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"THE BIG LIE!--EXPOSED!"--MO       April 1977       GP No.736

       (Compiled by Apollos and the MO Ed. Dept.)

© Copyrighted April 1977 by The Children of God, C.P. 748, 00100, Rome, Italy

       1. HITLER SAID IN "MEIN KAMPF" THAT IF YOU TELL A LIE FOR THE PURPOSE OF PROPAGANDA, TELL A BIG ONE! Because the BIGGER the lie is, the more people are apt to believe it, because they can't possibly believe you would dare to tell such a big lie unless it was the truth!

       2. SO THE DEVIL WAS SMART WITH EVOLUTION. HE TOLD THE BIG LIE: "In the beginning, God didn't create the Heavens and the Earth; it just happened by some kind of a big accident, forces working on the materials, and blah, blah, blah. Therefore, man is merely a beast who evolved from lower forms of beasts over millions of years, from one species to another, and life originated itself spontaneously from chemicals!"

       3. THIS DOCTRINE OF DELUSION HAS BECOME THE GENERAL THEME OF MODERN SO-CALLED SCIENCE, and is therefore no longer true science, but pure, imaginary, evolutionary bunk! Evolution is now referred to as the "great principle" of biology. But a principle, according to the dictionary, is a foundation truth, or fact, the basis of other truths. And if you know anything about evolution at all, you know it has never been proven to be either a truth or a fact, much less the foundation or the basis of other truths.

       4. Now when I'm talking about evolution, I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT OR MINIMIZING THE TRUE SCIENCE OF TRUE BIOLOGY, which can be proven--how plants grow and animals propagate and multiply and so on. I'm talking about a wild, fictitious fairytale of imagination which they have never come close to proving!

       5. THERE IS NO PROOF FOR EVOLUTION! It has to be believed, therefore it's a faith, therefore it's a religion! So they're teaching a new compulsory religion in today's hallowed halls of higher learning. Even the great high priest and founding father of this new false faith, Charles Darwin himself, confessed that "the belief (note the emphasis on belief) in natural selection (evolution) must at present be grounded entirely on general considerations. ... When we descend to details, WE CAN PROVE THAT NO ONE SPECIES HAS CHANGED ... NOR CAN WE PROVE THAT THE SUPPOSED CHANGES ARE BENEFICIAL, which is the groundwork of the theory."

       6. Darwin's ardent apostle and dedicated disciple, Thomas Henry Huxley, likewise admitted that his own opinion was NOT grounded on any true scientific facts or evidence, but was more of a "religious" expression: "I beg you once more to recollect that I have no right to call my opinion anything but AN ACT OF PHILOSOPHICAL FAITH."

       7. SO EVOLUTION IS REALLY A RELIGION OF UNBELIEF IN GOD. And that's its whole purpose; To eliminate faith in God and to foster the false doctrine of devils that the creation created itself and God had nothing to do with it, so there doesn't need to be a God--it could have happened without Him!

       8. This attitude was made evident at the Chicago Darwinian Centennial in 1959 where 2,500 delegates assembled themselves to commemorate the hundredth years since the release of Charlie's book The Origin of Species. The noted evolutionist Sir Julian Huxley, Thomas' grandson, declared in his sermon to the congregation, "EVOLUTION HAD NO ROOM FOR THE SUPERNATURAL. The earth and its inhabitants were not created, they evolved. We all accept the fact of evolution. The evolution of life is no longer a theory. It is a fact. It is the basis of all our thinking!"

       9. IT'S LIKE WHAT THE IDOL-MAKERS SAID TO ANCIENT ISRAEL THAT DAY THEY MADE THE GOLDEN CALF: "Behold these be thy gods, O Israel, fall down and worship!" (Ex. 32:4) But today the calf doesn't even have to be golden anymore! In fact, it can be a monkey, or a tadpole, or any creeping thing. "Behold, these be thy gods, O Israel, crawl down and worship the little tadpole and a little bit of jelly, a little wriggle-tail and the four four-footed creatures and creeping things. These are thy gods, these are the creatures that made you, this is what you came from, they are your creators"--this is exactly what evolution teaches!


              10. AT THE CORE OF EVOLUTIONARY THEORY IS THE BIG ASSUMPTION THAT LIFE SOMEHOW AROSE FROM NON-LIFE, that by pure CHANCE the right chemicals happened to be in the right place, in the right arrangement, at the right time, under the right conditions, and by some mysterious, unknown electrochemical process -- POOF -- life created itself! This assumption is completely contrary to a universally accepted and proven law of science, known as the second law of thermodynamics, which states that "All processes (left to themselves) go toward a greater state of disorder, disorganisation, disarrangement and less complexity."4

       11. In other words, INANIMATE MATTER NEVER INCREASES ITS OWN ORDER, ORGANISATION OR COMPLEXITY--THESE ALWAYS DECREASE! And even if the elements could arrange themselves into a certain definite pattern, as is necessary for life, they could not make themselves a living cell because LIFE is not a mere physical arrangement of chemicals! The likelihood of this happening is so far-fetches that Princeton University Professor of Biology Edwin Conklin has said: "The probability of life originating from accident is comparable to the probability of the unabridged dictionary resulting from an explosion in a printing shop."

       12. As for the so-called "simple cell", from which the evolutionists say all living creatures have evolved, Look Magazine declared, "THE CELL IS AS COMPLICATED AS NEW YOUR CITY." The well-known evolutionist Loren Eisely likewise admitted in his book, The Immense Journey, that "Intensified effort revealed that even the supposedly simple amoeba was a complex, self-operating chemical factory. The notion that he was a simple blob, the discovery of whose chemical composition would enable us instantly to set the life process in operation, turned out to be, at best, a monstrous caricature of the truth."

       13. Can you imagine a dictionary, a chemical factory, or New York City, coming into existence by itself--POOF--without any assistance from an intelligent designer, planner or creator? Such is the logic of evolution's imaginary assumption that the infinitely complex "simple" cell accidentally came together and came alive by blind, unguided chance! Commenting on this assumption, the British biologist Woodger said, "It is simple dogmatism--asserting that what you want to believe did in fact happen." The absurdity of this evolutionary logic is only amplified as we move on to the even more complex, multi-celled forms of life.


       14. ACCORDING TO EVOLUTION, TODAY'S PLANT AND ANIMAL SPECIES ARE ALL MERELY TRANSITIONAL FORMS, part of an endless chain of life whose links are gradually evolving into more advanced stages. For this reason Darwin regarded the classification "species" as "a mere useless abstraction" and "as one arbitrarily given for the sake of convenience."

