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THE NEED: Why we must train and ground them in the Word.

1. ONE OF OUR MAIN PURPOSES IS TO GIVE GOOD TRAINING TO THE BABES AND DISCIPLES WE ALREADY HAVE to make them more effective witnesses for the Lord. But some want a get-rich-quick policy, all for show instead of a quiet, safe, solid, long-term investment which will reap much greater and more lasting dividends in the future. It takes time to do a good job!1

2. "TIME SPENT SHARPENING THE SCYTHE IS NOT TIME LOST"--is a good slogan for every reaper! Remember "Squeeze Don't Jerk!": It takes time to build a house! First you must lay the foundation solidly, then lay brick upon brick and stone upon stone firmly, with mortar, and you cannot do this in a hurry. The same is true of our training!2 (See also "Builders Beware!")

3. IF YOU THINK YOU CAN MAKE SOME KIND OF OVERNIGHT WONDERS OUT OF THESE POOR BUNGLING BABES, I'M AFRAID YOU HAVE ANOTHER THINK COMING!3 Even in our old schools it took us a good THREE MONTHS to shove them through the basic courses they needed.4

4. FAITH IS NOT A SUDDEN BOOM!--It is something that is built by faithful study of God's Word. Faith comes--it grows by hearing the Word of God.5 "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." (Rom.10:17) So you must get them onto the Word! That's the most important thing!6

5. YOU'VE GOT TO TAKE THE TIME TO GROUND THEM AND PUT THEIR FAITH IN THE WORD FIRST OF ALL, not merely in their feelings.7 Because from one day to another they may feel different. What happens when they don't feel so good, and the Devil gives them doubts and they get discouraged? Then what will they do? They must have the Word in their hearts and know their faith and what they have faith in!8

6. I CAN FAIL, YOU CAN FAIL, THE WHOLE WORLD CAN FAIL, BUT GOD'S WORD WILL NEVER FAIL! "Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but My Words shall not pass away!" (Mt.24;35) It doesn't matter if everybody in the whole world backslides, if everybody in the whole world goes haywire, if the whole Heavens and the whole Earth pass away, they'll still keep going for God if their faith is in the Word!9

7. EVEN THEIR GETTING OUT THE WORDS IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS THEM GETTING INTO THE WORDS THEMSELVES FIRST! They'll never have the spiritual strength and stamina nor even the spirit that will sustain their bodily strength and stamina to keep going to get out the Word--unless they themselves drink in the Word and get spiritually nourished and strengthened by it themselves first.10

8. OUR STRONGEST WITNESSES, OUR STRONGEST BABES ARE ALWAYS WHOSE WHO ARE STRONG IN THE WORD. Out strongest witnesses amongst you older ones are also those who are strong in the Word, and the weakest witnesses amongst you are those who are not strong in the Word.11

9. THESE BABES WILL NEVER BECOME STRONG IN THE SPIRIT UNLESS YOU REALLY GROUND THEM IN THE WORD.12 And if you don't feed them they're going to starve to death spiritually and fall away like some of them have because they didn't get into the Word.13

10. SO TAKING TIME OUT NOW TO GIVE BETTER TRAINING, PREPARATION AND TOOLS TO OUR LABOURERS IS NOT TIME LOST, but actually time gained to keep us from stumbling and bungling the job in the future! "A stitch in time saves nine!" A fence at the edge of the cliff built now will save us from having to dig a graveyard at the bottom later!14

THE COST: So you wanna be a Babes' Shepherd?

11. A LOT OF PEOPLE SEEM TO LIKE TO SCATTER SEED, BUT NOT MANY PEOPLE SEEM TO WANT TO TAKE CARE OF THE RESULTS--to patiently, painstakingly train these babes into good leaders! Anybody can go out and scatter seed: It takes the patient farmer to weed and water and fertilise and prune the little plant to fruitful maturity! Anybody can go out and witness and invite folks to join Jesus and the Colony, but very few want to painfully nurse them through the growing stages to leaders!15

12. CONSIDER THE TOILS OF THE FARMER, plodding along through the furrows, stumbling over the clods, labouring with his hands patiently, tenderly, diligently nurturing little blades of grain that they may grow up, even in a day that he may never see, and bear much fruit!16 Such is the ministry of shepherding babes!

13. MOST OF YOUR WORK IS UNSEEN and will never be known by anybody but God and you, and perhaps a few of those closest to you. Most of your sufferings, your sacrifices, and your years of labour, will never be appreciated in this life, nor realised by others until the rewards are handed out in Heaven.17

14. BUT IT IS SURELY ONE OF OUR GREATEST NEEDS: GOOD LEADERS WHO ARE CONCERNED FOR THEIR FLOCKS--GOOD SHEPHERDS WHO WILL LAY DOWN THEIR LIVES FOR THEIR SHEEP!18--Patient pastors and teachers who have the faith, vision, and burden to trudge along day after day, feeding the sheep as they gradually grow to be productive and fruitful in a lasting, permanent fruit that remains for the everlasting Kingdom of God!19 (See Jn.15:16.)

15. JESUS MADE THE COST APPARENT when He said, "I am the good shepherd: The good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep... I lay down My life for the sheep."20 And, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."21

THE JOB: Responsibilities of a Babes' Shepherd.

16. THE GOD-GIVEN JOB AND RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH OF OUR SHEPHERDS IS TO TENDERLY AND LOVINGLY CARE FOR HIS FLOCK, and feed and protect his sheep, and nurse and cherish the sick and afflicted, and to search out the lost, strayed or stolen ones, not to act as a dictator, self-righteous ruler and unfeeling lord over God's heritage!22

17. "FEED THE FLOCK OF GOD WHICH IS AMONG YOU, TAKING THE OVERSIGHT THEREOF, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind; neither as being lords over god's heritage, but being ensamples to the flock!" (1Pet.5:2,3)

18. HIS JOB IS NOT TENDING TABLES, BUT LISTENING TO GOD, AND GIVING GOD'S ORDERS, TENDING DILIGENTLY TO THE MINISTRY OF THE WORD AND PRAYER. (Ac.6:2,4) Of course this doesn't mean just sitting around on his fanny in perpetual medication doing nothing, but it requires a lot of hard work, prayer, study, teaching, and action in direction to see that it's done, which includes a lot of direct supervision, correction, demonstration, counselling, conferring, deciding, ordering, planning, surveying, investigating, choosing, analysing, calculating, counting the cost, seeking God for the answer, etc.23

19. IT'S NIGHT AND DAY, 24-HOUR-A-DAY JOB. Everybody else does their job, takes their time off, goes to sleep at night, and doesn't worry, but the Shepherd has to be thinking praying, planning, and deciding all the time, at least one jump ahead of the rest, so he'll know what to tell 'em to do next.24

GOOD LEADERS: The secret of their success.

