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"GOD'S GIFT IS GOD'S WORK!"--PART 1.       August 5, 1978       MO--DFO 744
--By Father David.

© Feb. 1979 by World Services, Postfach 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland.

       1. THEY USED TO CALL A GIRL WHO HAD A BABY WITHOUT A HUSBAND A "FALLEN" GIRL girls who "got in trouble". If that's the case many of our girls are in trouble now!--At least some of them seem to think they are. Some of our girls still don't want babies, can you imagine that?

       2. THE FIRST TIME WE HAD ONE, MY WIFE MET A WOMAN WHO HAD NINE, and my wife asked, "How can you take care of nine?--One takes all my time!" The lady said, "Well that's just it, nine can't take any more!" So don't be afraid to have them girls, God bless you!

       3. HAVING BABIES IS ONE NICE THING. WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT. We leave it entirely in the Lord's hands, amen? Then you know it's God's will if you have one.

       4. LOOK AT THE GIRLS WE HAVE THAT DON'T HAVE ANY, what a miracle! Thank God a few of our secretaries don't have any! So thank the Lord if you don't have any, but when you do, you should be very thankful too, amen? Honey, (to Maria) why don't you go lie down on the couch and rest?

       5. MARIA'S GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER ONE, WE HOPE, praise the Lord, I guess this must be Techi. Of course I never start counting my chickens before they're hatched, at least not usually until after the third or forth month. Some girls were starting to count it a miscarriage if they just missed their period a few days and then suddenly it came late!

       6. YOU CAN'T COUNT THAT YOU'RE REALLY GOING TO HAVE A BABY UNTIL AFTER YOU MISS YOUR THIRD PERIOD. Until that time, so-called miscarriages are hardly even miscarriages. It's very very common to miss your period for even two months, and then resume it.

       7. GOD'S MADE THE BODY SO IT WILL REJECT CONCEPTIONS OR PREGNANCIES WHICH ARE NOT EXACTLY WHAT THEY OUGHT TO BE. The body is a marvelous thing, this computer, and if everything isn't just right or your health isn't just right or your something's wrong with the baby, the body will usually reject it. Our statisticians wanted to know, well what shall we call a miscarriage?

       8. WELL THEN UP COMES THE QUESTION, WHAT DO YOU CALL A BABY? And when does human life really begin? When is the spirit created and enter in and when does it become a soul?

       9. THERE'S A BIG THING GOING ON NOW ALL ABOUT THIS TEST TUBE BABY. Are they murdering a child if they throw out a few of those fertilized eggs that didn't take? Sometimes they take several of them and they mix the sperm with them and they just select the best one and replant it in the mother and a lot of those don't even take, only two successes so far that resulted in full term healthy babies. Sometimes they last two, three and four months and then they lose them.

       10. SO IT'S A BIG ETHICAL QUESTION, they call it. It's even become a big religious controversy as to when does human life really begin.

       11. WELL AS FAR AS THE PHYSICAL IS CONCERNED, LIFE IS ALREADY THERE EVEN BEFORE THE EGG IS FERTILIZED. When there's an egg and there's a sperm, both are living, but that doesn't mean that it's necessarily a human soul or a human being.

       12. I WOULD ONLY CALL IT AN UNFORMED CHILD, one that is not yet completely formed. That's not until the end of the 4 1/2 months, actually exactly five lunar (moon) months, 5 x 28 days or 140 days.

       13. A PREGNANCY LASTS EXACTLY 280 DAYS and, if you kept track of your periods and you know exactly when yours last period began normally you can tell exactly what day the baby's going to arrive! That's the way God made it: Exactly 280 days, which is exactly ten lunar months of 28 days each, or exactly 40 weeks!

       14. WHEN MY MOTHER WAS YOUNG, IF A GIRL HAD A BABY WITHOUT A HUSBAND, THE PARENTS THREW HER OUT! Some parents do the same thing even nowadays, or almost as bad. They consider it a shame and disgrace and they don't want the girl around.

