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"YOU ARE THE LOVE OF GOD!"--By Father David       6-5-78       MO--DO No.699

Copyright © June 1978 by the Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia.

       1. YOU'RE WONDERFUL! I'm touching you, I'm caressing God's masterpiece and I don't want to violate it. I just want to love it, adore it!--Not more than the Creator, but I adore His creation. It's so gorgeous, my God, it's so gorgeous!

       2. I'M WORSHIPPING GOD, I'm worshipping God as I adore you, you know? I really am worshipping God. I'm saying, my God, how could You make anything so beautiful, how could You love me so much?

       3. THIS IS GOD'S GIFT OF LOVE, A WOMAN! Did I tell you about the picture? I was wondering if I was wrong to have pictures of beautiful women on the walls, or should I have pictures of the crucifixion or something like that, and it came to me as clear as anything that:

       4. THE ULTIMATE PICTURE OF GOD'S CREATIVE LOVE TO MAN, IS A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! This is the ultimate picture of God's love to man in creation, a beautiful woman! A beautiful woman is the last and most ultimate creation that God made to show that He loved man, you understand me? So it's not wrong for me to love your body and to adore you, because you are the love of God!

       5. YOU ARE THE LOVE OF GOD TO ME! A beautiful woman is the most beautiful picture of God's love, not a gruesome crucifix, which is a horrible thing to inflict on people. It looks like judgement and it looks like death and it reminds them only of the church.

       6. BUT A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! That's why FFing is so important, it's so important because it shows the men that God really loves them, because a woman is the thing that they need the most. A woman is the thing that they know God made for them.

       7. AND A WOMAN IS THE MOST GREAT VISIBLE MANIFESTATION OF GOD'S LOVE for them that they can understand. They can't understand crucifixion, they can't even understand Jesus. But they can understand the ultimate creation of God, a woman! But after they find that you love them, then you can explain Jesus to them.

       8. A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN TO ME IS THE ULTIMATE OF GOD'S LOVE FOR NATURAL MAN. You are God's love. Your body is God's love to me. Even your little hairy cunt and your orgasms that thrill me through and through, they are part of God's love to me. You see, isn't it beautiful?

       9. YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE CREATION OF GOD. Your body is the most beautiful picture of God's love that He ever ever made. He made it, He made a woman to show Adam, man, how much He loved him. It's true, it's so true!

       10. YOU ARE THE LOVE OF GOD! You are the love of God for man. And that way you can tell them, "I'm God's love for you." (Weeps) It's so beautiful! I wondered, am I wrong to have pictures of beautiful woman the wall? No, because they are God's love, they are the ultimate of God's love for natural man. That's true, that's true!

       11. YOU ARE GOD'S LOVE! (P: It takes a beautiful man like you who loves God so much to tell others.) Because I love the men so much, that's why. In a way, I'm the love of God for them. You are the love of God. You are the love of God. (P: I love you so much, you have so much love.) Oh my God, you are the love of God!

       12. YOUR BODY IS THE LOVE OF GOD, YOUR SEX IS THE LOVE OF GOD, your orgasm is the love of God for us. Everything about you is His love. Everything about you is God's love. You are God's love, do you see? You are God's love. You are God's love to man.

       13. JESUS, OF COURSE, IS THE ULTIMATE OF GOD'S SPIRITUAL LOVE. When a Father is willing to sacrifice His own Son for our sins, of course, "no greater love hath anyone than this"! But they can't understand that very well. Because they've had so much churchy churchy churchy teaching. But when you tell them,

       14. "I AM GOD'S LOVE FOR YOU! Look at me, my body--do you like it? Did you like this orgasm? God created it for you because He loved you." You see?

       15. THEY HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOU FIRST AND YOUR LOVE, your body, your beauty, your unselfish gift of love to them, before they can even understand the love of God. If you have to just tell them,

       16. "LOOK, I AM THE LOVE OF GOD, I am the love of God for you", it's the truth, it's the truth, it's the truth! I've known it all along but I never got it so clear until the other night.

       17. YOU CAN LIE DOWN ON THE BED AND OPEN YOUR ARMS, naked, and open your legs, and you can say to them, "Look, here, I am God's love, I am the love of God for you! I was made for you because God loved you." Isn't that beautiful?

