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A PRAYER FOR THE POOR!--By Father David       19/3/78       DO No.681

Copyright © by The Family of Love, April 1978, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italy.

       [HomeARC note (10/98): In March 1978 Israeli forces invaded southern Lebanon, withdrawing in June after formation of a Christian Lebanese buffer zone abutting the Israeli border. In the same period, factional fighting broke out throughout the country, which continued, with scores of militias in fluid, ever-changing alliances engaged in a civil war without fixed boundaries or fronts. This factional fighting destroyed much of Beirut and an estimated 80% of the country's industrial capacity, cost tens of thousands of dead, and left hundreds of thousands homeless.
       [In 1982 Israel re-invaded Lebanon. On September 15, 1982, one day after the assassination of Bashir Gemayel, Phalange forces massacred 400 or more old men, women, and children at the Sabra and Shatilla Palestinian camps in Beirut. Israeli forces nearby did nothing to stop them, inaction that brought worldwide charges of Israeli complicity in the murders.
       [EDITED: "Former Irgun terrorist leader, Menachem Begin, served as prime minister of Israel spanning both invasions (1977-1983), resigning in 1983 due to ill health. His resignation was widely reported to stem partly from the unpopularity of his Lebanon policy. He then entirely retired from public life until his death in 1992."]

       1. IF ONE MAN'S PRAYERS CAN TURN THE TIDE IN ETHIOPIA AND IN CYPRUS for love, for God's children, maybe it can do it in Lebanon. I really claimed that the Lord would deliver them.

       2. OF COURSE THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] ARE THE WORST, THE MOST STUBBORN AND THE HARDEST OF ALL. But God can do it if He has to start a whole world war to do it! I think that's one reason He's been holding back because He knows that those [EDITED: "Israelis"] will just bring the whole world into war.

       3. BUT IT'S TIME TO STOP THEM! What's the use in talking about dividing the land between the Palestinians and the Jews if the Jews are going to exterminate the Palestinians? That's what their whole idea is.

       4. THEY'RE IN A CAMPAIGN OF EXTERMINATION so there won't be any Palestinians left to divide it with. If they wipe out the Palestinians, then where is the Palestinian question? There will be no more Palestinian question, no more worries about Palestinian rights when there are no more Palestinians.

       5. SO I JUST ASKED THE LORD TO REALLY CURSE [EDITED: "THEM"] and to do something to teach them a lesson. I think maybe Sadat and his Arabs. My God, help him!

       6. [DELETED] Israel has started it, now is the time for war! [DELETED] How could the Arabs possibly save face?

       7. HOW CAN THE ARABS STAND THEMSELVES IF THEY DON'T GO TO LEBANON'S RESCUE and to the Palestinians' rescue? The Israelis are wiping them out! They're annihilating them, exterminating them, bitterly! (Maria: What have the Arabs said about it?) Having a big summit meeting and having a palaver and blah blah!

       8. THE U.S. IS SAYING, CALL A HALT TO THE ISRAELI INVASION. The U.S. is saying that's enough, it was provoked and it's justified and they've secured their border, but now it's enough, now let the UN patrol it and so on. The U.S. is taking sort of a neutral stand.

       9. I'M EXPECTING SOME KIND OF AN ANSWER. I don't know why the Lord never answered me about Zaire, Katanga. Maybe it wasn't time. Maybe Mobutu's cup of iniquity wasn't quite full yet.

       10. GOD'S GOT TO DO SOMETHING NOW! My Lord, if I were God I think I'd get in there and fight myself! Surely He's going to do something. He did in those other cases.

       11. ETHIOPIA'S NOW TOTALLY WON HER WAR, thanks to the Cuban and Russian help. The Somalis are totally disgraced and defeated. They're begging the United States for economic help, blah blah.--Always some excuse to get more money.

       12. I'M EXPECTING GOD TO DO SOMETHING. I CLAIMED IT LAST NIGHT! I said, "My Lord, if You are God, if You love me, if You're righteous at all, when are You going to defend the poor? When are You going to come to the help and heed the cries of the poor, these poor Palestinians whom the [EDITED: "Israelis"] are now trying to absolutely wipe out and exterminate and annihilate?"

