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--A controversial Discussion!--THE STORY OF TECHI: CHAPTER 7:

       WISE TECHI!

       1. PEOPLE DO COME BACK & ARE HELPFUL TO SOMEONE, LIKE ABRAHIM IS TO ME. He is with me all the time, virtually incarnated in me! (My Guardian Gypsy Angel!) I never go any place without him. He travels with me. In a sense, I'm his vehicle now just like his body was before.

       2. BUT SEE, THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THAT & their Oriental kind of reincarnation is that they believe you can come back as animals or insects or anything, & that you don't know who or what you were before! But so far, my experience with the helpful spirits has been that they all know exactly who they are, & they're not pretending to be me!

       3. BEING POSSESSED OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IS A FORM OF REINCARNATION-you know what I mean? Any type of incarnation of any spirit working in a human body to which it does not normally nor originally belong, is in a sense a form of reincarnation. This spirit-possession is even taught by some of the established churches. Of course they've gotten pretty much away from it, except for the Pentecostals.

       4. (MARIA: SO, IF SOME OF THESE PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIED & just momentarily gone into the other world & come back & say it has really changed their lives, then how much more so people like Abrahim, who's been there several hundred years!) Yes!--Since his martyrdom in 1272! (Maria: And he's come back to help you change others!) In fact, according to his own story, he's come back & helped many people since then--many people! So how much more they'd be better prepared to help others after being there for awhile & learning more.

       5. (MARIA: DO YOU THINK THE BABIES THAT ARE IN HEAVEN & then have come, have they ever been spirits before? They wouldn't have ever been spirits before? They wouldn't have ever been spirits like Abrahim, would they?) Ummmm, I don't think so ... (Maria: They're probably originals there, then ...) Yeah, I think they're new.

       6. I SAW A MORMON OR A 7TH DAY ADVENTIST ILLUSTRATED LECTURE ON THIS ONCE, & he was talking about the marvels of birth & all, slipping in their doctrine, of course, & I figured it was all a bunch of hooey.

       7. BUT IT PICTURED THESE NEW SPIRITS IN HEAVEN AS CHILDREN, just the way I have seen Techi!--As young children! (Maria: You mean not little babies?) No! As young children! It was just as though they had been given some little preliminary preparation in the spirit world before coming!

       8. (MARIA: LIKE ABRAHIM SAID ABOUT TECHI, THAT SHE ASKED A LOT OF QUESTIONS! Well, a little tiny baby wouldn't be ... wouldn't ask questions!) But sometimes at the age that I've seen her, they can sure ask a lot of questions! Kids are full of questions! That's how they get their education.

       9. (MARIA: BUT THEN WHY WOULD THEY FORGET most of that, you know, like when they come back to be little babies? ...) Well Honey, now who knows just what you mean by "forget"? (Maria: Yeah, it must have some influence on you, huh?) A lot of people, you know, have this old experience about feeling like you're in a place that you've been before, & you've come back.

       10. MAYBE IN THAT PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE THE LORD CONDITIONS THEIR FUTURE REACTIONS, Maybe the Lord's sending them on this secret mission, & He briefs them like children. This would certainly have some kind of influence, even if it's subconsciously, it would have an influence.

       11. (MARIA: BUT HOW CAN A BABY BE ORIGINALLY CREATED IN HEAVEN & yet be formed here on Earth, half of the father and half of the mother, if it's done here on Earth? ... What is it in Heaven? That's the spirit, huh?) Yes! Only the physical body is put together on Earth, that's all! (Maria: Because that's the Spirit in Heaven, but the body ... seemingly spiritual qualities seem to come from the mother & father too, I mean, like not just physical, but emotional & so on ... intangible things.) Well, I'd say that runs more along the line of physical emotion. I wouldn't say that that was the spirit necessarily.

       12. THE BIBLE DOESN'T TEACH THAT YOU INHERIT YOUR SPIRIT FROM YOUR MOTHER OR YOUR FATHER. But it's there, & it must come from somewhere--so? (Maria: It's really funny what you said about Techi, how she asked where she should be born!) It's amazing, Honey! Why don't you get those things written up for me pretty soon? I want to read them. (Maria: Yes, that's so cute!) Why don't you? Do it now, instead of just filling your head with more baby books all the time! (Maria: But I just read it to you!) Why don't you do something important like that?! I mean, we get a brand new thing like that that's so important, right now especially, & you're not even concerned about getting it transcribed! (Maria: Yes I am! (Laughs.) I'm doing them!)

