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"EURO UNITS!"--The New International Money?--By Father David       7 November 1978       MO--DFO 738

Copyright © December 1978 by the Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italy

       [EDITED: "Picture:"]

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| *** ECU *** |
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       1. LAST NIGHT I WAS THINKING THAT THE EUROPEAN MONETARY SYSTEM IS GOING TO BE A BIG STEP toward the development of a general European currency. It will almost amount to a new currency. That's something that they have hassled a long long time about.

       2. THEY'VE ALWAYS SAID THEY HAVE TO DEVELOP A COMMON EUROPEAN CURRENCY before they can have real European unity, a real united Europe. That is the first most logical step and the one to come before any kind of political unity. They've got economic unity already in the Common Market, now they need a common currency.

       3. THEY'VE BEEN DRAGGING THEIR FEET AND ARGUING ABOUT IT FOR YEARS. The Common Market's been in existence virtually since World War 2. But they've been arguing about how its currency is to be set up ever since.

       4. NOW THEY ARE BEING FORCED TO DEVELOP A EUROPEAN CURRENCY BECAUSE OF THE COLLAPSE OF THE DOLLAR. As long as it was still easy to use dollars for the common medium of exchange, they just drifted along. But now they're literally being forced to desert the dollar and form their own basic currency. And this is what the Euro Unit's going to do.

       5. IT'S GOING TO FORCE EUROPE TO DEVELOP MORE THAN JUST THE TERM MERELY MEASURING IT IN UNITS. They're going to have to have something to show for those units, which means they're going to have to produce a common European currency, some kind of paper money, because it's a basket of several European currencies, plus 1/3 gold, plus 1/3 dollars.

       6. THIS WHOLE THING IS SLOWLY MOVING TO A HEAD. That's the next step. They'll be forced to use this new system & new measuring unit called the ECU, the European Currency Unit. And that's going to force them to actually put it on paper too, actual money.

       7. IT WILL BE THE NEW EUROPEAN MONEY, A EUROPE-WIDE CURRENCY.--No more money exchanging! I bet it will save the banks and the countries billions to cut out all that exchange business!

       8. OF COURSE SOME PEOPLE ARE GOING TO LOSE A LITTLE MONEY, like the greedy money-changers, because there won't be any more money changing, except for countries outside of EMS. It's going to be very practical and every feasible and I believe will really work.

       9. I WAS SORT OF WONDERING WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO CALL THEM. Certainly they're not going to call them ECUs or European Currency Units. When you're in a hurry to ask somebody for some money you don't say, "Kindly give me so many European Currency Units." When you want a dollar you don't say, "Dad, please give me one United States Dollar Treasury Certificate."

       10. I HAD NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS TERM BEFORE. It had never ever come to my mind at all, even as many times as I've read up on this. I was just thinking,

       11. "THEY'VE GOT TO HAVE SOME KIND OF A NAME FOR IT SIMPLER THAN THAT!"--And just like a voice inside of my head, just as clear as I ever heard any of those revelations, just like somebody was answering me, just as plain as day:

       12. "EURO UNITS!'--Euro Units!" Now I really don't think it was my mind at all, because it's just the way I hear those other things--a voice said: "Euro Units"!

       13. I THOUGHT, "WELL THAT'S GOOD, EURO UNITS--SHORT, EASY TO SAY, EURO UNITS!" You're not going to stop and say the big long name, European Currency Units. You might say ECUs, but just as clear as a bell inside my head, "Euro Units!" I thought:

       14. "WOW! EURO UNITS! SO IT'S GOING TO BECOME THAT COMMON! They are actually going to have a European medium of exchange, money! They're going to have a paper, currency called Euro Units." It may be spelled out on the currency, but that's what people are going to call it.

       15. I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE! I was just wondering what they're going to call it and it came to me as clear as anything!

       16. LATER I WAS ASKING THE LORD, "WHY DID YOU GIVE ME AN ANSWER SO EASY ON SOMETHING SO SEEMINGLY INSIGNIFICANT and unimportant to us, when a lot of times I don't get any answer for something I really want to know!" And it came to me, "It is important!"

       17. IF EUROPE IS GOING TO AGREE ON THE UNIT AND INSTITUTE THE BASKET and develop this European Currency Unit, they are also going to have to start printing that in actual currency, in actual bills, coins and so on.--And that's going to take a little time!

