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"WHAT NOW?!"--Persecution & Fleeing!--NRS2--By Father David       14 December 1978       MO--DFO No.748

© December 1978 by the Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia

       1. THIS IS ONE SECT OR CULT OR MOVEMENT, OR WHATEVER THEY WANT TO CALL IT, THAT IS NOT DEPENDENT ON A MAN. I hope! We're dependent on the Lord! Don't you ever forget that! Because when I'm gone, it shouldn't really make any difference--you'll just keep right on following the Lord like the Early Disciples did. PTL?--Amen!

       2. THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO STOP US, they'll never be able to stamp us all out! "They Can't Stop Our Rain" (No.128). It's impossible! We have had, in a sense, our 10 golden years of the Family, beginning, officially, you might say, in 1969. Even Jesus had His "Golden Years"!: The years of His popularity, the years of His prosperity, the years of great publicity, right? Have we had all that?

       3. WE HAVE HAD WORLDWIDE FAME! We have been publicised more than any other modern religious movement of today! I tried to hide out for years, but they wouldn't let me. I still don't appear anywhere or make speeches to "sway the masses" with my "magnetic personality" or "hypnotic charisma" or whatever it is that they say I have.--Ha!

       4. ALL I DO IS JUST GIVE THE WORD! It's not been my "hypnotic personality," it has not been my "magnetic charisma," it has been just the Truth--the Word of God--that has done it. This is totally different from any of these other sects. Everyone of them is headed by some man who appears personally and charms the audiences by the hundreds or thousands. But I haven't heard of any one of them that produces only literature. Have you?

       5. I HAVEN'T HEARD OF ANY ONE OF THEM THAT HAS MERELY WRITTEN A BOOK! Have you? Now, some of them have some old Oriental Scriptures that they still use, but they didn't even write them. They're handed down from hundreds of years ago, the wisdom of the ancients, if it is wisdom. I don't know--I never read it. I don't have time. But I've heard a lot about it.

       6. BUT OURS IS THE ONLY ONE ACTUALLY NOT LED BY THE "CHARISMATIC CHARM" AND "MAGNETIC PERSONALITY" OF SOME VISIBLE LEADER: Very few people ever saw me, knew me or heard me in person, so it couldn't have been my personal charm. It had to be the Lord. What did you feel? You felt something, you saw something you liked. But it wasn't I! Some of you had never even heard of me when you joined, much less ever seen me! Maybe you hadn't even read the MO Letters yet, but you felt the Lord! The Lord was there. I wasn't there, but the Lord was there!

       7. YES!--THIS MOVEMENT DOES FOLLOW A MAN THE SON OF GOD, JESUS CHRIST! Thank You Lord! But that's the only Man, really. Well, you say, we follow you too. But that's only because I tell you what He says and pass on His words to you and try to give you the Truth.

       8. IN A SENSE, WE'VE HAD OUR "GOLDEN YEARS"! We have swept across the Earth, we are of 111 nationalities and we have been in that many countries or more. We're in about 87 or 90 countries right now, but we have been in others that we have had to get out of! They've heard and they have seen, and what next have they done?--They have either received you or rejected you! They have made a decision. Just hearing about you and hearing about your message, reading these articles in the news media is making more people make decisions!

       9. NEARLY ALL THE PUBLICITY WE HAD FOR THE FIRST SEVERAL YEARS WAS ALMOST NOTHING BUT GOOD PUBLICITY--very little bad publicity. Even if they heard bad things, they'd come out to see us, and the journalists would go back raving about us! So the people had their chance, right? When they heard the good news, they had the chance to receive it or reject it.

       10. WHY ARE THEY NOW GETTING ALL THESE LIES? The Word says why: Because they have already made their decision and they have already rejected the Truth! So, the Word says: "Because they received not the love of the Truth that they might be saved, ... for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie that they all might be damned who believed not the Truth!" (2Thes.2:10-12).

       11. WE HAVE HAD OUR GOOD DAYS our fat years, our days of blooming popularity, raving good publicity, booming prosperity, and we have reaped a bounteous harvest of souls, thousands of thousands--millions!--We have won over 3 million souls personally to the Lord, thank the Lord! So, I think the Lord has mightily used us tremendously! We sky-rocketed in a blaze of glory that God used quickly because He knows the time is short!

