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"JESUS' BABIES!"--By Father David       June 24, 1976       DFO 739
--A Child of Love for Jesus' Sake!

© December 1978 by the Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia

       1. ISN'T DAVIDITO THE PRETTIEST LITTLE THING YOU EVER SAW? I wouldn't trade him for anything. He was the result of Flirty Fishing. We got a good pay-off! Any of you gals that are worrying about the result of fishing, why just take a look at Davidito. Are you sorry we had him? (Family: No!) Now we're hoping we're going to get a nice little brown girl out of this crop somewhere.

       2. I KNOW THE LORD GOES ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL DESIRE and what you want. For a long time Maria didn't want one because she felt like it would be a drag and a detriment and she couldn't take care of her work, but I'm afraid I was praying against her and apparently my prayers won!

       3. SHE KNEW I WANTED ONE SO BAD, she was finally willing to have a baby, and we didn't have one until then. Five years, nothing till Davidito!

       4. (MARIA: I WAS SO BAD AT THE BEGINNING. I fought it so hard when I knew I was pregnant, I was so mad.) Oh, she cried! Just because she knew it wasn't mine. (Maria: Because you got a revelation that it was somebody else's and I didn't know for sure until then.)

       5. I THOUGHT THAT WAS A VERY ENCOURAGING REVELATION that he would have the body of a strong young man but he would have my strong spirit. Now what more could you ask than that? I'm too old to produce a nice strong young body.

       6. I DON'T BELIEVE IN THIS BUSINESS OF A "NATURAL" EXPLANATION at all! Science approaches it with all this natural reasoning and natural processes and everything else. Well even then it's a miracle that that sperm ever makes it to the egg in the first place!

       7. YOU KNOW GOOD AND WELL IT IS A MIRACLE OF GOD'S SPIRITUAL CREATION that He creates a new human soul! He uses your bodies and these natural means as instruments, but you could try as hard as you will and fuck ten times a day, but if it's not God's will for you to have a baby you're not going to have one!

       8. HE LEAVES IT A GREAT DEAL UP TO YOU AND YOUR FAITH as to whether you want it or not, as to whether you need it or not, as to whether the Lord needs it or not for His Kingdom. I absolutely believe it when the Bible says,

       9. "ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THEM THAT LOVE THE LORD." (Rom.8:28.) God is not going to let anything happen to a Christian, a child of God who loves the Lord, except what is for your good.

       10. SO HOW CAN YOU WORRY ABOUT IT? I mean If you don't have it, praise the Lord, thank You Lord, it wasn't God's will. If you do have it, praise the Lord, thank You Lord, it is God's will.

       11. IF YOU GET PREGNANT AND HAVE A BABY YOU KNOW GOOD AND WELL IT'S OF GOD! I don't care whose it is, it's God's will! Because I don't think babies just happen by accident, I don't think it's some kind of an accident or freak of nature that you happen to have a baby.

       12. THERE HAVE BEEN WOMEN WHOM THE DOCTORS EVEN TOLD THEY COULDN'T HAVE CHILDREN, believe it or not, who have gone to Tenerife and immediately had children! That's a legendary fact about the island, believe it or not! It's the truth.

       13. I FEEL LIKE IT'S A BLESSING OF GOD ON THE PEOPLE OF THE ISLAND BECAUSE OF THEIR FAITH. They're good people, they're honest people, they have simple faith in God and Christ. They may not have much faith in the church, thank God, but they still have faith in God. So I think God blesses them with children.

       14. CHILDREN, DO YOU BELIEVE THE BIBLE? The Bible says, "Children are an heritage of the Lord!" (Ps.127:3.) He does not say that children are merely an accidental product of fucking!

       15. I NOTICED SOME OF YOU BOYS WERE WORRIED: "WHAT IF SHE HAS SOMEBODY ELSE'S BABY?" Well is it the Lord's child or not? What's the difference between that and what the Lord says in the 7th chapter of 1Corinthians?

       16. IF ONE OF THE PARENTS IS NOT SAVED, IN FACT HE SAYS UNCLEAN, "YET ARE YOUR CHILDREN CLEAN" because you are a believer. If either the mother or the father is a believer, a child of God, then your children are clean in God's eyes. (1Cor.7:14.)

       17. MOTHER EVE USED TO BE TERRIBLY FEARFUL ABOUT GETTING PREGNANT She figured having a baby was like dying, death to her ministry. And when we started having one every couple years she thought that was the end of her ever being a woman preacher, which was what she liked to be. She's a good speaker, as you know, and she writes good letters.

