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New Program for Worldwide Mailing Ministry!--MO       03/01/79       DFO No.755

       DEAR FAMILY & FRIENDS, PLEASE SEND US IMMEDIATELY-- printed or typed clearly--the names & addresses of all Family members or ex-members, "graduates", "backslider", friends, contacts, relatives, converts, fish--or even enemies, etc.--of the past or present--whom you think might want or need to receive our literature & publications--but whom, as far as you know, are not now already regularly receiving them in some Home or as a member of the Family. Even if you're not sure, send their names & addresses anyway, & we'll check them with our mailing list.

       PLEASE SEND THESE NOW FOR OUR NEW PROGRAM OF A NEW WORLDWIDE MAILING MINISTRY! Please send a list of these names & addresses at once to: K.G. Love, Postfach 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland, Don't fail our "Other Sheep"!--You can have a part in this great Worldwide Mailing Ministry (WWMM) by sending in their names & addresses now!--TODAY! We plan to send them a test mailing as soon as we receive their names & addresses from you to find out if they would like to continue to receive our Letters & Pubs. So do it NOW!--Tomorrow may be too late!--Thanks! Love, M&M.

       P.S. if you can't think of any names & addresses now,find some--anybody's--& send them soon! You can use the space below & the other side of this page for these names & addresses Tks! WLY! KGFG! "To all the world"! [EDITED: "For a truly HAPPY NEW YEAR!!--Love,--M&M. 3/1/79"]

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