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"EXTERMINATION!"--By Father David       April 1978       DFO No.704
--Israel's Palestinian Policy!

Copyright © June 1978 by The Family of Love, CP 748, 00100, Roma, Italia.

       1. ISRAEL'S POLICY IS THAT IN ORDER TO OVERCOME THIS PROBLEM OF THE RIGHTS OF THE POOR PALESTINIANS SHE WILL JUST LIQUIDATE THE POOR!--"Wipe them out, and then we won't have to worry about their rights and all that sort of thing anymore."

       2. THAT WAS THE U.S. POLICY IN VIETNAM too, to literally try to wipe them out. And if it hadn't been for world opinion, they would have. But the world was horrified at the things the U.S. did there. And that's just what is happening now to Israel.

       3. THE SAME THING THAT HAPPENED TO THE U.S. IN VIETNAM IS NOW BEGINNING TO TURN THE TIDE OF WORLD OPINION TOTALLY AGAINST ISRAEL. Israel is being exposed. She has no idea of evacuating any lands but is going to gobble up more.--Read it in the papers!

       4. THERE IS ALL THIS TALK ABOUT PEACE and all this talk about UN patrol forces and so on, but the guys writing the papers say it looks to them by the way the Israelis are digging in, that they're not planning to leave some areas at all.

       5. THEY CLAIMED THAT THEY WOULD BE WILLING TO LET THE UN OCCUPY THE TERRITORY, BUT ON THE IMPOSSIBLE CONDITION THAT THEY THROW EVERY SINGLE PALESTINIAN OUT of Southern Lebanon. There are whole towns and cities like Tyre in Southern Lebanon where almost the entire population is controlled by Palestinians. That means they would have to have what they used to call during Hitler's days, total population relocation--or genocide!

       6. THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] HAVE ALREADY DRIVEN OUT AT LEAST A QUARTER-OF-A-MILLION REFUGEES. Now they want to get rid of the three-quarter-million who are still left! They want to take over the whole thing, and I can believe what the PLO and some of them are saying about Syria, because Syria has not done a thing to prevent the inroads of the Israeli forces.

       7. THERE MUST HAVE BEEN SOME KIND OF SYRIAN/ISRAELI AGREEMENT IN ADVANCE that they were gonna let them come in without firing a shot. You haven't heard of any Syrian forces involved in defending Southern Lebanon, which they were supposed to do.

       8. ORIGINALLY THE SYRIANS HAD SAID, "SO FAR AND NO FURTHER. If you start invading Lebanon, we're gonna fight!" But statements they make publicly are sometimes one thing, and agreements they make privately are sometimes another.

       9. IN OTHER WORDS, THE MUSLIMS MADE AN AGREEMENT TO LET SOUTHERN LEBANON GO TO THE CHRISTIANS AND TO TAKE OVER THE NORTHERN TWO-THIRDS of the country and keep it Muslim, which includes Beirut. Which is, of course, what I've always said, you'll never get this thing solved unless you solve it like the Cypriots did, divide the country. And like the Israelis and Palestinians ought to do, divide the country between them and let each have its own government. That's the only way to prevent complete discrimination and unfairness. So apparently they have decided to do that.

       10. THE CHRISTIANS WITH ISRAELI HELP HAVE TAKEN OVER SOUTHERN LEBANON--APPARENTLY WITH SYRIAN PERMISSION. The whole thing has worked out to everybody's' happy advantage, both Christians and Jews and Muslims--all except the poor Palestinians! They are the losers, the victims.

       11. SO WHEN THE UN TROOPS BEGAN TO MARCH IN, THE PALESTINIANS SAW THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL. All the big boys with the big guns were virtually agreeing together to divide up their host country, and squeeze them out.

       12. THEY'RE ABOUT THE ONLY ONES THAT ARE STILL RESISTING, still shooting. The Israelis are still shooting too, but the Syrians have managed to stay out of it.--"Let them scrap it out as long as they fulfil their agreement."

       13. OF COURSE, THE ISRAELIS HAVE ALWAYS GOT THE BEST PROPAGANDA IN THE NEWSPAPERS AND ARE PRETENDING TO WANT A CEASEFIRE. In fact, they have come out a couple of times insisting on a ceasefire. In other words, "We've got what we want, now let's stop."