       15. THIS IS IN DIRECT CONTRADICTION TO GOD'S WORD which states that all living creatures were created "after their kind" with the ability to bring forth seed, or fruit, "after their Kind." (Gen. 1) Now this word "kind" is the old King James translation of the Hebrew word "min", which today's scholars have translated to which today's scholars have translated to mean "species" So today's living creatures are not the result of some sort of transmutation of species, but definite set species! Not natural selection, but God's selection! Not evolutionary adaptations, but God's Creations!

       16. WE NEVER HEARD YET OR THEY NEVER PROVED YET THAT ANY DOG EVER BECAME A CAT OR A CAT A DOG! There are all kinds of dogs and all kinds of cats, but there are no dog-cats or no cat-dogs! Because God created everything "after its own kind" and they can't possibly get out of that kind. They may vary within their kind or specie, but they'll never change into another! It's impossible!

       17. THESE FACTS EVEN DISTURBED DARWIN, who questioned, "Why, if species have descended from the other species by fine gradation, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms? Why is not all nature in confusion, instead of the species being, as we see them, well defined?" The answer to Charles' question is simple! All he had to do was read Genesis Chapter One and he could have known that species have not descended from other species, but were created by God in orderly, set "kinds"--and that's why all nature is not in confusion!


       18. BUT HAVEN'T THE SCIENTISTS WORKING WITH GENETICS PRODUCED NEW SPECIES OF HYBRID PLANTS AND ANIMALS? Doesn't this prove that entirely new species could have evolved from the interbreeding of different parent species? NO! The accepted definition among the scientific community of a species is, "A group of organisms that freely interbreed and produce fertile offspring." And the rare hybrids that can be produced by crossing two species are not "fertile offspring," but are sterile! As The Collegiate Encyclopedia acknowledges, "The infertility of species hybrids is one mechanism by which species can remain distinct."

       19. In other words, GOD HIMSELF HAS PLACED THE BARRIER OF STERILITY AGAINST THE MIXING UP OF HIS ORIGINAL APPOINTED "KINDS." An example of this is the mule, which is a species hybrid between a male, ass and a female horse. Although outwardly appearing to be a new species or "kind", it is impossible for a male and female mule to reproduce mule offspring!--They cannot bypass the unmovable boundary of sterility! The only way to produce more mules is to continually cross a male ass with a female horse. This God ordained biological principle was verified by the famous evolutionary professor of zoology, Richard B. Goldschmidt, who wrote, "No where have the limits of the species been transgressed, and these limits are separated from the limits of the next good species by the unbridged gap, sterility."


       20. WHAT ABOUT THE EXTENSIVE RADIATION EXPERIMENTS THAT HAVE PRODUCED ACTUAL MUTATIONS AND CHANGES in creatures such as the fruit fly? Isn't this ample evidence to prove that similar mutations could be the "chief building blocks of evolutionary change," as Sir Julian Huxley has called them, and as most scientists and educators today claim them to be?

       21. NO! NONE OF THE MANY THOU SANDS OF SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTS WITH MUTATIONS HAVE EVER PRODUCED A NEW "KIND" OR SPECIE OF ANIMAL OR PLANT--NEVER! All of the geneticists and evolutionists, with all of their knowledge and intellect, under "perfect" laboratory conditions, and using their modern radiation techniques that speed up the occurrence of mutations a million-fold--they have utterly failed to change or mutate one "kind" into another! Yet these same evolutionists somehow expect us to believe that blind, unguided chance has produced the millions of beautiful, varying and complex forms of life on the earth today!

       22. And as far as mutational changes being the "chief building blocks" of evolution, Hermann J. Muller, who won the 1946 Nobel prize for his contributions to the science of genetics, said, "IN MORE THAN 99 PERCENT OF CASES THE MUTATION OF A GENE PRODUCES SOME KIND OF HARMFUL EFFECT, SOME DISTURBANCE OF FUNCTION. ... Most mutations are bad; in fact, good ones are so rare that we may consider them ALL as BAD." To illustrate the effect of gene mutations on an organism, H. Kalmus stated in his book, Genetics, "A popular comparison would be with a watch; if a part of the mechanism is altered by some change, it is very unlikely that the watch will be improved by the accident."

       23. A CLEAR-CUT EXAMPLE OF THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF GENE MUTATIONS OCCURRED IN HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI, JAPAN, AT THE END OF WORLD WAR II. The members of the populace that escaped immediate death from the hellish atomic bombs used against these cities were subjected to varying degrees of atomic radiation--resulting in thousands of mutations. None of these mutations produced any new, superior, advanced forms of human beings, as evolution might lead us to expect. Instead, the pitiful victims of these gene mutations suffered deformities, damage and death!

       24. DRUGS AND CHEMICALS CAN ALSO CAUSE MUTATIONS, as countless victims today can sadly testify. One of the most widely known instances of this in recent years was the tranquilizer THALIDOMIDE. Again, none of these chemically-induced mutations were beneficial to the "human species," but rather resulted in cruelly deformed babies, many without arms or legs! These tragic examples certainly affirm the assertion of Dr. W.E. Lammerts, former director of research for Germains Seed Company, that "biologically, ALL mutations are defective!" They are by no means the purely theoretical "building blocks of evolution" that some liars claim them to be.



       26. Even Darwin realised this, and so said, "As by this theory innumerable transitional forms ("links") must have existed, WHY DO WE NOT FIND THEM EMBEDDED IN COUNTLESS NUMBERS IN THE CRUST OF THE EARTH? ... The number of intermediate and transitional links between all living and extinct species must have been inconceivably great. He then answered his own question about these missing links by declaring: "I believe the answer lies in the (geological) record being incomparably less perfect than is generally supposed."

       27. BUT NOW, 120 YEARS LATER, DARWIN'S EXCUSE IS TOTALLY RIDICULOUS! Literally hundreds of millions of fossils have been extracted from all fossil-bearing rock strata and none of them are "transitional forms" or missing links--they all obviously belong to a definite species! In fact, it is estimated that over 100,000 different, distinct species of fossils have been found! Yes, no "links"!

       28. A.S. Romer, professor of zoology at Harvard University, recently summed up the present situation when he said: "'LINKS' ARE MISSING JUST WHERE WE MOST FERVENTLY DESIRE THEM, AND IT IS ALL TOO PROBABLE THAT MANY 'LINKS' WILL CONTINUE TO BE MISSING."


              29. THERE ARE NO MAN-APES AND NO APE-MEN, and all that baloney you read about and see pictures of in most of today's biology textbooks is just hellish, fiendish, tommyrot! All those half-ape, half-man ape-men and man-apes, screaming and grinning and groaning like a bunch of horrors from some nether-world down in the depths of hell are imaginary monsters created by the fiendish mind of the Devil and promulgated by men.

