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"THE SHAH'S LAST RESORT!"--By Father David       November 14, 1978, 7-9 a.m.       MO--DFO NO.733
--A Midsummer Nights' Dreams!

© November 1978 by the Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia

       1. EVERYTHING WAS SORT OR DARK, sort of woodsy, and there was this summer cottage and this tennis court, and Rachel and Timothy were playing tennis. And I looked at them sort of like they were little children playing around, and I said,

       2. "IT SEEMS RATHER EXTRAVAGANT for this little resort cottage to have a tennis court!" But Timothy was standing there sort of stroking and caressing his tennis racket, and a voice said, "But don't you know?--She built it for him!--He loves it!" And he stood there sort of stroking his tennis racket, but I was so shocked to think she'd gone to all that expense to build him a tennis court just so he could play tennis!

       3. AND ALL OF A SUDDEN...!--These dreams are so strange! It was almost like it was one dream, yet it flowed into another one. It was still dark, and I saw lots of other luxury summer cottages, real summer villas, luxuriously furnished, all scattered all through the woods by this lake, all luxury resorts for the Shah and his men and their families in this forest by the lake.

       4. BUT THE REBELS HAD BEEN AT WORK! A lot of the homes had already been destroyed, bombed or set on fire, and these rebels against the Shah were still busy working, sabotaging this whole resort!

       5. IT WAS LIKE IT WAS A PLACE STRICTLY FOR THE RICH.--And the funny part about it was that Timothy was very concerned about trying to preserve it or save it. But I said, "Let it go! It's finished! It's done for!" But he said,

       6. "I'VE GOT TO SAVE OUR COTTAGE AND OUR TENNIS COURT Rachel built for me!" And I thought to myself, "He's as crazy as the rest of these rich people, willing to risk their lives for their ridiculous extravagant possessions!"

       7. SO I SAID, "LET IT GO! It's done for! This place is finished! Look at all those dynamite charges! They've already got all these bombs planted and charges ready to blow up and finish off the rest of these houses, and you want to try to stop it! You're crazy!"

       8. BUT HE SAID, "WELL, I'M GOING TO CRAWL through this sewer pipe and remove the charges from our house and the tennis court so they can't bomb our house and our tennis court. I'm going to crawl through these pipes and take away the bombs so they won't destroy our place and our tennis court."

       9. BUT I SAID, "MY GOD, TIMOTHY!--You mean you'll risk your life just to save your damned luxury resort and tennis court!? It's gone! It's finished! Tomorrow they're going to blow up the whole place and it will be no more!" And he said,

       10. "BUT WHY? WHY?! It's such a waste--such a terrible waste!--All these beautiful cottages and my lovely tennis court, all gone!" And I said, "Yes!--And you trying to risk your life to save them!" He said, "But why?--It's such a terrible waste!"

       11. IT WAS LIKE HE WAS ALL FOR THE SHAH and his regime and the rich and their playground, which included his own little playground with Rachel. And he said, "But why? It's such a waste!" And I said,

       12. "BECAUSE THEY ALL HAD THE TRUTH AND THEY REJECTED IT! They were saturated with the truth, but they rejected it and they sent us away! So now God is going to destroy them!" And Timothy seemed so sad about it.--And I woke up!

       13. DIDN'T THEY SEND US OUT OF THAT COUNTRY ONCE?--Yes, I'm sure! They sent us all out--deported us all! You know, I've been wondering why the Shah has had so much trouble!--And it came to me as clear as anything--that's why he's having so much trouble!

       14. HIS OWN WIFE KNEW US and liked us and favoured us, but he himself must have given the order to get rid of us--and what you sow you reap!

       15. NOW THEY'RE GOING TO GET RID OF HIM! Isn't that amazing how God gives such funny little dreams? But I was so amazed at Timothy and Rachel, how they could be playing tennis at a time like that and be so superficial and so unconcerned & indulgent in their selfish little worldly pleasures--extravagant pleasures too!

       16. AND SUDDENLY IT CAME TO ME THAT HE WAS JUST AS GUILTY AS SHE WAS!--But sort of dumb. It was like he was sort of proud, handsome and very fond of all of this luxury and Rachel's adulation, and how could all of this be destroyed? What a waste!

       17. IT REMINDED ME OF THE MERCHANTS OF BABYLON in Revelation 18: "Alas, alas!...In one hour so great riches is come to nought!" He was really sorry, really perturbed to think that all this would be destroyed when it was all so beautiful, so luxurious!

       18. IT WAS LIKE HE WAS PART OF THE SHAH'S TEAM or he was one of his guests or sympathisers. He was very upset about it all being destroyed, and he was actually trying to save it by going through all these pipes and removing the bombs, the explosive charges.