       15. SOME OF OUR GIRLS WERE FORCED BY THEIR PARENTS TO HAVE ABORTIONS. I wonder how God feels about that! He must feel terrible! Abortion is murder! Now a lot depends on how you use the word.

       16. A BABY CAN ABORT NATURALLY, A NATURAL MISCARRIAGE. This actually is one form of abortion, as it's called, but it is natural and nobody caused it on purpose by unnatural means.

       17. BUT ARTIFICIALLY-INDUCED ABORTION BROUGHT ON PURPOSELY BY A DOCTOR OR THE WOMAN or some such, that is murder, however you want to put it! If your parents made you do it, if they forced you, that's not your fault.

       18. I'VE KNOWN SOME GIRLS WHO TOLD US THAT THEIR PARENTS FORCED THEM to go to the doctor and even had them sedated, put under ether or something, and performed the abortion when they didn't even know it, even against their will! Because they were underage the doctor took the word of the parents and performed the murder!

       19. IN SOME CASES THEY EVEN TIED THE TUBES to make it impossible for them to have any more babies! They even did this sometimes unknown to the girl, until she had an examination years later wondering why she didn't have any babies!--The parents did it!

       20. THE SYSTEM IS A HORRIBLE OUTFIT, THEY ARE MURDERERS, they are perverters! My God, what some countries are going to be held responsible for! They do things all the time against God's laws, which are perfectly all right according to their laws. So watch out for the System, it's not always right!

       21. WHEN GOD SAYS TO OBEY THE POWERS THAT BE, the government, because it's here to keep the peace and for your protection, you're to try to obey it at least wherever it's in accordance with God's laws. But where the government itself is violating the laws of God, then you're not obligated to keep those laws. But you better watch out they don't find it out! Read Romans 13.

       22. PREGNANCY IS VERY IMPORTANT, and how anybody could want to stop the growth and birth of a human soul once God has breathed into that human soul the breath of life, they must be some kind of a monster! How horrible!

       23. I HEARD RECENTLY WHERE ONE DOCTOR WAS ABORTING BABIES AS LATE AS FIVE AND SIX MONTHS, and if they weren't dead when they were born he just took his hands and choked them to death! Can you imagine such a fiend!

       24. THERE'S A COURT CASE NOW IN CALIFORNIA WHERE THE MOTHER IS SUING THE DOCTOR for killing her baby. She was really responsible, she's the one that had the abortion. But she didn't know at that time that the baby could have lived at six months.

       25. SIX-MONTH-TERM BABIES ARE VERY COMMON, six-month babies can live. One of the biggest huskiest girls I ever knew was a six-month baby!--Had to live in an incubator for awhile, but even 5-1/2-month-term babies have been known to live, think of it!--Only 5-1/2 months old!

       26. AND YOU WHO ARE IN GOD'S FAMILY WANT TO GET RID OF ONE OF GOD'S CHILDREN? You're hoping you'll have a miscarriage? You want to kill it? You want to abort it? What kind of perversion is that, huh? What kind of horror is that?

       27. SOME OF YOU POOR GIRLS HAVE BEEN THROUGH THAT EXPERIENCE AND YOU KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE. You know the strange psychological effect it had on you and how it affected you for years after that, really bothered you, just because either you or your parents didn't want to have a child born out of so-called wedlock and killed it!

       28. LET ME TELL YOU, YOU WHO ARE NOW A PART OF GOD'S FAMILY YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE! If God performed the miracle that brought that child to life and into being, it may not be a wedlock, but it is a lock and you are locked into having that child!

       29. I DON'T THINK ANY CHILD IS AN ACCIDENT ! When God creates a whole now human life a new human spirit and a human soul, I think it has to be the hand of God! God did it, who is man to question it? Much less try to get rid of it--or even murder it! It is your duty to God to have that child

       30. THAT CHILD IS NOT ONLY A GIFT OF GOD, BUT IT IS A WORK OF GOD! And God has from that moment on given you a job to do, a work to do, and that is to have that baby and to take care of it.

