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"CLOSE ENCOUNTER!"--By Father David       26-2-78       MO--DFO NO.710
--Another Ghost?--A Revelation of Things to Come!

© June 1978 by the Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia.

       1. I HAD THE STRANGEST EXPERIENCE! When I went to bed the sun was still quite bright, so I didn't leave a light on. We had closed the shutters when we started taking a nap, but I left the door to the entrance hall open just enough so a little daylight from the bathroom window would show through the crack and act as a light.

       2. I LAY HERE AWHILE AFTER I WENT TO BED THINKING I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A LITTLE SEX, but you were sound asleep and very tired, so I didn't bother. I went to sleep and apparently it must have happened just before I woke up, I had this crazy dream.

       3. WE WERE AT THIS GREAT BIG FARM--it's not any place we've been, it was totally different. I can't remember much about the first part of the dream except that there were a lot of new faces there I hadn't seen before and it was apparently one of our Homes. Most of the folks I knew, but every now and then there was someone new who looked a little shocked and surprised to see me, like they hadn't met me before and wondered who I was.

       4. EVERYBODY WAS BUSY and some were in the living room talking. I was busy going around checking on the place, like I do, to see how everything is going and how everyone is doing.

       5. THERE WAS A LOT OF ACTIVITY GOING ON, I can't describe it all right now. The main thing was that I was just trying to keep order and see that things were all as they should be.

       6. I WALKED OUT AND DOWN THE LITTLE FRONT DIRT ROAD and down a little hill. It was dusk or twilight, and I saw this couple making love in the ditch.

       7. WHEN THE FELLOW SAW ME COMING HE JUMPED UP AND RAN TOWARD ME and said, "Oh, hi Uncle Dave! It's been years since I've seen you!" and so on. He was some young fellow who must have been an old friend or former acquaintance from somewhere.

       8. I CAN'T REMEMBER RIGHT NOW WHO HE WAS but he was a young fellow that we had known from several years ago.--Like when I was still called Uncle Dave before the Revolution.

       9. HE JUMPED OFF THIS GIRL AND CAME RUNNING TO GREET ME. I noticed the girl was naked and she began wiping herself with tissues, apparently they had just finished, but I think he had his clothes on. But anyway, I was rather surprised, not only that the boy did that, but that pretty soon she was calling to him.

       10. SHE WAS GETTING DRESSED AND SAID, "DON'T YOU KNOW IT'S SUNDAY? WE HAVE TO GO TO CHURCH!" So typical of the kind of people we used to associate with in the churches! I thought to myself,

       11. "BOY, THAT'S A TYPICAL CHURCH-STYLE DOUBLE-STANDARD MORALITY!: --One standard for the public and one for private!" They pretend to be so righteous and they deplore sex and aberrational behaviour, as they call it, but they are out here on Sunday fucking away in the ditch! You wouldn't expect church folks to be going this sort of thing in a ditch, especially on Sunday evening!

       12. SO I WALKED ON DOWN AROUND THE DRIVEWAY TO WHERE SOME KIDS WERE FIXING A CAR. I gave them a few tips on how to do it and walked around through the garage. I noticed someone had made quite a mess by draining their oil right on the garage floor or had spilled quite a bit of it without cleaning it up, and I was trying to find one of the mechanics to find out who did it.

       13. JUST AS I STARTED TO WALK INTO THE BARN ALL OF A SUDDEN SOMEBODY YELLED, "HERE THEY COME! They've come just like they said they would!"--And the title of that movie "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind" flashed across my mind, the first contact with the flying-saucer people that had come, although I hadn't seen it.

       14. I LOOKED UP IN THE SKY AND HERE CAME THESES BIG BALLS ROLLING ALONG, about as big as those great big push-balls they used to have.--Balls that are higher than a man's head, great big big balls, 5 or 6 feet or about a couple of meters in diameter.

       15. THEY HAD CRAZY FACES SORT OF PAINTED ON THEM, or that was my first impression, and some seemed just like one big eyeball. But they all seemed like they were alive!

       16. EVERYBODY WAS FRIGHTENED AND RUNNING FROM THEM, almost like an invasion! They were dancing through the sky and sort of rolling and rollicking, like they were playing and having fun. But nevertheless, they were also trying to frighten us, or at least were amused at our fright.

