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--Camp David, the Shah, Samoza & Jonestown!--By Father David

Copyright © November 1978, by The Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italy.

       1. THE MOVIE "CASSANDRA CROSSING" WAS A BLAST AT THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION, warning you with this threatening film that WHO is part of a dangerous world dictatorship that could control your life and become uncontrollable!

       2. WHO [EDITED: "THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION"] IS A PART OF THE UNITED NATIONS, WHICH IS NOW PREDOMINANTLY ANTI-ZIONIST, anti-Israel except for the United States and a few other Western Nations. In fact, Israel has been calling the UN a farce and a mockery and no good because it has voted so many times almost unanimously against Israel!

       3. ALSO THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION has recently been dominated by actual Russian and Eastern European officers. The U.S. has warned that both UNESCO and WHO are dominated by supposed-Communists, Russians, East Europeans, everything that the United States and Israel hate!

       4. SO, THE WHOLE FILM WAS A [DELETED] PROPAGANDA BLAST AGAINST THE UNITED NATIONS and against WHO, and, of course, indirectly then against the Communists and Russia and any possible Red world government or world dictatorship. I tried to figure: What are they driving at? What's the whole point of the whole movie? And that was the whole idea:


       6. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE FIRST THING WAS THAT BEGIN TOLD CALLAHAN, head of the British Government, after leaving Camp David? They all left in a great grand and glorious spirit of victory, having made an "Accord"! In other words, "they were all of one accord"! It sounds like the early Christians--all of one mind, one accord, on the day of Pentecost!

       7. THEY ARE ALL SUPPOSED TO HAVE REACHED AGREEMENT, Carter, Begin and Sadat. Carter makes the announcement and tells what the "Accord" and the agreements are and he defines the whole thing and the conditions of the peace and the treaty.

       8. BUT AS SOON AS BEGIN LEFT THE U.S. and got over to London he says, "The U.S. officials have grossly misunderstood the Accord!"--Ha! He was already beginning to squirm like a worm or a snake to wriggle and weasel his way out of it.

       9. THE AGREEMENT OF JORDAN AND SAUDIA ARABIA WAS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. These are the two most moderate, most pro-Western of all the Arab States. But Jordan and Saudi Arabia immediately came out with blasts against the Accord and said they could not agree with it!

       10. THE REJECTIONIST FRONT, by the way, have a nice new name--"The Solidarity and Confrontation Front."--And Godahfi has suggested to the world and all these Arab brethren that Sadat is a traitor and betrayer of the Arab cause. So he is involved in many things with which the World doesn't agree. (Godahfi.)


       12. AND THE POOR SHAH of Iran, whom I rather like, is having a lot of problems! He is very broadminded, liberal, progressive and not an ultra-conservative religionist regarding Islam. So I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it's that fanatic pro-Communist religious Muslim leader who is causing the Shah all the trouble! (See another Letter No.733, "The Shah's Last Resort!")

       13. WHAT SADAT DID WAS TO EXPOSE ISRAEL and that Israel does not really want genuine peace. She wants territory, and she'd rather go to war for it, as she has five times already, than surrender all the Arab lands. This next war will be the sixth one!--Sixth and maybe last and lost!

       14. CAMP DAVID WAS A BIG FARCE, even as the Western commentators said! All that Camp David did was prove that the so-called hard-line Arab Rejectionist countries were right!:--

       15. YOU CANNOT MAKE PEACE WITH ISRAEL! And, the only thing that has come out of it is that it looks like Sadat is trying to make a separate peace in which he is getting his sandy Desert Sinai only, and Israel is getting two airbases and billions!

       16. BUT THEY CAN'T FOOL THE REST OF THE ARABS! They were waiting, hoping that maybe something really just and right would come out of it. But now it seems only a separate peace treaty for Egypt is coming out of it, certainly no lasting settlement of the major problems: Arab lands or Palestinians!

       17. BEGIN SAID THE "U.S. OFFICIALS HAVE GROSSLY MISUNDERSTOOD." That could cover a lot of things! Does he mean they grossly misunderstood he wants peace with Egypt? Have they grossly misunderstood he's willing to give Egypt a few grains of sand for two airbases? Have they grossly misunderstood that he's going to give the Palestinians some measure of autonomy? Have they grossly misunderstood that he's not going to establish any new settlements in the occupied territories? Have they grossly misunderstood his intentions?


       19. SO, THE MAIN THING that is going to crystallize out of the so-called Camp David Accord is that it is showing even the moderate temperate pro-Western Arab states who were willing to wait and see, hopeful that something in the way of an agreement could be made, such as Jordan and Saudia Arabia: Forget it! Probably even the moderates will now join the Rejectionist Front!