       18. SO IF THERE IS GOING TO BE TIME ENOUGH FOR EUROPE TO REALLY BEGIN TO USE ITS OWN CURRENCY and have printed and minted money, it must mean that we've got a little bit more time before the complete economic collapse of Western Europe or the war or whatever!

       19. IN OTHER WORDS, MAYBE WE'VE GOT AT LEAST A YEAR OR TWO BEFORE ANY MAJOR DISASTER, COLLAPSE OR WAR! They could hardly do it much faster than that, as slow as the wheels of government move and as slow as these nations are to agree with each other.

       20. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER I CAN SAY THAT MUCH FOR THE MIDEAST! They've sort of softened things up in the Mideast now, but they're just putting off the final settlement. They're just postponing the day of reckoning!

       21. THIS AGREEMENT BETWEEN ISRAEL AND EGYPT IS JUST PUTTING OFF THE DAY OF RECKONING! Like the President of Iraq flat out said, "We are not going to allow those Jews to stay there! That is our country, it belongs to the Palestinians, and we're going to run 'em out! Sooner or later we're going to run them out! Right now we haven't got the capability to do it, but just give us another ten years & we'll be ready!"--I don't think it's going to take that long really, but it might.

       22. THE NEXT QUESTION THAT CAME TO ME WAS, "WHAT ABOUT THIS CREDIT SYSTEM THE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO DEVELOP?" We know they're already working on it, they've already got this huge computer. It takes three floors of one building in Brussels, and they already call it the Beast! (See Rev.13!)

       23. THEY'RE ALREADY WORKING ON THE IDEA OF AN ELECTRONIC CREDIT SYSTEM to replace completely the use of money, but that would be a slow changeover too. They've got to give everybody a number and they've got to get the system all set up and worked out, it all takes time. And I thought,

       24. "WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE EURO UNITS when that computer takes over?" And it came just as clear as anything, "It's going to be based on the Euro Units." Its credit is going to be measured in Euro Units! (They say each Unit's going to be worth about $1.37.)

       25. THEY'VE GOT TO HAVE SOME KIND OF UNIT TO MEASURE IT. They've got to call it something. They've got to have some standard, some unit. It's got to be done in figures on these computers, and these figures have got to represent something. You can't just call them numbers!

       26. THE ELECTRONIC CREDIT SYSTEM IS GOING TO BE BASED ON EURO UNITS, it's going to be measured in Euro Units. They'll be the next step toward it, because this is simplifying the whole monetary system: In other words, organising it down to specifics.

       27. THE BIGGEST OBSTACLE TO THE WORLD CREDIT SYSTEM HAS BEEN THE DIFFERENCES IN CURRENCIES. They have got to develop a single unit to base their electronic credit system on, and the Euro Unit is the beginning. These things take time to develop and work out the snags and get the countries to agree and the banks organised and change over to the different system.

       28. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK BRITAIN TO CHANGE OVER to the new pound with the hundred pennies? They worked on teaching the people and had programs and literature on it for two or three years before they actually instituted it, but there were still people who were confused! They just couldn't think in the new currency, they just couldn't figure it out. They couldn't change over to thinking that way.

       29. YOU KNOW HOW IT'S A BIT DIFFICULT TO CHANGE YOUR THINKING FROM ONE CURRENCY TO THE OTHER WHEN TRAVELLING. We always have to have something to relate it to to get an idea of the values and so on. So it takes time to develop those things.

       30. IT'S GOING TO TAKE TIME FOR THEM TO FINALLY AGREE ON THIS BASKET and develop the unit of exchange that they're going to use. Then they're bound to have to go to some kind of actual representation of those units in the way of paper and minted money, and that will take time. It'll take time for people to get used to using them and to get them into use and in practise.

       31. SO IF THERE'S GOING TO BE SUCH A THING, IT'S GOING TO TAKE A LITTLE TIME. Maybe Europe's going to have a few more months or years left after all! It looked pretty bad there for a while.

       32. EVEN THE PEACE TREATY BETWEEN ISRAEL AND EGYPT HASN'T BEEN SETTLED YET. But apparently Carter has really beaten them over the head. I guess you heard the latest,

       33. BEGIN'S BEEN TRYING TO BLACKMAIL THE U.S. He wanted to get about 30 billion dollars worth of credit for signing the peace treaty. Can you imagine? Talk about hard bargainers, those Jews are hard bargainers! But the U.S. is putting so much pressure on, it looks like they may just drive it through.