       30. And although we do not usually like to soil our fingers or pollute our minds with the dirty lies of dirty liars, it might be helpful to some of you if we at least balance the scales with the truth while pointing out a few of the ridiculous boners and fallacies of the theory of "the descent of man," which is currently taught as gospel truth and historical fact by most of today's "educators."

       31. This might at least clarify the issues in your own minds and give you a little more effective ammunition to fire back at them in defense of the truth so you can "be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you," as the Apostle Peter said (1Pet.3:15). We will now briefly examine the most famous of the fossil remains which are supposed to have been the forerunners of modern man and the theories surrounding them.

       32. YOU WILL NOTICE THAT THE EVOLUTIONISTS HAVE CHOSEN SOME VERY LONG AND DIFFICULT-TO-PRONOUNCE NAMES FOR THEIR "MISSING-LINKS", the foundation stones, or bones, on which their faith is built. Doing this sort of thing envelopes it all with a shroud of mystery and even puts a little superstitious awe into the minds of the average laymen. Like many other religious authorities, the high priests of the "sacred cow" of false-science has done this to give credence to their faith and to gain reverence for themselves!

       33. Darwin claimed that "The Simiadae (monkeys) branched off into two great stems, The New World and The Old World monkeys; and from the latter, at a remote period, Man, the wonder and glory of the universe, proceeded." In other words, great and glorious man evolved himself from a monkey and was not created by God in His image, as the Bible says!

       34. However, THE SCIENTISTS SOON FOUND IT IMPOSSIBLE to reconstruct a halfway believable evolutionary chain showing man rising from the ape family, so they had to cook up a new theory--which they promptly did!

       35. NOW the modern evolutionists believe that man came not from the apes, but from an older, more primitive primate who was the common ancestor of both the apes and man! But as far as any fossil evidence to prove this new theory, New Scientist magazine commented: "The unmistakable correspondence between man and anthropoids points clearly to a common ancestor. BUT IT HAS NOT YET BEEN FOUND AND WE MAY HAVE SOME DIFFICULTY IN RECOGNIZING IT."

       36. As for any EVIDENCE to prove early man's progressive evolution FROM this supposed "common ancestor," the prominent evolutionists who wrote the book The Primates confessed, "Unfortunately, the early stages of man's evolutionary progress along his individual line remain A TOTAL MYSTERY."

       37. Scientific American likewise stated: "The nature of the line leading to living man ... remains A MATTER OF PURE THEORY." So the very basis or foundation of the evolutionary teaching that man has descended from a lower, ape-like form is "a matter of pure theory," cooked up by a bunch of nincompoops who are perpetrating on the world what the Bible refers to as "the VAIN BABBLINGS OF SCIENCE FALSELY SO CALLED." (1Tim.6:20)

       38. The first actual fossils that the evolutionist classify as "the earliest known form of man" are said to belong to a species called "THE AUSTRALOPITHECINES," or the "man-apes" of Africa. Although their brains were only a third as large as modern man's, it is theorised by some that they were toolmakers and therefore men. But even many of the evolutionists, including the famed explorer and anthropologist J.T. Robinson, have disputed this, claiming that the tool-making was not done by these so-called "man-apes" at all, but by true men!

       39. Another well-known evolutionist, Le Gros Clark, warned of the Australopithecines: "The terms 'man' and 'human' can only be applied to them with some reserve, for there is NO CERTAIN EVIDENCE that they possessed any of the special attributes which are commonly associated with the human beings of today." And R.L. Lehrman, another evolutionist, wrote in his book, "AUSTRALOPITHECUS WAS MERELY AN UPRIGHT, INTELLIGENT APE, NOT A MAN. The small braincase bearing heavy ridges over the eyes, across the back, and down the center was like that of any ape."

       40 The next fella the evolutionists usually show us on their near little evolutionary sequence from monkey to to man is "PITHECANTHROPUS ERECTUS," whom they affectionately refer to as "JAVAMAN" for short. He was discovered in a Javanese river bed in 1891 by Professor Dubois, a young Dutchman who was greatly influenced by the erroneous teachings of Ernst Haeckle. Haeckle was an ardent German evolutionist who concocted and was caught in several 'scientific' frauds' openly praised and perpetrated evolutionary theory as a means by which he hoped to destroy Christianity and all faiths in God, and was the first to construct the imaginary evolutionary "family tree" showing how life rose from non-life and how today's creatures evolved from more primitive forms.

       41. The section of Haeckle's fraudulent family tree that most interested and eventually obsessed young Dubois was the branch which led from ape to man, where, by an act of blind faith, Haeckle had placed an unknown, undiscovered "link" whom he named "Pithecanthropus erectus," which literally means "walking ape-man."

       42. DUBOIS WAS CHALLENGED WITH THE THOUGHT OF PERSONALLY DISCOVERING THE "MISSING-LINK" and soon forsook home and career as he set out for Java, where in 1887 he began a determined search, digging doggedly for the as yet unknown bones. Then four years later this dog had his day and Dubois' moment of glory arrived as he gleefully made his announcement to a waiting world: At last, out ancient ancestor, the long sought "link" between man and monkey was found! Thus was "Java Man" born and christened with the name his godless godfather Haeckle had reserved for him, "Pithecanthropus erectus."

       43. HIS FAME AND ACCLAIM WERE IMMEDIATE and today in almost any museum of natural history you can find elaborate busts and reconstructions of him, giving his viewers the impression that they are beholding a creature who was found like the mastodon, embedded in ice, perfectly preserved for our awe and admiration. Or if you prefer full-colour portraits of him romping about in his natural habitat with his friends and fellows, you need but consult any standard textbook on biology or anthropology and there you'll find him in colourful detail--showing that, indeed, the very hairs of his head are numbered.

       44. Little does the uninformed person imagine that these awe-inspiring masterpieces are the reconstructions of THREE MOLAR TEETH, A FRAGMENT OF A SKULL CAP, AND A LEFT THIGH BONE -- found over 50 feet apart in an old riverbed in Java! Neither do they tell you. as does the 1949 textbook Mankind So Far, that after the world had accepted Dubois' "missing link", "One voice alone now cried that the Java Man was not a man, but a giant, tree-walking gibbon. ... And here it was that Pithecanthropus felt the unkindest cut of all. For the voice was the voice of Dr. Dubois himself." Yes after further studying his fossils, Dubois decided and announced with certainty that "Java Man" was merely an extinct ape or monkey, and was not the "missing link" after all!