       13. THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS'"] WHOLE IDEA IS JUST TO WIPE THEM OUT, just like the Greeks were trying to wipe out the Turks. Who would there be to give any rights to if they're all gone, if they're all slaughtered and killed? Just think, just think!

       14. SOME OF THOSE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN EXILES FROM HOME NOW FOR 30 YEARS, 30 years! Their children have never known what a home was like, their children have never seen their homeland. They've been living in shacktowns and refugee camps and other countries for 30 years and have never seen their home because they were born in shanties and shacktowns and tents and refugee camps. No wonder they're bitter!


       16. THERE'S NOT ONE ISRAELI CIVILIAN WHO IS INNOCENT!--NOT ONE! They're all part and guilty of the robbery of the homes and lands of the Palestinians. His government has taken away the Palestinian country, and every single [DELETED] Israeli is guilty! Do you understand?

       17. THERE'S NOT ONE ISRAELI WHO IS A CIVILIAN! They are all soldiers, militant robbers of the poor. They're all guilty, all partners in the robbery of the poor!

       18. THAT'S EXACTLY THE WAY THE PALESTINIANS FEEL. Every Israeli they [EDITED: "fight"] is a robber that robbed them, someone who's occupying their country and occupying their land and stealing their homes. They're all robbers because they don't belong there. Do you understand?

       19. THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS AN INNOCENT CIVILIAN ISRAELI! They're all mobilised against the Palestinians. They're all robbers, they're all usurpers, they've all stolen the lands and the homes of the Palestinians[DELETED]!

       20. I'M WAITING FOR THE LORD TO TAKE A HAND AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, I'm so sick of it! They're trying to just kill them all off so there won't be anybody left to speak up for their rights or lands or homes or anything, they've exterminated them! That's exactly what they tried to do in Vietnam:

       21. WHEN THE COMMUNISTS WON THE ELECTION IN VIETNAM, THAT'S WHEN THE U.S. MOVED IN its military forces. And the U.S. General said, "Well, if we can't persuade them to vote our way, we'll just exterminate them!"--Just exterminate the poor!--And they tried!

       22. VIETNAM WAS A WAR OF EXTERMINATION, JUST LIKE ISRAEL'S CARRYING ON RIGHT NOW IN LEBANON. The whole idea is just to exterminate them--"and then they won't be crying for help for their lands and homes anymore, and they won't be terrorising us any more. We've driven them out of their homes and lands but they're still annoying us, so let's just kill them all off!"--A literal war of extermination!

       23. [DELETED] My Lord, help us to help them somehow, Lord, in Jesus' name! My Lord help us!

       24. WELL IT'S THE BEGINNING OF THE END!--The {\ul \i Begin}-ning of the end! This guy Begin wants to begin something.--Well I think he's begun it, and it's time for him to get what's coming to him!

       25. I'M FURIOUS! [DELETED] If You don't do something about this, if You don't try to intervene, if You don't try to help save the poor, You're not my kind of God! I'm sick of it!

       26. I'M SICK OF YOU IF YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING TO HELP THE POOR!--To intervene, save and succour the poor.--And damn [EDITED: "judge"] those Israelis, [DELETED] damn the U.S., damn the rich oppressors of the poor.

       27. IF YOU DON'T SAVE THEM, LORD, BLOT ME OUT OF YOUR BOOK. I don't want a God that doesn't come to the rescue of the poor. I don't want a God that doesn't intervene and save the poor and judge the rich, the oppressors. Deliver us from such a God. I'm sick of it!

       28. DO SOMETHING, O GOD! Do something, Lord, in Jesus' name! Do something to stop them! Do something, Lord, to show Your arm and Your strong hand and Your righteousness, Your goodness, Your mercy, or bolt me out of the Book and forget the whole thing!

       29. I DON'T WANT YOU IF YOU WON'T SAVE THE POOR! I don't care to serve a God that's not going to save the poor. I'm sick of the whole mess!

       30. HOW CAN GOD TOLERATE THOSE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"]! THOSE GOD-DAMNED AMERICANS! The Americans are just as guilty of the whole thing. The [EDITED: "Israelis"] probably apprised them of the whole thing before they even started and told them what they were going to do.