20. IF THE POWER OF THE POSITION OF BEING A SHEPHERD GOES TO YOUR HEAD so that you forget what you're there for and you think, "Ah, now what a big shot am I!", you're simply proving that you're still a novice, filled with pride, and not ready to be a leader! (Lk.22:26; 1Tim.3:1-6)25

21. MOST GOOD LEADERS DON'T WANT TO BE LEADERS--they know what a big job it is and such a serious responsibility, and they often do not feel capable. These are the best leaders, because they will not be cocky and self-confident, but know they have to rely utterly on the Lord.26

22. COMPLETE DEPENDENCE ON THE LORD IS THE SECRET OF GOOD LEADERSHIP. Let go and let God! Let God lead. You just he His mouthpiece, His channel, His servant, and everybody else's servant, too. For he that is greatest among you must be servant of all.27 (Mk.10:43,44)

23. "YOU CANNOT DO THE MASTER'S WORK WITHOUT THE MASTER'S POWER!"--And to get it, you must spend time with the Master.28 If you try to do it in the flesh, you might as well quit. Your own flesh will get you down.29

24. FOR HOW DO YOU KNOW HOW TO LEAD THE SHEEP, or where to lead them, or anything about them unless you learn from the Chief Shepherd? How do you know where He's leading unless you follow Him? He knows where the green pastures are, and where the mountain passes are, and where the cool waters flow! He also knows the woods in which the wolves hide, and He knows the danger spots, and you'd better stay close to Him, for I'm telling you, you don't know much at all!30

25. HE'S THE ONE WHO HAS GOT TO LEAD, BECAUSE ONLY HE CAN!31 God alone can show you what to do, how to do it, and protect you in doing it, supply the needs and lead and guide every step of the way. So don't try to do it yourself. Get down in prayer, and in desperate prayer and desperation ask God for the solutions, and He will never fail!32

26. SO THE MAIN JOB OF A SHEPHERD IS TO KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THE LORD--to begin the day with sweet music--praise and fellowship. We have to learn how to first of all rest at the Lord's feet. The secret of that calm and peace and rest and patience and faith and love is that resting in the Lord! And then you just impart this to the sheep--it's a spirit--you impart that very atmosphere.33

27. "COME UNTO ME, ALL YE THAT LABOUR AND ARE HEAVY LADEN, AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST. Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me; For I am meek and lowly in heart: And ye shall find rest unto your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light."34 "Who comforteth us (first)...that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God."35


28. IT'S QUITE AN INTERESTING AND DANGEROUS BUSINESS TO RECRUIT NEW SOLDIERS INTO AN ARMY! You're bound to have some failures and washouts, but we don't have to have many if we're careful and prayerful and really seek for the good material.36

29. JUST TO RAKE IN ALL THE RIFFRAFF OFF THE STREETS TO GIVE THEM FREE ROOM AND BOARD IS NOT OUR GOAL.37 We're not looking for just any kind of disciples. We're looking for the right kind who are going to make good fighters and good officers.38


--Some Guidelines to Follow--

31. (A) A RESPONSIBLE LEADER WITH THE GIFT OF DISCERNMENT SHOULD CHECK THEM OUT THOROUGHLY AS TO THEIR SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE.40 They've got to be saved and filed with the Holy Ghost and absolutely desperately wanting to serve the Lord, just dying to serve God and willing to absolutely forsake all to do it, then and there on the spot, to prove it! 41

32. THE INCENTIVE OR THE ATTRACTION OF COLONY LIVING ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH! They have got to really love the Lord and love souls!42 These should be some of the first acid tests before they join, they don't join!43

33. (B) MAKE IT TOUGH! Ruth had to beg Naomi to take her! Tell them of the hardships! "It's come and die for Jesus!"44 Tell them they're going to have to wash dishes and clean toilets, sweep floors, and peel potatoes, and you'll be amazed how well that weeds out a lot of half-hearted people!45

34. SIMPLY WARN THEM THAT IT'S GOING TO BE HARD. But don't load them down with the deeper heavier things like, "Would you be willing to give up or share your wife or husband?" You don't ask a baby before it's born if he's going to be willing to do something!46

35. (C) STICK A COPY OF "THE REVOLUTIONARY RULES" IN THEIR HAND and say, "Sit down and read this and beware! This is a hard life and not for everybody. You may not even like it, and we may not like you!"47 These rules are just as good today as they ever were, and ought to be applied as a standard rule to each new disciple.48

36. (D) THEN HAVE A MEETING WITH YOUR COLONY COUNCIL AND LOOK HIM OVER and talk to him, and if all agree to give him a chance, then his next step to prove it is to go home and get all his stuff and his bank accounts and his money and everything else and turn it over then and there, forsake all and move in!49

37. (E) YOU SHOULD ALSO HAVE SOME KIND OF PHYSICAL EXAMINATION for them. This would not be with the idea of refusing them, but to have immediate and definite prayer about any physical problems they have, and ask the Lord to deliver them before they spread anything contagious to the rest of the camp, particularly those which can be spread by mouth, sex, dirty and dishes, dirty linens, and the various forms of vermin whose bites can sometimes spread disease, such as lice, cooties, crabs, bedbugs and similar creepy crawlers!