       34. IF THE JEWS GET ENOUGH OUT OF IT, THEY'LL PROBABLY AGREE TO IT. They're only returning one little piece of land, the Sinai Desert, and they're not giving back any of the most valuable places, nothing but the Sinai! And it's been like trying to get blood out of a turnip to get that out of them, and boy, they're making the U.S. pay a price for it!

       35. IT LOOKS LIKE THEY MIGHT DRIVE IT THROUGH, WHICH MEANS THAT EGYPT WILL HAVE LITERALLY DESERTED THE ARAB CAMP and split the Arabs completely apart, just as the Rejectionist Arabs said. But there are not enough left to try to attack Israel or carry on any kind of war with Israel with any hopes of winning.--Certainly not Syria, nor even Saudi Arabia with all its planes and whatnot. Surely not Jordan, Lebanon nor Iraq, not even all of them together are ready yet. Without Egypt, the most populous and most powerful of all the Arab countries, they can't do it.

       36. SO CAMP DAVID DID NOT SETTLE THE QUESTION AT ALL, IT HAS JUST POSTPONED THE DAY OF DOOM, that's all. They just put it a little further away, because it split the Arabs. It will take quite a while and quite a provocation, and the world will have to be just ripe for it for Russia to pitch in and help them grab it!

       37. RUSSIA IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT MARX TOLD THE COMMUNISTS TO DO:--Just give them time, and capitalism will crumble of its own weight, which is a lot cheaper and easier than fighting wars!

       38. THEY'RE JUST BIDING THEIR TIME, AND THE U.S. IS GETTING WEAKER EVERY DAY--weaker economically, weaker militarily, weaker politically, etc. And all Russia has to do is sit there and wait while America gets less powerful and weaker all the time--until the time cones when there's sufficient world opinion on Russia's side and she's had sufficient excuse or provocation, then she'll figure it's time to strike. It's not by any means over yet!

       39. AND PROBABLY, AS WE'VE ALWAYS SAID, THE CRUNCH WILL COME OVER OIL. Egypt has no oil, and that's one way the Arab States who are left have power to punish the U.S. and Israel, with oil.

       40. THE FIRST STEP IS GOING TO BE WHEN THE ARABS DESERT THE DOLLAR FOR THE EURO UNITS! If the OPEC States decide to dump the dollar and go to the Euro Unit in pricing their oil, that could cause the collapse of the dollar for sure!

       41. DOLLARS WOULD NO LONGER BE GOOD FOR BUYING ARAB OIL! The U.S. would really be in a scramble to try to collect Euro Units to buy oil, and that would cause one hell of an oil shortage in the U.S.!

       42. NOW THAT THE U.S. HAS GOT THIS ONE BIG PROBLEM OFF THEIR HANDS, ISRAEL AND EGYPT, and they got that war postponed a few more years, maybe five, they hope, now they're going to have to go to work on their biggest problem, inflation.--Which they do not blame on their own greediness, selfishness, waste or anything else but the Arabs!

       43. YOU READ ALMOST ANY AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA AND THEY ALL BLAME INFLATION ON THE PRICE OF OIL! They say, "It wasn't our fault! It was because the Arabs raised the oil!" They come out with that all the time, "Primarily it was the increase in the price of oil that caused the biggest problem."

       44. NO COUNTRY EVER BLAMES ITS PROBLEMS ON ITSELF. IT ALWAYS TRIES TO BLAME IT ON ITS ENEMIES, somebody outside. "It's not because we're greedy or selfish or wasteful or live too high or burn too much gasoline or drive too big cars," say the Americans.

       45. "IT'S THOSE AWFUL ARABS WHO RAISED THE PRICE OF OIL, or we would have been fine!"--And that's going to be played up and played up until the people are whipped into a war frenzy and willing to take a chance on a coup or military grab!

       46. I READ IN ONE PAPER HOW THEY ALREADY HAVE CONTINGENCY PLANS ON HOW TO GRAB OFF ONE OF THE LEADING OIL NATIONS.--And do you know which one would be the most likely? Where would they be most likely to have a little bit more sympathetic world opinion than any other oil nation? (Tim: Libya?)--Yes! Because the Jews hate Godahfi's guts!

       47. [DELETED] If the pinch gets tight enough and the squeeze gets bad enough, they'll figure they're justified in grabbing off one of these rascals that's been a thorn in their flesh! This Camp David Accord is a step in that direction.