       31. MY GOD, IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO STEP IN AND SAVE AND HELP, I DON'T WANT YOU, I'm sick of You! Just blot me out of Your Book and I don't want anything more to do with You if You're not going to do something to save the poor!

       32. STEP IN, LORD, STRIKE! Do something, Lord! [DELETED]

       33. IN JESUS' NAME, STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE! Strike them now, Lord, now when they deserve it, now is when they need it, before they wipe out all the Palestinians!

       34. [DELETED] My God, why don't You do something, Lord, why don't You do something! In Jesus' name why don't You do something?

       35. STOP THEM, THEY'RE KILLING OFF THE PALESTINIANS, Lord, literally exterminating, annihilating them.--So they won't have to worry about Palestine or Palestinian rights if there's no more Palestinians! God damn the [EDITED: "Iisraelis"]! God damn them, God damn them, God damn them, in Jesus' name!

       36. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO RISE UP, LORD, when are You going to do something? When are You going to stop them? Lord, they've shown their wickedness and evil perfidy to the whole world, now is the time to judge them!

       37. INSTEAD OF RELINQUISHING ARAB LANDS THEY'RE EXPANDING AND TAKING MORE!--Robbers of the poor. Instead of giving back the lands to their owners they're proceeding to rob more lands.

       38. MY GOD STOP THEM IN JESUS' NAME! Judge them, O Lord, in Jesus' name. Amen. Oh yes, Lord, I've prayed, I've told You. For God's sake, for the sake of the vindication of Thy righteousness to the whole world, do something to show the world!

       39. YOU'VE SHOWN THE WORLD ALREADY HOW GUILTY ISRAEL IS, how Israel is absolutely intransigent and recalcitrant, totally stubborn, refusing to share. Now not only refusing to share, she's invading more and taking more and killing more. Stop her, Lord, in Jesus' name!


       41. THIS GOD-DAMNED WEAK LITTLE NINCOMPOOP CARTER hasn't got any better sense than to sympathise with them! My Lord! If you have to remove him, do something Lord, and raise up a man with guts! In Jesus' name!

       42. EVEN THE ANTICHRIST WOULD BE BETTER than this stupid idiot! There'd be more righteousness under an Antichrist! Jesus help us, in Jesus' name. Lord, You've got to do something before they kill them all! In Jesus' name, Lord.

       43. IF NOBODY ELSE IS PRAYING FOR THEM, LORD, I'M PRAYING FOR THEM!--Just hear one man's prayers like You did Moses, Lord, to save Thy children. Save Thy people, save the poor, save the little ones, save the oppressed. Save the robbed, and judge these robbers of the poor!

       44. JUDGE THESE ROBBERS OF THE POOR IN JESUS' NAME! Help, O God, help, have mercy, judge these rich and these robbers, these God-damned U.S. robbers! God damn them and God damn Jimmy Carter for allowing this sort of thing and supporting it! Bring him down, bring him down so he's no more leadership, in Jesus' name!


       46. I WANT TO SEE THY CHILDREN VINDICATED, Lord. I want to see Thy cause vindicated. I want to see Thy poor vindicated, Lord.

       47. MY GOD, HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO PUT UP WITH IT! How long are You going to put up with it? I want to see something happen!


       49. [DELETED] If they are ever ever ever going to go to the rescue of the Palestinians, now is the time! They are being slaughtered and exterminated!

       50. MY LORD, IF SADAT HAS ANY RIGHTEOUSNESS AT ALL, if he's got any guts at all, if he's got any heart at all, if he has any sympathy at all with the poor Palestinians, help him to do something about it now!--Now, in Jesus' name!

       51. HELP THEM TO DO IT NOW! The Syrians, the Saudis and all, help them to do it now, Lord. Thank You Jesus! And the Shah, Lord, help him come to the rescue of the poor. He's a critic of the U.S., help him to get fed up with it all. Help Thy poor to rise up against them, Lord, in Jesus' name.

       52. DEFEAT THE OPPRESSORS, DEFEAT THOSE WHO ARE AGAINST YOU, [DELETED] in the Name of Jesus. Defeat those [EDITED: "Israelis"] and those anti-Christ Christians [EDITED: "who blindly support them"]!