       19. I SAID, "TIMOTHY, YOU'RE CRAZY! You're risking your life to save this place, and there is no hope of saving it! It's finished!" And he said, "But it is all so beautiful, it's such a waste!--And Rachel built it for me and I love tennis! Why did the Lord let them do such a thing?!" And I said,

       20. "BECAUSE THEY REJECTED THE WORD! They had it and were saturated with it, but they rejected it and they sent us away, and now the Shah must suffer for his sins!" But Timothy didn't like it. He thought it was unfair.

       21. AND RACHEL LOOKED SO FUNNY! It was almost like she wasn't aware of the whole situation at all! All she could think of was Timothy! She just had her eyes on Timothy. She looked so coy and demure and flirty and had her adoring worshipful eyes on Timothy.

       22. SHE DID ANYTHING TIMOTHY WANTED, would give him anything he asked for. She didn't seem to be conscious of you or me or anybody else. All she was doing was batting those big eyes at him and giving him that big silly grin, that inviting come-hither look when she sort of shyly ducks her head, you know?--And he loved it!

       23. BUT THE FUNNY PART about it was that it wasn't because he loved Rachel so much--it was because he loved his tennis and his tennis togs! He stroked his racket affectionately. He loved all the trappings of it all that Rachel made possible. But I could hardly believe my eyes that he'd risk his life to save those things! I said,

       24. "IT'S FINISHED, TIM! THEY REJECTED US. They were saturated with the truth, but they sent us away and now he has to pay!" I have been bewildered and wondered why the Lord could let the dear Shah suffer so, and his enemies triumph over him. But it never even occurred to me about how they sent us all way!--Nationwide they banned us and sent us all out of the country, deported us all!

       25. NOW GOD'S BANNING AND DEPORTING THEM AND DAMNING THEM! Because they rejected us, He's rejecting them! He's going to turn them over to their enemies, and their enemies are communists, and that religious leader is devil-led and inspired--a pro-communist! When he says he wants to set up a socialist government, he means a pro-communist government!

       26.--AND THE WHOLE THING IS BACKED BY THE RUSSIANS! I had that feeling from the very beginning, because it was too well-organised any synchronised and nationwide.--Because the Shah has been one of the bitterest foes of communism!

       27. THAT'S WHY THE U.S. HAS BACKED THE SHAH: He's the U.S.'s last bastion of defense against communism in the Mideast. The U.S. was counting on him, if worst came to worst, to grab the oil fields of Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and that's why they were arming him to the teeth! Now he's being forced out of power, and those same arms are going to turn against him!

       28. SO RUSSIA HAS WON ANOTHER VICTORY, COMPLETELY SURROUNDING ISRAEL AND EGYPT! Because with the military might with which the U.S. has equipped Iran, if it is now turned against Saudi Arabia and the pro-Western, pro-U.S. Arab states, they haven't got a chance!

       29. WITH IRAN AND ALL THE WEAPONS THE U.S. HAS GIVEN IT, RUSSIA WILL COMPLETELY DOMINATE THE MIDEAST except for Israel, Egypt and the U.S., and eventually that showdown has to come with war.

       30. THE LORD SPARED IRAN AS LONG AS THEY RECEIVED US and blessed us and let us stay, but when they drove us out and turned against us, God turned against them, and now they're finished, done for, and the poor Shah is reaping what he sowed!

       31. HE THOUGHT HE WAS GETTING RID OF a little tiny insignificant unknown religious group that his religious leaders advised him to get rid of, so now the same religious leaders are advising his people to get rid of him!

       32. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.--How about that! I never understood that situation before. I kept wondering why all these things were happening to such a seemingly good man.--You know, all those earthquakes, tens of thousands of people killed, and now civil turmoil and war!

       33. ALL BECAUSE HE REJECTED THE LORD AND THE TRUTH AND HIS CHILDREN! Isn't that amazing? I just couldn't understand: "Lord, why did You let all those horrible things happen to him?" For a while I thought maybe the Lord was judging the people for their rebellion against the Shah! But the whole thing is God's judgement on the Shah and his regime for rebelling against us, and now they're finished!

       34. I TOLD TIM, "IT'S FINISHED! You're too late. You can't save it now. They're finished, because they rejected the Word and God's Children and drove us away. They're finished! It's too late!"

       35. BUT THE STRANGEST THING I don't understand is that Rachel was totally oblivious to the situation! All she had was eyes for Tim, looking at him with worshipful adoration! Only Tim was concerned about what was happening, but he didn't seem to get the point.

       36. I SAID, "TIMOTHY, IT'S TOO LATE! It's finished! Don't risk your life for a tennis court!" I couldn't understand how Rachel could have been so extravagant as to build him this, just because he loved tennis! He just stood there petting his racket, stroking it.