       14."MAKE THE OTHER GUY STOP SHOOTING! We have robbed his country, now you make these naughty little boys that are resisting us grabbing their country stop shooting!" So the Israelis want the UN forces to come in and help them to occupy S. Lebanon.

       15. THE PALESTINIANS ARE LOOKING THE FACTS IN THE FACE. They're saying, "Hey, wait a minute! Are you UN forces coming in here to protect us or the [EDITED: "Israelis"]?"

       16. WHAT IT AMOUNTS TO IS THAT THE UN FORCES ARE JUST COMING IN TO HELP PROTECT WHAT THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] HAVE GRABBED and insure that it stays in their hands. So the Palestinians have been shooting at the UN forces too, for which you cannot blame them.

       17. THEY SAY, "GET OUT OF HERE BOYS, IF YOU'RE JUST GOING TO PROTECT THOSE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] AND THEIR RIP-OFF of our country, what little country we have to live in!" (Timothy: That's why I was shocked to see on the cover of the paper the director of the UN forces with Yaser Arafat!)

       18. WELL, THE ONLY WAY THEY CAN STOP THE FIGHTING IS TO GET THE PLO AND THE PALESTINIANS TO QUIT fighting, so they are trying to persuade them. What the Palestinians and the PLO and Arafat are saying is, "Wait, let's see. We'll let you UN boys in, depending on the conditions.

       19. ARE WE GONNA BE ABLE TO GO BACK TO OUR FOSTER HOME HERE IN SOUTHERN LEBANON when it's all over and you're occupying and enforcing the peace? Are our refugees going to be able to reenter Southern Lebanon and live there again or not? We're not going to let you in unless we can go home."

       20. MEANWHILE, THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] ARE SAYING, "WE ARE NOT GOING TO LET THE UN IN UNLESS YOU PROMISE YOU WON'T LEAVE A SINGLE PALESTINIAN IN SOUTHERN LEBANON!" Well, that's just like the impossible confrontation between the Arabs and the Jews on the West Bank. They both want the same territory and both refuse to compromise so it's an impossible situation without war.

       21. THE WHOLE THING IS THE POWER POLITICS OF GOVERNMENTS TODAY. The little fellow who hasn't got very much power or influence, unless he's got some pretty big powerful friends, is not going to win anything. He's going to lose everything because worldly governments today are based on power and money and guns and who's got the biggest friends.

       22. SO THE PALESTINIANS DON'T STAND MUCH OF A CHANCE any way you look at it. The Israelis, as tough as they are and as totally conscienceless as they are, as aggressive as they are, are going to grab anything they can grab and keep it as long as they can.

       23. THE ISRAELIS ARE NOT ABOUT TO GIVE AN INCH. Especially when they have the backing, if not the actual cooperative encouragement of the United States.

       24. THEY DON'T CARE WHAT THE U.S. GOVERNMENT SAYS OR WHAT THE PRESIDENT SAYS--IT'S WHAT HE DOES THAT COUNTS. As long as he keeps supplying them with two billion dollars worth of arms every year, they don't give a darn whether he agrees with them or not. He's giving them the guns to do it.

       25. THE THING THAT THEY STARTED SCREAMING ABOUT WAS THAT HE DECIDED TO START GIVING THEIR ENEMIES A FEW GUNS TOO, especially a bunch of planes. "Oh, no, no, no! You can give us the guns, but don't give them any guns!" And of course the Jewish influence and Jewish pressure in the United States is tremendous.

       26. SO THE ONLY HOPE OF THE PALESTINIANS IS, OF COURSE, RUSSIA. Even the Arab are not strong enough. They've tried several times and they've lost every war.

       27. THE ARABS HAVE TRIED TO HELP THEM AND TRIED TO KICK OUT THE JEWS or at least tried to get some compromise plan, a hunk of Israel for the Palestinians, but they just haven't been able to win a war yet. Every time they have tried it they lost.

       28. SO THE ONLY HOPE THEY HAVE IS RUSSIA. In fact one thing Israel is worried about is that maybe Russia's going to send in Cuban troops to help the Arabs win the next war, because what they need is the same thing that Israel has.