       18. SHE THOUGHT SHE'D NEVER EVER HAVE A MINISTRY AGAIN, all she was ever going to be doing from now on was changing diapers. Well that was true for a while, she was real busy just having children and taking care of them. But it didn't mean death to her ministry as you can see.

       19. WHAT IF SHE HADN'T HAD THOSE CHILDREN? In the first place there would have been no Family of Love, because it was our children who started it!

       20. CHILDREN ARE NOT SOME KIND OF A DISEASE OR SOME KIND OF A CURSE that you have to pray real hard not to have or not to catch! I don't like to look at it that way at all!

       21. I NEVER WORRIED ONE MINUTE ABOUT IT, I SIMPLY TRUSTED THE LORD! Yes, I had faith, for I knew and loved the Lord enough to know that He knew and loved us and we'd just have whatever He wanted us to have whenever He wanted us to have it.

       22. HE KNEW WHAT WAS BEST FOR US, so we had one baby about every two years. It gave her plenty of time to recover and catch her breath and get ready for the next one. So, why not?

       23. IF IT'S GOD'S WILL, YOU'LL HAVE IT, and there will be nothing in this world you can do to stop it except to stop fucking!--And I doubt if you're going to do that, because if you do you'd be disobeying God!

       24. HE SAYS NOT TO WITHHOLD YOURSELF FROM EACH OTHER except it be with both of you consenting, that you're going to have a little time of fasting and prayer, you're going to go at least a few minutes and fast and pray. Well, to fast you must miss at least one normal meal--or fuck!

       25. BUT ANYWAY, I JUST KNEW THE LORD LOVED US AND HE WOULD ONLY GIVE US WHAT CHILDREN HE WANTED US TO HAVE. I never worried about the sex, whether it was going to be a boy or a girl.--"Oh honey, what do you want, a boy or a girl?"--Whatever the Lord gives us! I'm not God! I don't know what's best, only God knows what's best!

       26. ONLY GOD CREATED DEBORAH THE WAY SHE IS. In spite of her faults, stubbornness, wilfulness and independence, she is a terrific organiser, and one of the first things we needed after the Revolution began was good organisation.

              27. THEN WHO CAME ALONG?--AARON! And what was he? He was the crazy musician! He was so spaced out on the Lord that the cops used to stop him on the street thinking he was on drugs!

       28. HE WAS SO SPACED OUT ON THE LORD, on the Spirit! He'd be so in the Spirit walking down the street strumming his guitar they thought sure enough he must have had drugs or something. What other nut goes walking down the street playing his guitar and singing at the top of his voice or acting so crazy!

       29. BUT IT WAS HIS MUSIC THAT HELPED TO START THE REVOLUTION! It was those songs that he composed that were the heartcry of the youth of America that helped start the spiritual Revolution for the Lord! So which one should we not have had, huh?--Aaron?

       30. THEN ALONG CAME HO. He was clever with his hands and mechanical things almost from the day he was born. When he was a little kid he used to take things apart and put them back together again.

       31. HE WAS EXTREMELY INVENTIVE. If nobody else had ever created something that was needed, he'd figure out some way to invent it! And this talent the Lord began to put to use on our first publications.

       32. THE SIMPLE, SIMPLE WAY THAT WE MANAGE TO PUBLISH MILLIONS OF COPIES of our Letters around the world every month, is largely a result of his inventive creative genius. He figured out the simplest, easiest, cheapest, safest way to do it. So shouldn't we have had Ho?

       33. AND WHAT ABOUT FAITHIE? WAS SHE A MISTAKE of some kind?--Slipped through the rubber, bypassed the diaphragm, the pill wasn't effective?--Not at all!

       34. I'LL TELL YOU RIGHT NOW, WE NEVER USED A RUBBER OR A DIAPHRAGM OR A PILL in our whole married life and I have yet to ever use one and I never will because I believe in God! God will have His way.--Whether He keeps you from having a child or whether He has you have a child for His glory!

       35. WHAT WOULD WE HAVE DONE WITHOUT FAITHIE, my fourth? When it comes to public personality, public leader, a woman preacher, whatever you want to call her, a flaming Joan of Arc, she's it!

       36. THE JOAN OF ARC OF ENGLAND AND FRANCE AND FIRST OF ALL AMERICA! She led the forces, she led the demonstrations. She could tell the cops off and preach away and they were afraid to touch her.

       37. SHE SPOKE WITH SUCH POWER AND SUCH AUTHORITY, and if they wouldn't take that, she'd sing to them and they couldn't stop her! She'd play her guitar and sing.