       45. "THE DISCOVERY WHICH RANKS NEXT IN IMPORTANCE," reports the Encyclopedia Brittanica in its 1946 edition, "was made by Mr. Charles Dawson at Piltdown, Sussex, between the years 1911 and 1915. He found the greater part of the left half of a deeply mineralized human skull, also part of the right half; the right half of the lower jaw, damaged at certain parts but carrying the first and second molar teeth and the socket of the third molar or wisdom tooth. [DELETED]

       46. "Amongst British authorities there is now agreement that the skull and the jaw are parts of the same individual." These remains came to be known as the famous "PILTDOWN MAN" OR "EOANTHROPUS DAWSONI" (dawn man of Dawson) in honour of their devout discoverer, Charles Dawson. However, Dawson's honour soon diminished and another "missing link" bit the dust as the world found out that Piltdown Man's resurrection involved considerable monkey business! As Science Newsletter tells us:

              47. "ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS FAKES EXPOSED BY SCIENTIFIC PROOF WAS PILTDOWN MAN, found in Sussex, England ... and thought by some to be 500,000 years old. After much controversy, it turned out to be not a primitive man at all, but a composite of a skull of modern man and the jawbone of an ape. ... The jawbone had been 'doctored' with bichromate of potash and iron to make it look mineralized."

       48. PILTDOWN MAN'S TEETH ALSO REVEALED SOME NOT-TOO-PRIMITIVE DENTAL WORK: They had all been filed down to make them appear more ancient. In fact, Reader's Digest pointed out: "Every important piece proved a forgery. Piltdown Man was a fraud from start to finish! ... All the circumstantial evidence points to Dawson as the author of the hoax." 33 --HA!

       49. The next gentleman the evolutionists introduce us to in this imaginary journey on their non-existent road from monkey to man is a certain "NEANDERTHAL MAN." He is often kindly referred to as "the best known of our fossil relatives," and like "Java Man" you can easily find convincing full-colour photograph-like portraits of him hunting and cooking his supper, chatting with his mates around the campfire, doing his household or cavehold chores, etc. In such illustrations he is usually very hairy, ape-like and moronic looking, just what you'd expect a "missing link" to look like. However a recent edition of The Collegiate Encyclopedia wrote regarding Neanderthal Man's bestiality:

       50. "As a consequence of preconceived notions as to what Neanderthal Man should have looked like, an unfortunate myth has been perpetrated upon several generations respecting his appearance. He has been traditionally represented with a bull neck, knock knees, a stooped gait and a rather bestial appearance. The truth is that Neanderthal Man had none of these traits, that he walked erect and that his appearance was almost certainly not less benign than that of contemporary man.

       51. "A remarkable fact about Neanderthal Man is that in males brain volume varied between 1,425 and 1,641 cc. with an average of 1,553 cc. The average brain volume of contemporary man is about 1,350 cc. Thus the average size of the brain in Neanderthal Man was substantially greater than it is contemporary man." 34

       52. SO THE SO-CALLED "NEANDERTHAL MAN" WAS "NOT LESS BENIGN" IN HIS APPEARANCE THAN YOU OR I, AND HIS AVERAGE BRAIN SIZE WAS "SUBSTANTIALLY GREATER" THAN OURS! This indicates that mankind is not evoluting--but if anything he's devoluting or degenerating which is what I've said for years. Man today has devolved and degenerated--and that's why you can see some people running around today looking like missing links, because of degeneration and sin and devolution.

       53. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE BIBLE PREDICTED ABOUT THE END TIME when it said, "In the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves ... ever learning (today's educational system!), and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth ... evil men and seducers shall wax (or grow) WORSE AND WORSE, deceiving and being deceived!" (2Tim.3) And this is what's happening today--mankind is not "progressing towards perfection"35 as Darwin promised, but is growing "worse and worse" as the Bible predicted!

       54. This same "Last Days" passage also warned that "THE TIME WILL COME WHEN THEY WILL NOT ENDURE SOUND DOCTRINE (the truth); but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears (ears that want to be tickled with lies!). And THEY SHALL TURN AWAY THEIR EARS FROM THE TRUTH, AND SHALL BE TURNED UNTO FABLES!" This time has come, and these days are here, and their ears have turned from the truth and they are turned unto fables!--Like evolution!

       55. Another disturbing problem which confronts and baffles the evolutionists is the fact that THE REMAINS OF MODERN TYPE, "HOMO-SAPIENS" MEN HAVE BEEN FOUND IN THE SAME STRATA AND EVEN IN EARLIER, MORE ANCIENT STRATA THAN THE SO-CALLED "PREHISTORIC" MEN. Professor A.M. Winchester said in his book, Biology and its Relationship to Mankind, "The remains of Swanscombe Man in Europe, the Kanjera Man in Africa, and others suggest that true man (modern type) may have existed as long as 300,000 years ago,* which would have made him a contemporary of homo erectus (Java man)."

       * Later in this lesson you will see why we do not agree with this "300,000 years" calculation--we are merely quoting Prof. Winchester here to show you that even the scientists must admit that modern men were around at the same time as the so-called "Java Man."

       56 Other remains of modern-type men found in a lower, older layer than their supposedly more primitive "prehistoric ancestors" were unearthed in 1947 at FonteChevade, France. As for these fossils, whose brain volume was calculated to be 1,470 cc, The Collegiate Encyclopedia states, "In FonteChevade Man we have the EVIDENCE THAT HOMO SAPIENS (MODERN MAN) ACTUALLY PRECEDED NEANDERTHAL MAN IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE." 37

       57. SO HERE THE EVOLUTIONISTS HAVE TO ADMIT THAT "HOMO SAPIENS," normal modern-type human beings, WERE RUNNING AROUND AT THE SAME TIME AS THE PITHECANTHROPINES (JAVA MAN) AND WERE HERE BEFORE THE NEANDERTHALS--BOTH OF WHOM WE'RE SUPPOSED TO HAVE EVOLVED FROM!--HA! Isn't that just absolutely RIDICULOUS?! I mean, it takes more faith to believe evolution--it takes more faith to believe this incredible, fictitious, fairy tale of man's origins than it does to accept God's simple, beautiful, inspired explanation in His Word!


              58. IN THE NEW TESTAMENT IT SAYS, "THE FIRST MAN ADAM WAS MADE A LIVING SOUL." (1Cor.15:45) Adam was the first man! Not the end of a long series of the process of evolution, but the first man! There were no ape men, there were no men before Adam, he was the first. And it says Adam was made--he didn't grow, he did not evolute, but he was made, and he was made a living soul!

