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"WHERE TO NOW?"--Nationalise, Re-organise Security-wise!--No.3         NRS3       DFO No.749       14 December 1978
--By Father David

Copyright © December 1978 by The Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia

       1. NOW WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Most countries where we have absolutely saturated them with our doctrine, they know us well, they have all heard of us, heard of our doctrine and if they haven't heard of it before they have heard of it now!--Huge articles in the biggest newspapers and magazines!--Real blasts against us! One nice thing about it, they use a lot of quotes and our pretty pictures!--Ha!

       2. ONE OF THESE DAYS WE MAY RUN OUT OF COUNTRIES TO RUN TO!--But I doubt it!--But what if they make it impossible for us to witness publicly or on the streets or even difficult to FF or live together in communes--if they are searching you out like they will some day--like they did us in Malta! It didn't matter what we said, they were convinced that's who we were, and were determined to get rid of us! Well, they were right!--Even though we may have changed our name, we are the same people!--& they 're going to do that the same one of these days almost everywhere!

       3. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO THEN? What if they kicked all us Americans out of Europe and sent us all back to the states, and the Germans back to Germany and the Spanish back to Spain and the Italians back to Italy, and got rid of us all and sent us all back to our own countries, & made it impossible for us to be tourists or guests or strangers in a strange land & sent us all home?!

       4. AND WHAT IF IN THOSE HOME COUNTRIES THEY MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE for us to litness, or provision or have any type of public ministry whatsoever?--They have stirred up the people so against us that if they even found out who you were, they might attack you! You wouldn't dare let anybody know who you were, like the early Christians! What if you were an American and you had to go home to the States? What if they sent us all home--got rid of us completely?! I'm just presenting to you the worst possible thing that could happen--outside of jailing, torturing or killing you! Maybe it'll help you. What would you do?

       5. WOULD YOU STOP WITNESSING?--YOU KNOW YOU WOULDN'T! You know that even if you were driven home and you had to get an ordinary job and live like an ordinary Systemite with your family in an ordinary home, you would never stop witnessing, even if you had to whisper in their ear and secretly pass them Letters or notes, or secretly have them meet with your little family in your home to study the Bible, as they do in many homes in many places in the world today--Russia and a lot of other places!

       6. WOULD YOU STOP WITNESSING? (FAMILY: NO!) Would you stop telling your friends and family about the Lord? (Family: No!) Would you stop trying to win souls to Christ? (Family: No!) You know you wouldn't! The enemies are never going to be able to stop us all! Hallelujah! They'd have to kill us!--And that they will do someday! But:

       7. WHAT'S MOST LIKELY THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN NOW? If they cleaned out Europe, sent all the Americans home, sent everybody back to their own country, put the clamps on--no more street litnessing, FFing, provisioning, public ministry, and all that, what then? They're never going to stop us all! But if you want to survive, you may have to get yourself a job like a normal person to prove your sanity & take care of your wife & children, get yourself a home & car, etc.

       8. BUT THERE'S ONE THING THEY CAN'T MAKE YOU DO!: YOU JUST CAN'T STOP TALKING ABOUT JESUS! PTL? & as long as you keep talking about the Lord, somebody is going to listen, whether they receive Him or not! To get rid of you then, they'll have to think of something else--like jailing or killing you!

       9. SO, IT'S NOT THE END!--It's not the end by any means! What I see now is, due to this persecution campaign, we are going to be driven underground in Europe just like we were in the United States. It got to the point where we could hardly show our heads in public the way they harassed and persecuted and hounded us. As soon as we would finish the job in each community, they'd run us out again.--But we always took some of them with us when we left, thank the Lord! We were just going around from place to place gathering His disciples.