       29.ISRAEL HAS ALL THOSE SMART AMERICAN JEWS AND SMART AMERICAN OFFICERS and smart American technicians and training and advisors and everything else to help them win. Otherwise they couldn't have won. It's just like a little bit of America with Americans and U.S. backing.

       30. SO FAR RUSSIA'S DONE NOTHING BUT JUST SUPPLY THE GUNS, but if she steps in next time and insists on engineering the war herself with Cuban advisors and whatnot, she stands a pretty good chance of winning. And that is what the U.S. is afraid of and what Israel is afraid of and the Jews are afraid of.

       31. RUSSIA IS FINALLY GOING TO REALLY GET TOUGH AND INSIST ON HELPING them out and win the war, like she did for Ethiopia. (Timothy: It's really not much of a jump either.) Yes, it's right there, right there. Well, you read "Israel Invaded." (See No.281.)

       32.THE LORD SHOWED ME THE ACTUAL PROBABLE INVASION ROUTES. It is almost as clear as could be. And the Scripture about Bozra is all about that time of the invasion of Israel by the great power of the North. So it's gonna come, sooner or later.

       33. ALL THESE EVENTS HAVE TO HAPPEN FIRST TO SHOW THE PERFIDY OF ISRAEL--to show it's total consciencelessness, its utter selfishness, its absolute stubbornness in spite of all world opinion. In spite of the entire UN voting against them, the stubborn Israeli delegate gets up and votes for himself, without another single vote with him. Think of it!--The world is getting fed up with Israel.

       34. THE WORLD IS ALREADY ALMOST FED UP WITH THE U.S. through the Vietnam War and Watergate and the CIA scandals and all this bribery and everything else. The world has lost its confidence.

       35. ONCE THE U.S. WAS CANDYLAND, ONCE THE U.S. WAS DREAMLAND, once the U.S. was Heaven-on-Earth, once the U.S. was the world's god. They were the righteous people, they were the good people, theirs was the true democracy, theirs was the golden land. "The bricks of New York must be made of gold, paved like Heaven!" Now it's a totally different story: It's bankrupt!

       36. THE WHOLE WORLD HAS LOST CONFIDENCE IN THE U.S., no longer idealistic about it. They see that in the U.S. they are just as crooked and selfish and criminal as the rest of the world, and even worse in some ways. So they have completely lost confidence in the U.S.

       37. EVEN WORLD RESPECT FOR ISRAEL WAS SORT OF IDEALISTIC FOR A WHILE. "Well, these are little people who came back and they need a hunk of country to live on, they don't have any home."

       38. THE WORLD'S SYMPATHY WAS WITH ISRAEL, especially during and right after World War II when the Jews were so horribly slaughtered and massacred and persecuted. The world really sympathised a lot with the Jews and wanted to help them have some place to go.

       39. I WOULDN'T SAY IT WAS ENTIRELY UNSELFISH MOTIVES. A lot of them [DELETED] were really happy that there was some place to send them.

       40. BUT NOW ISRAEL IS THREATENING TO THROW THE WHOLE WORLD INTO WAR OVER ITS STUPID STUBBORNNESS and the world is getting absolutely fed up with the [EDITED: "Israelis"]. They have been so exposed now they have absolutely no excuse.

       41. SADAT HAS DONE EVERYTHING HE CAN TO HELP THEM SETTLE IT--a fair, equal settlement. What his trip to Jerusalem did more than anything else was recognise Israel's right to exist.

       42. HE WAS RECOGNISING ISRAEL, AND THIS IS WHAT THE HARDLINE REJECTIONIST FRONT IS FURIOUS WITH HIM ABOUT, because their stand is that no Israelis have any right to be in Palestine at all! It is true what some have accused Godahfi, the PLO and the Rejectionist Front of saying,

       43. "WE ARE GONNA SHOVE THE JEWS INTO THE OCEAN because none of them have any right to be here--unless they simply want to be guests of our country"--which is what they were at first.

       44. SO, THE JEWS ARE DETERMINED TO MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS NO SETTLEMENT IN WHICH THEY DON'T DOMINATE the whole country and guarantee their own security without trusting anybody, even the United States. But it really looks pretty bad to the rest of the world because it exposed how they are totally unwilling to make any kind of a settlement. It's only talk, talk, talk.

