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"THE IRF!"--NRS 7--By Father David       January 1979       DFO 757

Copyright © January 1979 by The Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italy.

       1. EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO GO BACK HOME, YOU'RE STILL GOING TO WANT A LITTLE FAMILY FELLOWSHIP, get the {\ul \i Family News} & the Letters & support those who are still on the field.--Amen? I believe it! We're not washed up by any means yet! I don't think that even I could stop the Family! I mean, the Family's the Family, we're God's children & nothing is ever going to stop us but Jesus! We'll keep going on in some way, some how, some where in some form for some time to come!

       2. THIS IS THE IDEAL TIME TO GO HOME when this anti-cults propaganda campaign is at its fever pitch! It's the ideal time for us to get the publicity we need for the fact that we're sending our people all home. I believe it will make news, if each of the KQSs will issue a bulletin to the press or the local Homes all issue bulletins to their local media, phone their local radio & television stations, newspapers & all & say,

       3. "WE'RE ALL GOING HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!--What are you doing?!--Oh, you're a prisoner there in that job & they won't even let you out for Christmas! They've got you brainwashed, haven't they! Mind control! Oh, you, poor guys! You've got to stay on duty for Christmas & New Year's & they won't even let you go home. Tisk, tisk, tisk! All you policemen have to work during Christmas. You TV & radio people have to work & you newspaper crews are still on duty during vacation!

       4. "LOOK HOW FREE WE ARE! WE CAN ALL GO HOME! Sorry! Bye-bye! Too bad you're such bond slaves & kidnapped by the System & prisoners & brainwashed & so under their mind control that you have not got the freedom, you don't have personal choice, you're not able to choose to quit your job & go home whenever you want to!" Makes them sound pretty ridiculous, doesn't it? It just makes them sound as ridiculous as they are!--Accusing us of the things they're more guilty of than we!

       5. AS FOR US, I BELIEVE YOU THAT REALLY MEAN BUSINESS WILL COME BACK & do better than ever before! You will have had a chance to rest & get a taste of home-sickness at home, sick of home, & come back rested & better & more inspired than ever to go on, those who can really take it on the battle field & be missionaries!

       6. THOSE WHO CAN'T RETURN TO THE FIELD, WELL, LET'S NOT BAWL THEM OUT FOR NOT COMING BACK. Just tell them, "Well, go to work! If this field's too rough for you anymore, then stay home & support the ones who can! Send to the folks you know, the missionaries you know & love & the ones you know are on the field, the ones you know personally that can take it & that you have confidence & faith in. The least you can do is support them--help them!

       7. "AND IF YOU WANT THE LETTERS, THEN HELP TO SUPPORT US TOO!" Please keep on sending us your tithe! Things may be low for awhile, like they were in the New Revolution--the stats took a nosedive then for several months, & in the RNR it was even worse! Who knows?--It might be worse now!--Until you folks go home & have a chance to come back to work here or go back to work there, & all begin to resume giving.

       8. IT'S A GOOD WAY TO FIND OUT WHETHER YOU THINK THE FAMILY'S NEEDED ANYMORE OR NOT!--Or whether we think we've done our job & God's through with us! Well, if that's so, then we can all go home! I have been a little reluctant to drop this bomb, hoping maybe we might be able to avoid it. But the more I've thought & prayed about it, the more I'm convinced that we have to do it, we need to do it & it's going to do us good in the long run.

       9. IT'LL DO US SOME GOOD IMMEDIATELY, JUST THE PUBLICITY, if we can just get it out to the public, & if each of you Homes be sure to phone it around, Tell them, "I'm the leader or Home Servant of the local Home of the Family of Love, the COG, or whatever you want to call us. I just thought that you'd be interested to know we're all going home for the Holidays. We're not zombies, we're not prisoners & can think for ourselves, & we're going home--and may come back!"

       10. SO, IF THEY WANT TO BUST US & MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR US TO LITNESS & WITNESS & they want to get rid of us, well, why don't we go home? That'll take the wind out of their sails!--"You can't fire me, I quit! You can't evict me, I'm moving!" It would sure take the pleasure out of their anti-cults campaign if we announced that we are all going home for the Holidays!--Ha!

       11. IT'S TIME AGAIN TO FIND OUT IF WE REALLY HAVE A FAMILY OR NOT! Do we really love the Lord & His Work & His Word or not? Will we keep on going or not? There comes a time when every Gideon has to test his men & send home the ones who don't really what to fight, to see who really sticks, & hope that those who can will come back.

