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[DELETED] Nationalise, Reorganise Security-Wise!--No.4       NRS4       DFO No.750       14 December 1978
--By Father David

       [EDITED: "HomeARC note (9/98): FFing was discontinued in 1987."]

Copyright © December 1978 by The Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia.

       1. IF LITNESSING IS FORBIDDEN, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?--YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO STOP LITNESSING! If they clamp down on FFing & call it prostitution, you may have to stop that too, or run the risk of small fines & harassment. Nearly all the Western countries have laws against prostitution. But at the same time, in those vary countries, there are thousands of prostitutes, who know that being arrested & fined & sometimes put in jail overnight is simply one of the hazards of their time-honoured profession!--Ha!--And this is War!

       2. I USED TO THINK WHAT A WONDERFUL THING IT WOULD BE IF THOSE PROFESSIONALS WERE SAVED & HAD THE LORD, & then how they could minister to those men & what a blessing they could be! But that is entirely up to the individual & the case. Some always go to the extreme! That doesn't mean that I hope that every girl just suddenly decides to join a "call girl" or an "escort" service!

       3. BUT THESE "ESCORT" SERVICES ARE FLOURISHING all over right now. They're using some of the most expensive advertising media like the newspapers, where they've got long lists of "escort services" & "massage parlours" with telephone numbers. [DELETED]--So why not an "FF Escort Service"?!

       4. [DELETED] [EDITED: "I"]in an escort service, normally you go home with the man or to his hotel & he foots the bill. And how are they going to find all the places all those men live & what hotel room they're in unless they are going to follow you all around the whole evening!--That's ridiculous!

       5. NORMALLY, YOU GO AROUND & SEE THE SIGHTS all day or go out for a great time at night & see the best shows & everything, & finally wind up back in bed at his hotel room at 2 or 3 in the morning. [DELETED]

       6. YOU HAVE NO SET ADDRESS, no set place, no set love room, no set house where you always make love--just a phone number! You just go to the man's place, or back to his own hotel, or sometimes you just check in at some other hotel together, & that's it! If [EDITED: "the authorities are"] going to start tracing down everybody who is not married & yet going to bed together or checking into hotels together, they'd have to follow most of the women in Europe & America!

       7. (MARIA: OR YOU COULD BE MAIDS IN HOTELS OR WAITRESSES & still make dates--there're so many different ways of meeting men & witnessing!) Good night, Yes! As far as FFing is concerned, it's the most ancient time-honoured profession in the world! And if you could do it for the Lord, it's not only a good living but a good witness!--You may have to do it to survive!

       8. [DELETED] Individual, private independent prostitution is even legal in places like England, Germany & much of Europe & elsewhere. Some closed down the houses, but they couldn't close up the girls!--Ha! If they drive you off the streets, what can you do? I certainly wouldn't recommend it for everybody, but it is one way you could survive if their cruelty [EDITED: "stops your other ministries"]!--It's not your fault! But I certainly wouldn't want you girls to get mixed up with some of those tough thugs, pimps, racketeers, gunmen & organised vice! It's those troublemaking criminals the police are really after! Don't get caught in their traps! Be independent! Do it yourself, if you must! However, sometimes it's a little hard to go it alone, so you could team up with another girl in an apartment, etc.--Or with your mate & maid, etc.--Ha!

       9. THESE ESCORT SERVICES ARE PERFECTLY LEGAL & some of them are very highly respectable & recognised. They simply have girls who can speak the language in a foreign country, & they act as respectable escorts for visitors & tourists & traveling businessmen, the loners & the strangers who don't know their way around a strange city. You take them around town, go to dinner & the shows with them--& to bed with them if you want!--And they pay all the bills & your fee to boot!--And you don't always have to go to bed with them--a lot of girls get away without it!

       10. I TRIED A GIRL ESCORT SERVICE ONCE, & IT WAS A VERY PLEASANT EVENING! She knew all the interesting places to go & was lots of fun! It was sure better than being lonely in a strange city!--Then we just kissed goodnight at her door! All that's perfectly legal. They just tromp down on us & our FFing because we have enemies, that's all!--Because we're religious, have different political & economical views & we step on their toes with our lit all the way around--especially the churches & [EDITED: "ACs"]! (Maria: Yes, we just convict them of their sins & expose them!)

       11. THERE ARE ALL KINDS OF THINGS YOU CAN DO [EDITED: "IN DIFFICULT TIMES"]. If they are going to drive us off the streets, then we have to get off the streets. If they are going to drive us out of the parks, then we gotta get out of the parks. If they are even going to drive us out of private clubs, & discos & bars & cafes & say, "You're foreigners & they're giving you money for singing, & that's working, so you are violating the tourist no work rule!" then you gotta stop it.