       10. DID THEY EVER COMPLETELY STOP THE DISCIPLES OF JESUS CHRIST? (Family: No!) In spite of the Jewish persecutions, 10 major Roman persecutions and innumerable Catholic persecutions they never could stop them! PTL! Beloved, you're here now as proof that, 2,000 years later, they have never been able to stop our rain! Hallelujah!--And they never will till Jesus comes! He's the only one who can stop it, and He'll stop it then for a little while to take you home for a party, the Wedding Feast of the Lamb in Heaven! Then we'll come back here and stop them! Hallelujah!

       11. SO, PTL, BELOVED! DON'T FEEL DEFEATED, DON'T GET DISCOURAGED AND DON'T WORRY! NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO, THEY CAN NEVER STOP US COMPLETELY!--EVER! The Devil's been trying to do it for 6,000 years, but he's never been able to do it yet! TTL! All that persecutions have usually done is scatter the disciples and the Message even further!

       12. WE HAVE NOT BEEN GOING ENOUGH TO ASIA AND OTHER MISSION FIELDS of the world that need us much more than Europe. The fields have been begging for laborers, but not enough of us have been going there. So the Lord has to draw out a sword after us like He did for the early Church, and drive us out there if necessary! (Acts 12) We can't stay home and live comfortably and easily in these civilised countries much longer. They are not being so civilised right now toward us, are they? They are getting pretty uncivilised towards us! Whereas, there are some countries where we are still being received with open arms, and the people love us & want us & welcome us.

       13. PERSECUTION IS JUST GOD'S WAY OF TELLING YOU, "COME ON--IT'S TIME TO MOVE ALONG!--Get going! You've stayed here long enough. They've had it, you've had it, so now take it & go someplace else with it." PTL? Does that encourage you a little bit? No matter what happens, they're only spreading the Word of God!--And the more they blast us, the more they are digging their own graves! They are sealing their own fate with these blasts of rejection, persecution & crucifixion!

       14. THEY ARE WRITING THEIR OWN [EDITED: "JUDGEMENT"] in those magazines & newspapers by driving us out, for when we're out of the way God can really sock it to them & they are going to get HELL on Earth for it!! But how is God going to do that if you don't get out of they way? How is He going to judge them the way they ought to be judged unless we get out of the way?

       15. PROBABLY THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A FEW OF US WHO WILL HAVE TO GO DOWN WITH THE SHIP, but they are writing their [EDITED: "own judgement"] right now in these articles. God is going to hold them accountable for every word spoken against us & judge them accordingly, & it's going to be pretty rough! If I were you, I wouldn't want to be in the way when it happens!

       16. SO, DON'T WORRY: WE'VE BEEN AROUND A LONG TIME! God's children haven been around since the beginning, since Creation, & the Devil hasn't been able to destroy us yet! He hassled the first pair in the Garden, & he got them down but not out, thank the Lord!--& we're still going strong!--Maybe not here, maybe not there but we'll be somewhere!--Amen?--& even if they drove you all the way home, kicked you out of everywhere & you had to go home, at least you could still live for the Lord.--Amen? Would you stop loving the Lord just because you had to leave the foreign fields?

       17. WOULD YOU STOP LOVING JESUS JUST BECAUSE YOU HAD TO GO HOME TO YOUR NATIVE COUNTRY? (Everyone: No!) Woe be unto the United States if you Americans had to go home!--They'd get another dose, that's for sure!--Ha! Maybe the Lord is going to give them one more chance, I don't know.--Or maybe they've had their chance. You American kids are doing pretty good there now, though.

       18. SO, YOU'RE NOT GOING TO STOP? (Everyone: No!) No matter what? (No!) I think they'd have to kill you first!--And they may get around to that if they can! I'm sure they'd like to do that to me! They say the worst things about the leaders. "Oh you poor kids, you're the victims!"--If you're such victims, why don't you get up and get out if you're so victimised by us monsters?!-Ha!

       19. (PRAYS:) THANK YOU, LORD! THEY'LL NEVER STOP US, JESUS! No matter what they do, no matter how the Devil screams, Lord, they still can't touch us unless You allow it.--And if You allow it, it's only to move us along, Lord, so that we can go on and keep on preaching the Gospel someplace else where it's more needed and they're more receptive.