       38. I ASKED THE LORD ONE TIME, "WHAT IS IT ABOUT FAITH'S SINGING THAT GETS PEOPLE SO?" The Lord said, "She sings with authority!" She's a Joan of Arc, a pioneer, a soldier, a fighter! Was she a mistake? Should I have put the rubber on than day? Of all the ridiculous things!

       39. DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD? Do you believe that everything's in His hands? That nothing happens without His will, especially to His child whom He loves and to whom He wants to be good and take care of you?

       40. DO YOU THINK ANYTHING'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOU THAT'S NOT GOOD? You say, "A lot of things happen that don't look good to me!" Well I daresay you finally found out sooner or later that somehow or another it was good for you.--Or you will yet!

       41. SOME THINGS HAPPEN JUST TO KEEP YOU CLOSE TO THE LORD--sickness, trouble, problems. Sometimes they happen to drive you closer to each other. Sometimes they happen to keep you humble. Sometimes they happen to make you pray, all kinds of reasons for even having troubles. Even troubles and tribulations are good for us. Thank You Lord! So you can certainly see how needed and useful every single one of those children were when we started the Revolution for Jesus!--Now the Family of Love!

       42. NOW WHAT ABOUT DAVIDITO? WAS HE A MISTAKE? Was he an accident? Well I don't know what he's going to be in the future but I'll tell you a few things he's already done:

       43. HE CREATED A REVOLUTION WITHIN THE REVOLUTION because he made us pay more attention to our children and our pregnant women! We found out for one thing that they were not getting the training that they should have!

       44. SO BESIDES BEING VERY ENJOYABLE AND CHEERING MY HEART AND MAKING ME VERY HAPPY and being very beautiful and very intelligent & very healthy, thank the Lord, he also caused us to place a greater emphasis on the care of our pregnant women and childbirth and the training of our children.

       45. WHEN MARIA REALISED SHE WAS PREGNANT SHE RIGHT AWAY BEGAN TO READ ALL KINDS OF BOOKS on pregnancy, then on childbirth, then on child training. She has just read scores and scores of books and has made the suggestions and asked for the answers and insisted that certain things be published. She was the one who needled Deborah to get things out.

       46. SO DAVIDITO DID THE WHOLE FAMILY GOOD all over the world. He did it good because he caused us to discover that not enough was being written or published and not enough was being done.

       47. THE LORD GAVE US A CHILD TO REMIND US OF THE IMPORTANCE OF CHILDREN. It's been a long time since I had a family of small children. Sometimes you're almost prone to forget what it takes and all the trouble it is.

       48. WELL, THAT LITTLE RASCAL IS JUST A NICE LITTLE REMINDER from the Lord to remind us to take care of the kids. He's done us a lot of good, cheered our hearts. I think he's done us good all the way around.

       49. HE'S CAUSED A CHILDREN'S REVOLUTION within the Family, he's caused a local revolution within our Family here, and last but not least, and I think maybe this is what the Lord wanted you to get today, some of you who were worrying about it:

       50. I HAVE AN IDEA THE LORD BROUGHT ALONG DAVIDITO TO ENCOURAGE YOU! Are you afraid of getting pregnant? Well just look at Davidito! Are you sorry we had him? Well, he's the product of FFing!--The child of a Fish!

       51. HE'S A CHILD OF ANOTHER MAN that he looks almost exactly like, beautiful boy, sweet boy, who received the Lord, was studying his Bible, was witnessing to his friends and was doing real real well until he had to make a choice between being Davidito's father or going selfishly his own way.

       52. I OFFERED TO TAKE HIM HERE INTO MY HOME and treat him as one of my own sons, so that he could be a father to his own child and I would have loved him just as much as I love you, and I do. But he would not, he refused, backslid under pressure.

       53. WHEN YOU START TO DECIDE TO SERVE GOD FULL-TIME, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! The Devil pulls out all of his big guns and his bigwigs and everything in his bag of tricks to try to keep you from starting to serve God!--Because if he can just keep you from starting he figures you'll never serve God! He knows that once you have started serving God you'll likely never stop!

       54. BUT THE LAST POINT I WANTED TO TELL YOU IS I THINK GOD SENT DAVIDITO ALONG TO ENCOURAGE YOU GIRLS AND BOYS WHO HAVE WORRIES ABOUT HAVING CHILDREN, especially having children the way we believe in sexual freedom. If you or your husband are worried about having somebody else's child, take a good look at Davidito.

       55. DO I LOOK UNHAPPY?--TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT ME! Does Maria look unhappy?--Take a good look at her! Well, she was a little unhappy at first: "But I wanted to have your baby!"--I said, "It is my baby! What are you talking about?