       12. BUT IF YOU CAN'T RETURN TO THE FIELD, WE HOPE YOU WILL STILL WANT TO HEAR FROM US & TRY TO SUPPORT US WHO REMAIN IN THE FIELD.--We may have to boil our WS down to thee & me & just run a mail-order publishing house!--Ha! You furnish the funds & we'll furnish the funnies! Now we'll see who really has it & prove to the world that we're free!--Then we'll prove to ourselves & the Lord that we are still bound to Him & the Family!--What do you think? What would you do?

       13. I THINK MOST OF YOU ARE PRETTY SOLID MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY & WANT TO STAY IN THE FAMILY. You like it in the Family & you want to continue to live as we live if you can--amen? Of course, with things getting as bad as they are right now, it's quite possible that you might just have to stay home for awhile until the heat's off & this anti-cults smear campaign is over! You may have to stay home for awhile & get a job & stay undercover until this thing blows over.

       14. ONCE THIS STORM IS OVER & THE HEAT'S OFF & THE PERSECUTION DIES DOWN &/OR DISAPPEARS, the public quickly forgets & maybe you can return to the streets again. Then when you're back there face to face with them you can show them we didn't all commit suicide & we didn't all murder each other & what everybody said was going to happen didn't happen! Instead of that we actually all went home, temporarily disbanded, then came back again!--Maybe we'll come back even stronger!

       15. MAYBE WHEN WE COME BACK THEY'LL RECEIVE US BETTER THAN BEFORE, because they will know it was a campaign of lies against us & not true. I think maybe we'll be able to make a comeback then, Lord willing. And if we didn't, if it got so bad we couldn't come back, we'd stay home!

       16. I THINK YOU'D STILL WANT TO HEAR FROM ME ANYHOW, WOULDN'T YOU? Even if everybody had to go home & get a job & stay home, I believe you'd still want to get the Letters!--Amen? Would you? (Family: Yes!) Really?--Are you sure? Well, PTL! Thank You, Lord! I can't very well leave my job!--Ha! Once you're called to be His Prophet, it's a calling you don't usually get out of but by the upstairs door!--Usually with the help of the Enemy!

       17. CHANGES ARE SURE GOOD FOR US! He said of others: "Because they have no changes, therefore they fear not God!" (Ps.55:19.) Lord, You know they're good for us, because You give us plenty of them! So thank You for them, & help us to stay close to You, Jesus, to hear You & realise that You're behind it all, & know that You are controlling things from behind the scenes, Lord, & everything is going to work out according to Your plan!

       18. WE CAN'T FAIL, LORD, BECAUSE YOU'RE ON OUR SIDE! It's impossible for us to fail, Lord, because You're with us, & there will always be Thy Family somewhere in the world, a witness right up to the End, Lord, according to Thy word! PG! Just give us wisdom now, Lord, how to work it out & how to follow Thee, how to do what we have to do. PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       19. WELL, PTL, WE DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING DRASTIC OR DRAMATIC OR HORRIBLE[DELETED]! You can just all go home! How much better that would have been for dear Jonestown[DELETED]!--How horrible! How much better just to say, "Well, why don't you guys just all go home for Christmas?--Then the people who want to come back can come back. "--That sure would have knocked all those investigations & charges in the head, wouldn't it! But instead, he did something horrible that almost proved his accusers were right!--They all freaked out & got paranoid & quit!

       20. I WANT TO WARN YOU RIGHT NOW, FOLKS, I'M NOT QUITTING!--Not until they execute me!--Or the Lord does, or whatever. I may get a little weary sometimes, but I'm not about to quit!--So you are going to have to put up with me for awhile yet!--Ha!

       21. IF WE'RE ALL GOING TO SPLIT UP [DELETED], WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO HAVE SOME KIND OF RECORD OF THE HOLES YOU'VE GONE INTO! We've got to get some kind of report from you about what you're doing in your hole. So, let's make it short & sweet, something real simple, the absolute minimum that we need to know. (See the new IRF!--Individual Report Form! PTL!)--Who you are, where you are, what you are doing, & how much you are giving!--Who, where, what & how much!

       22. THAT'S ALL THESE RADIO & TV PREACHERS BACK IN THE STATES DO who get out their little magazines & papers, etc. They operate almost entirely by mail! They get their support by mail from a hidden audience out there in the vast unknown!--All they've got is their names & addresses & keep in touch with them by mail with little letters every month.