       31. BRING IT UP IN THE NURTURE AND ADMONITION OF THE LORD and make of it not only a new human soul, but one that's not going to go to hell and one which will be in eternity forever, a saved soul!

       32. THE MOST PRECIOUS, PRICELESS THING WHICH GOD EVER MADE IS A HUMAN SOUL! The only eternal things that God has made are human souls. This world, and the fashion thereof is going to pass away, but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever! (1Jn.2:17.) Think of it! I get a little stirred up on that subject, it makes me furious!

       33. WITH THE FIRST WOMAN I EVER MARRIED I HAD AN UNDERSTANDING AHEAD OF TIME: "I want you to know something, I do not believe in birth control, except by God! I believe it's up to God."

       34. THEY USED TO ADMIRE MY NICE LITTLE FAMILY OF FOUR all nicely spaced about two years apart and say, "Oh, what a well-planned family!" I'd say,

       35. "YES, IT WAS VERY WELL PLANNED--BY THE LORD! I had nothing to do with it, I just fucked away! God was the One who spaced them!" Some of them were pretty spacey too!--Especially dear Aaron, and his music started a revolution, God bless him! He was so spacey the cops used to stop him on the street to examine his eyes, they thought he was on drugs.--Going down the street singing or praising the Lord, strumming his guitar, didn't care what was going on around him!

       36. GOD GIVES A BABY, AND BOTH THE FATHER AND MOTHER HAD BETTER WANT IT! I can't imagine any people who don't want babies at least not any of our people! I can't imagine why they wouldn't want babies!--Especially when it's a gift and a creation of God!

       37. YOU'D BETTER WANT IT AND BE THANKFUL FOR IT AND START RIGHT OFF TAKING GOOD CARE OF THE BABY by taking good care of the mother! Any man who's not going to take good care of the mother is not going to take good care of the baby either, and that's plain pure selfishness! Very selfish ! God give us fathers!

       38. I DON'T MIND YOU MEN GOING AROUND FUCKING THE GIRLS, even if it's just for fun. But once God has made a baby out of that, let me tell you, in a way, the fun is over and now you're down to serious business!--Well, it's still fun!

       39. IT CAN BE FUN TOO, IF YOU'RE THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL and realise what a marvellous miracle has happened! What an amazing thing! God is creating a new immortal human soul that's going to live forever!

       40. YOU GIRLS SHOULD KEEP ON A CALENDAR AN EXACT RECORD OF EVERY PERIOD. Well, I used to keep them all on one calendar, it kind of filled up with a half-a-dozen girls living in the house!

       41. I USED TO ALWAYS CIRCLE THE FIRST DAY OF A GIRL'S PERIOD ON THE CALENDAR IN RED--Red makes a good colour for your period, that's the way it usually is! Then I put the girl's initial out beside it.

       42. I'VE FOUND MANY A GIRL HAD NOT BEEN KEEPING A RECORD AND THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN SHE MISSED A PERIOD or two. She says, "Now let's see, when did my last period begin? Let's see, that was about three months ago. Let's see, what was I doing that day, where was I, do you remember?"--And they haven't the faintest idea of when their last period began!

       43. SO IT'S VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU GIRLS KEEP TRACK of them. And it's very important that you boys, if you have a pretty steady mate, that you keep track of it so you'll know. Help her keep track of it.

       44. (MARIA: I THINK MANY OF OUR GIRLS DON'T WANT TO BE PREGNANT BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE ANYONE THAT CARES ABOUT THEM, or the men they do have with them are not concerned and they don't give them support like you always do whenever I'm pregnant, always praying for me, making sure I'm eating or sleeping or resting.) Of course!

       45. I CAN'T IMAGE ANYBODY WHO LOVES SOMEONE WHO WOULDN'T BE CONCERNED ABOUT HER and make sure she's getting enough rest, enough to eat, and that she grabs a snack real quick in the morning before she hardly opens her eyes so she doesn't get morning sickness.

       46. YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE MORNING SICKNESS. I daresay Maria has almost never had morning sickness, because we kept the rule: Don't drink liquids first thing in the morning, that's the worst thing you can do! But grab a dry cracker or a piece of bread or something fairly dry first thing before you even get out of bed. Always have it right there by the bed.