       56. "WHAT THE HELL DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE WHOSE SEED IT WAS! It's going to be your child, therefore it's my child and I am its father! I'll love it just as much whether it was my fucking or somebody else's that did it!"

       57. NOW MAYBE THAT'S A PRETTY REVOLUTIONARY CONCEPT OF HAVING CHILDREN, but that's why I believe that children are an heritage of the Lord. The Bible says so in the first place, and there he is, the heritage of the Lord, with his mouth full of banana!--Ha! Hi heritage! How you doing, heritage? Hi! I'm talking about you! He's made us very happy.

       58. MARIA WAS NOT SICK ONE DAY WITH HIM, believe it or not, first pregnancy, it was a miracle! I say this to encourage you girls who worry and fear pregnancy and worry about having babies--she wasn't sick a day!

       59. ONE REASON WAS BECAUSE SHE WAS IN GOOD HEALTH TO BEGIN WITH. We always got lots of exercise and had a good diet. We didn't make too much love but we made enough, and she was happy and healthy and without fear. Fear is the killer! You can worry yourself sick, worry yourself to death!

       60. SHE WAS STILL RIDING THOSE BUMPY LOCAL BUSES IN HER 8th AND 9th MONTH! If one of those buses won't make you have a baby, nothing will! And they do it all the time, Spanish women do it, because they're rugged and healthy and clean and happy.

       61. I THINK THAT'S ONE REASON GOD BLESSES THIS ISLAND!--He not only blesses it with children, but He blessed it because they receive the children and are thankful to have them. Children here are considered a blessing.

       62. IN THE UNITED STATES CHILDREN ARE CONSIDERED A CURSE. People do their best not to have them, and only have them when they can't help it. Very few people in the United States or England really want to have children. And they are killing them now by the tens of thousands, murdering their own children! Just because they murder them before they're born doesn't mean it's not murder, it's still murder!

       63. SO TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT DAVIDITO! ARE YOU SORRY WE HAD HIM? Isn't he an encouragement to you? Wouldn't you like to see a few more around like him? I'd like to see some nice little brown girls too!

       64. WHEN I FIRST TOOK HIM OUT IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD, proud father wheeling him along--of course I look more like his grandfather--the Spanish neighbours would come and look in his carriage, "Oh, muy moreno!--He's so brown!" I'd say, "Yes, why not? Todo Espanol!--He's Spanish!" And they'd look at me kind of shocked, ("What does he mean?")

       65. "OF COURSE HE'S NICE AND SPANISH LOOKING! He was born here in Spain!" What better answer have you got than that? I knew what they were thinking of course, "Ha, ha, this old cuckold, we know he didn't have this baby! It's not his! The poor old fool thinks it's his, but his wife's obviously been running around with some of these Spanish men!"

       66. WHAT THEY DIDN'T KNOW IS THAT I KNEW IT ALL AND THAT I PRAYED FOR DAVIDITO. I said, "Well Lord, if I can't have him, maybe somebody else can." I'm kind of partial to girls, so I was sort of praying for a girl, but I kept saying, "Well Lord, You know best." But I sure wouldn't send him back just because he wasn't a girl!

       67. I BELIEVE IN BEING HONEST, I LIKE FREEDOM, I LIKE THE TRUTH! If you can't speak the truth, then you don't have freedom! If you girls are afraid of having somebody else's baby, whose baby is it anyhow? Yours or the Lord's?--It's the Lord's!

       68. IN ITALY A CHILD BORN OUT OF MARRIAGE IS CALLED A "JESUS BABY." In other words, he was born like Jesus, before Mary and Joseph were married. They were only engaged, so here she was an unwed mother!--The Virgin Mary!

       69. UNMARRIED MARY HAD A CHILD, THINK OF THAT! Think of what a disgrace it was in the system, how it must have been very embarrassing. It says he hid her for about 6 months until he couldn't hide her anymore. Then he took her down near Jerusalem to her cousin Elisabeth so she wouldn't have to suffer all the long wagging tongues and all the gossip. The public knew they weren't married yet and here they already had a baby!

       70. DID YOU REALISE WHAT MARY WENT THROUGH TO HAVE JESUS? She had to be looked down on, spat on, scorned as an unwed mother! Everybody knew she wasn't married yet, and here she was having a baby! Read it again and see. She really went through it.

       71. AS FAR AS THE WORLD WAS CONCERNED HE WAS A BASTARD, what they call a bastard--nobody knew who the father was. Well how could they know it was God? They just figured it was some other man or Joseph got a little too close before they got married.

