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"U.S. STOOGES!"--Whose Stooge are You?!       3 August 1978       DFO No.741
--By Father David.

Copyright © November 1978 by The Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italy.

       1. ISRAEL AND AMERICA ARE CRITICISING RUSSIA FOR USING THE CUBANS. My God, dear Castro got on television and ranted and went on I think for nine hours, which he's famous for, and he really told them off!

       2. CASTRO WENT DOWN THE LIST OF HOW MANY THOUSANDS OF TROOPS THE U.S. HAS IN EUROPE, how many thousands it's got in the Mediterranean, how many thousands it's got in the Mideast, how many thousands it's got here and there all over the world!

       3. THE U.S.'S GOT TENS OF THOUSANDS MORE THAN HE'S GOT IN AFRICA! Their own troops, not their stooges, but their own troops, Americans! And yet the U.S. is pointing the finger at Russia for using the Cubans!--Ha!

       4. LOOK WHAT THE ISRAELIS ARE DOING!: They're using the so-called Christian Lebanese, the hard-rightists, the Falangists of Lebanon, as their stooges! They are much more their stooges, their hired assassins, than the Cubans are for the Russians! The U.S. pot's always calling the Russian kettle black, it's so ridiculous!

       5. EVEN THE NEWSPAPERS WERE ADMITTING THAT THE U.S. HAD BETTER QUIT BEING SO SELF-RIGHTEOUS about pointing the finger at Russia for its violation of human rights. They were literally admitting there was too much truth in what Andrew Young said:

       6. THERE ARE LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF POLITICAL PRISONERS IN THE UNITED STATES! And yet the U.S. goes around pointing the finger at others! They're blind! They're totally blind to their own situation.

       7. THERE ARE NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE THAT WILL NOT SEE! They refuse to see the dirt in their own back yard! They can't believe they could be so much like their enemies.

       8. THE U.S.'S BEEN BRAINWASHED AND PROPAGANDISED FOR SO MANY YEARS that the Russians are such horrible people and the Cubans are horrible and everybody else is horrible, even the Europeans are horrible, compared to them, so they can't even see it! They can't even see their own sins.

       9. THEY CAN'T EVEN SEE THEIR OWN COLLAPSING ECONOMY! They're just blinding themselves to it and refusing to see it. They don't dare look, so they get busy accusing the other guys. This, by the way, is an age-old trick of despots, dictators and totalitarian governments:

       10. TAKE YOUR PEOPLE'S MINDS OFF OF THEIR OWN PROBLEMS AND WHIP UP THE PROPAGANDA AGAINST THE ENEMY! Point the finger at the enemy and their sins. Get the people stirred up against their enemies, which will help them forget their own domestic problems. Blame it on the enemy!

       11. BLAME ALL THEIR TROUBLES ON THE ENEMY! Get them stirred up enough so you can whip them up into another war with the enemy. And that's exactly what the U.S.'s doing right now against Russia.

       12. THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY WAS MORE THE PARTY OF THE POOR MAN, although there's an awful lot of rich Democrats now! It has always been more for labour, more for the poor, more for welfare, more for lower tariffs and more foreign trade, free trade and tax the rich, etc.

       13. THEY ARE ALSO NOTORIOUS THROUGH ALL AMERICAN HISTORY AS THE WAR PARTY! Every single major war the U.S. has gotten into was under the Democratic Party. And every single major war it's gotten out of and made peace was under the Republicans, believe it or not!

       14. THE DEMOCRATS KNOW THAT IF THEY CAN WHIP UP ANOTHER WAR, WAR CREATES JOBS, war creates money, fake money. War creates inflationary economy and a boom--we've written about this before. (See "War-Boom-Bust!" No.H.) It gets rid of your unemployment, hikes the wages and puts everybody to work and keeps everybody busy.

       15. MOST OF ALL, WAR GETS THEIR MINDS OFF OF THEIR OWN PROBLEMS and troubles and makes them hate the rest of the world and blame the rest of the world for all their problems. If they can just go to war and conquer the rest of the world, whether it be Nazi or Communist or whatever it is, that'll solve all their problems.