38. A PHYSICAL EXAMINATION and immediate action on contaminated disciple could prevent further infection of the whole Colony and a lot of later grief. Stop it before it gets started!50

39. (F) Remember also, that as a matter of security, no new disciple, if he's a genuine sincere disciple, should object to a THOROUGH SEARCH OF BOTH HIS PERSON AND HIS BELONGINGS before he enters a Colony for any items which might be incriminating or dangerous to your Colony, such as drugs, weapons, or pornographic materials, etc. Better safe than sorry!51

40. (G) IT SHOULD BE A RULE TO TAKE THEIR PICTURE AND GET THEIR TESTIMONY THE FIRST DAY.52 You can tell a lot by a person's life history and testimony.53

41. (H) WE STILL ALSO CANNOT ACCEPT UNDERAGE CHILDREN WITHOUT WRITTEN, AND PREFERABLY NOTARIZED PERMISSION, nor those with legal problems which might endanger your whole Colony. Again, I say, we cannot risk the whole Army for one soldier's personal problems!54 Doing so can get your whole work in trouble and give it a bad name with the authorities and turn them against you. Please don't do it!55

42. (I) REGARDING THEIR PARENTS AND RELATIVES: You're bound to have some trouble--Mt. 10:36 has promised this; but I've found that even most enemies can at least be pacified, if handled lovingly and wisely.56 Some Colonies have discovered that it eliminates most of their 10:36 problems by having their younger new disciples immediately phone home, and then within the next day or two having a wise leader take him home for a personal visit with his parents to explain what he is doing in joining and why.57 "Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves!58

43. AND PLEASE REMEMBER, THE TESTING OF THESE NEW POTENTIAL DISCIPLES SHOULD BE AS TO SALVATION, SPIRIT, DESIRE, MOTIVATION, AND DEDICATION--NOT STRENGTH AND KNOWLEDGE. How much strength and knowledge has a little babe got? How much does he know and how much can he do?59 A lot depends on their motives. If they wanna do it for Jesus, we'll take almost anybody, or should try.60

--Jesus' Example

--In a Desert Place or Wilderness


45. SOMETIMES HE TOOK THEM UP TO A MOUNTAIN, away from the Flatlanders, and taught them there, sometimes to a desert place, sometimes to the wilderness, sometimes to Mary and Martha's house, or some other friends, or alone in an upper room, or in the middle of the sea in a boat.

46. THEY FREQUENTLY HAD TO GET AWAY FROM THE CROWD for these babes to get their classes in and be strengthened for the witnessing to come. "And He said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while: for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure." (Mk.6:31)

47. AFTERWARDS, THEY WOULD RETURN WITH HIM TO THE MULTITUDES, and the public scene, as He taught them how to witness, how to minister, how to answer, how to evade the Enemy, and how to lead and feed the sheep! He taught them led them, and showed them how, and gave them a variety of experience, so they would be well prepared for the battles ahead!61

48. SO TAKE YOUR LITTLE BABES, THE CHILDREN YOU HAVE BEGOTTEN IN THE LORD, TO SOME QUIET LITTLE NEST, away from the hubbub of the pit, and the babble of the crowd, if and when you can, to some mountaintop, some wilderness, some quiet place, close to God's glorious Creation--where they can marvel at the work of His Hands, and see Him in His Handiwork, understood by the things that are made, so that they may know God, and glorify Him as God, and be thankful, and have their simple hearts enlightened, and though professing to be fools, they will become wise! Hallelujah!62

49. I HOPE THE LORD WILL HELP YOU TO WORK THIS OUT, ADAPTING IT ACCORDING TO THE SITUATION IN EACH CASE. This will also remove them temporarily from the scene of dangerous action, confrontation, conflict, the majority of enemies, 10:36'ers, former friends and associations, and the awful atmosphere of the Pit, as well as into a safer, quieter place to be nurtured by the Lord. Think about it! Pray about it! And see how the Lord lead!63

--On the Road, or in Colonies?--

50. A LEADER, IF HE HAS TO, CAN TRAIN HIS BABES FULL TIME ON THE ROAD--BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T DO IT UNLESS YOU HAVE TO! No battlefront general in his right mind wants to have to nurse babes, and train raw recruits with one hand, while he's trying to fight the enemy with the other.64

51. DOING THIS OCCASIONALLY UNDER SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES, OR IN AN EMERGENCY I CAN UNDERSTAND, particularly when persecution or the superior forces of the Enemy drive you more or less underground. But doing this as a regular thing can be a little bit hard on both team members and the new babes!65

52. A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS, because when you're busy travelling, you haven't much time to study, teach and train, and establish! It's hard for mothers to travel with babies; even most creatures that God has made have to have a little nest, lair, or burrow once in a while in which to safely rear their your until they're strong enough to thrust out into the world on their own.66

53. THIS IS THE WHOLE IDEA OF COLONISATION, instead of scatteration--to give the young babes the time and place to grow strong, and their leaders an opportunity to learn responsibility.67

--Small Colonies and Babes' Ranches--

54. I STILL THINK THE SMALL COLONY'S THE BEST PLACE TO TRAIN BABES!68 When it comes to actually pastoring them, teaching them, feeding them, and giving them the individual care and watchfulness of their growth that's necessary, even Jesus couldn't properly care for more than 12! I'm convinced that a congregation of 12 is the ideal, God's ideal.69

55. BUT THESE BIG BABES' RANCHES ARE FOR THE BIRDS, whom you just don't have any other place to put to roost temporarily, and should be more of an emergency situation than permanent, a temporary patch to the problem until you can get them to a small Colony.

56. OF COURSE, SOME BABES' RANCHES ARE SMALL COLONIES, primarily for the purpose of training babes, which is good, but the danger is that they have a tendency to grow into bigger and bigger Colonies until we have a new retarded monster on our hands. Don't let it happen to yours!70

57. HOWEVER, IN THE EVENT OF MANY NEW DISCIPLES COMING IN AND A SHORTAGE OF HOUSING, we believe that the babes' ministry and the training of babes, Babes' Colonies, could be a rare exception to the 12 member maximum, anti-blob rule.71 It's like this...

58. IN THE PIONEER DAYS ORIGINALLY THE PARENTS WOULD TEACH THEIR OWN CHILDREN IN THEIR OWN HOME. Then the little local community found that not all the families had the brains and the teaching ability to teach their own children. So the first thing they did was to turn them over the local pastor who had an education and was usually a good teacher.

