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--Nationalise & Re-organise Security-wise!--By Father David

Copyright December 1978 by The Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia.

Dear Family:
1. PTL! GBY! GREETINGS IN JESUS' PRECIOUS NAME! Thank you so much for all your sweet notes, good reports, thoughtful mementos, gifts, gorgeous photos, etc.!

2. WE WISH YOU ALL A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS & A WONDERFULLY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank the Lord for sparing your life for His service! We only regret that due to our mutually busy schedules, our communication has sometimes been poor & our personal contacts infrequent. We really miss having some of you all around & look back with fond memories of the happy days some of us spent living together!

3. WELL, PG!--THE BATTLE IS GETTING HOTTER AS THE ENEMY GETS MADDER AS WE GET GLADDER! So we must be doing something right for the Enemy to be so furious of late! Well, I guess you've already heard about the latest media attacks against the sects, particularly, of course, against us, using Jonestown as their excuse! There is now a worldwide campaign on against all the sects, classing them all the same & blaming them for all that happened at Jonestown & claiming that it could happen to any of us & that something must be done by the System to stop us!

4. THE DEVIL IS REALLY RANTING & RAVING & BREATHING OUT THREATENING & SLAUGHTER AGAINST GOD'S CHILDREN, & the situation is definitely getting tighter day by day as we approach The End & times wax worse & worse as He promised! However, He has also promised to care for us the midst of the storm, so thank the Lord!--And again I got that wonderful verse the other morning after reading all these latest articles:

5. "FEAR THOU NOT; FOR I AM WITH THEE: be not dismayed: for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of My righteousness!" Hallelujah! (Isaiah 41:10.) Also, after reading these latest articles the other night, I was drifting off to sleep when I asked the Lord--well, I wasn't really even asking the Lord, I was just thinking,

6. "HOW COULD THEY TELL SO MANY LIES? HOW COULD THEY LIE SO?" (And sometimes you wonder how they could get away with it!) And just as clear as I ever got anything from the Lord, immediately this came from the Words of Jesus about His hypocritical persecutors, the scribes & the Pharisees[DELETED]!

7. "BECAUSE THEY ARE OF THEIR FATHER THE DEVIL! He was a liar from the beginning, & the father of it"! (John 8:44.) So, that certainly shows you [DELETED] why they are attacking us so viciously! It's just the Devil again arousing the storm to try to devour the children of the Lord!

8. I WAS ALSO AGAIN REMINDED OF THE SCRIPTURE IN REVELATION 12 REGARDING THE CHURCH FLEEING INTO THE WILDERNESS, in which it describes how Satan, the Dragon, casts a great flood of lies out of his mouth to try to drown her, but the Earth opened its mouth & swallowed the flood! That certainly is the way they seem to be swallowing these lies of the Devil!--But this saved the Woman, His people, thank the Lord!

9. THE ONLY THING THAT COULD DROWN US IS IF WE OURSELVES WOULD SWALLOW THESE LIES! Thank God only the world could possibly believe such ridiculous concoctions, because that's what they want to believe, having rejected the Truth, so God has sent them strong delusion that they might believe a lie, that they might all be damned, which they surely will be, for both telling & believing such lies against us! (2Thes.2.)

10. I ALSO GOT THAT SCRIPTURE LAST NIGHT FROM REVELATION 22 IN WHICH IT SAYS HE SAW IN THE LAKE OF FIRE "whosoever loveth & maketh a lie." (Rev.22:15.) They certainly love them & they sure make them & they've plastered them all over everywhere in those magazines & in the newspapers lately! But praise the Lord anyhow!

11. THE MESSAGE IS THERE, JUST THE SAME: "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord," & the sweet testimonies of our children & even the testimonies of our backsliders continue to preach the message, even when they complain that all we talk about is "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" Hallelujah! So, as the apostle said,

12. NEVERTHELESS THE GOSPEL IS PREACHED, EVEN IF IT BE THE GOSPEL OF CONTROVERSY! (Phil.1:16-18) Thank You, Jesus! However, you would think they would get a little tired of telling the same old lies over & over again, & it surely must weary some of their readers! They did cook up a few new astronomical figures, which of course, were so ridiculous that they were virtually unbelievable, but it's amazing what people will believe about the sects nowadays--almost anything!