       16. OF COURSE EVERY SINGLE TIME WHEN PEACE COMES, when the war is over and they go back home, they find they haven't solved a thing. If anything, they've made things worse! If they let it slide down too far without another war, they're going to be worse off than they were before.

       17. SO RIGHT NOW THE DEMOCRATS, BACKED BY THE JEWS, ARE WHIPPING UP SENTIMENT AGAINST THEIR ENEMIES. First of all it was the Russians, of course, and then the Arabs, now they're on both of them. All the villains are now Russians or East Europeans or they're Cubans or Arabs!

       18. THEY'RE BUILDING UP THE PSYCHOLOGICAL STATE OF MIND THAT'S NECESSARY TO PRODUCE A WAR. They can't persuade the public to go to war until they've convinced the public that war is necessary. It's necessary to fight the Arabs to save the oil, necessary to fight the Russians to save the Jews[DELETED]!

       19. (TIMOTHY: AND FIGHT THEM WHERE? AFRICA, because they don't have to worry about any interests they have there right now. They can wipe everybody out and burn the place to the ground just like Vietnam!) That's all it is, another Vietnam!

       20. THE MOROCCAN TROOPS ARE MORE STOOGES OF THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT THAN THE CUBANS ARE OF RUSSIA! They're hired assassins! I wish somebody would come out with the truth! I would bet my bottom dollar--in fact I'd go you better than that, I'd bet my bottom Swiss Franc, because the dollar's not worth much--that the Americans financed the whole 15,000-man Moroccan army that was sent to Zaire

       21. THEY NOT ONLY TRANSPORTED THEM, BUT THEY'RE PAYING THE BILLS and the salaries! We know they arm them. All the arms they've got are from the U.S., the whole works. So they are just stooges of the U.S. Why don't the people open their eyes and look and see! They're so blind!

       22. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO SEE IT, they don't want to believe it. They just can't see that their Moroccans in Zaire are exactly the same as Russia's Cubans in Angola. There's not a damn bit of difference!

       23. AT LEAST THE FRENCH SENT IN THEIR OWN PARATROOPERS! They sent their own people. They were honest and open about it. They weren't hypocritical about it, they weren't underhanded about it. They didn't try to fool anybody that France was sending in an army to put down this revolt so she could save her money down there in Zaire.

       24. BUT OF COURSE THE U.S. IS HYPOCRITICAL AND MORE DECEITFUL about using other people's troops than Russia. In fact, Russia's more open about using the Cubans.

       25. WHERE HAVE YOU HEARD ANYBODY ELSE SAY THAT THE MOROCCANS ARE AMERICAN STOOGES?--Paid, financed, armed, trained and transported by the Americans! Where has anybody brought that out? I haven't seen it anywhere. But it's obvious, obvious as can be!

       26. WHAT ABOUT THE 15,000 CUBANS IN ANGOLA?--THE U.S. HAS GOT 15,000 MOROCCANS IN ZAIRE! What's the difference? Not a damn bit of difference except the Americans are more hypocritical, deceitful and bigger liars about it!

       27. THE AVERAGE AMERICAN DOESN'T EVEN KNOW IT, doesn't even see it. You'd hardly find one American out of a thousand who could even tell you where Morocco is, what kind of government it has, and that it's an American colony run, armed, trained and financed by the U.S.--just like a part of the United States!

       28. NEITHER WOULD THEY BE ABLE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE MOROCCAN TROOPS WHO WERE SENT TO ZAIRE to put down the legitimate rebellion of the Lunda tribe from the dictatorial tyrannical oppressive government of Mobutu, that they were just as much U.S. troops as if they wore U.S. uniforms! How many of them know that? They say,

       29. "OH, THAT'S NICE OF MOROCCO TO BEFRIEND THAT LITTLE COUNTRY of Zaire and send their help. Wasn't that kind of them? That's the way it ought to be, Africans help Africa. Look at those good neighbours the Moroccans helping the little Zairans down there. Isn't that nice, especially since we've heard that Zaire is pro-U.S. and anti-Communist. That's all we need to know.

       30. "WE DON'T CARE IF THEY'RE TYRANTS. We don't care if they're torturing their people. We don't care if they're committing genocide against the Lunda tribe trying to totally wipe them out completely.