       20. LORD, WE HAVE SATURATED EUROPE WITH OUR DOCTRINE, everyone of these countries, absolutely saturated them! There's hardly anybody left that hasn't heard about us and our message. If they hadn't heard before they know now, Lord, with all this propaganda that's going on now. So Lord, it could be time for us to go, for Thy children to go on to more fertile fields, riper harvest fields, more receptive, more responsive, freer, but perhaps harder in some ways--not as civilised, not as many comforts and possibly more hardships. But maybe where we can be a greater blessing and more help.

       21. WE ASK THEE TO LAY UPON THE HEARTS OF THY CHILDREN SOME NEW FIELDS, LORD, TO WHICH THEY CAN GO. Send us where we are more needed and can be a greater blessing. Because we know, Lord, that they will not be able to stop us. Only You can stop us by taking us out of this old world for a little while. And that's not going to stop us either, Lord. That's just going to be a little vacation [EDITED: "in Heaven"] with You for a little while--a great Wedding Feast, the Grand Homecoming Party, the celebration of the victory, as we then prepare to return for the battle to take over this world, Lord, even by Thy power, by force, and make this world live the way it should have lived! We'll come back and stop them!

       22. THEY CAN NEVER STOP US, BUT THERE IS COMING THE DAY WHEN WE WILL STOP THEM! Thank You, Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise You, Jesus! So, help us, Lord, to keep on keeping on wherever You want us to go, whatever You want us to do, wherever we're needed, Lord, wherever You lead. Help us to follow, in Jesus' name.--But help us, Lord never to stop!--Never to stop loving You, never to stop talking about You & never to stop loving others, Lord, into Thy Kingdom, in Jesus' name.

       23. THEY KEPT US IN PRISON for a couple of months in that damn Mexico City, so I said, Lord, You shake up that town if You have to send them an earthquake!--And that's exactly what happened! I guess you heard about it, a disastrous earthquake!--Toppled some of their biggest buildings, banged some of them together and destroyed them! Some of them are leaning now like the Tower of Pisa in some of the wealthiest sections--probably where those leaders live that persecuted us!

       24. SO, I TELL YOU, THEY'VE GOT SOMETHING ON THEIR HANDS IF THEY PUT YOU IN JAIL! After putting our disciples in jail a few times, they almost wished they hadn't! With the early disciples it broke up the prisons and the chief jailor nearly committed suicide and other jailors were executed for letting them escape. I mean, jailing God's children can mess up the works! So, if they put you in, they're going to wish they hadn't!

       25. ACTUALLY THE KIDS JAILED THERE IN MEXICO HAD A MARVELLOUS MINISTRY! They put them in charge of counselling the prisoners and problem cases and holding meetings and all kinds of things! I mean, they just turned us loose and we made it a regular mission field and won souls right & left! Well, the Lord has a method in this madness, sometimes!

       26. IT SEEMS LIKE IT'S MADNESS, all this crazy anti-sects fever, but the Lord's allowing it! Therefore, it's all part of His plan, He's got a reason, a method in this madness! Even the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of man! So this may seem like foolishness, but it's to accomplish His purpose. He's been trying to get us out of some places to go some place else.

       27. THE U. S. RAN US OUT and now their dollar is declining, their economy foundering & their power waning! Iran threw us out, and now the Shah's losing his country! England ran us out, and her stock market crashed, her pound took a nosedive, and she's still sinking! Malta ran us out, and now she's being taken over by her enemies! Sicily gave us trouble, and her Mt. Etna, the world's biggest volcano, exploded!

       28. TENERIFE DROVE ME OUT, and she had the world's greatest air disaster! Nicaragua gave us trouble, and she had a huge earthquake that destroyed her capital, Managua!--& now her dictator is being forced out! Australia gave us a lot of trouble, & they've been in a mess ever since! Italy's begun persecuting us, & is being taken over by the Reds! Germany's driving us out, & will be a barren atomic desert after the next war!--So they go!