       12. IT'S NOT HARD TO GET RID OF THE FOREIGNERS, THAT'S FOR SURE! So, in a way, I'm not even dealing with the question of being foreigners, for if you're a foreigner in a country, forget it! If they take a dislike to you, you've had it! And they can easily get rid of you if they can find you!--And if you just stick around illegally, overstaying your tourist time or your visa, & they finally do catch up with you, then they are going to tell you to go, deport you, fine you or maybe even put you in jail, like they do in some countries!--Or all four!

       13. THEY MIGHT JUST TELL YOU TO LEAVE, & or give you so many hours or days to leave the country, or they might actually deport you & send you back home!--In which case, of course, you at least get a free trip home! But if they ever do actually deport you, they usually stamp your passports so that you'll never be able to come back!--Or your home country picks up your passport so you can't leave anymore!--& you sure don't want that to happen!

       14. I NOTICED [EDITED: "ONE PARTICULAR COUNTRY"] didn't do it, because obviously if they'd have put a bad stamp in our passports, then they couldn't have even gotten rid of us, because no other country would have taken us, so they were very smart! They just told us to leave, & just gave us a normal exit stamp, & that was it! Well, that's what most of them will do. They don't want to have to pay for your fare home, especially if it's that far away!--Like the U.S.A.!

       15. IT'S ONLY IF YOU GO COMPLETELY BROKE & you're totally dependent on their System & you've landed in their detention hall or jail & you've got no money, no place to go, no job, no nothing--then they don't know what to do with you, & certainly no other country wants to take you at their border either if they know you're being deported! So, sometimes they think the only alternative they have is to pay your fare home to get rid of you. Your own country can't refuse you--& sometimes they'll make them pay it!--But your country won't like that either!

       16. SO, IF WE'RE DRIVEN OFF THE STREETS, WE'LL HAVE TO GET OFF THE STREETS. If we're driven out of the parks, we'll have to get out of the parks. If we're driven out of the cafes & nightclubs, we'll have to get out of them. Better to leave peacefully than to land in jail with a heavy fine! Better to spend your time more profitably in another country or in some other method of working or witnessing, than to spend your times more profitably in another country or in some other method of working or witnessing, than to spend your valuable time in jail!--Let's face it!

       17. ALTHOUGH SOME OF OUR KIDS HAVE SPENT THEIR TIME IN PRISON VERY PROFITABLY, witnessing & winning souls & being quite a blessing in the prison. But I wouldn't say it's the most desirable way of living! It's a little bit restrictive, & sometimes it can be a little bit expensive if they have some heavy fines & you can't pay them--& if you can't pay them, it will often mean more time in prison! Usually they offer you fine or jail.--Or both!--I don't like either! Do U?

       18. LITNESSING, SOLICITING, BEGGING, FFing OR OVERSTAYING YOUR TOURIST TIME OR VISA, ARE USUALLY FAIRLY LIGHT MISDEMEANOURS with a fairly light fine or a short jail term. It can be a small fine with the prospect of several days in jail, or a heavier fine with 30-60 days in jail--& then you're deported anyhow. So what's the advantage of going to jail or having to pay a fine?

       19. IT SEEMS TO ME THAT IT'S A LOT SMARTER TO JUST OBEY THE LAW, when you see they are really clamping down on you & going to enforce it. A lot of places have the laws, but they haven't been enforcing them. They just looked the other way because we were not a nuisance, not causing any particular trouble, nobody was complaining & some people even liked us, & we were getting along fine & everybody was happy.--But not now!--Not since Jonestown!

       20. NOW THERE IS A CONCERTED INTERNATIONAL ANTI-CULTS CAMPAIGN AGAINST US, with the parents aroused against us & organising against us, stirring up the government against us along with the churches & [EDITED: "ACs"]--& maybe the Communists too-& maybe some other people who don't agree with our political or economic views as well. Anyhow, you've got a pretty unbearable combination when you get the System in general aroused against you!

       21. WITH BOTH THE GOVERNMENT & THE MEDIA COOPERATING TOGETHER AGAINST YOU & BLASTING YOU & TRYING TO GET RID OF YOU, I WOULD SAY THAT'S PERSECUTION!--That's pretty insurmountable persecution that you can't very well overcome by trying to fight it, no matter what you do to try to vindicate yourself or fight it or go to court or whatever. If there are enough people against you & enough people don't like you, such as a combination of parents, churches, [EDITED: "ACs"], government & media, well, you've just about had it!--It's time to leave!

       22. [DELETED] God help us! Even if worst came to worst & we all had to go back home to work, school, Mom & Dad, whatever, you wouldn't be any worse off than before!