       23. WELL, THESE LETTERS ARE MY BROADCASTS!--And that little self-addressed envelope speaks for itself!--It's quite eloquent. When you get one of those, you know what it's for so please get the point!--We need it! We have got to keep in touch with you who are going home & who may never come back again. We don't want to lose you entirely! After all, you have been a part of the Family, you ought to be that much concerned & ought to be interested in getting the Letters!

       24. EVEN OUR "BACKSLIDERS" ARE NOT NECESSARILY ALL ENEMIES! Some of them just can't make it, & can't take it, so we ought to at least try to keep them as friends. Let's keep in touch with them. Let's keep sending them the Letters.--Amen? Once they have been in the Family, I'm sure they'd want the Family News & Letters & give a little something for it, to help support us, amen?

       25. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO START DISTINGUISHING BETWEEN HOMES THAT ARE IN FULL-TIME SERVICE & THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE HOLDING DOWN JOBS & ARE JUST PART-TIME WORKERS, like our distinction between full-time Homes & Catacombers. We gotta have a different short Report Form for individual's who are working in the System, a sort of--Tent-Maker's Report Form!--Ha (Acts 18:3.) (See the IRF!) We need a new classification of disciples, the Tent-Makers! If you have to work at some kind of a job to make a living, then I would say you are tent-making, like the Apostle Paul had to do awhile when things got hot & the homefolks failed to support him!

       26. IF YOU'RE WORKING AT A REGULAR FULL-TIME SYSTEM JOB OF SOME KIND FOR YOUR SUPPORT whether it's escort service or as a call girl or carpentry or whatever, in order to survive & exist, & so you can serve the Lord at least part-time, I think that ought to be the general division: Full-time witnessing Homes fill out the full-time Home Report & part-time workers use the IRF!

       27. FULL-TIME HOMES WORKING FULL TIME FOR THE LORD, THAT'S YOUR MAIN JOB. You're serving the Lord full time & supporting yourselves by provisioning it or litnessing or FFing or whatever. We'll still expect you to fill out full-time Home Reports, & you are sort of like our churches. When I was pastor of a church, we were expected to fill out a long form once in awhile, reporting our whole local church situation, conditions, etc., & we expected it. That was part of our full-time job of serving the Lord, filling out long Reports & Forms.

       28. BUT YOU WOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN THOSE PART-TIME CHURCH MEMBERS TO DO IT! You were doing well to get them to sign their name to a pledge card & write down their address & how much they'd promise to give a missionary. But you had to get them there in the church & sitting in the seat & stick it under their nose & sit there while they filled it out to get it!--Or they'd have taken it Home, stuck it away someplace & forgotten about it! But once they had signed & pledged & promised it, then it got on their consciences, especially when you gave them a little pad of tear out coupons that they were supposed to tear out & send with their cheque each month in an envelope from their little stack of pre-addressed printed envelopes! They were supposed to tear out one every month & stick it in the envelope with their cheque & send it in--name & address.

       29. YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED HOW MANY OF YOU PEOPLE WILL WRITE TO US & NOT EVEN THINK TO PUT YOUR FULL NAME OR EVEN YOUR RETURN ADDRESS ON THE ENVELOPE OR IN THE LETTER! You just sign your name & figure, "Oh well, he knows my address, they know where I live." So we have to constantly remind you to give us your full name & address again, so we're sure we've got it right, that you're still at the same place--& please don't forget to send the money!--Ha! And in the right name! Tks!

       30. I STILL THINK MOST OF YOU ARE GOING TO FIGURE OUT SOME WAY TO STAY IN HOMES even if it's private Homes or selah Homes. We like to live together, that's one of our appeals, that Family fellowship, living together Family-style! So if we can just keep up a good contact with you & good communication with you individuals who have gone home, we might be able to really work on you to really support those of us still out here in the field--your main contribution to His work.

       31. IF YOU CAN'T BE SERVING THE LORD FULL-TIME, AT LEAST YOU CAN BE GIVING FULL-TIME! Because if that's all you're doing is working for money to make a living, then you might as well be giving some of it to support us who are still serving Him full-time. That's the one thing you can do. "You supply de funds, & we'll supply de funnies!" "That's what you'll pay the preacher for!"