       72. IT DIDN'T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE TO THEM WHETHER IT WAS JOSEPH OR SOME OTHER MAN. They still weren't married yet, so in their sight it was just as bad!

       73. YOU KNOW THE SYSTEM'S GOT ALL ITS RULES AND ITS TRADITIONS and it doesn't matter about God or love or anything. If it isn't according to their traditions it's wrong! As Jesus told them, "Ye do make the laws of God of none effect by your traditions!" (Mt.15:6.) So there you are.

       74. I CAN SEE WHY GOD GAVE US DAVIDITO FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT: Any of you who are worrying about having some other man's baby or something, so what! If God gives it, what the hell difference does it make what instrument God used, whose penis God used, whose seed God used?

       75. NOW I HAVE TAUGHT THIS SINCE OUR FIRST DAYS ON THE RANCH actually. I told some parents there who were making trouble, "Wait a minute! Don't go around here talking about your children and my children and making some kind of a difference between them! They are our children, we are one Family & all of our children are just as much mine as they are yours!"

       76. WE HAVE A NEW AND A DIFFERENT CONCEPT OF WHAT A FAMILY IS: It is not a little private selfish twosome who go off and live all by yourselves very privately and selfishly and have no fellowship with the rest of the Family and keep your children all to yourselves and your lives all to yourselves, like all the rest of the world's doing.

       77. WE BELIEVE IN FAMILY UNITY, IN ONE FAMILY! But we still usually sort of couple off. I almost always sleep with the same woman. Most of you boys sleep with the same woman most of the time. But sometimes you sleep with someone else just to show love and that we have freedom and that we're one Family.

       78. IT'S A PART OF OUR BINDING UNITY AS ONE FAMILY that we all belong to each other. No girl here is forced to sleep with any man and no man is forced to sleep with any woman he doesn't want to sleep with. We have perfect freedom of choice.

       79. HAVE ANY OF YOU GIRLS BEEN FORCED TO SLEEP WITH ANY MAN you didn't want to sleep with? Never! Usually you get the burden yourself and ask to sleep with someone that you want to help, that you feel needs help. You do whatever you feel God wants you to do, whatever you think you need to do, it's up to you, entirely up to you.

       80. SO WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO HAVE A NICE LITTLE DAVIDITO TOO? Well I think the Lord sent him along for your encouragement, because he was the product of this kind of love and this kind of FFing!

       81. LET ME SAY FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT THAT HE WAS THE RESULT OF ONLY ONE OUT OF ABOUT 20 POSSIBILITIES! That ought to encourage you! We only hit the jackpot once in 20, so the odds are pretty slim unless God is in it, amen?

       82. HERE'S ONE GIRL THAT HAD ABOUT 20 MEN OVER A HUNDRED TIMES AND ONLY GOT ONE BABY out of the deal, and I wouldn't trade him for anything! I'm thankful, and I'm not ashamed, why should I be?

       83. "BUT HE'S A LITTLE BASTARD!"--WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG? I don't give a damn what the world thinks as long as he's God's child! I'm convinced that God is his Father; what difference does it make what man God used for the instrument? She could have fucked'm a thousand times, and still if it hadn't been God's will it wouldn't have happened! It's God's baby, it's a Jesus baby, a child of Love!

       84. USUALLY IT'S SOMEONE THAT'S PRETTY CLOSE TO THE KINGDOM AND PRETTY RECEPTIVE, who already loves us and loves you, or you wouldn't be going to bed with him, so why not have his baby? And I would say if the Lord loves that man enough to give you his child, that is a compliment from the Lord and it shows that God is trying to show both you and him how much He loves you, amen? So, praise God!

       85. EVERY TIME I TALK TO YOU IS A TIME OF DECISION. You either agree with it or you don't agree with it. If you agree with it then you have the faith for it. If you don't agree with it, you don't have the faith for it. Have I helped you to make a decision? Has this helped you? Do you understand what I've been talking about?--Do you agree?

       86. WE'VE SAID GOD'S ONLY LAW IS LOVE. As long as whatever you're doing is in love in a way that's not hurting anybody, how can you go wrong?

       87. I HOPE THAT THIS HAS ENCOURAGED YOU TO HAVE FAITH IN GOD TO TRUST HIM FOR WHATEVER YOU DO IN LOVE. The Bible says that if it's in love, "against such there is no law," no law of God! Now there might be some laws of men, but there's no law of God against love in its true pure form of sincere Godly love! Amen?--God give you JESUS' BABIES!

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