       29. BUT WE GO ON FOREVER! HALLELUJAH! Can you imagine what an explosion it would cause if they'd send all us Americans back to the States? I mean, what if you went back to church and took an active part and taught a Sunday school class or got up in church and testified and so on as an ex-missionary?!--Oh boy! I remember what a bomb it was when Abe Schneider the Jewish-Christian used to be just in one Bible college, just one student! He would upset that whole college just by getting up in the auditorium and testifying about winning souls and witnessing!

       30. (MARIA: MY CHURCH DIDN'T EVEN LIKE ME BEFORE I JOINED THE FAMILY when I stirred things up in my Sunday school class, because I was "upsetting" things too much!) Exactly! (Maria: You can really do a lot of [EDITED: "revolutionary"] things in a Sunday school class or a little church group.) Well, they haven't begun to stop us yet and they never will be able to, because it would be too impossible! They'd have to start looking for every Christian there is--& that's probably what it will come to! Thank You, Lord! The Endtime has just about come!

       31. (MARIA: SOME OF US ARE DOING IT NOW, YOU KNOW, SOME OF THE ONES WHO HAVE GONE HOME & GOTTEN JOBS ARE REALLY [EDITED: "PERMEATING"] THE SYSTEM!)--Yes! As long as I can keep going & feeding you & keep giving you the Letters, as long as our mobile print shops & mailing operations can keep distributing them to you, you can keep on being [EDITED: "there"] for the Lord! We might be driven back to where the churches are with their Christian periodicals, & you might be driven back into the System to jobs & normal homes & all, with your kids & families, but at least we could keep feeding you & you can keep witnessing somehow, wherever you are!--Amen? (Maria: We may even have a bigger impact then, who knows?)

       32. IT CERTAINLY HAD AN IMPACT & MADE THE NEWS WHEN WE HAD THAT 1st "HOMEGOING"!--That really blew their lying propaganda sky high & proved we were all free! We have been accustomed to so much freedom & so much liberty, getting away with so much, that a lot of you kids think that is the way it's always going to be.--Then when it's not, you're surprised! Well, you can't say that I haven't been preparing you! For years now, ever since we personally went to live in Franco Spain, we've been warning you to get ready for closed country selah witnessing!

       33. THIS IS NOW OBVIOUSLY A CONCERTED WORLDWIDE ATTACK ON ALL SECTS--at least Western worldwide, undoubtedly inspired & motivated by the churches & [EDITED: "ACs"]--perhaps even the Catholics!--Oodles of Jews have hidden under the Catholic facade for centuries to escape persecution!--So why not us under the System?!

       34. THEY ARE REALLY OUT TO GET US AS AN ORGANISATION! SO ONE OF THE BEST THINGS WE CAN DO IS TO APPARENTLY DISORGANISE!--Ha! I've been talking about this for years, but we get in such a rut, such habits, that you just can't believe that I mean it!--About scatteration, indigenuity, being independent, nationalise, & all such covers. You just can't get it through your heads that the time has come when you are going to have to! You've had so much freedom & so much liberty & gotten away with so much, you just can't believe it won't always be like that!

       35. IT'S JUST AMAZING TO ME HOW MUCH THE AUTHORITIES HAVE LET YOU KIDS GET AWAY WITH! Litnessing [DELETED] on the streets [EDITED: "among other things"], even contrary to some of the local [EDITED: "customs"] [DELETED]! I mean, after all, we are foreigners & guests in many of these countries, & they've been pretty good to us!--They've just sort of looked the other way, with all these Americans pouring in all over the world!

       36. I THINK IT'S BEEN AN AMAZEMENT & AN ASTONISHMENT TO A LOT OF COUNTRIES that just really haven't known what to do about all these foreigners flooding their country everywhere & spreading our propaganda & ripping off their children for our religion! I mean, they have taken quite a bit, let's face it! They have taken quite a bit, & I can see their viewpoint. Now they figure, "Well, we've heard a lot of wild tales about them, and now Jonestown and all that, so we've just had enough, and it's time to put a stop to it, that's all!"