       47. THE ONLY TIMES SHE EVER GOT SICK WHEN PREGNANT with Davidito, was when she ate dinner at some hotel where they gave her too much to eat, and dear Maria, she's as saving as I am, she figured in order to save money she had to eat it all. So anyway, she overate, and those were the only two times she got sick enough to throw up, think of that, just two times! You don't have to have morning sickness.

       48. MORNING SICKNESS IS FROM HUNGER, you didn't get something to eat quick enough. (Maria: And always carry something in your purse too.) Maria was great for carrying little snacks in her purse, Mother Eve used to do that too. She still does, pregnant or not, she never wants to run out of something to eat.--Ha! GBH!

       49. {\b \ul BY 4˝ MONTHS A BABY IS COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY PERFECTLY FORMED}, a complete baby! All it does from then on is grow. Up to 4˝ months the baby is very small, but at 4˝ months it is complete.

       50. THAT IS, AT FIVE LUNAR MONTHS, OR EXACTLY ON THE 140TH DAY, YOUR CHILD IS TOTALLY FORMED, all it's ever going to be, except now it has to grow. And it grows and grows and grows, and you can tell by the mommy's tummy, because that's when the tummy really begins to show and grow & grow.

       51. THE WEIGHT SHE PUTS ON THEN IS LARGELY THE WEIGHT OF THAT BABY. Well, she does put on some other weight too but there's a rule on how many kilos you're supposed to gain. (Maria: There's such a difference of opinion.

       52. (I WAS READING TODAY THAT NOW SOME ARE SAYING THE MORE WEIGHT YOU PUT ON THE BETTER because bigger babies are healthier babies. But most doctors say 20 lbs. is the maximum, others say 28, for the full 9 months).

       53. I BELIEVE IN DOING WHAT COMES NATURALLY! I believe with all my heart that God has put into you each one as an individual to do what you need to do, to eat what you need to eat.

       54. NOW IF YOU HAVE A PERVERTED APPETITE and just eat all the time and you eat too much, well you can over do it--But these strange cravings women get for things like pickles and ice cream, or with Maria it was strawberries, are really funny!

       55. SHE WANTED NOTHING BUT PIZZAS for several weeks. I had to eat pizza every night, pizza pizza pizza! Then every night she wanted nothing but ice cream and strawberries, real cravings!

       56. WELL, I BELIEVE GOD PUT IN HER THAT APPETITE OR DESIRE for those. There was something in those things she needed. And every individual is different. Not everybody wants pizzas every night. Not everybody wants ice cream and strawberries, or pickles with whipped cream! But I believe God put into your body to desire what you need.

       57. NOW THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO CRAVE CANDY EVEN IF IT'S HELL FOR THEM because they have eaten so much candy they have perverted their appetite. They have adulterated their appetite and perverted it because they've eaten so much of it, so they crave something that's not good for them.

       58. THAT GOES FOR A LOT OF THINGS, SPIRITUALLY, PHYSICALLY AND OTHER WAYS, if you have over done or you have perverted your appetite, you crave things that are not good for you. That can be applied to your reading or your physical activities or your spiritual life and a lot of other things. If you don't have a normal appetite but you have a perverted appetite then you can't trust it.

       59. THAT'S WHY IT'S WONDERFUL TO HAVE THE BIBLE AS A GUIDE. Then you know what's perverted and what's normal, you know what's right and what's wrong. Right? If you have a craving for shellfish, unclean seafood, you've got a perverted appetite and you've got to pray for God to deliver you.

       60. WHO KNOWS, MAYBE IT'S SOME KIND OF AN EATING DEMON THAT CRAVES THOSE THINGS! I believe some people have tobacco demon, some people have an alcohol demon. some people have a gambling demon, they get drunk on gambling, they have to gamble every time they get a chance. It's a craving, it's a perverted appetite, and they have to ask the Lord for deliverance.