       12. BUT ONCE THEY BEGAN REJECTING US AND THE TRUTH, THEN CAME THIS FLOOD OF FALSE CULTS into great popularity, and God sent them "strong delusion," false prophets, false doctrines, false religions, false cults and isms, "because they loved not the Truth"! Now, these false cults who deluded them and deceived them and led them astray, now they themselves are being rejected and persecuted by the old established System, the old established religions, politicians, churches and the works.

       13. FIRST, THE FALSE CULTS REAPED A VAST HARVEST OF THOSE YOUTH WHO REJECTED US AND THE TRUTH. Now both harvests are reaped, both the wheat and the tares, like the Lord said in Matthew 13: First you gotta wait until they grow up side by side to see the difference between the good and the bad before you can send in the harvesters to separate the wheat from the tares. Well, now you can see the difference!--And the fire has begun!--It will destroy them but not us!

       14. I HOPE YOU CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE between what we believe and they believe, and our fruits and theirs and who our Leader really is, the Lord! I don't know about some--I've just heard what I read in the papers. But how can you believe even that, after all the lies they tell about us!

       15. WE PREACH A LOT OF WHAT THE CHURCHES THINK ARE ODD DOCTRINES OF DOOM AND SEX, ETC. But the message of doom and sex has been right there in the Bible for millenniums! So there's not a thing in the world new about them, right? I don't think there's anything new about sex, do you?--It started stark naked in the Garden with Adam and Eve! And I don't think there's anything new about doom!--Every prophet of God that ever lived preached doom to a wicked world!

       16. SO THEY CALL US A "RELIGION OF SEX AND DOOM"! Hallelujah! I'm not ashamed to preach sex and doom! They've both been around since Creation and the Fall! We're just a little bit more honest about them than most religions, that's all!--Because we're the true religion, free and open, thank the Lord!

       17. WHAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN GOD'S PLAN AFTER THOSE FIRST 3 P's OF PUBLICITY, POPULARITY & PROSPERITY? WHAT P COMES NEXT?--YES!--PERSECUTION! Why does God then allow persecution of His own children who have faithfully done a good job?--Because the reason you are getting persecuted is because you have done such a good job!--You got out the message and you saturated these countries where we're now getting persecuted!

       18. THEY JUST ARRESTED A WHOLE HOME full of our kids in one country three days ago and kept them for two days and two nights in jail! But they came out an even greater testimony, because the police said, "We find no fault in these people! Nothing wrong with them at all! We have nothing against them! They've done nothing wrong!" Hallelujah! PTL! But that doesn't mean the Enemy is going to stop.

       19. WHEN PILATE WASHED HIS HANDS OF JESUS and said, "I find no fault in this just Man", what did he say then? He was as good as saying, "We the government cannot do anything about it. We cannot punish him under Roman law.--He has broken none of our laws and we find no fault in Him, so we cannot do anything as a government against Him because He has broken no Roman laws." But what did he say then?--"See ye to it!" What does that mean? That means it's now up to Hitler's Brown Shirts, Storm Troopers, Civilian Militia, FreeCOG, the anti-cult organisations in Germany, and some others that they have now in the U.S., Spain and Italy, etc.

       20. "SEE YE TO IT!"--ILLEGAL ACTION AGAINST US! They formed a committee of 40 rich ... businessmen against us in Mexico and you see what happened!--Only 40 ... businessmen were able to influence the President to have us all thrown in jail for months! It's the same old thing--Acts 23:12-14!: They formed a committee of 40 Jewish men in that day who vowed they wouldn't even eat until they had killed Paul! (I've often wondered if they did starve, because God spared him!--Ha! ...)

       21. THERE IS NOTHING NEW ABOUT IT!--NOTHING NEW AT ALL! That is not going to stop the real Enemy, just because Pilate and the Romans and the law find no fault in us! This is what the authorities are telling the people is the biggest problem, because we have broken no laws and they can find no fault in us. So they have as good as said to our enemies,

       22. "SEE YE TO IT!--WE THE GOVERNMENT CAN'T DO IT BY THE LAW, SO NOW YOU TAKE OVER AND TAKE CARE OF IT YOURSELVES!--If you kidnap your kid, we'll look the other way. If you get him deprogrammed, we'll ignore it. If you lock him up at home, we'll understand and do nothing to you!" Now, what are they doing? They are trying to stir the public up over this Jonestown thing to make them so furious and so angry that they will personally privately and illegally take action themselves without the law!