       45. IT IS FULFILLING EXACTLY WHAT ARYE TOLD US WHEN WE WERE IN HAIFA. He was the 7th son of a 7th son of a 7th son. One or two hundred years they had been in Israel, I mean in Palestine, long before it became Israel.--A Jew, a fine-looking fellow, and you could sure tell by the looks of him that there must have been an awful lot of Arabs mixed in along the line because he was as dark as he could be--like a lot of the Israeli Jews.

       46. AT THE TIME WHEN WE WERE THERE THERE WAS A THREAT OF A NEW WAR, and it exploded just shortly after we left. I liked him and he kind of liked us, too. He had us over to his house a few times. It was kind of a part of the official program they had of propagandising visitors and tourists.--Invite them into your home and get to know them personally and help them see your side and so on, very clever. You talk about smart?--I mean the Jews are smart!

       47. I SAID, "I'M WORRIED ABOUT THIS BORDER SITUATION, WE'RE TRYING TO LEAVE. The deadline is coming for the ceasefire.--They've only guaranteed a ceasefire for so long and I'm afraid it may explode again."

       48.HE SAID, "DON'T WORRY, AS LONG AS WE KEEP TALKING, EVERYTHING IS OKAY." He said, "In the first place, you don't understand the Arabs. They talk tough, but it's mostly bluff. They will seldom ever take action." Which has proved true.

       49. THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] INVADED SOUTHERN LEBANON RUNNING THE PALESTINIANS COMPLETELY OUT, AND WHERE ARE ALL OF THE REST OF THE ARABS WHO WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THEIR FRIENDS? What are they doing?--Not a damn thing! They haven't fired a shot and they haven't done a thing to help them, not a thing. You'd think if they were real friends they'd pitch in and die with them for their rights.

       50. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE IDEAL TIME TO OPEN UP A SECOND AND THIRD FRONT WAR ON ISRAEL while she was busy on her northern border.--An ideal time to catch them off balance and attack.--But they did nothing.

       51. FOR ONE REASON, THE U.S. HAS BOUGHT OFF EGYPT, really bought her off. To get her gravy from the U.S. she must have virtually promised not to start another war, and she is profiting by peace now with U.S. financial backing.

       52. SO SADAT, WHO IS REALLY SUPPOSED TO BE ONE OF THE BEST FRIENDS OF THE PLO, HAS DONE NOTHING BUT TALK. As Arye said, "As long as we all keep talking there'll be no war, so we try to keep them talking." That's exactly Israeli policy.

       53. THE ISRAELIS DON'T PLAN TO SETTLE ANYTHING, THEY JUST KEEP TALKING, just make promises, suggestions, new proposals. "Israel sets new formula for Mid-East Peace Talks."--It's a scream! As long as they talk they settle nothing and they keep on holding what they've got.

       54. BUT THE TIME IS COMING WHEN I'M SURE THE LORD IS GOING TO ACT! It's in the Word and I've prayed for it. I'm sure the only reason the Lord's delaying it is for the sake of His children and us and even the world. Delaying the judgements of Israel, because of what it's gonna bring. I don't see how they could have another small war without a big one.

       55. IT JUST ALMOST HAS TO BRING ON A MAJOR WAR because now the Palestinians have no other hope, not a friend. The whole present situation is diving the sheep from the goats and showing who their real friends are as far as the Palestinians are concerned.--Not even the Rejectionist Front has stepped in and done anything.

       56. EXCEPT MOST OF THE WEAPONS AND ALL ARE BEING SUPPLIED BY RUSSIA, LIBYA, ALGERIA, IRAQ AND THE HARD LINERS. That's the only reason the PLO and the Palestinians have been able to keep going. That's why the port of Tyre is so important to them and why they are holding out.

       57. THE ISRAELIS HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO CAPTURE THE PORT OF TYRE BECAUSE THAT IS THE PALESTINIANS' LIFELINE AND SOURCE OF SUPPLY. That's where the Russians and the Libyans and others are shipping in the arms and probably even some volunteers to help them out.

       58. IT'S A MIRACLE WITH ALL THAT FIRE POWER AND AIR POWER THAT ISRAEL HAS THAT THEY HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO CAPTURE TYRE. The Palestinians are really stubbornly holding on there and they won't even let the UN in. The UN tried to cross the bridge and they shot at them.

