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"MIDEAST PEACE?"--What the Bible says!       19 September 1978       DFO No.740
--By Father David

Copyright © November 1978, by the Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia.

       1. I GUESS YOU KNOW THE BAD NEWS ABOUT CAMP DAVID. Of course they came out of the session, all three of them, bragging about what a great success it was, which, of course, they had to. They would hardly have dared come out and said it was unsuccessful after spending about two weeks at it!

       2. IT LOOKS LIKE EGYPT IS GOING TO MAKE A SEPARATE PEACE WITH ISRAEL, which is what the other Arabs suspected all the time--in exchange for the Sinaitic Peninsula. It's turned out to be almost nothing more than what's known as a unilateral peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, in exchange for a lot of bribery from the United States to both sides!

       3. ISRAEL IS GOING TO GIVE THE SINAI TO EGYPT IN EXCHANGE FOR TWO NICE BIG BRAND-NEW AIR BASES which the U.S. is going to give to Israel.--Buying Israel off with two huge ready-made air bases, probably equipped with planes, plus $30 billion.

       4. ISRAEL IS GIVING EGYPT A GREAT BIG HUNK OF NOTHING BUT DESERT in exchange for two nice great big brand-new air bases in the Negev, which is a part of Israel that's not being argued over because that was originally given to Israel in the original U.N. plan.

       5. SO SADAT GETS BACK SINAI, and Israel gets two nice big brand-new modern air bases as a gift from the United States, isn't that nice? Wasn't that a great deal? Big deal!

       6. WELL, BEGIN WAS LIVING UP TO WHAT HE SAID, "You don't give something for nothing, not one grain of sand!"--But he gave Sadat the whole desert for two air bases!

       7. SO THAT WAS ONE OF THE GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS, Israel was willing to trade the Sinai for a couple big air bases which she can use a lot better than all those sand dunes in which the whole Egyptian armored force got bogged down in one of the last wars. There's not much she can do with all the sand anyhow except maybe make glass out of it!

       8. THEY HAVEN'T SETTLED ANY OF THE IMPORTANT POINTS AT ALL. Sadat is promising that he will make a peace treaty with Israel if he gets back the Sinai and if Israel will remove their new Israeli settlements.

       9. SADAT'S SETTLED FOR A WHOLE LOT LESS THAN HE WAS BUGGING FOR BEFORE. That's not even all the Egyptian lands which were taken away by Israel, much less all the Palestinian and other Arab (Jordanian and Syria) lands. You see, the West Bank belonged to Jordan, and the Golan Heights belonged to Syria. Of course now Israel's got the southern part of Lebanon too.

       10. THE GAZA STRIP WAS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT because it's one of the most productive coastal parts of all that part of the country. They've got huge orange groves and a big port and a few other important things. The Gaza Strip is the strip up the coast of the Mediterranean toward Israel across the Canal which was all a part of Egypt along the Sinaitic Peninsula, and has been a long time.

       11. THE PARTS OF EGYPT THAT ISRAEL GRABBED WERE THE GAZA STRIP AND SINAI. The part of Jordan that they grabbed was the West Bank. The West Bank is what dear Begin calls Judea and Samaria. Then the part of Syria that Israel grabbed was the Golan Heights and a whole lot more!--And now Israel dominates the southern fourth of Lebanon. Of course they're running it through their stooges, the so-called Christians, but it's under Israeli domination.

       12. SO EGYPT IS NOT EVEN GETTING BACK ALL OF EGYPT! Sadat is getting back Sinai but not the Gaza Strip, which is far more important than the whole Sinaitic Penisula put together! It looks to me like it's going to be pretty embarrassing for Sadat.--He's getting the loser's booby prize!

       13. THE MINUTE THE SETTLEMENT WAS HEARD OF, HIS OWN FOREIGN MINISTER RESIGNED IN PROTEST that Egypt's getting a raw deal! The previous foreign minister had already resigned when he went to Israel to try to make peace with Begin.

       14. ISRAEL'S GETTING A LOT MORE OUT OF THE SETTLEMENT THAN EGYPT. Of course Syria's getting nothing, Lebanon nothing, Jordan nothing at all, but Israel is promising--Israel's always promising to "negotiate" the rest, meaning stall until it's hers!