       53. MY LORD, IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO DO SOMETHING! If You're not going to rescue the poor, Lord, if You're not going to do anything for the weak and the oppressed and defend them, Lord, I don't want You for my God!--Destroy me also, blot me out of Your Book!

       54. I DON'T WANT YOU FOR MY GOD IF YOU'RE ON THE SIDE OF THE ISRAELIS and the Americans[DELETED]! If You're on their side, Lord, I don't want to be on Your side!--Deliver me, slay me also!

       55. IF YOU'LL NOT RESCUE THY PEOPLE AND THY CHILDREN, if You'll not defend the poor, blot me out also, out of Thy Book. I don't want You for my God if that's the kind of God You are, who defends the oppressor and blesses the rich and encourages the Christ-haters!

       56. IF THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE LIKE I DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU, I'm sick of You! If You're not going to do anything, Lord, I don't want to do anything more for You!

       57. LORD, I CLAIMED YOUR HELP IN THE ETHIOPIAN WAR AND YOU SENT IN HELP and You answered and won it! I claimed your help in the Cyprus war and You sent in help and won it! Well, this is the worst and hardest and the most horrible[DELETED]!

       58. I CLAIM YOUR HELP RIGHT NOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS, if you are God at all, if You are Jesus at all, if You love the poor at all, if You have any heart at all for the oppressed, I claim Your help right now for them!

       59. DO SOMETHING, HAVE SOMEBODY, SOMEONE INTERVENE TO HELP THEM! In Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory.--Otherwise blot me out of Your Book, take me off the Roll! I don't want a God who is not righteous and who doesn't care for the poor, and who blesses the oppressor[DELETED]! God damn them!

       60. EXPOSE THEM, LORD, EXPOSE THEM TO THE WORLD! Show the world they're not about to begin to vacate or evacuate Arab lands, they're only after more and using the excuse of little tiny terrorist attacks to launch their full scale war! My God, God damn them!

       61. LORD, IF YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING AGAINST THOSE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] NOW, I'M GOING TO QUIT DEFENDING YOU, if You don't do something to vindicate Thy children! Vindicate Thy truth and Thy message, Lord, even vindicate us as Thy messenger, Lord, the righteousness of the truth of our words!

       62. IF YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING LORD TO VINDICATE, I'M GOING TO QUIT! I quit and am no longer Thy messenger, You're no longer my God, because You failed me, You failed Thy children!

       63. YOU FAILED THE POOR IF YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING NOW, Lord, to stop the oppressor, the aggressors, annihilators and exterminators of the poor! If You don't do something now, Lord, I don't want You for my God!

       64. I DON'T CARE TO SERVE YOU ANYMORE IF YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING TO HELP THE PALESTINIANS! I know them, I love them, and so many of them love You Jesus. If you're not going to defend them, I don't want You!

       65. YOU FAILED US, YOU FAILED THEM, UNLESS YOU STEP IN NOW and do something O God! My God, in Jesus' name, if You were ever a God and ever going to do anything right or righteous, do it now!

       66. IF YOU'RE EVEN GOING TO ANSWER prayer like You did for me in Cyprus and Ethiopia, do it now! I command You in Jesus' name! You said, "Command thou Me!" and we command Thee! (Isa.45:11.) "Whatsoever Ye ask of the Father in My Name I will do it!" (Jn.14:13,14.)

       67.I WANT YOU TO STOP THOSE [DELETED] ISRAELIS and do something to turn the tide against them and stop their extermination of the poor Palestinians and stop their annihilation, Lord. [DELETED]

       68. [DELETED] Bring the horror and the terror and the death that they're bringing to the poor and the little ones, bring it to them, Lord, in Jesus' name! Bring it to those [EDITED: "Israelis"]!

       69. BRING IT TO THEM NOW LORD, DO IT! In Jesus' name, do it! Or blot me out of Your Book and cut me off as one of Your supporters! I'm finished. I'm through.

       70. IF GOD DOESN'T DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, I'M THROUGH WITH GOD and I mean it! Either He does something to these [EDITED: "Israelis"] or I'm not going to serve Him any more, and I mean it!