13. I GUESS YOU HAVE HEARD BY NOW ABOUT OUR OWN RECENT SCRAPES & ESCAPES in just being even suspected of belonging to one of these sects, in which even a couple of our own personal staff members were [EDITED: "questioned"] in two different countries--both of which we were forced to [EDITED: "leave"], in somewhat of a disarray, leaving much behind us!

14. BUT THANK GOD, WE GOT OUT SAFELY, UNHARMED & with nothing serious except a considerable loss of [DELETED] lit, with which we didn't even dare [EDITED: "to take with us"], including books, notebooks, papers. [DELETED] It's even getting incriminating to carry a Bible, for who reads it but us!--Ha!

15. WE EVEN HAD TO LEAVE SOME OF OUR EXCESS BAGGAGE & EQUIPMENT BEHIND, but thank God, we were able to give those to some needy Homes that really appreciated them! PTL! [DELETED]

16. THANK GOD WE ALL GOT THROUGH SAFELY WITHOUT TOO GREAT A LOSS, but we were certainly shaken up to have had to move eight times within the past couple of months, & I'm sure some of our staff members will never forget their grueling experiences & will never care to repeat them again if they can help it! (Staff: Amen!) That is at least one good thing it did for us--it really shook us up & woke us up to the dangers of persecution today!

17. SO THAT WE ARE DETERMINED FROM NOW ON NEVER TO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES AGAIN!--Such as trying to apply for extensions of visas & carrying so much [DELETED] lit & loads of luggage & so on! From now on, we are determined to be nothing but "pilgrims & strangers" here (He.11:13), only tourists, & stay no longer than a normal tourist, & carry no more luggage than normal tourist luggage, & do our best, especially when crossing borders or dealing with officials, not to either look nor act like those "awful people!"

18. ANYWAY, WE LEARNED SOME VERY VALUABLE LESSONS, THANK THE LORD! I'm sure the Lord let it happen in order to shake us up & set us back on our heels so that we can get on our toes & not be such pushovers next time! And also, we're sure that He let it happen to us, of all people, so that we can quickly warn the rest of the Family about the tightening situation, & that they must be extra cautious in the days to come!

19. SO WE HAVE SPENT OUR TIME SINCE THEN VERY BUSILY WARNING THE FAMILY about some of these things, & re-organising some of our operations & breaking up the blobs so that we will not be so vulnerable next time & such an easy target! We are truly having to [EDITED: "be more low-key"] now, & I don't doubt that our litnessers will begin to be persecuted on the streets, our foreign leadership run out & kept out of various countries, some of our printing & distribution operations shut down, our mail tampered with (as it was where we were!), our finances interfered with or even confiscated, & our personnel & Homes hounded by the Enemy!

20. [DELETED] But it certainly behooves us to nationalise, re-organise & tighten up [DELETED] (the NRS Revolution!), particularly our [EDITED: "administrative"] operations, so that they will not be so [DELETED] concentrated in [DELETED] blobs! So, we have been spending nearly all of our time since then remedying certain situations which were getting entirely too blobby. [DELETED]

21. WE HAVE BEGUN RIGHT AT THE TOP with some of our most vital operations, divorcing [EDITED: "various"] operations & dividing [EDITED: "them"] from each other, so that none of these will be bunched together in the same locations as they have been in the past.

22. FOR THIS REASON, WE ARE EVEN BREAKING UP SOME OF THE OVER LARGE, IMPOSSIBLE-TO-HANDLE KQSs--such as the KQS of Southern Europe, the Mideast, Asia & Africa--an almost ridiculous combination that hardly anybody could possibly supervise & properly care for.