       23. YOU'D CERTAINLY BE A LOT BETTER OFF, HAVING AT LEAST GIVEN A FEW YEARS OF YOUR LIVES IN FULL-TIME SERVICE FOR THE LORD winning souls & witnessing & trying to be a missionary & preaching the Gospel in all the world! At least you have done what you could until you couldn't! If the System won't let you go any further, that's not your fault! Even if you had to go back to work or school & just take care of your own little family--or even go back to church! Who knows--You might even be a blessing to the churches!--Or a curse!--Ha!--Like we used to be!

       24. I'M SURE YOU'D STILL WANT TO HEAR FROM THE LORD & HEAR FROM US & GET THE LETTERS & be willing to help us to continue the flow!--Amen? So, I'm not worried about it. I know the Lord knows what He's doing, & I'm trusting Him! Even if they stop us everywhere as far as our public ministry is concerned, our organised ministry, street litnessing, pied-pipering, cafe singing, park Holy Ghost samples & all that sort of public stuff & known Homes & known FFers, you can still witness at home!--Amen?--If you're a wounded soldier, you go home on furlough at least!

       25. EVEN IF THEY PUT A STOP TO ALL OF US--Which they can easily do if they know where you live, & they won't have a hard time finding out if they merely follow the FFers or the litnessers or the pied pipers back home!--Then they can run you all in.--Or pick up all your passports & find out where you are from & tell the foreigners to get out of the country & their own kids to stop it or they are going to get fined & or jailed!--Which do you prefer?

       26. EVEN IF THEY GO AHEAD & FINE YOU & OR JAIL YOU, IT USUALLY WON'T BE FOR LONG & OR NOT FOR MUCH! Even prostitution is not considered a felony! It's only a misdemeanour & usually subject to only a very light fine, & or at the most, two or three days in jail. They don't want you girls hanging around jail too long!--You might seduce or corrupt the whole prison staff!

       27. EVEN IF THEY GOT RID OF US ALL--ALL OF US FOREIGNERS--& SENT US ALL BACK HOME, WHAT MORE could they do? Unless they get hold of me they can't stop the Letters, so I'm the main one that has to watch my step & try not to get caught! I'm the one they are going to try the most to get ahold of! They figure if they cut off your head, that's it! (Maria: Yes.--You & the men leaders. The women & children they aren't too worried about, because they think you can't do much without the men.--Ha!) They usually won't bother you women & children, but they're after the men first!

       28. SO WE'RE NOT STOPPED BY A LONG SHOT JUST BECAUSE THEY STOP OUR PUBLIC LITNESSING! We got along for years in Tenerife before we ever surfaced--two years--And during all that time we did lots of witnessing! We even distributed quite a bit of our lit, [DELETED] personally to friends in the hand--to good fish & those that got saved & loved us.

       29. THERE WEREN'T MORE THAN A HANDFUL OF EACH CLASS THAT WENT TO THE SOUL CLINIC TO TRAIN TO BE MISSIONARIES THAT REALLY MADE IT & got appointments & went to the field! Most of them were old ladies or young kids, & they just didn't have it or couldn't make it. So Fred just sent them home & said, "Alright now, go to work on your own community!" So they went home & tore up their churches & upset their whole communities, just by going home & doing nothing but witnessing & litnessing & soul winning & preaching the Gospel in their spare time & on Sunday at home! Ha! I think they hated to see them coming back! And they'll be sorry you came home! Ha!

       30. THE SYSTEMITES WISHED THEY HAD GONE TO THE MISSION FIELD! Because when they came home, they were such strong witnesses for the Lord they put the churches & Christians to shame, they got them so conscience-stricken & upset! So, they'd have to kill us to stop us, & they haven't gotten quite to that point yet in most places, thank they Lord! But they will!

       31. BUT THEY CAN STOP THE LITNESSING, THAT'S PRETTY EASY TO DO, AND THEY CAN STOP THE FFing in its more overt forms. But they can't stop us completely, not if you become completely [DELETED] independent. Many of you girls could work on your own or as an escort with a regular escort service or as a waitress or hotel maid or clerk that merely has a job & FFs on the side or whatever. They'd have to stop most of the women in the world from fucking or working if they were going to stop us!--It's impossible!--so if they drive you out or home, just keep on! Hallelujah!

       32. FFing IS EVEN NOW ONE OF OUR MOST EFFECTIVE METHODS IN CLOSED COUNTRIES! They can stop your cafe singing & even the holding of jobs in foreign countries without work permits. Tourists aren't supposed to work nor earn a living in their country or take money & jobs away from the locals for which I don't blame them! So, it wouldn't be hard to stop those things.