       17. THEN I SAW THIS HUGE GIANT COMING! He must have been 25 feet high and was walking along behind them. It was as though he was directing them.

       18. AND HE WAS IN A VERY STRANGE KIND OF A SPACE SUIT or something, very dark-coloured, almost black. I think it was very deep purple, skin-tight. He almost looked like he was in a suit of armour, some kind of material, like that guy in "Star Wars". And he had this funny headgear on.

       19. HE HAD A RATHER STRANGE HEAD WITH STARING SCAREY EYES, big pointed ears and kind of a sharp nose. It was almost like a beak, like some of those bird faces or demon faces I saw in that "Crash" dream. (See "The Crash," No.284.)

       20. HE WAS WALKING ALONG ALMOST LIKE A ROBOT, like he wasn't too agile but was clomping along directing all these balls that were shooting around in the sky. They were shooting just over our heads and then way up. They'd zoom down to frighten people, just like they were laughing when they'd scare somebody and they'd run. So I ran into the barn and watched through the window.

       21. THIS HUGE GIANT KEPT WALKING RIGHT TOWARD THE BARN. He stooped down and looked through the window, his huge face filling up the whole window cackling and laughing at me, "Ah ha, I found you, there you are! You don't think you're really going to get away, do you?"

       22. SO I RUN OUT THE OTHER END OF THE BARN AND HERE THEY CAME FROM THAT DIRECTION TOO!--These giants walking and the balls shooting out of the sky!--But this time, there were some very pretty girls with them in the same strange kind of suits and somewhat the same facial appearance.

       23. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE THEIR HEADS, or the headgear. I don't know whether it's heads or headgear. Have you ever seen girls wear those rabbit hats with the big ears sticking up, like the Playboy bunnies wear sometimes?

       24. IT'S KIND OF A HAT that fits around on their face like a helmet with two big ears on top, only theirs were sharp pointed ears and their faces almost like beaks, and they resembled the giant.

       25. ONE GIRL RAN TOWARD ME LIKE SHE WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE ME and she was gonna grab me and make love to me. But I didn't like her so I turned around and ran back into the barn, but she caught up with me and pounced on me anyhow.

       26. THE FEELING I HAD WAS THAT SHE THREW HER ARMS ME AND SHE SUNK HER BEAK OR HER TEETH INTO THE BACK OF MY NECK just like a vampire. Then this real funny feeling just flowed over me. It was very pleasant in a way. It was strange, it was almost like sex! It felt real good, almost like she'd injected something, and it was just like I went to sleep.

       27. I FELT THIS NICE WARM FEELING FLOWING DOWN MY BACK. I don't know, maybe it was blood running down my back. But it sort of scared me and I immediately woke up, fully awake and not dreaming anymore and lying in bed on my left side facing you and the door.

       28. I SUDDENLY HAD THE STRANGE FEELING THAT THIS SAME GIRL WAS BENDING OVER YOU--like she'd finished me and she was there bending over you in the dark looking down at you just ready to bite you in the throat!

       29. I COULD ALMOST FEEL HER MORE THAN SEE HER although I could see her faint outline. It was pitch dark but somehow the Lord let me see her.

       30. THE MINUTE I OPENED MY EYES AND SAW HER SHE WHIRLED AROUND WITHOUT STANDING UP AND QUICKLY RAN OUT the door. I could hear her click the knob of the handle as she ran. And then it suddenly dawned on me that the room was absolutely pitch black with no light coming in from the bathroom anymore! I could hardly tell whether the door was open or shut.

       31. I THOUGHT MAYBE I WAS MISTAKEN. Maybe it was you, maybe you'd just gone to the bathroom. But the light didn't come on and I didn't hear any sound in the bathroom. I leaned over and I could hear you breathing. You seemed still there asleep.

       32. I WAS QUITE WIDE AWAKE WHEN IT HAPPENED because I had just awakened from the dream and was startled by this presence bending over you! It was like she was about to do the same thing to you that she had just done to me!