23. THEREFORE, WE HAVE GIVEN THE ITALIAN KQS OVER TO R/E, as we have already done with Spain & Portugal to D/C, & as we are now in the process of doing with France to P/M, & the Mideast, Asia & Africa to K/H & H/R.

24. ITALY, SPAIN-PORTUGAL & FRANCE WILL NOW ALL BE SELF-CONTAINED, thank God, each processing its own mail, stats & funds, & re-cycling the same within their own borders. We are trying now to do the same with the immense Mission Fields of the Mideast, Asia & Africa, & we are making each of these areas mentioned KQSs within themselves--almost totally self-contained, self-operated, self-governed, self-supported & we trust, self-propagating, thank the Lord!

25. --SOUNDS FAMILIAR, DOESN'T IT?--OUR OLD LESSON ON BEING INDIGENOUS! We are finally being forced to put it into practice, & thank God for the nationals that we now have to make it possible, including yourselves! So R/E are now the KQSs of Italy only, but I'm sure that they will be very happy to know that they no longer have to be responsible for such an utterly impossibly large & unmanageable area, but rather can confine their efforts at home to the Land they love & where they first began!--God bless 'm!



28. WE ARE THEREFORE RECOMMENDING TO ALL KQSs that you not only receive your mail [DELETED] at different times, not all in one big batch, in one name at one place within one week of every month!--God help us!


30. [EDITED: "DON'T BE"] SITTING DUCKS FOR THE TARGET PRACTICE OF THE ENEMY! The new KQS of Iberia will include Portugal, Spain & Andorra under the dedicated leadership of our dear, faithful D/C, with the help of the devoted office staff who have already been handling this processing, J/A.

31. E/H HAVE NOW BEEN LEARNING THIS PROCESSING for NEK, as well as P/M for France. So we trust that K/H, with the help of H/R, will be able to learn it for the KQS OF MAAK. The other KQSs will remain about the same.


33. ONE SHOP WILL SOON SERVICE ONLY THE EASTERN HEMISPHERE of Europe, Asia & Africa, as soon as we re-establish in the Americas a new OOTA office, God willing, to print & distribute the new OP2DMs to the Americas & Pacific.


35. SO, "WE HAVE DONE IT BEFORE, & WE CAN DO IT AGAIN," AS THE OLD SONG GOES! "We've licked them before & we can do it again," thank God, with His help, providing we are very prayerful [DELETED], in spite of the nosey, nasty Enemy! PTL! TYJ! So take heart!

36. WE ARE TREMENDOUSLY ENCOURAGED WITH OUR TERRIFIC PROGRESS ALONG THESE LINES & the marvelous answers the Lord has given us in finding solutions!

37. BUT NOW THAT HE HAS SO DRASTICALLY WARNED US by such a severe shakeup, we had better heed these warnings & put these policies into practice immediately & give Him all the cooperation that we can!

38. SO, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL YOU NEW KQSs!--It's an NRS-SRS Revolution! I'm sure you can do it, Hallelujah! And we're sure that these smaller KQSs will boom & bloom under your grassroots leadership, thank You Jesus!

39. PLEASE TRY TO PUT THESE NEW [DELETED] MEASURES INTO PRACTICE IMMEDIATELY!--Thank you. And don't forget to notify all your Homes of [EDITED: "where and how to"] send their reports, as well as their new reporting dates.

40. GBY WITH ALL THESE NEW PLANS & help you to put them into effect as soon as possible. [DELETED]

41. AS FOR OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE PAST YEAR OF 1978, some of our greatest victories have been the results of the RNR which started out the past year with a Bang! Greater nationalization, more indigenuity, more homegrown grassroots leadership, & the best of all the pioneering of many new countries with the Gospel! TYL!

42. SO THAT NOW OUR FAMILY IS TRULY INTERNATIONAL, worldwide, with 111 nationalities in about 80 countries with only about one-fifth of us being Americans! Our total worldwide population of the Family has been hovering close to a steady 6,000 now since the dramatic drop at the time of the RNR from a former supposed 8,000.

