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"Dito Meets Techi!"--Techi's Story, Chapter 6       DFO790       3/79

       1. THE DEVIL TOOK ANOTHER CRACK AT TECHI DURING THE DELIVERY, however, trying his very best to cut off her little life & the victorious testimony of her birth & deny the promises the Lord had made to us concerning the comfort & blessing she would be & the important part she would play in His Kingdom!

       2. WE DID NOT REALISE UNTIL AFTERWARDS what had happened! We did notice, however, that when the nurse cut the waterbag, she had picked up the scissors quickly, walked over to me, inserted them in a very hasty manner without even looking to see what she was doing & made the incision that had let the one litre of warm water flow out.

       3. BUT AT THAT MOMENT SHE HAD JERKED HER HAND back slightly & Sara & Sue who were watching had noticed but thought nothing more of it until later when we discovered a three-quarter inch would on the top of Techi's head, right on the soft spot, over the place on the baby's head where the bones have not get grown together! This soft spot is a literal hole covered by a layer of only skin & cartilage which, if it had been cut too deeply, could have damaged her brain &/or even killed her!

       4. THE DOCTOR TO WHOM WE TOOK TECHI LATER AT THREE WEEKS OLD for a routine check-up confirmed that it had indeed been a dangerous accident which had occurred because of the carelessness of the nurse with her scissors. But she told us, "The baby is all right & the cut is merely a surface one & it is healing beautifully."

       5. SO THANKS BE TO GOD Who again had protected her life as He had promised & kept up even on the delivery table in the presence of our enemies, who, although well-meaning people trying to do their best, if not belonging to the Lord, can therefore be influenced by the Devil.

       6. AFTER SHE WAS BORN, the doctor let me hold her on my tummy while nursing at my breast for some 15-20 minutes & obligingly posed for pictures & also let us get a picture of the knotted cord. Afterwards, while the doctor waited for the placenta to come out & to put the stitches in, the nurse took the baby away to wash her a bit, willingly refraining at our request from giving the newborn a full bath, which would remove the protective vernix from her skin & possibly chill her.

       7. THE PLACENTA HOWEVER was reluctant to come out, but we asked him to wait as long as possible, which he congenially agreed to. He told us that normally it took anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to expel itself without medication, but if it did not come out by the that time, it usually would not come out by that time, it usually would not come our naturally. He did not believe in forcing the placenta out, as that can often cause serious problems.

       8. WHEN I HAD DAVIDITO IN SPAIN, just minutes after the birth of the baby the midwife had exerted all her weight upon my stomach to forcibly expel the placenta, which had caused me problems with excessive bleeding for two months after the birth. As a result, I grew quite weak, until we prayed desperately that the Lord would clear it up without any medical help, which would have undoubtedly involved a difficult scraping of the womb. But the Lord Himself did the healing! Praise His Name!

       9. THE DOCTOR IN TECHI'S BIRTH WAITED PATIENTLY FOR 45 MINUTES, & we did pray desperately that the placenta would come out on its own, but probably because of the lightness of the contractions, there was not enough push by the uterus to expel it. So the doctor told me that they would have to call the anaesthesiologist to come & put me to sleep for a few minutes while they took the placenta out, as well as stitched me.

       10. THANK THE LORD FOR THE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE AT THIS TIME! These two things, in fact, were the things that had been the hardest on me at Davidito's birth, worse than the contractions!:--The stitching afterwards without sedation & the forceful expelling of the placenta! So, in a way, I was happy to just go to sleep & have every-thing taken care of, since the baby had been born & she would not now be so affected by the medication.

       11. HOWEVER, IT DID COST ME ANOTHER NIGHT in the clinic, since he was concerned that there be no ill after-effects.--And I had none, thank the Lord!--And I even woke from the anaesthesia earlier than most, right there in the delivery room before they wheeled me back to my room, though a little groggy & dizzy when I looked around. But within a couple of hours, this had totally disappeared.

       12. WHEN THE ANAESTHESIOLOGIST ARRIVED with his nurse, my doctor requested that the two girls leave & go up to my hospital room. But Sara asked me, "Do you think we should leave?" I replied, "Well, they've been good to us & given in to what we wanted. We should cooperate with them. I'm not afraid, I have the Lord, & I'll be just fine."

       13. WE FOUND THAT YOU CAN HAVE a much better working relationship with the hospital personnel & that they will more tolerantly give in to some of what they consider your "quirks" or eccentricities, if you cooperate with them where possible in things that don't really matter greatly or aren't matters of life & death or of great health import. So it is much easier on everyone if you try to cooperate.

       14. LIKE DAD SAYS, when you put yourself under the care of the physician, you have to cooperate with him & do what he says. It's like putting your car in the garage in the hands of an expert mechanic.--He's the doctor, & you mustn't try to boss him around or he won't like it, & will probably tell you to run along & get lost while he fixes it!

       15. SO THE GIRLS LEFT WITH THE BABY & I was strapped to the table--I suppose because they are used to having some women freak our at being put to sleep.

       16. WITH THE DOCTOR AT ONE END, the midwife at the head, another nurse on the left & the anaesthesiologist on the right--& a couple of shots in the arm--I drifted peacefully off to sleep & work up only a few minutes later after the work was done. I soon arrived back in my own hospital room with a needle in my arm & the glucose-hormone solution dripping into me from the bottle above for nourishment & strength--& in more severe cases, to help prevent shock

       17. DEAR DAVIDITO & ALFRED had already beat me to my hospital room, seen the baby all cleaned up & dressed, & Davidito had even help the baby in his arms & had his picture taken with her. He carefully shielded her eyes after the flash of each picture & gently stroked every one of Techi's little fingers. He noticed the cut on her head & was very concerned she was wrapped up & warm in her blanket, & lay his head next to hers to hers to cuddle.

       18. THEN THEY HAD BEEN ON THEIR WAY HOME TO DADDY with instant Polaroid pictures before I even arrived back at the room, since I was still under heavy sedation & wouldn't have been too good company for Davidito. We didn't want him to feel that the new baby had hurt Mommy & made her sick. Daddy had the faith for them to get in & had sent them over to see the baby & to get photos with the new camera he had bought just for the purpose, since he couldn't wait a minute longer to see her!

       19. I WAS SO SURPRISED that small children were so easily admitted to the maternity ward, since this sort of thing is so unheard of in most hospitals, especially in the United States! The freedom that was allowed this clinic was amazing!--TTL! Yet it's considered to be one of the best in the city with the highest standards.

       20. OF COURSE I DOUBT IF THEY WOULD HAVE SANCTIONED this had they been asked for permission. But since they were not, they could just overlook it. However, this particular clinic does allow visitors under 12 in the maternity ward, something absolutely & cruelly forbidden in the States! I was amazed to see that no one even wore masks or took any special precautions with the newborns except for washing their hands before handling her.

       21. TO SEE & HOLD TECHI RIGHT AFTER HER BIRTH WAS SUCH A THRILL TO DAVIDITO! He really enjoyed it, & it helped him to be able to feel the baby was his & to take her coming more happily. PTL!

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