       37. WELL, THEY COULD PRETTY EASILY PUT A STOP TO OUR PUBLIC OPERATIONS, PARTICULARLY LITNESSING. They could pick up you litnessers, tell you the law forbids it, whether it's distribution of literature, the kind of literature [DELETED] or whatnot. Most of these countries have been pretty good to us so far, as long as we didn't cause too much trouble, arouse too much ire or get too many people mad at us.--But we have now!

       38. NOW THEY HAVE A CONCERTED ANTI-SECTS CAMPAIGN ON AGAINST US, a combined parental, governmental, [EDITED: "AC"], media, church campaign against us, an organised campaign to stop us and blot us out if they can! Well, in the words of the joke, They don't want the books! And I think that makes it pretty obvious that soon us foreigners will have to go!--"Into all the world & preach the Gospel to every creature"!--Amen?--Hallelujah!--Let's go!

       39. AND WHAT OF THE INDIGENOUS LEADERSHIP, THE NATIONALS WHO WILL STAY? What are they going to do? Well, if you can't litness and it becomes like a closed country, like it will under this kind of persecution, and if you have to abide by the same kind of regulations and prohibitions as you are already in some of these closed dictatorships. [DELETED]

       40. [DELETED] [EDITED: "Y"]ou may have to close it up and go some place else and open a totally new [EDITED: "quiet"] Home that they don't know anything about, and get jobs and go to work to support yourselves in order to survive, and witness privately person-to-person on the side, [DELETED] very cautious, just like trying to witness in one of the Iron Curtain countries.

       41. YOU CERTAINLY CAN'T GO DOWN THE STREETS WAVING LITERATURE! You'll even have to be careful who you talk to! You've got to be very careful. Otherwise you'd have to leave your own country and go to some freer country where you can still get away with it. But some will have to simply settle down, get yourselves a job & some kind of support, & live for all appearances like the System, like ordinary, normal people!

       42. BUT AT THE SAME TIME YOU'D BE STILL RECEIVING THE LETTERS & PASSING ON THE TRUTH TO OTHERS by word of mouth or private witness, or a little tract here and there, possibly hidden in the hand, "Here, read this!"--Just like we used to do in Spain under Franco! (Maria: That means that probably those things they are going to be passing out are going to have to be in a slightly different form than now.) Oh, of course!

       43. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE ENOUGH COMMON SENSE TO KNOW WHAT YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH LOCALLY, AND WHAT YOU CAN'T!--This business of complaining about [EDITED: "some of the content"] in some of the lit is ridiculous, because you do not have to reprint it nor distribute it all! You can just pick the ones you like & know are OK for your area! I have sent out special notices about this & had it in Letter after Letter! You are supposed to use some wisdom and your own common sense to pick the ones you know you can get away with in your area, & certainly not the lit that is going to cause you trouble!

       44. WE'VE GOT SUCH A VARIETY OF LITERATURE, & I have thrown the door so wide open now as to let you do almost whatever you want to with the Letters! You can print them in almost any form you want! You can even print them without illustrations if you don't like them! How silly to complain about [EDITED: "the content."]--Ha! You are so used to dictatorship under that old Chain, you still don't know you're free! Like the old eagle that, once he was set free, he still dropped back in his old rut & walked round & round the post again, Just like he still had the chain, on!

       45. YOU STILL DON'T SEEM TO KNOW YOU'RE FREE! I mean, it is insane for you to distribute some of this raw stuff in countries where of course you can't get away with it! You are going to cause yourselves & the whole Family nothing but a lot of trouble, & already have! Honestly sometimes, I wonder about our Family! [DELETED] [EDITED: "S"]ome of you are still going by last year's instructions!--Maybe the media's right!--Some are a little "mindless"!--Ha! WLY anyway!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family