       23. OUR ENEMIES ARE ALSO TRYING TO KILL US FINANCIALLY by all these horribly exaggerated lies about money! The figures they are quoting are absolutely ridiculous! They pull them out of their vain imaginations!--and they're absolutely exorbitant! We simply and honestly don't have that kind of money! We have never even begun to have that much money! It's ridiculous! We've put a pie graph on this Letter to show you exactly where your 10% tithe goes.

       24. THEY ARE HARPING ON THE MONEY TO TRY TO KILL YOUR GIVING first of all, the giving of the public to you poor kids on the street, and then to try to undermine you poor kids' confidence in your leadership to try to stop your giving to your leaders. They want you to think that your leaders are living in luxury and wastefulness while you are suffering on the street!

       25. THEY'RE TRYING TO CHOKE US TO DEATH! They're trying to choke all of these cults and isms to death. Well, from what I've heard about how much money some of them have, it's going to be a little hard to choke them!--Ha! But it wouldn't take much, however, to choke us, if it weren't for you and the Lord! In fact, we almost collapsed in the RNR, and all I did was fire 300 questionable Chain leaders, some of whom were oppressing you poor, with their 25-50% taxes! Now you only give WS 10%--Plus maybe a little more for your OP2DMs & TCCs.

       26. THE WHOLE WORLD HAS REALLY HEARD ABOUT US--maybe not every single person, maybe not yet every tongue, tribe and nation as the Lord promised someday, but who knows? Maybe the Words will reach in there even where we can't go!--The lit, the Letters, posted Letters, maybe posted by you to names and addresses you have managed to glean from behind the Iron, bamboo or Oil curtains or whatever kind of curtains!--You can go in and get'm and come out and mail'm!

       27. WE SUFFERED OUR WAVE OF PERSECUTION IN THE UNITED STATES UNTIL THEY DROVE US OUT! Then they were no longer worried about us, so they stopped persecuting us. We've had very little publicity in the United States in recent years since we left. They figured they'd gotten rid of us, so the wave of persecution passed by.

       28. WHAT HAPPENED?--WE LEFT THE COUNTRY, AND THE REST OF YOU AMERICANS WENT PRETTY MUCH UNDERGROUND ... because you knew what it was like to be under persecution, and harassed and hounded on the streets and arrested and fined and jailed and beaten and kidnapped and tortured and all the rest! This is something that hasn't befallen us too much yet in Europe--a little but not too much. Now the American work is growing and bearing fruit again! How can that be? Well, you know:

       29. THERE'S A HARVEST EVERY YEAR, then after the harvest there's a Winter with its storms and cold hardships! Then comes Spring and there's life again, right?--And a new crop! It seems like that's what's happening now in the United States. There again there's a new harvest, a new crop, new life coming, and they are gaining more disciples there again than many other areas! Their litnessing is tremendous! Their witnessing is good! The American work is actually growing again!

       30. BUT WHILE THE STORM'S ON, IT'S PRETTY ROUGH! But when the storm's over they forget about you and leave you alone, thinking they have won and conquered. The best thing we ever did was let the American public know we had left the country and left them alone, so they'd quit bothering us!

       31. IT'S IN THE BIBLE TOO!: After certain of the early persecutions, the disciples seemed to be decimated or destroyed, but they left their country and scattered out into other countries and became real missionaries, evangelising the whole world instead of just Jerusalem! Then they stopped persecuting them, and the church was able to revive and remain strong even in Jerusalem for years afterwards! In the latter days of Paul there was still a strong church in Jerusalem--in spite of all the persecutions! PTL!

       32. SO WHAT IF THEY SUCCEED IN WHAT THEY'RE TRYING TO DO AND DRIVE US OUT? It wouldn't be hard for them to get rid of all the foreigners. After all, it's their country, and many of us are foreigners. So all they'd have to do is stop us on the streets or at the borders, and the indigenous native Family would have to carry on without us! PTL! That's good!