       37. MAYBE IT'S SYMBOLIC of their former luxurious indulgences and extravagances--he loved them! I think he's a little disgusted with us because we're so cheap, so saving, so penny pinching! (Maria: It must be something deep down an well hidden!)

       (November 14th, same day, just waking up:)
       38. THE LITTLE BOMBS WERE ALL SET to go off at a certain time, to explode by radio signal or something. And there were little radios and tape recorders and all kinds of harmless innocent things--all kinds of electrical things, like electric clocks--things you wouldn't suspect of blowing up--but they had them all primed with electrical charges to go off at a certain time.

       39. I'VE BEEN DREAMING AND DREAMING ABOUT HAVING TO GET AWAY FROM THEM! But Timothy or somebody kept saying, "Oh no, it's all right. We've got lots of time. Don't worry. They won't blow up yet." But I kept worrying about it. And I saw this beautiful naked woman taking a bath, and I thought, "Oh my! She'd better get out of there or she's going to get hurt!"

       40. THEN I WENT RIGHT BACK TO SLEEP AND DREAMED IT AGAIN! It was like in spite of my warnings we moved into those cottages anyhow. They were already in, Rachel and Timothy. But we hadn't moved in yet. But in spite of the warning I gave, they persuaded us to move in. They said, "It's okay. It's not going to happen yet."

       41. ALL THESE ELECTRONIC THINGS WERE SET LIKE LITTLE BOMBS to go off, all the stuff you use all the time, like radios, tape recorders, clocks, computers, etc.--they could all be blown up at a certain signal--a radio signal. And I kept saying, "We've got to get out of here!" It was like a lakeside forest resort. (Maria: I thought Iran was desert?) I don't know. Maybe they've got some forests, in the mountains?

       42. MAYBE IT'S A WARNING FOR OUR KIDS THERE TO GET OUT. It seemed like all Rachel could think about was Timothy, and all Tim could think about was his tennis, and all I could think about was the bombs--and you seemed to be sort of confused about whether to believe me or them. But you seemed to be persuaded by Tim, like, "Well, we can stay here a little while perhaps?"

       43. BUT WHAT'S THAT GOT TO DO WITH US?--WE'RE NOT IN IRAN! It must have some more significance than just Iran. Maybe it's worldwide! Maybe it's just to make us all wary and watchful? Maybe we're not supposed to get too settled down anywhere!

       44. I REMEMBER ALL THESE ELECTRONIC THINGS were very tricky and clever and subtle like little booby traps, and they were all set to go off at a certain signal, like a radio signal.--And the time was getting short and I was really worried!

       45. AND I KEPT GOING BACK TO SLEEP AND DREAMING IT SOME MORE!--And this beautiful naked woman lying in the bathtub!--I wanted to make love to her, but I thought, "Oh my!--That's a trick to keep me here when these things are about to go off!"

       46. FUNNIEST THING HOW TIM WAS SO PROUD of his racket and his tennis togs, tennis shoes and everything, and what a good server he was! Tim's not really like that, is he? Well, he's sort of proud of some things.

       47. AND RACHEL WAS ACTING SO SILLY, absolutely gaga over him! You know how she gets when she's drunk: She gets that big silly grin and bats her eyes at the nearest handsome man! It was almost like we didn't even exist--she only saw Timothy!

       48. NOBODY SEEMED TO BE VERY CONCERNED in spite of the way I kept warning them about all these things, that all these things were going to go off. You know how Timothy is always so reassuring and comforting. He kept saying, "Don't worry. We've got lots of time. Move in here."

       49. DO YOU SUPPOSE IT COULD BE SYMBOLIC that there is some kind of a concerted attack on the Family that's timed to go off at a certain time--like a bunch of swoops or raids or something somewhere? It could very easily symbolise a concerted sudden surprise attack planned on the Family!

       50. MAYBE THE REASON IT SHOWED TIMOTHY AND RACHEL like that is that some of us are just not paying attention to the warning signs or something. The whole thing in Iran against the Shah is a concerted thing with a whole lot of factions cooperating.--It's almost like a sudden organised attack on his regime, backed by the Reds, just now as Israel and Egypt are making "peace"!

       51. "FOR WHEN THEY SHALL SAY 'PEACE AND SAFETY,' THEN SUDDEN DESTRUCTION COMETH UPON THEM!" (1Thes.5:3.) Beware! Don't let the Devil fool you! Don't be caught unprepared! Gotcher Flee Bag ready? Don't be so "busy with a little here and there" (1Kg.20:40) until the time is gone!

       52. GOD USUALLY GIVES YOU A LITTLE WARNING, A LITTLE TIME TO ESCAPE!--But if you drag your feet or put it off, like Lot's wife, you may not make it! Recently we were several times and places warned by the Lord to get out fast and barely made it! --But some didn't!--Will you?! GBAKY!--I hope so.--Love, Dad.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family