       32. YOUR JOB THEN WILL BE TO WORK & EARN MONEY TO KEEP US GOING, SO WE CAN DO THE LORD'S WORK FOR YOU! That's the whole idea of the IRF. If you can't serve the Lord full-time, we'll do it for you, pay us to be your proxies! The churches have got this idea developed to a fine science, let me tell you! Well, don't knock it, Brother--use it! There are conditions under which we may have to do it, & I believe it's going to be right now!

       33. IF YOU ARE JUST WORKING IN A FIELD JOB FOR A [EDITED: "VISA OR MEANS TO STAY"], like most of the people in [EDITED: "closed countries"], then that's different. They have to have a [EDITED: "System job"], but they are still serving the Lord full-time in their own way the best they can on the field. (Maria: They are probably really witnessing more on their jobs than the people back in the States.) (Timothy: Most of them have jobs in which they can witness, teaching jobs, private tutors, newspaper reporters, music teachers, etc., government technicians, nurses--things like that.) (Maria: Yes!--They didn't get it just to make money, they got it for a cover so they could stay in the field & witness.)

       34. MY BURDEN IS THAT WE HAVE GOT TO KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING HOME. There's going to be a lot of "Homegoing" because of this persecution driving us off the streets, stopping our provisioning & public witnessing & closing up our Homes, etc.--And we need to keep track of you people who have to go home. You're still members, & we need to remind you of your obligations.

       35. YOU STILL NEED TO SERVE THE LORD THE BEST YOU CAN. If you can't do it by any other means than your money, then help support those who are still in operation on the field! You can do that at home, even if you have to go back & get a job. If you will want the Letters & Family News & you still want to support the Family, you'll have to keep in touch with us, if we're all going to stick together & keep going for the Lord at all.--Use the IRF--the Tent-Maker's Report form!

       36. --THAT WAS WHY PAUL HAD TO GO TO WORK MAKING TENTS!: HE GOT DRIVEN UNDERGROUND! If the present persecution or unbearably tough field conditions & lack of home support drives you off the field or [EDITED: "unable to have open ministries"], then get a System job & make money to support others who are still on the field & can still witness!--Or move to another new field where there's still freedom & folks are still receptive!--Whatever you do, don't quit! Don't stop serving Jesus! Amen? PTL!--Use the IRF!



       (For Family Members who must work part time for your support. GBY!)

       Please fill out on the last day of each month & send to us with your tithes & special gifts to: M. John, Postfach 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland, using the enclosed pre-addressed envelope if possible. Please remember, "No Report--No Retort!"--Tks! GBY! Fill in only parts applicable to you: "No Retort!"--Tks! GBY! Fill in only parts applicable to you:

Please give your complete ___________________________________
mailing name & address ______________________________________
exactly as it should ________________________________________
appear on your mail.) Nationality __________ Sex__ Age__ Occupation______

       OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS: Legal Name Nationality Sex Age Occupation


       Sorry, I'm not or can't witness &/or litness, but want the Letters. [EDITED: " "]
       I'm still witnessing &/or litnessing, & below is my report. [EDITED: " "]

Mass (Saw Pied or H.G. sample, etc.) _________________________________
Personal (shared personally or by phone, FFing, Lit, mail, etc.)___
Media (estimated outreach of TV, radio+news articles)______________
TOTAL WITNESSED TO: (Mass+personal+visitors+media)_________________
News Items: (No. of individual printed articles)____________________
No. of TV, radio shows, broadcast news items:______________________
LITERATURE DISTRIBUTED (Number of pieces)__________________________
CONVERTS (Rec'd Jesus) _______
BAPTISMS (Rec'd Holy Ghost)_________
NEW CC DISCIPLES WON: _____________________________
No. who joined your Family Home ________________


       "We will need your Report to know where you're at, & your tithe to help us produce the Word!" (Proclaim Liberty!--696:26.)
       We realise that a few may not be able to afford to send in their tithe at this time, but please give what you can to help us & your missionaries. Please try to be as faithful as possible, to help print more Letters in the future & continue to help needy mission fields. Thank you so much for your help in making our World Services a blessing to all! God bless you & continue to make you a blessing! WLY!--M&M & WS.

       According to the OP2DM, we will need _____ copies of each Letter, FN, LIN, etc., for our Family.
       _________ Is our 10% tithe enclosed for the worldwide work &/or publications of World Services, M&M & Staff support.
       _________ Is a special gift in addition to our 10% to be used for:_____
       _________ Is our total tithe &/or gift enclosed.
       (You must send us a minimum of at least $10 per month for copies of all publications each month. Please fill out Page 2 of this form on reverse side.--Tks!)


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family