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"HOMEGOING II MESSAGE!"--By Father David--URGENT!       20 December 1978       MO--DFO 751

Dearest Family,
       1. THIS IS A PERSONAL EMERGENCY MESSAGE FROM DAD himself to all the Family for this Christmas & New Year's Season. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! When you receive this message we would like for you all to: READ TOGETHER LETTER NO.144A, "THE EMERGENCY CALL HOME" & THE "HOMEGOING" Letter following it, No.145, from Volume I. Please put these into practise again immediately, this Holiday Season, for exactly the same reasons & for the same purpose this time that we issued the same message exactly seven years ago, & we trust this will be another Jubilee Year like that last one! PTL! (Lev.25).

       2. PLEASE READ THEM TOGETHER PRAYERFULLY & add this P.S.: Those of you who visit home be sure to leave your parents' or relatives' home address with your KQS or those who remain behind at your present Home so they can forward your new urgent NRS Letters to you immediately!--Don't miss one! If you cannot get a response from your Home or your KQS' address, write the next nearest KQS at the address which appears on all GP lit. If all else fails, try to contact the Family by writing to:
       POSTFACH 241,
       8021 ZURICH,
And they will try to help you all they can.

       3. PLEASE PUT THIS INTO PRACTISE IMMEDIATELY! We wish you all a very Happy & fruitful "Homegoing", & hope to see you all again soon!--Keep in touch with us so you don't lose your Letters!

       4. YOU COULD PHONE HOME COLLECT TO YOUR PARENTS TONIGHT & ask them if they want you to come home for the Holidays & that you will need a ticket (perferably roundtrip) or the money for your fare. This is the least they could do for you as their own furloughing missionary! Phone them tonight collect so you can be home for the Holidays, if possible, when your family is together.

       5. ONE OF THE MAIN PURPOSES OF THIS HOMEGOING IS THE PUBLICITY OF IT TO ANSWER THE ENEMY'S MEDIA CHARGES THAT WE'RE NOT FREE! So don't forget to publicise it in the newspapers, TV & radio. Phone them TODAY & say you have a press release from the you-know-who! Ask for the local news desk or City Editor at the newspaper, & the programme director or news director at the broadcasting stations--or any news reporter.--

       6. TELL THEM WHAT WE'RE DOING WORLDWIDE & WOULD THEY LIKE A COPY OF THE RELEASE--A REAL NEWS SCOOP ABOUT ONE OF THE MAJOR CULTS!--Cults are news today! Tell'm your Guru is sending you all home! That big news!--Something no other cult has done before but us!--Ha!

       7. IF THEY WANT THE PRESS RELEASE, TELL'M TO COME & GET IT & SEE!--Or you'll give it to them on the phone right there while they record it!--Then read them the "EMERGENCY PHONE CALL HOME" right out of the book!--Or xerox it for them to pick up!--& pray they will! GBAKY! & bring you back again!--Love,--D.

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