       48. THEY SAY THAT EGYPT'S ALREADY BEGUN TO MOVE ITS FORCES FROM SINAI TO THE LIBYAN BORDER! Of course the U.S. would use Egypt, if not its own forces. They've probably already got a deal, "You grab Libya and we'll leave you Arabs alone. Just let us have the oil!"

       49. THESE PLOTTERS AND CONSPIRATORS HAVEN'T CHANGED ANY SINCE ANCIENT HISTORY. The U.S. has proven itself willing to fight just as dirty and to hit below the belt just as much as any other power that ever existed, in fact even worse!

       50. SO, THE SWITCH TO THE EURO UNIT WILL REALLY PUT THE PRESSURE ON THE U.S. It's going to put the pressure on the U.S. even if OPEC doesn't switch to it, because Europe is going to be much stronger and more united. Already its currencies are much stronger, and the Euro Unit will be stronger than that! So the dollars are really going to go down!

       51. THEY'RE GOING TO KEEP ONE-THIRD DOLLARS IN THE BASKET TO TRY TO HELP THE DOLLAR RETAIN SOME VALUE because Europe's got so many.--Otherwise they probably would have kicked it out completely! But it will probably only slow down the complete collapse. Otherwise I think the dollar would just absolutely fall almost flat on its face!

       52. THE DOLLARS WILL STILL BE OF SOME VALUE AS LONG AS YOU HAVE TO HAVE DOLLARS TO BUY U.S. PRODUCTS. But the list of those products is getting shorter every day, because you can get better and cheaper products from Japan and from Germany, etc.

       53. THE JAPANESE AND THE GERMAN'S HAVE LEARNED HOW TO MAKE ANYTHING THE AMERICANS CAN MAKE, and how to make it cheaper and better! They couldn't lick the U.S. militarily, but now they're literally licking the U.S. economically!

       54. SO THE U.S. DOLLAR IS NOT NEARLY AS IMPORTANT ANYMORE. It's not as great a necessity as it was after World War 2 when you couldn't do anything without U.S. dollars. Now they're getting to be almost a liability instead of an asset! If Europe and then OPEC go to Euro Units, there will be less and less need for dollars all the time, and they'll nosedive!

       55. THE ONLY DOLLARS NEEDED WILL BE TO BUY A FEW AMERICAN PRODUCTS that these other countries have not yet learned how to produce. There are a few very highly super-secret weapons and a few super-duper computers, and believe it or not, America produces a tremendous amount of wheat. So it may turn out that about the only thing America's got left to sell is a few arms, computers and wheat, which isn't going to be an awful lot. So, the sum and substance of the whole thing is this:

       56. THIS WHOLE THING IS PAVING THE WAY TOWARD THE END! But it's a fairly slow paving job, It's going to take a little time to lay that paving and build that road, but it's being built!

       57. THE NEW EUROPEAN MONETARY SYSTEM AND THE EURO UNITS ARE ALL PAVING THE WAY. And if OPEC goes to Euro Units, then the U.S. and its dollars will continue to decline and they're going to have more problems!

       58. IF THE U.S. GETS INTO AN OIL BIND, THAT'S GOING TO BRING COLOSSAL PROBLEMS and unemployment! And if enough Americans get unemployed and go without gasoline or without heat and a few other things they consider necessities, they are going to get mad!

       59. THEY'RE GOING TO BLAME IT ALL ON THE ARABS and on OPEC and so on, and be very greatly tempted, since all else has failed, to use some force! And the most likely thing they would do is to use Egypt to grab off Libya! In cases like this they love a little provocation on the border to give them an excuse to march in! It would be almost the simplest thing in the world for Egypt!

       60. THERE'RE ONLY A FEW SMALL ARAB STATES THAT WOULD SIDE AGAINST EGYPT WITH LIBYA. But most of the rest are pro-U.S. or couldn't care less and may figure it's good riddance of a thorn in their consciences--Godahfi!

       61. ABOUT THE ONLY FRIENDS LIBYA'S REALLY GOT ARE IRAQ, SYRIA, KUWAIT AND S. YEMEN, the most radical, pro-Communist States, and they're not big enough to do anything about it--not when you consider that he has a little country of only two million people and Egypt has ten million! He's only got about 40 thousand men under arms, whereas Egypt has nearly half-a-million men well-armed with big armaments, planes, guns, tanks, everything!

       62. TAKING LIBYA WOULD BE LIKE SQUASHING A LITTLE BUG, WITH WHAT EGYPT HAS GOT!--Unless Russia would step in and intervene! That's the question! Of course it's all going to lead to that eventually.