59. IT HAD TO BECOME A COOPERATIVE COMMUNITY EFFORT. It was a job that individual families, or in this case let's say individual Family Colonies, cannot do on their own very well if they are not equipped or they haven't got the talent or the teachers or whatever.72

60. BUT I THINK WE OUGHT TO TRY TO GET AWAY FROM IT IF WE CAN. We're for the most part trying to encourage them that they can teach their own babes.73

61. WE JUST HAVE TO DO THE MOST PRACTICAL THING, WHATEVER IT IS, the sensible thing. We've got to judge each case on its own merits.--But I still think even these training Centers should each be divided into separate small Colonies, even if they're on the same property, for better supervision, as I just don't believe you can get over a dozen people together and pastor them properly.74

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Heaven." (Ecc.3:1)

62. SCHEDULES ARE ALWAYS ONE OF YOUR MAJOR PROBLEMS and scheduling has been an important part of job from the beginning. We have found that the four main schedules that need to be worked out immediately to make sure that everyone and everything are taken care of properly are:

63. (A) THE DAILY SCHEDULE--Hour by hour for everybody--when to get up, devotions, witnessing, studies, meals, work, meetings, free time, sleep, etc.

64. (B) THE WORK SCHEDULE--If you don't schedule the work details in your Colony but rely only on volunteers, you'll soon find out that the willing-spirited are always volunteering, whereas the slothful are always willing to loaf!--So we have found it necessary to schedule it to be fair to all, and to give all the proper training and experience.

65. (C) THE WORD TIME SCHEDULE--When to have quiet study-time, memory-time, group-sessions, Bible-studies, etc.

66. (D) THE WITNESSING AND LITNESSING SCHEDULE--Which has to specify what days, what times, where, what teams, etc.75

67. THESE SCHEDULES WILL ALL VARY according to your numbers, local situation and needs, witnessing opportunities, new disciples being taught, general work of your Colony and its purposes, the weather, time of year, transportation, personnel, etc.76

68. IF YOU ARE AN ACTUAL BABES' TRAINING COLONY, YOU SHOULD HAVE LESS WORK, MORE WORD AND MORE PLAY--maybe more meals and sleep! Baby the Babes!--With a maximum of 3 to 4 hours labour daily, and a minimum of 3 to 4 hours of Word time daily, plus Devotions, Freetime and Happy Time (music, singing, dancing, sharing, testimonies, slides, tapes, etc.).77

69. ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES A VERY DULL STUDENT, AND AN EVEN WORSE WITNESS, and lack of consideration for our human weakness and the needs of the body does not encourage loyalty or faithfulness. Jesus taught shepherdly leading, or sheep-leading, not slave driving! How about you?78

70. SO PLEASE TRY TO TEMPER THE WIND OF YOUR SCHEDULE TO A WARM GENTLE BREEZE to these dear little newly-shorn lambs, bare babes, who have only recently forsaken all their wool, and are born naked to the blast of the wolves without, from which you must shelter them in these early stages!79

71. Even in the early days of the Soul Clinic, WE KEPT 'EM IN FOR AT LEAST TWO WEEKS OF DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING AND NURSING IN THE WORD, to give them time to grow at least a little fuzz to protect them from the System, in their first witnessing expeditions, to give them time to grow a little, love a little, know a little, and be strengthened a great deal, before sending them forth as sheep in the midst of wolves, praise the Lord! I hope you're listening and learning and loving, heeding and doing! Are you?80 (For our complete, detailed L.T. class on this subject, please refer to MO Letter No.106: "Schedules".)


"Jesus saith to Simon Peter, Simon, lovest thou Me?... Feed My lambs.... Feed My sheep.... Feed My sheep." (Jn.21:15-17) And I'll believe how much you love me when I see how you feed my sheep!81

--The MO Letters--

72. Whether you or your sheep realise it or not, ONLY MO LETTERS AND THE LORD CAN KEEP US UNIFIED and united in ideals, actions, spirit and goals!82

73. SO YOU'D BETTER READ AND STUDY THEM AND SHARE THEM with your flock, or you all are going to miss the original pattern that God has given from the very beginning, and fall by the way like the rest of the Church Systemites. You'll make mistakes, pull boners, blunders, and really blow it, if you don't stick to the plan God has given, and follow the leadership He has anointed and appointed!83

74. FOR HOW CAN THEY DO THE JOB WITHOUT THE INSTRUCTION AND TRAINING THEY NEED?--And the main source of this specific instruction on nearly every subject is in the MO Letters!84

75. "AND I WILL SET UP ONE SHEPHERD over them, and he shall feed them, even My servant David; he shall feed them and he shall be their shepherd." (Ezk.34:23)--And he shall give them the MO Letters.85

--The Ideal Method: MO on Paper--

76. THE WRITTEN WORD HAS PROVED TIME AND TIME AGAIN TO BE UNQUESTIONABLY THE MORE EFFECTIVE METHOD.86 Therefore, the surest way of getting these kids taught and trained is to put the Letters directly into their hands. We've got to get our lit into the hands of each disciple so he can read, study and teach himself if need be, by the help of the Holy Spirit!

77. THIS WILL ALSO SAVE HOURS OF UNNECESSARY CLASS TIME, which can get very boresome and weary under some lifeless instructors, many of whom are not very experienced, efficient, or sufficiently trained themselves to do the best job!87 Why have all these classes with boring teachers droning on for hours when they can read and study it for themselves at their own speed on their own time?

78. I'VE SAID ENOUGH ALREADY-WHY SAY MORE? We have nearly everything they need to know in print and they only need time to study it! Just let 'em READ it! Give 'em time to STUDY it--then just TEST 'em on it! 88

79. SO FOR GOD'S SAKE, SHUT UP AND LET 'EM STUDY!89 Just stick a copy of {\ul \i The Basic MO Letters} book in their hands, give 'em time to read it, and let the Lord do the rest!

80. GOD, BY THE POWER OF HIS SPIRIT AND HIS WORD, and, through the one teacher they can take with them, literature, will try to teach and guide them: He will use the MO Letters, and maybe if they'll read the MO Letters they'll learn!90

--The Exception:--
Reading Letters Aloud

81. If the need arises to read Letters aloud to your flock (in the instance of LTA Letters, special sessions, limited number of copies, etc.) PLEASE READ THEM SLOWLY and with the expression and spirit which you have caught from them through private prayerful pre-reading before reading them publicly.