       13. THOSE ORIENTAL RELIGIONS may have really gotten screwed up down over the ages, like Greek & Roman mythology. They probably had some original basis in fact. Maybe they just got their idea of reincarnation screwed up & thought it was going from existence to existence to existence, whereas it was a spiritual matter. What they were talking about perhaps originally was maybe this dying & going into the afterlife & receiving further training there, & then coming back in spirit to help people living now, because that we know! That's not theory, we've experienced it & I'm experiencing it now with Abrahim, so we know!

       14. I MEAN, WE KNOW IT'S A MIRACLE! We know it's supernatural, because he has told me things that I had no way of knowing & never knew at all before, & yet we were able to verify the facts from history about his country & all that. I had no idea in this world that Bulgaria had fields & fields of roses or that it was mountains or woods or anything! I mean, it could have been a flat barren desert for all I knew! I didn't know anything about the Balkans & I couldn't have cared less! All I'd heard about the Balkans in U.S.-taught World History was that they were a bunch of troublemakers! Ha! Well, if they had many people like Abrahim it's no wonder!--Ha! Anyway, he's pretty strong personality.

       15. WHO KNOWS BUT WHAT THE LORD PUTS THE SPIRITS IN TRAINING IN THE OTHER WORLD? We know that they come back as ministering spirits to try to help the living. But compared to us, they're the living & we're the dead! So in a sense, that is a form of reincarnation!: They come back & inhabit us & can speak through our mouths & even enjoy our sex & even be tempted to drink a little too much! So we did get something out of it, thank the Lord! (Maria: Yes.--About Techi!) I mean, even if it nearly kills me, if we get something like that, it's almost worth it! Honey, I love to hear from the Lord!

       16. LOOK AT HOW LOGICAL & HOW OBVIOUS IT IS THAT THIS DOES OCCUR! They are taken into the next life & trained there to come back & help others!--And my Lord!--When you think of all the babies being born every day & the billions of people living here on this Earth, there must be even more & more billions of the spirits to help! (Maria: Yes, some adults that have already been here & gone back, & some babies that were originally just recently created spirits in Heaven, but are still being trained before they come to help. So do babies come to help too? Do you think they're pre-trained to help?) Well, of course!--And lots of babies die too! It's possible!

       17. I MEAN, THE LORD MUST HAVE THE BIGGEST NURSERY IN THE UNIVERSE!--Considering all the children that have died or been killed & everything! I mean, they must have scads & scads of little kids up there! Who knows? Maybe they get another chance? (Maria: Yes, I wonder if some of them come again, that...)--That didn't have a chance to live out their lives! They really didn't have a chance.

       18. MAYBE THE LORD LETS THEM COME BACK & HAVE A SECOND CHANCE (Maria: Be born over again?) Yes! (Maria: Through someone else, in another mother?) Yes! Why not? (Maria: That's what that movie was about, wasn't it?) "Heaven Can Wait"? (Maria: No, the girl, the little girl.)

       19. YES, THAT WAS THE IDEA OF "AUDREY ROSE"! (Maria: She was first born of another mother, right? Another mother bore her! "Audrey Rose!" But that was it, wasn't it?) Uh-huh! (Maria: Then a second mother bore her! She had died, she died with her first mother, his wife ...) Yes, she'd had another mother & another father! (Maria: Yes!) But obviously she was much more in rapport with her first father than she was with the two modern parents. But who knows?

       20. MAYBE GOD LET IT HAPPEN FOR THEIR SAKE, 'cause it was the new husband that didn't agree, but the new mother was certainly won over! She was really a convert! Abrahim was mad at the way they treated her & thought the movie ended wrong. He was furious!--He nearly exploded! He thought the old father should've married the new mother & thrown out the unbeliever!--Ha! (Maria: But that would really be reincarnation!) Of course I know what the fundamentalists always say: "Well, the Bible says ..." & they've got their one verse that kills all reincarnation: "It is appointed unto man once to die, & after this the Judgement!" (He.9:27.) Well, but that certainly doesn't kill the spirit! (Maria: Your spirit does not die, ever! Nobody's spirit ever dies! ...) No!

       21. THAT WOULD EXPLAIN ALL THESE ABSOLUTELY INCOMPREHENSIBLE VISIONS OF TECHI EVEN BEFORE SHE WAS EVER BORN! (Maria: Yes, that she was being trained up there, & asking all kinds of questions, like Peter's little Bethany! I noticed the difference between Bethany & David. I mean, Bethany at two years older, she was asking questions all the time & was just so inquisitive! If Techi was about that age, she would ask everything!) She was just about that age in those visitations! (Maria: If she knew she was coming to Earth, she'd want to know where was she going to be born & all about her parents & everything.)