       59. "SO GOD CREATED MAN IN HIS OWN IMAGE, IN THE IMAGE OF GOD CREATED HE HIM; male and female created He them." (Gen. 1:27) Just in case you don't get it the first time around, God repeats it. It says "God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him." He didn't look like some ape man or monkey, or some fish or bird, He created him like Himself, God. He made man like Himself, in many ways, as an illustration of Himself.

       60. And God formed man out of what? Previous forms? Apes? Beasts? Birds? "AND THE LORD GOD FORMED MAN OF THE DUST OF THE GROUND, AND BREATHED INTO HIS NOSTRILS THE BREATH OF LIFE; AND MAN BECAME A LIVING SOUL." (Gen.2:7)

       61. Which was there first--the man or the life? The body, the man, was there before God breathed life into it! This was not some kind of a thing that developed through the process of evolution from lower forms, but was a fully-formed man's body, made out of the dust of the ground. And if you know anything about science at all and chemicals and body chemistry, you know that the body is composed of a little over $ 3.00 worth of chemicals and about 77% water. Where did those chemicals come from?--The dust of the ground, right out of the ground! "Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return!" (Gen.3:19)

       62. So the fully-formed body of Adam lay stretched out there before God breathed into it the breath of life. And until that moment he was just a dead body, stone cold dead, not a spark of life in him! Then God breathed into his nostrils, already fully formed, but dead, not yet alive, NOT DEVELOPED FROM A LITTLE BIT OF JELLY, BUT A FULLY-FORMED, FULLY-GROWN MAN, lying there on the ground made out of dust, mud! God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man, at last, became a living soul! Hallelujah!


              63. DO YOU KNOW HOW THE EVOLUTIONIST SUPPOSEDLY PROVES THE AGE OF HIS FOSSILS, how old they are? He says, "Well you know, I know this fossil here is so many million years old because I found it in a strata of rock that the palaeontologist told me was that old." And do you know how the palaeontologist tries to prove how old his rock strata is? He turns around and says, "I know that this strata is that old because the evolutionist told me that his fossil is that old." The petroleum geologist J.A. Jeletzky admitted this when he wrote, "The fossils and their presumed evolutionary sequence provide the sole basis for the division of rocks into time units." Isn't that ridiculous? It's a vicious cycle, both liars supporting each other's lies, because lying is their business!

       64. THAT'S HOW THEY SUPPOSEDLY PROVE THE AGE OF THOSE BONES AND ROCKS: BY THE DAMNABLE LIES OF DAMNABLE MEN. One liar supporting his lies in the light of another liar,--they're both supporting each other! Blind teachers of the blind, both falling into the ditch! (Mat.15:14)

       65. NOW WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT TRUE SCIENCE, the science of true geology, which is not guesswork but actual facts, what they really know about the rocks and what they really know about the earth. That is the literal true science of geology. We're talking about the guesswork of palaeontology, the geologists that went out on the limb and started guessing how it got here, and how long the rocks have been there, and so on, which is all pure fabrication and guesswork!


              66. IF PALAEONTOLOGY SAYS THE WORLD IS SIX BILLION YEARS OLD, AND THE BIBLE SAYS THE WORLD IS ONLY SIX THOUSAND YEARS OLD, WHICH ARE YOU GOING TO BELIEVE? The average church-going Systemite thinks, why science, of course! It doesn't even occur to them to doubt science, the sacred cow of science. "Oh my, it must be that the Bible is wrong."

       67. SO EVEN MOST SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS TODAY HAVE TRIED TO COMPROMISE WITH SCIENCE-FALSELY-SO-CALLED--and instead of bringing their faith up to the level of the Bible, they try to drag God's Word down to the damnable level of man's foolish wisdom and vain theories. No longer does a Christian need to believe that the Bible means exactly what it says; it ain't necessarily so. When it says "six days" it doesn't really mean that. When it says "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth and the Earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep," it doesn't really mean that! It wasn't in those six days; it was billions of years ago.

       68. AND NOW WE FIND MORE "CHRISTIANS" WHO BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION THAN THOSE WHO DON'T! More Christians who believe in the so-called "gap theory" and the lies of the geologic ages of the world than don't! More Christians who believe the world is billions and billions of years old than don't! They believe the lies of false geology, believe the lies of evolution, more than those who believe the truth of God's Word! So even the Church is getting sucked in! We have finally reached those days of delusion so strong that Jesus predicted, that if it were possible, even the very elect might be deceived! (Mat.24:24) God help us!

       * The concrete proof or evidence to Christians or believers of the Bible that they cannot both believe these false sciences of evolution and palaeontology and also believe the Bible, is the genealogical chronology of Genesis. To figure it out, you simply add up the number of years between sons, between the father's birth and his son's birth, until that son becomes a father and down the line. In other words, from Adam's creation to the birth of his son Seth was, according to Genesis 5:3, 130 years. And then from Seth's birth to the birth of his son Enos was 105 years, and so on. You go through all of these genealogies in Genesis until you get to Gen.47:5-12, which says that Jacob entered Egypt at the age of 130 years. Next, Ex.12:40,41 shows that the Children of Israel dwelt in Egypt 430 years, and in 1Kings 6:1 you see that Solomon began building his temple 480 years after the exodus from Egypt, which was in 1012 B.C. Then just figure out the number of years from 1012 B.C. until today. Simply add up all of these "years" from Adam to today, and you will find the age of the Earth according to God's Word. Remember, the Earth was only six days old when God created Adam. (Gen.1:1-32)


[EDITED: "Each column delimited by tabs."]