43. HOWEVER, WE ARE CONVINCED THAT THIS WAS MORE OF A PAPER LOSS of paper stats due to more honest reporting after the RNR, rather than so much of an actual loss in actual Family members. Although some of the former leaders of the Chain were offended & some did go home, most have remained & have even gone on to pioneer new fields in a more solid & dependable work than ever before. PTL! GB'M!

44. THE TOTAL NUMBER OF OUR WORLDWIDE HOMES IS CONTINUING WELL ABOVE 800 in more countries than ever before, despite a temporary readjustment drop after the RNR, & their average Home size is continuing at only a little over six-per-Home, which is ideal for security, economy, efficiency, decentralisation & scatteration into all the world! Thank the Lord!

45. WE HAVE NOW DISTRIBUTED OVER 321 MILLION PIECES OF LITERATURE & witnessed to nearly 20 billion people!--Or at least an average of about five times each to about 4 billion people, the world's supposed population. This has resulted in over 3 million converts, most of them within just the past three years.

46. WE'VE ALSO HAD A BIG BABY BOOM WHICH BY THIS TIME HAS PASSED OVER 2,000 BIRTHS within the Family, most of these also within just the past three years, praise the Lord! So that now our over 2,000 mates have over 1,700 children, about one-and-a-half per family. However, since many of our little families already have 3 or 4 children & even more, some of you couples must be lying down on the job or not lying down on the job as much as you should be! So, you'd better go to work & help these other larger families with theirs!

47. OUR TOTAL NUMBER OF CONVERTS HAS NOW SETTLED DOWN TO MORE THAN 30,000 A MONTH after the RNR drop, which either means there was more false reporting by more false shepherds before the RNR, or that you have really let down on your witnessing since then. Well, you have certainly let down on your litnessing, which has dropped to around 3 million pieces per month since the RNR, but some of this is probably due to the increased persecution of this past year, resulting in the necessity of finding other sources of income.

48. BECAUSE YOUR TOTAL WORLD INCOME HAS TAKEN A PHENOMENAL JUMP no doubt because of your fuller use of the "Seven Supporters," including increased FFing. So that your giving to WS & World Missions has held up very well, thank the Lord!

49. YOUR FFing HAS SKYROCKETED since we began keeping FF stats this year, & there is no telling what it was before! But you FFers have now witnessed to nearly 200,000 souls this year & won nearly 15,000 souls as well as about 20,000 new friends, making love to about 20,000, to whom you have written about 30,000 follow up letters, or Fish Food letters!

50. OVER HALF OF OUR WORLDWIDE ADULTS ARE FFing, about three or four times a week each, resulting in at least one-soul-won per three witnesses. At least one-out-of-two of our FFers are making love to someone every month at least once a month outside the Family, while making love to each other about ten times a month inside the Family, & the Lord is blessing you financially as well.

51. OUR FF WITNESSING IS REACHING A PHENOMENAL NUMBER OF OLDER, INFLUENTIAL, PROFESSIONAL MEN & OFFICIALS, as well as older salesman, reporters & those in the services. And the highest rate of salvations is still amongst the students, professionals & services. The older professionals seeming to require the most loving.--Ha!

52. WITH THE NUMBER OF OUR ADULTS FFing, EUROPEANS STILL LEAD THE WORLD WITH THE AMERICANS BRINGING UP THE REAR, although the North Americans seem to do a lot more loving at home in the Family, whereas the Latin Americans & Northern Europeans seem to play it cooler, in this respect--or just aren't saying!

53. ASIANS, AFRICANS & SOUTHERN EUROPEANS SEEM TO SPEND MORE TIME FFing, whereas the Northern Europeans & Americans seem to spend the least. Therefore, of course, the Asians, Africans & Southern Europeans witness to more FFing, while the Northern Europeans & Americans witness to much fewer.

54. HOWEVER, WHEN IT COMES TO SALVATIONS, THE LATIN AMERICAN FFers & SOUTHERN EUROPE TAKE THE LEAD, whereas Northern Europe, North America, Asia & Africa are lagging far behind. It's the Pacificans & Southern Europeans that do the most loving, with the Americans & Northern Europeans not too far behind, but with Asia & Africa, this time, at the bottom of the list.

