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"THE DYING DOLLAR!"--By Father David       August 3, 1978       MO--DFO 730

© Oct. 1978 by the Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia

       1. THE DREAM I HAD LAST NIGHT WAS JUST ABOUT AS VIVID AS THE ONE I HAD IN LONDON, "THE MONEY EXPLODES!", when we walked in and they wanted 3 Pounds for a can of soup, and then they wouldn't sell us a roundtrip railroad ticket because prices were going up so fast! (See "The Money Explodes" No.294.)

       2. I WAS DRIVING THIS CAR AND LITTLE TRAILER SOMEWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES. It was sort of hilly and backwoods like Southern or Midwestern U.S., and really kind of a typical little small conservative town.

       3. THE LICENSE ON MY CAR AND TRAILER HAD EXPIRED, and I was trying to drive as quick as I could to the license bureau.

       4. WHEN I GOT TO THE LICENSE BUREAU IT WAS JUST ONE WINDOW IN THIS LOCAL STORE where they did a little business on the side selling licenses, but it was closed!

       5. THE SIGN SAID IT WAS ONLY OPEN FROM FIVE TO SIX EVERYDAY, one hour a day! The storekeeper was a typical conservative small-town American. I said,

       6. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU'RE ONLY OPEN ONE HOUR A DAY!" He said, "I don't even hardly have enough license business for that! Why should I stay open more?" "Well," I said,

       7. "I'M DESPERATE! I'VE GOTTA HAVE NEW LICENSES! This is an emergency! You're here, what if the window's shut, can't you please sell me some licenses?" He said.

       8. "WELL, I CAN, BUT I'M SORRY WE DON'T ACCEPT DOLLARS ANYMORE. You'll have to pay me in Swiss Francs!"--And boy, was I relieved! I said, "Oh, I'll be glad to pay you in Swiss Francs!"--And that was the dream!

       9. SMALL-TOWN AMERICA SAID, "WE DON'T ACCEPT DOLLARS ANYMORE, YOU'LL HAVE TO PAY ME IN SWISS FRANCS!" He said it almost like he didn't expect me to have it, like he thought that was another stall he'd give me so that he wouldn't have to worry about selling me the licenses out of hours.--Even that's significant! It was after hours, the window was closed, past time! In other words, brother, it's getting late, later than you think!

       10. I WAS AN AVERAGE AMERICAN TRYING TO GET A LICENSE TO OPERATE, which is typical of the United States where you need a license to do almost everything but spit! It's typical of almost total complete governmental control, like n the dream about "The Emergency" where everything had to have permission. (No. 160A.)

       11. "BUT YOU'VE GOT TO PAY IN SWISS FRANCS!" In other words, the U.S. currency wasn't any good!

       12. THE DAY'S GOING TO COME WHEN IN THE U.S. ITSELF AMONGST U.S. CITIZENS, THE DOLLAR IS NO LONGER GOING TO BE WORTH ANYTHING! That is exactly what happened in Germany after losing both World Wars: Their local currency was no longer worth anything. It also happened in the U.S. South in 1865 and in China in 1895.

       13. IT'S ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME THING AS THAT DREAM I HAD ABOUT BRITAIN AND THE 3 POUNDS CAN OF SOUP: That showed the skyrocketing prices! But at least in Britain in that other dream, 3 pounds was still worth a can of soup!

       14. BUT HERE EVEN THE GOVERNMENT WOULDN'T ACCEPT ITS OWN MONEY, knowing it was worthless! You had to pay in something else!

       15. COUNTRIES HAVE GOTTEN TO THE CONDITION AFTER WARS WHERE THEIR MONEY WAS WORTH NOTHING, so they paid in goods, paid n eggs or chicken or farm products. They went back to bartering just like in the old days. They gave something for something, because nobody would accept nothing for something anymore--like paper dollars!

       16. IN OTHER WORDS THE U.S. IS GOING TO COME TO EXACTLY THE SAME CONDITION THAT GERMANY DID AFTER WWI:--Money's worth nothing, because the government has nothing to back it up with anymore!