       33. SHE WAS ALMOST LIKE SOME KIND OF A SPIRITUAL VAMPIRE, you know what I mean? (Maria: Then I immediately woke up too!) Did you wake up before I turned the light on? (Maria: Yes, because I woke up and I noticed it was all dark.) We must have wakened almost simultaneously, but I didn't want to make any noise.

       34. MY FIRST IMPRESSION WAS TO QUICK TURN ON THE LIGHT, and finally, in spite of whether it was going to wake you up or not, I felt like we needed some light, that I had to turn the light on.

       35. I DEFINITELY SAW THIS DARK FIGURE, I definitely saw her. How I know it was a women, I don't know, but it was a woman. And how I felt that it resembled those things I was seeing in my dream, I don't know, because it turned out to be pitch dark in here!

       36. BUT JUST AS I WOKE UP, ALREADY FRIGHTENED BY THE DREAM, THERE SHE WAS BENDING OVER YOU! She seemed to know instantly that I had wakened and she turned around and ran out the door. I heard the clicking a she was shutting the outside door.

       37. I THOUGHT, "YOU DON'T SUPPOSE THAT ONE OF THE MAIDS had sneaked in here and was trying to steal something in the dark because I forgot to turn the light on?" I tried to rationalise it away some other way.

       38. I HAD FORGOTTEN OR DIDN'T THINK THAT IT WOULD GET DARK WHILE WE WERE ASLEEP. We went to sleep for a nap about five while it was still light and it got dark about 6 or 6:30 and we woke up just now about 7.

       39. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER I JUST FELT IT OR SAY IT in the spirit or what. It was to pitch dark in here you couldn't see a thing!

       40. AFTERWARD I WAS LYING HERE PRAYING AND TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT WAS HAPPENING, ALMOST AFRAID TO MOVE! I was looking across you toward the door trying to figure out why there was not any light there now, and slowly it began to dawn on me that it had gotten dark.

       41. I HAD LEFT NO LIGHT ON in the bathroom and I was depending on that outside light, and now it had gotten dark. I couldn't understand how I could have felt that person there, or whatever she was, and it the same time seen her.

       42. I DEFINITELY SAW AN OUTLINE AGAINST THE DOOR AS SHE YANKED THE DOOR OPEN and quickly ran through the door. I could even hear the clicking sounds of the knob, you know, when you grab it, and the closing of the outside door.

       43. NOW IF SHE WAS A SPIRIT, IT SEEMS SHE WOULDN'T NECESSARILY NEED TO OPEN AND SHUT DOORS. But if she was startled in the act of bending over you and going to try to sink her beak or her teeth or whatever into you--that was the feeling I had because I'd just had this dream. She was going to do the same thing to you.

       44. COULD IT BE THAT SOMETIMES THEY CAN'T DEMATERIALISE FAST ENOUGH? She must have been materialised because I could see and sort of feel her. (Maria: But the door was locked!) The outside door? Was it? Yes, it locks automatically when you shut it! She must have managed to come through and then materialise inside.

       45. COULD IT BE THAT SOMETIMES THEY CAN'T CHANGE OVER FAST ENOUGH to make it when they are in the physical or material form? You know ghosts are notorious for materialising and making noises, creaking doors and steps and making all kinds of sounds, because when they're materialised they've got to obey the same laws of physics that we do.

       46. JESUS WENT THROUGH THE DOOR WHEN HE WAS IN THE SPIRIT, and then He materialised right inside the room! It didn't say how He did it, apparently spirits can dematerialise and then go right through a wall or door or anything.

       47. SHE DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO DEMATERIALISE BECAUSE I WOKE SO SUDDENLY and I was looking right at her. I could see the whole thing. I was wide awake!

       48. SHE TURNED QUICKLY, OPENED THAT DOOR AND DASHED THROUGH IT! I could hear her hand on the knob and everything! She opened this door and quickly pulled it almost shut behind her, closed just a little bit more than I had left it. Then I heart the outside door opening and then shutting again.

       49. I THOUGHT, "MY GOD, WE SHOULD HAVE SOME LIGHT ON IN HERE!" Because I've always known, it's pretty common knowledge, that evil spirits and ghosts don't like light.