       15. ISRAEL IS PROMISING TO GIVE THE PALESTINIANS WHO LIVE IN ISRAEL A MEASURE OF SELF-GOVERNMENT or autonomy. Well, Israel had already said she was going to do that. But she is going to remain and have a military presence in certain Arab areas anyway. Before, she had said she was going to give them self-government but retain a complete military presence throughout the whole Arab-occupied territories. But now apparently Carter persuaded them to just keep their guns in certain places, like forts, to dominate Palestine.

       16. ISRAEL HAS PROMISED TO HELP SADAT WITH A NUMBER OF PROJECTS. Of course Egypt's a very poor country, got ten million people and very little money and no resources--about the best resource they've got is the Suez Canal. So he needs a lot of help, poor guy. The U.S. is offering to help him, and Israel, who is pretty rich with all the Jews in the world behind her, is offering to help him, and it looked pretty good to him.

       17. IT WAS VERY IMPORTANT TO ALL THREE OF THEM TO COME OUT OF THAT CONFERENCE AND CLAIM IT WAS SUCCESSFUL because their own reputations and domestic politics and positions and necks were at stake. Dear Carter has made such a botch of his international policies and his international relations that he is already in the hot seat and is being an almost absolute idiot about the way he's conducting international relations! So he'd been counting on this conference to make his reputation as being a great international politician that settled the biggest international problem in the world, buying off the dogs with U.S. billion-dollar bones!

       18. IT WAS VERY IMPORTANT TO SADAT TO TRY TO PROVE HE WAS RIGHT in trying to make peace with Israel by getting some kind of concessions and something out of Israel. Well he got his grains of sand anyway, and Israel got her bases and billions!

       19. OF COURSE BEGIN'S ALWAYS BEEN SUCCESSFUL anyway, because Israel's already had what it's wanted for a long time. It's got what it wants and is not giving up anything that's worth anything, and he's getting a lot more out of it than he's giving up! So he's quite happy.

       20. EVEN IF THE WHOLE THING WORKS OUT BEAUTIFULLY just the way they plan and everybody agrees, all it means is that Egypt is just getting back its grains of sand, that's all. Begin is getting his two brand-new air bases and losing nothing but a few grains of sand in exchange. All Carter's getting out of it is to be able to try to brag that he settled the big problems, which he didn't do. He hasn't settled one of them, not one!

       21. THE SINAI WAS NEVER ANY GREAT PROBLEM. Even the Arabs themselves said that Israel would probably give it back to Egypt, something that was worth nothing for something that was worth something. Maybe the Jews don't give them something for nothing, but they manage to get others to give them something for nothing!

       22. SO IT'S ALL A BIG PROPAGANDA SPLURGE AND EVERYBODY'S ALREADY SHOT THE WHOLE THING FULL OF HOLES, including the Arabs and the PLO and even news commentators. It's a nice big false-front farce, the whole thing!

       23. THESE THREE GUYS HAD TO TURN UP AFTER TWO WEEKS WITH SOMETHING. After all, the heads of three governments having spent two whole weeks in conference, the head of the United States taking a full two weeks off just to settle other people's problems when he's got enough of his own, they had to come up with something that sounded like they'd accomplished something! But it's pretty much of a farce.

       24. AS FAR AS ITS BRINGING ABOUT ANY GENERAL PEACE BETWEEN ISRAEL AND THE ARAB WORLD, it's pretty much dependent on whether the other Arab nations would recognise it, particularly Saudi Arabia and Jordan who are considered the leaders in that field. Both of them have completely denounced it as not settling the issues at all and not solving the problems and not bringing about peace, but only peace between Egypt and Israel and that's all, and they're a little dubious about that.

       25. IF SADAT SETTLES FOR PEACE FOR JUST A PIECE OF THE DESERT and doesn't even get the Gaza Strip, he's the guy that's making the concession. So it's pretty much a big farce, the whole thing, and dressed up to try to make it look good and make it sound like it's really a peace treaty.--Ha!

       26. OF COURSE IT HASN'T EVEN BEEN RATIFIED YET by the authorities of either Egypt or Israel, so it still may fall flat on its face! It's supposed to be ratified within three months by both parties, and then they're to work out the details within the next year, blah blah blah, and there's many a slip twixt cup and lip! The longer Israel stalls, the more she gets and Egypt loses!