       17. MOST AMERICANS DON'T UNDERSTAND A THING ABOUT ECONOMICS or trade or the monetary system. The only thing they understand is how much they're paying for their groceries and whether their favourite TV show is on or not!

       18. THE ONLY THING THAT WOULD EVER STIR UP THE AMERICANS TO REALLY HOWL is if their favourite TV show got pre-empted, or if the government should clamp down on their gasoline!

       19. THEY COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT THE DECLINE OF THE DOLLAR as long as it doesn't make much difference with what they're having to pay for their groceries.

       20. THEY DON'T DARE FACE IT! They would be terrified, it would cause an absolute panic!

       21. THEY DON'T EVEN CARE IF THEY'RE GETTING LESS, AT LEAST THEY'RE NOT HAVING TO PAY ANY MORE. Business surveys have discovered that the customers are willing to take less for their money as long as it's in the same package and it looks the same size, even if there's less in it and they know it!

       22. JUST THINK, GOLD WENT UP TO $215! They're always giving the same old excuses, "Well, gold always goes up when the people are a little worried. It'll settle down again, blah blah blah!"

       23. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE SWISS FRANC WAS A YEAR AGO, July, 1977? 2.44 Swiss Francs per Dollar! Now it's down to 1.60! That's over a 34% drop, over one-third down in just one year! Thank God we switched to Francs two years ago!

       24. I'VE PRETTY FAITHFULLY WARNED THE WORLD IN MY LETTERS. I've talked about the collapse of the Dollar and the money and warned them. (See Letters 103, 243, 285, 294 and 310.)

       25. I WROTE THAT FIRST WARNING ON THE DOLLAR NEARLY TEN YEARS AGO! (See "The Dollar," No.103.) Do you know what the Dollar was worth then?--4.32 Swiss Francs! In other words it's dropped 63% in just the last ten years!--Nearly two-thirds!

       26. I WROTE ANOTHER WARNING IN LONDON IN 1974 in which I told you about my 50-year-old $20 gold piece that was then worth $200, ten times as much! (See "Doom!" No.310.) That's 90% down in 50 years! Gasoline, bread, milk, normal ordinary daily items were each of them only {\ul 10˘} when I was ten years old! When we left the U.S. 40 years later we were paying almost exactly 5 times that amount for each of those items!

       27. IT MEANS THAT THE DOLLAR DECREASED IN VALUE 80% IN 40 YEARS! In other words, it lost 20% every ten years, then 63% in the last ten!--And now 34% in one year!

       28. THAT'S ACTUALLY A 96% DEPRECIATION IN FIFTY YEARS!--Worth only 4% of what it was in 1928! It's just absolutely phenomenal, and it is catastrophic! The United States is living on in a dream, not facing facts!

       29. IT'S LIKE THE GUY WHO HAS HAD SO MUCH MOMENTUM ON THE ROLLER COASTER: He comes racing down and then he goes whsst up and off through midair still under the momentum of his previous power.

       30. HE DOESN'T EVEN REALISE THAT THERE'S NOTHING LEFT UNDER HIM until after a while the momentum ceases and the bottom drops out and he crashes to the ground! That's what's going to happen, and the fast drop's started now!

       31. I DON'T THINK THE WORLD IS GOING TO GAIN THAT MUCH CONFIDENCE IN THE DOLLAR AGAIN. They've lost faith and they're fed up!--The U.S. does nothing!

       32. WHAT AMAZES ME IS THAT THE BIG MONEY INTERESTS HAVE BEEN SO DUMB! Look at the bind the Arabs are caught in right now:

       33. NEARLY FIVE YEARS AGO I TOLD THE ARABS, "DON'T TAKE ANOTHER DOLLAR FOR YOUR OIL! Refuse to accept anything but gold from now on." They'd be billions richer now if they'd taken my advice, and the West would be broke!

