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"SON OF SAM!"--ON FALSE & MISINTERPRETED PROPHECIES!       26 Jan., 1979 TMM10 [EDITED: "Tim, M&M"]       DO764


       1. GBY & GIJN! WLY & are praying for you there in that extremely difficult & trying field of India for which you have sacrificed abundantly during the past years.

       2. DAD & MARIA HAVE ASKED ME TO WRITE YOU in response to the recent volumes of correspondence which you have been sending to them & others. They were very glad that you felt obliged to ask their counsel regarding many of the very complicated things which you've been getting from not only the Word, but also apparently from direct prophecies there in India.

       3. DAD FELT OBLIGED AS A GOOD FATHER & SHEPHERD TO REPLY TO YOU on many of these matters, as he feels that if they are not straightened out now, there's the possibility that you could become hopelessly entwined in a number of misinterpretations & false doctrines.

       4. TO GIVE A NUMBER OF SPECIFIC EXAMPLES, he had these comments to make on your letter dated the 6th of December 1978 & marked "No.4": You start out in the second paragraph describing the blessings which Jacob bestowed upon his children in the 49th chapter of Genesis, especially as they pertain to Jacob's son Joseph. However, in the following paragraphs you begin speaking of Joseph the husband of Mary, & seem to equate the two Josephs. Dad commented:

       5. "THE PROPHECY HERE ABOUT JOSEPH JACOB'S SON HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JOSEPH & MARY. It's all about Joseph the son of Jacob, whose sons were Ephraim & Manasseh, two of the twelve tribes of Israel. These prophecies which Jacob made were all fulfilled in him & the twelve tribes long ago. I'm sorry, but it has nothing whatever to do with you, as you seem to interpret."

       6. THEN IN THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH you begin describing the King of the East, & you say, "I am Joseph, the king that the Lord is anointing for the setting up of His Kingdom & the multiplying of His families & flocks in the land of Egypt until a Pharaoh arises who knew not Joseph. That is when the A.C. turns on the people of God & the Prince of the Covenant (me), Daniel 11:22, & breaks the Covenant in the middle of the week & kills the Prince of the Covenant which of course would be Joseph, me!" To this interpretation Dad comments:

       7. "I'M SORRY, SON, BUT YOUR INTERPRETATIONS ARE 'WAY OFF BEAM!--The Prince of the Covenant which you speak of in Daniel 11:22 is the Antichrist!--As borne out by the rest of the chapter!" You then asked, "Is this the man-child in Revelations 12:5 who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron?" Dad comments, "That man-child is Jesus Christ Himself!--Not you!

       8. "THOSE FAR-FETCHED MISINTERPRETATIONS OF OLD TESTAMENT PROPHECIES whose specific events are already fulfilled can really get you off the beam if you try to relate them to specific events today. In order to reach Scriptural conclusions, you not only have to know the whole Bible very well, but also know Bible history & secular history thoroughly. The only way you can know whether many of those prophecies have been fulfilled or are yet to be fulfilled, is to know both Bible history & secular history inside & out.

       9. "FROM THE WAY YOU HAVE MISINTERPRETED MANY OF THOSE PROPHECIES, it shows that you don't know either the Bible or my teachings on prophecy very well which I have related in my Letters, as the interpretations of those prophecies you give are totally unscriptural & all mixed up! Sorry."

       10. YOU MENTIONED THAT THE ENTIRE INDIAN WORK WAS BECOMING A "DO-YOUR-OWN-THING." Unfortunately, it appears through what you yourself described in these letters, that's exactly what you are doing! Dad is hoping that in setting the record straight via this letter, it will help you to get back on the right track.

       11. DAD ALSO COMMENTED ON THE VOLUMES OF MATERIAL WHICH YOU ARE WRITING to him--as well as to other members of the Family there in India--that that is often one of the most typical methods which the Enemy uses: to not only confuse & poison one person, but to also try to confuse & poison many--which he is afraid your letters may be doing. Dad commented:

       12. "SORRY, BUT IT APPEARS THAT YOU HAVE REALLY GOTTEN OFF THE TRACK INTO FALSE PROPHECIES amongst yourselves, & false interpretations of Bible prophecy. This often is a result of spiritual pride & the frustrated temptation to want to be a spiritual leader."

       13. WE UNDERSTAND THAT YOU HAVE BEEN UNDER QUITE A BIT OF PRESSURE & strain there in difficult India as poor missionaries without any certain support in such a hard field for many years. But Dad felt that this very fact may have led you to a compromise with your bitterly antagonistic father, one of our worst & most dangerous enemies, in order to gain financial support.

       14. HOWEVER, THIS TYPE OF COVETOUS COMPROMISE CAN BE THE WEDGE WHICH LETS THE ENEMY IN, thus opening the door for many of his lies, delusions & confusion! The word that Dad got when praying about why your confused situation arose was "covetousness"--specifically the covetousness of your father's riches.