       71. IF HE DOESN'T DO SOMETHING FOR THEM, IT'S ALL A LIE! (Maria: And you're not going to die for Him and His truth?) No, why should I die for Him?

       72. IF HIS TRUTH IS A LIE, WHY SHOULD I DIE FOR HIM? (Sighs 3 times.) I'm finished, I'm through. If He doesn't step in and do something, then I'm through with Him.

       73. MY GOD, JESUS, WHY DON'T YOU DO SOMETHING, LORD? Do something, in Jesus' name. Answer prayer, stop them, Lord! Stop them, Lord! Stop them, stop them! Give them such a hell of a war on their hands they won't have time to oppress the poor!

       74. LORD, BRING IN THE MIGHTY, BRING IN THE POWERFUL, like you did for Ethiopia, and for the Turks. Bring them in the succourors, bring in the saviours, bring in the righteous, bring in Thy judgment upon the evil, in Jesus' name.

       75. DO IT NOW!--NOW, LORD, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! If You don't save them now, Lord, there won't be anybody to save! O God help in Jesus' name!

       76. O GOD, IF ONE MAN'S PRAYER CAN DO ANYTHING, in Jesus' name (weeping) my Lord rebuke the enemy and deliver the poor, the little ones, Lord. O Jesus! Damn the rich! Damn the [EDITED: "Israelis"]! Damn them O God! God damn them!

       77. OR IF YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS, I DON'T CARE TO DEFEND YOUR CAUSE ANY MORE!--It's not the cause of the poor, it's not the cause of the righteous, it's not the cause of the oppressed! If You don't do something I'm through, I'm through.

       78. SURELY YOU'RE GOING TO DO SOMETHING, LORD? Have mercy in Jesus' name. Have mercy! Rebuke the Enemy! Help Thy poor to cry out to Thee, Thine ear is always open, You said, to the cry of the poor. (Job 34:28; Ps.34:15.)

       79. HELP THEM TO CRY OUT TO THEE, O GOD, whether they call Thee God or Jesus or Allah! Help them to cry for Thee against these [DELETED] Godless [EDITED: "ones"] whose only god is power, money and America!--Who have said last time that their own arm saved them and who never gave You the credit. Now show them, Lord, show them!

       80. I WANT TO SEE IT! I want to watch it happen! My God, I want to live to see the judgment[DELETED]!

       81. I WANT TO LIVE TO SEE THE JUDGMENT OF THY ENEMIES, the enemies of the poor! I want to live long enough to watch You bring down Your wrath upon the oppressors, the Christ-haters! In the Name of Jesus I want to live long enough to see it, Lord!

       82. DO IT NOW, FOR GOD'S SAKE, do it now in Jesus' name! Stop it, Lord, before it goes any further, and any more poor Palestinians are killed, Lord!

       83. HELP ARAFAT TO CRY OUT TO YOU, LORD, FOR SALVATION! Help the poor to cry out to You for salvation, Lord! Help the Palestinians to cry out to You for salvation, and then You will show Your mighty arm and defend Thy poor against these [EDITED: "Israelis"]! In Jesus' name! I want to see it Lord!

       84. I EITHER WANT TO SEE YOU DO IT, OR I WANT TO DIE! Life's not worth living, Lord, if I don't see Your arm bared against the unrighteous[DELETED]! I want to see You do it!

       85. I WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO DO, LORD, AND I WANT TO SEE IT SOON or I can't support Your cause anymore, I can't support an unrighteous cause.

       86. IF YOU'RE GOING TO SUPPORT THOSE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"], LORD, I CANNOT SUPPORT YOU!--Blot me out, slay me, take me away, I'm sick of You if You don't do something about it! In Jesus' name! Do it now, Lord, I want to see it! Do it now!

       87. BREAK THEIR POWER, LORD, BREAK IT! Do something to bring them to shame, do something to expose them to the world! They're already exposed anyway, do something to show that You're against them and on the side of the poor! For Jesus' sake!