       63. THE THING THAT CAME TO ME IS IT'S GOING TO TAKE A LITTLE TIME. We have a little more time. I was asking the Lord, "Why did You show me such a seemingly infinitesimal insignificant unimportant little thing like Euro Units?" Well, it may turn out to be pretty important!

       64. IT IS A STEP, FIRST OF ALL, TOWARD A COMMON EUROPEAN CURRENCY. Then the Euro Units are a step toward world currency, and finally a step toward the computer credit system.--All of this preparing the world economically for one world government.--The Beast!

       65. THEN BECAUSE OIL IS MORE VALUABLE THAN MONEY, THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE TO SOLVE THE OIL PROBLEM somehow. Since the U.S. can't rake enough Euro Units together to buy enough oil to meet its greedy needs, it's probably going to try to grab some oil, and the most likely oil country it will try to grab is Libya!

       66. SO EVERYTHING'S GOING THAT DIRECTION, speedily in some ways, but in other ways a little slower. If this Euro Unit is going to have time to be developed and used, then that's going to take some time, which means Europe may have a few more years.

       67. WELL, I THOUGHT IT WAS INTERESTING--ONE LITTLE THING LIKE THAT CAN TRIGGER A LOT OF THINGS! I know I didn't think that up, I got it from a voice inside my head, "Euro Units!" I'd never even thought of it before!

       68. I DON'T KNOW, IT MAY NOT COME TRUE. But even if it doesn't, it was a good idea!--Ha! (Maria: It always comes true!) Well, sometimes it doesn't look like it, and sometimes it takes awhile, but it's happening!

       69. I PREDICTED THE COLLAPSE OF THE DOLLAR AT LEAST TEN YEARS AGO, and finally it's collapsed fast enough for people to believe it! Americans have to be practically slapped in the face with it before they'll believe anything detrimental or pessimistic about their country!

       70. AMERICANS JUST CAN'T BELIEVE THERE WON'T ALWAYS BE AN AMERICA! Probably one of these days there will be a United States of Soviet Socialist Republics!--A USSSR! Of course that will only come after the next war!

       71. I BELIEVE THERE'S DEFINITELY GOING TO BE A WAR, because you and I know the U.S., and we know that they're just crazy enough that if they get mad enough over that oil and think that the rest of the world's shutting them out, they'll fight for it!--Or Israel!

       72. VIOLENCE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE U.S. SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM! War has always been their solution. Only this time I believe it will be their last one, because I believe they're going to lose it!

       73. SO TO ENCOURAGE YOU, MAYBE THE TOTAL COLLAPSE OF THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM AND THE WAR IS STILL A LITTLE BIT AWAY. It's going to take a little more time to work up to it, or down to it. Just like the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty is going to postpone the day of reckoning & the war in the Mideast, so the Euro Unit is going to postpone the day of reckoning for the monetary system and it's collapse!

       74. THE EURO UNIT IS GOING TO BE ONE WAY EUROPE IS GOING TO SAVE ITS SKIN ECONOMICALLY TEMPORARILY.--Particularly the less they cling to the U.S.' skirts and stand on their own eighteen feet! Because on their own they're doing pretty well without the U.S. to drag them down!--It's funny how positions switch:

       75. IN THE BEGINNING THE U.S. WAS THE ONE WHO ENCOURAGED EUROPE TOO UNITE, after World War 2, to make a strong united Europe to oppose Russia. Now the U.S. is backing down and backing out of it and trying to fight it!

       76. NOW EUROPE IS GETTING SO STRONG AND SO UNITED IT'S ABLE TO THUMB ITS NOSE AT THE U.S., and this hurts the U.S. economically. Europe is getting independent and self-sufficient, and doesn't need the U.S. as much as it did before.

       77. AND GUESS WHO IS ENCOURAGING THE STRONGER UNITED EUROPE NOW?--RUSSIA! She's completely switched her position and playing a totally different tune now, because she sees that by encouraging Europe to unite and get stronger, it's going to further weaken America more and more!--(After all, the Russians are Europeans!)

       78. A UNITED EUROPE IS MAKING FOR A STRONGER RUSSIA, whereas a united Europe used to make for a stronger America. Now it's making for a stronger world socialism and weaker capitalism and a weaker U.S. So it's all on the way, and it's going to pave that road slowly block by block right to the End! (For more on this, see our Letters: "Que Sera, Sera!", "The Real War!", "Israel Invaded!", "Warning!", etc.)

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