       20. (FAMILY: WHAT ABOUT NICARAGUA?) Well, that's been in the works for a long time! The Samoza family has dictated Nicaragua since I was a kid!--And the U.S. has supported his dictatorship!

       21. BUT NOW THAT JIMMY CARTER is so gallantly trying to protect human rights, he can hardly protect the Samoza regime, one of the most ruthless of all the dictators in Latin America!

       22. SO, I THINK THE REBELS and their friends have seen their opportunity to overthrow his dictatorship, particularly since Carter could hardly, under the circumstances, come to Samoza's rescue!

       23. UP TO THIS TIME SAMOZA HAS BEEN SUPPORTED AND PROTECTED BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, but now I don't think Carter could conscientiously come to his aid.

       24. SO IT IS PROBABLY GOING TO BE THE DOWNFALL OF SAMOZA, one way or the other. But it's pretty hard for little guerrillas with only pistols and rifles to fight an oppressive government with tanks and big guns and planes! But world opinion is more sympathetic with the rebels than it is with Samoza, so U.S. and world pressure may yet overthrow him.

       25. AS FOR THE TERRIBLE TRAGEDY OF THE JONESTOWN SUICIDES, I've written a whole Letter on the subject which I hope you'll receive soon! So if you want to know what we think about it, just wait and see! All I can say now is:

       26. YOU'D BETTER WATCH OUT FOR MORE PERSECUTION of the smaller youth sects, as the same Flatlanders accuse us all of the very same lies they told about them! So they're sure to use this pitiful tragedy as an excuse to clamp down on us too!

       27. IT'S ALL A PART OF THE DEVIL'S OWN CONSPIRACY against the Lord and His people everywhere! They hounded those poor people literally to death! We know how vicious, cruel and relentless the System is!

       28. THEY'VE BEATEN, KIDNAPPED, IMPRISONED, TORTURED AND EVEN KILLED US!--Only we've chosen non-violence and to run rather than fight back, according to Jesus' commandments! (Mat.10:23) [DELETED]

       29. I GUESS THOSE POOR FLOCKS THOUGHT THE GRAVE WAS THEIR ONLY WAY OUT! It looked like they'd fled as far as they could, thousands of miles from home! But the long cruel arm of the Systemites wouldn't leave them alone!

       30. THE ENEMY WILL PURSUE YOU TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH! "He goeth about as a roaring (lyin') lion, seeking whom he may devour!" (1Pe.5:8.) Your only hope is to "Resist the Enemy (spiritually) and he will flee from thee!" (James 4:7) For "when the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him!" (Isa.59:19)

       31. BUT JESUS WILL GO WITH YOU TO THE END OF THE WORLD! So don't worry! God will take care of the Enemy! "Vengeance is Mine saith the Lord! I will repay!" (Romans 12:19.) "Stand back and see Me fight!--This is not thy battle but the Lord's!" (2Chron.20:15)

       32. YOU JUST OBEY THE LORD! "When they persecute you in this city flee!" (Mat.23:10)--And "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel!" (Mark 16:15.) The trouble with poor Jonestown was they'd stopped fleeing and going and were too big and stationary a target! [DELETED]

       33. BUT FOR NOW YOU'D BETTER KEEP [EDITED: "MOVING"] AND GOING INTO ALL THE WORLD[DELETED]! Big still Blobs make easy targets not hard to find or shoot at!--Like poor Jonestown!--Don't let it happen to you!

       34. DON'T BRAG, DON'T LAG, DON'T BLOB, DON'T SOB!--Just keep [DELETED] movin', preachin' 'n' groovin' for Jesus!--Amen?--So fast the Ol' Boy can't catch up with you! God bless and keep you movin' fast till Jesus comes! We've moved eight times in the past three months!--How about you?!--Keep'm rollin', holy rollers!--Love Dad.

       35. P.S.--WHO SAID I WAS DEAD and not writing anymore Letters!?--Ha!--Who do you think writes and edits all these! --And who do you think edits all those {\ul \i Komix}!? --We spend more time on those than on the originals!--Ha!

       36. BECAUSE WE'RE TRYING TO HELP YOU GET OUT THE WORDS BETTER and faster and clearer than ever!--Do you like them?--Do they go?--Please let us know!--If you don't like them we'll quit! But the rumours of my death are highly exaggerated!--Ha! Hallelujah!

       37. IN VIEW OF RECENT EVENTS, LET'S KEEP GOING!--Amen? Love, --Dad.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family