       88. DO SOMETHING! LIKE YOU ANSWERED ME FOR THE TURKS and like You answered me for the Ethiopians, answer me again, O God! Bring in the Russians, bring in the Syrians, bring in the Egyptians, bring in the Libyans! [DELETED] My Lord, help in Jesus' name!

       89. RAISE UP THE ARABS! Where are their friends, where are their people, where is their faith? Why don't they even go to the help of their own poor! What are they O God?

       90. I WANT TO SEND A WORD TO [EDITED: "THE ARAB LEADERS"] THAT I'M ASHAMED OF [EDITED: "THEM"] to let this happen to the Palestinians! I want to send the word to Sadat that I'm ashamed of him to let this happen! I want to send the word to King Hussein, I'm ashamed of him to let this happen, and Assad that I'm ashamed of him to let this happen, and to Saudi Arabia's Khalid.

       91. I'M ASHAMED OF THEM THAT THEY LET THIS HAPPEN TO THEIR BRETHREN THE POOR PALESTINIANS! All of them rich and strong and powerful, yet they're not going to the help of the poor! I'm ashamed of them, I'm so ashamed of them!

       92. I'M SO ASHAMED OF THE ARABS! So willy-nilly weak-as-water in sickening cowardice! They ought to dive in now and go to their rescue even if it killed them, even if it's suicidal!

       93. I'M ASHAMED OF SADAT, claiming to be a friend of the Palestinians then let them suffer! My God! Where are their friends? Where are You, Jesus?

       94. LORD, IF YOU DON'T RESCUE THEM NOW, I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT YOU ANY MORE! I don't want You for my God if You don't rescue the poor and the oppressed and if You don't hate and judge [EDITED: "wicked"]! O my God! If I were You, what I would do with them! O Lord, in Jesus' name! My God, my God, my God!

       95. RISE UP NOW, LORD, OR I'M THROUGH! Either You rise up or I quit! You're either the God of the poor, Lord, or You're not my God!

       96. IF YOU'RE THE GOD OF THE OPPRESSOR, I DON'T WANT YOU FOR MY GOD! I'm through. I'm through. I'm through. Do something to answer prayer. Do something, or I'm through!

       97. IF HE'S GOING TO ALLOW THE [DELETED] OPPRESSORS TO OPPRESS THE POOR THIS WAY, I'M THROUGH! And all hail the oppressor, all hail the Antichrist, all hail the [EDITED: "Israelis"], all hail the rich, all hail iniquity, all hail evil, and all hail the Devil! God is no longer God and can't even defend His Own! In Jesus' name. Amen.

       98. THAT'S MY ULTIMATUM TO GOD! That's my ultimatum to God, and I'm finished, that's all. Either He does something and answers prayer or I'm through, and that's all, that's all. Go away, I'm finished, I'm fed up. Will you please go away?

       99. I'M SICK OF IT ALL! If God doesn't do it, I'm sick of it all! I'm sick of it all! He's no longer my God and I'm no longer His prophet, if He doesn't answer prayer and do something, if He doesn't stop them!

       100. [DELETED] [EDITED: "E"]very Israeli is an invader! What is this talk about "innocent civilians"?--Ha!--What a lie!

       101. THERE'S NOT ONE OF THOSE CIVILIANS THAT'S INNOCENT! It's ridiculous! They're all guilty! They all have shared in the robbery of the poor, robbers of the poor, stealers of the land, invaders of the homes of the poor Palestinians!

       102. [DELETED] They are all robbers!--All terrorists! And all thieves! All oppressors! They're all guilty! There's no such thing as an innocent Israeli civilian!

       103. THEY'RE ALL GUILTY! [DELETED] They're all guilty, they all back their government in this robbery of the poor, this cruelty to the oppressed! Understand me?

       104. YOU DON'T SAY ANYTHING! WHY DON'T YOU SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE OPPRESSORS? Why don't you speak out against the cruelties of these monsters[DELETED]!

       105. MY GOD HOW CAN GOD TOLERATE THEM SO MANY YEARS? God, how can You put up with them for so many thousands of years?

       106. MY LORD, IT'S TIME TO GIVE IT TO THEM AGAIN, it's time to give it to them again! It's time again. It's time again. It's time again. I'm telling you, if God doesn't do something about this, I am through with God!