       34. BUT THEY'VE GOT TOO MUCH MONEY INVESTED IN THE U.S., and they've got too much of their own money in Dollars! So they are literally supporting the Dollar just to save themselves, when they're actually losing money!--And the Western countries are the same.

       35. OF COURSE, NOW THEY'RE CONSIDERING A CHANGE and this is one thing that's contributing to the Dollar's fall, that Dollars might not buy oil anymore! If that happens, even if they go to the European basket, it would virtually bring about the financial bankruptcy and collapse of the U.S. and a lot of Dollared Arabs

       36. THE EEC'S TRYING TO CREATE A EUROPEAN BASKET OF CURRENCIES and Helmut Schmidt of Germany is taking the lead, and France is completely concurring.

       37. ALL THE COUNTRIES PUT IN THE POT TOGETHER A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF RESERVES to back their currency to make it more stable, because the Dollar is not stable. They're going to have it only one-third Dollars, one-third European currencies and one-third gold.

       38. THIS OF COURSE WOULD CREATE TREMENDOUS WORLD CONFIDENCE IN EUROPEAN CURRENCY because it's backed by something that's worth something. Whereas the U.S. Dollar is getting worth less all the time and is not backed by anything that's worth a thing! No-thing! Think of it!--Just paper!

       39. THE U.S. ECONOMY REALLY ISN'T CRASHING, IT'S ALREADY CRASHED! The only thing is that people just don't know it and won't believe it and are going ahead in blind faith in the Dollar!--Their crumbling god!

       40. ONE OF THE FOREMOST SIGNS OF THE DEMISE OF ALL THE FAMOUS WORLD EMPIRES WAS WHEN THEY BEGAN TO ADULTERATE THEIR METAL COINAGE: They began to reduce the actual valuable metal in the coins to much below what it said on the coin. In other words, the governments were literally cheating the people. It was almost always a sign that they were on the way down, and out! I am going to tell you something now that's going to be hard for you to believe!:

       41. IN 1965 AND 1970 THEY ELIMINATED ALL OF THE SILVER FROM "SILVER" COINAGE IN THE U.S.! There's no more silver in the "Silver" coins at all! Guess what the actual metal value of a 25-cent piece is now?--One cent!

       42. GUESS HOW MUCH ACTUAL METAL VALUE THERE IS IN A "SILVER" DOLLAR?--FOUR CENTS! I presume the only reason they even make silver dollars anymore is for the sake of Las Vegas who uses them in their gambling machines!

       43. THEY HAVE CHEATED THE PEOPLE BY GIVING THEM COINS THAT ARE WORTH ONLY A BARE FRACTION OF WHAT THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE WORTH! They've not only cheated the people on the paper money, which is really worth absolutely nothing, but also on the hard currency, the minted metal money!

       44. THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS LITERALLY CHEATING ITS PEOPLE! Well, they might be able to fool their own people and get their own people to keep on trusting the Dollar, but who else?

       45. THEY DIDN'T SAVE THEIR GOLD. They didn't hedge with anything that was really worth anything, like commodities etc.

       46. THEY PUT ALL THEIR FAITH IN THAT PAPER DOLLAR, AND IT IS 96% GONE! Over a 50-year period it has dropped to only 40% of its 1928 value!

       47. THIS PAST YEAR ALONE THE DOLLAR HAS LOST 34%--THAT I WOULD CALL A CRASH!--Just like the British stock market crash in 1974. They never did call it a crash, but in one year they lost over 300 points out of 400! That's what I'd call a crash!

       48. --AND IN 1974 THE BRITISH POUND LOST A DOLLAR IN VALUE! It went down from 2.65 to 1.69, almost a 36% loss in only one year!

       49. IT CRASHED RIGHT AFTER THEY SET IT AFLOAT. They had had an official set exchange rate with the Dollar. But the Dollar was beginning to get weak, so they decided the best thing to do was to break loose from the Dollar. Well, they lost for awhile, but look where they are now, whereas the Dollar is still going down!