       50. EVIL SPIRITS DON'T LIKE LIGHT. THAT'S WHY I ALWAYS INSIST ON LEAVING SOME LIGHT ON at night And I thought, "Well I hate to wake up Maria," apparently you must have already been awake, "but I am just going to have to turn the light on!" I couldn't even see my way to get across the room to get out.

       51. HOW I SAW HER I DON'T KNOW UNLESS GOD GAVE ME SPIRITUAL VISION, because when she was gone it was totally totally dark in here, there wasn't a glimmer of light of any kind. So I was determined that I was just going to have to turn on the light.

       52. I SNAPPED ON THE LIGHT AND YOU ROSE UP REAL QUICK, a little sleepily but as though you must have already been awake. (Maria: I was. I noticed it was so dark.) Maybe we both woke at the same time when she was bending over you.

       53. THAT WAS THE STRANGEST DREAM, real weird! This is a strange country! (Portugal) Wow! You know, people are so geared to this scientific UFO stuff.

       54. (MARIA: BUT THEY COULDN'T HAVE HARMED US, COULD THEY?) Honey, let's face it, the Lord only says He will never allow you to be tempted and tested more than you are able to bear. (1Co.10:13.)

       55. HE DOESN'T SAY THEY'LL NOT BE ABLE TO HARM YOU.--Look at all the martyrs! He didn't even say that they wouldn't be able to do something with Christ! The Devil picked up Jesus and took Him up to the pinnacle of the temple, and set Him on a high mountain, and did several other things, but all within the limitations of God.

       56. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY'RE NOT ABLE TO DO US ANY PERMANENT DAMAGE, ESPECIALLY SPIRITUALLY, but the Lord does allow us to go through these tests. He even allowed His Saints to go through tortures, burning at the stake, crucifixion, all kinds of things!

       57. DON'T SAY THAT HE WON'T ALLOW US TO BE HARMED. He won't allow any permanent damage, any permanent harm, and He promises to deliver us. If no other way, He delivers us by death!

       58. YOU CAN ALWAYS CALL ON THE LORD AND THROUGH HIM HAVE POWER OVER EVERYTHING. You don't have to worry about anything. This dream is just like what's going to happen.

       59. HE'S GOING TO TURN THE WORLD OVER TO THE DEVIL FOR AWHILE, and he is going to have power. He is going to have power over the Saints and overcome them! (Rev.13:7.) But what can he do to our spirits?--Nothing! He only has power over our bodies, like he has in death.

       60. WHEN SHE BIT ME IT WAS A WONDERFUL FEELING. The closest experience I can think of to that feeling was coming out of "The Green Door" and the other time during the Dr. Koger experience when I sat up dead. (See "The Green Door," No.262 and "Another Holy Ghost Story," No.679.)

       61. WHAT I THINK HAPPENED WAS THAT IN A WAY SHE KILLED ME. But it was a wonderful feeling. It spread all over me and I fainted and I was gone. I probably what happened in the dream.

       62. ALL I CAN THINK OF, SINCE THE DREAM WAS RATHER SCAREY and frightening like a nightmare, is that it was not necessarily the Lord, but more like something the Devil had given, and just as I was lying here momentarily in the dark praying about it, it came to me,

       63. "YOU DIDN'T PRAY BEFORE YOU WENT TO SLEEP. You didn't pray to have good dreams." Sometimes I've had bad dreams because I didn't pray. "You didn't pray and ask the Lord!"

       64. THE LORD WANTS TO BE RECOGNISED, He wants you to know that you need Him. That's why He wants you to pray.

       65. SO I GOT UP AND SNAPPED ON THE LIGHT, and did you go to the bathroom? (Maria: You told me to go check.) Oh, I told you to go? Lord forgive me!

       66. I WAS PRETTY SURE SHE WAS GONE anyhow. But I just wondered if you opened the door, she might still be standing there. Isn't that funny? Thank God she wasn't!

       67. I THOUGHT SHE MIGHT BE HIDING IN THE BATHROOM or something. But I was quite sure she'd gone because I heard the outer door click shut. This one she just quickly drew open and quickly closed to give herself time to retreat, she wanted to pull this door shut between us, not clear shut because she was trying to leave it the way she had found it when she came in.