       22. NOW THAT'S SOMETHING THAT NEVER STRUCK ME BEFORE! We've known for years about how babies & little children that are killed & die & all;-that they go to be with the Lord.--And of course they come from all kinds of backgrounds & parents. This may have something to do with what the Apostle Paul said about, "Else were your children unclean." (1Cor.7:14.)

       23. SO THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT KINDS OF CHILDREN ENTERING INTO THE SPIRIT WORLD THROUGH DEATH--some from what the Lord considers clean & some as unclean parents. He indicated that even if one parent was a believer, that the children were clean.--A clean child had a believing parent & was taught right, the Truths of faith & the Bible, so he's already got it made!

       24. BUT APPARENTLY THEY REALLY GOTTA START FROM SCRATCH WITH A CHILD THAT COMES FROM AN UNGODLY HOME, if neither parent is a believer. He gets catapulted suddenly into the spirit world into something he was taught not to even believe in, or from wicked parents that were disobedient to God & all, so he's really got to start at spiritual sandbox stage or kindergarten!

       25. (MARIA: SO INSTEAD OF THEM GOING TO HELL, WHICH IS RIDICULOUS, HE PROBABLY JUST TAKES THEM & RE-TRAINS THEM, HUH?) Yes!--Has to re-train them! But look at the head start our kids have, little kids, four or five years of age that go to be with the Lord!--Look what a head start they've got on these other kids. Our kids have got a whole generation's head start on them by just the training they already have, so that ours are already clean! The others come in a little bit dirty, & have to get rid of all the dirt they brought in from the horrible backgrounds they came from! And what better job could our kids have than helping the others?

       26. I KNOW I GOT THAT IN THE SPIRIT WHEN DITO WAS A BABY, ABOUT THE SPIRIT-CHILDREN SHOWING DAVIDITO SPIRIT-MOVIES! What else could he, a tiny baby, be laughing about & be amused at? You could see his eyes moving when he was dreaming, you could see his eyes following things! Here is a little baby that is just born who has never been any place else but inside his mother's womb, as far as we know, so how could he understand anything like that? How could he have a sense of humour & laugh when he is sleeping & dreaming? What's he dreaming about? What's he got to dream about?--If he's never been anywhere or seen anything before! Really!

       27. THE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS & MORMONS WERE CONVINCED OF THE "PRE-EXISTENCE OF THE SPIRIT!" Oh, but the Fundamentalists blast away!: "You go straight through the Pearly Gates instantly, or you go straight into the flames of Hell!" (Maria: And you never get out again!) No in between! (Maria: And there you stay, eternally!) But what about some people? This would open a whole new field of choice! What about some people who never reached an age of accountability or responsibility & never had a chance to make a choice?

       28. THIS WOULD GIVE THEM AN OPPORTUNITY ALL OVER AGAIN! What if they came, died as children & stayed spirits, but were re-educated & came back here to help other children?--And who would want to help a child more than a child? Who would be better suited & fitted, you know?

       29. IT'S WONDERFUL WHEN YOU START THINKING ABOUT THE MARVELLOUS SYSTEM GOD HAS GOT! It must be absolutely phenomenal! The "Hereafter" must be one huge educational system where they are busy re-educating all these spirit-children!--Forget the adults! I mean, look at the millions of children that die all the time! Now what kind of a job would God have for child spirits?

       30. THAT'S WHAT THE LORD SHOWED ME ABOUT THAT GUY URI GELLER. Those are little mischievous spirits that he's playing around with! Who but little mischievous spirits would go around stopping clocks & bending spoons & forks & knocking things off of tables & stuff like that!--Naughty little boys & girls that are still naughty! I mean, that's not the kind of stuff big people would be interested in. They'd rather be doing big damage--& are too, probably!

       31. BUT LOOK WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY GOD CAN GIVE THOSE CHILDREN who never had a chance to reach an age of accountability & choice! then they could have the chance in the spirit world as they mature there!--Or since they didn't get to live their own life, why couldn't the Lord let them come back & be born again? (Maria: Yes! If you can be born again spiritually, why can't you be born again physically?) Yes, it seems like it would be a very simple thing.