       BIBLE References -- GENEALOGIES       EARTH'S AGE       ACTUAL DATES
Gen.5:1,2 -- The Creation of Adam         6 days        4160 B.C.
Gen.5:3 -- Creation of Adam to birth of Seth         130 yrs.       130 yrs.       4030 B.C.
Gen.5:6 -- Birth of Seth to birth of Enos       105 yrs.       235 yrs.       3925 B.C.
Gen.5:9 -- Birth of Enos to birth of Cainan 90 yrs. 325 yrs.       3835 B.C.
Gen.5:12 -- Birth of Cainan to birth of Mahalaleel       70 yrs.       395 yrs.       3765 B.C.
Gen.5:15 -- Birth of Mahalaleel to birth of Jared       65 yrs.       460 yrs.       3700 B.C.
Gen.5:18 -- Birth of Jared to birth of Enoch       162 yrs.       622 yrs.       3538 B.C.
Gen.5:21 -- Birth of Enoch to birth of Methuselah       65 yrs.       687 yrs.       3473 B.C.
Gen.5:25 -- Birth of Methuselah to birth of Lamech       187 yrs.       874 yrs.       3286 B.C.
Gen.5:28,29 -- Birth of Lamech to birth of Noah       182 yrs.       1056 yrs.       3104 B.C.
Gen.7:6 -- Birth of Noah to the Flood         600 yrs.       1656 yrs.       2504 B.C.
Gen.11:10 -- The Flood to the birth of Arphaxad        2 yrs.       1658 yrs.       2502 B.C.
Gen.11:12 -- Birth of Arphaxad to birth of Salah       35 yrs.       1693 yrs.       2467 B.C.
Gen.11:14 -- Birth of Salah to birth of Eber       .30 yrs.       1723 yrs.       2437 B.C.
Gen.11:16 -- Birth of Eber to birth of Peleg       34 yrs.       1757 yrs.       2403 B.C.
Gen.11:18 -- Birth of Peleg to birth of Reu       30 yrs.       1787 yrs.       2372 B.C.
Gen.11:20 -- Birth of Reu to birth of Serug       32 yrs.       1819 yrs.       2341 B.C.
Gen.11:22 -- Birth of Serug to birth of Nahor       30 yrs.       1849 yrs.       2311 B.C.
Gen.11:24 -- Birth of Nahor to birth of Terah       29 yrs.       1878 yrs.       2282 B.C.
Gen.11:26 -- Birth of Terah to birth of Abram       70 yrs.       1948 yrs.       2212 B.C.
Gen.21:5 -- Birth of Abraham to birth of Isaac       100 yrs.       2048 yrs.       2112 B.C.
Gen.25:26 -- Birth of Isaac to birth of Jacob       60 yrs.       2108 yrs.       2052 B.C.
Gen.47:5-12 -- Birth of Jacob to entering Egypt       130 yrs.       2238 yrs.       1922 B.C.
Ex.12:40, 41 -- Entering Egypt to Exodus         430 yrs.       2668 yrs.       1492 B.C.
1Kg.6:1 -- Exodus from Egypt to beginning of construction of Solomon's temple       480 yrs        148 yrs       1012 B.C.
B.C./A.D. -- 1012 B.C. to year 0       1012 yrs.       4160 yrs.       0 AD/BC

       Year 0 to today       1977 yrs.       1977 yrs.       1977 A.D.
       TOTAL YEARS from Creation to today [EDITED: "1977"]       6137 yrs.--Amen?

       * All references are from the King James Bible.

       69. Well, they say, "COULDN'T THOSE SIX DAYS OF CREATION IN GENESIS CHAPTER ONE HAVE BEEN EONS, AGES?"--I don't know what in the world is the matter with these people! If they believe in God at all, why do they seem to think God had to have so much time to make the world? My God is big enough to create the whole Universe! You think He couldn't have done it in six 24-hour days? He could have done it in six minutes!

       70. As Doctor Albert Einstein said in one of his last statements, which is not very widely publicized by our dear "truth" seeking evolutionists (God only knows what their "Ministry of Truth, 1984," has done with it by this time!), "Now that we know these principles of nuclear fission and fusion, we now realise that THE EARTH AS WE KNOW IT COULD HAVE COME INTO EXISTENCE IN A MOMENT OF TIME," BOOM! Just like that!

       71. YOU'RE EITHER GOING TO HAVE TO BELIEVE IN SIX STRAIGHT 24-HOUR DAYS OF CREATION FROM THE BIBLE, OR YOU BELIEVE THE BIBLE'S A LIE! Because God told the Jews, "Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God: In it thou shalt not do any work. [DELETED] For in six days the Lord made Heaven and Earth, the sea and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: Wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath Day and hallowed it." (Ex.20:9-11) If each of those original "days" were a million years long, as some of these compromisers say, then it means the Jews had to work and do hard labour for six million years in order to enjoy their "seventh day" rest of another million years! Of course, now they're saying creation took six billion years!--So a billion-year Sabbath!

       72. YOU HAVE TO INTERPRET SCRIPTURE CONSISTENTLY. You cannot say this means that over here and it means something else over there. If God made the Heaven and the Earth in six days, and God's Word says so, I believe it, and if then He told the Jews to work six days just like He did and rest on the seventh day just like He did, it's obviously a physical impossibility for anybody to work six billion years or six million years or even six thousand. These days here are regular, 24-hour days just like we have today!

       73. SO DON'T TELL ME, YOU DEISTIC AND THEISTIC EVOLUTIONISTS, THAT GOD CREATED THE WORLD BY SOME LONG, DRAWN-OUT PROCESS OF EVOLUTION--there's no such thing! It's impossible! He could have if He wanted to, but He didn't! Like old Dr. Koger used to say, God could have made a better berry than a strawberry, but He didn't! These verses here, in the second chapter of Genesis, are a few more of the many that knock that Deistic evolution doctrine right in the head:

       74. "THE LORD GOD MADE THE EARTH AND THE HEAVENS, AND EVERY PLANT OF THE FIELD BEFORE IT WAS IN THE EARTH, and every herb of the field BEFORE it grew. ..." Did you get that? He made every plant of the field, when? BEFORE it was in the earth! He made it full-grown and perfect, and then He planted it! How about that? And every herb of the field, what? Every herb of the field BEFORE it grew! When? BEFORE it grew! Evolution says that it just gradually developed and grew. He made everything full-grown, mature, including plants, animals and man! So now you know which came first; the chicken, not the egg!

       75. Another interesting point is that all plant life was made on the THIRD day of creation and the sun was created on the FOURTH. (Gen.1:11-19) If these "days" of creation were thousands or millions of years, all vegetation would have perished in darkness-they had to be 24-hour days!

       76. BUT WHAT ABOUT THESE RADIOACTIVE DATING METHODS that they use to try to prove the earth and mankind are so many million or billion years old, contrary to the Bible? These methods are based on PURE ASSUMPTION AND THEORY! Take the Carbon-14 method, for example: This means of dating is based on the amount of radioactive carbon found in the remains of once-living organisms. This radioactive carbon, or radio-carbon, is a substance which is formed by the sun's cosmic rays as they enter the earth's atmosphere. It is then absorbed only by living plants and animals. So when the organism dies, the C-14 in its remains begins to slowly decay & is not replaced. Hence the paleontologist tries to measure the amounts of C-14 left in his fossil to determine how old it is.