       59. SO IT'S A VERY SAD SITUATION. The only hopes they have now is the real radical Red Rejectionist Front--the real radical red rejectionists--four "R's." That's all they're got left, along with Russia.

       60. SADAT'S REALLY SINCERELY TRIED TO MAKE PEACE BUT ISRAEL WOULD HAVE NONE OF IT. Which of course the rest of the Arabs knew and he probably suspected. But if he didn't do anything else, as I said before, he was either going to bring peace or he was going to expose Israel--and that's what it's done.

       61. IT DIDN'T BRING PEACE BUT IT CERTAINLY DID EXPOSE ISRAEL and now the whole world is furious at Israel. They had every opportunity.

       62. WHEN THE ARABS THEMSELVES WERE STUBBORN AND RECALCITRANT and refused to make any effort or any compromise, then the world partly blamed them too. But now, when the Arabs offer to make peace and offer to make concessions and recognise Israel, and Israel still rejects it, flatly refuses, now the whole burden of guilt lies on Israel.

       63. NOW THE WORLD KNOWS IT, ISRAEL IS EXPOSED. This new invasion of Southern Lebanon exposes her even more, right at a time when the Arabs are talking peace and talking about Israel returning land to the Arabs and to the Palestinians.

       64. ISRAEL NOT ONLY WON'T GIVE THE PALESTINIANS BACK THEIR OWN LANDS, SHE RUNS THEM OFF THE LAND THAT THEY'VE FLED TO in another country--which shows her real motives and real aims! She is not about to give the Palestinians back anything. She's even running them out of another country!

       65. SO ISRAEL NOW IS TOTALLY EXPOSED TO THE WORLD. This is what the Lord has to do with a country just before He destroys it or brings judgements on it.

       66. HE HAS TO EXPOSE ITS SIN TO THE WHOLE WORLD SO THAT THE WORLD WILL UNDERSTAND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and understand His judgements. They won't be surprised if something happens now and someone steps in and destroys or invades Israel or gets tough.

       67. EVEN THE AGGRESSORS HAVE TO WAIT FOR WORLD CLIMATE OF OPINION TO BE SOMEWHAT IN THEIR FAVOUR. This is why Israel attacked so quickly after the guerilla raid. The whole tide of world opinion had been against her, then all of a sudden she had a few days of sympathy from the world because of this attack.

       68. SHE JUST TOOK ADVANTAGE OF IT AND INVADED LEBANON IN RETALIATION, killing many times over the number of people that were killed in the raid, driving a quarter-of-a-million people out of their homes and trying to drive the other three-quarter-million out.

       69. BUT AT THE SAME TIME THAT HAS NOW TURNED WORLD OPINION BACK THE OTHER WAY even more than before. The Lord has exposed the perfidy, the wickedness and the viciousness of Israel.

       70. ISRAEL IS DOING ITS BEST TO BRING ANOTHER MAJOR WAR ON THE WORLD BY ITS STUBBORNNESS. Israel's attitude is "Either we get our way and we keep all this land, or you go down with us." That's her threat.

       71. IT'S THE SAME AS THE THREAT THAT THE INSANE OR POSSESSED USE TO GET THEIR WAY. "Either we get our way or we all commit suicide. It will kill us, we'll die. But if we die, so will you." She's holding the whole world hostage to get her way!

       72. BUT THE QUICKER IT HAPPENS, THE QUICKER THE LORD IS GOING TO COME, SO PRAISE THE LORD! IF WE DIE, WE DIE! What more can we do? Then our job is over. So why worry? We just need to learn to be faithful and do the best possible while there is still time, and try to survive and witness as long as we can.

       73. BECAUSE THE END IS BOUND TO COME--including our end--which will be the Beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, with peace and plenty for all! And we shall rule and reign with Him forever! Hallelujah! (2Tim.2:12; Rev.5:10,11:15; 20:6; 22:5.)

       74. NO MORE BIG POWERS AND OPPRESSED POOR! Only the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Heaven on Earth, fairness and Justice for all and eternal happiness forever!

       75. WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE THERE? Then join us now! "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved!" (Acts 16:31). Do it now! Come now! We love you! Tomorrow may be too late!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family