82. THIS IS A MUST--TO READ THEM IN THE SAME SPIRIT IN WHICH THEY WERE GIVEN! They are the gun and ammunition, but the guy using them has got to know how to shoot! Don't just rip through them like a machine gun without pausing for audience reactions. Give each heavy thought time to sink in and the Spirit time to work and your kids time to absorb it. Otherwise you're just wasting your time. Avoid interpreting! Let the Letters speak for themselves! Amen?91

83. AND PLEASE ONLY ONE MO LETTER PER SESSION. If you stuff them too much they've apt to get indigestion, or not even be able to assimilate all their food value. The same goes for all of you Colonies where I've heard you;re reading several Letters in a row, sometimes all night long. This is too much for anybody to absorb in one sitting without becoming bored or exhausted, please! Give the poor kids a break! Don't try to cram too much down their throats at one time or they might choke!92

84. AND TRY NOT TO READ THEM SO LATE that everybody is too weary to even hear them, much less absorb them! And please, for God's sake and His sheeps' sake, TRY TO GET SOMEONE TO READ THEM WHO LOVES THEM, STUDIES THEM, KNOWS THE SPIRIT OF THEM, and can really read them with all his heart, expression, and understanding, so the kids will catch the spirit and meaning of every Letter! Thanks for listening! GBY!93

--Strong Meat--

85. Jesus Himself told His own disciples, "I HAVE YET MANY THINGS TO SAY UNTO YOU, BUT YE CANNOT BEAR THEM NOW." (Jn.16:12) Paul also told some of his followers, "I have fed you with milk, and not with meat; for hitherto ye were not able to bear it." "But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age." (1Cor.3:2; Heb.5:14)

86. IN OTHER WORDS, THE REAL HEAVY STUFF, including shocking revelations, radical revolutionary information, sharp criticism of bad mistakes, the worst kind of bad news and drastic and fanatical changes, etc.--the real strong meat for very mature brothers and sisters who can take almost anything without being offended 94--they are the ones with whom such material should be shared!--Not the younger, weaker babes! Milk is for babes, strong meat for men! God help us teachers to know the difference! Amen?95

87. THEREFORE, YOU MUST BE PARTICULARLY CAUTIOUS ABOUT THE MATERIALS THAT GIVE THEM IN PRINT, that it is only that which is designed for Babes, and that no materials, classified for Leadership Trainees Only, fall into their hands until they are proven LT's themselves--especially MO Letters! Some of these of a highly critical nature could be misused to our disadvantage.96

--Bible Studies--

88. YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO KNOW SOME BIBLE, beloved, and you'd better know you Bibles, and you're supposed to know your Bibles!97

89. I HOPE YOU TAKE TIME TO SIT DOWN AND READ IT WITH YOUR DISCIPLES and your babes and your followers in your Colonies, and that you minister to them the good Word of God as much as possible.

90. THEY'VE GOT THE LETTERS AND THEY ARE PRETTY EASY TO UNDERSTAND, and you don't really have to explain them very much. But you might have to sit down with them once in a while and read them the Bible and try to make it clear and easy to understand. They can read the Letters anytime themselves, but they might need help with the Bible.98

--Tips To Teachers--

91. BEFORE YOU, THE SHEPHERD, GO BEFORE YOUR LITTLE SHEEP TO GUIDE THEM, YOU SHOULD KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING. You should come from the very presence of Gold speaking as the oracles of God, from a full heart! PTL! (See 1Pet.4:11.)

92. YOU SHOULD PREPARE and feed them from a well-stocked larder of study, prayer, and experience, along with a few good notes to remind you what to say if necessary, so you won't miss anything, or forget something that God told you to tell them.

93. IF YOU'RE TEACHING DIRECTLY FROM A SCRIPTURE TEXT, which you've previously studied and prayed over, the text itself may be sufficient to remind you of the thoughts God gave you on it; but you'd best jot them down, or circle a key word here or there, underline, or write a word or two in the margin to remind you. This is what I usually do when I'm teaching Bible passages--and the best notes are kept in the margin of your Bible, which you're not likely to lose.99

94. AND TRY NOT TO DWELL TOO MUCH ON THEORIES! Babes man not be able to tell the difference, so we have to watch what we feed them, and differentiate between the two! Babes have to take whatever you give them until they're old enough to know the difference! So let's look out what we feed them, and be sure to explain the difference between facts and fancy, truth and fiction, doctrine and theory!100

95. WATCH OUT FOR SOME OF THOSE UNAUTHORISED AND SPURIOUS INTERPRETATIONS by some! Watch out for those who teach things you haven't heard from me in writing!101 I'd be leary of anything that is totally new and not in the Bible or not in the MO Letters! I mean you've got to watch out about misinterpreting what people say, twisting our words.102

96. And, as I tried to put across to the musicians in "Sock It to Me!", MAY WE NEVER BE GUILTY OF ROUTINE, HO-HUM WHAT-A-WEARINESS CLASSES! Even the most factual teaching should be alive in the Spirit, vital, startling, awakening, changing! If it doesn't make some body glad, mad, or sad, it's a failure! Get excited! Do something! Don't just sit there droning you audience to sleep!103

--Memory Work--

97. ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT PART OF OUR BASIC TRAINING PROGRAMME HAS ALWAYS BEEN SCRIPTURE MEMORISATION. The mind is like a computer: It has to be filled with something, good or bad, and our reflexes are mentally conditioned to react in a certain way according to what we have been taught or experienced.

98. IF A GREAT DEAL OF THIS HAS BEEN BAD, we have to be spiritually cleansed, mentally washed, and psychologically rewired! This is done by Christ, His Word, and His Spirit... "with the washing of water by the Word." (Eph.5:26)104

99. The Bible says, "THE LAW OF HIS GOD IS IN HIS HEART; NONE OF HIS STEPS SHALL SLIDE." (Ps.37:31) If it isn't in his heart, his steps will slide, and he'll get off the right track.105

100. SO PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR NEW DISCIPLES TO MEMORISE AT LEAST A SET A WEEK from the famous set-card. This does not require a special class--only a special test once a week, written on their honour, or in your presence.106.