       31. "WE DON'T CARE WHAT THEY'RE DOING TO THEIR PEOPLE AS LONG AS THEY'RE PRO-U.S., ANTI-COMMUNIST. We will pay the bill!"--That's their whole idea. That's their policy in nearly every country on the face of Earth!

       32. "WE DON'T CARE WHAT KIND OF GOVERNMENT THEY'VE GOT, we don't care what they're doing. We don't care about human rights, torture or anything else. When it comes to anybody who's for us, pro-American, anti-Communist, we're all for them. We'll help them out and we'll shut our eyes, stop our ears and forget what they're doing to their people!"--That's literally what it amounts to.

       33. SO THE AMERICANS ARE JUST BLIND ON ALL THESE SCORES. They're blind on the international situation, they're blind on what's happening in Africa. They're blind to the state of human rights in their own country, they are blind to their collapsing economy.

       34. THEY ARE JUST BLIND TO EVERYTHING BUT THE TELEVISION! And they're sitting there watching TV 4 hours a day, hypnotized, blinded, so they don't have to think and they can forget what's happening in their own country and the rest of the world. They're happy as long as they've got something to eat and enough gas to run around on Sundays and take a vacation and good wages. They think,

       35. "WELL, THE PRICES AREN'T TOO BAD, we're still managing to be able to pay them. As long as we're not at war someplace where our boys are dying for no reason, as long as the Moroccans die for us, as long as the guerrillas die for us, as long as somebody else dies for us, why that's all right, we don't mind."--That's just typically U.S. American!

       36. THEY'RE BLIND TO THE FACT THAT THE REST OF THE WORLD DOESN'T LIKE THEM anymore, has no faith in them anymore, and they couldn't care less even if they knew it! They are just absolutely blind to what's going on in the world.--The Ugly American!

       37. IT REMINDS YOU A LOT OF HOW THE LORD TALKED ABOUT ISRAEL IN HER LAST DAYS, "Wherein have we done this? Who said so? Wherein have we robbed God? Wherein have we done this? Wherein have we done that? We don't see it. We don't see our sin, we don't see that we've committed any sins or done anything wrong!"

       38. THE AMERICANS DON'T SEE WHAT DANGER THEY'RE IN. They think their greatest danger is the possibility of getting shot with atom bombs by Russia. That's the thing they're scared to death about, and they pay out billions of dollars every year to make sure they can shoot back. When the fact of the matter is,

       39. IF RUSSIA WOULD JUST BE PATIENT SHE WON'T HAVE TO DESTROY AMERICA, America is destroying itself! We got that verse as a prophecy as clear as anything, that the Jews "shall sell thee unto the Sabeans, and Memphis shall bury you!"--Memphis, Egypt! [EDITED: "Joel 3:8; Hos.9."]

       40. THE INTERPRETATION IS LITERALLY THAT [EDITED: "THEY"] WILL SELL THE U.S. TO THE BLACKS AND THEN THE ARABS WILL BURY HER! That's what the verse says; it's in the "Warning Tract." [DELETED] It's very amazing prophecy, we got it literally prophetically.

       41. [EDITED: "THEY"] WILL SELL OUT THE U.S. TO BLACK AFRICA, which they're doing as fast as they can right now, and that whoever this dictator's going to be who will rise from Egypt, he is going to use it to bring about the destruction of America and bury them! So it's all happening.

       42. RIGHT NOW THE [DELETED] U.S. [DELETED] BACK[EDITED: "S"] THOSE [DELETED] guerrillas fighting the missionaries and the poor blacks of Rhodesia. They're backing their own enemies! They're literally committing suicide! Britain and the U.S. are committing suicide through their African policies.

       43. WHAT THE U.S. AND BRITAIN ARE DOING IN AFRICA IS THE OLD RUSSIAN STALL which is illustrated by the old story of the Russians on the sleigh: They used to have sleighs that carried sometimes as high as a dozen or 20 people, and as they were crossing the snowy steppes of Russia sometimes whole big hungry wolf packs would attack them!