       33. BY THE TIME THEY START PERSECUTING YOU, THAT MEANS YOU HAVE WON THE WAR that you set out to win, and that's to evangelise, give them the Message and bring them to a decision.--And that's what they have done--they have made a decision when they start persecuting us! First the good harvest made their decision and were saved and joined or supported us. Now the other side has made a decision and started persecuting us and driving us out into "all the world"!--Mk.16:15.

       34. WHAT IF THEY SUCCEEDED IN DRIVING ALL THE FOREIGN LEADERSHIP OUT of every country and even drove you all back home? What if worst came to worst and they did? What if, over this Jonestown thing and the anti-sects campaign and all this lying propaganda, they do make tough laws and tougher measures to make it impossible for you to litness on the streets or provision or have any public ministry at all?--They're almost doing that now just by stirring up the general public against you.

       35. THEY ARE ALMOST MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU NOW TO LITNESS ON THE STREETS, because a lot of people are not going to give anyhow, even if you do.--And other people may be so mad, they may even take a swat at you, and they're going to make it very difficult to litness at all! What if it does become impossible for the Family to litness on the streets or provision or have any public ministry? You say, Well, we still have the other six supporters.--But what good are they if you can't witness?--Why stay?

       36. WHAT IF EVERY PLACE YOU GO TO TRY TO FF, THEY IMMEDIATELY RECOGNISE YOU? Well, that'll make FFing a little rougher but that's one thing the world has never been able to stop for thousands of years!--Ha!--PTL!--But what about provisioning?--You would probably find it a little difficult if they caught on to who you were! You might find it difficult or impossible to litness, difficult to FF, maybe impossible to provision, certainly difficult if not impossible to carry on any kind of public ministry, park meetings, pied-pipering down the street, cafe singing, night club work or whatever!

       37. YOU'D FIND IT VERY DIFFICULT IF THEY FOUND OUT WHO YOU WERE, AND WHO DOES IT BUT US? To make sure they get us, they've got to stir up the whole world against all cults then! Because they've got to make it look fair. They've got to ban and outlaw them all and make it tough on all of them just to get us!--It's the Devil's own plot!

       38. THE DEVIL DOESN'T MIND SCRAPPING A FEW OF HIS OWN IF HE CAN GET US ALONG WITH THEM!--HE'S ALREADY GOT THEM! He doesn't care if he slaughters them if he can get us with them! So if by turning the whole world against all the cults they'll get us, then he'll be happy! The enemies are trying to stir the people up with all this anti-cults propaganda to make them mad enough to want to kill you! ...

       39. THEY TALK ABOUT THE INSANITY OF THE JONESTOWN PEOPLE!--READ THOSE ARTICLES! Those articles are written by people who are insane!--It's with insane hatred!--They've not one good word to say about any of them! Nothing ! This lying anti-cult campaign is absolute insanity! Biased prejudiced, bitter, vitriolic, vicious, horrible!--And they'll kill you if they can!

       40. WHAT HAVE I ALWAYS SAID ABOUT PERSECUTION & WITNESSING! WHAT IS THE TIME TO MOVE ON?: When they persecute you so harshly that they make it impossible for you to carry on your witness! If they make it impossible for you to do your job, that's the time to move on!--And that's what they try to do with persecution, they try to make it impossible for you to do your job--make it impossible for you to witness, impossible to win souls, right?--So move on!

       41. WHAT IF YOU WERE SOME OF THOSE POOR SEVERELY PERSECUTED HOMES so lied about in the media in this assassination campaign?--Wouldn't you as a litnesser be almost afraid to go out on the street? Wouldn't you be afraid to even go down to the club and start witnessing or FFing lest they would know who you were?--What if they'd start screaming at you?--There's always some of those devils around! I mean they've got'm whipped up enough to want to kill you!

       42. ON PALM SUNDAY THEY WERE HAILING JESUS AS KING!: "Hosanna to the Son of David!" But only five days later they were crying "Crucify Him!"--Crying for His blood! Think of that! Through subversion, lying propaganda and paying certain men to stir up the same mob, they got them to cry "Crucify Him" on the following Friday!--Think of that! But He rose again Easter! PTL! So, when it gets impossible to carry on it's time to go!

       43. NOW WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO GO!--Into all the world!--Amen? PTL! GBY! WLY!--D.

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family