       18. IT'S HARD FOR THEM TO SEE THE LOVE OF GOD WHEN THEY SEE ONLY CRUCIFIXES--it just reminds them of church. "You don't believe in the love of God, you don't believe in God? Look at me! Look at me! Look at me naked, my arms open and my legs open and my pussy open for your hard penie that you want to stick in there so bad!

       19. "LOOK! I AM THE ANSWER to what you want and need. I am the answer. I am God's answer. I am what God made for you. I am the love of God for you. I am God's love. Now, can't you believe in God?

       20. "LOOK AT ME! LOOK, LOOK! I'M GOD'S LOVE! How can you say you don't believe in God? Look, I am the love of God for you." Isn't that beautiful? I got that the other night when I was afraid maybe when we had the lights on that the neighbours would see our pictures of pretty girls.

       21. AND I WAS ASKING THE LORD, AM I WRONG? I'm supposed to be a Christian and love Jesus--am I wrong to have pictures of beautiful women on the walls instead of pictures of artists' conceptions of Jesus?

       22. WE DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT JESUS LOOKED LIKE anyhow, so how can we be sure we're even worshipping the right kind of picture or the right crucifix, you know? But when you see the actual creation of God like that, when you see those women who are absolutely beautiful, you know that's true!

       23. EVEN WHEN YOU'RE DANCING, you meet them at the club and you put your arms around them and you snuggle up to them and you love them up and kiss them, you feel their bodies against you and you feel them getting hard and all you have to say is, "You mean to tell me you don't believe in God?

       24. "LISTEN, FEEL ME, I AM THE LOVE OF GOD, I am God's love for you! I am God's love because He created me for you. He created me a woman and a woman's love and a woman's breasts, my pussy and everything for your pleasure. Doesn't that prove that God loves you? Why can't you understand that that proves that God loves you?

       25. "WHEN I LOVE YOU, THAT MEANS THAT GOD LOVES YOU!" It's so simple, and I think a lot of them will believe it when you tell them, "Listen, look, look at me, I am God's love. Look how God created me. You want me, you love me, you need me? That's because God made me for you to love and want and need.

       26. "HE MADE ME, GOD MADE ME FOR YOU. I was the last and the ultimate creation for you, because after man was created there was nothing else, not any beast of the field anywhere which was good enough for him. So God made me for you.

       27. "I AM THE LOVE OF GOD FOR YOU!" I mean it's that simple, just tell them: "You don't believe in God? Don't be ridiculous! Look at me! I am the love of God! I am the love of God for you." Oh, it's beautiful! God gave me that when I was thinking, why should I have these pictures of naked women on my walls?

       28. THEY ARE THE LOVE OF GOD! Look, she's the love of God, she's the love of God, she's the love of God, they're all the love of God! They are the love of God, she is the love of God--and to me that shows it and makes His love clearer and easier to understand.

       29. THE DAILY DAILY DAILY LOVE OF GOD IN WOMAN that God has given me is even clearer and easier to understand than a crucifix or a cross on the wall which means condemnation. It means judgement, you know? Paul, he talks about preaching Christ and preaching the cross.

       30. JESUS OF COURSE, HE DIED ON THE CROSS AND TOOK OUR SINS, HE'S THE ULTIMATE SPIRITUAL LOVE OF GOD. But that you have to give to them afterwards, that you have to give to them later, because they can't understand it yet. But the absolute visible present proof, the greatest most obvious immediate present right-there proof that God loves them is when you spread your legs apart and say, "Look, this is the love of God!

       31. "I AM THE LOVE OF GOD FOR YOU!" But then afterward you must say, "But you must realise that there is an even greater love. That 'no greater love hath any man than this, than a man lay down his life for his friends', and Jesus was the Friend who took the punishment for you.

       32. "BUT I AM A SAMPLE OF JESUS: LOOK, I LAY DOWN MY LIFE FOR YOU. (Throw your arms and legs wide.) I lay down my body for you, I lay down my sex for you." See? Do you understand? "Look, I'm like Jesus to you, I'm like Jesus on the cross right here.

       33. "LOOK, I'M BEING CRUCIFIED BY YOU and you're nailing me, you're nailing me right now aren't you? And I'm laying down my life for you. I am like Jesus. I am the love of God. I am the love of God!"