       44. THE ONLY WAY THEY COULD GET RID OF THE WOLVES would be for one of them to volunteer, or at least grab one of them and throw him over, volunteer or no, to the wolves! This would stop the wolves long enough as they stopped to devour that one, that the others could get away.

       45. IT WOULDN'T TAKE THEM LONG TO DEVOUR HIM, and eventually they'd catch up with the sleigh again and they'd have to throw off another one! But of course pretty soon you run out of Russians and there's still plenty of wolves!

       46. IT'S EXACTLY LIKE THE CHINESE GENERAL said when they were fighting the Sino-Japanese War. They were both losing about the same amount of men everyday. Finally the Japanese General went to the Chinese General and suggested, "We're not getting anywhere, nobody's winning! We're both losing about the same amount of men everyday, why don't we make peace?"

       47. "AH," THE CHINESE GENERAL SAID, "YES, BUT SOON NO MORE JAPANESE--STILL PLENTY CHINESE!" This is literally the policy of the U.S. in what they're doing in Africa. [DELETED]

       48. "LET THEM HAVE RHODESIA, THAT'LL SAVE US! Let them have South Africa, that'll save our reputation at least. Our blacks and the blacks of the rest of Africa won't turn on us if we sympathise with them and throw them these bones of Rhodesia, South Africa, Namibia and a few others!

       49. "WE'LL THROW THEM THOSE BONES, THEN THEY WON'T DEVOUR US!"--But soon they're going to run out of bones and the wolves are going to turn on them and devour them anyway! But the Americans can't see that either.

       50. [DELETED] The State Department in America and the administration is secretly hoping that the Rhodesian government will collapse and the Communist guerrillas will take over. Then at least they won't bring in the Cubans, which the U.S. would have to object to and might have to do something about.

       51. SO RUSSIA IS SICCING THE WOLVES ON THE BONES. But they don't have any idea of letting those wolves run them or tell them what to do when they take over, any more than they did the Jews!

       52. THE RUSSIANS USED THE JEWS UNTIL THEY FINALLY GOT POWER THEMSELVES, then they were finished with the Jews. Well, they're still using them and won't let them go because they need them--they've got brains!

       53. RIGHT NOW THE U.S. AND THE WEST ARE TOSSING SOUTH AFRICA AND RHODESIA TO THE WOLVES to save their own necks. But after the wolves have gobbled those little bones up, they're going to be on the U.S.'s back next, and Russia will be siccing them onto the U.S.!

       54. SO THE WHOLE THING IS ALL WORKING IN RUSSIA'S FAVOUR: The economic collapse of the West and the political collapse and military collapse is all to the Communists' advantage and working toward the final one-world government of the Antichrist! So it's all fulfilling the Scriptures.

       55. THE BEST THING WE CAN DO IN THE MEANTIME IS STAY CLOSE TO THE LORD and listen to Him and get His directions. If we hedge ourselves in as well as we can, the Lord will do the rest. Like the Devil said about Job, "How can anything happen to him when you've got him all hedged around where nobody can touch him?"--Job 1.

       56. SO THE LORD'S PROTECTED US PRETTY WELL, thank the Lord! But we need to use a little common sense and follow His directions and we'll be better off.

       57. WE NEED TO TIGHTEN OUR OWN SECURITY, keep decentralising, diversifying, nationalising, indigenising, moving on and scattering into all the world so nobody can stop us! PTL! Amen?

       58. ARE YOU READY TO MOVE AT A MOMENT'S NOTICE?--We had to recently! Is your flee bag packed and ready to go?--Ours was, thank God!

       59. SOME WERE NOT AND GOT [EDITED: "INSPECTED"] with too much luggage they couldn't lug! The cops thought they were a bunch of terrorists unloading guns and bombs!--But it really wasn't funny!

       60. IT SCARED THE HELL OUT OF THEM and they got rid of all that excess luggage in a hurry!--Dumped it all on the nearest Home (thank God!)[DELETED]!

       61. NO MORE EXCESS BAGGAGE FOR US! That's what the Apostle Paul must've meant by "let us lay aside every weight and run"!--Ha! (Hebrews 12:1) From now on we travel light like the tourists and pilgrims we're supposed to be!--How about you!?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family