       50. THE DOLLAR'S GOING DOWN AND THE BRITISH POUND IS GOING UP! So in the long run they actually played it safe by cutting themselves loose from the Dollar. In doing that they almost as good as did what we told them to do in "America the Whore."--They broke loose and put their money on the open market. (See Letter No.216.)

       51. THE AVERAGE AMERICAN IS DUMB ABOUT ANYTHING TO DO WITH ECONOMICS. They don't understand it. They don't understand a decrease in the value of the Dollar, except all they can see is higher prices. It doesn't even seem to sink through that their Dollar's worth less--and soon worthless!

       52. THEY'RE NOT EVEN BLAMING IT ON THE DOLLAR! They're blaming it on those guys that charge the higher prices and a "disorderly market"!--Ha! It's not the market, it's those disorderly Americans!

       53. THIS IS VIRTUALLY A COLLAPSE OF THE DOLLAR, over one-third down in one year! Now the Americans themselves will not really begin to feel that except as their foreign trade begins to affect their purchase prices.

       54. THEY'RE GOING TO START GRIPING ABOUT THE PRICES OF CHEAP JAPANESE PRODUCTS GOING UP now, and German tape recorders and cameras going up, and Swiss precision instruments, clocks and watches which were underpriced too long. Now they're going up to what they're really worth!

       55. THE DAMNED DOLLAR WAS WAY OVER-VALUED AND WAS ROBBING THE REST OF THE WORLD, has been now for years! At last the Dollar is getting its due, thank God! It's getting what it deserves. It's being devaluated to what it's really worth, nearly nothing!

       56. THE U.S. WAS BUYING ALL THESE PRODUCTS FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD DIRT CHEAP and living in luxury and high style on the low wages and low standards of living of the poor of the world. Now the rest of the world is rebelling against working at such low wages and getting those low prices for their goods.

       57. THEY ARE RAISING THE PRICES OF THEIR GOODS AND RAISING THEIR WAGES and raising their standard of living to what it's worth. So now the Japanese and the Germans and the Swiss are beginning to get paid what their stuff is really worth in Dollars.

       58. THE DOLLAR IS LITERALLY DECLINING TO WHAT YOU MIGHT CALL ITS REAL VALUE. In fact it's still far above what it's really worth. If the showdown ever comes, which it's bound to sooner or later, it's worth no more than the paper it's printed on!--And that's not worth much!--Just fancy paper and fancy ink! They'll be framing it one of these days like they did the old German 50-billion-mark notes, worth only a few cents, and the old Chinese yen and Southern Confederacy bills!

       59. THE AMERICANS HAVE NEVER BEEN THROUGH A RUNAWAY INFLATION like the Europeans had in the '20s and '30s. They had a stock market crash, but that was a deflation. They've never suffered a runaway inflation like what's happening now.

       60. BY LAW MOST OF THE COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD, PARTICULARLY THE U.S., HAVE GUARANTEED INFLATION. The depression scared them almost out of their pants and they determined to never allow the stock market to crash again, never allow prices to crash like that again, and the labour unions have determined never to allow wages to crash again.--So:

       61. THEY'VE GOT ALL KINDS OF LAWS TO GUARANTEE PRICE SUPPORT, STOCK SUPPORT, AND WAGE SUPPORT. And these very laws absolutely guarantee inflation, and no other way but for it to get worse!

       62. IT'S GOING TO GET WORSE because it's already about 10% a year which is terrible! It's been 4, 5 and 6% but now 10%

              63. DO YOU KNOW WHAT A 10% INFLATION RATE MEANS? It means approximately that from the beginning of the year to the end of the year your Dollar buys literally 10% less. So the Dollar would automatically lose 10% of its value every year, 10% just by inflation alone!