--The Clinical Method (2Tim.2:2)--

101. THE BEST WAY, AFTER THE THEORETICAL, IS ON-THE-JOB TRAINING.107 But if you withhold this on-the-job training back from the babes because you're afraid to give them responsibility for fear they'll learn your job, and oust you, you ought to be ousted, because this is a clinic, founded as a clinic, to give on-the-job training, to learn by doing, and to teach others to teach others to take their place!108

102. WE ARE TO TEACH BY THE CLINICAL METHOD, learning by doing, with someone showing you how to do it. To do this, the Shepherd has to spend time with his sheep.109

103. THE LORD USES THE LEADER TO GUIDE AND SHOW THEM THE WAY, what they're to do. In other words, you don't have to pick up the whole flock of sheep and carry them up the mountain yourself. You just show them the way to go, and then they have to putt putt along under their own steam.110

--Witnessing and Litnessing--

104. As mentioned earlier in this lesson, A VITAL PART OF THEIR TRAINING IS TEACHING THEM TO BE FAITHFUL WITNESSES FOR THE LORD so they can carry on no matter what happens.111 We must teach them to be real soldiers who know how to fight, how to use the weapon of the Word and how to wield it!112

105. HOW YOU WITNESS TO AND MINISTER TO OTHERS IS A GOOD CLINICAL ILLUSTRATION to your sheep of how they should do it and will be a valuable asset and visible lesson for them.113 The greatest Shepherds are those who call their sheep to follow where they themselves are going; samples, not just sermons!114

106. The same principle applies to litnessing: NO SHEPHERD SHOULD EXPECT MORE OF HIS SHEEP THAN HE DOES OF HIMSELF! So no quotas should be set for litnessing which do not include both the Colony Shepherd and his Shepherdess115 And no quotas should be set for any Colony by any higher authority than the local Colony Council of that particular Colony itself.116

107. I DO THINK YOU OUGHT TO ENCOURAGE THEM TO DO THEIR BEST, but I don't think you ought to just needle them and drive them and whip them. I don't like to push them so hard unless they push themselves.117 Besides, Babes' Centers are not expected to get in so much witnessing, decisions or disciples anyway--but to train!118

108. AND PLEASE TRY NOT TO SEND THEM OUT WITNESSING FOR HOURS IN THE COLD, or you may kill both your kids and their witnessing object before he's had time to make a decision--that could land them both in the grave!119 Cold winter weather definitely makes it more difficult to litness and witness outdoors in the Northern climes,120 so have a heart and find some warm indoor spots where they can keep their minds on the Lord and the lost, instead of their lungs, larynx, lumbago and freezing limbs! Either that, or obey "802 South"!121

--Giving 'Em Responsibility--

109. THE EVERYDAY MANUAL LABOUR OF COLONY OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF THEIR TRAINING, and if they can't pass that test, they'll never make it. He that would be chief among you must be servant of all. The Son of Man himself came not to be ministered unto, but to minister.

110. IF THEY DON'T LEARN THIS LESSON THEY'LL NEVER LEARN ANYTHING--and head-stuffing with a lot of Scriptures and Bible Prophecy, facts and figures and theories won't mean a thing. This is one of those cases where you have to let 'em work out their own Salvation with fear and trembling!122

111. I FRANKLY BELIEVE IN PEOPLE STARTING AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LADDER and working their way up to the top through every rung in between, and where we have not followed this procedure we have suffered from inexperienced and insufficiency trained leadership later.123

112. I'M CONVINCED THAT EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER when it comes to leadership, and that someone who has worked his way up through the ranks from the very bottom with time-tested loyalty and dependability is the best qualified for any job for which he's suited.

113. HOWEVER, THE SUCCESSIVE RESPONSIBILITIES WITH WHICH YOU TRUST YOUR YOUNG SOLDIERS NEED NOT BE BASED ENTIRELY ON SENIORITY, but rather on priorities, needs, talents, capabilities, leadership ability, faithfulness, diligence, loyalty, and even personal preference, but mostly the leading of the Spirit of God!124--"A man's gift maketh room for him." (Pro.18:16)

--Volunteers or Draftees? Loving Persuasion or Cruel Dictation?--

114. THE GREATEST LEADERS THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN WON THEIR FOLLOWERS THROUGH PERSONAL LOVE AND LOYALTY EITHER TO THEMSELVES OR THEIR CAUSE--OR BOTH! The greatest Shepherds called their sheep to follow with a voice of love and persuasion. They should be following because they love you, know you're right, know you love them and are doing it for their sake and their good and to please the Great Shepherd of all, and because they therefore want to!125

115. WE ARE STILL STRICTLY A VOLUNTARY ARMY--NO DRAFTEES! Most of these kids were dropouts, non-conformists, individualists, iconoclasts, and unconventional, disillusioned youth in the first place or they wouldn't have joined us!--They got tired of being forced to do things they didn't want to do and couldn't see any point in!--And you're not going to get them to trade one forced System for a new one! They just won't dig it! They're tired of being pushed around! They won't take it!126

116. So in your dealings with your underlings, and followers, always remember that THE CHURCH WAS NOT INTENDED TO BE A DICTATORIAL HIERARCHY RUN ONLY BY THOSE AT THE TOP, without question or counsel or mutual agreement; but God's Children were intended to be a voluntary family fellowship, cooperating together in love, each of his own free will, and not by coercion or force, or slave-driving tactics.127

117. BLIND OBEDIENCE CAN SOMETIMES BE TOO BLIND! Any truly good leader welcomes questions, suggestions, and even contrary ideas to his own! "Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out." (Pro. 20:5) He knows he needs to see all sides, and to weigh them in the balance of his judgment, prayerfully before the Lord, and try to agree together on a unanimous decision if possible! "And it seemed good to all of them!" 128 Hallelujah!

118. IT WAS ALWAYS MY POLICY TO ASK YOU IF YOU'D LIKE TO DO A CERTAIN THING, or do you think you should do so and so, or what do you want to do, or what do you think the Lord wants you to do! I usually tried to give you your choice, within certain limitations of possibility, and let you move according to your own faith, choose you own team, set your own goals and forge ahead under your own steam!--And you got a lot more done that way, by being led of the Lord according to your own faith, initiative, vision and courage.

119. IT'S OUR BUSINESS TO PRESENT THE NEED AND VISION AS WE GET IT FROM THE LORD, and to love and woo them with gentle persuasion and reasoning and faith and Scripture and try to get them to voluntarily decide on their own to do what they know they should and want to do!--Not command them like slaves and force them like draftees! We just can't do it, haven't the right to, and will never do well that way!