       77. However, "ONE OF THE MAIN ASSUMPTIONS OF C-14 DATING," according to "Science" Magazine, "is that the atmospheric radiocarbon level has held steady over the age-range to which the method applies." But what if the C-14 level has not held steady? What if it has changed? Science Digest answers: "It most certainly would RUIN some of our carefully developed methods of dating things from the past. [DELETED] If the level of carbon-14 was less in the past, due to a greater magnetic shielding from cosmic rays, then our estimates of the time that has elapsed since the life of the organism will be TOO LONG" And this is exactly what has happened!

       78. THE LEVEL OF CARBON-14 WAS LESS IN THE PAST! Not only due to a greater magnetic shielding, but also due to a great moisture covering which the Bible calls "the waters which were above the firmament" or atmosphere. (See Gen.1:6,7.) This water-blanket veiled the earth protecting it from the powerful cosmic rays! But during the Flood, when God opened up the fountains of the deep, and the Heavens poured down and it rained for forty days and forty nights, apparently that envelope of moisture that protected us from those harmful cosmic rays was removed.

       79. THE FACT THAT THESE "WATERS ABOVE THE FIRMAMENT" DID SHIELD THE EARTH FROM THESE C-14 FORMING COSMIC RAYS IS MADE APPARENT IN THE SCRIPTURES: Immediately after the Flood men's lives were shortened to almost one-tenth of what they were before the Flood! Now science has proven that cosmic rays are what cause aging and finally, along with your sins, bring on death.

       80. So when that cloud covering disappeared, those deadly cosmic rays began to really come through. and instead of living eight, nine hundred or a thousand years, all of a sudden they began to live only about 70 to 120!

       81. So what does all of this prove? It proves that their big assumption that "the atmospheric radio-carbon level has held steady over the age-range" is a FALSE assumption! It has not held steady, as the present atmospheric conditions didn't even come into existence until after the Flood! So their "carefully developed methods of dating things from the past" ARE "ruined"! And their "estimates of the time that has elapsed since the life of the organism" ARE "too long"! Even "Science Year" has confessed, "Scientists have found that the C-14 concentration in the air and in the sea HAS NOT REMAINED CONSTANT OVER THE YEARS. as originally supposed."

       82. Another interesting fact is that THEY HAVE NEVER YET FOUND ANY SUBSTANTIAL ARTIFACTS OVER FIVE OR SIX THOUSAND YEARS OLD. The World Book Encyclopedia confesses this by saying: "The earliest records we have of human history go back only about 5,000 years." This is why they always refer to their theoretical time-periods over five or six thousand years ago as "prehistoric," because there is no historical evidence to prove such a time existed! It's all guesswork and speculation designed to support their big fairy tale of evolution!


       83. "IN THE BEGINNING, GOD," NOT CHAOS, NOT SOME NEBULOUS CLOUD OF GASES, BUT "IN THE BEGINNING GOD, CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH!"--the first verse of the first chapter of the first book of the right Book, praise God!" In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth." Now either you believe that, either you believe what God's Book says, or you're going to take what some liar says!

       84. THIS IS THE PREMISE AND PREFACE AND FOUNDATION OF THE ENTIRE BIBLE! In the beginning, first of all, what? God, there's God! And God did what? He created the Heavens and the Earth! So if you don't believe in either one, then you're off the beam. There's a God, and He created the Heavens and the Earth! And this is the basic foundation: If you don't believe this, you can't believe anything!

       85. BECAUSE WHEN YOU DOUBT ONE, ONE WORD IN THE BIBLE, YOU'LL SOON DOUBT THE WHOLE BIBLE! Why? What happens in a court of law with the testimony of a witness, when one thing he's said is proven to be a lie? what do they do with his entire testimony?--They throw the whole thing out, including the true things he said, because they can't believe it and every word will be in doubt. If he lied about one thing, maybe he lied about another? And that's the way it is with the Bible. If you can't believe every word of it, then you can't believe every word of it, then you can't believe any of it!

       86. JESUS SAID, "HAD YE BELIEVED MOSES, YE WOULD HAVE BELIEVED ME... But IF YE BELIEVE NOT his writings, how shall ye believe My Words?" (Jn.5:46,47) Now, what's the first of Moses' writings, upon which all five books are based? GENESIS! "In the beginning. ..." all about creation, the history of Israel and the beginning of God's dealings with man.

       87. If they had believed that book of Genesis all about creation, God, then they would have accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. WHAT, THEN, DID THE DEVIL KNOW HE HAD TO DO TO PREVENT PEOPLE FROM BELIEVING IN CHRIST? He knew he had to destroy their belief in the writings of Moses, in the book of GENESIS in particular, the creation, the glorious creation! He had to destroy their faith in this, and this would prevent them from believing anything else, the Bible, Jesus, or anything else, anything, if he could destroy their faith in creation! And how'd the Devil do that? By what doctrine or what big lie?

       88. EVOLUTION!--THAT WAS HIS GREATEST LIE and greatest manufacture and most clever piece of teaching, evolution! As ridiculous and idiotic as anything you could possibly study, because it has NO FOUNDATION IN FACT whatsoever; there's no evidence for it, no discovery yet has been made to prove it! As one of its top exponents, Margaret Mead, the famous contemporary anthropologist wrote in her own introduction to her textbook on anthropology: "We as honest scientists must confess that science has yet to discover one single iota (tiny speck) of concrete evidence to prove the evolutionary theory!"

       89. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT GOD'S GREATEST CREDENTIALS ARE, THE GENUINE PROOF OF HIS AUTHORITY? HIS CREATION!! His glorious creation is a constant testimony of the existence of a divine Designer and Creator, as Romans 1:20 says, "For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made (His Creation), even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse!" And that's why the world wants to reject creation and say it's all just a meaningless, chaotic evolution: Because if the world and its inhabitants are God's creation, then they're His property--and if they're His property, then He's got the right to be Boss--and they don't want God to be Boss! Therefore "they did not like to retain God in their knowledge," in their education. (Rom.1:28)

       90. "Because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. PROFESSING THEMSELVES TO BE WISE, THEY BECAME FOOLS!" (Rom.1:21,22) They got so smart they could do without God and the Bible, and so they became what?--FOOLS! Absolute fools, who "changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. ... Who changed the truth of God into a LIE, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator!" (Rom.1:23,25)

       91. So Why? WHY DID THE DEVIL AND MAN COOK UP THIS RIDICULOUS, IDIOTIC SCHEME OF EVOLUTION? To try to get rid of God! To try get rid of God and the knowledge of God, "as they did not like to retain God in their education." And since they threw God out, and they threw Creation out, and they threw the Bible out, they had to cook up something new! As Prof. L.T. More of the University of Cincinnati confessed, "Our faith in the idea of evolution depends upon our reluctance to accept the antagonistic doctrine of special creation." They didn't want the truth any more, so they had to figure out some big lie! And that's why they cooked up evolution!