       64. I'M NO ECONOMIST, I'M JUST A SIMPLE GUY THAT LOOKS AT THE SIMPLE FACTS THE WAY THEY ARE, not at all these complicated explanations. And frankly what I think has happened, and a lot of economists think so too, is this:

       65. EVEN THOUGH THE DOLLAR HAS DEVALUATED AT LEAST 2% A YEAR over the first 40 years, it didn't devaluate as much as it should have. It kept on coasting on its own momentum for several years after it had really lost its value because of the skyrocketing inflation.

       66. BUT NOW THE REST OF THE WORLD FINALLY HAS AWAKENED! They hung on a long time hoping it would come back. But now they're beginning to see it's not going to come back, it's not going to make it. So therefore they're dumping their Dollars down to what they were really worth a long time ago.

       67. THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE IT TEN YEARS AGO WHEN I FIRST WARNED THEM. It would have tapered off more gradually and they might have been able to absorb it easier. But they kept on going out in space like that, then all of a sudden they looked down underneath and there wasn't anything there!--So now--CRASH!

       68. SO IN OTHER WORDS IT'S JUST CATCHING UP WITH WHERE IT SHOULD HAVE GONE over the past ten years, down to where it really belongs. In fact, God only knows where it belongs! That Green Paper Pig was as flat as a pancake after it exploded, in fact it disappeared! (See "The Green Paper Pig!" No.243.)

       69. EVEN IF THERE WASN'T ANOTHER WORLD WAR, THE WORLD IS HEADED FOR ECONOMIC CATASTROPHE, disaster, crash! When I was a kid there wasn't such close communication and transportation, and if some little thing happened in one part of the world it didn't affect the rest of the world. In fact most of them never even heard about it, and if they had, they wouldn't have cared less!

       70. BUT NOW EVERYTHING IS SO CLOSELY OVERLAPPED AND INTER-RELATED BY INSTANT COMMUNICATION AND FAST TRANSPORTATION that not one little thing can happen in any one little rinky-dink country without making it earth-shaking news! If any little tiny thing happens anywhere, it shakes the whole world and scares them all to death that either the U.S. or Russia or somebody's going to get into it and it's going to upset the whole applecart--which it's going to do one of these days!

       71. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF THE ARABS WOULD SUDDENLY DEMAND GOLD INSTEAD OF DOLLARS?--Or Swiss Francs or Deutsch Marks or something else?--Or even if they would just enter the basket and insist on at least one-third payment in gold, one-third in European currency, and only one third in Dollars?--WOW! CRASH!

       72. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT A SCRAMBLE THE U.S. WOULD HAVE TRYING TO RAKE UP ENOUGH GOLD and European currency for oil! Ah, the tables would really be turned! This is what America has been putting the rest of the world through for years!

       73. THE REST OF THE WORLD HAVE BEEN BREAKING THEIR BACKS AND SCRAMBLING LIKE MAD and scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to earn enough Dollars to pay for American goods.

       74. NOW THE TABLES CAN BE TURNED!: Americans scrambling for gold and European currencies! It could bring about the downfall of the U.S., God's judgments on selfish America at last!

       75. EUROPE AND THE ARABS MAY NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING IN PAYMENT FOR THEIR OIL AND THEIR GOODS BUT THEIR OWN CURRENCY, OR GOLD! The U.S. is screaming about even the vaguest rumour or hint or talk about such a thing!: "It would mean our collapse!"

       76. YET THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE U.S. HAS BEEN DOING TO THE POOR OF THE WORLD FOR YEARS, bringing about the collapse of a lot of other governments--like Allende's. They put the financial squeeze on Allende and that is what drove him out of office. It wasn't just the final military coup--it was U.S. Dollars!

       77. IT WAS THE U.S. FINANCIAL SQUEEZE THAT SENT CHILE INTO BANKRUPTCY and skyrocketing inflation, 300% a year, and forced a military coup! The people were ready for anything that would save them from the Dollar emergency that the U.S. itself had created!