       15. WE ARE ALL PRAYING EARNESTLY THAT DAD'S COMMENTS WILL BE A REAL HELP TO YOU to see how far off the beam you have been getting in these false & misinterpreted prophecies. This letter is in no way meant to hurt you, but only to show you the truth before you get so far off that you can't get back on the right path.

       16. DAD IS ALSO WONDERING WHETHER YOU ALL MAY HAVE GOTTEN TRIPPED OFF INTO THE USE OF DRUGS which are so plentiful out there in India, which could have opened the door for the Enemy to confuse you & lie to you in the misinterpretation of Bible prophecy, as well as trip you off into false prophecies & evil spirits yourselves?

       17. WE DO SINCERELY HOPE THAT THIS LETTER WILL BE--AN EYE OPENER & help you to get back onto the right track into the light of a new day in reaching the millions of needy souls there in India. We certainly do need full-of-faith pioneers, which you have shown yourselves to be during your years of faithful service. God bless & keep you & help you to see & receive the Truth, which we know will set you free from the confusing lies of the Enemy.

       18. "PREACH THE WORD: be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering & doctrine." (2Tim.4:2.)


God bless you Dad & Maria, 13 December 1978
       Here are two letters we letters we received about Samson & Ara in Delhi, one from Hez who is a sweet Black American brother that lived with Samson & Ara in Kenya & for the last seven months in Delhi, really laying down his life for their children. The other from James, a very sweet English soul-winner & veteran of India for about three years. We love you so, & hate to have to write about this but Ro.8:28!--Love, Kenaz, Hodiah & Sarah.

+ + + + + + + + +

Dearest Kenaz:
       GBY! Greetings in Jesus' name! I've recently just left Samson & Ara's Home. Hallelujah! It's such a blessing, & I feel so much more free to serve the Lord & our prophet David!

       AFTER HAVING LEFT, I FELT REALLY BURDENED in my heart to share with you about the situation there. I was just tempted to say "Praise God, I'm free, so that's the end of that, Thank God!" But the verse came to me about people covering up, & being quiet about Family corruption.

       ANYWAY, I'M GOING TO SHARE IT, for what it's worth. In Samson & Ara's Home there's an atmosphere of uncertainty most of the time. A lot of the things they do are split-second decisions, regarding people's lives. They have a lot of responsibility in their hands, & taking it quite lightly. If something isn't running according to Ara's plan it will immediately be abolished. The whole Home is virtually geared to minister & cater to her & her needs. They're stepping out of their rim, & are meddling in everybody's affairs. Ara still has the old revolutionary vision. It's not really a peaceful Home where you can feel secure. The Home is run largely by feelings.

       RATHER THAN SHARE THIS WITH OTHER PEOPLE, & to get bad rumours going around, I decided to send it straight to you.--Something really needs to be done about their situation.

       I'M JUST SO THANKFUL TO BE FREE. I love them so much, & I'm not holding any grudges against them. They have such a strong influence on people, & people look up to them so much with such faith, courage & trust, while they seem to care so little about the souls of brothers & sisters.

       ANYWAY, I WILL NOT GO INTO SPECIFIC DETAILS & CASES, but I feel something must be done. I truly believe that everyone in Delhi feels pretty much the same. They have gotten too big in their own ways, & leaning too much on the arm of the flesh rather than the Lord.

       GBY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH & am keeping you in my prayers. Lots of Love in Jesus & David, Hez.

       P.S. ALSO, MARY HAS BEEN THERE & she feels basically the same. She also experienced this very same atmosphere. That blob of theirs has gotten so big & powerful by running the affairs & lives of other Homes so much. I feel God is ready to step in & show His hand.--Love, Hez.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

Dear Kenaz:
       GBY in your loving service for the Lord--your poem brought tears to my eyes! Thank You, Lord, for love & grace & mercy to replace law, legalism & condemnation.

       I HAD TO WRITE TO YOU because something is really burdening my heart--& that is Samson & Ara's attitude & spirit, especially Ara. In the past I would have said nothing but recently I saw a few instances of what I felt to be dangerous attitudes. I don't want to go into all the gory details of the things that happened, but I'd like to say that a few people have really been hurt by what I feel is a self-righteous & unloving attitude. If you do need instances I can tell you a few, but I can't stand throwing mud at people as apparently they have been doing.

       I FEEL THERE IS A HORRIBLE LACK OF LOVE & division amongst the brethren creeping in, & I feel that when people who were formerly so looked up to (& still are) are involved, especially such strong forceful characters as Samson & Ara, it's sometimes really dangerous if anything spiritually is going wrong.

       IT REALLY TOOK A LOT OF PUSHING IN THE SPIRIT FOR ME TO GET DOWN TO WRITING, & I know that if I meet them personally they just tower above me, & I don't know if I'd have the courage to say anything right to their face. I'm just encouraged to write when I think back to what MO said about telling the truth & not covering up, & all the things that happened in the beginning of the RNR. However I really hate getting involved in any of these scenes, but it's too easy to just sit back & say nothing. I pray this letter is falling on the right ears.--Love, James.

       (God bless you folks! Your all on the right track, as you can see by my Letter to Sam above!--Love,--Dad.)

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