       68. THE ONLY THING I CAN GET OUT OF IT IS THAT THE DEVIL IS GOING TO REALLY PUT ON SOME PHENOMENAL MANIFESTATIONS like that in the last days just to frighten people and scare them to death, "men's hearts failing them for fear", "distress of nations" and "signs in the sky" and so on. (Lk.21:11,25,26.) That was just like signs in the sky, what I was seeing. Even our own kids were really quite frightened and running for places of refuge!

       69. IN A LOT OF MOVIES AND TV THAT I HAVE SEEN, THE ENEMY IS PREPARING THE WORLD. Remember, everything the Devil does is an imitation of what Christ does, the Devil has never thought up anything new. He simply imitates God's methods, he imitates His whole organisation. He's the imitation saviour, the imitation messiah.

       70. YOU SEE, CHRIST'S COMING IS LITERALLY GOING TO BE AN INVASION FROM OUTER SPACE! If you had talked about stuff like this a couple of years ago and given it spiritual manes, people would have poo-pooed it. But because they've dressed it up in all this scientific paraphernalia and scientific atmosphere and with scientific logic--spaceships, extraterrestrial beings, superior beings from outer space and so on, people will believe it.

       71. THE DEVIL USED TO USE THE SPIRITUALISTIC MEDIUMS AND THEIR SOCIETIES AS HIS MEANS OF APPROACH, all these spiritist churches and so on. But because the work of some of these investigators so discredited the spiritualistic mediums and had branded so many of them as phonies, the Devil couldn't use that direct approach anymore.

       72. HE HAD TO GET OUT OF THE SPIRITUAL AND RELIGIOUS AND PUT HIS MESSAGE INTO THE SCIENTIFIC so the people would accept it. So now he's making all of his spiritualistic approaches through scientific forms and media. I know that God definitely engineers certain things, and I'm certain He even allows the Devil to engineer some things.

       73. INVASION FROM OUTER SPACE, WHAT A WAY FOR THE ANTICHRIST TO ARRIVE!--Just like the Second Coming of Christ!--To arrive like he was coming from outer space, like he was a superior being, a higher intelligence arriving from some other planet to solve the world's problems. What a way for him to come!--

       74. IMITATE THE COMING OF CHRIST AND MAKE IT ALL SOUND SCIENTIFIC so the people would believe him. People will believe anything that smacks of science or sounds scientific. If it smacks of religion or spiritually or anything like that, forget it! But if they can just make it sound and look scientific, then the people will receive him as a superior being who has come to help solve all these terrible problems we have, like a god.

       75. HE WILL BE LIKE A GOD TO THEM, but his whole thing is to try to put it in a plausible scientific form that people will believe. The Antichrist will be sort of a scientific God, if you want to put it that way.

       76. SO I WOULDN'T BE A BIT SURPRISED THAT THE ANTICHRIST, THE DEVIL INCARNATE, IS GOING TO STAGE SOME KIND OF PHONEY INVASION FROM OUTER SPACE. Well, in a way, since that's the Devil and his demons, the fallen angels, they are from outer space. But he is going to use human beings by possession, and is somehow going to capture this young man, this human that he's going to use for the Antichrist.

       77. THE MAN HIMSELF IS APPARENTLY ALREADY ALIVE. He's going to work all kinds of miracles and do all kinds of wonders. (2Th.2.)

       78. APPARENTLY HE'S EVEN GOING TO BE KILLED AND THEN COME BACK TO LIFE--the beast which was "wounded unto death" but did live. (Rev.13:3.) It's going to be just like a resurrection, another imitation of Jesus, because he is wounded unto death and yet he comes back to life.

       79. YOU SEE, THE DEVIL HAS A TRINITY TOO, OF WHICH HE IS THE GOD, the Father. Then he has the Antichrist as his son, and then he has the Evil Spirit, the False Prophet. The Devil has imitated everything else--he's even going to imitate the death, resurrection and Second Coming of Christ in his Antichrist Son!

       80. P.S.--TO YOU, DEAR READER Are you prepared for such experiences? Do you have faith in God's loving protection so you'll not be scared to death?--If not, write us now for more of these strange revelations and how to prepare for such times! Please enclose a gift to help on costs.--Thank you!

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