       78. THEN OF COURSE THE U.S. "SAVED" THEM BY BACKING A MILITARY COUP!--JUST LIKE THE WAY THE DEVIL "HEALS" SOME PEOPLE!: He afflicts them with his own diseases, and then he "heals" them through some fake religion so they'll give that phoney religion the glory and the credit!

       79. AFTER ALL, HIS DEMONS CAUSED THE DISEASE, SO HE CAN CALL THEM OFF, then they're "healed"! Just like the U.S.: They sick their CIA dogs on any little country that's getting too independent or going Socialist, then when it collapses, they volunteer to reach in and "save" it through Dollar diplomacy!

       80. THE U.S. HAS BROUGHT ABOUT THE DOWNFALL OF INNUMERABLE LATIN AMERICAN REGIMES! Then they step in and supposedly "save" the country through their choice of politicians and militarists, and in most cases it's those who were the most cases it's those who were the most anti-Socialist, anti-liberal, and often anti-human rights!

       81. THE U.S. ITSELF IS RESPONSIBLE FOR BRINGING INTO POWER NEARLY EVERY ONE OF THE GOVERNMENTS IN LATIN AMERICA THAT THE U.S. IS NOW CRITICISNG for their attitude on human rights! And now the U.S. is complaining because they use that power to persecute their own people! It's oppression "Made in U.S.A."!

       82. THE U.S. HAS JUST GONE CRAZY BECAUSE THEY'VE REJECTED THE TRUTH! So God has sent them strong delusion that they, might believe a lie that they might be damned! (2Thes.2:10-11.)

       83. SO THE U.S. IS IN THE WORST MESS OF ALL!--Nearing its end! It would hardly take the slightest thing to set it off, not even a war!

       84. I AM SURE IT'S GOING TO GET WORSE, and at the rate things are going right now it's not going to take long!

       85. EVERY CRASH IS LIKE A SNOWBALL ROLLING DOWNHILL!: It gets bigger and worse and faster the closer it gets to the bottom, gaining momentum as it descends!

       86. THE DOLLAR'S BEEN GRADUALLY DECLINING FOR YEARS and now it's really rolling downhill!

       87. EUROPE IS BEGINNING TO SAVE ITSELF A LITTLE TOO LATE, so will suffer pretty badly. They're reaping what they sowed.

       88. THEY WORSHIPPED THE DOLLAR AND THEY WORSHIPPED AMERICA. They worshipped American power, arms, technique, culture, music, styles, movies, politicians and the American standard of living. The U.S. was the world's ideal, Heaven, the Promised Land, Dreamland!

       89. THE WORLD SET THEIR EYES ON THE THINGS OF THIS EARTH WHICH AMERICA REPRESENTED. They based their economies on the American Dollar and put their faith in the American system & military power.

       90. NOW AMERICA IS FAILING THEM ALL THE WAY AROUND! Its military power is no longer able to defend its worshippers, so Russia's taking over the world! U.S. politics are corrupt, its Dollar crumbling and its economy on a crash course to destruction!

       91. RIGHT NOW GOD'S BEEN MERCIFUL AND IT'S GONE DOWNHILL SLOWLY, but gaining momentum as it goes. But when it hits bottom it's going to crash!

       92. SO THE DAY IS COMING WHEN EVEN YOUR DOLLARS AREN'T GOING TO BE WORTH MUCH!--In fact it's already here!: --They're only worth 4% of 50 years ago! But from this dream it sounds like Swiss Francs are still going to be worth something for awhile!

       93. SOON AMERICA WILL WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT ITS DOLLARS AREN'T WORTH ANYTHING ANYMORE! Even U.S. shops will demand Francs! That dream was so clear!

       94. THE MORAL IS that in order to stay operational in the near future, your money better be in Francs or gold or something better than Dollars!

       95. THIS DREAM IS ANOTHER WARNING TO OUR FAMILY AND THE WORLD that if you haven't paid any attention to our previous warnings to get out of Dollars and go to something else, even in the U.S., you'd better do it now!--Amen?--God help us!--And He will!

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