55. BUT WHEN IT COMES TO GIFTS PER FISH LOVED, THOSE GENEROUS LATIN AMERICANS ARE WAY UP THERE WITH THE PACIFICANS not far behind, whereas those cold rich Northern Europeans & North Americans are at the bottom! The Latin Americans are making their loving pay off in souls more than anybody, too, whereas again, the North Americans are at bottom.

56. WHAT'S THE MATTER, YOU NORTH AMERICANS? Don't you ask them for decisions? Or at least some help? And you Northern Europeans, too! Anyhow, I'm sure you're all trying to do your best, but some could do better, GBY! And you can read the Shiners for yourselves. GBY everyone!

57. MEANWHILE, OUR PUBBERS HAVE BEEN BUSY, TOO, PUBLISHING ONE OR TWO MILLION COPIES A MONTH which has lately been declining due to our switchover from SCs to TCCs & System printing. So, individual Homes, Please get in your pubbing stats, regardless of how you're pubbing 'em! Be sure to put them all on your Monthly Report Form, so we can get a clear picture of our publishing worldwide.

58. LATIN AMERICA, SOUTHERN EUROPE & THE PACIFIC SEEM TO HAVE BEEN TAKING THE LEAD IN THIS PUBLISHING FIELD, as North America, Northern Europe have been trailing behind. But now that you are getting the System to do it for you, please don't forget to give us the stats on how much you're getting pubbed. Each Home, please keep an accurate record of the amounts of lit you are getting published each month! Thanks!

59. THE MOST POPULAR ITEMS HAVE BECOME THE TRUE KOMIX, OF COURSE, as we fully expected them to be, thank the Lord, & I understand they are proving very popular with the public as we hoped & knew they would. PTL!

60. OUR TRANSLATORS HAVE BEEN ON THE JOB TOO, God bless them, with the Spanish, French & English topping the list & the Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Danish, Thai & Dutch not too far behind. As for their total Letters to date, the French top the list, along with the Italians, Japanese & Dutch, with the Spanish, Portuguese. German, Greek, Danish & Indonesians following.

61. OUR 15 WS PUBLICATIONS CREATIONS UNITS, WITH OUR WS PRINT SHOP & OVER TWO DOZEN ARTISTS, HAVE ALSO BEEN GRINDING OUT THE SEED CORN in no small quantities, including me! Having produced 440 titles this past year, with a total of nearly 4,000 pages & mailing to you throughout the world over {\ul 2 million original copies} at an actual cost of over $300,000!

62. SO, IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHERE YOUR 10% TITHE GOES, TAKE A LOOK AT THE WS's PIE GRAPH coming.--That's where most of it goes! (Sings:)
"That's where our money goes,
To buy those Letters clothes,
As that old pop song goes,
I love you!!"

63. AS YOU CAN SEE, MOST OF THE REST OF IT GOES TO YOUR KQSs for their tender loving care, pioneering & world missions, mail ministry & secretarial services, VS gifts & gifts to the poor & administrative costs.

64. AS IT IS, WE HAVE TRIMMED OFF MOST OF THE FAT down to a bare minimum of essential services & publications, & we fired your high-living Chain & abolished their 25%-50% tax & boiled it all down to a mere 10% of your total income, plus a little more for special lit services, such as OPDs, TCCs & so on.

65. YOUR TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS FOR ALL OF THIS ARE LESS THAN 15%, ALL TOLD! PTL! So, if there is any way you can think of doing it cheaper with a staff of over 100 WS people around the world plus all their children, I wish you would let us know!

66. IN THE MEANTIME, WE WILL KEEP ON PLUGGING ALONG the best we can on the best you can give. Thanks, & God bless you, & may He continue to make you a blessing for the whole world for another thrilling year of our Family's worldwide ministries! Yours in His Loving Service of Preaching the Gospel in all the world!--WS, M&M & all!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family