              92. THE LOGIC OF EVOLUTION IS IF YOU'RE JUST A BEAST THEN LIVE LIKE ONE! If you came out of hell, live like hell, and go back where you came from! After all, if there's no Planner then there's no Plan! If there's no Ruler then there are no rules! If there's no Judge then there's no judgment! If there's no God, then there's no right or wrong! If life is only "the survival of the fittest," then there are no crimes! If in a fit someone kills somebody, why he's the "fittest" and should be allowed to "survive!" After all, it's not the poor brute's fault, he's just an animal, that's just the way he evolved, it's just the savage in him from his ancestors coming out!

       93. HITLER OBVIOUSLY WAS A FIRM BELIEVER IN EVOLUTIONARY PHILOSOPHY, and he continually repeated this theme in his speeches. "The whole of nature," he said, "is a continuous struggle between strength and weakness, an eternal victory of the strong over the weak." Doubtless, many repressive regimes have found it only too easy and convenient to attribute their mass murders and political purges to "natural selection's" elimination of the weak in favour of the strong!

       94. SO THE BIG LIE, EVOLUTION, THE BIGGEST LIE IN THE WORLD, IS LARGELY RESPONSIBLE FOR MANY OF THE WOES AND THE ILLS THAT THE WORLD IS SUFFERING TODAY, including selfishness of economy, confusion of government, horrible mishandling of crimes, and all the rest of it--one grand, great, awful mess, due to what? Refusal to believe what Moses said--the writings of Moses in Genesis, the book of beginnings! And by refusing Moses' writings they reject Jesus Christ as well! So instead of His loving laws of "As ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them" and "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself" (Mt.22:39;7:12), all they've got is the cruel code of dog-eat-dog selfishness!

       95. No wonder we have so much crime and so much murder and everything else! Because you're your own judge! THERE'S NO STANDARD EXCEPT YOUR STANDARD, and you can make any standard you want to! We're devolving, that's for sure, devolution instead of evolution! We are going downhill instead of uphill!

       96. PEOPLE TODAY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE, THEY DON'T KNOW WHERE THEY'RE FROM, WHO THEY ARE, WHERE THEY'RE GOING. They don't know what to identify themselves with, the 'search for identity'. Who am I? What am I supposed to be? There's no God, no Bible, no rule-book! They doubt everything, they can't believe anything except the philosophy of existentialism: "I exist, therefore I am. All I know is I'm alive."

       97. EXISTENTIALISM MEANS THAT ABOUT ALL YOU KNOW IS YOU'RE ALIVE, YOU EXIST'. Now that they're taking LSD, smoking marijuana and everything else and they get into the realm of the spirit, they're not even sure of that! ABSOLUTE CONFUSION! Totally unrelated, no identity!--Why? Because they've lost touch with the only concrete frame of reference, and that is God, and His explanation, the Bible! No book, no standard to go by, nothing!


              98. WE CANNOT CONVINCE YOU THAT EVOLUTION IS A LIE! Because if you haven't got enough sense to see that and appreciate the truth of the Bible, if you would rather believe in evolution than the truth of God's Word, then be deluded and deceived, 'cause that's what you will be! He said, "Because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved ... for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth!" (2Thes.2:10-12) And if you don't like the truth, you've only got one alternative and that's a lie!

       99. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE TRUTH YOU DESERVE TO BE DECEIVED! If you don't want a life-saver, drown! If you haven't got enough sense to recognize the truth when you see it, may God have mercy! And He has had mercy in trying to give it to you. But one of these days, instead of having mercy, He's going to have justice and you're going to get what's coming, and what we all deserve, except for the mercy, of God! I know this sounds like pretty rough language, but I'm just telling you what's going to happen to you if you don't want the truth; sometimes it helps wake people up!

       100. Jesus said, "IF THE LIGHT THAT IS IN THEE BE DARKNESS, HOW GREAT IS THAT DARKNESS!" (Mt.6:23) How horrible to think that you're right when you're wrong! How horrible and heinous to think you've got the right kind of belief when it's a fake and a farce and a phoney and nothing even resembling reality!

       101. But if you want God's plain, simple truth, all you have to do is HUMBLE YOURSELF AS A LITTLE CHILD AND ASK HIM TO OPEN YOUR EYES AND COME INTO YOUR LIFE. This is why Jesus said, "I thank Thee, O Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, that Thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent. and hast revealed them unto babes!" (Lk.10:21) And, "Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven!" (Mt.18:3)

       102. FOR GOD IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN GIVE MEANING TO THE UNIVERSE and purpose to the planets and love to our hearts and peace to our minds and health to our bodies and rest to our spirits and happiness to our lives and joy to our souls and the wisdom to know that "the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom"! (Prov.9:10), and "the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God!" (1Cor.3:19)

       103. JESUS IS "THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE!" (Jn.14:6). PRAY AND ASK HIM TO COME INTO YOUR HEART, forgive your sins, and give you a new life, and He will! He promised: "Behold, I stand at the door and knock: If any man hear My Voice and open the door, I will come into him" (Rev.3:20). "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (Jn.8:32) Free from sin, self, hypocrisy, and the damnable lies which deceive and delude so many--like EVOLUTION!

       104. GOD BLESS YOU! WE LOVE YOU! COME AND VISIT US! There are thousands of us in hundreds of Colonies throughout the world, and some of us are sure to be near you somewhere! Or write us today and order some more eye-opening MO Letters from the address below nearest you!

       105. P.S. To those of you who know and love the truth and your fellow man: We hope this lesson will encourage you to STAND UP for your convictions and to take the initiative in ATTACKING with vigorous and vocal PROTEST the diabolical lies of the Devil being spouted with such Satanic venom by his high priests of man's vain knowledge in an educational system designed by the Devil to destroy faith and exalt man and make you a devotee of creation rather than its Creator!

       106. STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH AND FIGHT FOR YOUR FAITH! Give clear ringing testimony before others that they, too, may know the truth so that the truth may set them free!

       107. IF YOU DON'T DO IT, WHO WILL? Don't be a lukewarm compromiser who makes God sick! (Rev.3:15,26) Jesus said, "Whosoever shall be ashamed of Me and of My Words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of Man be ashamed, when He cometh in the glory of His Father with the holy angels!" (Mk.8:38) "Whosoever shall confess Me before men, him will I confess also before My Father which is in Heaven." (Mt.10:32) So why leave the field to the forces of evil and evil evolutionists? STAND UP FOR JESUS AND HIS TRUTH TODAY! Hallelujah!


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