120. IF THEIR OBEDIENCE DOESN'T COME FROM THE HEART because of love and loyalty and devotion to both the cause and its leadership, you're going to have discontent, disillusionment, dissatisfaction, murmuring disobedience and even open rebellion!--and a lot of backsliders!129

121. YOU'VE SELDOM EVER HEARD ME GIVE AN ORDER, EXCEPT IN EMERGENCIES, THAT I DID NOT PUT IT IN THE FORM OF A GENTLE SUGGESTION OR QUESTION: "Don't you think we should do so-and-so, or would you like to do so-and-so; or how about doing so-and-so; or what do you think we should do about it?"--in order to always give you a choice and make it voluntary, if possible. We want an army of loving, loyal volunteers, not driven draftees! Try to lead your sheep, instead of driving them!130


"Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds." (Pro.27:23)

122. IT IS THE JOB OF YOU LOCAL SHEPHERDS AND INDIVIDUAL OVERSEERS TO GIVE THE SHEEP THE INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL ATTENTION THEY EACH NEED.131 We should never lose this personal touch, so that we become so swamped in statistics that we lose an appreciation of the value of the individual!132

123. NEWBORN BABES USUALLY NEED SOMEONE TO CONTINUALLY HELP AND ENCOURAGE THEM, assist them with their problems, answer their questions, explain the Scriptures, and help them get adjusted to this kind of life!133 Please don't fail or neglect them in this regard!

124. A SHEPHERD LEADS HIS FLOCK, BUT SOMETIMES IN A WAY THE SHEEP CAN LEAD HIM. They can bleat their needs if they're hungry or they're thirsty or they need the binding up of their wounds and so on. The sheep need to voice their needs to let you know so that you can minister to them and supply those needs.134

125. BUT HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DO THAT, how do you know what Scripture they need, what solution they need or what they need, if you don't listen to what their problems are when they need help?135 You're not going to know what they need unless you ask them and get them to talk.136 "For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." (Mt.12:34)

126. SOMETIMES THAT'S THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR THEM, just give them somebody to talk to, to pour out their hearts to. It does them a whale of a lot of good just to unburden their hearts and get it off their mind, get it off their chest and confess it, believe it or not--it does!

127. "CONFESS YOUR FAULTS ONE TO ANOTHER, AND PRAY ONE FOR ANOTHER, THAT YE MAY BE HEALED." (Ja.5:16) It does them good and often helps them get the victory just to confess and tell you these things.137

128. EVEN LITTLE THINGS ARE SO IMPORTANT! Have you ever had one word, or a smile or a thought stick with your, and the Lord use it to cheer your whole day, or help you get the victory over something? Well, these kids look up to us with such trust and such faith, such hope that we have the answer--just one smile or nod or interested look from you can really encourage them and help pull 'em through!138

129. And remember, IT DOESN'T ALWAYS HAPPEN RIGHT AWAY: You have to keep lifting and loving and laughing and dancing and singing and studying and witnessing and talking to them. You've got to keep helping them. It's often quite a struggle.139

--Some Problems and Solutions--

130. TO HAVE A FEW OCCASIONAL PERSONALITY CLASHES IS UNDERSTANDABLE, BUT LOVE NEVER FAILS, and if the machinery is well oiled with the Love of the Holy Spirit, it will operate smoothly and quietly without squeaking and screeching, run faster and more efficiently, wear well and last longer, and not wear out, burn up, get hot, or explode with internal friction, which causes many breakdowns! Love, humility, and prayer solve all problems! It never fails!140

131. Remember also, CHANGE IS ONE OF THE SEVEN BASIC NEEDS OF HUMAN HAPPINESS! Variety is the spice of life, and maybe they're just bored with you, your routine, their job, or the scenery! Maybe you haven't given them enough responsibility to satisfy or challenge their capabilities, and keep them busy. If you keep 'em busy enough with others' problems, they won't have time to worry about their own--or maybe they need a change!141

132. BUT WHEN SOMEONE STARTS MURMURING OR TALKING ABOUT GOING BACK TO THE PIT--THAT'S ANOTHER STORY! Like the Children of Israel, murmuring is the first sign of wanting to turn back. It's usually a sign that they are already looking back, and the next step is to go back.142

133. IT DOESN'T PAY TO TRY TO GLOSS THIS TROUBLE OVER, or just turn your back on it and ignore it and hope it'll go away or they'll just get over it! You must deal with the disease of murmuring, have it out, lovingly but firmly, as well as the disease of nostalgia, which is looking back. It may be just a temporary attack which you can sweetly help them overcome with love and sympathy and kind words, or it may be a permanent disease because they're not worthy of Him! (Lk.9:62)

134. IN EITHER CASE, YOU, THE LEADER, ARE THE SOUL DOCTOR and you must find out what the real trouble is, whether curable or incurable. If incurable, you must act quickly and get them gently but firmly out of the camp as soon as possible before their critical, negative and half-hearted rebellious attitude spreads to others who are weak.143

135. I DON'T THINK I EVER TALKED TO A POTENTIAL BACKSLIDER FOR MORE THAN A FEW MINUTES, except for a few rare cases by special revelation! As soon as I had talked to them long enough to find out that they really wanted to go back, I helped them to leave as quickly as possible.144

136. Another point to always remember in your dealings with problems: YOU CAN'T FORCE ANYBODY TO GET THE VICTORY. If they will do their part and forsake their sins and make the right choice to do God's will, He'll give it to them.--If not, nobody can! I don't care how many hours of counselling you waste on them, they either choose to get it, or they don't!145

137. AND PLEASE DON'T FORGET THAT EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES, EVERYBODY HAS A FEW PROBLEMS including you and me, and God's merciful and He gives us a little probationary time. But "he that being often reproved" and still doesn't improve, but "hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy." (Pro.29:1) 146


138. NO MAN'S ARMY IS WORTH A HOOT WITHOUT DISCIPLINARY ACTION AGAINST THE WAYWARD!147 And if there's anything any soldier has got to learn to do, it's to be able to take a cussin' out for his mistakes, by his commanding officer, and say, "Yes, Sir; thank you, sir: and what next, sir?"--even if it hurts! This is a war, and we have little time for sensitivity, and nursing our wounds, or hurt feelings! We must fight on!148

139. SO WE NEED DISCIPLINE, but it must always be tempered with love and mercy.--Remember that prayer?149

140. I MYSELF FREQUENTLY SCOLD AND APPLY THE ROD, BUT I ALWAYS ADD THE HEALING BALM OR HEALING OINTMENT AFTERWARDS. I try to soothe and encourage and comfort after I have applied the rod. I try to give them some hope that there is hope of recovery and hope of redeeming themselves and hope of making a comeback, showing my faith in them and the Lord that there is a possibility of restoration.--Amen?150

