THIS: There's no use telling all that stuff, just sock it to them with the Word of God! [DELETED]

       33. IF THE TRUTH KILLS, LET IT KILL! My God, what the hell's wrong with Brunheld! She must have lost her God-damned spear! I'm so sick and fed up with it! The whole thing proves that the Lord was right. Now will you please get on that God-damned phone and tell her!

       34. I'M SICK OF THE WHOLE THING! My Lord, she's been there long enough to have told them 10 times! How long is she going to let that devil keep her on the run? She's afraid to give them the truth!

       35. I TOLD HER EXACTLY WHAT TO DO AND HOW TO DO IT! To talk to Deborah in the presence of Jethro, sock it to her with the truth. Then if Deborah repents and joins forces, then talk to Isaiah in the presence of all three of them, and give him the ultimatum.

       36. EITHER HE GETS RID OF THAT DEVIL OR WE MIGHT AS WELL GET RID OF HIM [EDITED: "KICK HIM OUT"], THAT'S ALL! I mean we're not going to put up with that anymore! You just tell Rachel, Honey, that if she's afraid to tell Isaiah, I am giving the order today to publish "Alexander the Evil Magician" and he's going to get it from me anyway!

       37. AND IF SHE'S AFRAID TO GIVE IT TO HIM, THEN FOR GOD'S SAKE, COME HOME AND GET OUT OF THE BATTLE! She's a God-damned coward and a deserter, and I'm not going to send her to any more battles! I'm sick of her, sick of her cowardice and willy-nilly! She is not obeying me! She is not doing what I told her to do!

       38. [EDITED: "They've been"] contaminating other people, deceiving and confusing the kids!

       39. THE FIRST THING, SHAUL AND ABIAH HAVE GOT TO READ ALL OF THOSE LETTERS TO THEIR KIDS IMMEDIATELY! For God's sake, what do they think I appointed them for anyway? My Lord, if people would only receive what I tell them and obey it and do it! [DELETED]

       40. [DELETED] I mean the only hope they have of being delivered is to believe and receive the truth and obey it!

       41. AND IF THEY WON'T BELIEVE AND RECEIVE AND OBEY THE TRUTH, THEN GOD DAMN THEM! Let them go to Hell then as far as I'm concerned! God will send them strong delusion that they might be damned! Read it! 2Thes.2!

       42. I'M FED UP WITH IT AND WITH RACHEL'S TEMERITY AND HER DISOBEDIENCE! You tell Rachel she either tells them off and tells them what I sent her to tell them, or she's fired! Period! I'm sick of it! Today!

       43. YOU GET ON THE PHONE THIS MORNING AND TELL THEM! Why don't you do it now? It's 9 o'clock in the morning! It's one o'clock there or two or three o'clock, whatever it is. All right, get her out of a sound sleep, that's what she deserves!

       44. I'M SICK AND FED UP WITH PUSSYFOOTING AROUND! So what? You wake her up at three or four o'clock in the morning, at least she's there and you know you're going to get her.

       45. NOW DO IT! DO IT! You tell her to have another session with Deborah and give her her last chance, this is her last chance, or I'm going to cut her off completely, and I mean it!

       46. EITHER SHE DOES WHAT I TELL HER TO DO AND GOES WITH JETHRO to where we tell her to go, or she is cut off and she can go, God damn it! [DELETED] It's a quarter-to-nine:

       47. NOW GO PHONE RACHEL AND TELL HER WHAT I TOLD YOU! At least if she can get the words! My God, you can't remember that much? (Maria: I like your words though.) Well all right, tell her! (Maria: Okay, I'll play it for her.) Of course you can, just put the receiver right down there at the speaker.

       48. I'M GETTING TIRED OF FIDDLING AROUND WITH THOSE TWO LITTLE DEVILS! I put up with Deborah for years! My God, I was reading "Bewitched!" again tonight, and it just fits the picture exactly! That God-damned devil has absolutely bewitched her, and almost destroyed her! She's almost dwindled down to nothing!

       49. SHE'S GOT A LITTLE BREATH LEFT THOUGH, AND GOD IS GIVING HER HER LAST CHANCE, HER LAST CHANCE! She is either going to believe God's Word and my word now and receive it and obey it, or as far as I'm concerned she can go to Hell then! All right, go phone Rachel. I'm not going to rest until you have phoned Rachel!

       50. P.S.--YOU'LL BE HAPPY TO LEARN that armed with this new hot javelin of truth, our dear faithful courageous Brunheld went and plunged it into their hearts and it worked!

       51. THEY HAVE ALL NOW GONE TO NEW FIELDS where we trust they'll be much wiser and not so easily deceived and led astray again by the Enemy!

       52. WATCH OUT FOR THESE EVIL MAGICIANS WHO SOW EVIL SEEDS OF DISCORD AND DISTORTIONS in your Magic Garden! There may be some "Bewitcher" who's working on you too right now, trying to lure you away from the truth!

       53. DON'T LET YOURSELF GET TRAPPED into their "Cesspool" of evil iniquity! Climb out of it while you still can tell it's a lotta shit!

       54. SOCK IT TO'M WITH THE SPEAR OR SWORD OF THE WORD OF TRUTH!--Come what may! It's the prophet's business to tell'm the truth, even if it hurts!

       55. THE RESULTS ARE GOD'S BUSINESS, according to how they receive and obey it--or reject and rebel against it! Speak the truth!--Even if it kills! Someday it may even kill you! Sudden death, sudden glory!--And your job is done! Hallelujah!

       56. SPEAK THE TRUTH, EVEN IF IT KILLS YOU!--Or those dearest to you! It's your only hope of saving them from the Enemy's lies!--And it did, thank God!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family