       61. BUT IF YOU TRY TO EAT RIGHT ACCORDING TO GOD'S WORD AND GOOD ADVICE and doctors and health books and so on and you're pretty normal and you have a pretty normal unperverted appetite, both boys and girls, well then, I think you should eat what you have a desire to eat, what you like to eat, provided it's good.

       62. NOW THERE MAY BE A FEW HEALTH FOODS YOU DON'T LIKE TO EAT. But because you know they're good for you, perhaps you need to develop an appetite for that food. Because it is not usual nor customary for you, you're not used to it, like liver. I told the girls the other night,

       63. "WELL IF GOD MEANT FOR ME TO EAT LIVER AND IT'S SO DAMNED GOOD FOR ME, WHY DIDN'T HE MAKE ME TO LIKE IT?" Well, believe it or not, some of these girls can cook it so you like it, and even dear Timothy who said he never ate liver in his life before he came to the Family, has learned to like it! PTL Cook it right.

       64. SO SOMETIMES A GOOD APPETITE FOR GOOD FOOD HAS TO BE CULTIVATED and has to be trained.--Just like you train a child or you train yourself to do anything. You almost have to be re-trained when you come to the Family--well I hope you are--to eat right, and the right foods . But when that becomes a habit and becomes normal and natural for you, you'll probably get to where you'll like it and you'll like things that are good for you.

       65. SO THOSE PECULIAR APPETITES GIRLS GET WHEN THEY'RE PREGNANT--don't laugh boys--if she suddenly wants a sardine sandwich in the middle of the night, run out and get it!--Or do something! Try to satisfy that craving--it's something she probably needs--Even if it's pickles and whipped cream or whatever it is!

       66. APPARENTLY THAT'S SOMETHING SHE WANTS AND NEEDS. When Maria gets pregnant she gets the most peculiar cravings. Thank God for you girls being around to fix her the things she suddenly has a hankering for, some of the oddest combinations that would drive me crazy! I don't make fun of her, I just laugh a little bit and let her eat it.

       67. BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE DO WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE DEAR GIRL, the dear mother. Help take care of her, see that she has enough sleep and enough rest and enough to eat and the right food and she takes good care herself, she doesn't overdo, she doesn't lift things that are too heavy, she doesn't fuck too much. That is another thing girls.

       68. I KEEP TRACK ON MY CALENDAR THE DAYS WHEN MARIA'S PERIOD WOULD HAVE OCCURRED IF SHE HAD NOT GOTTEN PREGNANT. Why? Because you are more apt to have a miscarriage during that time when the girl would have had her period, but because she's pregnant she doesn't.

       69. YOU'RE MORE APT TO HAVE A MISCARRIAGE AT THAT TIME than at any other time of the month. And if you want the child and you don't want a miscarriage and you don't want to abuse the poor pregnant girl, don't overdo it during that time. Go easy! Take it easy!

       70. IT'S DANGEROUS FOR THE PREGNANCY FOR THE GIRL TO GET ON TOP WHEN FUCKING during the time when it would have been her period. During other times of the month during early pregnancy, that's fine and feels great and some women like it even better.

       71. MARIA LIKES IT BETTER because she can bang away and it's easier for her to climax that way. I like it too, there's deeper penetration, did you know that? And you can sometimes fuck that way even if the penis doesn't get real hard. It's great! But it's very dangerous during what would have been the girls period, particularly during the first few former periods, those that would have been her days.

       72. SO NOW ON MY CALENDAR I NOT ONLY HAVE CIRCLED THE FIRST DAY OF HER LAST PERIOD, June 10th, but I've counted exactly four weeks ahead, 28 days ahead from that date. I've marked on the calendar each month what would have been her potential first day of her period since then, so that I will make her be particularly careful at that particular time.

       73. YOU BOYS IF YOU'RE CONCERNED, YOU LOVE SOMEONE, (we don't talk much about marriage and wedding and blah blah, that's a lot of system stuff) if you have a lover or a mate or someone you love at all, you should be particularly concerned about that girl and try to help her keep track of her periods.

(To be continued.)

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