       107. I DON'T WANT HIM FOR MY GOD ANYMORE IF HE'S NOT GOING TO COME TO THE DEFENSE OF THE OPPRESSED and the poor, if He's going to allow the [EDITED: "wicked"] to persecute and oppress and exterminate and annihilate the poor! I don't care what their religion is!

       108. IF HE'S GOING TO ALLOW THAT, I DON'T WANT HIM FOR MY GOD! I mean it, I don't want Him anymore, I'm sick of Him, I'm against Him!--Even the Devil would be more righteous, even the communists would be more righteous, or the Russians or the Syrians, the Iraqis and the Saudis and the Cubans and the Egyptians, all of them!

       109. IF GOD'S NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING, I DON'T WANT TO DO ANYTHING FOR HIM ANY MORE! Did you hear me? If He doesn't stop them, I'm going to stop serving Him! Did you hear me?

       110. IF GOD DOESN'T DO SOMETHING [DELETED] I'M THROUGH, I quit! I'm not writing any more Letters or getting out any more anything if He doesn't do something, in the Name of Jesus!

       111. THE ELIXIR, THE ELIXIR OF HEAVEN, BUT IT'S NOT WORKING, it's not working. In this case it's doing nothing at all. Because they're not applying it, it's just not doing anything. It's not working, it's not doing anything.

       112. I'M FINISHED ANYWAY, I'M THROUGH! I'm through with God, we don't have a God who helps the poor, we don't have a God! (Weeping:)

       113. WE DON'T HAVE A GOD ANYMORE! (Maria: Yes we do.) No! We don't have a God anymore! He doesn't help the poor, He doesn't help the oppressed, He doesn't defend the besieged, He doesn't deliver! (Weeps.)

       114. THE POOR ARE OPPRESSED, THERE'S NONE TO DELIVER! Then if that's the case there's none to care, and these little ones no one protects, and He's through, they're through. It's all a farce, raised by the enemy, the rich and the oppressors, the cruel! It's all theirs! There is no God that loves the little ones, no God that loves the poor!

       115. MY GOD, IF YOU'RE GOD, WHY DON'T YOU DO SOMETHING in Jesus' name! If You're God, do something, otherwise I'm sick of You! Sick of You!--Like Abraham, and like Moses, if You don't do something I'm sick of You and I don't want to be Your prophet anymore!

       116. I CAN'T TAKE IT, IT'S TOO MUCH FOR ME. Go to bed, Honey, please, I'm through. I can't pray anymore, I can't cry any more, my head is a fountain of tears that's dried up and I can't cry for them any more.

       117. IF GOD DOESN'T CARE AND HE DOESN'T CRY FOR THEM, I'M THROUGH AND IT'S ALL HORRIBLE and it's all hateful, it's all awful! There's no love, there is no God, there's no mercy, there's no truth, there's no justice, there's no righteousness!

       118. THERE'S NOTHING BUT THOSE [DELETED] the devils incarnate, the devils themselves! That's all there is left without God!--No God, no Saviour, no Jesus, no Christ, no nothing! I'm through. I'm fed up!

       119. I DON'T WANT TO BE A PROPHET OF GOD ANYMORE BECAUSE HE'S FAILED ME! He has failed me. He didn't destroy them like I asked Him to. (Maria: Maybe He was waiting for you to ask Him to?) He has failed me, you know He's failed me. (Maria: Maybe he was just waiting for now.) I'm through. I'm through, I'm through, I'm through.

       120. IF HE DOESN'T STEP IN NOW AND INTERVENE IN SOME MIRACULOUS SUPERNATURAL OR UNUSUAL WAY somehow to stop these [EDITED: "Israelis"], if He doesn't stop them now, I don't want Him for my God! I don't care for a God who blesses and condones and helps and protects [EDITED: "them"]!

       121. [DELETED] I want to see them stopped! I want to see them judged, or I don't want to live! If God won't do it, God is not God and God will not protect the poor!

       122. IF HE WILL NOT DEFEND THE POOR, if He will not protect the pitiful, if He doesn't help them, He's no longer my God and I'm no longer His Servant, and I lay my life on the line and I'd gladly die for their cause!

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