141. IN THE CASE OF MISTAKES AND FAILURES, AND EVEN BACKSLIDERS, YOU SHOULD REMEMBER THE CASE OF THE PRODIGAL SON! He was not robbed of everything and made to start from scratch, and he was still honoured as a son, and shown great love and rejoicing by the father, even feasting and dancing upon his return! Think it over! I think we have somewhat to learn here!151

A. Ball 'em out--lovingly and sympathetically, with patience.
B. Confess you've made the same mistakes--be understanding, empathise.
C. Weep, pray, and sympathise with 'em--have compassion and pity.
D. Hug 'em, forgive 'em and try again. Quit trying to legislate righteousness: It's a gift of God! Jesus said, "I will have mercy, and not sacrifice!"152


143. Another important part of "being diligent to know the state of thy flocks" and "looking well to thy herds" is to do your best to see to it that all of their practical, physical necessities are well met and supplied.153 EVERYDAY GOOD SHEPHERD MUST BE AWARE OF THE PRACTICAL AS WELL AS CONCERNED ABOUT THE SPIRITUAL.154

144. I WAS NEVER IN A COLONY BUT WHAT I CONCERNED MYSELF WITH EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of that Colony, as servant of all! When was the last time you went around to every room in your Colony, checking to see if they all were tucked in, feeling their covers to see how many they've got, checking the windows to see if they have proper ventilation, checking the heater to see if it was safe? I used to do that every night in any Colony I was ever in.155.

145. And even though you may not yourself have time to tend tables, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SEE TO IT THAT THEY ARE TENDED, and to check on everyone to see if they're doing their job, and everything to see to it that things are in proper condition, including cleanliness, orderliness, and attractiveness of your house or camp!

146. LEADERS, IT IS YOUR DUTY TO FREQUENTLY RUN AROUND THE CAMP AND SEE THAT EVERYTHING IS KEPT GOING! It's also your duty to see that none of the babes are neglected or mistreated and are in good health both physically and spiritually, if you're a good Shepherd--and not do as some have done in thinking that other things are more important than caring for their sheep!--Or you won't be a leader for long!156

147. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CHECKED to find out if they had proper heat and warm clothes and proper food?157

148. IF YOU SHOW THEM THAT YOU REALLY LOVE THEM by thus being concerned about them and aware of their weaknesses, and considerate of their needs, they will love you more, too, and show greater loyalty and faithfulness to you, as you are faithful to them.158


"The greatest of these is Love." (1Cor.13:13)

149. FOR THE GREATEST EXAMPLE OF LOVING-SHEPHERDING, JUST READ THE GOSPELS AND SEE HOW JESUS FATHERED HIS LITTLE FLOCK and taught His little disciples! His little babbling babes! It's beautiful! They were awful stupid stumble-bums sometimes, and they made a horrible lot of mistakes, but He didn't throw them out because of it--not even Judas: He left of his own accord!

150. JESUS WAS PATIENT, LOVING, KIND, SYMPATHETIC, AND FORGIVING often teaching them the same thing over and over again till they got the point; sometimes a little aggravated with them, and bawling them out for their foolishness, pointing out their failures, but, nevertheless, always giving them another chance, always loving them, and not pushing or driving them, and always feeding and encouraging them, and strengthening them, as His little lambs, so they would grow and learn and follow and be strong, to carry on when He was gone!159

151. AND IF YOU EVER HOPE TO BECOME A TRULY GREAT SHEPHERD or leader you also will have to learn this lesson: To have compassion on the sheep--to have great love and great mercy!160 If only we could learn this--it's greater than faith: Though we have faith and wisdom, tongues and interpretation, though we have a sacrificial spirit--our service is nothing without our love!161

152. I ALWAYS TRY TO PUT MYSELF IN THE OTHER FELLOW'S SHOES, and not expect anymore of him than I would expect of myself, and not ask anymore of him than I would want him to ask of me were our positions reversed! Try love and patience: It really works!162 If you'll remember that no one is perfect, including you, you'll help them to do the best they can, as you'd like them to help you!163

153. DISCIPLES AND BABES KNOW IF YOU REALLY LOVE THEM OR NOT, and, if they know you really do--that you'll die for them, feel for them--they'll follow gladly, and die for you!164

154. BUT IF YOU ARE HARSH, AND CRUEL, inconsiderate and unloving, unforgiving and compulsory, you'll reap the same in return! Think it over! Read your Bible and see if this isn't true! "To whom much hath been forgiven, the same loveth much"--(Lk.7:47) and "if you forgive not, neither will you be forgiven!"--(Mt.6:15)165

155. (Prophecy): "THEREFORE, YE MY SHEPHERDS, CAN YE NOT HAVE PATIENCE WITH THESE LITTLE ONES? Can ye not have the love, the gentleness, the kindness, the tenderness I had with thee, as I took thee up in My arms when thou didst stumble, and I healed the broken and wounded, and did carry thee all day long in My bosom, until you wast able to graze by My side?

156. "CANST THOU NOT BE AS PATIENT AS I HAVE BEEN UPON THEE, or will ye be hard and unmerciful and unforgiving as was that unjust steward?"166



158. WHEN ARE YOU THROUGH TRAINING A NEW DISCIPLE?--When you have taught him how to teach others and he's actually winning souls? When he's learned how to fight? No! Our job isn't done until we've taught him where and how to establish a fold for those sheep and how far to go with that fold until it's able to stand by itself!168

159. (David prays for the Shepherds): THANK YOU, LORD, THAT YOU HAVE ENTRUSTED THEM WITH SUCH PRECIOUS RESPONSIBILITY. May they not take it lightly but seriously as good stewards of Thy Kingdom, to realise what a great responsibility and what a grave responsibility it is to have all these lives in their hands, Lord, and be responsible for their leadership.

160. HELP THEM TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF THEIR SHEEP, Lord, not to fail them nor neglect them. Help them be good Shepherds as You were, Lord, even laying down Your life for the sheep.169

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

161. DID WE GET ALL THE SHEEP IN? Not yet! There are still lots more sheep to come in--many many more folds with multitudes of good Shepherds! Thank you, Jesus!--Many little folds!170


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