       34. EVEN PROVISIONING THEY COULD MAKE PRETTY TOUGH. That's why they're making the media campaign so rough, the main idea being to turn the public against us so they'll not give & support us, whether it's money on the streets for lit or whether it's food & provisions from businesses, clothing from friends, etc. They're trying to turn the public against us so they won't give.

       35. THEY TELL ALL THESE LIES ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY WE'RE GETTING to try to even turn our own kids against us so that you will have doubts & fears & questions about whether you should give to us or not! All we can do is tell you it's just not so! We've tried to show you where the money goes, so you'll have faith & confidence & still trust us, that's about all we can do.

       36. SO IF WORST CAME TO WORST & ALL THE AMERICANS HAD TO GO HOME or all the foreigners had to leave other countries & go home, back to school or job or parents or whatnot--[DELETED] there's not much they could do to stop us! I'm sure you kids would still want the Letters & be willing to support us to make it possible for us, to send them. Amen? I'm sure you would still witness the best way you could & still serve the Lord in the System if you had to!

       37. YOU COULD AT LEAST, PRIVATELY LITNESS--CIRCULATE THE LETTERS AMONGST YOUR FRIENDS & classmates or work mates & families, etc. I'm sure you'd continue to try to win souls & witness. You might not be able to offer them the public pied-piper, Holy Ghost sample & dance a jig in the park & invite them home to live with you, but you could tell'm how good it is to live with Jesus!

       38. YOU MAY JUST HAVE TO DO NOTHING IN THE WORLD BUT PREACH CHRIST & the Truth as your main assets & happiness, how to be happy though working in the System, in spite of it!--Right? You'd certainly be a lot better off than you used to be before you knew the Lord & the Family!

       39. IF THEY FORCE US TO GO BACK HOME & FORCE US BACK INTO THE SYSTEM, force us to conform, it'll be no worse than it was with the Early disciples operating under the Roman System & under their persecutions! They too were driven underground into the Catacombs & had to no longer visibly witness or hold meetings or preach on the streets. There were times during the early Roman persecutions where they were unable to do any of these things, & they had to just live [EDITED: "low-key"] & take jobs! Paul even made tents for a while!--Are you better than Paul and too good for that?

       40.THE EARLY CHRISTIANS EVEN LIVED AS SLAVES IN CAESAR'S HOUSE, BUT THEY NEVER STOPPED WITNESSING! They never stopped personal witnessing, privately, to work mates or fellow slaves or fellow galley oarsmen or whatever it was! There are oodles of stories in Christian history & literature regarding this! So you kids have got to get the point that it's not going to be possible to have as much freedom as we've been having, especially not now under this smear campaign that's on against the cults, using Jonestown as their excuse!--Wow!--Whatta packa lies!

       41. EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO GO BACK HOME & BACK TO WORK OR BACK TO SCHOOL & BACK TO PARENTS, you can still witness & privately litness, & still win souls & encourage others to live for the Lord, even if you have to work at a job or go to school again or back to parents [DELETED] or whatever!--amen?--PTL!--Just keep rollin' for Jesus! So you'll be no worse off than you were before!

       42. YOU ARE CERTAINLY BETTER OFF TO HAVE SPENT AT LEAST SOME OF YOUR LIFE IN FULL-TIME SERVICE FOR THE LORD & to see what it's like to be a missionary on a foreign field, & to see what it's like to live in the rest of the world & not just the rich Western nations! You'll have more sympathy for the poor & for the poor missionaries & the people who can still stay on the field, if you have to go home & back to work at some job and you can help support us!--Amen?

       43. YOU WILL STILL BE ABLE TO WITNESS & PRIVATELY LITNESS & WIN SOULS & SERVE THE LORD in your spare time if nothing else. If you're forced to, you can't help it. If the time comes when it is no longer possible to forsake all & spend your full-time serving the Lord in full-time litnessing, witnessing, cafe singing & park pied-pipering or whatever, at least do it part-time.

       44. IF IT GETS SO BAD & FORBIDDEN THAT YOU CAN'T DO IT AT ALL, you'll just have to quit that kind of witnessing.--But you don't have to stop being a Christian, you don't have to stop being a witness, you don't have to stop being a soul winner! You can still pass out literature to your friends & family & work mates & playmates & whatnot, and we'll keep sending it if U keep helping!

       45. THEY JUST CAN'T STOP US ALTOGETHER!--SO WE'RE FAR FROM LICKED! But we may have to trim down quite a bit. [DELETED] The best thing in the world for you people is just to know when it's time to quit!--& go somewhere else & try something else!--Amen? PTL!--When an army is overwhelmed it retreats!


       47. A KNOWN ATTACK IS IN PROGRESS & they are beginning to attack Homes[DELETED]!


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family