       32. THE SPIRITS HAVE GOT TO COME FROM SOMEWHERE! That baby's got a spirit, & that spirit comes from somewhere! Where did it come from? (Maria: You know how you always say that everything in the spiritual has a physical prototype. So if you are born again spiritually, you must be able to be born again physically, huh?) Honey, you're really tickin'! You are really tickin'! (Maria: Is that right? Yes, but that ...) I don't know how come Abrahim calls you so dumb sometimes, because you are pretty smart! You really get things from the Lord! (Maria: Oh, I am pretty dumb, I know. But I don't mind, though. How else could they return? You said there's always a comparison to everything spiritual & physical.) Well, I mean, whether they actually came back & were reborn, to give them a chance to live out their life in another body, or whether they are simply allowed to come back & help other children who are still in the physical even though the spiritual children stay in the spirit, they could come back & help just the same.

       33. (MARIA: BUT WHY SHOULD A CHILD HAVE TWO SPIRITS? I mean, you know, maybe that is a waste, to have its own spirit & have another too. But some people do, you know: You have your own spirit plus another spirit helper, Abrahim.) Well, if the child needs a spirit helper, I mean they all have guardian angels. How do we know but what some of those guardian angels might be children! Why not? Who could better help a child & be concerned & interested in it than a child spirit?

       34. THERE MUST BE MILLIONS OF THEM! So many have died & gone on. What are they doing? Just playing hop-scotch up there or jumping rope? I think the Lord is far more interested in what's going on down here than having them sitting around playing ukuleles floating on a cloud! (Maria: Yes, yes! But do you think you have your own spirit & you also have Abrahim's spirit? Because you know what Abrahim says? He said if he left you, you'd die!) Well, but probably because it would be my time to go.

       35. NO, I'M ME, HONEY. I HAVE MY OWN SPIRIT, of course. But I also have Abrahim, just like I also have the Holy Spirit. So. I mean, we can have different spirit helpers, & in a sense they incarnate & they do become like part of us in certain activities. I mean, he just loves to fuck! You know how he explodes when I'm fucking! He thinks it's great!--And he apparently still enjoys his liquor, the old rascal! But I mean, after all, he's still learning. Maybe this is an experience to teach him to not go overboard, or he's going to kill his host! I mean, there is so much that we don't know, that we're going to learn!

       36. (MARIA: THE LORD SAID TECHI HAS THE WISDOM OF THE SAGES OR AGES.) Now that would explain what's been going on!--Me seeing her jumping around on the balcony & coming in to talk to me & everything! I mean, she's a little girl! Maybe she volunteered to come down & start over again! (Maria: Because she asks questions? She's smart! She asks questions ...)

       37. MAYBE THAT'S THE ORIGINAL CREATED STATE OF THE SPIRIT, or maybe she's died already & been in the spirit world awhile, & now she's going to have her chance to live out the rest of her life. I mean, how is the Lord really going to judge people, babies, & someone that died in infancy or childhood? What's the point in it if they don't have a chance to go on from there? They either must go on from there in the spirit world, or maybe they come back & have a chance to get a new body & go on. Who knows!

       WISE TECHI! (Here 'tis--Maria)       4 March 1979

       (We were trying to decide one night, just two weeks before Techi's due date, where to have Techi's birth, when suddenly we got this!--Sounds like our old spirit helper, Abrahim!:)

       38. WHY DON'T YOU ASK TECHI?--SHE'S VERY VERY WISE! She has the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom of the sages! She's so so wise & smart, yet you didn't even ask Techi where she wants to be born! (Maria: How do I ask her?) She will give three kicks with enthusiasm for what she wants to do (& sure enough she did!), but she won't give any kicks at all for what she don't want to do!

       39. SHE'S VERY SMART GIRL! She has the wisdom of many sages. She's a very smart girl, & she came from Heaven, & she asked them before she came. (Maria: Why is she any smarter than any other baby?) Some babies are very stupid & they don't ask questions. She asked,

       40. "WHERE AM I GOING TO BE BORN? Because my mother is a very very marvellous loving woman, & I want to be born where she wants me to be born--up in a little hospital on the top of the hill--& because I'm very smart & have the wisdom of the sages, that's where I want to be born!"

       41. THERE! THERE! I FELT IT! SHE KICKED THREE KICKS FOR THIS TOWN! Isn't that wonderful? Techi knows where she wants to be born! anybody can be born in the big city, but how many people get to be born here in this town by the railroad that wakes us up every morning?

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