       27. BUT THEY'RE ALWAYS TRYING TO CRY "PEACE, PEACE!" WHEN THE LORD SAYS THERE'S TO COME SUDDEN DESTRUCTION! Man is always trying to brag about how he can bring about peace without God, but he'll never make it in spite of all his bragging, even poor President Carter. Sometimes I'm almost convinced he's a simpleton, but at least he must have really beat those guys over the head, particularly poor Sadat, to try to get something to brag about out of that conference. He had to!

       28. OF COURSE, THE JEWS HAVEN'T GIVEN UP MUCH. Way back a year ago, when Sadat first went, they offered him Sinai if he'd sign a one-sided Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty. So they haven't changed a bit! Now he realises that's all he's going to get, and he better take what he can get, rather than admit to the rest of the Arab world he totally failed and got nothing!--Like they said he would!

       29. BUT NOW SADAT'S MERELY CONFIRMING THE SUSPICIONS OF ALL THE REST OF THE ARAB WORLD, that he was going to sign a unilateral or a separate peace treaty with Israel, and that's exactly what he's about to do. That's what he at least agreed to do at Camp David.

       30. SO THINGS ARE STILL AS BAD OFF AS EVER.--Maybe worse because of a fake sense of security and peace! It's only the world that always tries to be optimistic about these arrangements and the peace prophecies of man, because they love to believe in themselves and believe that they're infallible without God!

       31. THERE'LL BE NO PEACE WITHOUT THE PRINCE OF PEACE, JESUS CHRIST THE MESSIAH!--And that'll only come after the biggest war the World ever had, that will destroy a third of it (the capitalist third?), invade Israel and set up an anti-God world-wide Red dictatorship that will rule the Earth!

       32. EGYPT'S GOING TO GET A LOT MORE THAN SINAI THEN!--The Arabs will get it all!--and rule it for 3 1/2 years under the World Dictator with Jerusalem as his World Capital until Jesus comes and destroys him!

       33. SO HANG ON IN THERE, EGYPT!--YOUR TURN'S COMING!--In fact, according to the Bible and prophetess Jeane Dixon and my own prophetess Mother, it looks like the World Dictator himself will come from Egypt or some ancient part thereof--maybe Libya?

       34. GODAHFI'S ALREADY CONQUERED MALTA!--EGYPT NEXT?--That would be a miracle of God!--With only 50,000 soldiers against Egypt's 500,000!--and U.S. backing to boot!--Or maybe it'll be the other way around!

       35. EGYPT'S ALREADY MOVING FORCES TO ITS WESTERN FRONT WITH LIBYA, with U.S. encouragement and peace with Israel.--Is Libya next?--The U.S. would love to get rid of its Number 3 Enemy, Godahfi (so says U.S. Pentagon!), and grab all that nice greasy oil!--with Egypt's help as the U.S.' stooges!

       36. BUT WHAT ABOUT RUSSIA?--Will she let the U.S.-Israeli- Egyptian combo do this?--Not on your life!--Or Russia's life? She couldn't allow a boldface Western piracy grab like that!

       37. WAIT'LL THE RUSSIAN FLEET SAILS INTO MALTA when the British sail out next Spring!--Sooner or later she's gonna put a stop to U.S. grabs in the Mideast and grab that greasy stuff herself!--If the Bible is true!--and I believe it!--And Russia's acting like she believes it too, although she denies it!--Ha!

       38. SO GOD'S GOT EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL!--And it looks like Russia's going to be His controller!--According to the Bible! Read it!--It's all in Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation as plain as day! If you can't find it,

       39. READ MY LETTERS ON RUSSIA, ISRAEL AND THE COMING WORLD RED GOVERNMENT!--"The Warning Tract" (No.655), "Que Será, Será!" (No.305), "The Real War Goes On!" (No.277), "Israel Invaded!" (No.281)--etc., etc.! If you're busy and can't read much, ask for the brief completely illustrated True Komix editions!--They'll show you clearly!

       40. SEND FOR THEM TODAY--Tomorrow may be too late! Are you ready?! If not, receive Jesus as your Savior now and He'll save you from all this mess!--But you'd better hurry! It won't be long now! If you don't know how, write for "Love for All, All for Love!" (No.CB-502), "For You, Personally!" (No.CB-527), "My Love Letter--To You!" (No.584). Please enclose a gift to help cover costs.--Thanks! God bless you with His salvation and happiness in Jesus forever!--Amen. Love,--Father David.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family