       34. I MEAN THERE ARE SO MANY SCRIPTURES ABOUT THIS--that we are His examples and ensamples and we are the ones who are to manifest His love to others. How can they understand a crucifix and Jesus on the cross, and they've seen so many pictures! Just say,

       35. "LOOK, I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT JESUS WAS LIKE!" Look, I'm going to strip bare like Jesus was naked, and I'm going to stretch out my arms like He was on the cross, and I'm going to open up my legs like this, and I'm going to let you nail me!

       36. "THAT'S WHAT GOD'S LOVE REALLY MEANS. Do you understand? That's what the love of God is. When you nail me now to the cross of this bed, that shows you how much God loves you, even to let you nail me, even to let you nail me to the cross and still say, 'Father forgive them, they know not what they do.'"

       37. THUS LAYING DOWN YOUR LIFE FOR THEM IS THE ULTIMATE IN LOVE! Even when they are so sexy they just want to poke you and nail you, you say, "Look, you're nailing me to the cross, but I still love you and I forgive you because you don't understand what you're doing. I am the love of God to you, but you're still nailing me."--But it was proven, you see? You understand?

       38. YOU ARE THE LOVE OF GOD! Every one of the FFers are the love of God! When God sent Moses to the Promised Land, remember He said just say that "I am" sent you. If the men want to know, who are you, where are you from?

       39. "I AM THE LOVE OF GOD. I AM THE LOVE OF GOD!" Isn't that a good answer? I want you to learn that when you lie naked on the bed and spread your legs for the men, say, "Look, this is the love of God for you.

       40. "I AM THE LOVE OF GOD! You don't believe in God? Well look at this! I was made for you to make you happy, to make you want me. I am the love of God! How can you say you don't believe in God's love?

       41. "LOOK AT ME! I AM THE LOVE OF GOD! Just like Jesus spread His arms on the cross and let them nail Him. You know what He was saying? He was saying, 'Look, I am the love of God for you!'" Everyone of you girls who spreads out your arms and your legs on the bed for those men are just like Jesus, exactly like Jesus!

       42. JUST LIKE JESUS! You're doing exactly the same thing, don't you understand that? You know it, you've done it a lot of times. Say, "Look, I am the love of God! How can you say you don't love God? I am the love of God!" (Tongues:)

       43. "O HOW MIGHTY AND MARVELLOUS AND WONDERFUL ARE THE GREAT THINGS THAT I HAVE SHOWN UNTO YOUR FATHER!" If love exists, God exists, you see? You see they've tried to destroy everything else. They tried to destroy the whole idea of mathematics with new math, and philosophy with skepticism and creation with evolution.

       44. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY'RE TRYING TO DESTROY NOW? LOVE! They've said in all of these other things, "There's no God". You know what the final thing is they're trying to say now? "There is no God because there's no love!"

       45. THEY HAVE TRIED TO DESTROY EVERYTHING ELSE: They have destroyed faith in creation, faith in mathematics, faith in philosophy, faith in religion, faith in government, faith in people, they've destroyed everything else but faith in love.

       46. BUT NOW THEY ARE EVEN TRYING TO DESTROY FAITH IN LOVE! That's the last thing, this is the last thing that they've tried to destroy, faith in love, you understand? They've destroyed faith in the church, so they have destroyed faith in Christ and the crucifix and all of that, you know?

       47. SO THE LAST THING THEY ARE ATTACKING NOW IN THESE LAST DAYS IS LOVE!--That there is no love. The growing thing we read in the paper is about people who are neither homosexual nor bisexual nor heterosexual, but they're simply asexual, they are just against sex entirely.

       48. THEY'RE SICK OF SEX, tired of it, fed up with it, they don't like it anymore, it is not love, it's just a mechanical thing, and they're fed up with so-called love, because they think that sex is love, when sex is only a part of love, you know? It's very loving and it's wonderful and the men need it, but without God's love it's not the whole thing.

       49. AND SO THE LAST ATTACK THE DEVIL'S MAKING TODAY IS ON LOVE! That's the last attack. So to refute the Devil's lie that there's no love, do this: Like when Jesus died and spread His arms on the cross to show the love of God in death, so when you go to bed with a man spread your arms and legs and yield your naked body to him in life, and say,

       50. "I AM GOD'S LOVE! You don't believe in God? Look at me! I was created for you by the love of God and I am the love of God! I am God's love." You should all say that: "Look, I am God's love. I am God's love for you!"--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family